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Walgreens: Biore Products Only $0.50 (After RR) + Even Better Deal on TRESemme Products

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Wow!! The Biore sale that I posted about in the Walgreens weekly deals is even sweeter than I thought! You see, there is actually a September monthly (unadvertised) Biore Register Reward deal that you can combine with this sale…

Buy 2 Biore cleanser, strips, or astringent products = $5 RR
* Valid through 9/29 – I think?

Deal Scenario:
Buy Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips on sale for $5.99
Buy Biore Cleanser on sale for $5.99
Total = $11.98
Use the FREE Biore Cleanser with the purchase of Biore Pore Strip coupon found in the 8/12 SS
Pay $5.99
Get back a $5 RR
Final cost only $0.99 for 2 – just $0.50 each!!

Or if you don’t have any buy 1 get 1 FREE coupons on hand, you can do this…
Buy 2 Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips on sale for $5.99 each
Total = $11.98
Use 2 $1.50/1 Facebook coupons found here (must fill out survey to access)
Pay $8.98
Get back a $5 RR
Final cost only $3.98 for 2 – just $1.99 each!

(Thanks so much and photo credit, Ahorrando and Ali!)

Also, I posted a TRESemme scenario in the weekly deals, but though it was worth re-highlighting the TRESemme sale as reader, Annette, cooked up an even better scenario! Check it out…

TRESemme Hair Care – shampoo or conditioner 25 or 32 oz, select stylers buy 1 get 1 50% off
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner 25 or 32 oz products $4.99 each
Plus, on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off = $7.49 for both
Buy 2 TRESemme styling products $4.99 each
Plus, on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off = $7.49 for both
Total = $14.98
Use 2 $3 on any TRESemme styling product with the purchase of TRESemme shampoo or conditioner coupons found in the 8/12 SS (will deduct $6)
Plus, use the $1/1 TRESemme Walgreens coupon in the September Coupon Booklet (will deduct $4)
Final cost only $4.98 total – just $1.25 per bottle (and these are huge bottles!)

Or if don’t have these $3 coupons on hand, you take advantage of the deal I mentioned in the Walgreens weekly deals, which is still a great one…

Buy 2 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner 25 or 32 oz products $4.99 each
Plus, on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off  = $7.49 for both
Use 2 $1/1 any TRESemme product coupons found here
Plus, use the $1/1 TRESemme Walgreens coupon in the September Coupon Booklet (will deduct $2)
Final cost only $3.49 – just $1.74 per bottle!

Please share if you spot any other Walgreens deals while shopping!

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Comments 94

  1. Maria

    Darn, I love biore products, they’re the only things that work on my blackheads. If anyone has any extra, maybe we could organize a trade?

    • Jen

      I have some to share, I’m willing to mail you them.

      • Maria

        Thanks so much, email me at m sunnary 6 4 @ gmail . com (no spaces!)

  2. Amanda

    I did the Tresemme deal this morning. I got 2 shampoo, 2 conditioner and 2 hairsprays. The Walgreens $1 coupon came off of the stylers too. My total was $4.65 before tax after the four $1 MQs, two $3 MQs and then $6 came off for Walgreens Qs.

    • Annette

      Amanda… I don’t think that you can use the four $1 MQs AND the two $3 MQs cuz they’re for the same products…. my understand would be that you have would have to buy 8 TRESemme products to use the four $1 MQs and the $3 MQs…. I can see how it might make sense to use the scenario you did, but I’m not sure if it’s “legal” or not… can anyone clarify this??? Thanks

      • Chelsea

        I agree. the math doesn’t add up. maybe she forgot to add something to the list.

    • megan

      it does work. she got 6 items 2 of each.

    • Mai

      I just tried this, 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 2 stylers…they only let me use 2 mfc $1 off…they couldn’t understand it also so they said that the $3 off styler coupon represents 2 coupons for both the styler n shampoo…so mad

  3. kobe0007ey

    Those biore strips make you realize how nasty your pores are. Which is a good thing, at least you know it is doing something

  4. Rene

    The biore did not print out a RR for me.

    • Cindy

      The biore did not print a RR for me either.

      • Natasha

        My register rewards didnt print either so the manager put them all on a gift card $50.00 🙂

    • Becky

      The Biore didn’t print for me either 🙁 I think it was because I bought the 25% more free bottle. I am going to exchange later to see if it prints.

    • Brittany

      I tried doing this two different times today. Once this morning, which the RR printed, and then again tonight. When I went back tonight the RR didn’t print either.

      • Angelica

        The same thing happened to me and it didn’t print RR because I picked a Biore that had a bonus size and because of that doesn’t print the RR

        • Angelica

          So just choose one that is not a bonus size and it will print

          • Lauren G.

            I just bought the bonus size and it printed the RR.

  5. Stacy

    Can the $1.50 off Biore Pore Strips not be used in combination with the Use the FREE Biore Cleanser with the purchase of Biore Pore Strip coupon?

    • Susan

      I used it that way at CVS a few weeks ago!

    • Chelsea

      I remember that there was a walgreens ba that usually posted here on hip2save and she said that they weren’t accepting BOGO and $ mqs together anymore, but it’s probably going to be ymmv. i personally agree with Collin on this issue, but it’s up to you. good luck!

      • wags ba

        U can’t use a b1g1 coupon and a dollar off coupon it will not let u any where anymore I’ve tried at kroger target walgreens u have to buy 3 items to because u have to pay full price for the one u buy to get it free it sucks but blame thaat show and the registers will not allow so the cashier will not be able to push it through

        • pam

          Some stores do still let you, and expressly state that in their policy….one is Jewel, a major Chcagoland grocery store.

        • wags ba

          im going buy my own expernces everywhere i have tried the register will not allow it and the cashier has not been able to push it through my store manager explanied it to me that the buy 1 get 1 coupons states u have to buy one so the manufacter means u must pay full price for the one u buy i dont agree with it but its the way it is stores and manufactures are cracking down look at all the wording and values of the coupons anymore

  6. MIchelle

    Are you allowed to use the $1.50 with the BOGO free coupon too? Since the $1.50 would be on the strips?

    • pam

      Yes Michelle…I was able to.

      • wags ba

        at walgressn if the new registers are in u will not be able to and it will not take it and the cashier will not be able to push it through ive tried on both ends

        • wags ba

          meant walgreens

    • Chrissy

      I wasn’t able to use the stickies on the cleansers for $1 off. I thought they would have attached to the strips but she tried it on two transactions with fillers also so it wasn’t that. She said it was one or the other. When she tried the $1 off first, then it wouldn’t take the BOGO coupon even though I had 5 items I was purchasing.

  7. tracey

    michelle i used a $5 off my strips so it does work and i still got my rr so was a nice mm for me

    • Rene

      Where did you get the 5.00 off to make it a MM

      • Edie

        I’m not Tracey, but I’m assuming she got the coupon from Biore’s reward program on facebook. 🙂

  8. MIchelle

    Thank you! I am on my way back to Walgreens :0)

  9. Katie's Krazy Savings

    Love these deals! Thanks, Collin! I actually need some biore and I have some left over Register Rewards to Use!

  10. Kelly

    so is the cleanser on sale for $5.99 at everyone’s store? It was marked $7.99 at my store, but maybe they forgot to mark the sale price on the shelf.

    • Kathryn K

      my store had that 7.99 tags too. i think it said special savings on it or something like that, has a longer date on it, making it not the regular weekly tag. just start noticing the different tags they use now.
      have product scanned to see if it’s cheaper. also it’s in the ad for 5.99 this week.

      i’ve saved enough with coupons for a couple of years now, so when i try one of these might work deals, i don’t sweet it. if it works, okay; if it doesn’t, i just swallow it or ask if they can refund me. i didn’t get that chex mix deal $1 RR so i just let it go.

  11. Chrissy

    How can we confirm that there is a RR that is supposed to print? I mean in case it doesnt and the cashier asks where we saw this? Thanks.

    • Brittany

      There are some stores that have it posted on a white tag on the shelf. I have three different ones where I live in Texas and I went and checked and one of the stores has it posted that you get $5 RR wyb 2.

  12. Melissa

    Yes, I too would like to know where this RR is showing so in case it doesn’t print I can question it. Thank you!

  13. kerri

    I went to Wags this morning for the Biore deal and purchased exactly what was pictured above using the same coupons mentioned plus $1.50 off the strips coupon which should have made this deal a money maker. However, the RR did print. Is this because I used that $1.50 off coupon? If so, how to I go back and get it to ring up right…where does it say (because I did not see it in the ad) that it should print a RR?

    • Maria

      The Biore deal is kinda messed up. We pulled our tags because it says when you buy two Biore you get a 5$ RR, but it’s stated in the paper that you need to buy $20 or more to get the 5$ RR.. Which is why it’s not printing at some stores.

      • Carrie C.

        Thanks Maria! That must be why mine didn’t print either. Still a good deal without the RR. 🙂

  14. JEANIE

    I went to Walgreen’s and bought a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner … I was not allowed to use the September Coupon Booklet coupon with two of the manufacturer coupons … they said only two coupons were allowed. The register would not even allow the coupons to scan. ????? She said I was only allowed to use two coupons … the same thing happened yesterday.

    • Annette

      Thats probably because you can’t have more coupons than you have items that you’re purchasing…pick up a few ‘fillers’ (the cheapest thing you can find) to even out the number of coupons to items… If you’re only buying 2 items, they’ll only allow 2 coupons. If you want to use the third coupon, you have to have another item… (My wags also considers a RR as a ‘coupon’ and that needs to be figured into the coupon to item ratio too… HTH

    • Tamara

      I think what JEANIE is asking is whether she could use store coupons along with the manufacturer ones.Which she was supposed to allowed to do. Each item can have manufacturer and store coupon applied.So even if you buying 2 items u can have 4 coupons(2manufacturer coupons and 2 store coupons)

      • Bri

        She can use both store coupons and manufacturer coupons, but Annette is right. Walgreens registers are set up to only allow one coupon per item. So if that was the case she’d have to find “filler” items to use all her coupons. The system doesn’t let the coupons scan unless the ratio of coupons to products is a maximum of 1:1.

        • pam

          But Walgreen store coupons are not factored into the ratio..they don’t count.

          • Annette

            They count them at my stores….. it might not make sense, but they do it anyway….

            • Maria

              Because some of our Walgreens coupons say Walgreens on it, but also say Manufactures Coupon at the top as well.. They’re MC’s but can only be used at walgreens.

    • wags ba

      do u have the old or new registers i know the old ones would always do that and i would always have to manually put in the mfg coupons the new ones dont do it for some reason u are supposed to be able to use as many store coupons as u have and 1 mfg coupon per item hth

      • Annette

        we have the new machines…and quite uninformed cashiers…

    • krisib

      This is wrong!! You need to take the coupon policy with you so that this doesn’ t happen again. Our registers did this at our wags and eventually the lady called over a manager and she got it to work but it was just a glitch in the system or something?

  15. Renee

    Someone on Wild for Wags couldn’t get the RR to print this morning for the Biore either. Is this in select markets??

  16. elaine

    According to iheartwags.com the Biore RR deal starts tomorrow.

  17. Virginia

    The biore just worked for me – I bought exactly what was pictured above – Gig Harbor, WA

    • Alyanna

      Hey Virginia, I live in Gig Harbor, WA too. Did they ring up as $5.99? Because the sales tag said $7.49 or something like that…

  18. Mila

    I found the Biore deal in the ad for this week. However, it says, “when you buy $20 or more of participating Gillete products below”


    Found it on pg. 6.

    • Mila

      Ok, their picture placement is messing me up. Makes it look as if the Biore & Gillette deal are one, but after looking at it again, I don’t think it is. Wouldn’t make sense for it to be.

      The Biore does not mention anything about RR though.

  19. Mom

    It’s a monthly RR deal. $5.99 is this sale price of the Biore products for this week

  20. Christal

    Just went to Walgreens and the Tresemme products were 3.99 for the shampoos and conditioners!! Even better deal!!

  21. ali

    The Biore RR is a monthly RR, and the stores should have signs up for it. If your RR is not printing, it is probably because you bought a bonus size cleanser (says 25% more free) or a bonus size pore strip (examply: 8ct plus 2 free strips). The bonus packs are not triggered to produce the RR, so you will have to use the upc from a regular size package to get it to print, or just buy the regular size and avoid the hassle. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Adria

      I didn’t know about this deal before I went to the store and was shocked when the $5 RR printed. I did get the bonus size of both the cleanser and the pore strips, used my B1G1 coupon and the register reward DID print on it’s own. So on all sizes it should work HTH!

  22. Jamie S.

    I was just in Walgreenss and did the chex mix and bugle deal. i looked for the Biore since I have the b1g1 coupon but they said 7.40 not 5.99. going to check again another time. was in a hurry.

    • vikky

      most Walgreens do not tag items correctly, but strips and reg wash rings 5.99. Make sure you DO NOT get 25%more cleanser, because you will not get 5RR.

  23. TJ

    The Walgreens I went to had tags hanging under the Biore products stating it had a $5 RR when you bought 2 items. I think it said expires 9/29

    • margaret in seattle

      if what TJ said is true, you know what they means, ladies? get a raincheck and you will still get a RR when they have them back in stock

  24. lizzy

    the biore rr didnt print because i used the coupon..i made the manager rering it without the coupon and they came out..yeah!! so he gave me the rr

  25. Tiffany

    I played it safe and bought exactly what is shown in picture, used BOGO coupon & RR did print! San antonio, tx

  26. kim

    Biore cleaned out at my store….so must be some sort of deal going on! Saw the green boxes were cleaned out too but for one, which is probably a mistake as I think that’s the one that’s not printing.

  27. Krissy

    Even better on the Tresseme I had a 2.50 RR from last week, making my total for 2 conditioners (my favorite kind!) $.70! 35 cents each…woot!

  28. Bri

    So are the Tresseme stylers an unadvertised sale at BOGO 50% off? The ad didn’t say stylers were included, just the shampoo and conditioner, so I assumed they weren’t.

  29. Michelle

    I bought the 8+2 pore strips and the Blemish fighting Ice cleanser and the RR didn’t print. My store had shelf tags advertising the $5 rewards, so I talked to the manager. He thought it was because I used the free cleanser WYB pore strips coupon. He rang in 2 of the blemish cleanser without coupons and it still didn’t print, so he gave me $5.

    • wags ba

      i know almost always on any b1g1 sale or any rr deal if u buy a bonus size it hardly ever works for some reason they never link the bonus sizes so grab a reg size for cashier to scan and say u would like to take the bonus sizes that wat i let people do

      • Michelle

        That wasn’t the problem though. The manager rang a sale of two of the cleansers that weren’t bonus-size and it still didn’t print.

        • wags ba

          hmmm it worked for me at my store and i did it 3 times alos the tags were on all the products

  30. Laney

    I got the 8 strips and a cleanser $5.99 each on sale… used buy strips get cleanser free and the clerk took $1 peelie, used that and then took $4.99 off for the free cleanser … the $5 RR printed. I made sure to dig to the back of shelf for the non-bonus bottles. So 99c for each item! Thanks Colin for the sale alert and Thanks everyone for the heads up on how to be sure on the reward! The stores really need to remove the bonus bottles/strips items from sale row on shelf .. this is terribly misleading for a great deal. Walgreens is so annoying sometimes!

    • wags ba

      depends on who rings u up what i do is i scan or key in the reg sized bottles and let the custumers take the bonus sizes its a win win for everyone u get the bonus size and the rr we get rid of the bonus sizes

  31. Laney

    **oops…. I meant 99c for all not each!

  32. Christine

    just bought mine! 😉

  33. beth

    I bought a bonus bottle with the strips and no RR printed. I didn’t realize that you couldn’t buy the bonus bottle or I wouldn’t have. I don’t have anymore coupons and the deal wasn’t posted in my store. Any ideas as to what I could do?

    • ali

      You should just return them and re-buy the regular sized, non-bonus ones. If it was today, they should be able to give you your coupon back to use on your replacement transaction. If not, you should get the full value back upon return, so $5.99 for each item=$11.98. Then buy the right ones, spend the $11.98 you just received from the return, and get the $5 RR. Now you will have the reward you should have gotten in the first place with no extra money OOP. Hope this helps. 🙂

  34. Meg

    I did buy an 8+2 pore strip (and wash) and I got my RR, no problems! I’m in NY.

  35. Susie

    OK,,,I screwed up on the the deal. I bought two, but then I got confused, and bought them on two seperate transactions–so no RR. How do I fix my mistake?

  36. Terri

    I was getting ready to do the Biore deal and the cashier told me that if I was going to use the BOGO coupon, then the RR would not print because they said the RR is for if you buy two. They said they would not honor the $5.00 RR.

    • wags ba

      all i can say is huh and that is not true man how rude

    • Nicole

      It’s a glitch in their computer system that when you use a BOGO coupon the register thinks you have only bought one coupon. We need to be calling corporate so they get this fixed!

  37. Karen

    Don’t miss the fact that on the Biorre, you have to buy the STRIPS, Cleanser or the Astringent- they have EVERYTHING on the display. ONLY those 3 items printed a RR for me!

    Also, you can use the $3 off Tresemme coupon AND the $1 off MQs!! Per policy you can use a MQ on the items you are buying AND the free items- in this case the $3 off is on the free item, so that means you absolutely CAN use a MQ on the shampoo and conditioner! Straight from Corporate’s mouth!

    • Laney

      Karen, so my peelie for the biore cleanser $1 off… plus my other MQ for buy strips get cleanser free should have taken the 5.99 off PLUS the $1? She took $1 off, then used my bogo coupon for 4.99 off since coupon brought it down to 4.99… man, I could have had this stuff for free! oh well. My Walgreens trip screwed me out of $2… meaning I could have had Biore products and 5 chex bags for free after rr… Walgreens is really beginning to irk me!

      • Karen

        What happened with you is the $1 came off the one you were paying for, and then the B1g1 took off the remainder of the price you owed, That’s odd, but it’s what the register apparently did. Next time give the free coupon first, then do the MQ. That’s what I did yesterday and worked like a charm!

  38. Paulina

    Oh man that sucks, out of all my papers I was only able to get one biore coupon. Anyone want to trade? I need the biore bogo.

  39. Karen at Southern NM Coupon Club

    Ahh, and BTW- discovered last night that Biore is ROLLING!!! Bought one for 5.99, 2,3,4th for .99 each since out of coupons! Sweet!!

    • Chrissy

      How did you do this? Two in each transaction using the B1G1 coupon also? Oh wait do you mean you used no coupons and just the RR to keep paying for the next? Is there a way to tell in advance if it will work for us before they take our RR?

  40. Hailly

    At my walgreens select 32 oz TRESemme shampoos and conditioners were on sale for 3.99 along with the buy one get one 50% off sale so I was able to buy two for one dollar each.

  41. Chrissy

    Does anyone know if we can convert the register rewards into a gift card?

    • Maria

      No, you can’t.

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