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Walgreens New Balance Rewards Program: Questions Answered + Lots of New Info

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So I headed to Walgreens today to really get a handle on the New Walgreens Balance Rewards program… and that I did! Here are the main questions that I got answered today by testing many of the Weekly Deals:

(1) Do the Balance Rewards on each participating item/items have a limit? Can you purchase double the amount required and earn double the Balance Rewards?

Well, I am excited to let you all know that from what I can see there is not a limit. Now of course that doesn’t mean you need to go clear shelves and hoard items, but it is nice to know that you score additional Balance Rewards. Plus, I like, that unlike Register Rewards, you can purchase all of your “like” Balance Rewards items in the same transaction. For example, I purchased 4 bags of Halls Defense Drops in the same transaction and received 2,000 Balance Rewards points! 🙂

(2) If a Balance Reward deal requires a certain amount needed to earn the reward, will using manufacturer’s coupons deduct from the total needed?

From the deal I tested today, the answer is NO! Awesome news for all of us couponers! I tested a deal which requires you to purchase $15 worth of participating products to earn 5,000 Balance Rewards points. Well, after manufacturer’s coupons my total dipped below $12 and it is still showing that I earned 5,000 Balance Rewards! Yay!

(3) When will my Balance Rewards show up in my account?

Right Away! In fact, you will see the Balance Rewards you earned on your receipt print-out. Plus, you can immediately go online to view all of the points you have earned.

(4) When can I redeem my Balance Rewards?

From what I can tell, right after you earn them! When I got home from testing these deals, I went online to see if I could redeem the Balance Rewards I had earned with an online purchase and it did give me the option to apply them.

(5) Can you pay with Balance Rewards to earn additional Balance Rewards points?

From reading through the comments, it appears that you cannot! If you do, you will not earn additional Balance Rewards points. So keep that in mind when planning out your transactions and shopping trips. On a positive note, you CAN use Register Rewards to pay for transactions where you are earning Balance Rewards and you will still get the points back! And if you use Balance Rewards to pay for a transaction that includes Register Reward items, you will still get the Register Rewards back. So a great way to make use of both rewards programs is by using Register Rewards to pay for Balance Rewards transactions and Balance Rewards to pay for Register Reward transactions. 🙂

So hopefully that helped to answer some of the questions you may have had. I will try and answer even more as I continue to test deals this week. Also, here’s a recap on how to sign up and the general guidelines of the Balance Rewards Program:

Walgreens has rolled out a brand new rewards program called Balance Rewards! You can enroll in-store, online or via the mobile app and begin earning points and special savings, and start redeeming rewards starting this Sunday, 9/16.

Earning Points

Balance Rewards Members will earn points with the purchase of specified products and/or services during specified promotions periods. Online orders delivered to your home will earn points as if purchased in store. Online orders picked up in store will earn points after the items have been picked up from the store. Points will be awarded to the Member’s account 3-5 days after purchase. Members can also earn points for making healthy choices, such as getting an immunization or participating in Walk with Walgreens (

*Walgreens reserves the right to limit points awarded with respect to any offer or promotion to reasonable household quantities. On a return and/or exchange the Points will be deducted from the Member’s account that was used for the original purchase.

Redeeming Points

Your points will be equal to the following rewards, redeemable for redemption dollars:

When you choose to redeem your points, they will be converted into redemption dollars to be used on your purchase. Redemption dollars cannot be paid out in cash or in store credit.

*Point Promotions will not apply to rain check items purchased after the promotion has ended. Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or Store Credit is used. :( Point Promotions and Redemption Dollars will not apply to and Points cannot be earned on purchases of: alcohol; dairy; tobacco; stamps; phone/prepaid cards; money orders/transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; charitable donations; or pharmacy items or services that must be excluded by law as determined by Company. Points will not be awarded if in Company’s reasonable opinion the merchandise purchased will be used for resale or commercial use and any Points awarded on such purchases will be forfeited. 

Points Expiration

Keep in mind that if you do not earn or redeem points for 6 consecutive calendar months, the membership will be deemed to be inactive and all accumulated Points will beforfeited. For active Members, all Balance Rewards Points expire on a rolling 36 month basis.

Register Rewards

Register Rewards will continue in its current form for the foreseeable future. Register Rewards is a couponing program while Balance Rewards is a comprehensive loyalty program that offers exclusive savings and the opportunity to earn points and instantly redeem rewards.

And if you are curious, here are the deals that I tested out today that earned me a total of 11,000 Balance Rewards….

Bought 4 bags of Halls Defense Supplement Drops 17 pk 2/$3
* Buy 2 = 1,000 Balance Rewards points (which equals a $1 reward)
Total = $6
Used (2) $1/2 17 ct+ coupons found in the 9/16 SS
Paid $4
Got back 2,000 Balance Rewards points for buying 4 packages  (which equals a $2 reward)

Bought 4 packs of Stride ID Gum 14 piece 2/$2
* Buy 2, get 1,000 Balance Rewards Points (which equals a $1 reward)
Total = $4
Used (2) buy 1 get 1 free Stride ID gum coupons found here  – use zip code 62946
OR use the buy 1 get 1 free Stride Gum manuf. coupon found on the Target Coupon Site here (page 7 for me) or the new coupon found in the 9/16 SS
Paid $2 (for 4 packs)
Get back 2,000 Balance Rewards points for buying 4 packages (which equals a $2 reward)

Bought Mitchum or Lady Mitchum Deodorant 1.5 to 2.7 oz $1.99
* Buy this product = 2,000 points (in the weekly ad it states you get 1,000 points, but at my local Walgreens the signs stated 2,000 points and I did in fact earn 2,000 points!)
Used the $0.75/1 or $1.50/2 Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product coupon found in the 8/19 SS or 9/16 SS
Paid $1.24
Get 2,000 Balance Rewards points (which equals a $2 reward)

Buy $15 worth of participating Product below = 5,000 Balance Rewards Points (which equals a $5 reward!)
Coca-Cola products 12-pack 3/$11
Coca-Cola products 2 liters 4/$5
Nabisco Cookies or Grahams 10.5 to 16 oz $3.49
Belvita Breakfast Biscuits 5 pk $3.49
Hershey’s Pieces, Drops or Reese’s Minis 8 to 10.5 oz 2/$6
Planters Peanuts 16 oz 2/$7
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meat 9 oz 2/$5
Kraft American Singles 12 oz 2/$5

I bought…
4 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almond Pieces 2/$6
1 Nabisco BelVita Breakfast Biscuits 5-pack $3.49
Total = $15.49
Used 4 $1/1 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almond Pieces coupon found here (need 2 computers)
Paid $11.49
Got back 5,000 Balance Rewards points (which equals a $5 reward)

So for testing these deals out and really getting a handle on how the program works, I don’t feel like I did too shabby.  I spent out of pocket for everything pictured above a total of $18.73. Plus, I earned a total of 11,000 Balance Rewards which basically equals $11 worth of rewards. So after factoring that in, it’s like I spent $7.73. But hey, this was money well spent as it helped answer quite a few questions regarding the Balance Rewards program! 🙂

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Comments 225

  1. K Crew

    At my store (Provo, UT) you could not buy multiples (like the Stride Gum) and get points back. We tried it and it didn’t work. I was buying 6 packs. When we did all 6 I got no points. When we did only 2 per transaction, I got 1000 points each time. It shouldn’t be a regional thing, so I am not sure why it worked for Collin, and not me, but make sure you know how many points you are supposed to earn per transaction and check that you got them! I would have lost out on 3000 points! It is like RR items, in that you had to do separate transactions to get multiple RRs to print. Same idea here. I was at WAGS for a long time and did a lot of transactions and had to have several voided because the employees and I were all learning together.

  2. Tina

    So I just came back from wags and here how it went…. I bought all my RR items in diff transactions and my point items together 7 transactions in all…………… For the pts items i got 3 glade warmers, 4 ID gums, 2 halls cough drops, 3 wet n wild nail polishes = 13.97 minus my coupons = paid 4.98 OOP got 4000 pts (4.00) …………… Then i did all seperate transactions……2 glad expressions ($1.00 coupons on them) , one glade expression refill, 2 gillete fusions (9.99 each ) the sign said 11.99, 2 blistex, box of skinny cow clearance 2.39-1q ……….. Total spent OOP 21.85 (includes CA tax) but I started with $5 RR got back $17.00 RR plus 4000 pts ……… So spent 21.85 got back $21.00 (RR plus pts) …………….. So i spent a lot more than I wanted to but at least I got back almost all my money 🙂 ……………………….. thanks Collin & team for all your hard work, I would have been really lost…………………..

    • squarejellybean

      omg i just read all of collins information again and read that U CAN use RR’s to get point item and vice versa ………..ugh……… I could have saved myself more $ oh well at least I know now because my cashier didnt know. thanks again

  3. Shelley

    So I purchased 12 ID gums, 4 halls, and 4 lipton tea bags. I should have gotten 8,250 points but only got 6,250. I read all these various comments and then went to the balance rewards website. They have a customer service phone number and I talked to a very nice lady who could see the transaction that only happened an hour an 1/2 ago and added those 2000 points very quickly. So far I’m liking the program. I like not having to do a lot of transactions and I like not having to wait to get the points resolved. Worked well! Thanks, Collin

  4. Marissa

    Question about redeeming points. If you have 40,000 points it said that = 50. How dies it change to that? Do you have to use all 50$ worth in one transaction to get it to be 50 or once you hit 50 it’ll just know and change the 5000 increment value??


    • Grzecoups

      I was trying to get more information on redeeming as well. I have over 40000 pts = $50. My total was 15.63 it gave me 3 options to redeem $5 = 5000pts $10 = 10000pts or $15.83 = 18000pts. Wouldn’t 18000 points be $18 if not more because I have 40000 points? I just redeemed the $10 until I could get more information.

      • cmotch1908

        Let’s say your total in a transaction is $3.50 and the register asks if you would like to redeem 5,000 points($5). If you say yes, it will not partially take the $3.50 worth of points, it will take the entire 5,000 points. It is better to get your total above $5.00 and use the 5,000 points then and so forth. The points will not prorate down to the total.

  5. arria

    Was the price on the mitchium 1.99?

  6. Pam

    I was wondering if once you choose to use your points, do you have to use them all at one time. For instance, right now, I have 9500, which is short of the 10000 ($10) but more than the $5 reward. Can I use just 5000 of the points to get $5 off, and save the other $4500, or would I lose that amount, if I tried to cash in the points?? Can’t find the answer on the Wag’s website…

    • Kristy

      There are increments on their screen for the cashier to choose from. I had 14500 points and she showed me that I had the option to redeem $5 or $10. I used $10 and now my balance is shows on your receipt immediately.

  7. karrie clayton

    My daughter signed up for the Balance Rewards program and tonight when she made a purchase of two items that stated were 1000 points she did not receive any points. How to get the points? Thank you. Sincerely, Karrie Clayton

  8. theresa

    For the balance rewards its kinda weird how you redeem them let’s say your buying something for 4 dollars and you want to redeem them they will take your whole 5000 points away.

  9. Marissa

    Anyone have any problems redeeming points yet? I went last night and tried to redeem 5,000 and it gave me the option to redeem 5,000 10,000 or 18,000 (11.21- yeah right who’s gonna waste that much $$ haha)
    anyway my subtotal was only 8 something and so i picked 5,000 and then it kept telling the cashier that they couldn’t do it!!
    The new manager at that store said it’s because it doesn’t “start” until october 1st, even the other employees were like uh no thats not it.

    has anyone else had problems? or has anyone else redeem points successfully?

    • Laney

      i had 10,000 pts as of yesterday and I used them ($10) off an $11 purchase… had no trouble at all. that’s odd it didn’t work for you…

  10. Robbie

    I bought the coke deal but did not receive the 5,000 points. Called the customer service number and was told because I used coupons I was not eligible for the points. Anyone else told this?

  11. guest2

    If you have an AARP card you can tie it to your Rewards Card and then you receive extra points if you buy certain items. I got a printout at the register today telling me I could earn 1000 points each on certain items just for AARP peeps. 🙂

  12. Michelle

    Okay when I went shopping Sunday, their machine was messed up and they told me it would take 3-5 days for my points to show up. They are still not there today. So I tried to redeem them online with the RFN number and it says their system is busy. I then tried to talk to them with an online chat and again was told tehir system is still down. I did the math and they owe me 11,000 points. If I do not get these soon, then I will be traveling an hour to show at Rite aid, CVS and Kroger as a once a week trip or so. Is Anyone else as frustrated as I am.

  13. Joyce Kasten

    So twice I picked up prescriptions in the last three days. I didn’t use my rewards card (never thought of it) and they didn’t ask. Can I receive points online for my prescriptions if I still have the receipts?

    • Sandy

      Hi. Yes you can. Same thing happened to me. Just go online to your balance rewards account, and click on the request missing points. It will tell you to input your receipt’s RFN number and amount total. Submit it and you should see it as a restored purchase immediately. HTH 🙂

      • What's in a name Rose

        Wow. Walgreens has a “missing points” button? Don’t you find that a bit…
        Well. You decide.
        I used to enjoy going to Walgreens. It’s a shame they will lose so much business because of this messy Preferred Customer system.

  14. Cindy

    Hey Collin!!!! I MISS YOUR VIDEOS!!!! Would you consider doing a Walgreens shop, using register rewards, coupons, and points just to have a visual of how to make these savings work and how to cash in?? That would realllllly rock! Thanks.

  15. Emma

    Can you use an NBR redeemed from one brand on another brand from the same mother company?


    Transaction 1:
    Buy charmin(P&G) toilet paper $X and get back $X NBR

    Transaction 2:
    Buy Herbal Essences Shampoo (Also P&G) $X and get $X NBR
    Use $X NBR from Charmin purchase

    Thank you so much!

    • Jill

      It is my understanding that if you cannot redeem and earn balance rewards in the same transaction at all (regardless of manufacturer). But I am so confused that I wouldn’t trust me . . .

      • Gloria

        You are correct. You can not redeem and earn points in the same transaction.


    I hate this system of one more card to carry so I can have the privledge of enjoying your sale items. I’m not sure i will continue shopping at walgreens. I also hate the sales clerk yelling “welcome to walgreens” its like being at a theme resturant. Used to be my favorite store for pharmacy items, not anymore. I hate gimicks

    • Unimpressed

      I agree wholeheartedly! I don’t not appreciate being devalued to a second class customer who must pay full price because i won’t carry yet another gimmicky tracking card around in my wallet. Walgreens can go to hell, i will not be shopping there anymore. Just like CVS and Sweetbay. Eff them and their gimmicky BS. I shop at stores that value you as a customer and give EVERYONE the sale price.

      • deb

        I agree, I have not even stepped into a Walgreen’s store since Sept. 16th. I check weekly for deals and still have not found any that are appealing with this balance reward program. Today I am reading reviews and I see I am not alone. All my Walgreen’s Stores have tried to convince me that this is an awesome program and better deals than before. I just want to say the deals are so good that they lost me as a customer.

      • Carolyn betz

        I agree, tired of being tracked, and my name sold to other vendors. Today I drove right by and went to Walmart.

      • John

        @michele@Unimpressed@deb@Carolyn Just for clarification the Balance Rewards system allows you to be a member without carrying a card (So your “I have to carry a card” comment is invalid). The Rewards system does not “track” you either, Walgreen’s simply has your information in a store database (and so does every other store and company, you think you’re anonymous to begin with?…wrong!) and they keep record of items customers purchase so they can better advertise specific items and such. And this flows into the last thing, Walgreen’s still offers sale prices to Non-Balance Reward members, just not EVERY sale price. Its called a customer loyalty program and almost every store has something along the lines. Its to help attract recurring customers and reward their shopping loyalty with sales and discounts. If you can’t take 1 minute to sign up in order to get sale prices at a store you “used to enjoy going to”, then clearly you never really liked it anyways.

    • Adalyn Watts

      I am leaving Walgreen over their disallowance of eligibility of Medicare purchases for redeemable points. I am spending $60 a month on copays and they won’t allow the points to count? Walgreens took a customer who loved them and forced them to jeave forever. Good public relations plan Walgreens.

      • Alice

        I know this post was some time back but it is not Walgreen’s policy to not allow rewards when someone is using medicare or any other like program. The federal government is the one who made doing so illegal. So if you want it to be changed it will have to be a changed through government channels. It is wrong especially for medicare as a premium is paid just like any other insurance.

        • iamndmurff

          No true, I have private insurance for my prescription drugs. Medicare pays not a penny. They wont give me points on my scripts because I have medicare and got a flu shot there. Guess what? I’m going back to CVS because they gave me points on my scripts.

  17. wagsemployee

    Due to the volume of customers enrolling sometimes the system goes temporarily offline and can cause the points not to go into your account. if this happens to you just keep your receipt and show a manager as soon as possible. they are able to put points on to your account in the event they don’t post. be patient with us. also to answer the redemption question if your total is 4.50 and you have 5000 pts it will take all 5000. it’s better to wait until you have the full amount so you don’t miss out on points. as far as i’ve been able to tell there are no limits unless specified like any of our coupons.

  18. shannon

    does this program replace the Register Rewards?

  19. What's in a name Rose

    Does anybody remember the days of anonymous shopping? It doesn’t matter if I buy condoms or candy, it is nobody’s business. Spare me the favor of “specialized” coupons. AND Spare me the PENALTY for choosing *not* to participate in your program.
    Does anybody remember America? A little thing called FREEDOM. Let ME decide. I’m a big girl.

    If I have to pay for insurance for my adult children until they are pushing 30 years old because it is in their best interest or the country’s best interest or someone’ s… please let me decide which “Rewards Program” I have to sign up for or end up with a penalty.

    Imma thinkin’ the Walmart be gettin’ my bidnez cuz theys no ax me fer my email and phone number or any of that stuff.

    • deb

      Well said, I totally agree whose business is it anyway??? I don’t like the idea that to get these deals they can track all my purchases. With that being said why do we need reciepts? Can’t they just enter our name, email, phone# etc. and see everything we have purchased from them. I am sure that this information is being sold to survey companies won’t be long before I start getting BS phone calls from telemarketers.

  20. Connie

    I read through this policy and did not see this, but when I called the 1 800 number for the program she said that when we redeem the points that it is upto the amt. for instance if I have 5000 points and use it on a 2.50 transaction then she said I would lose my other points. Therefore I would have to use the whole 5.00 to get all my points.
    Has anyone else heard of this?

  21. Joanne

    If there is a Balance Rewards offer for say 1000 pts when you buy 4 of an item, can you buy them over multiple shopping trips (like 2 trips of 2 each)? CVS and RiteAid track these kind of purchases until you reach the level needed for a payback. Does the new Walgreens program do this? Thanks.

  22. Jaime

    I went yesterday for the Softsoap body wash and used a RR from last week to help pay for it. The two dollar RR for the bodywash did not print. When I asked the attendant, he said that you no longer get RR if you used them to help pay for the purchase, even if they are on completely different deals. Is this how it works everywhere?

  23. Kellie

    I registered and so on and so on but how do you get a card???

  24. Jo LaRose

    I went to walgreens and signed up for the card at the time I signed up the lady in the pharm. told me when I pick up my perscriptions each will give me 500 points so I picked up two perscriptions on two different days …when I looked on my receipt to see my points there was none…..I called the number on the internet and they told me I cannot have the points because I have medicare did not know we we excluded they did not tell me that …what is going on…first they stopped my express scripts because they wanted more money now I went back and now this happens why are we excluded and not told the truth???????????

  25. Tom

    I just got back from making purchases at Walgreens and redeemed points. The problem is that I was suppose to receive 2000 points on one product purchased. I found out that after I got home that if you redeem points, you can not get points on items purchased. If I do this again, I will split my purchases in order to get points and redeem points. This will take the cashier double the time and back up the line. If the lines get long enough, Walgreens will sales or people will not shop Walgreens. They also deny points for my prescriptions because my state Medicare extension plan through the state of MA as a MA retiree which covers my prescriptions are not eligible for points. This program that Walgreens is saying it is great really stinks.

  26. Mary

    I called walgreens because I didn’t get points for my Laundry detergent deal spend $15. get 1500 points. Well they said it is after coupons. I can’t find it in thier rewards program pamplet. urrr

  27. liz

    Just placed an order online @ and I redeemed 40,000(=$50.00). Redemption was not reflected on my total order.

    • What's in a name Rose

      Oh. You wanted the Reward? Walgreens just uses your info and sells it. They weren’t actually going to give You anything.
      You have to go online and find the magic button to get the “reward”. By the way, the magic button is hidden and renamed often just to add more hoops to jump through.
      Good luck though!
      I do honestly hope you get it but I am sorry for all who have so willingly sold their personal information in hopes of saving a buck. It certainly is a reflection of our economy.

      • John

        You’re information was already out there, every company and institution has your information, you never “sold it” it was just transferred to Walgreen’s database. Oh and the reward. Yeah that’s called you get money off of your purchases for being a loyal, recurring customer.

  28. amy

    Me and my friend with the same phone number on two different to calculation the points.


    i keep using my card when i buy perscriptions but i don’t get any points. is this because i use easy pay at the drive up window?

  30. Gloria C. Wilson

    How do I find out how many points I have?

  31. mary

    I was told today if I did not sign up for rewards card I would have to pay full price and would not get the advertised sales prices at Walgreens. I watched the person in front of me apply for the card and she put here phone number in and up popped her birthday and she had to verify that this was indeed her birthday once she did that up pop her address . Once she was complete she recieved her discount and points. When it was my turn I asked the clerk how the computer knew her birthday by her phone number, the clerk said it matches what is in the pharmacy computer, Let just say that is so wrong on so many levels. I won’t shop Walgreens again!

    • ricks48038

      how is that wrong on any level? they already have the information, and they just confirm it as it is copied to a different system, so that people aren’t accidently signed up to the new system. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

  32. Linda

    I used to shop at Walgreens a lot (never CVS) but not now. I refuse to sign up for a card just to get sale prices – it’s just another card to keep track of. I don’t care about the stupid points, and I really don’t like everything I purchase going into their database – just another example of Big Brother.

  33. Robert

    I’m with you. I won’t be shopping at Walgreens again. I stopped by one today to purchase a ‘buy one get one free’ item that I had seen advertised in the paper. When I got to the register the lady asked me if I had a card. I said “no I don’t, when did you guys start doing that”? She just gruffly replied “well, you can’t get the discount without one”. I said “well, never mind then” and walked away. She said “you don’t want them”? I told her I would buy them somewhere else. And I did.

  34. Lanney Oates

    Need customer service no. 4 reward card

  35. Becca

    I went to walgreens and bought the mitchum deodorant and did not get my points. This has happened before. I will not be shopping at walgreens anymore. I will go back to cvs which has a better system.

  36. Tyler

    This is a complete scam. The program is completely misleading and forces people to sign up unless you want to pay full “Walgreens” prices for everything, and if you have ever shopped at Walgreens you know their full prices are ridiculous. I recently visited Walgreens, unaware of this new program and saw lots of big sale price tags on items. The tags looked like normal Walgreens’ sale tags. When I got to the register the items rang up at full price. Appearantly the sales tags have some fine print that say balance reward’s members only. The cashier was rude about the incident and blamed me for not reading the fine print on the huge sale price tag. When I left the store I realized I had overpayed for multiple items that I thought were on sale. This is very unethical business as I can only imagine how many people have overpaid for items and not even realized it. The cashier didn’t say a word to me about it and would have just let me go with paying almost double for the products. I bought nasal spray that was listed as $4.99 but was actually $9.39 for non-members. It’s sickening that they charge $9.39 to non-members but can still make a profit at $4.99. The worst part is that the generic brand was $6.49 and the generic brand of the same product at Walmart is under $2.00.

  37. Jamie Crawford

    I went to Duane Reade on #14224 769 Broadway on 1-13-13 around 1:30 am and I was walking around looking for cotton balls and eye solution there was a dark skin young man with braids with a black mark underneath his eyes.He must of knew I was kinda lost looking for the cotton balls and eye solution so he walks up to me & said goodnight Miss how are you doing ? May I help you with very polite manners so I asked him for the products I was looking for and he guided me right to them and said may I help u with anything else with such great manners he has great customer service and has very good manners .very polite I was in and out less than 10 minutes because o that young man and I thinks that is very awsome. ThanksYou!

  38. Leta Bailard

    For some reason, my AARP card number appeared at the bottom of my receipt as my “Balance Rewards Acct #” as though it was a separate account. The point balance had not been added to the normal balance rewards account as usual. I went back to my local Walgreens and was told they couldn’t do anything about it and I would have to call the number on my balance rewards card. It only caused more confusion and frustration when I was told that “yes, there are two accounts.” The AARP account number was supposedly for my husband – who never physically goes into the store (he is handicapped), but he does go through the drive in for prescriptions. He has never presented his AARP card or a balance rewards card. BUT, even though the account number on our AARP cards is the same for both of us, somehow a separate account was set up for him with that number. The frustration is that because of privacy concerns, even though he asked the representative over the phone to link the accounts, which I assumed was going to correct the problem, the points weren’t added together. Accounts were linked, but still separate somehow. What gives?? Anyone with a similar problem and how was it solved?

    • Tom Harding

      I had that same problem originally. I called and talked to a program representative. The outcome was that our AARP card would be the program card and all points were transferred to that card. It has worked fine since then.

  39. Billy Dishman II

    Do each of the sets of items that earn Balance Rewards have to be purchased in one transaction?

  40. Janet Mucci

    Tried to use my points today (5000) and was told I couldn’t, cuz I had just passed the 5000 mark and I had to wait a day. No mention of this in the terms. Not happy.

    • John

      ….and it’s too much of a hassle just to redeem them the next time you come in?

  41. Elaine Rabin

    How do you know how many points you have? If I refer to my register receipts, I have only 1,000 points on every receipt. According to my purchases, I should have much, much more

  42. Lisa Burtchell

    Can you go online & enter a purchase if you did not have your card with you? Or, does Card HAVE to be presented @ time of Purchase or no Points earned?

  43. Haley

    My receipt shows that I have 8,000 balance rewards point on my card. I have not, however, been asked if I want to redeem these points at the checkout yet. These points have been on my card for the last two times that I have shopped at Walgreens and I even asked the cashier if I had any points that I could redeem and they said no both times. Help! When can I redeem my points?

  44. Elaine Boisvert

    For the last 4 times when I shopped at Walgreens my points balance has not changed. It still reads 1500 points balance. I must have spent close to 200.00. Whats going on?

    • Rick

      you haven’t bought anything that had points being given out…you don’t get points just for shopping, you have to get certain items each week to qualify…

  45. zkhhpatqjarl


  46. Cecilia Fox

    Walgreens dual Balance and Cash Register rewards system is an example of how complicated stores have made it for shoppers to get the best deals. I dislike it also but I generally understand how to use them both now and make sure I read all of my email from Balance and Walgreens offers. I have lost some cash register rewards though because of expiration dates. I have an offer right now to use 10000 points on a purchase and get $10 register rewards in return. I wont know until I do this when that $10 will expire.

  47. Jene Breiten

    All very confusing. Just want to know how many points I have.

  48. Bella

    I read this article yesterday and then went to Walgreen and used my Balance Rewards to pay for a transaction that includes Register Reward items (Listerine), but I did not get the Register Rewards back. The cashier said that RR and BR are the same thing, Just like you can’t earn BR when you use BR, you can’t earn RR when you use BR.

  49. Annoyed

    I too have purchased many items and have not received points for them. I don’t know if I will shop there anymore. I think I will stick with rite aid

  50. Betty Martin

    I need to know what zip code is on file.

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