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Nov 10 2012
5 years ago
7:42 PM MST

11/11 Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert Preview

Nov 10, 2012 @ 7:42 PM MST
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So, once again, it’s Saturday and time for another Sunday coupon insert preview! Below you will find a long list of coupons that reader, Carol, will be receiving in her Washington Post newspaper tomorrow, 11/11/2012. I would suggest checking the list below and also heading on over to Sunday Coupon Preview to get an idea of what coupons you may receive. Please keep in mind that NOT all areas will get the same coupons or coupon values.

There will be a total of 2 coupon inserts in the 11/11/2012 Sunday newspaper. You should receive one Red Plum coupon insert and one SmartSource coupon insert. Also, make sure to check your Parade Magazine or USA Today (depending on where you live) for coupons as well.

Need a great deal on a Sunday Newspaper subscription so that you’ll get all the hottest newspaper coupons delivered right to your doorstep?! Then be sure to head over here and browse through all the “hip” newspaper subscription deals.

(To see the long list of coupons, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

* I have highlighted my favorite coupons in red!

ETS = excludes trial sizes
(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
DND = coupon states Do Not Double
LIMIT1D = Limit of 1 coupon per day
LIMIT1 = Limit 1 per transaction
LIMIT2 = Limit of 2 like coupons in same shopping trip
LIMIT4 = Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip
LIMIT4H = Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day
LIMIT4T = Limit of 4 coupons of any kind for the same product in the same transaction
National List = List provided by Sunday Coupon Preview

SmartSource Coupon Insert

Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra refill LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Air Wick Scented Reed diffuser LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Air Wick candles (excludes color changing candles) LIMIT2 Save $2/2 (12/9/12)
Alouette crumbled cheese Save $0.50/1 (2/1/13)
Alouette brie cheese Save $1/1 (2/1/13)
Alouette portions cheese Save $1/1 (2/1/13)
Alouette soft spreadable cheese Save $1/1 (2/1/13) – yum!
Bausch+Lomb Ocuvite product Save $3/1 (1/31/13)
Blink Tears or Blink GelTears lubricating eye drops Save $1/1 (12/17/12)
Blistex lip care products Save $1/2 (12/9/12) – National value $0.25/1
Carvel ice cream cake 48oz+ Save $3/1 (1/31/13)
Clairol Nice ‘n Easy or Natural Instincts product ETS LIMIT4H Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Clairol Natural Instincts product ETS LIMIT4H Save $2/1 (12/31/12)
Colgate kids toothbrushes LIMIT4T Save $1/2 (12/1/12) – National value $0.50/1
Colgate kids toothpastes LIMIT4T Save $1/2 (12/1/12) – National value $0.50/1
Colgate Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste 4oz+LIMIT4T Save $1/1 (11/24/12) – National value $0.75/1
Colgate Optic White mouthwash 8oz+ LIMIT4T Save $1/1 (12/1/12)
Command product LIMIT1D Save $0.50/1 (12/16/12)
Complete multi-purpose solution 12oz+ Save $1/1 (12/17/12)
Complete Blink-N-Clean lens drops or Blink Contacts lubricant eye drops Save $1/1 (12/17/12)
Cool Whip frosting Save $1/2 (12/23/12) – National value $0.75/1
Cracker Barrel blocks, cracker cuts or bars 6oz+ Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Duncan Hines Frosting Creations starter can and flavor pouch Save $1/1 (3/1/13)
Edge shave gels 7oz+Save $1.50/2 (12/23/12)
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food 3oz cans Save $1/24 (12/31/12)
Fresh beef Save $2/1 WYB Wholly Guacamole product (12/16/12)
General Mills Chex cereal boxes: Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Wheat Chex, Honey Nut Chex,
Chocolate Chex, Multi-Bran Chex, Cinnamon Chex, Apple Cinnamon Chex Save $1/2 (12/22/12)
Gevalia coffee Save $1.50/1 (12/8/12)
Gold Bond body lotion 7oz+ Save $2/1 (2/7/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate Cream 6.5oz or smaller ETS Save $1/1 (2/7/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate body wash Save $1/1 (2/7/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate healing hand cream Save $1/1 (2/7/13)
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables 11-12oz Save $0.50/2 (1/5/13)
Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables Save $0.60/3 (1/5/13)
Green Giant frozen bagged vegetables 19-24oz Save $0.75/2 (1/5/13)
Halo product Save $2/1 (12/31/12)
Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, or Chicken Helper home cooked skillet dishes Save $0.75/3 (1/5/13)
Head & Shoulders products ETS LIMIT4H Save $1/2 (12/31/12)
Hershey’s Baking Melts, Hershey’s Heath or Reese’s baking chips 8oz+ Save $1/2 (12/31/12)
Hershey’s Kisses bags 9.4oz+ Save $1/2 (12/31/12)
Hormel chili products Save $1/2 (1/7/13) – National value $0.55/2
Hormel Compleats microwave meal Save $1/1 (1/7/13)
Hormel premium chicken breast Save $1/2 (1/7/13)
Hormel party tray Save $3/1 (1/7/13)
Kraft mayo Save $1/2(12/9/12) – National value $0.35/1
Kraft Homestyle macaroni & cheese packages 3.6-12.6oz Save $1/2 (12/11/12)
Nabisco cracker products 6.5-18.5oz DND Save $1/2 (12/31/12) – National value $0.75/2
Olay facial moisturizer or facial cleanser ETS LIMIT4H Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Olay Age Defying series ETS LIMIT4H Save $2/1 (12/31/12)
Palmolive Ultra dish liquid Save $1/2 (12/1/12) – National value $0.25/1
Pillsbury sweet rolls or Grands! sweet rolls Save $0.40/2 (2/2/13)
Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls Save $0.40/3 (2/2/13)
Pillsbury refrigerated Grands! biscuits Save $0.40/3 (2/2/13)
Pillsbury rolled refrigerated pie crusts Save $0.50/2 (2/2/13)
Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough packages Save $1/3 (2/2/13) – National value $0.75/2
Planters nuts products 4-21.5oz DND Save $1/2 (2/15/13)
Poise product Save $1/1 (12/22/12)
POM pomegranate DND Save $0.50/1 (1/31/13)
Progresso soup cans Save $1/4 (1/5/13)
Pyrex glass, bakeware or storage item Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Reynolds turkey size oven bags 2ct or large size oven bags 5ct LIMIT4D Save $0.50/1 (12/31/12)
Reynolds Wrap Foil 35sqft+ (excluding Wrapper Foil Sheets) LIMIT4D Save $0.75/1 (12/31/12)
Skintimate shave gels or shave cremes (excluding 2.75oz cans) Save $1.50/2 (12/23/12)
Splenda Nectresse natural no calorie sweetener product DND Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Splenda sweetener product DND Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Tabasco product Save $1/1 (12/31/12) – National value $0.60/1
Toblerone chocolate bars or bags 3.52oz+ Save $1/2 (1/26/13) – National value $0.75/1
Wholly Guacamole product Save $1/1 (12/16/12)
Yoplait yogurt cups (includes Original, Light, Light Thick & Creamy, Thick & Creamy, Whips!, Lactose Free, Simplait) Save $0.40/6 (1/5/13)
Yoplait Greek yogurt cups Save $0.50/2 (1/5/13)
Yoplait yogurt cups (includes Original, Light, Light Thick & Creamy, Thick & Creamy, Whips!, Lactose Free, Simplait) Save $0.50/8 (1/5/13)
Yoplait Go-Gurt yogurt, Yoplait Kids Cup yogurt, Yoplait Trix multipack yogurt, Yoplait
Splitz yogurt Save $0.75/2 (1/5/13)
Ziploc bags Save $1/2 (12/22/12)
Ziploc containers Save $1/2 (12/22/12)
Ziploc slider bags Save $1/2 (12/22/12)

In addition to the National List SmartSource Insert, included in the Washington Post SmartSource insert are the coupons below:

Beneful brand dog food bag Save $1.50/1 (12/11/12)
Beneful Prepared Meals brand dog food variety pack 6ct Save $2/1 or tubs Save $2/6 (12/11/12)
(2) Boston Market individual meal (restaurant or online order) Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Boston Market purchase (restaurant or online order) Save $2/$10 (12/9/12)
Boston Market purchase (restaurant or online order) Save $4/$20 (12/9/12)
Breakstone’s Sour Cream packages 16oz+ Save $1/2 (12/15/12)
Chloraseptic product Save $1/1 (2/28/13)
Duck brand packaging tape Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Duck Bubble Wrap Protective Cushioning Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Duck Bubble Wrap Protective Mailers Multi-packs Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Hormel Sandwich Makers product Save $1/1 (1/7/13)
Hour Eyes $39 Eye Exam (12/29/12)
Land O Lakes Half & Half products Save $1/2 (12/31/12)
Marie Callender’s Dessert Pies 26oz+ Save $1/2 (12/31/12)
OxiClean Dishwashing Booster Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Pepperidge Farm frozen bread or rolls packages Save $1.25/2 (1/20/13)
Pur Luv Sizzlin’ Strips or Mini Sizzlin’ dog treats bag Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Pur Luv Brand dog treats bag Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Red Lobster lunch entrees Save $3/2 (1/13/13)
Red Lobster dinner entrees Save $4/2 (1/13/13)
Reddi-wip Save $1/2 (12/31/12)
Rug Doctor Rental Save $5/1 valid only at Giant (12/31/12)
Triple Paste Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Triple Cream Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Triple Wash Save $1/1 (12/31/12)
Target Portrait Studio Save $25/$100+ (valid with other portrait offer) (2/28/13) – TARGET Coupon
Target Portrait Studio $3.99ea traditional portrait sheet or $7.99 traditional portrait package, free 8X10 traditional portrait, 40% off portrait collections, free sitting fees (2/28/13) –TARGET Coupon
Hoover Mail-in Rebate:Save $20 WYB Hoover WindTunnel Air (UH70400, UH70402TV),Save $30 on Hoover Max Extract Carpet Washers (FH50220, FH50220TV, FH50225,FH50230, and FH50240) Valid (11/11/12 – 12/8/12)

The coupons below are listed in the National List SmartSource Insert, but are not included in The Washington Post SmartSource Insert:

Allegra 70ct Save $10/1 (11/18/12)
Blistex Moisture Melt, Cold & Allergy Lip Soother, Five Star Lip Protection, Complete Moisture or Lip Ointment Save $0.55/1 (12/9/12)
Easy-Off oven cleaner Save $0.50/1 (12/31/12)
Egglands Best eggs Save $0.50/1 (3/31/13)
Egglands Best cage free dozen or organic dozen eggs Save $0.75/1 (3/31/13)
El Monterey snacks bag Save $0.75/1 (2/5/13)
Freshpet Dog Joy treats for dogs DND Save $3/2 (2/28/13)
Glass Plus product Save $0.35/1 (12/31/12)
Golden Grain pasta packages Save $1/3 (12/8/12)
Knudsen sour cream 16oz+ Save $1/2 (12/15/12)
Lime-A-Way cleaner Save $0.50/1 (12/31/12)
Mop & Glo product Save $0.50/1 (12/31/12)
Mrs. Cubbison’s stuffing or dressing DND Save $0.75/2 (2/28/13)
Old English product Save $0.75/1 (12/31/12)
Purina Beneful dog food Save $1.50/1 (12/11/12)
Purina Save $2/6 tubs or 1 6ct variety pack Beneful Prepared Meals dog food (12/11/12)
Revlon face cosmetic item excludes lip and eye Save $2/1 (12/9/12) – TARGET coupon
Zantac 24ct+ product Save $5/1 (11/30/12)

Red Plum Coupon Insert

Advil Congestion Relief, Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief, Advil Cold & Sinus or Advil
Allergy Sinus LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (2/3/13)
All liquid, powder or mighty pacs laundry detergent ETS Save $1/1 (12/23/12)
Angel Soft bathroom tissue 4pk double roll+ Save $1/2 (12/31/12) – National value $0.25/1
Axe shower gel or detailer 16floz ETS LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Caress product (body wash 12oz+ or 6 bar pk+) ETS LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12) – National value $0.75/1
Centrum Flavor Burst chews 60ct+ LIMIT4 Save $3/1 (12/1/12)
Centrum or Centrum Silver multivitamin 60ct+ LIMIT4 Save $3/1 (12/1/12)
Centrum Specialist multivitamin LIMIT4 Save $3/1 (12/1/12)
Degree for Men Adrenaline Series product ETS LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Degree Women Expert Protection product ETS LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
DermaSilk full size product Save $5/1 (12/11/12)
Dimetapp Children’s product LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (12/30/12)
Dixie napkin packages DND Save $1/2 (2/11/13)
Fleischmann’s Simply Homemade package Save $0.75/1 (2/10/13)
Garnier Fructis shampoos, conditioners or treatments ETS Save $1.50/2 (12/22/12)
Garnier Nutrisse nourishing color creme Save $2/1 (12/23/12)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter product or Country Crock spread (excluding Country Crock pumpkin spice, cinnamon and honey flavored spreads) LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
IHOP At Home syrup variety DND Save $1/1 (2/28/13)
Kibbles ‘n Bits dry dog food bag Save $1/1 (1/12/13)
Knorr Recipe/Sauce/Gravy mix products LIMIT2 Save $1/2 (12/9/12) – National value $0.50/2
Knorr homestyle stock package LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
L’Oreal Paris lip product Save $1/1 (1/6/13)
L’Oreal Paris nail product including new Diamond Collection shades Save $1/1 (1/6/13)
L’Oreal Paris skincare item ETS Save $1/1 (1/6/13)
Lipton tea bags, Tea & Honey To-Go or Pitcher Size, or Iced Tea Mix ETS LIMIT2 Save $1/2 (12/9/12) – National value $0.40/1
Mars holiday products (M&Ms brand chocolate candies for the Holidays, Dove Chocolate Promises, Mixed Minis Chocolate for the Holidays variety bag, Snickers Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers brand minis) 7.94oz – 19.5oz DND Save $1/2 (12/25/12)
Morton’s kosher salt, sea salt grinder or Mediterranean fine or coarse sea salt canister (excludes 4.4oz fine sea salt) Save $0.55/1 (2/28/13)
Nestle Pure Life purified water 8oz multi-packs 15pk+ Save $1.25/2 (12/23/12)
Nestle Pure Life purified water .5-liter multi-packs 15pk+ Save $1/2 (12/23/12)
Newman’s Own Organics K-Cup packs 12t box Save $2/2 (12/11/12) – National value $1.50/1
Newman’s Own Organics coffee variety 10oz bag Save $1.25/1 (12/11/12) – National value $2/1
People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive issue or one of the next 3 issues Save $1/1 (12/10/12)
Pringles Snack Stacks ETS LIMIT4H Save $1/1 (12/31/12) – National value $0.50/1
Pringles Super Stack cans 180g+ ETS LIMIT4H Save $1/4 (12/31/12)
Renuzit Tempting Indulgences adjustable air fresheners ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (11/25/12) –National value $0.50/1
Renuzit Adjustable Air Rresheners ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/6 (11/25/12) – National value $0.55/3
Ricola Dual Action Save $0.75/1 (12/11/12)
Rimmel London accelerator Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Rimmel London eye product Save $1/1 (1/31/13)
Skippy 15oz+ peanut butter LIMIT2 Save $1/2 (12/9/12)
Snuggle fabric softener or dryer sheets ETS Save $0.50/1 (12/23/12)
Sparkle packages 2 giant roll+ Save $1/2 (12/22/12) – National value $0.50/1
Sunlight single dose dish cleaning product 20ct+ Save $1/1 (12/23/12) – National value $0.50/1
Tums freshers 50ct Save $1/1 (1/11/13)
Tums 24ct+ Save $1/2 (1/11/13)
Uncle Ben’s long grain & wild rice products Save $1/2 (1/5/13)
Vaseline lotion 10floz+ ETS LIMIT2 Save $1/2 (12/9/12) – National value $0.50/1

In addition to the National List Red Plum Insert, included in the Washington Post Red Plum Insert are the coupons below:

9Lives dry cat food bag 3.15lbs Save $0.75/1 (1/5/13)
Breeze2 Meter Save $10/1 (2/13/13)
Breeze2 Test Strips box Save $20/1 (2/13/13)
Buca di Beppo dine-in or Buca to Go urchase (excludes banquet and group menus, alcohol, merchandise and purchase of gift cards) one coupon per visit per table Save $10/$30+ (12/31/12)
Buca di Beppo Buca Small Spaghetti Marinara, Fettuccine Alfredo or Baked Zite FREE WYB Buca Large Pasta, Baked Pasta or Entrée dine-in or Buca to Go, one coupon per visit per table (11/23/12 – 11/26/12 only)
Citrucel fiber therapy product Save $2/1 (2/10/13)
Hefty Slider Bags packages 13ct+ LIMIT4D Save $1.50/2 (2/28/13)
Hellmann’s product 22oz+ LIMIT2 Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips or Cheeses DND Save $1/2 (1/31/13)
Honeybaked Ham & Café Bone-in half ham 8lbs+ Save $5/1 (11/1/12 – 12/31/12)
Honeybaked Ham & Café Whole or half boneless ham Save $3/1 (11/1/12 – 12/31/12)
Honeybaked Ham & Café Turkey Breast with Ham purchase $22.99 (11/1/12 – 12/31/12)
Jimmy Dean Delights product Save $2/1 (12/9/12)
Jimmy Dean Sandwich product Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
Keebler Crackers 8oz+ LIMIT4 Save $1/2 (1/6/13)
Kellog’s Cereals 10oz+ LIMIT4 Save $1/3 (12/23/12)
King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls 12 pack Save 1/2 or King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls 24 pack Save $1/1 (12/11/12)
Lipton Cup-a-Soup or Lipton Soup Secrets products LIMIT2 Save $1/2 (12/9/12)
Lipton Recipe Secrets products LIMIT2 Save $1/2 (12/9/12)
Popeyes 14 Pcs Mixed Chicken, 2 Lg Sides & 7 Biscuits $21.99 (12/16/12)
Popeyes 5 Pcs Mixed Chicken, 2 Reg Sides & 2 Biscuits $7.99 (12/16/12)
(2) Popeyes 3 Pcs Chicken (Leg, Thigh, Wing) & Biscuit $3.49 (12/16/12)
(2) Popeyes 10 Pcs Mixed Chicken, 1 Lg Side & 5 Biscuits $14.99 (12/16/12)
(2) Popeyes 22 Pcs Mixed Chicken $21.99 (12/16/12)
Real Simple Magazine next issue Save $0.50/1 (2/8/13)
Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Freshener ETS LIMIT4 Save $1/1 (11/25/12)
Scotties facial tissues boxes Save $1/4 or multipack Save $1/1 (12/8/12)
Sunlight liquid dish, gel or powder cleaning product Save $0.50/1 (12/23/12)
Welch’s Sparkling Juice Cocktail Save $1/2 (1/31/13)
Mail-In Rebate Form: Purchase (2) bottles (750ml+) of the following spirits to receive $5 by mail: Authentic Jose Cuervo Margaritas (any flavor), Authentic Jose Cuervo Margaritas Light Margaritas (any flavor), Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur (original or any flavor), Captain Morgan Orginal Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan LIME BITE, Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail, Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky, Jose Cuervo Especial Tequilla (Gold or Silver), Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita, Ketel One Vodka (Original or any flavor), Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka (Red label or any flavor), Smirnoff Cocktails (any flavor), Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow, Iced Cake, Kissed Caramel or Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka, Tanqueray London Dry Gin – Valid 11/11/12 – 12/0812 (Limit one refund per household and valid in CT, DC, DE, GA, ID, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MT, NE, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, WV, WY)
Mail-In Rebate Form: Purchase (2) bottles (750ml+) of Sterling Vineyard Wines and receive $3 by mail – Valid 11/11/12 – 12/0812 (Limit one refund per household and valid in CT, DC,DE, GA, ID, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MT, NE, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN,VA, WV, WY)

The coupons below are listed in the National List Red Plum Insert, but are not included in the
Washington Post Red Plum Insert:

Best Foods 22oz+ product Save $1/1 (12/9/12)
(2) Immaculate baking products Save $1/2 (2/3/13)
Nalley 16oz+ pickles Save $0.75/1 (12/2/12)
Plus White product Save $2/1 (12/31/12)
Tillamook cup of light yogurt FREE Save up to $1 WYB Truvia natural sweetener package 40ct+ (2/10/13)

Happy Clipping! 😀

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