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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Stayfree Pads Coupon in Sunday’s Paper = 2 FREE Packages at CVS (Starting 1/6)

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Yay! I just wanted to give you a heads up that there will be a nice Buy 1 get 1 Free Stayfree Pads coupon in this coming Sunday’s Smart Source insert (up to $4.49 value). This coupon will make for a nice deal at CVS starting 1/6 as ALL Stayfree products will be on sale Buy 1 get 1 Free…which means 2 FREE packages of pads! Here’s how:

All Stayfree products Buy 1 get 1 Free
*Online price $3.99
Use the Buy 1 get 1 Free coupon found in the 1/6 SS (up to $4.49)
Final cost 2 FREE products!

*Remember, this sale does not start until 1/6…

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Comments 127

  1. mel

    the coupon says limit 1 per customer, so multiple trips will be necessary!

    • kathy lawson

      i missed the sunday paper! is there any web site where i can print this coupon?
      i’ve checked a lot of them and no one seems to have it :o(

  2. Ashley57

    Yay! Thanks for the heads up. Looks like I will need to run out early on Sunday.

    • Heather C.

      OR late Saturday evening… if your store switches the sales over then like mine does! 🙂

      • Carina

        How do you go on Saturday with a Sunday coupon?

        • Jodi

          You can get an early edition of the Sunday newspaper on Saturday. Just be sure to check inside first, as I find that not every insert is always included!

  3. Kelly

    how does buy one get one free and then use a coupon for buy one get one free = 2 free? Will the cashiers give you any problems trying to do this?

    • Kimmay

      I’m wondering the same thing..

      • amy

        Under CVS coupon policy it says they will

    • kristin

      one is free from the store and the other ends up being free from the manufacturer. If anyone gives you a problem, you can show them a copy of the coupon policy and it should work!

    • Ronni

      They are advertising the coupon right in their ad….if you have a problem show them the ad!

    • Gil

      Kelly, I just came from CVS-did several of the best deals.
      ROC did not print my $17. ECB’s for some weird reason, even tho I clearly bought 2 items that took me over the minimum. You might want to be prepared for that. Cashier got approval from mgr & she forced printed them. ***DON’T buy the ROC wipes-they are not part of this weeks deal & will NOT generate the $17. ECB***

      I only took 3 of my BOGO Stayfree Q’s, bought 6 of the thin pads-all 6 were free. You can always walk away with 2 totally free items @ CVS, using your BOGO Q’s.
      Also grabbed another 6 of the Good n Natural bars-I wish CVS would carry the chocolate and lemon flavors, as well as the cranbry & pnut butter. They of course were also free. I had gotten 8 of these this morn @ Kroger as I had already gotten 8 inserts Thursday evening.

      And I was happy to see the $6. Aveeno ECB still working on the lotions-so many great choices on these! And the Q is in thisweeks paper again-FABULOUS! These are so nice for gift bags.

    • Teresina Bliss

      mine took off only 4.49$ and I had the stayfree coupon from sunday insert
      anyone had the same thing? I wish I could have gotten it for free…

  4. nicole

    I am so excited thanks Collin.

  5. bennettanthonyA

    So i want have to pay for anything

    • Yoko

      You probably have to pay for tax.

  6. maria

    I am going to try my hardest to get this, Our CVS in CT is Terrible. They hate coupons, But this is worth the hassle! 🙂

    • Amy

      Maria, which cvs in CT? i’m in CT also but am not a big cvs shopper…they always seem more expensive but maybe its worth a shot for some things!

      • Kidsallgone

        CVS IS more expensive, but with CVS coupons, manuf coupons, and ECBs, I rarely pay anything more than tax for my purchases. It works for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Liz

      Hey Maria and Amy…where in CT are you guys? Im in Rocky Hill and the CVS here is AWESOME !!!!! Cant say the same about Walgreens though 🙁

      • coldmountainpix

        Torrington. Terrible customer service, They actually say how much they hate coupons. We try to avoid our CVS

        • Liz

          All u guys who feel they are openly rude to you,should call up cust service…CVS CS is the best!!

      • Amy

        I’m in Vernon and honestly I hardly ever go in there so I don’y know how they are(actually I think we have 2 or 3) but I guess I need to start… 🙂

        • Katelyn Bellingham

          The CVS in Windsor is really good about honoring coupons as well!

  7. bennettanthony

    So we wont have to pay for anyything

    • Ashley57

      Correct! Except tax.

  8. Krysteen

    Does this mean I have to use 2 qpons to get both free?

    • Ashley57

      No, one is free from the sale and one is free from the coupon. If you have two coupons, you can get four for free. Someone commented above though that it is one per customer, so you may have to bring someone with you or go back another day for the second set.

      • Willa

        At CVS if it says limit one per household—-you can’t go back since they keep track of your purchase through your card. Find a friend, mom, grandma, son, someone that has a different address, but won’t use that item, give them a coupon and have them get them for you.

        • mel

          wrong Willa. The coupon is limit 1 per person, not the store sale. It won’t be tracked on your card like ecb deals.

          • Gil

            Totally wrong.
            I bought 6 tonite-all free.

            • maria

              im lost.. what do i do to get free pads i bring the coupons from the newspaper n give my card and thats it

  9. picchu

    We can print $1 off coupon from the Healthy Essentials link that Collin posted yesterday!!!

    • Jasmine

      Ohhh!! So a moneymaker?!! NICE!!!

    • Gil

      You will find a nice $2. Q in the wknd paper to use on the Essentials Trial Kit.

  10. amy

    Question.. I see starting Jan 6 at CVS they have 16 pack of double roll Charmin ultra strong or soft 2 for $20 and you get back $5 ebr. Plus I have $1 off when you buy 2 Charmin products so it would be like getting 32 double rolls for $14… Does Tht sound like a good deal? I think it does but want opinions to make sure I am getting a deal haha.

    • Kathy

      Most people’s general rule of thumb is 25 cents per roll or less, so yes since these are double rolls it comes out to less 25 cents a roll. I use this target price for name brand TP, not generic. If I can get high quality name brand TP for 25 cents or less a roll, I am not going to settle for cheap sand paper.

      • amy

        Ah that’s a great way of looking at it. Thanks for the tip!

      • Kidsallgone

        “sand paper”……..OUCHIE!! LOL!!

    • Willa

      I used the per roll price point for many years, but if you look at the “regular” rolls and the “double” roll or “triple” roll——they are not nearly double or triple the number of sheets, or square footage. I figured I was wasting money. On another site I read of another way to figure the price point, that to me makes much more sense because it based on the square footage of the package regardless of double or triple. Basically, the breakdown is:

      I don’t go over $.015 per square foot for 2 or 3-ply. My goal is to pay $.01 per square foot. So on a 334 square foot package, $3.34 would be my stock up price and $5.01 would be my highest price.

      To me, this makes much more sense because they are making the rolls more narrow and smaller sheets.

      • Denise

        I picked up 2 18 double roll packages of Angel Soft today for about $7 each w/coupons and sale – and each was about 20% of the total toward a discounted gas gard (about another $2.00 value toward the card each). That puts me right at the square foot total above!

  11. Amy

    Thank you for posting this great deal! I am expecting a baby at the end of March, so I am excited to stock up on pads for free!

    • NeQuila

      I’m expecting in March as well and was thinking the same thing 🙂

  12. Jenn

    I suspect it will be buy 1 get 2 free… You get 1 free with the store sale and one free with the coupon. That is what kroger did to me with a shaver sale.

    • Nichole Thibodeau

      that’s not cvs policy though. you will def just get 2 for free. i did it the last time that coupon came out

    • Heather C.

      If you paid full price for one, you’d be able to get THREE free if you use the B1G1 Q from the SS insert. Here’s how it breaks down…

      Take 4 to the register.
      It should ring up as 7.98 (because the register should automatically take off for the 2 free packages.
      THEN once the cashier scans your coupon, it will deduct another 3.99.
      Making your grand total 3.99 for four packages!

      I’m trying to decide if I should just get the 2 free packages myself, or 4 packs for 3.99… 🙂

      • L

        But if you got a second coupon and did a second transaction, you could get 4 for free. . .

        • Denise

          But if you had a 2nd coupon and brought 4 up each time, you could get 6 for free. Hard to choose!

  13. C

    I just know the CVS by me will give me a hard time about this. Ill give it a try though. There is this one particular cashier that is flat out rude. Last time I was there using two $3 huggies coupons and she accused me of photocopying the coupon . I told her I didn’t. There was a long line behind me so that was embarassing. Hopefully I can Get in on this deal with no problems. I hate drama at the register with the cashier.

    • Jennifer

      You should print out the CVS coupon policy and bring it to the store with you if you think you will have any issues. The policy has this wording specifically:

      “Buy One, Get One Free promotions may be combined with Buy One, Get One Free Coupons. Customers are responsible for paying applicable tax

      Ex. Suave Shampoo is on sale for $2.00 BOGO and customer has a MFG coupon for Suave BOGO. Customer will receive both items for free but will need to pay any applicable tax.”

      I don’t think it can get any clearer than that, regardless of how grumpy a cashier may be 🙂

      • C

        thanks jennifer. i will be sure to carry their policy with me when i go. i actually don’t shop at CVS much anymore because of the rude service that i always seem to receive from them. i only go when there is a really good deal. i still have some ECB so will give this deal a try.

    • Sara

      How awful! You can register a complaint on the CVS website.

      • Erin

        Yes, definitely! The MANAGER of a store went off on me when Skinny Cow candy was bogo last year. It rang up wrong and when the cashier asked him to correct the price AND he saw I had a bogo coupon, he freaked out, telling me he wasn’t going to adjust the price and let me use the coupon (though he eventually did just that after a rude soliloquy). He got super aggressive for no apparent reason and really rattled me. I emailed customer service and got a call from the district manager who tried to convince me he was a big, happy teddy bear. She made him send me a gift card . . . and shortly thereafter, the store got a new manager! 🙂

        • irene

          Good story! 🙂

    • Kelly

      I know what you mean C. I’ve had a few CVS employees that almost make me feel guilty for getting things for free or next to nothing. And then I feel embarrassed or rushed especially if there’s a line behind me they’ve rung up coupons wrong and I try to correct them. I hate that they make me feel that way.

  14. Dora

    Am I wrong I thought it was get 3 free & pay for one?

    • picchu

      No, you buy one and get 2 free….one with the store sale and one with the coupon..

      • Annette

        Actually you get 2 for free…. one because the sale is BOGO and the other one is free because the coupon is BOGO… See the above CVS policy explaination by Jennifer which might help some…

    • Heather C.

      You can definitely do that… Pay for one and get three free, BUT it will work getting just the two packages for free (well you’ll have to pay sales tax.) I tried to break it down as best I could in a comment above. 🙂

  15. mel

    ya’ll have to remember that coupons are a form of payment. The store is giving you one free with their promo and the coupon is paying for the 2nd one. So when there’s a BOGO Free sale, they are cancelling each other out, which leaves you to pay tax (depending on the up to value of the coupon)

  16. Misty

    THere is a big discussion on Fb about how many inserts are coming out this Sunday. Can anyone help us out with this issue?

    • Terri

      The free paper in central FL had 3 SS and 2 RP today. Not every area will get that though 🙁

      • Rita

        got 2 ss and 1rp in my area, Central Texas

      • Alyssa

        What is the free paper called & where can I find it? I just moved to the Tampa Bay area and I’m not really familiar with the newspapers yet 😀

  17. CB

    It seems like there are going to be a lot of good coupons in this Sundays paper. Do you recommend getting more than one, if so, how many?

    • Jen

      CB I will take a look at the coupons before I buy the Sunday paper. If there are things in there that will save me money in the long run I will buy 2-4 papers just depend on what in the paper that week. Like with it being Buy 1 get 1 free for the pads in there which I use I will buy 4 papers. Paper cost my 5 bucks and using 2 of the pads coupon pays for the paper.

      • Willa

        The past 3 years (that is as far back as I remember) the first paper of the new year has LOTS of high value coupons and several with long expiration dates.

      • SeeMomSave

        Are you saying the Sunday newspaper costs you $5.00??! Wow, in Alabama we can pick them up at the Dollar Tree for just $1.10. So sorry!!

        • ALL Q'd Up

          She means 4 papers cost her $5. They are $1.25 in central FL so that makes sense.

    • katie

      My paper in central ohio didnt have the stayfree coupons 🙁

      • Kelly

        Katie…mine in Southwest Ohio doesn’t either 🙁

      • Stephanie

        Mine in NW Ohio didn’t either. Disappointing, to say the least.

  18. Jamie

    I’ve had difficult locating this coupon on any coupon site. Suggestions?

    • Hope

      It is not online. The coupon will be in this Sunday’s paper.

      • Jamie

        Right. But I looked at several
        Coupon clipping sites and they didn’t have it.

  19. estela

    i got a 1.50 of 2 stay free or carefree from the machine

  20. Kristen

    Is this coupon regional? We usually don’t get the carefree and stayfree coupons here in south ms

    • Terri

      I didn’t get it in central FL. Maybe the Sunday paper will have it but the free paper didn’t have it.

      • Terri

        Take that back. We got it it was hard to spot!

        • Bessie

          Where was it located Terri?

  21. DAwn

    WHY is there no CVS in Utah? I feel like there are tons of posts about CVS on here and I can’t even take advantage of them!

  22. diane

    where cn i get cvs coupon policy?

  23. diane

    thank you very much, want to be ready

    • Ger

      Me too, just printed mine.

  24. ss

    Can someone PLEASE tell where I can buy the SS paper?

    • Rita

      the SS is SmartSource, it is a coupon insert that comes in the Sunday Paper (mine comes in the mail)

  25. Denise

    I hope that we get it in Central Florida – I would be surprised if not, since it sounds like there are quite a few J&J coupons and we always seem to get those. I am still trying to decide if I could go to CVS and get the 1 w/3 free!

    • Terri

      We got the J&J coupons and the Stayfree b1g1. I didn’t think we got the b1g1 but looked again and it’s there. This was in the Tampa papers.

  26. Bessie

    Which Smart Source is this in? I dont see it in either of mine. I hope this is not one of those that is regional:-(

  27. jackie

    Hopefully, Like with other bogo coupons the coupon will scan at max value;) . Fingers crossed this will be a money maker.

  28. edy

    The sunday paper will have 5 inserts (Houston) 3 smart sources and 2 redplums. But, some newspapers are free! And some have 4 smart sources 2 alike! And a newspaper called la suerte has colgate cpns and fabuloso cpns. And yes! We got stayfree bogo cpns!

  29. edy

    The sunday paper will have 5 inserts (Houston) 3 smart sources and 2 redplums. But, some newspapers are free! And some have 4 smart sources 2 alike! And a newspaper called la suerte has colgate cpns and fabuloso cpns. And yes! We got stayfree bogo cpns!

    • Gax

      What free newspapers in Houston have coupons?

      • edy

        Gax, the newspaper stand by grocerie stores metro stops meat markets one is LA SUERTE blue box has colgate inserts spanish smart source, LA VOZ And EL RUMBO newspaper in spanish there free they have 4 smart sources this weekend! No 2 red plums! But Houston chronicle @ .99 cents store for $1.99 has 5 inserts.

  30. Jasmine

    Since the max. value is 4.49 and the product is only 3.99. Would it be possible to get an overage?

    • Leslie

      No, it will only take off the price of the actual item…

  31. Mamascott

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a BOGO. So, do I have to use 2 coupons to get 2 packages free?

    • Tarri

      You only need to use 1 BOGO coupon to get both for free.

  32. DianeNC

    How are some of you able to already tell whether it’s in your paper or not – I thought this coupon was going to be in Sunday’s paper?

    • Dani

      One of our local papers doesn’t have a Sunday edition so all coupons come on Saturday. Other localities get them throughout the week as opposed to just on Sunday.

      • DianeNC

        Wow, that’s sweet! (I don’t believe that happens where I live…)

    • Gil

      We get some inserts Thursday evenings here in the Atlanta area.

  33. buffy

    can we use the magic Red Machine coupon by 2 get a $1.50 off with this deal? Exp.1/6

  34. Betty

    I’m so sad! I get 2 sets of coupons every week in the Maryland area (1 free during the week and 1 Sunday) and neither one has the BOBO coupon!

    • amy

      I’m in Maryland too.. hmm wonder if any have it near me.

  35. stephanie

    I’m so upset that our papers so not have the stayfree BOGO coupons. It this a regional coupon or something? Very upsad!

    • tammy

      me to didnt get it either even checked with others in the area to make sure i wasnt the only one wish i could get it from somewhere

  36. Kathy

    I did not get the B1G1 stayfree coupon in either of my SS inserts- is it only in certain regions? We are in TN

  37. Kim Kelly

    I’m confused the manuf coup says buy one get one free so how do u get them all free except tax?

  38. Valerie L.

    I got shut down on this deal at my local CVS, they would not let me use the B1G1 coupon with the B1G1 sale. 🙁

    • Klaire

      Please call corporate and complain. This deal is totally fine according to their coupon policy

    • Hope

      Same thing happened to me, but It’s my own fault for not having my coupon policy with me when I KNEW I was going to have trouble a that particular CVS. I almost got into an argument with a rude employee, but I figured pads weren’t really arguing over and just left. I’ll go to the other, more cooperative CVS tommorrow.

  39. julie z.

    I’m in Florida and I also didn’t get the buy one get one coupon:(

  40. edy

    I bought the expensive stayfree $6.99 so the buy one get one free cpn works, but remember it only takes 4.49 so I paid the difference! Totally worthed and the christmas stuff 75% off crockpots, sandwich maker, coffee pots,

  41. Lisa

    Did not get the BOGO Stayfree, BOGO Visine, or $3/1 Roc coupon here in Ohio today. Those particular coupons must have been very regional. This always aggravates me after I’ve spent time making a shopping plan!

    • Susan

      I’m in Ohio and didn’t receive the BOGO Stayfree either. 🙁

  42. Tiffany

    Very angry that I cannot find this coupon anywhere! Can someone upload it or something? So angry and I too am in Ohio.

  43. Jenney

    Didn’t get the BOGO in the Smartsource here in Oregon either 🙁

  44. Jenn

    I’m in Riverview, FL (Tampa Bay area) and DID NOT get the BOGO Stayfree either. I see a lot of people asking about it, but I may have missed the response. I get the Tampa Tribune and had 4 inserts (2 RP and 2 SS) I looked three times and NO coupon. Is there another way to get it at this point? Online? Upload? Thanks!!!!

  45. sarah

    Just remember that CVS doesnt give back overages like Walmart does.

    • Allison

      I live in Idaho and our paper also didn’t receieve the stayfree BOGO. They have plenty of that same coupon on E-bay. I bought some there, and will soon receive my coupons to hit some deals with. Idaho papers quite often don’t get some of the sought after coupons, but E-bay is a great subtitute!!!! Give them a try!!! Good Luck!

  46. Kika

    I am new in coupons, so I decided to do my first try.. So disappoint 🙁 cashier and manager was so rude with me telling me I can get free merchandise, I ask him to see the policy store and he told me I don’t need to check no policy I run this store.:(

    • Amy

      you need to call corporate and let them know about the awful customer service…and you should print the coupon policy and go back to the store and try again and if you happen to get the same cashier and/or manager politely show them their policy and if they are still rude ask for the number for their district manager and call them to lodge a c omplaint also!!! where are you located??

      • Kika

        hi Amy I am in Pasadena ca, thank you I will try in another Cvs store thank you honey!:)

  47. Wanda

    I went to CVS today to do this deal, I could only use 3 B1G1’s coupons cause my store on had 6 packs left, the only way anyone should bump into a problem is the price of the pads you get..example I bought 6 packs @ 6.99 and the coups are for 4.49 so it looks like this
    6.99*6=41.94-20.97 for sale=20.97-13.47 for B1G1 coupons which leaves you with a balance of 7.50 I used Ecbs plus an expired CVS coupon for I think 1.25 off so it was free all around. I have never experienced a rude CVS person ever in my travels from PA to CA…I know some are not overly excited bout coups but never anyone that made me not want to go back. I have had CVS employees tell me that couponer’s are their bread and butter, so those of you that are saying these things should not allow it to go on…I mean really would you allow anyone to talk so rudley to you? Call Corp. and have it resolved…no one should be denied the right to save money for their family!!

    • Wanda

      The coupon does state one per person but then it goes on to say no more then 4 in one transaction…that seems odd to put both on there, it maybe up to the cashier…my CVS doesn’t worry bout it untill it beeps, then they read it to find out why it beeped 😛

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