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Target: *HOT* Oral-B 3-Count Replacement Brush Heads Only $3 (Regularly Up to $24.99 Value!)

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Wow! In addition to the Target weekly deals, you may want to be on the lookout for this *HOT* deal while shopping! Reportedly the Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads (Precision Clean, Floss Action, Sensitive Care and Dual Clean) 3-Count are on an unadvertised price cut for just $3! This is one heck of a discount considering these regularly go for $19.99 to $24.99! Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Precision Clean variety with a bonus ProWhite toothbrush head inside, which will make for 4 brush heads for only $3! Sweet!

Keep in mind that these may not be marked on a price cut for $3 and if that’s the case, make sure to price check them as they should ring up for $3. If they do ring up this low at your local store, be sure to share your Target location in the comments. Thanks!

(Thanks and photo credit, One Frugal Chick!)

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Comments 133

  1. Judy

    OMG! I want to RUN to Target 🙂 Hope mine has them!

  2. Joy

    This has got to be a mistake. I have to buy these for my son’s toothbrush he uses for his braces. And, these are never ever this low. I’m sure Target will catch on and change the price by tomorrow. LOL

    • Ashley57

      It could be a certain region or something. It seems unlikely that signs were printed and put up, and it is a mistake.

    • Dee P

      Joy – it isn’t wrong. I purchased 20 packets today and they all rang up for $3. I went to two stores in Aurora, Colorado – bought all of the packets in both in stores.

      • amber

        Why did you buy 20 packs – your words “all in both stores”. I think you shouldn’t get more than you need. Now the rest of us can’t save money because there are none left.

        • Yoko

          You can still get raincheck if your store is sold out. Who knows, Dee may have 5 people in her family with 5 Oral B toothbrushes?

          • Jenna

            Does target offer rain checks for a temporary price drop item?

            • Tilla Ham

              they do not, however, if you write down the number, take it to a cashier and say “I need a rain check” they will just type in the numbers and give you one…i did this when the mederma scar care was 2.00$ and it is an accident btw…corporate was meant to take 3.00 off the price and made the price 3.00 instead, they often do this at least once a month with an item, and they remove the signs but dont’ fix the price for some reason (friends and cousins work there)

          • rachelle G

            i have to say i really hate people who don’t have coupon etiquette.. i;m tired of the rain checks.. you waste gas .. please people only get what you need 😉

            • Jack

              I bought all 30 packs. We are just normal consumers when we don’t use coupons. If you see someone buying 20 cases of soda cause its on sale for $2, do you say something? No you don’t. 7 people in my family use these. You need to replace them every three months. This will give each person 3 years worth. I saved a sh1t ton and proud of it!!! No need to be rude just because someone scored a deal and you didn’t.

            • Abby

              Lol @ Jack way to go! By any chance did to go to the one in Eagle Rock? Because if you did I saw you taking all the replacements but I ain’t mad more props to you 🙂

            • Angie

              Hate people? Wow!

          • April

            Target does not do rainchecks for temporary price drop items so stop hogging them all! Geez people!

            • Jack

              I was able to get rainchecks :). I don’t see it excluded in a policy so I would ask why you wouldn’t be able to get one.

        • Rebe

          None of your business Amber. My husband and I both use Oral B because we need them and if I know the heads are not “going to spoil” and we WILL use them, I would buy them too if I could!

          • Tilla Ham

            exactly Jack. no coupon etiquette involved when no coupons are involved…i do not stock pile many items due to the fact that I hate clutter, and i don’t have storage, but when it comes to laundry soap, razors, and deals like this….the early bird gets the worm and all that! i miss many a deal, and don’t hate the people that saved

        • Emily

          Amber, I think that just means that you have to be faster. If something is a good deal and they’re not going to expire or go to waste, why not save your family as much money as you can and stock-up. If I used this type of toothbrush, I would have been standing in line waiting for my store to open with the amount of money that it could have saved me or my family over the next year or two. I don’t get upset when I get to a store and the things that are on amazing price cuts or sales are sold out. I try to get a rain check, if that doesn’t work, I move on with my life and try to be faster the next time! She probably saved her family enough money in one day with one item, to cover the cost of a weekend away. Sure that would have been spent over time, but think about how much money she put into her budget. I think that’s smart, especially if her finances are tight and she needs to find hidden gems. I say good work!

          • DrLadybug

            I agree about the “being the first in line” and making sure to make every effort to participate in the deal, BUT it’s a bit disappointing when it APPEARS as though people are gloating about clearing the shelves. I’m very happy for those who got 10, 20, or more, but when the comments read “too bad” and “I scored and you didn’t” seems like face-rubbing, IMHO.

            • Stephanie

              I see what you are saying, but then again I don’t see why people can’t be excited about the deal they got… good for them. It’s kind of like how everyone must get a trophy in school games nowadays…it’s ridiculous. You win some, you lose some, and when you win, you can be happy about it! I don’t see anything wrong with that. Whether they got 1 or 100, people can still be happy about a good deal, right?

  3. Ferchi

    I bought past week at :$24.99. 🙁

    • Erin

      They do price checks for 2 weeks after you buy an item. Worked on a showere gift I bought last fall, then went on sale the next week. Saved $14 that way 🙂 Just take your receipt to customer service.

    • Stephanie

      OR buy the same kind you got last week, then return the new one with last week’s receipt. 🙂

      • Tilla Ham

        that’s what i’d do stephanie:)

    • Christina

      They do price adjustments!

  4. Christina

    Can confirm, I got a bunch earlier today for $3 at Target. Although shelves might be cleared by now.

  5. Robin miller

    Sweet!! I won an oral b toothbrush from Dr. Oz last week! And it came with $3 coupons for the brush heads! I need to get to Target!!

    • Rachel

      Lol, i did too!! I was thinking the same thing robin 🙂

    • Leslie

      Same here 🙂 Awesome deal!!

    • Edie

      Sweet deal! Hope they’re on sale at your Target! 🙂

  6. Steph

    Yes, this was the case at my target. I even had a $3 coupon ! However, I got the last 4 around 6 pm, m shelves may be cleared.

  7. Heather

    Darn and I was just there today and walked right by that section. I would’ve ran back there now, but my Target store closes at 9 pm (CT) on Sundays. I’m sure they’ll be gone quickly!

  8. Michelle

    Thanks for the tip. There were only a few left at my Target, so me and another smart shopper split them between us. I did get there first, but hate to be a glutton. I was lucky to find the box with the bonus, too!

  9. Eroica

    Saw this deal on slickdeals and went straight to Target in Northern California. I price checked 3 different kinds because none were marked and they rang up $3 each. I said ok, I’ll keep shopping and get more in a few minutes. When I went back, the shelf was cleared out! At least I got 3. Saves me money for my son’s toothbrush. 🙂

    • S

      which target in northern ca? thanks!

  10. Tilla Ham

    i bought 6 packages because that is all the money i have at this time, with three daughters that will use a fancy 200 toothbrush from their orthodontist that take this head, I was so excited. I normally pay 32 for one package tonight, for 6 packages (i had one coupon) i paid 16.59…would buy them all if I had the cash! we change heads every single time they get sick

    • Tilla Ham

      oh and 1 of my boxes was a bonus with 4 heads instead of 3

    • Shayla

      wow, I’d be changing my kids toothbrushes weekly this winter! Good idea but I have found just running them through the dishwasher is “clean” enough for me, although with two little ones I find they are HARD on toothbrush heads. Good for all that are able to get the sale, as my inlaws thankfully give them as stocking stuffers and in Easter baskets so we are set for the year =)

    • Linda

      Soak them in a little mouthwash to kill germs during illness.

      • Jo

        Thanks for the idea Linda. The cold just went through our area so I will try that.

  11. Coupongirl201

    Okay, so you really can’t beat $3 for 3 Oral B brush heads, but I saw them online for $15 at target.com. That’s a good deal, not a huge stock-up deal, but at least all the toothbrushes won’t be gone. You can also get free shipping with the RedCard and 5% off:)

  12. Tammi

    Don’t mind everyone getting there first and getting the deal for their friends and family, but it’s the ones that will buy these up and resell them at the local flea market that bothers me.

    • Sharon

      Yep, bet people will be finding them for $5 soon! Entrepreneurs are good, but by doing this.

    • Jana

      that was my thought, in a few days there will be a bunch on ebay

  13. Tonya H

    Thanks this is awesome! I have been looking for a deal on these since I am out of refills.
    Got 3 this morning – Jacksonville Fl.

  14. Rebecca

    Fyi for those in the Pittsburgh area…the target in Monaca has about 30 packages total, two or three different kinds, and they are all $3. This was at 9am and so far no one else seems to be purchasing them. I would get here fast though if you want some as you never know when someone will come and clear the shelf.

  15. Nicole

    Wonder if they realized this was a mistake, at my target now and they are full price, however there are only 2 left so I’m wondering if they had the sign up yesterday. Target in hickory, nc

  16. Lindsay

    All gone in Fredericksburg, VA…they did have the sign up for $3 however

  17. Ellie

    Got to Target in Midlothian, VA at 8 am this morning. There were 35 packs when I got there. I picked up 10 (there are 5 of us in my family so will last us less than a year). I left 25 instead of getting more. I really get disappointed when someone clears the shelves just because they can. I, like a lot of people, depend on these deals to be able provide for our families. These deals will come back around so three-five years of toothbrush heads is ridiculous!

    • Victoria

      Thank you! I’m also in the Midlothian area, and though I don’t personally use these, I appreciate the gesture.

    • Diane

      Short Pump Target in Richmond, VA had a few left this morning. Price is marked at $3.

    • Erin

      Thanks! I stopped in at 9 for one pack but ended up getting four. Glad I did after reading the comments! The toothbrushes can be pretty expensive, so I didn’t think there’d be all that much interest in them.

    • Heidi

      Ellie,thanks for the tip that this deal will come back around…….I didnt realize that, I figured that this would be a one time thing. I didnt realize that sales of 75%-90% came around regularly! Thanks, I wont even bother on this deal, I’ll let others get the deal and I’ll do it next time around! Thanks so much!!!

    • Heidi

      Now this deal appears to be dead……..who is “ridiculous” now Ellie?? Someone that got a 3-5 supply on an expensive product that will most likely NEVER be 90% off ever again…….or YOU who advised people that this deal will be back??? If Target pulled this sale after two days I highly doubt that it will EVER be back……..Ridiculous advice Ellie!!!!

      • Erin

        Well, who’s to say that these toothbrushes will even last three to five years? Oral B may update the design and/or technology between now and then, so if your brush craps out, you’re stuck with a houseful of refills. Silly argument. What’s it to you if she practices restraint and only buys what she needs? I’m sure all those brushes were purchased by others. It’s nice to share, after all.

        • Heidi

          Erin, it is nothing to me if someone practices restraint and only buy what they themselves “need”! What I don’t like is when someone calls someone else “ridiculous” for buying what they felt THEY needed. It also appears that it was pretty bad advice to tell people that this deal would come around again……..maybe it will….but anyone who has couponed for any length of time can say with a good degree of confidence that seeing an item priced at 90% off is unheard of to happen on a regular basis!!!! lol!!! Perhaps the brushes were purchased by others but I can tell you that DID NOT happen in Hooksett NH. I went into that Target on Monday afternoon. I bought 15 packages. There were probably another 15-20 on the shelf. Guess what,? I went back on Tuesday, not knowing the deal was dead……the same exact brush heads were on the shelf that I saw the day before…..I scanned them…yep full price…..what a waste….I could have grabbed more the aftrernoon before. Not a big deal, we have enough for about a year and a half……..my point still stand though, in this case, it was very bad advice…….I am thankful, that I used my common sense and didnt listen…..now we can have clean teeth at a super cheap, unheard of price. So, you asked “what is it to me?” I say right back to you, what is it to you, if someone buys a 3-5 year supply and their “brush craps out” thats their problem, not yours! Happy bargain shopping!!

  18. j122

    Went to Target this morning (FL) around 8 am, price is still $3!!!! there are 4 different kinds ringing at that price. Took what I needed for my husband and I, and left lots for the next lucky shopper.

  19. nickyB

    I just bought 20 and left plenty behind. We have 5 people who use them. The person stocking shelves scanned them and there are more in the back and another truck comes in on Wednesday. This is in Mansfield Ohio. I wish I had the money to buy more. I had 1 $1.00 coupon. Lol! My receipt says I saved $462.79!!!!

  20. Andy

    I consider this a clearance deal and just like the day after Christmas it is first come first serve. I don’ t have a target near me but I am certainly happy for anyone who gets a good deal. Even those who buy them up and sell them at the flea market for $5. Because that is still a great savings to someone and a small profit to someone who is working to find great deals. The last time I checked we are in America and their are no limits to what you can buy. I liked the analogy Jack used ” if you saw someone, not using coupons buy up 20 cases of pop do you jump on them for buying? “. Since when did it become anyone’s right to tell others how much they can or cannot buy just because they are using coupons? Is their a different set of rules for people who coupon? That being said I don’t buy 60 of anything because I only buy 10 papers. I do buy 10 of the good deals I find and if there is only 10 on the shelf I don’t leave 3 for some mystery person. I buy what I can afford at the time I find the sale because it might not come around again. The same thing I would do if I wasn’t using coupons. Like most couponers I help my family, Church and our local charities. That makes me feel good and I could not do that without using coupons.

    • Victoria

      If I saw that I would instantly think “selfish.” Coupons or no coupons. Makes no difference to me. But those who agree with you, are going to agree with you and continue to clear shelves. As for the others, be thankful for them because they are the ones leaving items on the shelves so others, perhaps yourself, can get the deal as well. Everyone has been hit by the economy, and so every little bit helps everyone. Oh, and the last time I checked, it the morally right to try and help every man, not just ourselves. Location shouldn’t have anything to do with that.

      • Heidi

        Really?? You see it as selfish to buy 20 cases of pop? I dont get that……. About a month or so ago, Market Basket had Hamburger Helper on sale for 1.00 a box. I bought 12 boxes. I didnt have any coupons. My kids love the stuff and cook it up for a snack. They would eat a box a day if I let them, lol! If I let them, the 12 boxes I bought wouldnt even last two weeks. There were literally 100’s of boxes on the shelf, and I am sure, 100s and 100s more out back. It never would have occured to me in a hundred million years that anybody in there right mind would have looked at me and felt I was “selfish” for buying 12 boxes of the stuff. But, Victoria, that is exactly what you have written!! You would “instantly think selfish, coupons or no coupons” It truly never would have occured to me that people would actually call people “selfish” for getting 12 of something. I guess, next time I will just buy one box, because I would hate to think of Victoria and others thinking of me as selfish. Market Basket will probably be bummed to be left with tons of Hamburger Helper on the shelf, but if people like Victoria are happy, then that is all that really matters!!!!

        • Victoria

          In the case of shelf clearing, yes selfish. If there were 100s, and you decided to grab 20, then thats fine. You would be looking out for your family but then not hogging all of them at the same time. There is a big difference. Besides, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And like I said, in this economy, everyone deserves a break. If a person doesn’t even bother to think of others, who have just as much as a right to that same break as them mind you, then yes, they are selfish. If you are offended, then…well, you most likely are then. Sorry, but thats just the truth. (Also, America wasn’t founded on the capitalism we know today, which seems some people are misconstruing their defenses on in prior posts. In fact, one of it’s founding principles was to “promote the general welfare.”)

    • Autumn

      “The last time I checked we are in America and their are no limits to what you can buy.” Boy oh boy, does this statement encapsulate the American mentality as a whole. Buy it because you can, it’s a free country! Don’t question whether it’s the ethical thing to do, just do it because you’re entitled to do it. How selfish. I love a good deal as much as the next person, which is why I THINK about the next person. The whole scenario reminds me of Black Friday when people purchase 20 of something while another person leaves empty handed. It’s inconsiderate and greedy. Just because you WILL eventually use 20 packs of toothbrush heads, doesn’t mean you NEED to buy 20 packs of toothbrush heads. I’m sure the person who rushed up to Target after you and found an empty shelf needed them too.

      • DrLadybug

        THANK YOU for your insightful comments, Victoria and Autumn. The previous comments all just seemed like face-rubbing. IF I were one who got 20 or 30 “just because I could,” it’s just best to keep quiet about it, or at least NOT add additional comments like “I got there before everyone, so I am entitled!” I was beginning to think that all the comments were going to be that degree of selfishness — so thank you ladies for helping me think there is some hope.

        In short: it IS generally a positive thing to see a shelf clear: that means there was the deal to be had, it means couponing (if applicable) is alive and well, and it is “working” as it should be. When I see an empty shelf, I’d like to THINK that there were MANY people who took advantage of the deal. But when someone buys 20 or more, posts about it, and then gloats about it, it appears to be shelf-clearing and selfish.

        • Victoria

          Honestly, I’m glad to see both Autumn and your comments as well, because many of these posts are bringing out the true colors of the savers around us. I have to say…it’s sad to see.

  21. Jami

    Super Target in Norman. Oklahoma had them marked $3 but the shelves were EMPTY. I’m not heartbroken because we don’t use the Oral-B toothbrushes but we might have started if I’d been able to get that amazing deal! A lot of other people must have been thinking the same thing too because the actual toothbrushes were cleaned out, too!

    • Erin

      Don’t be heartbroken. It’s only a toothbrush. Since these brushes are no longer the frequent freebies they once were, I’m sure dropping the price was a marketing strategy to jump start sales of both the toothbrushes and the usually expensive refills. Why get hooked only to have to pay $25 for refills when the price goes back up? It killed me to buy these, since I have so many freebie manual brushes, but I created a monster: my husband uses these brushes now. Personally, I didn’t like them.

  22. Melanie

    Just did a price match at Walmart! I had my rain checks from target and a snapshot of the sign and it was no problem. I’m one happy girl right now!! Thanks for the heads up

    • Erin

      Good for you!

  23. Victoria

    This is a little off topic, but for those planning to shop at the Target by Commonwealth 20, check out the infant clothing clearance. The other day I went in and there were quite a few clearance tags showing one price, but when I price checked, it was half of that! And on the Osh-Kosh Genuine Kid brand especially! I was able to snag a cute puff vest for just $5 and a pair of their (lined!) pants for just $4.50. There were even some cute L/S plaid shirts for just $3.60 and a sweater for just $3. And thats just things that happen to catch my eye and I checked on the price. So I would keep an eye out if you have any baby showers or children of your own. 🙂

    • Victoria

      *in Midlothian, VA area

      • Erin

        Wow. I knew there were a lot of Midlothian folks following H2S, but at least five people have identified themselves as from the area in this post alone.

        • Victoria

          Luckily we have quite a few Targets in the area, so as long as no one clears the shelves, we all have a chance at the deals. 🙂

  24. Melanie

    Can’t thank you enough. Was able to snag some of the sensitive teeth ones which i would never had been able to afford. My gums are so receeded from brushing that i apparently need a skin graft on my gums. Anyhow – now i can stop using the store brand heads and use these! No more pain while cleaning!

  25. julie

    Grabbed some for $3 each in Los Angeles!!! Great deal.

  26. Katy

    don’t see any in Tucson, AZ… checked 3 targets, they are all out! 🙁

    • anonymous

      The one on Ina and the one way north on Oracle had some this morning.

  27. Amber

    got them in Knoxville. yay! Turkey creek still had several left.

  28. Kim

    I got some in my Target this morning, I am in Indiana all $3.00.

  29. Lisa

    My Target had no problems giving me a raincheck on these. The rainchecks don’t expire until March 2013. Now, will they get more in? Who knows.

  30. boboanne1

    Thank you so much Collin for posting this deal!!! I was able to find some at my Target in Spring, TX!!!

  31. Holly

    YAY! I am so Thankful that you all posted this deal(: I bought 8 packs of the replacement heads and 5 bottles of poise wash Paid $26 bucks saved $183! Thank you! There were about 12 left in ft gratiot MI!!!

  32. Bridget

    They were not marked at my Target, in Port Orange, FL, but I scanned them and they came up at $3. Only 6 were left, so I took four and left two for the next lucky shopper.

  33. Lori

    I was able to pick up 5 packages. All that was left in Bedford, NH. Was told another truck was coming on Wed, but no guarantee there would be more.

  34. Marie

    Amazon has the oral b professional toothbrush for $39.99. It was priced at $64.99 at Target but I was able to do a price match. Not a bad deal considering you can stock up on the replacement heads for cheap!

  35. Jo

    Found some in Phoenix, AZ. So excited since the entire family uses them!

    • Jo

      We got some bonus packs and they had sensitive, floss, and dual action too at our store. Plenty on the shelf still with the $3 tags.

  36. Erin

    My Target had the bonus packs!! 4 heads for $3. Yay!!

  37. Shan

    Just bought
    some in Utah!!!! Thanks so much

  38. Danielle

    We just got 4 packs! 3 of them were the bonus packs! Thats a $80 savings!! Thanks Hip2Save!!!

  39. M R

    I went to a Target in the Twin Cities. They had at least 40 left. I bought 5 in order to save some for others 🙂 Thanks, Collin!

  40. Connie

    Yay this is so awesome! Bought 5 packs with bonus brush. Lucky that I won one Oral B brush from
    Dr. Oz!

  41. lou tonel

    just bought some in sacramento. thank you!

  42. Lisa

    Found them in Minnesota too!

  43. Melissa H

    Thank you so much for posting this deal. I am happy to see that so many people have been able to find it. I was lucky – I was able to stock up as well.

    A few years back I got a great deal on the toothbrushes, so I got one for everyone in my family and a few friends. Recently I found out that several people stopped using theirs because the brush heads were too expensive. Now I get to share the deal with them! Much appreciated!

  44. Angie

    Plenty left at Ft. Smith, AR target

  45. CJ

    SCORE! I found bunches of these at my Orlando Target. I bought 2 soft and 2 reg (?) packs. Lots there when I left…. Thank you, OP, for posting!! 🙂

  46. Heather

    I went to three stores in Baltimore and the signs are still up. Glen Burnie had none but let me do a rain check. Middle River only had the sensitive ones (I like precision clean) but again let me do a rain check. White Marsh had 3 packs of precision clean so I scored those. Thank you so much for posting this!!! My entire family (including my parents) use these. So excited as I just used the last one at my house.

  47. Barb

    I went to one Target and was sent to another because the first Target was out. When I got there, the employee told me he sold 20 boxes to one person so I got none. It really is disappointing. I would have been happy with 1 or 2 boxes.

  48. Robin

    Went to the San Luis Obispo, CA Target this morning and the bonus packs were on sale. My husband has been dying for these and I keep telling him the refills are too expensive. I got 6. Left a good 30 or so for everyone else! Hope someone picked them up! The cashier was shocked how cheap they were. Said she was going to go buy the toothbrush and the replacements heads because they were so much cheaper than her Soniccare. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  49. Missy

    Sent my husband to Target first thing this morning since I had to be at work before they opened at 8 a.m. He scored 7 packs. That’s enough to last my family about a year! All for less than the price I had been paying for one three-count package. Collin, You Rock!

  50. Dan

    I picked these up in Hooksett NH today for $3 each. There was plenty left. Wow, what a deal.

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