Barnes & Noble: Elf on the Shelf Set Only $2?!

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Wowser! Check out the email and picture above that I just received from reader Ali:

I was in Barnes and Noble and they are doing a huge $2 clearance.  They had tons of those boxed Elf on the Shelf book/elf that retail for close to $30 for only $2.  And they had a lot of them in both stores I was in today (Fairfield City, Connecticut).  These are great holiday gifts, especially just before the season starts!  They also had monopoly games, puzzles and halloweeen stuff marked to $2!

You may want to call your local store to see if they have any in stock before making a special trip over there. Be sure to come back and leave a comment if you’re able to find these at your local Barnes & Noble store too!

(Thanks, Ali!)

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  1. samara

    I saw them the other day for 75% off

    • Kathy

      Great deal! Wishing my store had the elves so I could use this coupon. I would be able to get them for all of my nieces and nephews. Oh well… πŸ™

    • CourtneyAmanda

      thanks!! I just saved 10 bucks on a purchase πŸ˜€

    • Melisa

      My store wouldn’t use the coupon for the elves, but I did use it for other toy clearance! Thanks!

  2. MJ

    Our store had 4 tables of $2 items….no Elf ones….but LOTS of Angry Birds Space t-shirts and accessories. Also, Halloween and Christmas items! Most of it was 75-90% off!

  3. Monica

    There is none here in Maine but I would GLADLY pay shipping if anyone picks up 2 extra of these =D My email is if you would be willing to… My daughter wanted one so bad for Christmas but $30 was too much… Thanks, Monica

    • Lal

      I know it seemed like a lot, I was hesitant to buy it, but I did anyway. The fun my daughter had looking for him daily was priceless. Wish I would’ve bought it years ago!

  4. Emily

    None at our store

  5. Laura

    Columbus, Ohio – out of stock at Polaris & Sawmill/Dublin

    • Amanda

      Thanks Laura! You saved me a trip.

    • Andi

      Yes me too. Bummer. Did they have the Monopoly or much of anything else?

    • jean

      Thanks Laura, you save me a trip as well.

    • Heather

      Thanks, Laura!

  6. Kathy

    I called my store (Medford, Oregon) they said none in stock. Oh well!

  7. Carly

    Dang!! Wish we had a B&N!!!!

  8. Lindsey Kelley

    My store had over 150 last night.

    • Patrice

      Where is your store located?

      • Lindsey Kelley

        Morrow, GA

  9. Ali

    Westport & Norwalk, Connecticut had a ton of them!

    • Lori G

      Ali: I am in Westport … Nice to know there are other “hipsters” in my area! πŸ™‚

      • Ali

        Sometimes I feel like I am the only hipster in these parts! Good to know!

        • gloriardavis

          Hi! Gloria from Fairfield, CT. I’m a hipster too. We should meet up at Barnes & Noble sometime:)

          • Lori G

            I think that’s a great idea! We need to figure out how to arrange this without putting our personal info online here!

  10. rochelle

    Man, I’m an hour away from a B&N! Someone buy me one!! lol

  11. Heather C.

    WOW… One should buy up as many as they can @ $2.00, and then sell them next year on Ebay starting in the begining of November for around $18.00 or so. Coming from a Top-Rated powerseller on Ebay, believe me when I say there is a HUGE profit making opportunity for those that are able to find them! πŸ™‚

    • Allison

      top rated power seller here too, been selling for 15 yrs lol. Afraid shipping, by this fall especially, may be pretty pricey is the only thing πŸ™

      • steph

        Is shipping expected to increase?

        • michelle

          Not again. I just increased this past weekend for USPS. They do it every January. Fed Ex & UPS also had increases the first of the year.

        • Allison

          It shouldn’t increase, you just never know anymore. There was an increase a few days ago so hopefully there won’t be again for awhile anyway. I am not familiar with the size or the weight of the Elf in a Shelf, but I’m guessing it could cost $10 to $12 within the US to ship priority.

  12. RG

    You can check the site — look up Elf on the Shelf and type in your zip code for store pickup. That should tell you whether they have them in stock. (but don’t order it from the site — they’re still $30 online!)

    • Laura

      My two local stores both showed “in stock” online, but were out of stock when I called to check and have them hold one for me.

  13. Devan Stelmaszek

    Was able to put one on hold for me for when I get out of work in Orlando, FL! Thanks for the heads up!! πŸ™‚

    • Shirley

      Same at my store(they are holding the last one).

  14. Denisse

    WOW. My B&N totally screwed me when I ordered last year, never received it and ruined my little girls holdiay. If anyone could pick me up, will pay you and pay the shipping too. Email me: Thanks πŸ™‚

  15. Kristin

    If any generous person would pick me up 2 I’d pay u shipping plus the $4. I would live to give these to my nephews. πŸ™‚ my email is Thx πŸ™‚

  16. Trisch

    I called both Barnes and Noble locations in Fort Wayne, IN and they did not have the elf on the shelf items.

  17. AllThoseThingsILove!

    In So Cal, (as of yesterday) the Elves were all over the place! Good luck in your Elf searches πŸ™‚

    • Priscilla

      Where in so cal? My local store was oos

    • Kelly

      Where in So cal mine didnt have any

  18. Vanessa

    My store apparently has some i reserved one online just waiting for a confirmation text i truly hope i get one I’ve wanted one for my little boy these past couple years…

    • Vanessa

      Apparently they are out. So are all the stores within 5 hours of me both north and south. So none in wi or il. Called 15 stores πŸ™

  19. shoppingqueen007

    Boardman/Youngstown, Ohio – just called & they are out of stock. I may still go just to see what they have left on clearance though since I also have the $10 off $20 purchase with mastercard.

  20. Melissa

    Im in Broome NY and we dont have any

  21. nicole

    I refused to pay $30 for this set, partly because I didn’t like the story of adopting the elf vs. Santa just sending an elf to our house. I felt like $30 was too much for just the elf. I almost gave up, but a friend of mine said she found boy and girl elves at the dollar store! I went to dollar tree and found a stuffed elf, created my own letters from Santa saying he was sending the elf to watch over our house and outlining the “rules,” and my 8 year old daughter had the time of her life looking for our little elf every day. Our elf left her a couple of little surprises and letters throughout the month, and she was shocked to find a gift under the tree from the elf on Christmas morning! I wish we had an elf when she was younger, I’m afraid we may not have many years left of the “magic.” If you have young kiddos and can get one of these, I would jump on it!

    • Amanda

      I got one from the Dollar Store too.

    • Kathryn

      Same here! I found the cutest elf at Cracker Barrell a few years ago, and my children, every year… love looking for the elf every morning! And they know ‘she’ looks over them everyday making sure they are nice especially when I am gone running errands lol :). My kids are teenagers, preteens and they still love the elf. I know it’s a tradition they will pass on to their children many years from now.

  22. Eileen

    I guess I just don’t get it. I never heard of it until last year, and my older two are probably beyond it now, but I have a toddler now…still not buying into the hype. I do a ton of stuff with my kid over the holidays and it’s hard enough to answer questions about Santa. It seems like the stores found another way to commercialize Christmas and convince everyone they “must” have one. Hope those who enjoy it have fun, but I’m not into this one, even for $2.

    • DAwn

      I’m with you on this! Just “another” reason to commercialize!

      • Deedee

        My husband’s family has been doing this for generations! They didn’t go buy a $30 “Elf on the Shelf” though. They just had a little elf named Christopher Popkins and he moved to a new spot in the house every night. My girls love love finding him every morning around Christmas time.
        My 2 yr old will still occasionally ask where he is and I have to remind that he’s back at the North Pole for now. So I know they are experiencing a little more magic at Christmas b/c of him.
        It really is a neat tradition.

  23. Michelle Dronet

    If anyone would mind picking me up one I would greatly appreciate it. My Barnes & Noble is out of stock. A girl one would be perfect but my daughter would love any one. She begged me for an elf this year but I’m currently unemployed and didn’t have the means to buy her one. I will gladly pay for the elf plus shipping. My email address is thanks!

  24. Sara

    Oh we love doing this with our boys and they don’t believe in Santa. It’s just fun to discover every morning. Pinterest has millions of ideas for elf on the shelf. Ps. None in Omaha

    • JoAnn

      Thanks. was going to send my husband out but wont now.

  25. Gina

    I bought one for my 4 year old son on Black Friday at Target for $30.00 and I got a $5.00 target gift card with the purchase. My son loved his ELF so much. I hated to pay $30.00 but it was worth it for him. He was so excited to find him each morning.

  26. nikki

    i know there are a few others on here that have already said the same, but i also would be willing to pay for three of these plus i can send the FEDEX labels or pay for them to be shipped to me USPS, my nieces and my daughter would LOVE these!!! my email is , I am in ohio but i can also pay for the USPS flat-rate shipping or whatever from anywhere in the US! thanks in advance! it would be a great deal to get in on!

  27. Camille

    I’d like to add to the chorus of people offering to pay shipping for an extra elf. I’d be happy to print extra coupons or send some from my stash to exchange sweeten the deal if someone is looking to stock up on something. I also have lots of codes for Gymboree, etc. Please email me at

  28. dani

    If someone buys an extra one… i would pay shipping and for the elf.. my email is

  29. Tami

    Has anyone checked at the Colorado stores???

  30. adri

    I got some free ELVEs at JCP. My Son really wanted a pair he thinks they will have babies, lol.
    Each was $30
    First they were 50% off = $15 each
    used a $10 coupon from button = $5 each
    Then used money from the hundreds in gift cards I won from buttons!

  31. Bessie

    None in Bowling Green KY! πŸ™

  32. Casey

    None in Missouri, st. Louis, laude, chesterfield, or the bluffs

    • Casey


      • Casey

        Ladue* OMG autocorrect

  33. Donna

    Neither store in Charleston, SC area have them.

  34. Amanda

    Just stopped by the one in West Knoxville – tons of $2 clearance items, including some stuffed African American elves, but none of the elf on the shelf sets. I did pick up a $2 tea for one set, super cute, in a hat box, with a porcelain tea pot, cup, and saucer! I also got a $2 cookie decorating set, $2 Dora Christmas book with figurines and a set of two Christmas appetizer plates in a gift box for $2. $8 well spent to stock the gift closet for next Christmas!

  35. Kimberly

    15 Left in Minnetonka Minnesota. My hubby just left there.

    • Amanda

      thanks! I called and order the two light skinned girl sets they had left. They still have dark skinned boys and girls.

    • Casey

      I also, calledb this store and got a girl and two boys…12.86 shipped:)

  36. Donna

    Some ladies on Facebook said they called the store in CT where they have some. It’s $3.99 to ship the first one and 99 cents each one after that. About $15 for four of them isn’t too bad!

  37. Cherish

    Called both stores in Greenville, SC and they are sold out.

  38. cely

    What is elf on the shelf? I keep hearing about it

  39. andria

    No elf, but scored a my baby alive doll for $2.19!!! That’s including tax

  40. chris

    anyone live in ny and get any, in suffolk county

  41. Cathy M. of Pa.

    Wow what a great deal. Called all my local stores and they are sold out. Good luck trying to find this deal.

  42. LO

    My local CT store I called to reserve just one to pick up and the manager was not very nice. I got there and they had 12 reserved after just telling me they were not reserving any. Grr so mad

  43. Ashley

    None in the Kansas City area.

  44. Natasha

    I went and looked at my local B&N (in Oregon) I found 3 VTech VReader games for $2 each (regularly $17.98 each) there was a spongebob one, cars 2, and can’t remember the third one. I didn’t however buy them because I would have no use for them but if someone would like them shipped to them that could work out. I hid them in a safe place in the store in case I still wanted them. you can email me at


  45. monica

    I live 45 mins from one just called and someone bought them all πŸ™ This is a great deal. I wanted to get them for my kids for Christmas but couldnt afford them. If anyone buys a few extra and would like to sell them to me plus shipping please email me my kids would love them.

  46. Jenny

    Couldn’t find any in Spokane, Wa store. Booooooooo!!!!!!!

  47. darla

    i just dont see paying thirty dollars! they have been selling elves onshelves since I was born…I still have one from 1964 on my tree…..just wait a year and they will be back in dollar stores

  48. CJ

    I wish I could go look. I broke my arm last week, and we had tornadoes for most of the day. πŸ™ Hard to pack up my twins and drive anywhere.

  49. Seth

    Wow!!! After reading this post, I decided to drive to my B&N while running some errands. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. My store had tons on sell for $2! I picked up 15 boxed elf sets and there was still plenty left on the table. This will be a hot eBay item to sell. They are normally priced around $30-35 so I should be able to double my money!!! Heck yeah!! Thanks for posting this.

    • rebecca g

      Seth, do you mind selling one to me? I’ll gladly pay shipping!

    • jessie

      Which Cleveland store?

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