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Today is Thank a Mailman Day (February 4th)

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Today is a very special day… it’s Thank a Mailman Day!

Today is the day to give a BIG thank you to your Mail Carrier who brings super sweet deals to your mailbox and doorstep six days a week! And with all of the freebies and samples we score every day… well, most of us keep our Mail Carriers super busy :).

Here are some ideas on how to show your Mail Carrier you appreciate their service:

* Put together a gift bag of some of the recent freebies you’ve scored. For example, sample sized products from Bath & Body Works or non-holiday packaged treats you scored from various Christmas Clearance deals would make for a great inexpensive, yet still thoughtful thank-you gift.

* A pair of gloves or a package of hand or foot warmers would be a great way to warm up your mail carrier’s day. These are usually inexpensive and can be found at any sporting goods store or online…I’ve posted many glove deals previously as well.

* Have your kiddos make a card or draw a picture for your Mail Carrier.

* No matter what, a big smile and a thank you is always appreciated by anyone! :D

(Photo Credit: Who Arted)

Here are a few comments Hip2Save Readers left when I posted this last year…

My dad’s a mailman, and I can tell you that (if he speaks for all mail carriers) they appreciate even the slightest thoughtful gift/card/note. He brings home gifts from his customers, usually they’re things they’ve baked for him (no kidding, he’s brought home pies, cakes, homemade candies and more!), but even if it’s just a ‘thank you’ note, he is always grateful to be appreciated. :)

As a rural mail carrier, I can tell you it is very nice to be remembered. I feel like all 385 families on my route are a part of my family. I have done this for 22 years and I seen many of kiddos grow up and now are parents themselves. It is nice to know that sometimes they think of me too. Sometimes I bring good news and other times not, but I always try to do it with a smile!

With all that in mind, how are YOU going to thank your Mail Carrier? Will you make them a snack or give them a smile and a wave? Let me know what you will be doing to show your appreciation below.

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Comments 55

  1. Anne

    Thanks for the heads-up! Cookies being made NOW!

    • Lindsay

      I was just able to put a “Winter Survival Kit” together with freebies that I had. I put a box together with Hot Cocoa mix, Apple Cider mix, chocolate, anti bacterial lotion, hand cream, Chapstick, Breathe Right strips, Cepacol Sensations, pocket Kleenex, etc. Thanks for the head’s up!!!!

  2. Tarri

    Did not even know. Going to throw some stuff together right now. I got a bunch of candy from CVS that were marked down after Christmas and this will make the pile to eat smaller for us. 🙂

  3. amy

    i can’t believe it, i haven’t gotten one thing in the mail in a WHOLE WEEEKKKK, not a coupon or even piece of junk mail. how crazy is that

    • Leslie

      I’d be happy I didn’t get a bill…lol 🙂

    • fran

      That IS crazy! Not even the weekly store circulars????

      • amy

        I am happy no bills ;), but nope not even a circular. nothing.

  4. Luz

    Thanks for telling us. My daughter, she just turn 3 make a picture. we will give him dental flush, a shower gel And a thermacare from the free at Walgreens this week. Probably I spend $2. I hope he like it.. Didnt put a picture here because I dont,know how..

  5. Holly S.

    My dad is a mailman too and I know they appreciate anything they get. Even just a small thank you note. I know he stops and talks with a lot of the people on his route and they are like extended family members to him and so it means a lot to him. So any little thing you do, a note or candy, more or less, is appreciated. 🙂

  6. Shannon

    Thanks for the notification. I didn’t even know. This is what is great about having a gift stockpile. I just got together a little gift bag and wrote a thank you note and hurried into the mailbox who will be here in about an hour.

  7. Chris

    My mail woman was already here and gone. I will put a small gift in for tomorrow, better late than never.

  8. anonymous

    If you live in an apartment bldg with a camera focusing on our mailboxes. Is it ok to leave my gift to our mailman inside my own mailbox? Wouldn’t that get my mailman i trouble

    • Tia

      Why would that get your mailman in trouble? If you leave it there for him, why would he get in trouble for taking it?

    • Cindy

      I doubt he’ll get in trouble unless you specifically went to the leasing office or whoever’s in charge and told them he stole your mail or something. And even if the staff member from the office came to you because they found what he did on camera to look suspicious, you can always explain that you intentionally left the gift for him to take.

    • Steph

      Do you mean are they able to accept gifts?

  9. MeeshaG

    I wanted to give our mailman a gift but i dont know what time he comes to bring our mail or where to leave the gift. We need to walk to the next block in order to get our mail.

    • Cindy

      I suppose you can always leave your gift inside your mailbox with a note stating that it’s his/her’s to take. If you don’t know when he/she comes, you can always throw it in and leave it there until tomorrow too when he or she comes to deliver your mail.

  10. Amy

    I would love a link for the image created for the picture posted. So cute!

  11. Ana

    Thank you for the reminder! I cut out the blank (with cute picture) part of a card I received and wrote a thank you note, I punched a hole and tied it with a ribbon around a mid-size candle – put it in the mailbox for my mail lady 🙂

  12. Sandy

    Thanks for the heads up, Collin! I really appreciate my mailman, Billie S. I’ve got a 5-pack of Godiva Hot Chocolate waiting for him in my mailbox.

  13. Carie

    Darn. Wish I would’ve known about this yesterday. My kids and I did something last year, but it fell on a weekend. I work all day so I’m not going to be able to leave anything in there today.

  14. thuyle

    Ribbon together some Milano cookies and Rocher’s chocolate and a thank you note in the mail box just now. Thanks so much for letting us know this. Our mail lady always bring treat for our dog.

  15. Missy

    So glad I caught this before our carrier delivered mail today. I put together a gift bag which included honey caramel chocolates and a box of herbal fruit teas along with a card my 3 year old decorated. Our mail carrier is always smiling and is such an inspiration when I am feeling like a wimp and not wanting to walk to school to pick up my son on a cold day…like today

  16. Candy

    Caught mine just in time. Gave some hand sanitizers and lotions. Thanks for letting us know!

  17. Beth Cole

    Thanks so much! I have been meaning to thank her. Wrapped up some gloves I got on clearance from Target!

  18. Mimi

    My mailman avoids ppl.

  19. Maria

    I wish my mail man was nice, but he is really rude and nasty. No gifts for him now or never.

  20. Hiro

    Thank you for reminder. I gave her gift last year you posted. And I was wondering what day is Thank a Mailman Day.
    I got for her Thank card (free from Tiny print),M&M with that memo, 2 Pop chips(from Amazon), 2 coffee samples, beauty bag with sample(free from Target), Aromatherapy body lotion(about $4 from Bath & Body Works).
    I hope make her day joy.

  21. knagel1976

    I am a mail lady too! The nicest thing any of my customers could do for me is shovel the snow in front of your box!!

    • jean

      I’m one of the few that shovels the snow for my mailman,even do the sidewalk.He thanks me by sticking all the neighbors who DON’T shovel their driveways mail into my box.

      • Rebecca

        Isn’t that illegal to intentionally mis-deliver mail? That’s aweful! Ridicualous to leave you up to distributing the mail, not to mention your neighbors could miss getting important mail.That should be reported immediately to the Post Master.

        • katharinetrauger

          Just write, “Not at this address,” on the wrong mail and pop it right back into your box.

  22. Kay

    I rarely see the mailman, so really don’t know how the person is in general or to the customers. He has couple of times delivered goods to door that needs signature. But this time caught this post on time and left a Herhseys simple pleasures chocolate bag with a thank you card attached in our mail box. Found a small and cute note for the card ” Rain, sleet, snow or shine…..thank you for delivery our mail” Then I added “Many thanks, We really appreciate it”! Hope he likes it:)

  23. Carole

    Thank you for this reminder! You made ME feel good that I could do a Random Act of Kindness for someone!!

  24. Renee

    Awesome! Glad my mail goes late in afternoon.
    Just put a card, a small cvs brand bottle of hand lotion, and some chocolate chips cookies that I just happened to bake last night, in my mailbox today 🙂

  25. Teresa

    Thank you for the reminder! We really like our mailman and leave gifts and cards during the holidays. An extra thank you is always appreciated by anyone. I left him a thank you card, a Yankee Candle car freshener and a bottle of Franks Original Hot Sauce!

  26. Laura

    THank you…I didn’t know it was today……ran a Target gift card, homemade card from the kids and a little birdseed ornament we made for Valentine’s Day.

  27. Leslie

    Thank you so much for the heads up!! I left candy and a note in the mailbox and my mailman left a note saying… “Thanks a lot, that made my day” 🙂 It made my day, knowing that!!

  28. jean

    Well,my mailman should be leaving me something nice then,since I’m always having to deliver the mail that HE was suppose to deliver.We have the laziest mailman in the world.He constantly dumps all of my neighbors mail into my mailbox.Not accidental either as we have GIGANTIC house numbers right next to our mailbox and he will dump multiples of the same wrong addresses all in my mailbox.

  29. Che

    Didn’t know about this until I read your post. Thanks! I hope some chocolates and thank you note will put a smile on his/her face. 🙂

  30. Robyn

    my mailman sucks. He never closes my gate and he knows i have dogs and he smokes a cigar while on the job yuck.

  31. bettyj

    I would suggest just leaving a thank you note or better yet write a note or letter to his supervisor telling what a great job he/she does. I worked for the federal government (not the PO, but it is federal also) and we were not allowed to accept gifts unless it was something for the office. We could get in trouble for accepting “bribes” or creating a conflict of interest.

  32. Jennifer

    I’m not giving mine a darn thing because she’s rude and too lazy to get her behind out of her car and walk a package up to the door, so she sits and honks and honks so we will come out and get it. It’s embarrassing, but at least she does it to everyone and not just us. She doesn’t show up half the time and when she does it’s around 5 oclock. If there is rain or wind or even dark clouds (or it’s a saturday) you can forget about getting your mail. We live in the city too, it’s not like it’s hard or inconvenient to get here. Worst mail-person EVER!

    • Hiro

      Wow… How come she doesn’t get fired? Doesn’t show up half the time? Unbelievable!!
      I’m wondering how she got that job in a first place in this economy?
      I’m feel sorry for you. And I think you can say World Worst mail-person Ever!

  33. Anna B

    I was so happy to give my mail carrier a nice Caress Body Wash gift set that I had gotten for cheap after Christmas. I attached a nice note that said “Thanks for your hard work, use this to help relax!” She was so touched and didn’t believe me at first that it was Thank A Mail Carrier Day. She said I made her year. I love spreading the love around!

    And for those people who have mail carriers that they don’t like, even grumpy people who aren’t good at their job or have struggles in completing tasks well appreciate being noticed. Maybe by thanking them, it will help them want to do better! 🙂

    • rose

      Years ago we had a very grumpy mail carrier that came in the dress shop that I worked in. All the ladies that worked there decided to just love him to pieces. We all greated him when he came in or hugged him, found out his birthday & got him a present along with other things. After a while he just gave up and became a really nice guy (at least to us) Later on we learned that his wife had commited suicide. You just never know what is going on with others!

  34. rose

    Great Idea! I’m going to be late since I just saw this post but I will have something in the box in the morning. I don’t figure they will mind if it’s late! Thanks for the post!

  35. No Mail for U

    I would like to thank my mailman, but I don’t have one.
    It’s 6:30 pm CST. and still no mail, so will not get mail today.

    The route I live on has been unassigned for years.
    Delivery is pot luck, if someone wants the overtime we get mail

    If no wants the overtime, we don’t get mail.
    So I have several different mail carriers,
    and get first class mail delivery at least once a week.

    This in the city of Chicago

  36. Susan Swinford

    I’m so sad, I left a Burt’s Bees gift bag and chocolates for my female mail carrier (with the postcard attached) and she shoved it to the back of the mailbox with my mail in front. I want to think that she was too focused on delivering mail to see it was for her, but I made sure that the note was way out front for her to see. Ouch.

    • Susan Swinford

      And if she’s not allowed to accept gifts, I would have appreciated a note stating so, then I’d send a nice note to her supervisor.

  37. Vanessa D.

    Does this count for FedEx and UPS drivers too who delivery packages or just USPS? I know some of those too!

  38. krlvnsa

    Does this count for FedEx and UPS drivers too or just USPS?

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