*HOT* High Value $2.50/1 Alexia Item Coupon = FREE Sweet Potato Fries at Target

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Wow! Hurry on over here to print a super high value $2.50/1 Alexia product coupon! Use this rockin’ coupon at Target to snag the following awesome deal… ALL OUT OF PRINTS πŸ™

(Photo Credit: Totally Target)

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries $2.78 (Price Cut through 2/16)
Use the $1/2 Alexia Frozen Side Dishes Target store coupon found here
Plus, use 2 $2.50/1 Alexia Product coupons found here GONE πŸ™
Final cost 2 bags for FREE!

Let us know where else you find a great deal, as this coupon should possibly make for other FREE items as well!

(Thanks, Priya, Mister Cheap, and This Mama Knows!)

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Comments 102

  1. Amanda M

    UGH! Can’t get java downloaded and it says I don’t have it! BIG bummer! I love these! πŸ™

    • Craig

      Crap! Me neither! Are your running on Apple? I think I read they froze Java stuff due to that virus awhile back.

    • Michelle

      Make sure java is enabled under add-ons and if that doesn’t work make sure the older version of java is deleted from the computer. That fixed it for me.

      • Craig

        Yes it was, how do you delete the older version? I thought newer versions deleted the old ones automatically.

        • Michelle

          If you go under control panel and go to add/delete hardware, you can delete the older version of java. Sometimes Java doesn’t delete the older version. It has happened to me quite often.

    • Jennifer Smith-Mcwhirt

      I have found I have better lucky printing with Java by using explorer than firefox. Still have the same issue of it wanting to update every single time i use it, but explorer lets me skip that and take the risk of running the out of date (how i don’t know) and the coupons print. Firefox always asks me if i want to update later but then it won’t print.

      • Shirley

        Thanks so much. That helped me as I was spending too much time trying to update and it still wouldn’t. Just tried your recommendation and it worked for me too! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

        • Carissa

          I could only get it to work in IE, not Firefox or Chrome.

    • Sharon

      Go and delete all Java files and then reload. I’ve had to do it a couple times lately. Real pain.

  2. Craig

    Sweet Potato Fry!!! Thats a big savings!

    • Tarri

      My husband and daughter love these. And I love getting free Stuff. Thanks Collin for posting.

  3. Amy

    got it

  4. carin

    what zip code??? i don’t see it.

  5. megalopagus

    I can rarely get the smart source coupons to print πŸ™

  6. Cece

    I havent been able to print the smartsource coupons in while for that same reason πŸ™ there’s been some good ones too

    • Lynn

      I can’t print them using Firefox, but if I switch to Chrome or IE they seem to work better.

    • jessica

      I had the same problem, finally updated java on all computers after multiple attempts of removing and reinstalling, now for some reason i can’t print anything from coupons.com on any computer unless i go thru my swagbucks account, so annoying

  7. Diane

    I wish companies would use the bricks coupons instead of the whole java smartsource mess! Half the time I can’t print java coupons.

  8. Karen

    If you are using Firefox check in Tools>Addons>Plugins . The older version of Java was having hacker problems soFF disabled it for everyone. You may need to update your version of Java too. https://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp

    • Joy

      In my Firefox there is a little red Lego-looking brick that pops up to left of my browser. Just click on that to temporarily activate Java. Then, after you print it will disable again. You may get a pop-up too at bottom that asks you if you want to risk running Java. Just click accept. HTH!

      • Joy

        That should be browser window.

  9. Summer

    yeah!!!! thanks πŸ™‚

  10. Karen

    forgot…many thanks for the great cpn !

  11. Steven

    They are on sale for $2.49 at Safeway and when you buy 2 you get a $1 catalina!

    • Mrs. W

      That is AWESOME! Does anyone know if these are on sale anywhere else..like Kroger?

      • CLA

        They are on sale at Safeway with in ad coupon at $2.49 each.

      • Karen

        Alexia is on sale ending today at my Fred Meyers which is in Kroger family…they are 2.99 sale price

    • Marisa Marino

      What kind if catalina, like cash back?

      • Beth

        You get $1.00 coupon off next shopping trip – good on anything!

  12. julie

    i do not know why but every time i have to update java, my smartsource coupons do not want to print, but as long as i go print on redplum first then the smartsource coupons will print.

    • Mike

      Thanks for the heads up. Free Hash browns, free sweet potato fries, and $1 off my next Safeway purchase. Can’t beat that!

  13. Marija

    What a great coupon!

  14. meme

    Java plugins are very annoying. I have been updating them for the last few wks now. Every single time I try printing smartsource, I need to update. I click update and install and it still doesnt work. The next day, It’ll ask again. Annoying!!!

    • Craig

      EXACTLY!!!!!! same crap here! Sick of this Java!!!!!

      • mel

        try changing browsers. From what I’ve read, lots of browsers are blocking you from updating Java. I use Chrome and it would do the same thing as you, just spin me in circles. I missed out on lots of good coupons b/c of that. Finally, a friend said to switch to IE. So now any Java-related coupon, I just copy the link, open IE, paste and I can print with no problem.

    • meme

      UPDATE: Ladies, you need to uninstall all Java and reinstall it again. Go to control panel and uninstall Java. I had 4 of them to uninstall. Then go to Java and download. Restart computer and that should do it. Pain in the butt but I finally got the coupons…LOL. πŸ™‚

      • Craig

        Hey! who ya calling a lady? They are guys on here too. πŸ˜›

        • Craig

          lol, there I meant.

        • meme

          Oh, sorry Craig…the cartoon profile threw me off!!! LOL. πŸ™‚

  15. Mary

    what zip code?

    • mel

      no zip, clicking on the link will take you to the print page.

  16. angel

    if i print 2 from smartsource, they always have same barcode and my stores always tell me the 2nd one wont work due to the same barcode so how do i get around this.

    • anonymous

      If you look at the top, upper-right corner of the coupon you will notice the Pin number is different on each coupon.

  17. mel

    Thanks! Winn Dixie has Alexia 2/$6 this wk and you get $1 good off your next shopping order wyb 2! Found the printout in a cart when I did my shopping yesterday. I already did a deal at Target, but stock was low. Winn Dixie has a few more varieties to choose from.

    • tia

      Was this unadvertised? It wasn’t in my Florida flyer.

      • Paul

        I see it in the Louisiana online ad. Instead of looking at the ad by page, click on the frozen category. For me, the Alexia fries and onion rings ad was the second one across.the top.

      • mel

        Alexia is in my ad, bottom of p 13. The $1 offer is a catalina coupon that prints wyb 2. I found the print out in a shopping cat advertising the $1wyb 2. I don’t recall the end date though.

        • tia

          We don’t even have a page 13! I looked online to confirm. Maybe it will show up for Fla for the new sale starting Wed.

          • linda

            Florida ad page 9, bottom right

            • tia

              Nope…not south florida (33023)…page 9 bottom right is Adobo seasoning. I went to Target.

  18. paula

    Use google chrome,I use firefox except for smartsource coupons,then I use google chrome,pain in the you know what but works for me:)

    • mel

      LOL I am the opposite. I cannot print Java in Chrome, I have to switch to IE!

  19. AJ

    I really hate smartsource, I haven’t been able to print from them no matter if I have the latest version or an older version, still doesn’t print!?

  20. Mary

    The older version of Java had a security breech, so is it being disable on your PC. Go and download the new version (should say update 7) and it will replace the old one. Changing browsers won’t really fix it.

    • mel

      I have deleted previous versions of Java, updated the latest version, made sure add-on was checked to allow Java, checked the control panel.. and it just won’t work in Chrome. As soon as I switch to IE, java prints :shrugs: Don’t know what else to do to get it to work in Chrome.

      • MikeB

        same problem…. smart source works for some, never works for others

  21. Edie

    I had to uninstall the newest version of Java, mine was “too new”. -_- And it only prints in Internet Explorer now, but at least I can print Java coupons again, yay! Thanks all!

  22. Brittany

    You can’t use this coupon with the Target coupon- it says on the coupon “no other coupon may be used with this coupon.”

    • Lynn

      Mine doesn’t say that.

      As far as I know it’s Target policy to allow a manufacturer’s coupon with a Target coupon.

      • Lynn

        Oops! I guess you meant the Alexia coupon.

        I still have to disagree – each store can decide if they want to allow additional discounts that are not re-reimbursed by the manufacturer – like stores that double coupons when the coupon says “Do Not Double.” It’s like a store sale.

    • mel

      Brittany, I think that just means you can’t use another manuf cpn (like a BOGO) with the $2.50 coupon. But you can stack with a Store coupon.

  23. AJ

    Thanks Paula, I installed google chrome and it worked for me!

    Now I have 3 browsers LOL

  24. Laurel

    Fantastic coupon ! Thank you !

  25. Liz


  26. Mike B

    Smart Souce coupons are known to be a pain in the butt

  27. Melissa C.

    You can also download safari as a web browser

  28. Irene

    Thank you for posting this! I love their sweet potato fries – can’t wait to use my coupon and get a bag!

  29. Laura

    Ugh Smartsource!! Why bother… it never works for me and I have tried EVERYTHING!

  30. bali

    Awesome, thanks. My freezer is literally stacked with sweet potato fries πŸ˜€

  31. bali

    Between using Firefox, Chrome, and (if I have to) IE, I always get Smartsource coupons to print eventually. Weird.

  32. mary

    does it matter which coupon i hand the cashier first, mq or tq?

    • Laura C

      Hi Mary – At Target, it shouldn’t matter which coupon you hand them first. I’ve never handed them over in a particular order, and Collin’s deals have always worked for me. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

      • mary


  33. Kristie

    It says limit 1 coupon per purchase on the manufacture coupon.

    • mel

      All coupons say that. it just means that for every item you purchase, you’ll need to present a coupon to the cashier. You can’t go to the register with 4 bags and have the cashier scan 1 coupon 4 times.

  34. Daria

    I found the coupon, but you won’t get 2 free, the math is wrong, you’ll end up getting two for $1.78!

    • tia

      2.78*2 is $5.56 so minus $5.00 in Alexia q’s and the $1 Target q’s makes them free!

    • mel

      I’m not following??
      2.78 x2 = 5.56 less $5 for the 2 ips & $1/2 target store IP = free.

  35. JessicaS.

    I was able to get them with IE but I can’t get them with FF. Thanks! I’ve been wanting to try these. πŸ™‚

  36. Janie

    I was able to score same deal on onion rings…

  37. Karin

    Just got back from Target with the sweet deal on sweet potatoe fries! Thank you for this deal. They were free and the overage applied to the rest of my purchase! didn’t know target did that. Awesome!

  38. jen

    I just left target and i got two of their regular potato frys priced at 3.09 but they rang up at the 2.78, so its not just the sweet potato one!

  39. Sherri

    I just went to Dominick’s (safeway) where they are $2.49 with in ad coupon. Plus, I received a catalina for $1 off my next shopping order from Alexia. Surprise money maker. I bought 2 onion rings.

  40. mindy

    Coupon says limit one per purchase so it’s more like $1 per bag right?? Since $1/2 TQ + $2.50= 3.50/2= $1.75 off each bag??

    • bali

      You’re purchasing two bags, so you can use two manuf. coupons, one for each purchase. Only if it says one per TRANSACTION is when you can only use one.

      • mindy

        Omg really???? I always interpreted it as your “entire purchase” OMG I’m missing out on all the deals!!!

    • Daniel

      One per purchase just means one coupon per item purchased. So you can use as many as you want. HTH

    • Mindy

      Went to Target to do this deal and they wouldn’t let me use all three coupons πŸ™ they pointed out what I thought they would with the limit one per purchase and interpreted “purchase” as a transaction. I tried to show them some other coupons to show that others say transaction, but of course the only other coupon I had said limit one coupon per item purchased, so they said no. Ugh LAME!! Still got them for a dollar so not complaining but would have loved to get them free.

      • Leanne

        I’m having problems at my Target with the same thing. I was there Friday and the cashier was VERY rude about it. I tried to explain it to her and she just said she wasn’t losing her job over it. I’ve been very frustrated at Target lately with my coupons, and I LOVE that darn store. =(

  41. asmith

    as other stated it would not print for me from firefox with updated java but no problem with chrome I had to click run a couple of times but worked Thank You

  42. tia

    Don’t care for sweet potatoes so got 2 bags of regular restaurant style with sea salt. Free is great!

  43. Angel A.

    For those of you having problems downloading the Java update, you can also try temporarily disabling your virus software. That’s what I had to do.

  44. cindy

    why don’t i see the target coupon for these :[

  45. tracy

    agreed – also not seeing the Target coupon…

  46. margaret in seattle

    don’t feel bad when you stock up on these. as far as my favrorite one-onion rings, there isn’t much in one bag. the bags look bulky but not many rings inside. so i am TOTALLY stock them up.

  47. Jamie

    I used 2 coupons and bought a bag of waffle fries (2.99) and a bag of dinner rolls (3.69) from Hannifords. and got back a $1 off your next shopping order from Alexia. Final cost was 68 cents for both!!

  48. Sara


  49. Susie

    Out of prints.

  50. Shanda

    I used all coupons and made a 45cent profit

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