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Life Lessons from My 11-Year-Old…

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Isn’t it odd how we think that our kiddos learn a lot from us, but really the truth is that we learn way more from them. I am so incredibly blessed to have 3 precious little people in my life that teach me so many life lessons every single day. My son actually taught me one yesterday…

My 11-year-old son failed his school eye exam last week and so we made an appointment at the eye doctor yesterday. Well, we did find out he is nearsighted and will need to wear glasses for lectures at school and really anytime that he’s having to look far away. I was worried hearing this news would make him upset and maybe even a little nervous since most of his friends don’t wear glasses.

I was oh so wrong. Talk about looking at the glass half full. My son excitedly picked out his glasses and didn’t have one negative thing to say. Instead he smiled from ear to ear and proclaimed that he couldn’t wait to show off his glasses to his friends who don’t wear glasses.

Once again my son helped me to realize how important it is to stay positive and always try to see the good in what life throws at you. He also showed me how fantastic and fun it can be to be a little different from your peers… and I LOVE that about him.

Now on another note, I am heading over to to snag him an additional pair of glasses because well, my kiddos tend to misplace and lose things pretty easily. So I know that it won’t hurt to have an extra pair on hand. And as a reminder, you can still score FREE glasses and lenses on if you haven’t already! All you’ll have to pay is shipping and handling.

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Comments 61

  1. Amy

    Clear eyesight is a gift from God and you know it when you see it. Everything comes into sharp focus. And OBTW, your son looks adorable!

  2. Tonia Shunk

    Your son is so handsome! What an intelligent young man to have an attitude like that. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Kate

    Kids ARE great! I have twin boys, born 6+ weeks premature 8 years ago. When they were 4, they were in pre-school and I was regularly getting reports of one of my boys disrupting friends, not sitting still, not listening, etc. Well, just out of the blue I took them in for eye exams just before the holidays. Come to find out, one of them is significantly FARsighted. Over break, he got glasses and I had the same fears for him when he would return to pre-school….he’d get teased or not want to wear them. Well, he (and his brother) taught me a lot! They both thought the glasses were super cool and they were both proud of the new set when classes resumed. To this day, I have had a few parents come up to me & say “You know, my kiddo needs glasses and they are so psyched about them because your son, P, has them and he is so cool about them.” 🙂 Neat, huh?
    It also totally helps that there is such a wide variety of fun & cute kids glasses available today. I always let him choose whatever he wants to wear (within a reasonable price range, of course 🙂 And he is so proud of them…..I can see it in his smile!
    Enjoy the new glasses.
    P.S. Look into getting ‘Rec Specs’. They are great recreational glasses that are a combo of glasses front with elasticized head band (vs. arms) for the side and back. PLUS, splurge and get them transitional…..meaning, as kiddo goes outside, they become sunglasses. Really helps to get kiddo in sports.
    Have a great day!

    • Kate

      OH and P.S…..the behaviour issues totally disappeared AFTER getting glasses! The poor kiddo couldn’t stay focused on a task because he couldn’t see!! Now, he’s a superstar student! Th

  4. Tia

    What a handsome boy! My son had been asking to wear glasses for about 2 years (when he didn’t need them) because he thought they were cool. He was actually excited when we found out he needed them. Aren’t kids silly? 🙂

    • Mika

      My 12 year old sister has been harassing me for glasses for a really long time. I finally took her to get her eye exam and she was actually very excited to pick out her glasses. Glasses are actually cool now because they come in so many different styles.

  5. Tami

    Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing the story!

  6. Monica

    Your kids are so awesome since they have such an awesome mommy with a positive attitude Collin!

  7. terri

    I’ve learned a long time ago that kids teach us many lessons…I just need to stop and listen to them 🙂

  8. CourtneyAmanda

    My 24 y.o. has worn glasses since, well forever. He may have first gotten them in 1st grade, I can’t quite remember. Anyway, he loves wearing glasses and chose them over contacts when given a choice. They are a part of his “style”. He loves switching them out and having different pairs for different things.

    He loved hearing about Coastal when I linked him to one of your previous posts! He was all over free/cheap glasses! 😉

  9. Jennifer

    My 5 year old son just had to get glasses too…I had the same worries. He has adjusted really well. Funny how parents worry about things that kids don’t even think about:)

  10. gohogsgoinar

    Great story! What a wonderful outlook 🙂

  11. Emily

    This is awesome, the pair of glasses I have now make me feel like they’re a little too small for my face. My store has such a small selection of glasses. I’m going home tonight to measure them and buy something in the same style but slightly larger. I’m like your son, I only need them for distances, so I keep them in my car. I spent the last few minutes looking at them and it seems like shipping for glasses start at 9.95. That’s an awesome price for glasses!

  12. Ira

    Collin, I received my first pair of glasses from last week. Best pair of glasses, frame and lens, I have ever purchased. Hope your son loves his new glasses!

  13. mary

    The apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Colin you and your hubby should be proud your raising three great kids.

  14. kimberly

    some of my kids (8) want to wear glasses even thou they dont need them. My 15 yr old so far is the only one that has glasses he to is nearsighted like his grandma.

  15. Holly Marie

    How great! I love this – it made my day.

  16. Jennifer

    Awesome story :0)
    I myself JUST found out that I have to wear glasses for well, just about everything… I was SO NERVOUS about wearing them out in public but.. Your son has inspired me to be proud of my glasses! Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. Ashley

    Good for him! Kids really are great teachers.

    Whenever I get frustrated with something, my 3 year old tells me to ‘Mama, you need to turn it around and find something good!’ (she learned that wisdom from Daniel Tiger).

  18. kt

    I thought he had stitches on his left eye when I first saw the picture (where the writing is). I am glad it is just the glasses!!! My husband and I have good vision but our parents don’t, either way I am just glad we have the opportunity to fix and correct if needed!!

  19. tracy

    thats great on how positive he was,i learned i had to get glasses in the 5th grade and was embarrased, i didnt want to tell anybody that i couldnt see,wish i was that brave to want to wear glasses when i was a kid im 22 now and wear contacts,but wearing glasses is a big thing with other kids when your younger,good to hear that kids views on things are changing for the better

  20. Savannah

    Such a great story, thanks for sharing! We tend to look at all the negative in the world…it is so great to see such a handsome young man look only at the positive! Sure can teach us ALL a lesson!

  21. Ashley

    Your son is adorable (as well as the other two! I still cant get over how cute piper is!) But anywho thank you so much for posting the deal too! I lost my glasses about 5 months ago and I thought I could wait it out (for my insurance to pay for new ones) and I found out I have a year to go or I’d have to pay 250-300 which isn’t something I’ve got lying around. But $20ish shipping is fourtunately do-able! I know I cant wait a whole year because my migraines are setting in again. So thank you SO SO much! 🙂

  22. Joy

    One of my almost 11 y.o. twin boys got glasses back in the fall. He was so excited. He only needs them to see the smart board at school and watch TV/play video games but he insisted on wearing them all day long for the first month. Some of his friends have glasses so now he thinks he “cool” like them. He picked out a pair of sporty Nike ones even though he doesn’t play sports. LOL.

    BTW, I thought your son had a fake eyelash stuck to him when i first saw the pic. But now I see that it’s the brand logo of the glasses. LOL.

  23. Meagan

    Zenni optical has great glasses too! Some are only $6.95 a paid, shipping is $4.95 and I usually buy my son 3 pairs a year from there. The place where I used to take him told me about that site, I love it!

    • Meagan

      * a pair…whoops 😛

  24. mommy1

    My daughter has had glasses since age 1 and also needed eye surgery (that brought her total up to 10 surgeries at age 6 on multiple abnormalities from eyes to ears to stomach). She was born with Down syndrome along with a genetic mutation and what seems like a million other issues (in reality she has about 12 different medical conditions). She didn’t crawl until age 3, didn’t walk until 43 months, and even now is still in diapers and cannot yet run. But she has taught me more about life and what really matters than any school, philosophy or person. Before I had her I was impatient and not very compassionate towards people who may be “weaker” than me. My dad said she was “the perfect kid for me to have” and I agree. 🙂

    • Crystal

      What a beautiful post, thank you

      • mommy1

        Thank you 🙂

  25. jhnicole

    Great story thanks for sharing. Both my daughters wear glasses.

  26. jhnicole

    Hes absolutly adorable.

  27. Tonya

    Sounds like a great young man you have there! 🙂

  28. Tiff W

    He gets that from you Collin. For sure! Way to raise those babies!

  29. Stephanie

    Great story! Thanks for sharing!

    Whenever I pick a pair out, they always end up being $30 plus shipping. It always makes me choose an option as far as thin air lenses go. I think this may have to do with my prescription/having an astigmatism. So, for me they wouldn’t be free (plus S&H).

  30. Lisa from CT

    Thanks for sharing – you’re very lucky to have such a wonderful young man!

  31. Janessa Lawson

    When I was 11, I told my mom I needed glasses and she thought I just wanted them as an accessory (I guess we didn’t have frequent school tests or something). I don’t know why she thought that, unless it was because most of the women in our family have them. Anyway, she didn’t give in until she realized I couldn’t read any of the text on the TV from across the room. Like your son, I was really excited for my first pair of glasses! I mostly wear contacts now, because I see better in them than glasses, but I love how I look in glasses too.

  32. me

    Oh how I wish I were like your son! I had lasic surgery on my eyes 12 years ago and I could see great but my eyes started declining and I had to get driving glasses a year ago. I hate my glasses and I won’t wear them in public because I’m so embarressed. Dumb huh and vain! I wish I were like your son, maybe I need a different style because I’m super self concious when I wear mine. Your son is one cool kid, I need to learn from him!!

    • Ashley57

      Something I have learned is not all eyeglass places are equal. Go to a couple different ones to find the style and price of glasses you are looking for. One place is like Walmart, another Penneys, another Macys. This might help you find glasses you really like and can afford.

  33. mkw

    When my daughter was four she grabbed a pair of black and white polka dot reading glasses out of a free box at a garage sale. I popped out the lenses. She rocked those glasses for years. At age 11 she still pops on any pair of fashion or sunglasses that come her way. It’s her look!

  34. OliveBee

    Aww! Great that you’ve taught him to be a “positive thinking” sort of kid:)

  35. Nora

    My sisters and I all wanted glasses as children because we thought they made us look smart. Only one of my sisters really needed them to see. Glasses have always been “cool” in our family, but i don’t miss those cat eye frames one bit!

  36. OneFamily

    Great attitude! My son was about 10 when he got his glasses. Never bothered him a bit, either. He’s 21 now and still prefers his glasses over his contacts. The last time he had to get a new pair we got a 2-fer deal. He got one pair “for business” and one for “fun” LOL.

  37. Sarah

    Cute kiddo!

  38. Lisa M

    I have never ordered glasses or contacts online so I have a question for those of you that have. So do you get your prescription info from your eye doctor and just enter when you order your glasses, or how does that work? thanks

    • Wendy

      When you are at the doctor (or if you forget, just call). They will give you the prescription – usually everything you need to order a pair. BUT, you must always ask for the pupil distance (PD) which is important in the glasses. They always take the measurement, but don’t always tell you on the prescription. We also received our free pair from Coastal and loved them. Have used Zenni as well and really like them – they are especially cheap and work well. My husband spent about $300 for a pair at the doctor – then ordered a $30 pair from Zenni as extra (and only $30 because he wanted extra stuff added to them) and he likes the cheap pair better! Always good for a backup if nothing else!

      • Wendy

        I meant to say – when you are at the doctor, just ask for a copy of the prescription!

  39. Serena

    Ha! I kept telling myself I needed to remember to schedule an exam after work and kept forgetting. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have my new glasses next week, I’m sure! THANKS!

  40. Sue

    I’ve never been embarassed about wearing glasses and It’s been almost 40 years. Just another fashion accessory for me.

  41. Kylie

    My daughter who is in kindergarten failed her test this year too. And I had some of those same thoughts, but she LOVES her glasses (and all her friends wished they had glasses too). The funny thing is it took a few days for me to get used to her wearing them and now when she is not wearing them I think she looks so funny. I actually prefer her in glasses…who would have guessed!? Ü

  42. Reena

    Our kids never cease to amaze. You’re son’s reaction is evidence on your attitude and parenting style. Congrats to both of you😊.

    I always purchased additional for my son the transition and Crizal and anti-reflective / glare. The anti-glare will help with glare from overhead lighting at school and computer use.
    Don’t forget to invest in Rx sunglasses (transitions offer no protection when he’s in a vehicle – with tinted glass) and offer more protection. I know my son was just so happy he could see so clearly. Best to you and your handsome son!!

  43. Andrea

    I’m an optometrist (and also a hip saver 🙂 You’d be surprised how times have changed. MOST kids that come in for an exam WANT glasses these days. Some who don’t even need them and try to pretend they do just so they can get some. I guess they sell no prescription glasses at accessory places like Claire’s now for that reason. They’re a fashion accessory. Glad your son is getting the help he needs though AND happy about it!

  44. alv

    When my son first got his glasses, he wasn’t worried about being “joked on” in school. He said his glasses “made him look smarter.” I love my son!!

  45. Sara

    Great story! I finally had to get glasses for the first time at 26 (Did not like hearing, “You’re at an age when…” so much earlier than expected!). My son was jealous, and the woman at Target Optical went into the bin of kid’s glasses that had been returned for some reason, popped out the lenses, and gave them to my son! He wears them a lot, and until we moved would stop in to thank her again every time we went to Target. Coastal is probably great, but I really recommend Target Optical.

  46. Denise

    I bought clear black horn rimmed glasses for my 14 year old son to be in style with everyone! Funny, he will probably really need real ones in a year or so if he takes after my husband and I! 😉

  47. Lisa

    You can also get super great and cheap glasses at 39dollarglasses . Com

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