*HOT* Cartwheel by Target: In Store Savings Program (Find Offers, Add to Cartwheel and Instantly Save at the Register!)

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Calling all Target Shoppers! Target has a new in-store savings program available called Target Cartwheel. And the best part – you can use one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon and one Cartwheel offer per item purchased at your Target store. How cool is that?!

Here’s how Cartwheel works…

* First, head on over here and log in via Facebook or with your email address.

* Browse through all of the different offers available. You can search for specific items in the Search bar or click on the Browse menu to search by category. If you find an offer you like, just click on the offer image and then select the add button.

* You’ll know when an offer is on your Cartwheel when a red check appears in the corner of the card.

* When you’re ready to purchase your items at a Target store, you can either print your Cartwheel barcode from your desktop at home (click on Barcode at the top of the site) or you can use the app on your smartphone (available for both iPhones and Androids!) while in the store to access your barcode.

* When checking out, present your mobile or print barcode to the cashier just as you would any other coupon. The cashier will scan your barcode and you’ll automatically receive your savings on all of the Cartwheel offers on your list. Note that you may be asked to scan all other coupons prior to the Cartwheel Savings barcode; however, note that Target Cartwheel offers are deducted after all Target store coupons but before manufacturer’s coupons.

* Cartwheel offers are only valid in U.S. Target stores. Cartwheel is not available for redemption on Target.com or Target Canada at this time.

* Note that there is a limit one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon and one Cartwheel offer per item. Cartwheel offers are good on up to 4 qualifying items per transaction unless otherwise noted. Limit of 6 Cartwheel transactions per day. Item(s) may not be available at all stores. Offer value may not exceed value of item purchased.


Target and Cartwheel coupons will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target and Cartwheel coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon will be applied.

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Comments 117

  1. Amy West

    Thanks for sharing!
    Combine it with your Target Red Card and get 5% more off!

  2. Katie

    There are wayyyy tooo many programs popping up! How am I to keep track? There needs to be one program that combines them all. Between this SavingStar, Ibotta, Target Mobile Coupons- someone create one app!

    • Tammi

      I was thinking the same thing! It’s great to save money, but I’m usually shopping with 1-3 kids and have a hard time keeping track of just my paper coupons so I’m not sure if 5% off is enough incentive to get me to keep up with this new program. I gave up on Ibotta since saving a $1 here and there wasn’t worth the time since a majority of the featured products I don’t buy.

    • annaD

      I was thinking the same too. πŸ™‚

      • Ashley57

        LOL me too!

    • Samantha

      My thoughts exactly! Especially since I already have trouble with the mobile coupons program.

    • gohogsgoinar

      Ibotta has improved GREATLY over the past couple of weeks. Now when you thumb-down a coupon it removes it and you don’t get similar offers. I don’t have a baby/toddler/child that needs diapers, formula, etc. and thumbed down 2 offers and now get coupons for mac & cheese and other things that I really buy πŸ™‚

      • Samantha

        I had no idea this was an option, thank you!

        • Sarah Pyle

          where is the option to do “thumbs down”?

          • Madsmom

            After you open the product tap on the picture and you will be prompted. I just found out can only reject three offers a day. HTH

    • Erin

      I was just thinking the same thing @ Madsmom. My target trips are really obnoxious now trying to keep up with all the savings. I’m starting to get confused whether it’s a shopkick coupon, a target text coupon, a manufacturers printed Q or a target printable. Now there’s one more and the cashiers who inevitably know nothing about coupons. I’m about to lose my mind!!

      • Tia

        Erin, you are so right. I’m thinking my time might be worth a little more than the 5% for this new program.

      • Merian

        I am laughing so hard! I thought I was the only one going crazy with all these different coupon options! By the time I get to the register I dont know if Im coming or going with coupon discounts – So many mobile and paper coupons to try and remember and organize all is comical at times.

  3. Michelle

    Anyone else having trouble locating the “add” button?

    • Brigit

      Yes!! I’m able to flip the items I want, but nit check them as Collins picture. not sure what I’m doing wrong!!

      • mar

        Actually when you do “add” and you continue until you are satisified next go to “carwheel cart” there it ask you if you want to redeem in store check if you do. I did!
        Then another screen will appear and you will print the barcode is on the right. Hope this helps

        • Pat

          No add button on mine. I click and click on the cards but they are never in my offers. No money listed, no pictures listed. It doesn’t work. I will wait until they get the bugs out I guess.

    • Sarah

      me too! where is it?

    • Jacqueline

      Yes, I keep flipping the items but there is no add button on my page. Help!

    • Sarah

      I had that problem in Internet Explorer. Switched to Chrome and the add button shows up right on top of the “flipped” image.

      • Sarah

        Thanks for the tip. Google Chrome did it!

      • Jacqueline

        Thank you. I switched to Chrome too and it worked:)

  4. Melissa L

    I just signed up, however it will not keep me signed in on their website. I click on Login with Facebook, it shows me logged in, and then immediately signs me off.

  5. Krista

    Wow! After browsing through the offers there are so many! Another great reason to shop and love Target! Picking only 10 was tough! Curious to see how this goes at the register

  6. Lieca

    Where is the add button?

  7. Cheryl

    Where is the ‘add’ button?

  8. Gina

    This is pretty sweet. 10% off Merona shoes, plus $5.00 coupon plus red card = pretty cheap shoes!

    • MaryBeth

      Thank you! I had stopped looking at the offers once I added my 10. I have been needing to get to Target to get new sandals, and now I’m confident I’ll be getting the best deal

  9. topper33936

    Click on the offer and the item will “flip” over and then you can click on the add button.

  10. Sandra

    What happens to us that don’t have smart phones? Not everyone can afford them but would appreciate the discounts…..

    • topper33936

      As it says above, you can print out the barcode to present to the cashier at checkout.

  11. nl

    so when i go to print them i have to check them off? it won’t let me check them off

    • nl

      oh maybe it’s just for us to check off that we used

    • topper33936

      No. There is a scannable code in the upper right. Just click the print button. The check marks are for you to check as you use the offer(s).

    • mar

      just print the barcode will kickin πŸ™‚

  12. Norma

    Like everyone else- where’s the add button?! πŸ™

  13. Teahleah

    Thanks Collin! When are matchups coming for the offers currently there? πŸ™‚

  14. Norma

    Just found out- IE10 has issues with the “add” button. Open this through a diff browser for now

    • Cheryl

      Thank you! Works in Chrome.

  15. Brittany

    When you print do you have to print it 4 times or is it like walgreens where they just scan it? Still can’t get the add button to work though..

    • Mitchell @ Frugal Finders

      You only have to print it once. It takes off for up to 4 items in the same transaction. You’ll have one barcode for all of the Cartwheel offers.

  16. D

    I am confused…how can I get these offers on my phone?

    • Cheryl

      Open FB on your phone and search for Cartwheel.

  17. Grettys

    I flip the cards but not add button. Where is it?

    • Karen

      do you have adblock or other program? i had to disable my adblock on the page before my ADD button would work.

  18. Amanda

    Just a hint, I added an item after choosing the collections and got a badge and therefore another slot to add an offer.

  19. Molly

    To add- click on the offer- it will then give you the option to “add” it to my cartwheel. To get offers on phone/use coupons in store: You can access Cartwheel at cartwheel.target.com on your computer, tablet, or mobile device or print it at home. The help center page helped me navigate this new program…. http://cartwheel.target.com/help-center

    • lory

      Thank you;)

  20. Elise

    Andy Leapaldt 5 days ago
    Kristin – you actually DON’T have to reprint, thats the beauty of it. The barcode is unique to you and NEVER changes, as long as you dont unauthenticate :).

    You can print the barcode, throw it in your purse and manage your list as you wish and trust that you will receive discounts on the offers you currently have on your list. (if it gets crumpled or something and cant scan, the cashier can key in your number too)

    This is key to a great user experience for those that do not have smartphones, so please test this out and let us know if you run into problems.


    • Maryann

      Thank you! I was trying to find the answer to this question. I’m still trying to figure out how to view the barcode on my iphone, but I’ll do that eventually.

      I did notice a lot of these products also have printable coupons on the Target site.

    • Tracy L. Shell

      If i add more items i don’t have to print this out again.

  21. Maryann

    So, can you use the red card too? I love that we’re saving more for jumping through hoops but it’s sure getting complicated and confusing to keep all these hoops for all these stores straight in my head. I literally am having to write out a detailed plan for shopping, particularly at Walgreens, the Commissary, Bakers, and now at Target too. I still seldom save more than $100 a month, which is about 15% of what I spend on groceries and non-perishables.

    • Debbie

      I know what you mean about a “detailed shopping plan”, this is definitely work! But I am thankful I can save. It’s hard to do with 3 kids under 5, talk about multi-tasking!

      • stacy

        Amen to that! I also have 3 children under the age of 5.

  22. kelli

    how do I switch to chrome?

    • mel

      if you don’t have it on your task bar (its a red/yellow/green circle), then you need to download the chrome browser to open.

  23. Lindsay

    Thanks for the early Mother’s Day present Target!!!

  24. Jackie

    What if you’re on a Mac computer? Safari or Firefox doesn’t seem to work.

  25. jen

    You guys should look at the permissions that this app asks for, way too much personal info for me just to save a couple bucks! I will stick to coupons.

    • GE

      That’s why I have a dummy (re: coupon only) FB account with no real identifiable information.

      • mommyto2

        For those interested, there is also a 5% off oreo cookies, which is a nice combo with the oreo coupons from winn dixie/bi-lo in the earlier post from Collin :0)

  26. Mitchell

    I just got back from Target and used these. No issues at all!

    The discount is calculated after all Target coupons and before manufacturer’s coupons. So here’s an example of what I just did:

    Campbell’s Go Soup $2.49
    $1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup Manufacturer’s Coupon
    $1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup Target Coupon
    15% off Campbell’s Go Soup Cartwheel Coupon (took off $0.23 each – 15% off of $1.49)
    Final cost $0.26 each

    • Tia

      Thanks, Mitchell! Did you show on your phone or have the printout?

      • Mitchell @ Frugal Finders

        I just showed the barcode to the cashier on my phone. It scanned perfectly and took off the correct amount!

    • Merian

      Do you have to reprint the pages every time you add an offer?

  27. Maryann

    Hmm, so I’m wondering…can you print the barcodes for your 10, use them, go out to the car and load 10 more onto your phone then go back in and use the others? I saw a lot more than 10 I could use soon and Target isn’t exactly right up the street from me. Opinions?

    • Elyse

      You are limited to 6 cartwheel transactions per day.

  28. Shana Dey

    I wish this was a smartphone app instead of having to access it via Fb on your phone. Otherwise, good new savings program. Thanks for sharing!

    • MosleyMom

      It’ll probably become an app if it takes off! *crossing fingers*

  29. Cherise

    I don’t use facebook that often….what does it mean when Cartwheel by Target wants to access my public profile and friend list? Does this mean that my friends will start getting unwanted e-mails from Target? I’m hesitant to give this information out since I don’t know how secure it is…..any thoughts?

    • V 2WG

      You can set it to “only me”. That’s what I do for Ibotta and other similar sites. HTH.

      • mel

        your friends won’t get emails.. what happens I think is that off to the side are the ads, and the stuff you “like” will show on their page or they might get a news feed for activity you do through the app. I have a majority of things set to “only me” b/c I don’t want to bombard them!

        • MosleyMom

          How do you set your account to “only me?”

          • LaVelle

            Earlier today I saw the option to set the account to ‘only me’….but now it’s not available–you either ‘okay’ it or ‘cancel’ it. Anyone know what to do in this case? I’d really like to have the setting set to ‘only me’…..???

            • Melissa

              In your fb page, you haveto open the list of apps. (i think its the lock icon) when you see cartwheel, I believe the drop down box allows you to change the settings to only you.

  30. n

    Collin, this is waaaaay too much work just to save on one item. all these programs you have to learn how to use them and you only save on one item so it’s kinda useless waste of time.

  31. jessica

    Off topic, I posted on here yesterday about checking your emails, I got a $5/$5 jcp coupon, so did a friend of mine and we never received their coupons ever, so i used the $5/$5 to get a free onesie then today they sent me a $10/$10 rewards coupon for making a purchase!! The $5/$5 is good thru today so be sure to check :))

  32. savedbycoupons

    I can not get it to load on my phone. It won’t connect with FB for some reason.

  33. demie d

    don’t forget $2 on shopkick app…

  34. Gayle

    It sounds like a great program but my Target in El Cajon, California is anti-coupon. I stopped shopping at Target because they always gave me trouble. I used to spend about $30 dollars a week there too.

    • Amy H.

      I totally agree with you! I coupon at all the local stores, and they are by far the most coupon-UNfriendly!

  35. Darya

    How do you get it to work on your phone? I can’t search for certain pages on my iPhone using FaceBook..Am I doing something wrong?

  36. Megan Casto

    Has anyone answered whether you can use this, with coupons, AND the RedCard???

    • mel.

      I don’t see why not since red card is your payment and the 5% is off your total purchase.

    • amanda

      you can use 1 manufacture and 1 target and 1 cartwheel and your target red card will take off from your total purchase not the item

  37. Jennifer

    I don’t shop at Target much anymore. Not having a smartphone or data plan of any sort on my cellphone…they don’t want my $ it seems.

    • Patty

      You don’t need a phone, just a Facebook account. You may add your ten offers and print out your paper barcode. Check it out!

  38. Karen

    “… Check out β€œmy badges” to see which badges you’ve already unlocked, and read hints to help you unlock more…”

    I dont see any hints at all.

    Do you get the badges from opening the collections or getting more info on an offer or only by adding an item to your list? Thanks

    • Michelle L.

      Go to the My Badges page, and click on the pictures of the locked badges… They will flip over and give you hints on how to unlock them.

  39. Gabby

    OMG how many pages are there?!?!?

  40. broadway96

    I added 10 coupons but now I dont know how to print them no where does it say “Shop in store” or a barcode??

    • mel

      there’s a shopping cart icon that says “my cartwheel”. Click on that and it’ll bring up your list.

      • mel

        sorry, one more step. click the shopping cart will bring all the items you’ve added. Then click redeem in store to bring up the list w/barcode.

        If you’re using your phone, when you click the basket, it’ll bring up the list w/barcode.

  41. Kasia

    I typed cartwheel.target.com on my android phone and the login for FB shows up and … nothing. I can’t login to FB through the website. Does anyone have this problem? If so, any idea how to solve it? When I look for Cartwheel through FB it says no app found???

  42. Lacey

    Sorry if this has been asked but can you only use these offers once? If I have an offer on my list and forget to pick it up or don’t find it in store, etc etc and have the bar code scanned for my others offers will that mean I won’t be able to use it for the item I wasn’t able to get?

    • mel

      the barcode is unique to you. As long as you still have the discount added to your cart, it’ll be available for you to use.

  43. Jeya

    Collin, You didn’t give credit to me and did not approve my comment in your daily dose yesterday sharing this program to you.. Feeling bad πŸ™

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Jeya!

      Yesterday morning when I published this post, I gave you credit. The bottom of the post (where I always thank my source) states “Thanks, Jeya”

      I appreciate you sending this over! πŸ˜€

      • Jeya

        Thank you Collin πŸ™‚ Happy now..

  44. Heather

    The sit isn’t working or I’m missing something. I don’t see an add button πŸ™

  45. Amy L

    i cannot get this to my phone πŸ™ i went to fb then searched cartwheel, but when i clicked and it takes me to the play store it says not found πŸ™ anyone else having android issues?

  46. Lynne Heinrich

    I figured out how to print it…but if I want to have them scan at the store where do I find it on my smart phone? It is not on my target app…can not find it on my facebook…so where DO I GO?

  47. Tracy L. Shell

    I love this it hard to pick and choose

  48. Julie McClure Sutton

    AWESOME!!! Thanks so much Collin!! πŸ™‚

  49. Merian

    Do you have to keep re-printing every time you add offers so that barcode recognizes all items on your print out?

    • Tarri

      Yesterday I had my Kindle Fire and had not reprinted out my paper with the new offers. She could not scan my barcode off the Kindle, so she entered the code number under the barcode and it took off new ones I had applied since printing.

      • nicole j

        I can’t get this on my Kindle fire?

  50. Roger

    Anyone interested in friending me on Facebook so we can get the badges for friends? Let me know. Thanks.

    • DrLadybug

      YES, PLEASE, Roger! I am Pny Svd on FB – please send an invite via Cartwheel!!

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