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Fish Hook in the Head and Big Birthday Bash

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My low this week was definitely the fish hook that ended up in my 8-year-old son’s head. My hubby had excitedly arranged a fishing trip, packed the car, gathered the supplies, purchased the fishing licenses etc. As soon as we arrived, the kids were anxious to get their poles out and into the water. And unfortunately, my 6 year old daughter was determined to be the very first one to get her pole into the lake. And so she quickly grabbed her pole, whipped it back to cast and yep, you guessed it – she hooked her brother! Ouch!

Luckily, Ayden (aka the fish) was a trooper. Although the hubby and I had a slight panic attack, we got ourselves together and calmly tried to remove the hook; however, we quickly realized that the hook was not going to come out easily and was going to require professional intervention. So we all headed back to the truck, loaded all of our gear, and spent the next hour at the doctor’s office awaiting hook removal. Gratefully, the doctor was awesome and the hook was quickly removed after Ayden’s head had been numbed. Phew!

My high took place this past weekend when we celebrated my oldest son, Nicholas, turning 12. Although his actual birthday is not until July, we decided to have any early birthday party/sleepover this month as more of his friends were actually available to come. The boys had a great time shooting water guns, throwing water balloons, playing football, and just running around outside.

One of the highlights of the big birthday party was a Photo Scavenger Hunt that my mom created (as pictured above). The boys were split up in to several teams and were given a camera and the list above. They then had one hour to navigate our neighborhood (monitored by adults of course!) and take photos of the different items above. They had an absolute blast and it was really fun to look at all the pictures at the end – thanks, mom! 🙂

[h2s_box]Every Wednesday, I share my high(s) and low(s) for the past week and I encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. My high(s) will simply be the best or most exciting thing that happened to me over the last week or so and my low(s) will be something not so great that took place. [/h2s_box]

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Comments 47

  1. Ketsy

    🙁 The outdoors still scares me… well other than playground etc. Maybe when my kiddos get a big older. Love your scavenger hunt idea with cameras. I may do this with the girls 😀

    • Ketsy

      My up for the week is that my baby boy is beginning to take steps on his own 😀 Hes so cute stumbling around 😀 My low… um… being a mom is not easy all the time and summer well it has good days and then it has bad days!

      • diana

        Ketsy, the same here, my little boy started taking his firsts steps, I try to take a walk every other day with him around 730( when is not to hot and not to dark), I kind of release some stress… I admire those moms that have more than one kid, just one baby keeps me busy. I always remind my self of how lucky I am to stay at home with him and enjoy every step he takes.

  2. Amanda M

    Aww I am so glad it all turned out okay with Ayden and Happy early birthday Nicholas ,he looks soo HAPPY! Love it 🙂

  3. Holly S

    My low would be that 2 weeks ago today a full size pick up was distracted and lost control of his truck. Slamming through our home at 30 mph. We were not home at the time, thankfully. My 3 dogs survived the accident whilst being inside. I had gone to Target for a short amount of time and missed the accident by 5 minutes. Our house is being re built and in the meantime we have moved to a location out in the country away from flying trucks! LOL. SO thankful to be alive today as well as my 2 small children. That beats any low I am sure. 😉

    • Laura

      WOW! So glad you and your family, dogs included, are alive and well. Life is crazy!

      • Holly S

        thank you so much!! Life is very crazy!!

  4. marie

    I will never forget the day our daughter did that to my husband. We had sold our house and we were fishing one last time at the pond on the property. Our daughter cast the hook into my husbands back side. Luckily, it just got his jeans. She ran into the house and up to her bedroom crying. She thought she had really hurt him. Honestly I don’t think she has ever fished again. My husband thought it was hilarious.

  5. Toni

    Under similar circumstances, I also hooked my brother–only it was his earlobe, and since he is younger than me he was terrified. We are now in our 30’s and it still comes up every now and then. I know if we went fishing together today it would be joked about…I will never live that one down!

  6. lisa lien

    MY dad did that to me and my brother did it to my dad!! HA! Hope it makes you feel better it happens to all good fisher men and women!

  7. Matt

    My sister has a fishing hook deep in her arm once….it was nasty. Same thing that happened here; someone flung the line back and got her forearm.

  8. jessica

    Ouch!!! Both my husband and younger brother have had same thing happen and I’ve been the only one not too chicken to cut them out, one was in a finger the other in the back!

  9. Debbie

    The same thing happened when my sister ‘s family and my family went to MN to visit our brother. My husband, my brother, my niece and nephew went fishing. My sister-in-law, my sister and I went to Mall of America when we get a phone call. My niece says, “I just hooked Uncle Buddy!” When she went to cast this huge 3-prong hook went in my brother’s calf. No vacation would be complete without SOMEBODY going to the emergency room!

  10. Memoi

    🙁 Poor thing! How scary for him and all of you! In the picture I can tell he was a brave little boy!

    My FIL just hooked his finger while fishing a few weeks ago, but when he couldn’t get the hook out he decided to finish his fishing trip (several hours) with the hook in his finger and catch more fish before coming back and going to urgent care,

  11. Angela

    Awww this brings back wonderful memories of my childhood at the lake with my wonderful and patient Dad (god rest his soul)! With four kids and a small boat, my dad never got a moments peace because he was too busy baiting hooks, retrieving poles out of the lake, or getting fish hooks out of skin. Oh how I miss him and those good times. Thanks for the happy memory Colin even though I know it wasn’t happy at the time.

  12. J

    The fish hook reminds me when my sister got a 3 prong hook in the palm of her hand. Ouch good thing your little man was a trooper!

  13. chris

    My dad has a trick to get those out in seconds. He got so good at it that people knew it and starting coming to his camp site for him to get them out. There is a trick to it and most people did not even feel it come out. May want to look on youtube, I bet there is someone who has explained the technique on line.

  14. Crystal

    I’m glad Ayden is ok. Happy early birthday to your son. 🙂

    My low this week was losing my entire coupon binder while on vacation with my family this past week. My high was having a great time on the vacation. It was very nice to spend the quality time with my husband and kids.

  15. Deanna

    This happened to my brother when he was a kid too except he was by himself at the nearby creek.He casted his pole and the hook caught the back of his head.They had to push the hook all the way through,then cut the tip off to pull it back out.

  16. Michelle

    I love the photo scavenger hunt idea!!

  17. cjs

    We used to go fishing all the time on my parents’ boat, and my dad hooked his friend in the head…except it was way worse….all turned out well eventually 😉 Hope Ayden is recovering nicely…Happy Birthday to Nicholas – scavenger hunts are SO fun!

  18. Theresa Mills

    This happened to me last year – DH hooked me in the head it was pretty awful and thankfully he knew what to do to get it out – he was soooo upset band felt so awful BC I was a bloody mess – thank goodness I brought beer that day!

  19. Linda Young

    I love the scavenger hunt list and would love to do this with my grandchildren. I’m not very creative though and am wondering if you might be willing to share your mom’s list? Thank you.

    Linda Young

      • Linda Young

        I’m sorry to trouble you further Collin, but I’ve looked all over your site and can’t seem to find where I can email you.

        • 3gmom

          Hi Linda,
          Up at the top of the page on the right hand side, click on contact, then click on “Gotta comment, suggestion, or question?” and a box will come up for contacting Collin. Hopefully that is what you need 🙂

  20. Pamela

    Poor boy! Those are some BIG hooks….. maybe next time use the single hook for the 6 year old. 🙂 What a story to tell in the coming years!

  21. Alycia E

    My son was like 4 or 5 when he got one of those stuck in his butt cheek when he sat on it while playing. Thank god he was to young to remember it very well but he screamed bloody murder when it was coming out.

  22. VictoriaBF

    I am so glad that this hook was quickly removed and hope Ayden is recovering well! My low: we went camping on weekend and got bitten by ticks. Yesterday I removed two ticks from my husband and my 3 year old daughter. I was so scared. In addition, ticks had been there for more than 24 hours, so it is possible that they transmitted pathogen. :((

    • tilla ham

      ticks should really be removed by medical professional because sometimes, parts of it stay in there because if more than 24 hours they are already imbedded.

      • Rain

        That’s silly! I grew up on a 55 acre farm in Kentucky! My brothers and I spent every day playing in our big woods. If we had to go to a medical professional every time we needed a tick removed, we’d be at the doctor’s every day!

    • Emily

      My mom suffers from chronic lymes disease, she never got the rash. I suggest going to the doctor and getting the family on the antibiotics as a precaution. Lymes disease is nothing to be lackluster about, in some people it just can’t be cured if it is caught late and they suffer side effects for a lifetime.

  23. ShananO

    My low was losing my job of over 10 years, my high was getting away to Michigan and watching my 6 year old fish for the first time!

  24. Jen

    My low…being 2 miles from the evacuation zone for the fire in Colorado Springs.
    My high….realizing that while stuff is great, my family means the world to me!

  25. Laura

    My high was watching my 6 month old baby girl try food today for the first time. We gave her banana and she was too funny!

    My low is we are weaning her swaddle (yes, FINALLY!) and it’s not going so well.

    • Kelly

      oh Laura I can relate! We had one that was swaddled until almost a year! we joked that we would have to send sheets with him to sleep-overs once he was in school and remind the moms how to swaddle. hang in there!

  26. Ketsy

    Sending the hubs out to Wal Mart with a coupon is always fun ! Ha!

  27. jennine

    who made the cake? it looks “simply” amazing 🙂

  28. Marlene

    Oh ya!!!—I got a hook thru my thumb!!! And we way out in the middle of nowhere. My husband also tried to get it out as I was screaming! He stopped and off to a hospital that was quite a drive away we went ! The doc just laughed and said he had seen lots of fish hooks in many STRANGE places and this was nothing!

  29. rach

    poor kiddo. 🙁 sorry he had to go through that.
    my high? 2 gym classes in a row today. zumba and body pump.
    my low: getting a headache from said classes and being pretty useless the rest of the day.

  30. tilla ham

    it’s been an eventful week..my lowest low..sons best friends mom passed away, funeral tomorrow. much less awful, I have strep throat and ear infection. Highest high…son moved out in oct, I’ve been devastated, he said today, he’s coming home…yeah my 20 year old baby is coming home!!! and the next high, my 15 year old filled out her permit application and starts drivers ed. scary, but cool:)

  31. sandy

    low: running around like a headless chicken doing end of school year parties, field trips, swim practices.
    high: son & nephews graduated from 5th grade! children! they grow up so fast!

  32. Rain

    My dad was the official fish hooker remover in our area. I remember hooked kids showing up at our house in the summers for their free hook removal, lol!

  33. Emily

    Aww, I can relate to the fish hook story. Every summer, we’d take at least one fishing trip out on my dad’s small fishing boat as a family of 4. I was casting and my dad was on the other side of the boat when I caught, and pierced, his ear!

    He loved taking us fishing on the banks but I’m sure being confined to a small boat was a very stressful time for him. My brother also dropped his pole in the water but held onto the hook once. My dad had to pull it up by the line… that was open, so he pulled 100 feet of line before he finally got the pole. Fun times and great stories/memories! 🙂

  34. Susie Q

    Try a three prong fish hook in the tongue just next to the tonsils. Yes it is true. My two brothers were fishing and one of them was casting the rod n’ reel while the other happened to be yawning. Oh he hooked a big one and of course he SET the three prong hook in my other brothers tongue. OUCH!

    • Erin D.

      LOL! I LOVE this story! I can just picture it now…yawn and all. It sounds like my family. I went miniature golfing w/ my cousins and his parents for his birthday one year. It was Christmas time and my parents were out Christmas shopping. It was pre-cell phones, so there was no contacting them no matter what. I was three and while my uncle was teaching my 4 year old cousin to putt, I leaned in to see what they were doing and my cousin swung full force (not a putt…). The golf club hit me in the front tooth sending it into my gums, but we looked in vain for it on the ground. There was a lot of crying and a lot of blood. My uncle was horrified and gave me anything I wanted which was a big red Icee (a frozen slushee drink to help the swelling go down) and a big rainbow lollipop. We had to wait overnight to have the tooth pulled. It was in my gums, up near my nose — luckily it was a baby tooth, but for three years I had no front tooth. My school photos show my hair growning longer, but no tooth. Finally, my big permanent tooth came in and all is good. 🙂 I never let my cousin forget this tragic, yet funny story!

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