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Target: Possible 90% Off Summer Clearance Deals

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Wowser! Check out the emails I just received from 2 Hip2Save readers…

[h2s_box]I just got back from Target & boy am I excited! I just happen to be in there at the right time. They had 2 end caps of 90% clearance summer items. Including: 90ct Up&up foam plates for $0.32, sun screen bonus packs! (I got a 3pk of up & up sunscreen for $1.39!), some stuff for kids, gardening items, kid size (good quality, wood & metal) rakes for $0.69, watering cans, gloves, etc. Also lots of Justice League party type items: create your own super hero cape kit $0.50!, cake/cupcake decorations. Also, jump ropes, picnic supplies… lots of good stuff. It goes fast though! Also, the Banzai water slide $0.99! Great finds! So glad I went in there this morning! Thank you for all you do Collin! You have taken my couponing/clearance scores to an all new level!

Just got back from Target and found some amazing deals that are worth sharing. The summer/seasonal items were marked 70% off but were scanning 90% off.  My kids picked out a few things. They each got a chair for our porch for $1.49, gardening gloves for 39 cents, and a set of 3 kids gardening tools for 49 cents. We also got a watering can for 59 cents and a scoop/toss set for 49 cents.  My favorite deal however was on sunscreen.  Just on a feeling I scanned the value packs of Coppertone sunscreen and they were $1.39!!!!  Each pack had 2 bottles of sunscreen (either spray or lotion) and a bonus item (either a sunscreen stick, chapstick, or a travel bottle of sunscreen).  Coupons.com had coupons for $5/2 Coppertone products, $2/1 Coppertone products, and Target.com has a $1 off any Coppertone product. I was able to pick up some for all my family as well as some friends. The cashier handed me my receipt and said “You saved 231.90”, then realized what she said and looked at me and said “wow, that’s amazing!”[/h2s_box]

What Summer Clearance bargains have you scored!?

(Thanks, Nika & Amie!)

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Comments 69

  1. Rebecca King

    just got back from one of the targets here and ours is 90% off. Bought a beach mat regular price 12.99 got it for $1.29. Also bought a sand pale reg. $1.99 paid $0.19.

    • Hernandez

      Where are you located? I’m in SW Florida 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. sometimessewist

    I know where I’m headed after work…hope some of those beverage tubs are still available at my Target! We need to buy a bunch for our wedding next year. 🙂

  3. Jennifer G.

    I’ll have to check it out, but I’m skeptical because I haven’t seen any items on clearance at Target that were marked down more than 50% in over a year (except maybe X-Mas stuff.) Quite often, they’re only 30% off…didn’t used to be like that AT ALL. Not sure if this varies by store or region, but Target clearance in Houston is definitely NOT what it used to be. I used to always scan all of their clearance sections regularly, but since they started making it a bunch of nonsense, I pretty much stopped going to Target all together. Anxious to see if they have these deals now!

    • jessicahribal

      I know exactly what you mean. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and my Targets never have a markdown this great. The best I ever see is 50 percent. Targets definitely vary from state to state.

      • Emily

        My PGH targets (west mifflin and waterfront) don’t seem to put out the 70 or 90% off signs, but things do scan off that much occasionally!

        • Amie

          I went to one store this morning and everything was only marked 70% and there was a ton of stuff. When you scanned it though it was all 90% off. I went to another store and everything was marked 90% and there was almost nothing left, just random stuff. I always scan anything I’m interested in because sometimes they don’t change the signs and you get lucky because not everyone scans things.

        • Rebecca

          If you’re in the area, check Uniontown or Greensburg’s Targets. Those two locations always seem to have a lot of clearance.

    • Alea

      Some of them donate clearance items once they reach 50% or 70% – it depends on the area.

    • Katie T

      I know what you mean! Here in So Cal things like Sunscreen are very rare on clearance! It will still be warm here through October.

    • Becki

      You have to find a “clearance store” in your area. I know my target has some but there is one a few miles farther that always has TONS of clearance…so I think they just move stuff there.

      • Amie

        I know exactly what you mean. I have 2 Targets near me, one is about 10 minutes away, the other is about 15 minutes. Whenever Collin posts a Target deal I know that usually I can find it at the Target that’s a little further way. I don’t know if their are just more couponers/bargain shoppers near the store closer to me but usually, with that store, if you are not there as things are getting marked down, you are not going to find anything!

    • Dayna

      I live in Houston and I have found items that are 50-70% off. I do notice that they are slow to move them from 15% to 30% and even beyond that, but it happens! I think some areas are worse than others when it comes to clearance items.

    • jessica

      Yeah I went to mine in NC and what a waste of time! I actually found a little isle with a 70% off sign But it was completely empty!! There was only some sunscreen misplaced cause I tried to scan it and it came out to $13 NO DEALS FOR ME! I Never find the good stuff where I live, Im in a small town and that probably doesn’t help my chances of ever finding items marked down in the store!!!!

  4. Steph

    My store in phoenix are still are 70% as of this morning but I scored 2-packs of Coppertone spray for $4.19. I used $1 Target coupon and $5/2 to get each 2-pack for 69 cents!

    • michelle

      Where was the $5/2 coppertone coupon?

  5. Tiffany

    Ours is only 70% off and the pickings were REALLY slim. But I got a baseball mitt and baseball for $2 and a plastic golf club set for $3

  6. ashley

    Ours is still only 30% off 🙁

  7. Megan

    I was just there this morning and the clearance items were 90% off. I picked up some sidewalk chalk for $.30 each, stickers for $.10 each, sprinkles for $.49, a beverage tub (can’t remember the price), and an outdoor ring toss game for $1.49. I have 3 Target stores relatively close to me and the one I went to is always on the ball with their clearance items. Today I got lucky and just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    • Hernandez

      Where are u located?.. 🙂 I’m in SW Florida. Thanks!

    • jessica

      I think that has something to do with it! Being in the right place at the right time! AND I NEVER AM!!! I ran to my target as soon as I saw this post! There was a Small isle with a 70% off sign on it but it was cleared out!! There was some misplaced sunscreen casue I grabbed it scanned it and it was $13! I have a real hard time in my small town in NC to ever get great deals! WE are so limited in our stores and they never keep much stocked to begain with!!! Target and Walmart is our Two main stores!!

  8. Angela

    I checked my store yesterday..and nothing was marked down. 🙁 I guess that is what I get for living in Fl. (Jax)

    • Colleen

      Where in Jax? On my side of town (beaches) everything was 90 off.

  9. Kelly

    We went and got a bunch of water guns for .29-3.00 for a HUGE one, and we also scored an electric snowcone maker kit for 3.00 and plastic cones and a kit for 1.00, then the flavors (jellybelly) I think were down to .69 a bottle. Lots of fun for two teenage kids on a summer evening. LOL

  10. Teri

    Which slip and slide is Summer? Also which napkins? I could not find these at my store. Also, any reviews on the coppertone vs up&up sunscreens? Thanks Collin and everyone! 🙂

    • Casey

      I saw an article and up and up was a highly rated brand for sunscreen.

  11. deidre

    Went to 3 today and only one was 90% off and nothing was left, that was in Raleigh. The others were 70% with a few misc items.

    • Wendy

      Thanks for that info! Yesterday the Holly Springs one was 70% off and they had a ton of chairs and several of the small blue star chair left. I’m not sure if its 90% today or tomorrow though.

      • krysta

        Holly Springs went 90 today I bought some stuff but not much left. Apex was only 70 when I checked there.

        • Wendy

          Thank you Krysta!! That is super helpful!!

  12. emilytwinmom

    Ha, if only my area Targets even carried items like that! We found 50% off clearance on outside summer items a month ago, and felt like we scored getting a new patio umbrella. There was nothing like what the photo shows!

  13. Angel S.

    I just got back from one here and I got 1 double snow cone maker for $3.49 and a single for $2.49. I also got some syrups for the snow cones, chalk, jump ropes, stickers, craft projects, Picnic organizer, condiment caddy, bubbles and more. Total oop was $25.12 (my basket was overflowing) totals saved was $212.

    • Dayna

      What brand was the snow cone maker? My parents have been wanting one, but don’t want to pay a lot for it. This would be a perfect surprise for them!!

      • Connie

        Jelly Belly brand of snow cone maker is the only one I saw clearance. It included manual and electric types and all the accessories that go with it like cones and syrup. Be sure to check the regular section. I found mine mixed in with the Sunbeam brand snow cone makers.

        • Dayna

          Thank you! Hopefully I can make it to Target tomorrow and there will be some left!

  14. Angel S.

    Second comment…make sure you scan. I have noticed around here the signs aren’t getting changed sign will say 30% off but scan 70% off.

  15. Catie

    I was there this morning and got a ton of stuff for under $16. Pool toys, water guns, a blanket, glow sticks. Super excited by my haul!!

    • Catie

      Ooh also got strawberry marshmallows for .14! They were with the summer stuff as well

  16. Michelle

    Just got back from target and got on to see if anyone else had got the copper tone… 1.39 for a twin pack! Great savings and btw, the $5/2 insert Q will auto adjust down if you don’t get $5 worth. At my target the overage would have applied to other items, if I had any. Didn’t know that was possible or I would have gotten some other items!

  17. tracey

    Ug! I want to hop in the car now but 3 kids and dinner are holding me back. I hope something is left after dinnner!

  18. Em

    I got 2 of those beverage tubs for like $5/each (70%) for use for dog food and water!

  19. jenny

    Anyone in Lehigh Valley PA area know if our targets are this clearance???

  20. Andrea

    Nothing left at the melrose park, IL store. All I was able to get were 2 superman placemats for 30 cents each

  21. Amber

    Just got a bunch of Jelly Belly shaved ice stuff for 90% off! Wasn’t much left other than that stuff & small watering cans.

  22. Adele

    just a couple 30% items in los angeles. I don’t think I have ever seen a 90% off sign here.

    • Mia

      Found cookie and cake mixes in regular section. They were ringing up for .19 cents. The flavors were lemonade and key lime. Also lots still in regular section. Found water guns and hoola hoops at .39 cents. Also found craft supplies and forks to roast marshmallows. I can’t say enough about slickdeals (website). If you go under the target forum people post pictures which helps so much!

  23. Cherie

    No summer clearance stuff here in Hickory NC 🙁

  24. eyez

    I was so frantic with the clearance items I purchased in Chicago. up & up 34 count heavy duty plates $0.98. Plastic tumbler cups with lids and straw $0.59, coppertone sunscreen 2pk $1.39 and water floaties for adults $0.59. G R E A T deals.

  25. wench1109

    Ours went to 50% off last week and they were clearing off the shelves for school supplies.
    Guess no 70-90%off 🙁

  26. Destinee

    Nothing was marked at my store 🙁 scanned a few beach chairs and they were regular price.

  27. Katie

    I was at Target AF Utah early this morning and a nice man told me that they had just changed everything to 90% off even though the signs only said 30% off! I was sooooo excited! Got a picnic blanket for 1.49(reg 14.99) beach tote 1.00(reg 10.00) yard game 1.99(reg 19.99), a cooler for 1.39(reg 13.99) bubble sets, badminton sets, salad set, corn set, pitcher, so much great stuff. The cashier was in awe when she told me I saved 186.46!!:)

    • Erica

      I wonder how much stuff is left… I’m super interested in a lot of that stuff but I would hate to make the drive unnecessarily. Maybe we will take a little Pioneer Day outting haha

  28. Marie

    I hit the Lennox, Graceland, and Whitehall Targets and they were all basically empty!! Anyone have luck in Columbus Ohio??

  29. Tomoko

    I went to 2 Target near me today and I only found empty shelves with 90%off signs.

    • jessica

      I got nothing too! I would say your lucky to have a store that will do a 90% off, mine in NC only was a 70% but it to was empty! An employee told me I missed out on a 3 pack of Target brand Sunscreen for only $1.39. That just made me more mad lol!

      • Sarah

        Take the zen approach to target…

  30. annie

    Hello everyone, thank you for posting your locations when you make comments. It definitely saves other bargain hunters time. Much appreciated. I’m going to visit some Minneapolis based stores but don’t expect to find much as they have been “salvaging” earlier. Will post my results at that time.

  31. Karen

    I checked my Target tonight and found the Coppertone 2pks 70% off at 4.19. I had the $5/2 and $2/1 coupons so I got three 2pks w/bonus sticks for 5.57. These weren’t signed or stickered on clearance but they were on an end near the 70% off clearance stuff. I also picked up three tumblers for .53 each. There was nothing much left.

  32. Ana

    In Hawaii we don’t have any good deals 👎 due to shipping fees and stock 🙅But i will check just to be sure.

  33. Nate

    50′ RE hose are .99 cents, found in the garden section.

  34. Terry

    Found the coppertone sunscreen in regular aisle -wasnt marked clearance but the 2 pk. for 13.99 scanned 1.39.That was in Michigan.

  35. jessica

    I was bummed I saw this post last night ran out, Say the Isle that had a 70% off sale sign and it was pretty much empty!!! I tried to scan some sunscreen and they were all like $12-$13 then I ask an employee about the prices and she said well you miss all the UP&UP brand 3 packs that were only for a $1.39 The Two Packs were $13 WHAT! NO Chairs NO Buckets! IT was sad! I hate missing out on thing like this! I try so hard but In my SMALL Town Its so hard to get anything!!!!

  36. Michelle

    I went to my Target this morning, around 10:30, and was surprised to find some stuff still on the 90% off shelf! They had hoses at 99c, watering cans at 69c, a jump rope for 19c, plates for 19c and campfire forks (for roasting marshmallows) for 79c! I saved over $35! Thanks for the heads up!!

  37. Tracey

    Hit 3 Targets today with the 3 kids in tow! All 3 Targets had 90% off signs with mostly empty shelves. I did get a couple of fantastic deals but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get there with full shelves. Does anyone know when the July Toy sale will happen. I’ve been following a few things going from 30 to some 50% off but I want the 70% 🙂

  38. Amie

    Went back to Target yesterday because I found some more sunscreen coupons and they were totally wiped out! They had so much when I went in on Tuesday and they had been totally cleaned out, just had a few random things left. All the sunscreen that was with the seasonal stuff and ringing up $1.39 was gone. However I found the exact same bonus packs in the baby section, but when I scanned it it was $13.99-that was really annoying!

  39. Carrie

    I went to mine in Asheville nc yesterday and the sign said 70% off. Not too much was left but did score on some items. Girls gardening set as well as boys, normally $4.99 for .49, (2) small watering cans @.59 each, picnic set normal 9.99 for .99, bowls for .17 each, princess sea horse float for .99, a pitcher for .79 and a few more items. Thank you for the heads up.

  40. A.R

    I went to 2 stores in NJ yesterday.. spent 1 hour in each store searching everywhere.. I scanned all the items that people said they found at 90% off.. but no luck.. all FULL PRICE here –sunscreen/beach tote/beach towels…..so bummed!

  41. Ann

    Anyone ever have any luck with the OKC Targets? I never find anything more than 30% off at mine.

  42. robyn

    UGGH, this makes me sick! first, our target NEVER gets to 90% off, but it was 50% and i asked when it would go to 70% and he said probably tomorrow so call ahead. i called and when i got there it was ALLLLL GONE!! less then 24 hrs. later. and not it’s not a 24 hr. store. i am sooo bummed.

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