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*HOT* Target: How I Scored a Pair of Earrings AND a Timex Ironman Watch for Only $2.38 (Over $50 Value!)

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THIRD UPDATE: Target posted the following in response to someone questioning the BOGO coupon on their Facebook page…

SECOND UPDATE: Before you head out, you may want to read through the comments below to learn about Hip2Saver’s most recent experiences.

UPDATE: After reading through the comments, it sounds like many of you are skeptical that this deal will actually work at your local Target. As I mentioned below, it worked just fine for me an hour or so ago as the cashier simply scans the Mobile Coupon barcode on your phone and the savings are applied automatically (the cashier does not have to key in any info). If you do indeed head out to test the deal, please share your success stories and/or any issues that you experienced below.

Wowza! Throw on your running shoes and sprint over to Target for a smokin’ HOT deal! If you are not yet signed up for Target Mobile offers, you’ll need to text OFFERS to 827438 (note that standard text messaging fees will apply) and click on the link that will be immediately texted back to you. Fill out the required info, follow the directions and you will receive a unique link for several Target Mobile coupons valid through October 4th – note that it took about 5 minutes for this text to arrive.

One of these Target Mobile coupons is valid for Buy One Accessory Item (sunglasses, jewelry or watch) and Get 1 Free up to a $58.99 value. And here’s the best part – clearance items do qualify and the higher priced item is the one that is ringing up FREE in the system. That means you can snag a FREE Accessory item (up to a $58.99 value!) when you purchase another accessory item on clearance – and yes, this makes for one *Smokin’ HOT* deal. Check out what I just scored at my Target here in Boise…

Buy 1 pair of Earrings $2.38
(note that clearance prices will vary but you should be able to find a similar deal)
Buy 1 Timex Watch $49.99
Use the Target Mobile coupon valid for Buy 1 Accessory Item Get 1 Free (cashier just needs to scan the barcode on your phone)
Final Cost $2.38 for both item!! Amazing!!!!

Come back and let us know what you are able to snag!

(A BIG thanks to reader, Sara, for emailing this deal!)

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Comments 819

  1. Panda

    I signed up and it says check back soon for more great savings: mobile coupons will update about once a week, so check back for more offers. Why aren’t I getting this awesome coupon? xD

    • Candace

      I signed up for the coupon as well and it said the same thing, why isn’t it giving us the coupon are we doing something wrong?

    • Carrie

      I had same issue and have tried since last night. bummer

    • Inda

      Same here. I even called their 800-number and was told, “We ran out.” How do you run out of a text? Oh well. Happy for those who got to use it.

      • Sally

        Obviously they ran out because these things are released as a limited number of offers. They aren’t going to give every last $50 watch away for free after all!

    • Inda

      Same here. I even called the 800-number and was told, “We ran out.” How do you run out of what is essentially a text?! Oh well. Happy for those who were able to use this coupon.

  2. musicalminded

    no problems at Target-Christiana Mall, Delaware! thanks, Collin 🙂

    • Diane

      Mine worked!! Thanks for the tip

  3. Alicia

    Worked for 2 of my friends in miami, fl. Yes.

  4. carol

    Will it work for landline number?

  5. nicole

    I got it!

  6. Barb

    Worked today at Target in Columbus, GA 😉 Thank you for posting!

  7. Sheila

    Hi. Can i do this deal just once?

  8. Corinne

    At my Michigan Target they gave me a hard time even though it rang up to take the larger priced item off. The girl threw a fit about it so I threw a fit right back and thry honored it. I hate it when these cashiers get all nasty about my coupons!!?

    • adam

      GR area?

  9. geekgrl

    I had no issues with using this coupon. I used it last night.

  10. xelene

    Just signed up, doubt I’ll get it though.

  11. Ang

    I tried to use mine in CO and the girl didn’t accept it, she said there was a glitch and the coupon was supposed to be for the lesser valued item. So I could use the coupon for anything else but the accessory one…that doesn’t seem right, they made the mistake, the coupon should be honored as is. Should I go back?

  12. Ang

    I tried to use mine in CO and the girl didn’t accept it, she said there was a glitch and the coupon was supposed to be for the lesser valued item. So I could use the coupon for anything else but the accessory one…that doesn’t seem right, they made the mistake, the coupon should be honored as is. Should I go back?

    • Jess

      Hi Ang,

      Try talking to a manager. I have emailed target and have a reply from corporate saying that it is supposed to take the price of the higher priced item. If you want, I could forward you the email. Just reply with your email address!

    • Jen Trimble

      id love the email too pretty please

  13. Ter

    Thanks for sharing this amazing deal! It worked for me today – no problems! The salesgirl seemed a little jealous. Made my day:-)

  14. Hailey Nees

    I signed up and it says that I’ll get the first coupon in a couple weeks. It’s a rather annoying that this awesome deal is advertised and I’m not going to get it.

    • Maria Ramirez

      Me too tried 4 different phones and all said the same thing

  15. nonono5678ui

    Drove all the way there for the first time ever just to use the coupon. The coupon would not work. They “fixed” it at the store so it wouldn’t work anymore when rung up. They said it was a glitch. Target’s Facebook says otherwise.

    • Jewel G

      My coupon wouldn’t scan and the cashier typed it in and it worked.

  16. sandra

    it totally worked for me a couple hrs ago from texas love my new watch!

  17. Beth Snider

    I downloaded it last night and used it today in KC, KS! The manager happily honored it but said Target realized it was a glitch and took the coupon off their site. They are still honoring the ones who downloaded the coupon before today. My husband just tried it and got the message his first coupon will come in a few weeks. So I guess it was taken off, like they said. Thanks for sharing! I got a free pair of sunglasses!

  18. Megan

    It worked this evening at my Target. I figured I would try it out and at the most, if it didn’t I could just cancel the transaction. The girl new immediately what I was doing and even asked me if I had any coupons to use today. She scanned my mobile coupon and BOOM! Free watch! My friend that works there told me they had a lot of people come in and use the deal today. I honestly don’t think it was a glitch, or the would have said so about not honoring it, fixed it so it didn’t scan, and sent out another mass text that explained the coupon was a glitch. I think the coupon was to drive their mobile coupon use and get rid of some of the accessory overstock before holiday! Either way with the amount all of us couponers spend in Target on a weekly basis, we deserve a nice freebie once and while. Thank you, Target!

    • MommyNeedsCoffee

      I couldn’t agree more. Target is always quick to pull an ad or coupon if it went out in a way they didn’t intend. I think this is a good way for them to clear inventory before gearing up for Christmas.

  19. Jen Trimble

    i only have diaper and wipe coupons 🙁

  20. Ray

    I tried using the coupon at my local Target Friday night, but when I went to the register the cashier told me she’s not suppose to scan the coupon via her manager. Here I had picked a nice watch out. Guess I’ll have to try at other Target stores in the surrounding Phoenix area.

  21. Ray

    Meant to say “Thursday night”

  22. Pa Yang

    Mine say to check back soon for more great coupon..

  23. tigger

    is there anyone who couldn’t use their link and would like to share it?

  24. Nicole

    Just worked for me! Got a $50 watch!

  25. Sandy

    Anyone have an extra barcode they won’t be using? I didn’t get the code for this deal 🙁 thank you!

  26. Jewel G

    I am so grateful to HIP TO SAVE. I read all the comments and I must say I was a little nervous. But I must say that I bought a necklace for $5.08 and a watch for $39.99 and the cashier did a double take. When the lady behind me (who was getting annoyed I had coupons) heard the cashier tell me my total of $13.89 for over $70 worth of stuff she was all over me to get some coupons. LOL. (I shared)
    My husband has now challenged me to put whatever I didn’t spend in a savings account. I have saved over $250 since SEPT 2013.
    *Sorry So long…I’m excited!!

  27. chelle

    It did not work for me either it never sent me the text when I signed up

  28. tigger

    is there anyone who couldn’t use their link and would like to share it?

  29. g2-9a9035ad5a6a94d63c76e2194a86c585

    Just used it here in Austin, TX. Thank you Hip2Save and readers! $5 for a set of 3 pairs of earrings and a $35 watch for free. Can’t beat that!

  30. jill

    Just worked for me in Montgomery, Alabama!!

  31. Maysie

    Thank you for the heads up on this great offer! I was able to snag a really cute bracelet and then I got a sterling silver chain that I needed to make a gift anyway for free 🙂

  32. Myaclonic

    This deal would have gone smoothly for me had I not made the mistake of making only one transaction using two mobile coupons. Long story short, deal worked and I want to thank everyone ESP Colin for giving us confidence in couponing! Today is the last day and glad to have availed of it!

  33. t

    since it expires in a couple of hours, is there anyone who couldn’t use their target bogo accessory coupon and would like to share it? email me at

  34. Cristen H

    Did this today. Got a $4.99 pair of earrings for myself and an awesome Batman watch for my geeky brother (a $20 value) FREE. Thanks so much for posting this deal. Made my week.

  35. KS

    Deal worked for me in Boise, ID. Yay, Thanks Collin!!

  36. Tamana

    Deal worked without any problems in nj!!

  37. Amanda

    Deal worked for me last night in Maryland! Ended up paying $5.08 for a clearance necklace and a $20 watch! It seemed like lots of people may have been doing this deal at my store because there was almost nothing left of clearance jewelry by the time I got there and slim pickings in watches, but I am so glad it worked!!!!

  38. Carolina

    I feel like the TL at guest service lied I me yesterday when he told me thy had to take the lesser value item as the free item. They scanned my coupon but since I was at guest service I could not read the screen…so I took their word. A friend used her coupon at a different target the same day and it worked with no problem. So I went back today to my target and it worked! … I’m happy I decided to go back and also a little peeved they didn’t honor the coupon yesterday. But in the end I am happy! 🙂

  39. Holly

    Worked for me! Bought a $5.08 necklace on clearance and got a $49.99 watch! (also, I used a $5 target gift card I got from one of their gift card deals, so I ended up paying $.47!)

  40. Sara

    Coupon expires less than in 2hrs, can I know if anyone can share it?TIA

  41. LaKendra

    Woohoo! Saw this and dashed to store with 30 minutes to spare. Got into store and there went the 20-minute announcement. Woohoo! A $4.48 pair of earrings and $39.99 Timex Ironman watch…all for $4.48! Collin, I say this often, but you and your crew ROCK! Best part about the watch (besides the “free” bit) is I got one in my favorite color — purple! Happy savings to all!

  42. Pam P.

    I just tried this deal at Target Colma (San Francisco Bay Area) and it worked! The store is still accepting the mobile coupon as of 8:30pm 10/04/13. The clearance jewelry was cleared out, so I settled for earrings at $4.99. Timex ladies watches seem to be the most expensive option, so I went for those.

  43. Sunita Advani Panjabi

    I went in yesterday – got the $49.99 timex Ironman watch for my kid, and a clearance pair of earings ($2.38) – got the watch free – no problems..!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  44. Lisa

    For those of you who can’t get the coupons to load, make sure you are reading the instructions correctly, you have to send a text to get the coupons. Unfortunately you will not get any of the watch coupons. But Target succeeded in getting rid of some old stock and gained an interest in Target Mobile as it wanted to do. What better way then to give away a watch. 😉 They are trying to gain attention to the apps on mobile which most are reluctant to use. Throw in a free coupon for a watch, which hardly sell anyway and would just be salvaged(thrown out), and a buzz has been created.

  45. DJ

    Thank you, Collin. My spouse & I went to Target last night (10/4). I double-checked at the customer service desk first, and she assured me that I could just check out & it would ring through. It did, and we got a $5 set of bangle silver bracelets (perfect stocking stuffer) and a $39.99 Ironman watch. We could hardly believe it – thank you so much for clarifying with Target corporate because it gave the confidence to try the deal myself.

  46. keri rakoce

    I was able to get my watch on Friday too!

  47. Kim

    Worked for me. There was a nice selection of watches.The clearance jewelry was pretty ugly so I spent a little more- 12.99 and got some earrings I ran back with hubby’s phone and did it all over again. I got 2 watches and 2 earrings for about 25.00. I now have 4 birthday and Christmas gifts. Good day!

    I hate cashiers who get all righteous about good coupons. I had one who refused to take off my $1 of 2 yogurt coupons. She said I had too many coupons and I could get 4 yogurts. I said it was a limit of 4 like coupons not 4 yogurts. She wouldn’t even scan them. A manager came over and told her to take them. I don’t know if she was jealous, confused or honestly not real bright.

  48. Toni

    I scored this great deal and prior to my purchase I asked customer service and they don’t me it was intended to get the biggest value. Maybe they have way too many watches they need to clearance & hell the way I see it, the watch to make was probably a few dollars.

    Thanks for the deal Collin! I know you wouldn’t do dorm thing that was fraudulent! I have faith in all your posts!

  49. Johng118

    Hey, thanks for the post.Really thank you! Really Cool. dgecedcddecf

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