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Through November 11th, the is offering up 25% off your entire purchase plus FREE Shipping on any orders of $75 or more with the code  DISNEYPAL at checkout. Plus, you can still score FREE personalization on Select Merchandise (a $4.95 value!) when you enter the promo code FREEPZ at checkout (and yes, these codes can be combined!). And, Disney Fleece Throws and Fleece Pullovers are still on sale for just $12 (reg. $19.50!).

As an idea, you could score 9 personalized Fleece Throws for only $81 (+ tax) AND FREE shipping after you enter both the codes FREEPZ and DISNEYPAL at checkout! That makes each personalized throw just $9 shipped right to your door!

* Go through for 3% cash back or go through for 3% cash back!

On a side note, if you ordered these personalized Fleece Throws earlier this week for a higher price, consider contacting for a Price Adjustment! As you can see from their policy above, sale price adjustments will be honored on all items that are reduced in price within 7 days of the shipped date. All sale price adjustments will be refunded in the form of a online gift card. Awesome!

(Thanks, Ritika, Coraly, and Mindy!)

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  1. Heather

    Waiting on these to go for free shipping!

    • A

      I have an extra free shipping code for you, heather if you leave your info I will email it to you.

      • Nishi

        I’m not heather but can I please have it?? Nishipatel11 @

      • Coraly

        If Heather doesnt take it I would appreciate it as I ordered one of the fleece jackets personalized for my baby cousin as a bday present and now i’m regretting not purchasing one for my daughter. My email is

        • ASHLEY

          how do i get a free shipping code?? =)

      • Diana M

        My kids and nephew would love these! A free shipping code would certainly help out!! Thank you!

        • Shayla

          Free shipping codes are available in store for those times you go into the store and they are out of stock. They are getting pretty tight on them though so YMMV as if your store will give you one.

          • Shayla

            by the way, sometimes codes CANNOT be used together so even if you have a free shipping code, it may not work, since you are using two other codes in this order (25% and Free personalizing). Just forewarn you to possibly save you a trip, as I cannot confirm all these will work together.

            • Coraly

              I would like to add that yes they will all work together as I successfully ordered with all 3 codes applied (freepz) (disneypal) and a free shipping code.

  2. Noelle

    The sketchbook ornaments are $8 each when you buy 2 or more, with the 25% off that makes them $6 each!! Those ornaments are soo cute!

    • Jenna

      Awesome!!! Thanks for the tip! Great deal!!

  3. K

    What’s the quality of these? Are they thin?

    • Hollie

      I ordered one of these last year for my daughter and I think it’s good quality. It’s the only blanket she will sleep with at night now and it’s thick enough for that!

    • CJ

      They are good quality, not thin. I’ve ordered several over the last 3 years for my kids & nieces/nephews & they’re always a hit. My boys are now 5 & 2yrs old & use them all the time for watching movies and road trips. They’re big enough for me to even use as a throw. I’d like to get another one this year for a niece but will wait for free shipping.

      • Becky D

        I am wondering how the embroidery is. Does it go through to the other side or is there a backing to it?

    • Cara

      They are so nice! Thick and cozy and yes big enough that I snuggle under my daughter’s:)

  4. Juli D.

    I have placed 2 orders with them for the fleece, first was when the personalization was $1, the next when it was free. I called to get a price adjustment today & I was told that they will not honor price adjustments for PROMO codes, specifically mentioning the Friends & Family & the Personalization codes.

    Anyone else have any luck with this?

    • Juli D.

      UPDATE- I called again & was able to be transferred to a supervisor. They will only honor 1 order for price adjustment, not both even though I am within the time limit.

  5. Jenny

    Shipping for 3 fleece blankets was about $8… I’m going to wait it out… I can always just buy a Disney blanket at the store. As much as I love these I just don’t want to spend $22 for 3 blankets plus $8 shipping and I certainly do not need or want to buy 9 of them jus to get the free shipping…

  6. K

    Does anyone have a free shipping code I could use?

  7. Aaron

    Thanks! With my $5 Disney Store coupon code from buying The Little Mermaid and the codes I got my grandson a “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” pullover fleece with personalization for $4 plus shipping!

  8. kristen

    I too am waiting on free shipping from them. I need to buy 4

  9. Cheryl

    If anyone has a free shipping code I could use I would appreciate. Thank you!

  10. Shawn Williams Naticchioni

    I’m waiting for free shipping also. The shipping cost always make a good deal not so great.

  11. Patty

    Where are the free shipping codes from? I would love a code if anyone has an extra!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  12. Stacy P.

    I also need to buy a few and we have our second baby coming in just 4 weeks so free shipping would really help.

  13. Jackie

    How does one get a free shipping code?

    • steppingout2follow

      Is there a chance we will be able to score this deal with free shipping before Christmas?

      • audrea

        I am hoping! last year I got one before Christmas for $9 (including personalization and free ship). I am holding out for that deal again!

        • steppingout2follow

          That would be great!

  14. Shelby

    Bah, I want to buy the princess throw for my niece but the shipping for 1 is a deal killer… completely nullifies the free personalization! 🙁

  15. Susan

    I still think buying 2 is a pretty good deal because shipping is still only $4.95 so I got 2 shipped including tax for $24.

  16. Nicole

    I am getting a little nervous that they wont do the free shipping and personalization code this year. They have done it the past 2 years and it has always been the beginning of November, 2011 was the 3rd and 2012 was the 5th. It is now the 7th and still no free shipping and free personalization in conjunction. I really want to order a fleece pullover for my nephew, I ordered the blanket a few years ago when he was born and he still sleeps with it. if anyone has free shipping or can share how you got it that would be great!

  17. Danielle

    Where are these free shipping codes ? I could really use, if someone has an extra

  18. Sarah P.

    I keep holding out for the free shipping too. Last year around this time they had a deal with the throws at $10, free personalization, and free shipping. These aren’t a necessity gift for me (they’d be just special extras for nieces and nephews), so if I can’t get the deal I’m hoping for on them then I’ll let them pass. I really wish would lower their free shipping threshold price. $75 is a lot of money for a lot of people.

  19. Patrice

    I purchased two blankets for my boys Monday. Just contacted customer service via email. Received reply 20 min later saying I would get a price adjustment of $10 via online gift card in 2-3 business days. Awesome! Thanks Collin!

  20. angie

    do they ever offer free shipping on these no matter how much your order is I would love to get a couple of these but cant spend $75 to get free shipping nothing else I really need.

    • Coraly

      Wow $25 gift card? If you dont mind me asking how much was your oder total? I paid $18.14 for my order and they are only giving me $10 in a gift card and i still havent recieved it either. I contacted them around 7:30am EST.

      • Coraly

        Sorry I had posted on the wrong comment, disregard my comment.

        • Coraly

          And no to answer your question you need to have an order over 75 to qualify for the free shipping.

  21. Laura H.

    Thank you for the heads up about the price adjustment policy! I emailed customer service and they emailed me a $25 gift card within an hour of my inquiry.

    • Coraly

      Wow $25 gift card? If you dont mind me asking how much was your oder total? I paid $18.14 for my order and they are only giving me $10 in a gift card and i still havent recieved it either. I contacted them around 7:30am EST.

      • Laura H.

        My order total after the original discounts was $94. I purchased 6 personalized fleece pullovers and 2 storybook ornaments and used the free personalization code and the free shipping code. And i should mention that they said they emailed me the gift card but it hasn’t arrived yet. I followed up and they said it will be in my email in 1-2 days. Hope that helps!!

  22. K

    If you get a Disney credit card you can get a $50 credit in your first purchase. I did this do I’ll only pay $7 for 3 pullovers and 2 throws.

  23. Lindsay Fitchett

    is anyone’s fleece showing up as $16.95 and so then only coming down to the $12 at checkout?

  24. Lindsay Fitchett

    never mind.

  25. Nena

    The free shipping code (SHIPMAGIC) is not working for me 🙁 Does anyone have another code?

  26. Nena

    I called about a price adjustment and they are also giving me an online gift card for $20. Now I just need FREE shipping so I can use the credit!

  27. Lal

    Just orderd a Mickey using both promos 15.10 Not bad. Free shipping would’ve been wonderful, but I’m happy for the 7.95 savings already! Thanks Colin!

  28. Ursula

    I knocked out Christmas and 2 birthdays (12/27 & 11/14). 5 blankets for nieces and nephew. 2 ornaments and 2 personalized books for the birthdays. $83, not bad, no one to complain some received more (blankets) and didn’t have to leave the house. In fact, did it while breastfeeding :)!

    • michelle

      Yay for saving money and yay for breastfeeding! 🙂

    • Pinky

      Lol girl, I knocked out my Christmas shopping all while nursing too. 4 ornaments, 2 Elsa dolls 2 Anna dolls (frozen), one frozen finger puppet set and a personalized baby dumbo for babies first Christmas. P.S I’m breast feeding again right now. Way to learn to type one handed.

  29. Leslie

    They have really cute fleece sweaters for boys and girls that are the same deal as the blankets too! 🙂

  30. Dawn

    Aw, poop. I should have waited a few days. I got mine when they were $12 each. Oh well – Live and learn

    • Leslie

      Call them up and they give you a refund for the difference in a gift card and they might give you a little extra too!

  31. Sofia

    This is totally out of topic but I have 3 Similac checks I’d like to trade for Enfamil checks or coupons. My baby is on Enfamil. Thanks so much.

    • Dam

      I have enfamil target if you need them I can send pics damdream 9 @ m sn. Com

      • Sofia

        I sent you an email last night. I hope you got it.

  32. Shelbey

    I would love a free shipping code if anyone has one to spare. These would be perfect for my littles but shipping is always a killer. 🙁

  33. Elizabeth

    i order two last year for my two kids n this year i wanted one for my 7th month old n they changed the the # of letter i can use

  34. Karlie

    2 jackets, 4 fleese pull-overs (all personalized) and a set of minnie mouse ears, shipped for $80.00, I’d say…NOT BAD! Thanks Colin 🙂 Got a lot of christmas shopping done jsut now for nieces and nephews 🙂

  35. Sam

    Looks like if the total isn’t above $75 after the codes are entered it won’t ship for free.. boo! But I still night order.. I have 3 throws and 3 pull overs in my cart and even with 9.95 shipping I’m looking at paying $63.. not bad!

  36. Pinky

    I’ve been waiting for this sale. 25% off site wide is great. I tend to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping here and in general free shipping on any amount is rare. 25% was there black friday deal last year so maybe they will offer something different this year.


    They are sending us a $20 online gift card, but free shipping would make placing another order so much more helpful. I know many others have requested them, but if someone has a free shipping code you aren’t going to use, this grandma would be very appreciative! bearjudy5 @ hotmail .com

  38. Melissa

    I called my local store since it it just down the street from me and they said if you go in the store they can order it online for you and give you free shipping to your house. May help some of you if you have a store close by!!

  39. mary jackson

    I had bought 6 of the personalized fleece throws a little over a week ago, so I called customer service, explained that I hadn’t known about the price adjustment policy and asked if they could do a refund for the difference. The customer service rep said that it had been 8 days so they wouldn’t do it. So I went to the Disney store website and contacted customer service and once again explained the situation. I got an email back within a few hours — this customer service rep was more than happy to issue a $25 gift card for me to use online. So be persistent!

  40. sarah

    Did anyone have any issues with their order ? I ordered on11/07 and looked at my bank today and they refuneded my charges. I checked my order online but it still shows active .ty

    • CiCi

      I was looking on here for the very same reason. Refunded my account but order is active and no cancellation email. What gives?

  41. alestela

    Same here refunded but shows active..anyone knows what’s going on?

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