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Updated Ibotta App: Now Earn Cash Back at Chili’s + Get 75¢ Cash Back on a Gallon of Milk Purchase Offer

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If you’re a fan of the FREE Ibotta app (one of my favorite money-earning apps available for both iPhones and Androids!), have you noticed the new update that has taken place? Ibotta 2.0 offers many great new features! 


The offers page has been updated and hopefully that will make it easier for us to follow what offer is available where. All offers are now listed under a particular store. When you begin to look at available offers, choose a store, as you browse the available offers, item’s marked with an “Exclusive” tag are available at that particular store only. All other offers can be redeemed at any participating store!


Along with getting cash back at grocery stores, we can now also get cash back at restaurants and more! Currently you can earn cash back at Smashburger and Chili’s, what a great way to make eating out more affordable, especially when paired with coupons! 😀


And one of my favorite new things….you can cash out your earnings by snagging a gift card or you can still choose to receive your cash through PayPal. Currently, you can snag a Starbucks :), Redbox or iTunes Gift Card, when you have met the minimum cash out requirement. Sounds good to me!

Plus, as always make sure to look for new Ibotta product offers! And if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure read more about this fantastic FREE app at the bottom of this post! 🙂

Check out a couple of my favorite new offers below:


*Earn $0.50 cash back when you buy Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks 4 ct
*Earn $0.50 cash back when you buy Skippy Peanut Butter 12 oz or larger
*Earn $0.75 cash back when you buy 1 gallon White Milk – WooHoo! 😀

To read more about how Ibotta works for both iPhone and Android users, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”

Here’s how it works:

Head over here and download the Ibotta app for FREE.

Before you head out to shop, browse through the different offers in the Product Gallery found after selecting a store. You’ll earn money by watching quick videos, viewing recipes, taking polls, posting to your Facebook Wall etc. AND then actually going to the store to purchase these specific items. Note that Ibotta works in every Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and over 50 other retailers in the United States and has plans to expand to even more retailers in the near future. The awesome part for all of us couponers, is that in addition to getting cash back on your purchases, you can also use manufacturer’s coupons to lower your out of pocket expense.

When you open Ibotta, you’ll see Ibotta Offers . Choose a product and complete one or more of the tasks for each offer. The more tasks you complete, the more pending cash you will add to your account. Unlock these earnings by purchasing the product in a selected store.

Once you have activated all of the items you intend to purchase, go shopping! Your offers will be added to your Pending list. Purchase your items at any of the over 50 retailers where Ibotta works. And, be sure to check your favorite stores to find exclusive offers that are only available at select stores. The expiration date for each offer can be found on both your Pending list and in the Ibotta Product Gallery (tap on the item to reveal the expiration date). Additionally, if an offer is less than 5 days away from expiring, an “expiring” flag will be displayed and expiration date for those items as well.


Upon return from the store, select “Redeem” in the lower right-hand corner of the Ibotta Product Gallery. Read the tips, then select “Continue” at the bottom of the page. (Don’t forget to upload the entire receipt including the logo, date and total).

Ibotta will verify your purchases and send you cash within 24 hours. Depending on the store, there are two ways to verify purchases:

*If the store selected shows Redeem in the Product Gallery, take a picture of your receipt and follow the instructions.
*If the store is an Ibotta Preferred Partner, it’s even easier – choose Link Account and register your loyalty card or phone number. At checkout, use your loyalty card or phone number, and we’ll handle the rest!

After uploading the receipt, check and barcode scan each item on the receipt available for redemption (Note: for iPod 4th generation and iPad2 users, you will not be prompted to barcode scan). Once submitted, your receipt is now on it’s way for review, and most receipts will receive credit within 24 hours!

Once you’ve reached at least $5 in earnings, Ibotta lets you transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account. Choose Withdraw Cash from the main menu of the app, then select Get My Cash to link Ibotta to your PayPal account. Or, when you reach the required payout amount you can also redeem your earnings for gift cards! How awesome is that?!

Be sure to tell Ibotta which offers you like and dislike by tapping the image of any product and choosing either thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Over time the app learns what kinds of products you prefer and offers them accordingly.

Also note that there is no limit on the number of offers you can redeem. Once you have successfully redeemed an offer, Ibotta immediately restocks your shelf with a new offer. The more offers you redeem, the more new offers you will see, and the more money you can earn.

(Thanks, Ahorrando Dolares, Brandice,  How 2 Coupon, Freebies for a Cause and Krazy Life of Coupons!)

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Comments 56

  1. Sarah Sims

    LOVE this app! I have been using it since March and I have $45 in my account. I like that I can bank the money until it becomes a large amount. This will really help out this Christmas.

    • Raquel

      Collin or someone else to help me!
      Today enter a receipt to the app but on the receipt are all digits of my credit card!!!!!
      I’m really nervous and want to know if they can take those numbers and steal money…

      • Catie

        Black it out with a sharpie, or cut it off maybe?

      • Crystal

        You might just have to trust them. You can email them and ask. They were quick to reply to me before.

  2. bhink26

    I have a half smart phone.. it doesn’t have an auto focus so it won’t read barcodes! I’ve spent too much time standing in Walmart trying to scan barcodes and it just won’t read them :(.. oh well! If I ever get a better smartphone this will be one of the first apps I install

    • Happymama

      Sometimes I shake when take the pic to redeem my items, but it always goes through. Give it a shot!

  3. Dmbajwa

    Awesome updates.
    I have already crossed triple digits of earning

  4. K

    I love Ibotta too!!! I have earned back $93.25 and have only been using since September! If anyone wants to sign up through me, i’d love it!

    • katie

      i signed up under you

  5. Ashley

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use Ibotta on a Kindle Fire?

  6. katy

    Ibotta is great! I’m a college student learning to save and be frugal via Hip2Save. Use my referal link so that I can complete my refer a friend bonus ! Your help is greatly appreciated! you will get $10 in welcome bonuses too!

    • katy

      just need one more~ 🙂 thank you!

  7. Crystal

    I love this app. Anybody else’s month in month out bonus reset? I won’t know for sure till I purchase something but the line that was going around it is gone now.

    • Mel

      I think that ended 10/31.

    • K

      Mine is still going… I’m half way completed with it

    • Janet

      Mine is still going. I got 1 more week to go but you had to start it before 10-31 if not it dissappears and won’t be able to complete it.

    • Crystal

      Yeah I had started it. After my purchase this week before the update I was at 25%. And in my activity it says I’m at 25% So I should still have it. But the little line that was going around the icon is gone. I guess I’ll see when I go to the store next week.

  8. Trisha

    Can I use this at stores not listen in the bonus? Like grocery outlet or savemart?

    • Mel

      You can only redeem ibotta offers with the stores that are listed here:

      Bonus offers are for specific stores.

  9. Lauren

    Is anyone else not a fan of this app? Perhaps I am not good at using it effectively? Maybe the products offered just don’t fit my lifestyle?

    • Amanda

      I feel the same. Rarely are items I buy on here.

    • sarah

      I agree. I’ve had ibotta for 2 months and have yet to earn any money. There just aren’t any products on it that I purchase.

    • Alissa

      I loved Ibotta when it first came out but lately, IMO, it has been lacking. A majority of the products listed are not products I would normally buy. I am hoping they put out another huge bonus deal (like they did with Kleenex, Viva, Scott, Cottonelle, etc..) again.

  10. Ashley R

    anyone else having problems getting the facebook one for the milk to post? when I click it it just opens facebook with a blank post..

    • Crystal

      Just type in anything and it will let you post.

      • anne

        I tried that 🙂 and it didn’t add…anyone else having this problem??

  11. Kayla

    Does anyone know if offer amounts vary by user? I’ve noticed mine are usually less than posted. For example, the new milk offer shows 50 cents for me vs 75. Thought I’d ask in case it is a setting?

    • kk

      I have the same issue. Also some offers are not showing up in my app..

  12. dealhousewife

    if anyone wants to sign up with my link, i only need one more for a bonus! 🙂 TIA!
    also have a question….r the item just assigned to stores now? meaning i can only get the milk at target? thanks!!

    • K

      The regular offers show up at almost every store, so milk is in walmarts and targets and more. Then there are special offers for just certain stores. Does that make sense?

      • dealhousewife

        O! I see – thanks! 🙂

  13. Cindy

    I have had this app for a while but never used it yet, I’m still just trying to get the hang of doing the coupon thing. Does paypal charge a fee for transferring the money to your bank account?

    • Des

      No, as long as you transfer the money from your paypal balance there is no fee to deposit into your bank account or even to send money to family/friends. Hope this helps!

  14. dino

    I have a windows phone boo!!😢

  15. Margie

    I love ibotta! True the offers aren’t always the best but I have definitely taken advantage of the rebates on products I usually buy like Driscoll’s berries, orange juice, organic/natural frozen meals and milk. Every penny saved is important!

    If anyone still needs to sign up, please feel free to use my referral link:

    Many, many thanks!! 🙂

  16. Rebecca

    I have used biota, but Kroger doesn’t show up on my list of stores to redeem, though we have them in our area. How can I redeem offers there?

  17. Maryann

    I like Ibotta, I just wish they offered more products I actually use.

  18. Gabby

    Here we go w/ people’s Ibotta links. People should use Collin’s! She gives us all the great deals. Thanks so much Collin!

    • fran

      I agree, Gabby!!! All that Collin does for her readers (posts high value coupons, post deals that save us money, sponsors giveaways, gives AGC for Happy Friday post, gives AGC for mobile app, gives AGC for email subscribers, allows readers to post links on certain posts, but doesn’t say anything when readers take advantage of her generosity and post their link every chance they get, does the Christmas giveaway that benefits a lot of readers, etc., etc., etc.). I just this it’s so unfair to Collin!!!!
      *getting off my soapbox now*

      • missy

        I can understand where you’re coming from, but even Collin says in a lot of posts that u can post ur own links. she still gets a lot of hits on hers, i’m certain. with over 200k+ followers, she’s sure to get plently of compensation. how else could she even afford to do this like a full time job? now, don’t get me wrong, i am very grateful for collin & her sidekicks and all their hard work. but i don’t see anything wrong with letting people choose if they want to help out fellow hip2savers too. (which many are happy to do & do often, thankfully!) spread the love! 🙂

  19. Samantha

    My lifetime earnings is $161.25 and I’ve only had the app since May of this year! I love the bonuses you can earn and a lot of times they have offers on products that will make it a moneymaker, so even if you don’t use the item you could donate it and make a little money off it from IBotta 🙂 feel free to use my link

  20. Milk Allergy Mom

    I got a coupon in the mail for buy 1 smashburger entre and get one free! Plan to use with the ibotta deal. 🙂

  21. Joyce

    I just downloaded the 2.0 version and I don’t see anywhere to go to redeem offers….where you go to photo the receipt etc? Anybody help?

    • Crystal

      Now you pick the store your shopping in. Say if you were at Walmart. You’d tap grocery then tap Walmart. You’ll be able to see all the offers available at that store. Redeem should be in your bottom right of the screen.

  22. Jun

    If anyone still needs to sign up, please feel free to use my referral link and get bonus offer of $10:
    Thank you

  23. Raquel

    Collin or someone else to help me!
    Today enter a receipt to the app but on the receipt are all digits of my credit card!!!!!
    I’m really nervous and want to know if they can take those numbers and steal money…

  24. Sarah

    Raquel- all you credit card numbers shouldn’t be present on the receipt. Only a few should be on there.

    If anyone needs a referral link here is mine:
    You get $10 in sign up bonuses!

  25. Venessa

    If anyone wants to sign up using my link I would appreciate it. Thanks guys.

  26. Lupita

    If anyone needs a referral link please use mine. It would be greatly appreciated: hhtp://

  27. Trish

    I’d appreciate if someone would sign up under my link 🙂 $10 in sign up bonuses if you do!!! Thanks 🙂

  28. Leslie

    Wow, you can earn $10 if you spend $100 at Home Depot or Lowe’s. It can be interchanged and doesn’t have to be all on one receipt. Bonus doesn’t expire until December, so my black Friday shopping will count 🙂

    • Shell

      Mine says expires 11/16… soon!

  29. aaa

    Anybody has an issue with a new app? Mine got frozen and is loading for hours. i am not sure what to do.

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