Target: $10 Off $50 Food & Beverage Mobile Coupon (Starts May 18th)

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Heads-up for all you Target shoppers! Starting May 18th, you’ll be able to use a *HOT* $10 off a Food & Beverage Purchase of $50 or more mobile coupon when you text FOOD to 827438 (OR this coupon will also be in the Target weekly ad, starting May 18th). This coupon states that it excludes alcohol, baby food, nutrition shakes and bars, pet food, & Target Cafe and will expire on 5/24.

Stay tuned for some great deal scenarios next week!

(Thanks, Totally Target, Freebie Shark, Coupon Pro and Free Stuff Finder!)

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  1. Pamela

    Is there anyway I can get a mobile coupon with a phone?

    • Pamela

      I mean WITHOUT a phone…..

      • Kelly

        No, you have to at least text the number. However, I believe both these coupons will be in the ad on Sunday.

      • Alla

        This coupon is coming in the weekly ad also this Sunday so you will get it in the target ad. HTH

    • lucky

      yes text to 827438 and then you will receive a text back with link, just type the link in your browser of your computer and print the barcode that you get

  2. Jen

    my bar code says it isn’t valid until may 18th, darn it!!! May not scan before that!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! I just updated the post. Thanks for catching that!

  3. thecentsiblefamily

    WAHOO! I just made my Target/grocery list so perfect timing!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sorry for the confusion! The mobile coupon will not actually be valid until May 18th.

  4. Heather C

    SA-WEET!!!! I love me nothin’ more than those grocery coupons 😛. Especially since I haven’t made my way to Target this week! THANKS COLLIN!!

  5. Danielle

    I think the cartwheel offers for patio expire before the coupon is valid.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yep, just updated!

  6. Nicole

    Does anyone know if the California Pizza Kitchen deal goes past Saturday 5/17? I thought the sign said 5/17? Thanks!

  7. Valerie

    I cannot find the Mars Ice Cream Coupon….can you help me find it?

    • Nick

      just go to, it was on the first page

  8. Melly

    Hey, Colin. This coupon is not active until 5/18, and Target will have new deals starting at that day. I don’t think the deals listed here will be valid.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks, Melly. Just updated!

  9. Karen

    The new Mobil coupons donor begun until the 18th. The cartwheel offers for patio expire before the coupon goes in effect

  10. mel

    Collin, I Don’t think the mobile coupon will work on the scenario this wk bc the coupon says valid May 18 – 24??.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks, Mel. Just updated!

  11. Alicecross

    look on the top of that coupon the date is 5/18 of next week. I don’t think you can you before the 18th

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks – just updated!

  12. Katie

    Is the $50 minimum before printed or other mobile coupons have been applied? Thank you!

    • mel

      Its b4 any other coupons.

      • Laurie


    • Terri

      Actually Katie give them the 10/50 first then other coupons and then cartwheel. Works just fine in that order 😄

  13. paula

    Off topic, my amazon order for the rebok reflex tennis shoes from the other day got canceled, bummer:(

  14. Jade

    Does anyone know when the target ad will come out for the week of the 18th?

    • mel

      It’ll be in the Sunday paper (which is the 18th). In my area though, we get all the ads on Saturday. Some areas get their ads on Wed or Thursday.

      • Jade

        Awesome thank you!

  15. Ahri

    Off topic, but this morning I tried to use the $2 off white cloud coupons at Walmart and it didn’t work and the employee tried to tell me that “one per purchase” means I can only use one coupon (I tried to use 4 coupons on 4 items) but he couldn’t even make 1 work .. So frustrating, waste of ink & paper! Okay vent is over! =)

    • Ashlynn

      Shrimp the same thing happened to me… with this coupon dofferent deal at my walmart. Anyways I went back on an tried again worked no problems. Try with one and go to a different register

    • Ashlynn

      * Ahri sorry my phone auto corrected to shrimp!

      • Nl


  16. Jessica A

    if my total was $100+ could I use the mobile coupon and a printed coupon?

    • Happymama

      I would split your order in half and just do two transactions.

    • paula

      The last time they had this my total was over $100 and was able to use the mobile and the printed coupon just make sure you hand over the printed coupon first and then the mobile coupon before the cashier scans any other coupons.

  17. Alma

    If everyone reads the other comments you’d see Collin keeps saying she updated it already! Lol poor Collin, btw thanks Collin for all these daily deals and updates. I’m a college student and we are living off of my hubbies income. Iv learned to save so much thanks to your website/phone app. Your awesome!

    • mel

      If you look at the timestamp, everyone posted around the same time about the date of the coupon 😉 I was at the dr’s office when I posted my reply and at the time, there was only the one question from Pamela. When I replied about the date, then everyone else’s posts came up!

      • Alma

        My bad :/

  18. Happymama

    I can’t wait to see possible scenarios!

  19. Daniel

    I’ve been planning for this since last week lol. If everything pans out, I’ll be paying only .17¢ for $50 worth of groceries!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to do it twice:)

    • Kidsallgone

      Can u share your scenario? Thanks 🙂

      • Happymama

        Please do 🙂

    • jain

      please share if you dont mind, thanks

      • Laney

        YES PLEASE DO!

    • Daniel

      Here’s my scenario. It won’t work for everyone, because I’m price matching for Special K at Pro’s Ranch (3 for $5 here)

      x8 Special K = $13.33
      x2 market pantry milk = $6.38
      x4 skinny cow ice cream = $14
      x2 strawberries = $4
      x1lb bananas (.52¢/lb) = $1.04
      x2 Zevia = $6.67
      x2 neuro sleep= $4.78

      Total: $50.20

      $10/$50 grocery purchase target mobile Q
      x4 $1.50/1 Kellogg’s cereal (KFR rewards)
      x1 .75¢/1 Kellogg’s cereal peelie
      x1 $2/1 milk with purchase of 3 Special K Chocolate almond.
      x4 $1/1 skinny cow ice cream coupon (must sign up to skinny club)
      x1 $2/$5 fruit purchase Target mobile Q
      x1 $1/2 strawberries Target Q
      x2 .50¢/1 Driscolls berry Q
      x2 $2/1 Zevia soda Q
      x2 Free bottle of Neuro Sleep Q (deducts around $2.39 each)
      -5% off milk cartwheel (-.22¢)
      -5% off fresh berries cartwheel (-.05¢)
      $2/$5 purchase of market pantry items Target mobile Q
      -Get back $5 gift card w/ purchase of 4 skinny cow items.

      Total: $12.40
      -Use a previous $5 gift card (+ getting one back!)
      = OOP $7.40

      Submit for:
      x4 .75¢/1 Kellogg’s Special K (ibotta)
      x1 $1/1 Zevia (ibotta)
      x1 $1/1 Milk (ibotta, *$1 because of the milk bonus)
      x1 $1/2 Special K (Check out 51)
      x1 .50¢/1 strawberries (Check out 51)
      (-$6.50 total)

      Net total: .90¢

      PS. I though there was a 10% skinny cow cartwheel, but it’s only 5% …and for the candy (bummer), which is why the total was higher than what I thought! still not bad:) hope it helps some people out. Also, the Neuro kinda grosses me out, so I might get evol burritos instead. There’s a printable mambo sprouts coupon for $1/1 evol product, and there was a plethora of evol burritos on clearance for .79¢-1.25¢ . I might get those instead of the neuro if theres still any left by Sunday. Oh and the total might be a tad higher still cause of taxes and stuff, so yeah. gl people!

      • Stacy

        Can you use 4 cereal coupons from Kellogg rewards. Whenever I try it beeps after the first one and every store just pushes only one more through.

        • Daniel

          I have never had an issue with coupons from Kellogg’s family rewards! And it does say on the coupon that you can use four like coupons in one transaction, which actually makes me wonder if I’ll be able to use the .75¢ peelie. Does anyone know if using 4 $1.50/1 Kellogg’s cereal and one .75¢/1 Kellogg’s cereal would violate the 4 like coupons? Technically they’re different but from the same manufactor. Idk I’d like to hear from you all:) thank you!!

          • Daniel

            Well I’ll be darned… The $2/$5 market pantry purchase expires the 16th.. grr. Back to the drawing board!

            • irol808

              Daniel, text ESSENTIALS to target mobile and the $2/$5 produce is good till 5/18 Sun

            • Barbara

              The $10 off $50 mobile coupon scanned just fine for me tonight even though the date says it starts on the 18th. I was there and I figured it was worth a try. Went through no problem.

            • shayla

              This is the same text as the “recioe” text 🙁 says i already redeemed.

          • Stacy

            What throws the cashiers off is that it says one per purchase. Four per transaction since it beeps they interpret the 1 per purchase rather than the 4.

            Thanks for the reply.

          • Noel

            I forgot to include that I was always under the impression you could only use a maximum (or limit) of four “LIKE” coupons in one transaction. So, since the $.75 Peelie is a different coupon (even though it’s the same manufacturer) you’ll be fine. However, with retailers and coupons nothing seems to surprise me anymore!

      • msn

        I think t target price match only one item ofonly on one quantity…off your planning to buy 8 special k target will price match only on one special k

        • Daniel

          Hi!! Thanks for pointing that out! I checked the website and the only limit I see is a limit for one online price match. I don’t know about groceries though, but I just send an email. Either way it looks like my super “carefully” planned scenario is crumbling lol!! XD

          • Noel

            I’ve never had any problems purchasing multiples of a price matched item at Target. I’ve gone in and purchased 10 Starbuck’s Drinks, 15 Packages of Toilet Paper, etc. I think the only time they’d have an issue would be if the ad specifically stated “one per” or “one at this price” lingo.

            And actually I was going to have them price match Special K also! KMart has them 3 for $6 (ad specifies must by in quantities of 3).

            Thanks Daniel for your breakdown. With the mention of someone using the mobile coupon before the 18th, snagging the cereal and some CPK Pizza Deals, I’m well on my way to $50. ;] Good Luck!!!

      • hoo

        Thank you ladies

    • Diana

      Whaaat! Yeah – share please!! 😃👍

  20. Cassandra

    Oh, yeah!

  21. momthinks

    Question can I use this @ Publix in addition to my $5/30 Windixie coupon?

  22. Barbara A

    FYI I just left target and the mobile coupon worked just fine even though it isn’t the 18th yet! I figured it didn’t hurt to try 😉

    • Shayla

      was just about to post this Barbara. I went to CS to ask why it would be released but not in effect and they were more than willing to try it since I was already there and it worked =) Yeah for not having to go back next week since I was about to spend all my grocery $ this week there anyway!

      • Shayla

        Oh and how awesome are all their clearance grocery buys =) I seriously was in heaven with all the sales…they are in the regular aisles too not just the endcaps. Worth checking out!

    • Monica

      Woohoo! Lucky you 🙂

  23. SArah

    The coupon scanned fine for me today.
    I bought 6 bags of archer farm coffee, 4 califronia pizzas, 2 outshine bars, 3 market pantry pasta sauce, 2 market pantry sphaghetti, 1 bagel, 2 archer farm salsas.

    I used1-$10 dollar mobile, 3 -$1.5o coupons for the coffee (2 mobile, 1 paper), 4-$1.50 for the pizza, 2-$ 2 off 2 for the pizza, 2-$ 1 dollar off the outshie bars, 1- 1.50 target q for the pasta sauce, 1 $1 coupon for the sphaghetti, 1 -1 dollar off for the bagel(mobile) and1-$1 dollar off for the salsa. Before coupons my total was $50.39 .. i got it down to 18.39 + tax but save 5% with my redcard…(which takes care of tax for me and some change).. Great day!

  24. Erin

    I didn’t read all the comments so sorry if I am repeating, but the mobile coupon worked just fine today at Target. Scanned right through with no questions asked!!

  25. Bernadette

    Does the nutrition bar exclusion cover granola bars do you think?

  26. Amy

    Check out Banana Boat sunscreen at TARGET! 6.99 each. Buy 2 you will get a $5.00 gift Target card. Use the RP 3.00 off two coupon in today’s Ad. You are getting 2 sunscreens for the price of one!

  27. stephanie

    Do mobile coupons charge you any money

  28. Leslie

    The $10 off $50 says it excludes baby food, does that include formula? Please help.

    • Melissa

      Same question as Leslie- anybody know if this would work for Target brand formula? Thanks!

      • anonymous

        saw a lady go theu yestwrday with a printed 10 fromthe web and she also got the mobile one she got 20 $ off dont know how she did and where ahe got the printed on from u usually cant use the same disxount 2x

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