Walgreens: Updated Coupon Policy

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Walgreens recently updated their Coupon Policy with some new wording and changes. And these honestly aren’t the best changes for us couponers… well, at least in my opinion. Here are the biggest changes to make note of:

Rule #7 Walgreens will not accept coupons that exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.  – So it sounds like they will no longer adjust coupons down that exceed the value of an item OR even accept them.

Rule #9For offers when multiple items are purchased and additional items are free (buy 1 get 1 free; buy 2 get 1 free, etc.), the number of coupons applied to that offer cannot exceed the number of items required in the “buy” portion of the offer. – This means that you can no longer use two manufacturer coupons on a buy 1 get 1 FREE sale. πŸ™

* Check out the full Coupon Policy here.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

(Thanks for the heads up on these changes, Susan, Saving with Vetta & Coupons Are Awesome!)

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  1. Heather

    Oh no, that is a big bummer for the bogo! That is how we get the best deals. πŸ™

  2. Yasmincrz

    What a bummer!

  3. Rona

    Its sad but without the couponing thing its hard to get a good deal at Walgreen’s so i will just skip shopping there. to me they have always been the hardest place to coupon anyway.

    • Argh!


    • Angela

      Yes! It is not worth the hassle and CVS employees are nicer. If Walgreens disappeared, I would not miss it!

    • jac

      Yep, my thoughts exactly. Very little reason to shop Walgreens anymore, as it looks like the deals have dried up.

    • Allie

      I totally agree with you! I will just shop at CVS!!

    • CGY

      I totally agree–too many rules and exceptions to keep up with. I much prefer the ECB’s program at CVS–it’s so much more straightforward. In recent shopping trips, I’ve left Walgreens totally unsure of whether I was actually supposed to have earned points or received RR’s, even more confused by the cashier’s explanation, second-guessing my coupon strategy/plan for the trip. I’ve found if I’m planning a shopping trip there for more than one or two deals, it’s just too confusing to keep up with and monitor whether I’m actually getting the deals I thought I should be getting. These new changes just make me think I’ll be trying to do most of my drug store shopping at CVS. May pop in to Walgreens for a single deal here and there.

    • Rachel

      Agreed. Makes my life simpler – will stick to my friendly CVS.

    • S

      Yea I haven’t been in a Walgreen for so long! What I don’t understand is why they have that policy if the manufacture would reimbursed them even if they accept the coupon for the free item

      • Diane

        That’s a really good question!

    • Emily

      Completely agree. Won’t be couponing there anymore – not a big whoop rite aid is usually better

    • Florida Girl

      I feel the same. Walgreens will lose a lot of business this way. πŸ˜•

    • Bret

      Sadly, I agree. Walgreens corporate are truly ill-minded if they think they will be increasing revenue by implementing these changes. If anything, their revenue will be cut in half from the lack of couponers frequenting their stores. Looks like I will continue to shop more often at Rite Aid and CVS. Much easier to coupon there anyway and employees are always much more friendlier than at Walgreens.

  4. Shelly

    I haven’t been shopping at Walgreens all that much lately, it’s just too much of a hassle when you have the correct items and coupons and they still don’t accept them. My money is better spent elsewhere!

    • vanhook2

      Shelly, I agree with you. Walgreens is my last choice.

    • JA

      I’ll echo everyone else’s sentiments. Walgreens has always been a pain, but less RR and the whole points thing has really driven me away. I might go in once every two months and I used to go every week. Oh well, one less store to go into makes my life a little easier!

  5. teresa

    Why is Walgreens doing this? Are they losing money? They are manufacturer coupons so they get reimbursed for those and it brings people in the stores. I wish there was another drugstore/competitor to them in my area.

    • Lena

      According to different managers I’ve talked they are. Something about getting like 80 of one manufacter coupon but the vender only allows them to submit 20 (<——example)

      The mass wipe out the shelves couponers are a huge part of it too…

    • hulamomof3

      Walgreens has been slapped with coupon fraud in CA at least. They were turning in coupons that were never even handed out to the public. And, if they mark the coupon down, they are still turning the coupon in for full value to the manufacturer- again coupon fraud.

  6. statenislandm

    don’t like the new changes, but luckily I know someone that works there and use their phone # and get 15% off brands and 20% off Wags brand. It helps my wallet.

    • Jennifer

      You could be putting your friend at risk of losing their job if you are using their employee discount.

      • Kelli

        Yup, totally agree. Companies watch employees closer then they do anyone else. Their systems are very smart in catching dishonest employees.

        My husband works at Lowes and they track them down to even the methods in which they pay for purchases. I wouldn’t want anyone risking my job for a discount.

    • RA Cashier

      Yeah you should not do that.

  7. Lauren G.

    I have stopped shopping there since they started their rewards system. I just did not want to spend my time learning about it. Walgreens is right across the street from me, but I walk 6 blocks to shop at CVS.

    • Stacy

      Agree agree agree! After they started with points and register rewards they lost me as a customer. Too complicated. Thank god for cvs!

  8. Casey

    These changes are terrible. Couponing has to be extremely profitable hence the expansion in the programs with Target & CVS. I’m afraid if it stands others will follow suit. I would highly encourage you to contact Walgreens crporate. It is no secret that their employees are often not coupon friendly and this is proof that they as a corporation they aren’t either. Hit them where it hurts QUIT couponing there and send an email.


    • justme

      I did contact them a few weeks ago to let them know that I don’t feel like they are very coupon friendly like Target and Rite Aid. I just got back a very generic response from them and they didn’t really seem to care. I guess if they don’t care then I don’t care. I just won’t shop there very much. Keep up all the Target deals! I love them and I always get treated nicely.

      • RA Cashier

        Thank you for the comment about rite aid(: we try to be as friendly as possible!

        • Sondra

          Love, love, love my Rite Aid! They are the best!

        • Sarah

          I really like Rite Aid too….such nice employees at the one I shop at.

        • Bret

          Rite Aid always has great Up Reward deals. I shop there most of the 3 drug stores. The local Rite Aid manager even knows my mother and I by name. πŸ™‚

  9. Jenn

    My Walgreens has always done #7 anyways. I really do not shop here anymore cause they have become ridiculous and all stores do different things. All I ever do now is the Well Beginnings BOGO on diapers where no coupons are needed and an occasional deal- like the yellow Tide this week.

    • Vanessa

      Hi, would you mind telling me what you thought of the tide? I have a baby, toddler, and my husband works with dirt. I was just wondering if you thought it worked as well as the regular tide?

      • Jenn

        I actually have not used it yet. It is for baby stuff too, but I still have some All Free $ Clear to get thru.

      • Sarah

        I have used the yellow tide and I like it.

    • Erin

      I don’t shop at Walgreens much for all the reasons cited here, but I stop in for super deals once in a *great* while. Almost always for a deal where the coupon exceeds the price of item (usually by a penny–sigh!) or using two Qs on a bogo deal, both of which situations work just fine most of the time. However, there is one middle-aged lifer who ALWAYS seems to be working at my closest store, and she never accepted coupons that were more than the value of the item or coupons on bogo items. She’d scan them but rather than adjust them down or do whatever register magic other cashiers do, she’d just say the “register won’t take it.” I’d just void the order and, if possible, go back when she wasn’t there. Annoying, but I’m sure she was annoyed by me, too, since I am a blatant cherry picker there for all the reasons outlined here. I can live with whatever changes Walgreens throws at me–by living without them. There are really no deals there that I can’t get elsewhere.

  10. Allison

    Well, they’re in business to make money. Sure, I like getting a better deal, but some of their deals will still be good, just not super-good πŸ™‚

  11. gohogsgoinar

    I think the days of super couponing are coming to an end. I remember when manufacturers starting making coupons 70 cents to prevent double couponing when most stores doubled up to 65 cents. Now there are very few places that double coupon at all. I have discovered that I am buying MANY more store brand items that I ever have just because of the cost difference with and without coupons. Please don’t let Colgate, Campbells, and Kelloggs quit offering great coupons!!!

    • Bret

      You know that Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods double up to $0.99 regularly. There’s also super doubles that occur a few times per year that double any coupons valued at $2 or lower. πŸ™‚

  12. Lorell

    I guess I will only do my shopping in CVS, which is across the street from Walgreens what kind on marketing study did they do for these changes?!?!

    • Erin

      This decision likely wasn’t based on a marketing study but as a preventative for the coupon fraud charges and reimbursement issues they are dealing with.

      • Lorell

        Wow! I wasn’t aware that they were facing coupon fraud charges! Yikes!

  13. Julie F

    I agree that the changes since the rewards system has begun has changed my enthusiasm for shopping at Walgreen’s. I also am seeing a tremendous increase in their “Nice”n brand items vs. manufacturer items being sold at the store in my area..

  14. L.

    if I hate walgreens before, imagine how I feel about them now. I still dont know why people go to that store they are so rude and most coupon unfriendly…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CVS

    • Kidsallgone

      Ditto. However at my CVS whenever I have an issue with a qpon that the register didn’t like the manager (two different days) said “I hate qpons! I wish they would get rid of them foreve!” Etc etc. I wanted to lunch him in the face for saying something stupid like that! Geez!

  15. Leanne

    Their loss, really, not ours. They will start finding that people won’t shop there, but instead will keep going to CVS and RiteAid. I hope they go under as they have terrible customer service.

  16. Kris

    I never bought into the points program & always hated couponing at Walgreens. The “filler” concept ate into such a high % of a low value RR, it was never worth it for me. These changes only confirm it is a pain to coupon at Walgreens. No loss for me, though, since I gave up on them over a year ago.

  17. mel

    Disappointed as well. My local Wags stores have never adj coupons down, but price modified the item (if it’s $0.99 and I have a $1 coupon, they would change the price to $1) Haven’t taken 2 coupons on a BOGO sale since the register update. The register would always beep. But if it was like $1/2, the register would accept it. Nuts!

  18. Christi Smith

    My personal opinion is that it is a rash decision made by a flustered corporate staff that thinks this is a better solution than training their staff and creating a more user friendly “system”. It will be interesting to see how these changes work out for them and hopefully it is not a trend that others will follow.

  19. nl

    not good. i stopped going there a while ago. not coupon friendly where i live. now even worse πŸ™

  20. Alison


  21. Edy

    I have never shopped at walgreens more difficult to shop with cupons there !! Love cvs, I have stop cuponing for 2 months, I have tissue paper and towels to last me 2 years and shampoo too. But, if I see a good cupon, I will use it to get things for my mother thanks eceryone

  22. Kay

    It’s unfortunate that this is happening, but I guess I can see the reasoning behind the changes. I don’t like it, but I can see why they’re doing it. It’s always seemed weird to me (even though I have no problem taking advantage of it!) to use a coupon on a free item. However, I must say that I’m not a huge fan of shopping at Walgreens. I only go there for the items that are free or practically free with rewards. They just never seem to have the best deals. CVS always seems better. I’ve never had too many problems with coupons at my local stores, but that might be because I don’t shop there very often. This change in coupon policy won’t get me in there more often, though, that’s for sure.

    • Rona

      Honestly the reason stores take the coupons on the free item is that they make money doing it that way. They are giving it to you for free however if you use the coupon they get to claim some money back from the manufacturer. So in reality they make back money on what they were giving you free anyway. that is why a lot of stores allow it.

      • Rachel

        Agreed, Rona. That’s why I don’t understand Wags creating this BOGO rule. Just another example of how non customer focused they have become.

    • Lisa

      “It’s always seemed weird to me (even though I have no problem taking advantage of it!) to use a coupon on a free item.”

      If I’m required to buy one item in order to get another free, I don’t feel that I am actually getting a free item. The way I look at it is that I am getting two items at half-price. The BOGO is just a gimmick to keep you from buying only one at half-price. If you look at it that way, accepting two coupons for the two items makes sense.

  23. April

    I agree they are in the business to make money and if I cant get good deals at walgreens id just shop elsewhere.

    • Jennine

      Thats what a business is. Making money, hopefully doing something you love

  24. Sally

    I have written walgreens off already anyway. They are always rude and not coupon friendly. That’s the worse decision on their part. Let’s see sales decline in the coming months. Cvs and Target all the way. Who needs walgreens anyway?:)

  25. Tina

    I live in a rural area, so have to travel a distance to go to any of the drugstores. There are several Walgreens I travel to in different directions depending on where I am going. I have to say they all have always been Extremely good about my couponing. Guess I am grateful for their employees. I will say they are not the speediest but they never give a hard time about my coupons.

    • Marie S.

      We moved a few years ago. Our initial Walgreens was always poorly stocked and not friendly (much less coupon friendly). We would get rain checks for items that never seemed to be restocked. The Walgreens we live near now is always incredibly friendly, usually well stocked and we are able to redeem any rain checks fairly quickly.

      We have 5 (yes, 5!) CVS stores within 4 miles of our home and sometimes have to drive to 2/3 to find items. They are relatively coupon friendly but it can be difficult to get more than 2/3s of the items on my list.

      I never go to Rite-Aid. They are usually out of stock, messy, rude and their sales are on a weird schedule I can never remember, I think it is Thursday to Thursday. Yuck!

  26. Amy

    I was given a bunch of grief a few weeks back for using two coupons on a BOGO deal. Living in the land of Publix, I guess I am spoiled or maybe the employee knew about the change and I didn’t. Once I told her that it was fine and to please go ahead and remove the items since if she was only going to take 1 coupon, it would be cheaper at Publix, she just put it through. Walgreens for me is no longer a deal since my store started carrying milk that is some unheard of brand and cigarettes are cheaper at Publix now too (I have a smoker πŸ™ in my household) .

  27. Shea

    Unfortunately, Walgreens is one of the only places around where I live. The closest target is 45 minutes away, CVS- an hour, no Rite Aids… therefore, this is bad news for me! πŸ™

  28. Joy

    I am okay with this new rule. I like the way Harris Teeter has their bogo sales. Items ring up half price..so you can always use 2 coupons. I shopped at Wags with coupons some, but not a lot. Target has great deals.. but to understand how their coupons come off at end of your receipt is the most confusing of all. You have your manuf. coupons, target coupons, Cartwheels, text offers( sometimes multiple scans there)..whewww… couponing in general is changing a lot.. the deals are getting slimmer out there. I appreciate any and all the freebies and deals I get though posted here or otherwise.

    • Erin

      So funny you mention indecipherable Target receipts. I was there yesterday and got a seriously super deal on Zarbees and some other stuff using price match, coupons, and Cartwheel. My receipt did not reflect all my coupon deductions BUT the final total was correct. I have no idea how that could even be possible. . . .

      • Amy Mac

        I get those missing MQs when I buy something that has like items grouped together rather than line item under a special coupon heading. The computer doesnt seem to know where to put the MQ on the receipt so it just leaves it out! I’d say its a software bug that they haven’t bothered to deal with since the total is correct.

  29. Barb

    I gave up on Walgreen’s a long time ago because it is always hard to use coupons there (having to buy fillers, etc), but it is disappointing that they are making it even more difficult to coupon there.

  30. Caitlin

    Darn. I just moved two blocks from a Wags in a very busy urban area. Looks like I will have to rework my deals in order to shop there, or I may just go to the CVS a mile down the road. Bummer.

  31. adri

    NEVER LIKED THEM ANYWAYS, lol. CVS is more my store for coupon shopping but when I need my meds it is mostly walgreens lol

  32. DJB

    I think that the changes come from a combination of things (competition, extreme couponing, profit margins, the economy, right down to the age/income demographics of store patrons) but I can’t help but wonder if they are trying to lure customers in who DON’T use coupons regularly…so that the lines are shorter at the register, with less waiting time, and more “sale” products on the shelf. While some stores are VERY coupon friendly…there could be a niche for stores that cater to those patrons who don’t mind paying retail and I think Walgreen’s is trying to fill it.

    • Rona

      That is a good point. maybe that is what they are trying to do.

    • Marie S.

      Good point!

  33. CW

    More business for CVS! For awhile I would go to Walgreens just because the couponing policies were good, although the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Now I see no reason to go to Walgreens, as many have said. CVS already has my business due to how they provide customer service and pharmacy rewards. No loss for me, loss for Walgreens. As a consumer we have choices and Walgreens’ poor decision just cost them a lot of customers.

  34. Alissa

    I am not surprised by the changes frankly. I used to shop at Walgreens on a weekly basis and as of lately have stopped all together due to the difficulty of using coupons which oftentime included trying to use coupons in the manners listed above. At my store, the cashiers and managers are not educated on their policy and almost every time I went in I had to explain the policy when a coupon beeped. At that point, I usually received the argument that they could not accept it and it turned into a five to ten minute ordeal of explanation. Milk and egg prices increased (which was mainly why I went there) so I do not have incentive to go anymore. I’ll stick with Target πŸ™‚

  35. Liv

    I stopped shopping at WAGS a long time ago. I’d go once in a blue moon. I much prefer CVS. My new favorite store lately has been Harris Teeter. Their customer service is exceptional and they always double coupons up to 99 cents. They occasionally have super double coupons where they double coupons up to $2!! They’re actually having one starting June 6th!! LoooOveeee Harris Teeter πŸ™‚

  36. brandice

    all,good things must come to an end

  37. Nod

    I actually like the rewards system. I get 500 points for every prescription and I only go in when I have coupons. So I hit that 40,000 points pretty regularly and have $50 to spend on whatever I need.

  38. Melissa

    Well, this is still better than my recent trip to Target where the cashier would only allow me to use one coupon at a time. So if I bought 2 items and had 2 coupons, she said I could only use one!

    • Amy Mac

      Ugh! You should have carried a copy of coupon policy and spoken to management and/or corporate.

  39. Takia

    As if they needed to make it anymore difficult to coupon there. Honestly, I don’t think they always have the best deals. I hope the other drug stores do not follow suit. Lately cvs seems the way to go even through I am extremely stocked up on items. Its reasons like the coupon policy changes that make me want to stock pile even more because good deals seem harder to come by on certain items.

  40. Erin

    Disappointed would be the best word for me. When the rewards system changed, I wasn’t a fan, but I went along with it. I noticed a drop in deals and my shopping list to Walgreens grew smaller and smaller. We’ll just have to see now after this. Unfortunately, Walgreens is the only drugstore in my area, but I may just be shopping at other stores. Thank goodness I still have a Target. Walgreens, this may be the end for us.

  41. Sue

    Wow! They are such a tough store to shop at with coupons anyway! Won’t adjust the coupon? Makes no sense.

    • Potato

      It does make sense. Adjusting a coupon is coupon fraud.

  42. Valerie

    I’m bummed, I live in a small community and Walgreen’s is my only drugstore option. I understand the no coupon on a free item as many stores have gone to that. But why can’t they adjust a coupon down? Just laziness if you ask me. I feel like they’ve basically put out a banner, DO NOT COUPON HERE, WE DON’T WANT YOU SHOPPING HERE. Well mission accomplished.

  43. April L

    Since they also have dropped their double dips, will not be shopping there frequently. Hopefully these new policies hurt them. For now, I will coupon at target since we don’t have any other drugstores in town.

  44. Cheryl

    In the last year, I have just about shut them out. Each week I keep hoping they will have a great deal, but for what I purchase, they haven’t. Sorry Walgreens, this new policy didn’t help.

  45. Jess

    I agree with the many. Walgreens is too confusing with RR, Points, rebates (do they even do those anymore?) monthly coupon booklet, weekly ad coupons… I only go into Walgreens when they have free photo codes. Then if milk or eggs happen to be on sale, I’ll snag some.

    CVS is my favorite as well.

  46. Takia

    We need a like button for comments:-)

  47. Nicole

    I haven’t couponed at wags in three years. Im actually not missing it. Now i have no reason to try again.

  48. Kelly

    This is fair. You’re not paying for a 2nd item on a bogo

    • Shannon

      Kelly- I totally agree with you. I always find it shocking when stores will take a coupon on free item. The worse part is them not taking a coupon for item less than what’s on coupon and not adjusting it down. That might not happen often, but still.

      • mel

        Since the store is promoting a BOGO or whatever, THEY are footing the cost of the free item. Manuf coupons are PAYMENT. So taking the coupon on the free item, they are now getting reimbursed + handling free. What is the difference between say, the item being on sale 2/$4 and using 2 coupons or BOGO/$3.99 and using 2 coupons?

      • Rachel

        Sure, the customer is not paying for the “free” item, but neither is the manufacturer. The store takes the loss on the “free” item and the manufacturer takes the loss (or reduced profit) from the coupon they offered. I could see not combining a BOGO Wags offer with a BOGO manufacturer coupon, but to limit $ off coupons on the free item is not right.

      • S

        Yea why not? If an item is $3 and I get the second for free & I have two $1.5 manufacturer coups, they either would get $3 back from the manufacturer or $1.5 from manufacturer and $1.5 from me… Either way they’re getting their $3 back. So why take the $ from the consumer?

    • Amy Mac

      Such a misconception

  49. Sherin

    The always figure for something to make money like seriously??

  50. Toni

    Seems fair. Too many coupon users are too greedy.

    • Casey

      Toni, I thinks that’s a gross over generalization:(. Nothing to do with greed, coupon is a form of re numeration, why would a retailer reject a legitimate form of currency? What they are not saying is they want our money but they don’t want to have to work to hard to get it (dealing with coupons). That is frustrating nothing to do with greed.

      If you have concerns or complaints anyone here’s the email address.

    • Sue

      Adjusting a coupon down makes couponers “greedy”?

  51. G

    I hope CV, Puts them out of business, They degrade couponers, Employees treat you like your stealing, Almost everytime I used any kind of coupon it was an issue. I will not shop there. I hope they fold up.

    • mumfors

      i dont understand why these employees act as if they are the ceo-owner of walgreens (or any store). arrrgh. they act as if couponers are worst than thieves! πŸ™ sigh.

    • Jessica

      I’ve had same kinds of problems with them as well. They are just employees why do they have difficulty accepting coupons.

    • HDal

      Same here, I’ve had nothing but problems when I go there and had the employees be rude to me about it. Once an employee even sneered at me “I remember you, you’re the one with the coupons.” Believe me it was not a compliment!
      CVS is getting all my business now too!

    • ldarakorn

      Yes I agree has always been hard to shop there unfortunately.

    • Lynn

      Yep, same here…they hate it when you have coupons, especially IP’s. At my Walgreen’s if they can’t get it to scan they won’t take it and I feel like they aren’t really trying to scan the coupon half the time. It is so confusing anyway, with the RR’s and the BR’s and not being able to use this or that is the same transaction. I certainly prefer CVS!

      • Tia

        So true. I had a very nonchalant cashier in cosmetics once that didn’t seem to be really trying to scan the coupons. Told her never mind and went to the main register where that cashier scanned them no problem. She said sometimes you have to hold them at an angle, but she was at least willing to try.

    • Lucy

      THey will not fold they are protecting themselves from greedy couponers who try to make money not save money. Get a live things are not meant to be free.

      • Heather

        Do you even know how coupons work??? They get the money from coupons whether it makes the consumer money or not…

      • GFY


  52. sheila

    Gave up Walgreens long time ago.
    I have a minor question to see if anyone can help. I have the $2 off $10 toothpaste or mouthwash coupon. Crest is on sale for $4.99 each this week. If I can two, will the coupon be accepted?

    • Hailey

      at cvs yes it hits the 98%

      • Jamia

        It used to be the case that it would work, but I’m not sure if it work anymore. The last time I tried this about a month ago, it scanned, but then didn’t apply. My receipt listed it as an unapplied coupon. I think it was because the $10 purchase amount wasn’t met (was $9.98), but could have been because I used MQs and EBs and even with my other items, the total was under $10.

    • Tia

      Yes, you can use a cvs magic machine coupon on top of a manufacturer coupon

    • MJ

      No. The 98% rules applies to the amount needed for an ECB to generate. So if you need to purchase $12 to receive a $5 ECB, then your total can be $11.76 before coupons for that ECB to print. To use a $2 off $10 coupon, your purchase amount (before manufacturer and % off coupons are applied) has to be a minimum of $10.

  53. Lll

    I dont do Walgreens much, they have poor in stock, and you have to wait in line forever. And employees are only nice to the cigarette buyers, not those of us with kids and carts of items!

  54. Pat

    Ditto! I gave up on Walgreens a long time ago too! I used to use their pharmacy but they would call me or text me to many times that my prescription was ready for pick up and when I went the next day they told me to come back in two hours and they would have it ready for me. After the third time I changed pharmacys and I only buy things there once in a great while when there is a good deal using a walgreens coupon and a manufactueur coupon together.

  55. Maggie Ferrante

    Rule 10 sounds like you can’t apply a coupon for the purchase of 2 items to a BOGO offer either.

  56. Mia

    not good… buy buy Walgreens πŸ˜‰

  57. Jax

    I was at Target yesterday and it looks like something in their system changed with coupons as well. When the cashier scanned a coupon on the free item it completely rejected it saying that a coupon could not be accepted on a free item. Usually it will prompt something different and the cashiers will take it.

    • Amp

      happened to me too.. It says it
      accepted the coupon but did not reflect on final price .. BOGO pizza deal.

    • Kay

      Was it a Target or man. coupon? You can’t use a Target coupon on a free item, and some stores it seems accept man. coupons on a free item.

      • Jax

        I tried both and it would not accept either, mine was on the pizza as well. :/

      • shop4mybabies

        they have just in the last week changed their computer systems to no longer accept manufacturer coupons on free items, I believe this is a request from manufacturers and every store will soon comply

        • Bethany

          That’s strange. This morning I used two manufacturer coupons and $1/2 Target Q on two CPK pizzas. They all scanned, no problems! $.78 for two pizzas!

        • Amy Mac

          Umm, really? How would the manufacturer know the store selling price? Stores take the loss on free items, not manufacturers.

    • Pat

      Happened to me too yesterday. Had issues with the target finish coupon too! They said I had to buy the one in the picture. I was shocked that they called a security guard over to look at the coupons. Weird.

      • Amy Mac

        Call corporate and report your experience. That is just wrong.

  58. Kat

    Good thing I had already stopped shopping there. All the more reason to never set a foot in there again.

  59. Abigail

    Rule #7 has always been a rule at my store. Rule #9 doesn’t affect my shopping much, I normally don’t get BOGO’s there. If I do need what is BOGO, I price-match at Walmart.
    It seems as if in the last year or so my CVS and Walgreens have “switched places.” I MIGHT go into CVS once every two months. They are awful! Never have anything in stock, service is AWFUL, and the give me the hardest time with my coupons.
    My local Walgreens, however, has become super coupon friendly and the shelves are almost always stocked. They order plenty! And if the coupon scans, they take it. I love my local Wags! πŸ˜€ You just have to find a good one. They used to be awful, but I don’t know what happened…. one day the whole store just became super couponer-friendly. πŸ™‚
    So yes, I’m disappointed about rule #9, but I’ll just price-match at Walmart if it’s an item I use & have coupons for. πŸ™‚

  60. momof3

    Time to price match at walmart/target

    • Lori

      have to be careful with price matching though. walmarts in my area are suuuper picky about price matching and treat me like a criminal when i tell them the prices. im always very polite and honest about my prices but sometimes i wonder if its worth all the harrassment. they said there are a lot of people who have taken advantage of their no-ad policy and just make up ridiculous prices. makes it really hard on those of us who are truly honest and just want to save a little money. and yesterday the cashier told me they will no longer match prices on hiland products! sigh. sometimes its easier to just shop at 4 different stores than try to price match at walmart. :/

      • Amy Mac

        PMs have been a breeze at Target for me, but maybe it’s just my store.

  61. Ashley

    Well I’m glad I went and got my banana boat yesterday. The lady even said, “let me see if I have a coupon for this.” I however informed her I already had one. The people at my Walgreens have always been friendly but then again I’m not an extreme couponer.

  62. Dino

    I have a different point of view I am glad walgreens is doing this we have some crazy couponers here in Ca that clear the shelf everytime and turn around to sell the product on line

    • Melissa

      I agree with you! I stopped couponing due to couponers who clear the shelves.

  63. tracy

    I’m not an extreme couponer and have never cleared a shelf. I haven’t shopped at Walgreens since they changed their coupon policy a few years ago, and I quit rite aid when they changed the reward system last year. CVS gets my ALL my money now. Their cashiers never treat me like a criminal and even alert me to clearance items. Love CVS.

    • leanne

      CVS is still my #1 too!!! They are friendly and helpful and make it easy! They also do not treat you like you are stealing stuff. Manufacturers do reimburse retailers for the money us coupon users deduct from totals. Walgreens just doesn’t get that.

      • Because I'M not Happy

        I wish there was a news story or some sort of documentary that follows the life of a coupon itself, from the time it is approved by the manufacturer to be released to the consumers to the time it is reimbursed and the store gets its money. Maybe then it will register in their minds that coupons are the same as cash.

    • Leanne

      Don’t fight them, as it will just make things worse. If everybody just stops shopping there, which is gonna happen anyways, then there will be no more Walgreens and we don’t have to fight πŸ™‚ Easy as pie!

      • shop4mybabies

        since only a small percentage of adults coupon, very small, couponers not shopping there is not going to bankrupt a multi billion dollar world wide business, nor should it, nor should we want it to. all the people wishing hundreds of thousands of people / distributors, truck drivers, cashiers, pharmacists, out of work disturbs me.

        • c

          Its our right as consumers. If I don’t agree with a store’s policy, I will not go there anymore and I don’t really coupon. I think it is a ridiculous policy and they should make an effort to keep their customers especially in our economy. I don’t care if they go out of business or not and I don’t care if losing my business effects them or not. I will stand up for my what I feel is right. That’s how a free market economy works.

        • mel

          Don’t think that will happen. Every time I go to Walgreens, there is ALWAYS a line. And I’m usually the only person using coupons. Every now and again I’ll see someone using an in-ad coupon or manuf coupon.

        • Leanne

          No, but their crappy business procedures might…

    • CW

      Thanks Casey!

      • Casey


  64. sherry

    I look for a lot of changes from a lot of store cuz of misuse of coupons and shelf clearing ppl …

  65. Deann Ambrose

    Just price match and use the coupons at Wal-Mart. Not a big deal πŸ™‚

    • Leanne

      Well, walmart doesn’t give register rewards or points too, so you are not getting nearly as good of a deal.

    • S

      My walmart is just as bad as Walgreen….

  66. D Brunk

    I also gave up on Walgreens quite a while ago. The stupid points thing was the final nail in the coffin for me. In regards to the B1G1 Free scenario, this defies logic as Walgreens is the one offering the sale. So in essence, you are still buying two items and in that case two coupons should be able to be used. And they are getting reimbursed from the manufacturer, so it should be a given that they do take a coupon on a free item if the sale is by Walgreens. CVS shopper all the way here on this end.

  67. Denise

    For me it’s not worth the hassle at my local Walgreens, nor Walmart. Target for me, which usually ends up cheaper too.

  68. Mels

    Walgreens has horrible customer service!! There’s only certain ladies, that I will check out on… I guess this weekend will be my last shopping trip at walgreens!!! So I can use up my last RRs!!! They are disappointing, Ill stick with tArget:-)

  69. leanne

    I gave up on Walgreens along time ago, and refuse to go in there for whatever reason. Too many disappointing trips!!

  70. Yesenia

    I know everyone hates Walmart but they really are the most coupon friendly store. In my opinion they have the best corporate coupon policy. It’d be awesome if they had store coupons too!

    • S

      They might have the best coupon policy but they have the worst employees, last time I tried to use coupons he told me that one per purchase means I can only use one coupon for the same items and I told him that it meant one coupon per item… One coupons per purchase isn’t the same as one coupons per trans and he said they’re the same thing… Smh

      • Donna

        Bottom line it depends on the cashier, I had the same thing happen at Target.

    • S

      Oh and also if anything beeps they would not take it vs target employees would read the coupon and if everything looks good they push the coupon through

    • Glo

      My Walmart isn’t coupon friendly. I hate shopping there but I have to save money anywhere I can. If the coupon doesn’t scan during the first try they look at you like your trying to steal from them. Most of the time the shelves are empty and I can’t ever find someone to help me. The price checkers are a joke, half the time they don’t work or they remove them yo put in new ones.

    • Amy Mac

      They might have the best corporate policy, but the employees find any reason they can not to accept coupons at my store!

  71. Ashlynn

    I stopped shopping at my local wag when they started one transaction per customer per a day rule. This only adds to my forget wag attitude.

  72. Kimka

    I quit shopping at Walgreen and Rite Aid because their policies were a bit too much for me. Walgreens customer service in my area is not great but I have been to others and they were coupon friendly. I love CVS and will continue to shop there instead.

  73. Pilar

    This doesn’t matter to me at all since I gave up Walgreen’s when they started the loyalty card thing…keeping track of points AND RR was just silly. (And the higher price you have to pay to just buy one of the “2 for whatever” deals.) All to get a somewhat decent price on stuff Walmart or heb sell cheaply every day. Kind of the same with CVS. I find it insulting and deceitful when the store ads and the blogger’s scenarios tell us that items are “like getting it free or for some other cheap price”…when they take into account the RR or ECB’s or points or gift cards…no, it’s not like getting it free when I pay the cashier the full amount…them giving me made up rewards to use at the next visit, is NOT getting it free at the time. So sick of that justification. I won’t shop the drugstores nor Target for having to go thru so many of their hoops and stupid apps…I have to remember I’m the one who is paying for all the aggravation. Hello, Walmart.

    • mel

      Well, I do have to agree with you on the “bottom line” OOP. Drives me nuts when I see “final price” after the store rewards have been taken into account. I just ignore it now. Not worth getting my panties in a bunch! Its a game and if you want to play it, you have to learn the ins and outs. Which is why I stick to CVS as my go-to drug store and Target as my go-to Big Box store. I’d rather stack CW, TQ & Manuf coupons than step foot in WM after the way I was treated for trying to use 5, yes FIVE, coupons on an order over $60. I walked out and haven’t been back in over a year.

      • leeb

        once at walmart i was told i couldnt use a coupon and i told her the picture is even the same as the item i was getting. she said the coupon couldnt be meant for that item because the coupon was more than the price so i asked for a supervisor. the supervisor came down and asked me to stop harassing his employees. i said WHAT im just trying to use a coupon. so he scanned it and let me get the item and told me not to harass his employees or he will call the police. HATE WALMART

        • leeb

          even contacted corporate on this but never got a reply back

          • mel

            Worst part was I was using a coupon printed from Walmart’s own website, it had the WM logo and “redeemable at Walmart” and I was told WM doesn’t have software to make coupons!!! Soo laughable. The other issues was I was using a $1 Suavital coupon, it was good on ANY fabric softener. I had the $1 Sheets and was told I had to get the liquid b/c that was what’s pictured. Rgghhhh. My other 2 IPs I was told (loudly) were photocopied b/c they were in b/w. Um hello LASER PRINTER! I pointed out the verify codes were different, but she insisted the bar code she scans has to be different. It was pitiful. I finally said Ya know what, keep your crappy merchandise, I don’t want it. And walked out. First time I ever did that! And it was just a measly $5 in coupons! I sent an email, go a generic “sorry” reply, but a week later, got a phone call from the DM. He apologized and offered me a $20 GC. I declined and told him keep it to train your employees. So that was last summer. Haven’t been inside since.

  74. jrmissrosamond007@yahoo.com

    Does anyone have a 20% one item a buy buy baby code? I deleted my email with it and now I really need to get something. Thank you!

    • Carmen

      I don’t but I have heard they will take babies r us and bed, bath, and beyond coupons if you have any of those.

  75. Tammy

    Walgreens customer service when it comes to coupons is not good. CVS is much better. I hope Walgreens corporate reads all these reviews.

  76. SF

    I love my Walgreens every other week milk is 2.99 a gallon and the employees there are extremely nice.

    • Diane

      Although I’m disappointed in these changes, I need to put in a plug for the employees at Walgreens in Moorhead, MN. They are always helpful and coupon-friendly.

    • LindaK

      My Wags is for the most part great and doesn’t give me coupon problems. It may take a while to check out, but the staff is very friendly.

  77. Em

    Life is to short to worry about the small stuff like this. Anywhere that gives you crap about coupons should be avoided, why create drama in your life? Sure, you may miss out on a few free shampoos but your day will be happier.

    • C

      Totally agree, Em!

  78. Jennifer

    I have found Walgreens frustrating already regarding couponing & have had a bad experience, just another reason to not shop there anymore

  79. Maori

    I threw in the towel long ago. Trying to use my register rewards in a way that still saved me money was frustrating and time consuming. Bye ,bye walgreens! I don’t regret having more time to live my life!

  80. C

    I live in a city with two Walmarts, no Target and only one drugstore – Walgreens. I LOVE shopping at Walgreens! I guess it all depends on your individual needs and budget. I am single and don’t need or have the space to stockpile like crazy, so I just use coupons to snag decent deals on individual items when they are already on sale. I’ve gotten a lot out of their balance rewards program, where I earn 500 points for filling my dog’s prescriptions and keeping track of my weight and daily fitness activities with their “Steps” program. I earn about $5 in points every few months just from that!

  81. nidhi

    Must be going in loss.. hehe

  82. Elisa

    After reading this update and than the full coupon policy; I found this disheartening. I understand it probably stems from the hoarders who stockpile more items that is normal. Who on God’s green earth needs a buggy full of same items? Are they aware many have expiration dates less than two years. My comment is a series of sad frowns.

    • Melissa

      I credit the Extreme Couponing show with the beginning of the decline in good deals. The show is and was obnoxious (is it still on? I don’t have cable so wouldn’t know.) I feel like many clerks in the stores group you with the hoarders and the shelf clearers, even if you are only using a handful of coupons.

      • Pat

        Melissa I totally agree with you.

        • Rochelle

          I agree!!!!!

      • Because I'M not Happy


        Let’s just assume those hoarders were responsible couponers. If they are paying the store with coupons, which are the same as cash once the store is reimbursed, then what is the problem then? I think it is just more about seeing the customer walk away with a great deal that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It’s not like the customer walked away and stole the items in their basket. They got paid. I believe that manufacturer coupons are released to entice me as a consumer to try their products and to move the products.

      • RA Cashier


  83. Shanshan

    Not affecting me much, since the crazy deals hasn’t been working for me anyway. To be fair I can’t really complain when they don’t allow coupon on free items.

  84. Cassy

    And this is why CVS is the best drugstore hands downs!

  85. shop4mybabies

    I have actually always had excellent, above par customer service at walgreens. which always thrills me considering these workers are paid dirt, deal with many many shady/rude/ghetto/drunk/high customers and still find it within them to be kind, chatty, and helpful. nearly every store is going to the no coupon on a free item rule, and I believe this fully comes direct from manufacturers. Safeway went to this rule over a year ago, target went to this rule within the last couple of weeks, and have updated their computer systems this week to reflect that, rite aid went to this rule last year. It seems completely fair and reasonable to me … do I wish I could get a better deal, of course. Do I wish the demise of all things walgreens because I can’t….um no because that is mental

  86. Mkim

    I’m so glad I’m not alone, I have always complained to my friends about Walgreens. Deals are not good, and their RR expires too fast so I always ended up a waste RR or spending it at random things.. Sick of getting fillers, sick of their unfriendly employees (nearest store to me) sick of their coupon policy.. I hope Walgreens see all of our comments.. CVS is still better even though the system “ate” some of my extrabucks lately.. Grr

  87. joanna

    i think jc penny was already messing with coupons and did not end well for them :),I am not a fan of shelf clearing but I use lots of coupons and they really help. so I hope the sell will go DOWN for them.

  88. Kayla

    As of late I haven’t been going to Walgreens as much as I do CVS and Target. One time a RR expired before I went in again. They do have good prices on tuna once a month but other than that I rarely go in. There was one cashier that would tell me to go to Cosmetics anytime I had a single coupon and she always seemed so stressed whenever I came in. I don’t mind that though because the cashier in Cosmetics is very kind and loves seeing how low my total can get. I agree with others about their efforts in scanning the coupons. With anyone else they wave it in front of the scanner then just give up.

  89. Jamie

    Honestly im very upset. My walgreens has always been wonderful and I do not coupon to clear shelves or hoard. I do it to be able to afford presents and items my family needs (as a college student money is tight).

  90. Jennifer

    Hmmm, this is going to suck most for me when I can’t use the All detergent coupons for BOGO But at least we can still pair store coupons with manufacturer coupons on a lot of things.

  91. Katiria

    Walgreens never stops disappointing me. empty shelves, beeping coupons, dumb point system. I rarely have a good trip to the store that’s why I give up on them and only shop there on rare occasions.

    • Because I'M not Happy

      You are exactly right, Casey! It is really no use complaining on blogs because when will anyone from corporate ever read it? I’ve taken the time to write when I’m not satisfied.

  92. mamabug

    To be honest, I think these changes are becoming necessary for retailers. Couponing used to be this hidden gem. Now it has turned into a full time business for many people and there is a lot of greed and dishonesty that goes along with it. It sucks that regular couponers like us are being effected but it is what it is. Our Walgreens has always adhered to those two changes, regardless of what the official policy said so it won’t change my approach at all. TLC’s Extreme Couponing show ruined coupons for me. Since then the only store around me that accepts coupons without hesitation is Walmart. πŸ™

    • Pat

      Our walmarts in Central Arkansas change on a daily basis. One day they don’t take internet coupons period and another day they do but in a limited amount and they are like walgreens. They act like you are stealing from the store when you use coupons. I am not a stockpiler ( do have from 2-4 of items stockpiled but I am not extreme. I donated a lot of my stockpile to the tornado victims up the street in El Paso and Mayflower.

  93. DP

    As a wag employee, and a couponer myself, I’ve always been accommodating to my couponing customers since I understand where they’re coming from and want them to get the best possible deal the same way I would. Unfortunately there are also those who misuse, overuse, abuse, and even deliberately engage in fraudulent couponing activity and this is where we draw the line and set limits as instructed by corporate and management. It’s not the fault of those of us who coupon honestly and within reasonable limits – coupons are meant to encourage shopping and give customers great deals – but when it gets out of hand, it becomes a problem, and I think these changes are a reasonable step toward preventing these issues.

    • DP

      From my experience, greedy couponers are one of the top reasons for empty shelves too, especially when the new ad week starts early…

      • Pat

        I agree. I have yet to be able to find the toothpaste deal at Target. Yesterday there were only two there so you couldn’t get the gift card deal. The level bars were all out also. I am going to get a few more pizza’s (have to take my brother with me cause he is so picky about the ingredients) tomorrow and will check again. Wish me luck!

    • Tina

      I can’t tell you how many times shelves have been cleared or all great clearance buys scoffed up by WAGS employees. Not to mention bags of fragrance and makeup testers!& coupons met for consumers:(. I DON’T think it is a step in the right direction at all rejecting legitimate funds…. Seriously, how about simply training employees better to detect fraud & simply limits like CVS. Boom problem solved,. Candidly, I think corporate doesn’t understand couponing (why else would they set policies that reduce legitimate sales). Know it all attitude, fed by lazy employees that don’t want to mess with coupons. They need to pay Colin for a few hours of her time as a consult…. Good & bad I think it would go a long way for Wags and increased sales.

      • DP

        I see your point and I ABSOLUTELY agree with the need for uniform and consistent training across the board. Fortunately at my store, we impose limits (or at least try our hardest to) on excessive coupon purchases with customers as well as among our team members and try to keep items in stock as much as we can. Of course, we can always improve company-wide and from a business standpoint, this at least gives other customers some sort of shot at getting what they want while cutting down on excessive and abusive couponing practices.

        As a side note, it’s sometimes difficult to impose limits when you have customers who try to circumvent the system through loopholes in a rude attempt to clear shelves and be greedy. But again, something to improve on πŸ™‚

  94. Olivia Douglass

    I gave up on using 2 coupons on a BOGO sale or when they have to adjust the coupon down in my local Walgreens. I always have an issue with that, and I’ve even spoken to the district manager about it. I do go there to get some deals but not anything with a BOGO or where an item is FREE (when they adjust the coupon). πŸ™ It seems as though their registers were already programmed to not allow these things!

  95. Virginia Roselli

    They have been too difficult for too long. I have not gone to walgreens in a long time and I do not plan on going again.

  96. Because I'M not Happy

    So is it an attempt to weed out all coupon users? I am not an extreme couponer here and I don’t have anything against responsible extreme couponers (meaning: the ones who follow coupon fine print and store’s coupon policy). This new policy is going to affect me and other responsible coupon users, who are just happy to get a great deal too and have become loyal to the store because of it. I stop by the store even when I don’t have a coupon to use and spend my hard-earned money to buy items because I thought they cared about helping me stretch my dollars too even though they are in the business of making lots of money. How were they losing money before this change? They were getting reimbursed. Honestly, I have never set foot in Walgreens until I learned about couponing. I think I am taking this personal. No customer= No business=No employees.

    • Casey

      Very well put! I agree with you! I think they got tired of the whiney managers that have mis feed corporate about what is going on with most coupon users. They are out of touch! Most of us are responsible and use valid qs for valid items. PLEASE take your time and send corporate an email.. I’ve been trying to encourage people to do this all dy


      • Because I'M not Happy


  97. Penta

    I’m disappointed because I love the two Walgreens that I go to. The cashiers and managers are great! I pretty much only go to Wags, Target, an occassionaly Walmart. I am going to miss those great BOGO deals at Wags but will keep shopping at my local ones. I understand the frustration some of you have about Wags. I had the same problems at Rite Aid and just stopped shopping there, no more headaches. Coupon policies are always changing maybe some day they will accept coupons on the free item again in the future.

  98. Lacey

    This is definitely not gonna sit well with a lot of people. I have a CVS, Rite-aid, & Wags all within 2 minutes from me so shopping elsewhere wouldn’t be a problem. Thankfully, through my Wags has friendly employees who don’t even mind if I do separate transactions. But everyone keeps talking about CVS so I’m wondering if I should give it a try. Riteaid for me is where I have issues. Employees not understanding their policy. They’re friendly as can be but it frustrates me when I miss out on deals because they ring it up wrong or are not sure how to ring it up. Or tell me to come back when another employee is around with “more experience with coupons cause she’s been here longer”… Okay vent over πŸ™‚

    • Casey

      Lacey, I once loved WAGS too, but CVS is def, better, LOVE their q machine, emails for extra $ off etc. you should de. Give them a try, not as confusing, ez corrections if no Catalina, I get a lot less eye rolls at CVS.

  99. GSN

    As a business owner I can tell you that you must have balance! Coupons are the cost of doing business but let’s think about a few things. The Walgreens promotions are not paid by the manufacturer. So that comes right of the top. The manufacturers coupons are processed and they get all or a portion back depending on what service they use to process. As blogs like these become more and more popular it becomes harder and harder to make ends meet and compete. As cost of goods sold goes up, min wages and other salaries go up, utilities, rent, and other non-controlables increase the bottom line decreases. It’s just a vicious cycle. If people would be reasonable with coupons and only buy what they can actual use with or without a coupon then the cycle would become more balanced. Every time I want something and I go to get it and it’s out of stock if I come home and google it someone blogged about some triple dipping deal so the people that abuse a deal make it bad for everyone. It is just the nature of the world we live in. So for all the people on here hating on Walgreens and refusing to shop there guess what……if they have to pay you to shop there they don’t want you shopping there anyway! It won’t be long when all the steal of a deal triple dippers start going to CVS they will follow suite! As far as the employees NO EXCUSE! They shouldn’t act that way. They are probably just overhearing negative management and passing on the bad attitude. Only one side note to that…..you may not be the one but you may just be on the wrong end of an employee who has been chewed on for a policy they have no control over and in the “The Customer is ALWAYS Right” world we live in sometimes customers take things a bit too far. Just remember when you were working on that side of the counter in that type of atmosphere unless you are lucky enough to have never been on that side of the counter…..it’s not always so pleasant. You can be having a GREAT day and all it takes in ONE person to belittle you and label you to make the rest of your shift almost unbearable! BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER and DON’T OVER INDULGE and THE WORLD WILL BE A LOT BETTER.

    • Because I'M not Happy

      I am a regular couponer and I have been belittled by some cashiers with their displaced anger and aggression, many times, because I am using ONE coupon. One coupon that frustrates them because they don’t understand the fine print or maybe they think it’s too much work for them when they could be doing other things than being a cashier.
      Manufacturer coupons are a form of advertisement for the store too. It prompts me to get out of my house, use up car fuel and stop by the store to buy the item advertised on the coupon that supposedly will help save me money…and then while I am already at the store, I either grab other items I don’t have coupons for or end up getting distracted and spend my dollar bills on something I don’t really need.

      • GSN

        You are the reason for coupons EXACTLY! I can tell you from being on the other side of the register the problem is as humans it is hard to get the correct perspective when you have the other end of the spectrum the EXTREME couponer that doesn’t buy anything but the “loss leaders”! Trust me my comments are based on facts and are directed towards the extremest. I have often said, “It’s so hard to shake off that nasty customer treatment even know they may be 1 in 100.” It’s just how we are wired! There is so many things that beat you down it’s hard to shake off bad treatment. That goes both ways. When a good customer feels unappreciated it’s hard to forget that as well. If I was treated bad I would just keep my mouth shut and smile and look up afterwards and thank God that I wasn’t so angry and pray their day gets better. Keep doing what you are doing you are the exact reason coupons and loss leader items are advertised and the system will continue to work!

        • Colene Pefley

          Extreme couponers are taking money out of your pocket. Why does it upset you? I can’t possibly spend all of the time it takes to be one, but it does take a lot of time and dedication. If they are abiding by all the rules, I don’t see the problem?

          • Colene Pefley

            I meant are NOT taking money out of your pocket.

            • GSN

              Ha! Your first statement stating “are” is correct. Here is why Colene. Companies have to make a certain amount of money to pay the bills, shareholders or whoever. So as companies have to resort to coupons and gimmicks to sell their products and then figure in extreme couponing and fraud/theft/abuse of other degrees sizes have shrunk and prices have increased therefore taking money out of YOUR packet as well as MINE the non-EXTREME couponer. Just imagine if all the manufactures stopped printing coupons and just reduced the prices. Everyone would get a better deal. The problem is we as Americans can’t wrap our heads around that. JCP tried it and failed because the average consumer is schooled to believe we have to work, hunt, clip and scour the coupon deal world in order to be a successful shopper. What started as a way for the average stay home Mom to make ends meet for her family has become a career and reality show humor. I don’t lose sleep over the extreme couponer, it doesn’t upset me. I was just commenting on the business side of things owning a business for 7 1/2 years that is coupon driven. There are always two sides right?!?!?! I never stated I was mad or upset. I follow Hip 2 Save because I like the website heads up on sales and have been introduced to new sites I never would have found if it wasn’t for Hip 2 Save. I eat mostly organic and use non-high chemical products so most coupons aren’t applicable for my lifestyle but I do like finding that hidden organic one here and there. I was just pointing out the business side of extreme couponing and the bad behavior on all sides because of the negativity it creates at the register. Nothing more nothing less. It will continue long after we are dead and gone but it will evolve that is business and life!

            • Dollbaby's mom

              I understand where you are coming from with the couponing at JCP, but we will have to agree to disagree on that particular subject. I stopped shopping there because when they changed the couponing situation the changed the style as well. I remember at one point in time I could go there and get my daughter the best looking church dresses you could find, and then one day I went in there and said what in the world has happened. IMO it was the worst thing they could have done with all the Disney dress up clothing things in there, I can get those from Target or Walmart.

    • Kellie

      I agree with all of your sentiments!

    • kcmiami88

      I completely agree! I am all for couponing, and I have a stock pile, but some ppl do go too far! I extreme couponed like crazy for one month and got enough stuff to last my family of 3 for a year! Some people extreme coupon like that all year round and I just dont believe when they say oh we use all this stuff… some maybe do but I see people online all the time trying to sell their stuff. It makes me mad because sooo many times I go to find a deal only to find an empty shelf because 3 people cleared out an entire store… plus those people who copy coupons… between the two they ruin it for the rest of us out here needing to save money!!

    • Carol_R

      The thing is that the stores are trying to manipulate customers to buy things they don’t need at ridiculous prices. Not just Walgreens but all stores. They use coupons and loss leaders to get the customers in the store in order to do that.

      It extends to where items are placed in the store: (milk and eggs) are placed in the back of grocery stores in order to force customers to walk through the entire store in the hope that they will see other items and purchase them), where they’re placed on shelves and the items placed at the checkout counter which typically include candy so that kids will see it and parents will have a hard time refusing their kids.

      The bottom line is that most items in stores are not needed, many aren’t healthy or are toxic for you, and most are not a good deal even if they lowered the price significantly. You can make most of the items commonly purchased at home with better ingredients for a lot cheaper that are a lot safer and don’t have toxic ingredients in them. The items in the store just offer convenience.

    • Shannon H

      I am a former Walgreens employee and I can tell you they are not hurting with coupons with 300% on everything and 83% of the population being willing to pay that mark up. I could understand if it were some mom and pop shop or some business that’s just starting out, but Walgreens is very much established. Look at Target and all of their coupons going on and they’re all STORE. None of them are complaining. In fact they encourage it because it brings them MORE business.

      • GSN


        What level of an employee were you? Business isn’t that simple! They don’t make 300% across the board! Corporate or independent!

        Target is extremely aggressive because they are millions of dollars down in sales due to the security breach. They are aggressively trying to build back their business and the trust of their customers. If they can and I hope they do because I don’t feel like it was really all their fault they too will pull back the open door triple dipping policies they have going on. Just watch their quarterly reports and if they get back to the positive you will soon after see changes. Again not defending big business but a business model of any kind isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface! Give it a try as an owner and then let me know what you think!

        • Shannon H

          I was an overnight manager. I handled most, if not all, of the merchandising, sales, and ood. And I meant a 300% mark up.on their product, not profit off of it. There is a difference and I apologize for not being more direct in my response. Target also had all of these deals BEFORE the hack.

          • Jim

            Shannon, I like how you completely silenced GSN. If GSN can’t compete, then she should go out of business. Simple law of economics, survival of the fittest.

            • GSN

              Jim, I wasn’t silenced I don’t believe Shannon’s last comments warranted a reply. I do have a life outside of this banter. I don’t need to have the last word! Your survival of the fittest comment doesn’t warrant my time either. BTW: I do compete and have very successfully. My comments are always just to show a different side of the business model that people usually don’t know about because they haven’t run a business. I learned more running a business than I ever knew or paid to know while earning my MBA. So my comments were not attacking any individual it was just educational and factual. You however haven’t extended the same intelligent respectful interaction! So you will not silence me but I will not dignify you anymore with replying to your hateful comments go BULLY someone else!

    • Donna

      G SN, Thank you for the business view of this matter. I’m still a little confused. If the store gets refunded, then why refuse the coupon? If people are buying excessive amounts of the B1G1 sales, wouldn’t limiting the number of B1G1 each customer can purchase make more sense? What am I missing here?

      • GSN

        Donna, If the coupon is a Manufacturers Coupon redeemable at any store then that is really on the manufacture and they print as many as they want to redeem with hopes of getting someone to try the product and love it and buy it in the future. On average this is a very successful way to gain trail and get someone to be loyal. That is different then when a store like Walgreens, Target, CVS or any other store offers a BOGOFree promo only redeemable at their store. In this case how much the store gets back is questionable. There are all kinds of behind the scene things that can be at play here. They may have gotten a promotional price on the purchase of the product. They may get a rebate back from the manufacture for “X” amount of sales. Again they are needing to gain something from the offer. Like you come in for the “A Loss Leader” and you buy something else. Back in the day before internet these tactics were very successful because it was all in moderation. Now with the internet the word gets out to people who would have never known about the promotion and with online coupons and such the “reach” is far greater than ever before. So I feel with technology they just need to find the new “win/win” in marketing. So there will be some growing pains as everyone works through the war to get the customer and be able to stay in business and have healthy competition which is necessary to have a successful economy. Unless you just want ONE store to shop at and be subject to their rules when they have no competition keeping things honest. In the meantime you get a deal today and it’s gone tomorrow. Consider yourself lucky to have options and from time to time AMAZING deals. Other people in the world don’t have the first world problems we have with complaining because we can’t redeem a BOGOFree at Walgreens as many times as we use to or think we are owed the ability to! Moderation and competition makes the economy work! πŸ™‚

  100. Teri

    Read this on the Walgreens Coupon Policy; ridiculous!!!

    2. When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple coupons for multiple qualifying items, as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified on the coupon. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased and/or prohibit the purchase of excessive quantities. An excessive quantity is any quantity above and beyond normal household usage.

    • Jennifer

      Yay!!!!! No more shelf clearers! Maybe some of the rest of us can get in on a few deals too!

      • mel

        Thats been there since the policy update a while back. Management (at ANY store) ALWAYS has the right to reserve quantity. I’ve seen signs on my store’s counter & front door that a certain deal is Limit 1 or 2 PER Customer. That’s b/c drug stores only get a small amount of stock. Its sad that there are smash & grab shelf clearers.
        I’m sure the next phase will be to do away with RR’s (except for national catalina deals) and add card limits like CVS & Rite Aid

      • Potato

        I agree, I hope they enforce this.

    • kcmiami88


  101. Teri

    I guess Walgreens moved from the corner of happy and healthy to the corner of rude and ridiculous!

    • Rebe

      LOL, I thought they had ALWAYS being there!

    • Casey

      Too cute πŸ™‚

  102. Carrie33

    Walgreens is on the other side often for me and often not worth the cost of gas. Don’t have a problem with their change in policy as we have so many shelf cleaners that will go in at 11:30 (rite aid too) and swoop all the upcoming deals, purchase right at 12:00 and leave nothing for anyone else. Then you see people selling the stuff on local swap sites Or yard sales and it irritates me to no end. When a person has multiple quantities of an item it is a
    Big clue. Amazing the cajones some people have

  103. Jennifer

    Why, Teri, is it rude and ridiculous? I’m always up for a good deal myself but I’ve grown tired of the “Super Couponers”. I worked at a store that is featured on this site and they are circling the aisles at 11:30 on Saturday night, their carts stuffed with the best deals clearing out our shelves before anyone else is even up! THAT is ridiculous. And, news flash, you DON’T get reimbursed for the coupons. Do you really think that the pounds of paper that are collected are actually sorted and sent to the manufacturers? They are sent to a processing center and stores are paid a certain amount per weight. I don’t know what happens to them after that. But the amount you are reimbursed isn’t equal to the value of the coupon. In the end, I guess if Walgreen’s wants to change their policy, that’s up to them. I hope everyone else does it too because I’d like to get a couple good deals myself. I’m just not into swarming the stores when they first open.

    • Dayna

      I had no idea people did that….how crazy! I don’t coupon as much anymore because I don’t have the time and its too much of a hassle most of the time.

    • C

      Amen! I can’t believe how worked up people get about stuff like this. No one is REQUIRED to follow a certain coupon policy, offer a rewards program, or give out a free product every week – these are all extras or perks and a company can change their policy whenever they want. A business is a business. I for one am grateful for coupons and appreciate weekly sales and deals, because honestly these companies don’t have to run them at all!

    • Chelsea

      Just a heads up Jennifer (and anyone else who’s curious), stores ARE reimbursed for each good coupon, plus a small handling fee.
      This is how the process works: The cashier counts up the coupons at the end of the day and makes sure the till balances out. The coupons are then bundled by the store and sent to the corporate office where all the coupons from all the stores are put into a bigger bundle and sent to a large clearing house ( though some smaller stores do this in-house).
      The clearing house puts all the coupons that are in good condition on a big conveyor belt and they are scanned, then an automated process sorts them by manufacturer and prepares an invoice for the manufacturer. If the coupon doesn’t scan, is damaged etc. it is labeled β€œhard to handle” and is hand processed. If it is the coupon’s fault (poor design, bad barcode etc.) the grocer can then charge the manufacturer a higher handling fee. The coupons are then mailed from the clearing house to the manufacturer for reimbursement.
      The manufacturer receives the coupons and an invoice stating how many are there. They then pay the bill. Some will recount to check for clearing house fraud and then pay the bill.

      • leeb

        thanks for clearing that up. some people just like to make things up if they dont know what the deal is. makes me laugh when i see this.

      • Geesh

        Thanks for that, Chelsea. I don’t like it when things are exaggerated and based on speculation. I like it when people actually do their research and share facts. I don’t like people who invent fairy tales. I’ve been told by cashiers before, I think out of spite (because I’m not using my own money, and getting an item for free after coupon), that the store is “not getting paid” back or reimbursed at all. Now, how am I supposed to know, as a customer, if there was any truth to that statement at all? Do I even need to hear that detail from a cashier? I didn’t see their data. I didn’t see their bank account balance. If it’s true then I think they need to investigate where their reimbursement checks are if they truly are “losing money”. Did the cashier say that to discourage me from couponing? I believe that is why.

      • kcmiami88

        They do get reimbursed but not 100% of the coupon. Like so many people think… after the store pays the sorting warehouse and receives a percentage of the coupon face value they really aren’t getting that much back… I think its around half but I cant remember for sure the exact amount… but I do know for a fact no business is getting back the full value.

        • Carol_R

          The sorting warehouse fee is typically less than the processing fee that the vendor allows. If stores do the processing in-house, they can actually make money on the coupons since their processing costs may be lower.

    • meg

      I agree with you Jennifer. I am also sick and tired of people acting like the stores owe them free stuff! I am also tired of hearing I need 50 tubes of toothpaste or 100 rolls of toliet paper because I have 6 kids. It’s ridiculous that some not all clear the shelves. It’s about time ALL stores started limiting the amount you can buy. I love a great deal too but I am not greedy.

      • Potato

        How about the ever so popular, i need 50 free tubes to donate to charity. Meanwhile, the shelf is cleared, and low-income families cannot partake in the deal.

    • Glo

      The stores where I live aren’t open at midnight so you don’t clear the shelves late at night, however most of the stuff that I have a coupon for are out of stock. If I really want the item I have to get a rain check. Most of the stores in my area have limits on how many coupons you can use as well as the quantity of each item you can buy when it’s on sale, except Wally World and their shelves are always empty.

      • Potato

        However rainchecks are frequently not an option, as in the case of points and RR.

    • Casey

      What the?.. Where did u get they are paid per weight… A coupon is a contract and pursuant to said terms retailers ARE reimbursed the amount of q plus processing fee. Please provide me with any credible research that shows retailers are only paid per lb. on coupons.

  104. Tina

    I don’t know if this had been answered in a previous comment, but what if I had a $1.00 off 2 item coupon that I was using on a B1G1 free item. Would they let me do that?

    • Potato

      They will not.

  105. Karen

    I just used 2 coupons on the BOGO offer on banana boat sunscreen. Maybe they aren’t using this policy at my Walgreen yet?

  106. Sarah

    Another reason for me to not to shop at Walgreens ever again! Hate Walgreens!

  107. Amy

    My wags experiences have been mixed. We have a couple friendly, coupon knowledgable cashiers and some who act like presence is an annoyance even when I don’t have a coupon and am paying regular prices. I have never had a problem at CVS though, all of their cashiers are very nice and knowledgable about their coupon policies. CVS always seems to have better sales and are better stocked as well so I hardly go to Wags anymore anyway.

  108. Brandy

    So glad they’re building a CVS right down the road from my walgreens. I love my walgreens and the staff there are very friendly but frankly this new policy sucks.

  109. Dawn

    If it’s not a GOOD deal just won’t shop there- Target here I come – they have the best deals!! πŸ™‚

  110. Rae

    I stopped shopping Walgreen’s when they started using the points system.

  111. TBlady

    Honestly my walgreens staff is nice but I only ever went for the free toothpaste deals with RR and free deals where they adjusted down the coupons (I.e. Almay).

    So it looks like I’ll only be stopping in every few months for the free toothpaste deals.

  112. tammy

    this is why cvs is way better

  113. Linda

    I’ll just skip this store to shop with^^

  114. jhnicole

    I hardly shop at walgreens or rite aid.cvs is my fav and target.I don’t like walmart.

  115. Anita

    I have already stopped shopping at Walgreens so this won’t affect me at all. It’s too bad though because I used to really look forward to the Walgreens sales every week. I live in a small town and it’s the only store that has good coupon deals. I quit shopping there though because it takes forever to get through the checkout line and most of the cashiers don’t even know their own coupon policy.

  116. Sara

    Those were such good ol’ days weren’t they?

  117. Kari

    I also stopped shopping there. Always a problem when I use coupons there! The last straw was 2 years ago when they advertised Axe gift sets 50% after Christmas. I was pumped to use a 2$ coupon and when I get there they had torn apart all of the gift sets and were selling the items separately! They are not worth my time or money.

  118. Bettie

    I live next to camp pendleton in oceanside ca and there are plenty of ladies there that clear off the shelves and resale on craigslist or pendleton yard sales. It’s really annoying especially when you go to the store and everything is gone. I like couponing but I only get what I need and no more. I’ve also been a cashier and trust me some couponers get really greedy. So yeah if I ever frustrate a cashier by couponing I don’t get all crazy on them. It’s hard being a cashier especially since every person seems pissed off now a days and many have no respect for others.

  119. Kellie

    Personally, none of these changes affect me because I have never felt comfortable trying them, in the first place. However, to those of you affected by these changes, I feel badly for you! I, too, notice that most Walgreens cashiers are a bit shut off by most customers, not just those who coupon. I am inclined to believe that their negative attitudes are corporate induced. When I compare CVS cashiers to those at Wags, the difference is astounding. I do not believe Walgreens looks to hire people who openly show that their upset. I’m positive that they become that way, over time. Despite the policy changes, be nice to those behind the registers, if you choose to go back. The cashiers do not have any say in policy changes therefore, should not be held responsible. Unless you have worked retail, you know nothing about what influences any cashier to seem negative or positive. All it takes is one too entitled customer to ruin it for everyone.

  120. Teri

    I remember when the Walgreens ad was worth looking at and had up to 20 pages in it. I’m 38 and have been couponing for 12 years. It was a well kept secret until the Extreme Couponing show showed the world the endless possibilities and, suddenly everyone decided to jump on the couponing wagon. Then the downward economy came into place and, this didn’t help either because suddenly we were forced to do more with less and choose our purchases carefully. We cannot blame people for buying ten tubes of toothpaste, clearing shelves, and possessing stockpiles at home. The economy did this to us. I myself have cleared a shelf or two. But, any couponer will tell you that if you go to a sale and the items are actually there, you’ve been blessed. You can choose to walk away and leave it behind but, I promise you that it will be gone as soon as you walk away. And yes, you usually do not need ten tubes of toothpaste. But, if it’s free, why not? I may not need all of them but, my extended family does and my neighbors do, and charities as well. What is so wrong with sharing the fruit when the basket is plentiful?

    • meg

      To each his own. I was raised differently…to think of other peoples needs before my own. Saying well if I don’t clear the shelves someone else will is an excuse to be greedy. I have taught my kids to think of others. Just my opinion. Happy couponing everyone!

  121. Emily

    Hi Collin. I went to Walgreens yesterday trying to do part of the deal that you posted this week and I don’t know if you know already but there’s another new thing in the policy. If you use a coupon for an item that has RR back, the RR won’t print in the receipt. In order to receive the RR, you can’t use coupons on the item. The cashier told me that this was a new rule because and I quote “The stores are losing too much money”.

    • Carrie

      I just shopped at Walgreens yesterday as well and my rr’s printed for the items I used coupons on.

    • santha

      Not true, I work at walgreens and that is a complete fabrication. Call your store and inform them of the Bs that cashier fed you.

    • Katherine

      I just did a deal today and received the RR on the Windex Touch-ups with a BOGO coupon from 5/11 SS, so not sure if this is misinformation.

      • Daisy

        Hi, I was jw if the RR that printed for your windex deal was for $1 or $2? It was advertised as a $2 RR but when I did the deal this past week using the bogo coupon it only printed a $1 RR.

    • Geesh

      Did you actually read that on the policy? Did they show you where it says that?
      I quit the invest my money into the store to get a free item game a long time ago. That money should be working for me, sitting in the bank making any little interest we are getting these days.

  122. Teri

    That happened to me two nights ago. I went to Walgreens for the Suave body wash deal. I purchased the three shower wash bottles as required and used the B2G1 free coupon. When the cashier completed my transaction, the machine did not print my RR. I asked her about it and, she told me that the coupon machine was not working and to come back tomorrow for it. I told her that I lived in another town and, she told me that I could go to my local Walgreens and request it there. I then decided to just return the items since driving back to this Walgreens for a $2.00 RR didn’t make sense. It was odd to me. The cashier seemed new and not well informed but, it made me think that perhaps it didn’t print because I used a coupon or that this may be true.

    • Rhonda

      I’m pretty sure the suave body wash deal is for balance rewards points not a register reward.

  123. Liz

    This doesn’t surprise me too much since they have never been too coupon friendly. It really hasn’t been worth the time and effort to go to Wags for a deal lately. Maybe I should thank them for simplifying my life a little bit as I doubt I’ll be shopping there much if at all in the future.

  124. Mellissa

    Walgreens has always been my least favorite drug store. Well out of CVS and Wags because we don’t have Rite Aid in Florida so I guess I should say couponing location. Anywho, I have never felt like Walgreens liked couponers so now I just have more of a reason to check out CVS and Target. I have vowed that once I hit 50000 points that I am out and this solidifies my decision.

  125. Bobbie

    Rule #10: “Coupons may not be applied against any free item received in any offer”

    Does this only apply to BOGO stuff or does this also mean no MM’s with RR’s?

  126. Cannielle

    Don’t know why people are mad over these changes, just don’t go if you don’t like. Walgreens is not a charity, it is a business.

    • Casey

      Canille le, ouch:(. We are just frustrated bc we don’t feel like our business is valued. A lot of us were loyal to WAGS and we will miss them. If it made sense no problem. Don’t you think we know its a business not a charity (a lil harsh). Lots of us have helped support that business for years. I coupon but my family has over 1k in scripts we get filled there monthly……. Trust me, no charity from WAGS here:(. And now a crappy, misguided, nonsensical coupon policy only to be enforced by mostly unhappy poorly trained cashiers & mgrs. that are taught to not like coupons.

    • hsanpez

      Agreed! Once i cash all my rewards points, i am going to stop shopping at Walgreens. If they chose to adjust their policy to increase their total sales at the end of the day, i am choosing to shop somewhere else to save as much as i can at the end of the day. It works both ways. Corporate decides what products go on sale and when. If they don’t want us to use the coupons on those items, why putting them on sale then? plus, manufacture companies refunds them $ for the coupons used by the consumer. And this is how Wags wants me to be loyal to the company?
      Once July comes, bye bye walgreens!

  127. Laura

    I have 2 walgreens by my work, one has started this new policy and the hasn’t yet.
    I was informed if this new policy when I was there last time, the manager said I could use the two coupons for the bogo this time but the next day (Sunday) started the new policy and I wouldn’t be allowed too.
    She also informed me that at their store u also will NOT be allowed to by any item in excessive amounts, so the shelves would not be cleared. I was informed of this because she said I was being excessive by buying 6 hand soaps (which were bogo). I thought that was rediculus! I clearly pointed out the sale ended that night and there was a lot on the shelves still, as I didn’t even make a dent buying 6. She said that amount would no longer be allowed on any item!
    If they change their policy on coupons, that is their right. But to tell me how many of each item I buy is CRAZY!!

    • SarahS

      I totally agree with you! I wonder why they don’t just limit the number per customer like other stores. It allows each Walgreens to totally decide what they think is excessive!

    • Nancy Berry

      deal with it

  128. Maggie

    Walgreen’s is degrading to customers, If people stop shopping there, They will change their tune. Even when I didn’t have a coupon, The customer service is just not there, Why do I want to do business with a company like that.

  129. coupshop

    Can you still use one coupon if it’s off two such as $3.00 off two banana boat sunscreen? I used that one with the BYGO deal this week.

  130. Dorothy

    Is that policy starting tomorrow June 1? When we are buying Purex when they are having their buy 1 and get 2 free, we can only use 1 coupon and no coupons on the free ones?
    Does CVS let you use coupons on their free idems? We don’t have a CVS near us yet but they are building one right now.

  131. kcmiami88

    I love walgreens and wont stop shopping there due to this change. Honestly I think it was people using fraudulent coupons and using coupons incorrectly and people who go in and clear the shelf in one trip. IF I wanted a lot of a deal I would shop multiple walgreens or I would go back multiple days. I never walked in and cleared a shelf unless there was only like 6 items left n it was a bogo sale of some sort. It just sucks because its like a kindergarten rule a small few ppl ruin it for everyone!! I dont blame walgreens I blame the irresponsible ppl who misused and abused the system!

    • Donates Couponed items Often

      Have you thought maybe people are just buying 3 at a time and they are just running out?

      • SueG

        Exactly. They never have much stock on anything and even less on sale items!

  132. Nancy Berry

    It is their store and they make the rules. They also run a business and have to make money. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there. I was getting tired of cutting all the coupons, figuring out where to go, what to get and the shelves were empty because someone bought them all. Should only be allowed 2. Greedy people have ruined it. Something had to be done/ Getting free things does not bring income to a store. Be happy with what you get/

  133. Potato

    I’d like to bring up something that no one else in the couponing community has realized yet… Now with Rite Aid and Walgreens no longer accepting BOGO coupons or 2 $off coupons on store BOGO promotions, CVS will likely sooner or later also stop accepting coupons on store BOGO promotions. With the other two big drugstores discontinuing this practice, it is no longer a point of competition.

    Compare this situation to the decline of doubling coupons. When one major grocery store in an area (for example, Meijer) stops doubling coupons, the other major grocery store in the area (e.g., Kroger) that is now the only one that double coupons in town now no longer has a reason to continue to double., This is why other grocery stores in the area would follow suit. The same will likely happen with CVS and BOGO practices.

    • Carol_R

      Maybe, but CVS prices are significantly hirer than Rite Aid or Walgreens prices unless an item is on super sale at CVS.

    • Amy Mac

      So the playing field will finally be level again and they will have to come up with some new incentive to get people to shop at their store. This is how double coupons got created in the first place.

  134. Carol_R

    I had have a good experience at Walgreens EXCEPT I must check if their coupon machine is working before any transaction. If it is not working they won’t tell you and will just let you lose out on any register reward. Most of the cashiers are nice and helpful but that seems to be prevalent. I prefer where the register reward is printed at the end of your receipt like at Rite Aid or CVS because of that or where points go to your card so that you don’t lose out.

  135. Shavonne

    That sucks BUT you can always use the price match at Wal-Mart! Wooohooo! Beat the system!

  136. cheryl

    I don’t like it if there out of something they’ll give you a raincheck but you can’t get r.r.

  137. Paige

    I, like many others, stopped couponing a while ago because I got tired of the hassle of clipping it, driving to whichever store it was for, seeing the item out of stock, waiting to ask when it might be in (before the coupon expired), asking if I could get a rain check ( which may or may not happen depending on the store of employee) and MAYBE leaving with something because more than likely, the price of getting there was more expensive than the item itself. I avoid a lot of that aggravation by shopping online more. Most of the coupons work as intended, I don’t have to worry about rude or aggravated looks from the cashiers or customers behind me, and I can do it on my time. As a manager in customer service, I get both sides. I understand the customer wants a great deal but businesses need to make money. Even in a down economy (which isn’t their fault) they need to make sure their bills are paid and their employees are paid so they can take care of their households too. Most cashiers I deal with are only mildly irritated (thankfully) and I’ve only been treated unnecessarily harshly a couple of times. I’ve had managers that have gone out of their way to be overly nice because I was nice and polite and wasn’t trying to cram the item down their throat and making a scene (which, let’s be honest, some of us have done). If you makes you stop shopping at Walgreens, Krogers, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Publix, etc. then so be it because although it sucks, it’s better (honestly from a business standpoint) to lose one customer that would have bought $150 worth of items but only spent $6 then lose 20 customers each paying full price or almost full price for everything in their buggy. I diversify my shopping experience and don’t rely on one store to always give me the best deal or just suck it up and pay what the item is worth. Because honestly, my time is worth more than the time it would spend arguing with someone over whether or not I can use a coupon on something I don’t even really need or want but am only getting BECAUSE I have a coupon. It’s the world we live in and as more people transition to other stores and other means of acquiring items it may change (i.e. JCP no coupon policy). So, happy bargain shopping!

  138. Bret

    Walgreens has always been limiting compared to their competition (CVS and Rite Aid). I usually go to Lowes Foods and Rite Aid for most of my purchases with coupons because they are always friendlier there. The manager at my local Rite Aid allows me to whatever I want on a Raincheck if they are out. For example, I can have whatever quantity of the sale that I want because she knows I buy quite a bit from her store. It just really irks me when I go to Walgreens and they limit you to one of something on sale. There are more than one person in my household. If I want to buy supplies like mouthwash and toothpaste for my household, I can never get all that I NEED from a single Walgreens store. THIS is why I tend to shop elsewhere. They won’t allow you to buy what you need to buy even WITHOUT any coupons being used! It’s just ridiculous. If I owned my own store, I would LOVE for people to buy whatever they wanted because that means I am making money and my profits are going UP. If they don’t have the stock to keep up with demand, then perhaps they should be ordering a higher quantity of a product in preparation for a sale. By limiting to one per person, you are essentially cutting the revenue of that store. This is what Walgreens corporate does not realize. They implement these strict policies to ensure everyone is able to purchase one of the items on sale but in most cases and in actuality, it is suppressing potential revenue. With how high prices are at drug stores ($7 to $8 for some mouthwashes when they are $4 every day at dollar stores or Walmart…), I’m surprised anyone even shops there… myself included. My point to all of this is that with a little better inventory management, stores could be better stocked for sales in anticipation that demand for those items will be high. There shouldn’t be a limit of one when the purpose of a store is to sell merchandise…

  139. Ron

    Not accepting a coupon on a Buy 1 Get 1 free deal is understandable, not giving money back on a manufacturer coupon that exceeds the price of the item I can live with, BUT NOT ACCEPTING REGISTER REWARDS BECAUSE THEY PRINT THEM AS MANUFACTURER COUPONS (WHICH THEY ARE NOT, WALGREENS DOESN’T MANUFACTURE ANYTHING) WHEN YOU ARE BUYING $.99 EGGS AND A FILLER ITEM USING A $! RR IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY RIDICULOUS AND I WILL BE BOYCOTTING WALGREENS FOR THIS IDIOTIC POLICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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