*HOT* $5/2 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Products Coupon = Awesome Deal at Target (Through 6/14)

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$5.00 off any TWO L'Oreal Paris Haircare Products

HURRY on over to Coupons.com to print a new, higher value $5/2 L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Products (excluding 1.7oz trial size) coupon. This coupon makes for a *HOT* deal at Target this week…

Buy 4 L’Oreal Advanced Stylers starting around $3.94
Buy 4 L’Oreal 1.7oz Trial Sized Shampoo or Conditioners $0.97 (will be free with sale)
Total = $15.76
Use the $5 off $15 Personal Care Purchase in-ad Target coupon (or text CARE to 827438)
Plus, use 2 $5/2 L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Products coupon found here
Final cost $0.76 for all 8 items!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 4 L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo or Conditioners 12.6oz $3.99
Buy 4 L’Oreal 1.7oz Trial Sized Shampoo or Conditioners $0.97 (will be free with sale)
Total = $15.96
Use the $5 off $15 Personal Care Purchase in-ad Target coupon (or text CARE to 827438)
Plus, use 2 $5/2 L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Products coupon found here
Final cost $0.96 for all 8 items!

(Thanks, Juliana!)

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  1. sandy

    Prints on BOTTOM of page if only printing that 1 coupon.

    • Cassandra

      Whoohoo! I was running low on shampoo, I only have 250 left lol.

      • rebecca

        I have 249.. I better run.. lmfao

        • leanne

          LOL, my boyfriend said he wasn’t picky on shampoo, so once his runs out, he’s gonna start using some of my aussie/herbal essence/pantene/whatever else i got for free because i have so many of them

        • Happymama


      • Kelly

        250….can we see you on hoarders this season?

    • Ashlee

      Just lost one bc I reuse smaller pieces of paper, only printed the top of the coupon. Ugh

      • Rose

        You can set your printer to preview the printout before you print so that you know for next time how big the coupon is so you don’t lose out on an awesome deal. It should be in the printer settings πŸ™‚

    • S

      Wish had seen ur comment earlier..;)

  2. Margie

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • nicolegammeter

      You’re so welcome! πŸ™‚

  3. Diana

    Yay!!! Thank u! Awesome deals! Cant pass up free or less than $1!

    • nicolegammeter


  4. Shelly

    Before I head to Target, where would the trial sized shampoos be? Thanks! Awesome deal!!

    • Crystal

      at my store it was by the trial size products. they were completely out of the trial size though so the manager substituted the trial size suave professional shampoo for me.

  5. Molly

    at my store- the only products that I could get the free trial sizes with were the styling products, not the shampoo and conditioner. Which is fine, cause with the humid Michigan summer, my curly hair is going to need a lot of mousse and hair spray to be tamed:) Thanks a ton!!

    • Kimberly

      Yes at my store thats what it was too, only with the bigger shampoos at 5.99 and with the stylers at 3.99. I had them check at register too just to make sure :-(. Still a great deal though!

      • Ketryna

        Same here

      • Lindak

        Me too, I was hoping for the shampoo.

    • Cindy

      Same here

  6. stacy

    Can you use the code more then once to get 5 off 15?

    • Jessica Wallace

      Yes it says at the bottom that you can use a total of two

  7. sarah

    I have already used my $5 coupon from the computer twice and my phone. Just told my husband to text for the offer so I can get this deal. This is the only shampoo and conditioner that works for my hair and I can’t miss this deal. I did all the deals earlier in the week but this is the best. Thanks a million collin. You are amazing and I tell everyone about your site. You save me and my family so much money. You are truly a blessing to me. Have a blessed day.

    • Cassandra

      As for an ad up in customer service! πŸ™‚

      • Cassandra


      • sarah

        Thanks for the tip. Totally forgot I could do that. I ended up having my husband text for the offer and he took a screen shot of the code and texted it to me so I could go back and get this deal cause it was so amazing. Who doesn’t love $1 for 4 of these awesome hair products, especially when its all i use πŸ™‚

  8. Sidney

    I ran out of ink right when I tried to print this πŸ™ boo, I never get deals for some reason or another

  9. Melissa

    Can you use the $5 off more than once was going to the got2b deal but this is a good one too

    • michelle young

      You can always ask at customer service for an ad and cut out coupon when you are at the store and use.
      The free shampoo at my store was in the back I had to ask someone for it.

  10. Dee

    Yay thank you Collin I was so bummed when I missed the $4/2 and this one is even better!!

  11. Nikky

    My Target makes me scan paper coupons before my phone. Does anybody know if this order will work or will the Target $5 off not be recognized after the paper coupons? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Mia

      Nikky I forgot my mobil coupon and gave to cashier at the end ( she scaned all my paper coupons) and mobil coupon came off after all paper coupons. I did that just one time and it came off. So not sure it will work every time but I got lucky that time. HTH

    • Leah Gough

      I didn’t have enough on my total after coupons so use the $5 off.. I wish I would have known that is their policy before I went to check out would have bought my hair dye. Going to go back and use my $4 coupon and then use my $5 coupons too. Wish me luck. I am horrible at Target shopping. Ugh..

  12. cara

    If I keep coming home with shampoo my husband is threatening to take my three year olds burger king crown, and in a Sharpie write “crazy coupon lady” on it, and I’m going to be crowned.

    • Lin

      HaHa! Great minds think alike, my husband says that too!

    • Dara

      And I bet you bought that Sharpie with a coupon!

    • Jacki

      Did you use a coupon for the Burger King? Lol

  13. Maria

    I just got the RP insert in PA with $2 off 1 L’oreal manufacturer’s coupon AND $2 off 1 L’oreal target coupon! Can I use all 8 coupons plus the 5/15 promo in one transaction?

    Hopefully the transaction will go like this:

    Buy 4 L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo or Conditioners 12.6oz $3.99
    Buy 4 L’Oreal 1.7oz Trial Sized Shampoo or Conditioners $0.97 (will be free with sale)
    Buy 1 Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap 4.69
    Buy 1 Speed Stick Gear 3.99

    Use the $5 off $15 Personal Care Purchase
    Use 4 2/1 mfr Q for L’oreal
    Use 4 2/1 target Q for L’oreal
    Use 1 1/1 target Q for men’s care purchase
    Use 1 2/1 mfr Q for speed stick

    Final Cost $.70 for all!

    • sarah

      The free trial size is only with the styling products or the shampoo/conditioner that are $5.99 (larger size). Just wanted to make sure you knew that before you tried to do that with the $3.99 size shampoo.

  14. Wanda

    My Target ad doesn’t say anything about getting a free travel size with purchase, or anything about L’oreal being on sale. Is it labeled on the shelf in stores?

    • Rose

      Yes, they are normally labeled right in front of the item in target. I wasn’t sure either until I went in to check. They only work on specific items so make sure and check before you go up to the registers.

    • juliana

      it is labeled at the store. my store in woodland hills, ca had the trial shampoo & conditioner next to the big shampoo and conditioner.

    • Wendy

      I was wondering the same in Texas. I guess I’ll go check it out.

    • sarah

      The trial size items are free with a styling product or the larger size loreal advanced shampoo or conditioner, not the $3.99 size shampoo/conditioner

  15. Neta

    Im wery confused! why do u need to get trial size with 4 of regular?

    • juliana

      the trial sizes are free – states it on the shelf πŸ™‚

    • Cassandra

      They are free with the purchase of each product πŸ™‚

  16. Michele

    It is labeled for the small one by the big shampoo,but didn’t ring up free. I had to tell them about the sign.

    • Cindy

      The cashier in my target help me to find out why the trial size not free, in her screen says it is free with the big one $5.99 not the small one

  17. Sheela

    They wouldn’t take my $5 off $15 or more printed coupon in store. It said invalid code πŸ™

    • Diana

      My coupon never rings up either- i think theres a glitch with this one. But my cashier did verify i had $15 in products so she manually deducted $5. I love it when cashiers are nice and do there job πŸ™‚

    • Liliana

      Same happened to me. They said I could not combine the $5 off $15 and my manufacturer’s coupons although 2 days before I had no problem.

    • JA

      First, you need to double check that you purchased qualifying items and met the $15 pre-tax. If all those are good, they should accept the $5. My printable wouldn’t scan, but the cashier had a copy of the coupon at her register and scanned that instead. It is a known problem that the printables aren’t working. Sorry your cashier was totally clueless. If I was you, I’d take my receipt and coupon to customer service. They should be able to fix it easily for you!

      • Sheela

        Thank you!!! Thats exactly what I did, and the customer service person was sketched out too, but she put it through! I used my mobile coupons without a problem! At first I was afraid by hair care they only meant shampoo and conditioner, because I got all styling products. But from reading other reader’s experiences it seems like it should work. It’s good to know that I wasn’t in the wrong πŸ™‚

    • Crystal

      my coupon beeped. i had a nice cashier though so she pushed it through for me. i have a ton of shampoo at home but i can’t pass up this offer. i love this shampoo. πŸ™‚

    • Barb

      Neither my store ad coupon, nor my Target web coupon for $5 off $15 would work at the register. Register gave an “invalid code” message too, and I definitely had enough personal care products to cover the coupon. Thankfully, the cashier manually entered the discount.

    • sarah

      There is something wrong with the paper coupon from the internet and the sunday paper. I did them both and neither scanned. They had to hand key them in. They seemed like they knew cause they just automatically keyed it in without even second guessing.

  18. Darshna

    Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  19. RA Cashier

    Darn my internet is down:( I’m using 3G right now

  20. rachel

    Can i return my receipt to get the travel size for free?I went there sunday and bought 4 of the shampoo and I thought only the bigger size bottles are included in the promotion for the free travel size

    • juliana

      i dont see why not!! go for it rachel!

    • Crystal

      it doesn’t hurt to ask. i know i would. good luck.

    • sarah

      To my knowledge, only the bigger size bottles are included and the stylers, not the $3.99 bottles. Thats what the signs at my target stated.

    • Valerie

      Only the large shampoo and conditioner come with the free trial size. However, you can buy the stylers for$3.99 and get the trial size shampoo free.

  21. Eunice

    How many times can I use the $5 off $15 target mobile coupon?thanks

    • Stefanie

      You can only use a mobile coupon one time. However, there is a printable of the coupon available on target.com under “personal care” and you can print two of those. HTH!

      • Eunice

        Thank you Stephanie, I was able to use 2 mobile target coupons and 2 printed coupons from the target website. All in all I bought 16 pcs loreal shampoo & conditioner and paid $6.66 OOP + $5 target e-gift card from swagbucks πŸ™‚

  22. Suzy

    Question – couldn’t you do 2 shampoo’s/conditioners and 2 styling products rather than Scenario 1 or 2 which is all 4 of the same?????

    • Dee

      You can mix and match that’s what I did just got back from target and had no issues

  23. Lisa

    Yeah! Just did this with no problems. We were running out of hair products, so super happy! Thank you!

  24. sarah

    is anyone else having trouble with targets coupons? I haven’t been able to print any coupons from their web site since yesterday, I even called customer service

  25. Maddison

    Ran to Target got the deal with no problems. Wow just shocked at what great deals I get from your site. Thank You so much πŸ™‚ I am new to your site and I just love it.

  26. Diana

    The Loreal coupon states one per purchase…is target allowing the use if two of the same coupons?

    • Clobberella

      Each item is technically a purchase. If it said “one per transaction” you would only be allowed one. In this case, Target policy is to take use up to (4) of the same manufacturers coupon per transaction.

  27. Nair

    Will i be able to use this on styling products too??

  28. Andrea

    Greatest coupon site! Thank you! Thank you! Did the Awesome deal! Feels good to save alot!

  29. Brittany

    At my store they were out of the trial size and they gave me the option of taking $0.97 off per product or substituting it with an equal price trial size of another brand. I chose to take $0.97 off the two stylers I got (also got one shampoo and one conditioner) and it ended up being free!

    • Stacy

      how nice. My store was out and offered me nothing and said no rain check.

  30. Ashley

    the shampoo and conditioner at my target are all 5.99 not 3.99 πŸ™ anyone else have this issue?

    • Seph

      They’re $6.49 at my Target! For some reason the Targets here only carry the larger sizes of the s+c for this brand.

    • Barb

      My local Target only carries the large size, too! They also don’t carry the 9 oz. size Johnson’s baby powder shown in one of Collin’s Target deals. :-(.

  31. Sarah

    I’m glad some people had good luck. With the l’oreal deal (I did it Sunday with the $4/2), I was accused of photoshopping and photocopying coupons. Today I tried the Dove Men’s deal and they refused the buy body wash get shampoo free AND the $5/$15 because the one from the ad said invalid. I ended up calling corporate! And they did nothing.

    • sarah

      that is horrible I am so sorry. It is ridiculous when they make you feel like a criminal. Makes me sick to my stomach. Sometimes I think they are just jealous of how smart we are at saving money. Both of my $5 target coupons said invalid. the one from the paper and the one from the internet, but they knew everything was right so they just keyed it in. I would have definitely called corporate too. They should be sending you a gift card or something for your hassle and the embarrassment they put you through.

      • Sarah

        Yeah right! They said they generally don’t follow up. The worst part is I had my 9 month old with me. I like to be in and out.

    • Kim N

      I ended up doing the deal 4 times… 2 on Sunday and 2 on Thu… My Sunday $5/$15 was from the add in the paper… Both came up invalid…. and Thu I printed them from my comp… again both came up invalid… Im sorry you had to go through this is there a different Target you could go to that is nicer?

      • Sarah

        This one is in my town 5 minutes away, the other one is about 15-20 minutes away. I’m thinking the drive is worth not having to deal with crap.

  32. stacy

    Today I got the 4 – Loreal Mousse – 4 shampoos – 2 dove ice creams and the movie Runner Runner for $ 1.00

  33. Nicole

    Didn’t see any free small size but I was just thrilled for a good deal so went without plus they restocked the brooms so I was able to snag that deal as well that you posted a day or so ago.

  34. Kay

    Why are the trial shampoo free? Where does it say that?

    • Crystal

      at my store there was a sign right by the shampoo

  35. Corinne

    This worked out great! Got two styling products, shampoo, conditioner, 2 samples (found on an end cap) and a box of Dove ice cream for a total of $1.01 OOP!

  36. Diana

    Whats the deal with the dove ice cream? 😊

  37. Stefanie

    I’m going to do this, I think:

    Buy 2 L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo or Conditioners 12.6oz $3.99 each
    Buy 2 Dove Men + Care Body Washes 18-oz $4.49 each

    Total: $16.96

    *Use the $5 Off Personal Care Purchase of $15+ coupon

    *Plus, use the $1/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash 18oz+ or Bar Soap 4pk+ Target coupon

    *Plus, use two $2.25/1 Dove Men + Care body wash coupon

    And, use the $5/2 L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Products coupon

    TOTAL: $0.46 for all four items! Which is less than 12 cents each πŸ™‚

    • Stefanie

      Oh, and I forgot to add the free travel size, so I guess I would get two of those as well! πŸ™‚

    • Diana

      Body wash at my store is $5.49

  38. MP

    My coupon did not scan She red the coupon and put it through manually but c’mon Target by Thursday it should be fixed!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Amy

    i did this deal today. got 3 shampoo and 1 spray. and i got 4 travel size shampoo. but only 1 travel size shampoo rang up free.. , in my store they have shapmoo for 3.99 but no sign for free item /shampoo πŸ™

  40. Diana

    I got 2 loreal mousse, 2 loreal hair spray, 4 travel loreal, 1 dove body wash, 1 dove shampoo, 2 speedstick deodorant, and a pair of shoes for $3.77!!!!!! So excited!!!!

  41. Kim N

    I LOVE THIS DEAL SO MUCH!!!!!!!! I loved it when there was a $4/2… But this is even better… In total I did this deal 4 times… All the times I did it they were out of the travel size… The first 2 times the lady helping me said they will sub any other product on the deal… Picked up some 5.99 full product stuff πŸ™‚ The next two times I did the deal I had a guy helping me… He said that they give a gift card to sub the products… So I ended up with a $8 gift card πŸ™‚ Which made it a MONEY MAKER πŸ™‚ All in all got some AMAZING stuff and have some nice Grad gifts to give πŸ™‚

  42. Brittany

    I tried to download the printer software from coupons.com on my Surface, but I keep getting an error message. Does anyone know if it’s possible to print coupons using a Surface? If so, how? TIA!

  43. Susie

    Collin – You are awesome!! Thanks so much for this deal. I did this deal last night and going back this weekend! Do you know when the $3.99 shampoo/conditioner is going to last until? I hope these aren’t out of stock. I was totally bummed when I found out the Carefree pantiliners were $1.12 at my store and couldn’t get them for free. Same thing for the Snickers/Dove ice creams ($3.50). The men’s Dove body wash were $6.49! I need to find a cheaper target, but I was sooo happy when this deal worked!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  44. Irene C.

    I tried to do this deal at Target today (amongst over coupon deals) and had the worst trip to Target that I’ve ever experienced. The cashier wouldn’t let me use more than 1 like manufacturer coupon if they stated “Limit one coupon per purchase” in the small print – the $5/2 L’oreal Paris Advanced Haircare coupons says this so she told me I could only use one. I also tried to buy 4 of the 0.97 cent Carefree liners using 4 $1 manufacturer coupons but since they stated “Limit one coupon per purchase” she wouldn’t let me use more than one. She (and also the manager who was called over) told me that this means only one like coupon per transaction/trip to the store. I tried to dispute this by saying that it meant per product purchased but neither would budge. I explained to them that I have shopped at that Target for years and have never had a problem in the past with this. I ended leaving my whole purchase at the register and having them cancel everything because at that point I didn’t want to figure out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to put back. Very upsetting!

    • Sarah

      You must be going to my target

  45. Jessica Wallace

    aI I Don’t Know If Any One HasWrote About This But The 3.99 Shampoos And Conditions Do Not Come With A Free Sample It Is The 5.99 Shampoo And Conditioner That Come With The Sample Regardless That I Got 4 Free Samples 4 Shampoos And 4 Stylers For A Grand Total Of 3.80}

    • Diana

      The tags specifically state which product has the free travel size- and at my store it was eligible on all advanced haircare products** i read the tags πŸ™‚ and i was able to get the last 4 travel size.
      I also did the dove bogo- i couldnt find the 12 oz shampoo, so manager said i could get the bigger 25oz size for free. That was nice- but i found an end cap with the dove products and got the last 12oz size. Scored some awesome deals with this coupon! Love target!!!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒβ˜€οΈ

  46. Diana

    I knew i shouldve printed more coupons yesterday! Darnnnnn. Oh well. Still happy πŸ˜€

  47. Jenny

    When I click on the coupon link, I can t see it. I went through all the coupons and I’m not finding it. Anyone else having this problem?

  48. Brooke C

    The coupon is no longer available to print. πŸ™

  49. S

    So I just did the aveeno baby deal and got $5 then I realized I got an eczema lotion so I went back in right away to exchange and she gave me $10 credit for the 12.99 I paid for then ran up the one I was purchasing in full price I stood there arguing with her that the produce was unused and I got it a mind ago she told me there’s nothing she could do.. When I got home I read the receipt that I only can get full price back if I return all three items and gift card.. WHICH I HAD WITH ME omg how can a person works at CS don’t know what they’re doing!

    • Diana

      So y didnt u return everything and repurchase the correct items? U shouldnt have had a problem doing so. I returned something after i just used coupons (a big hassle) and cashier gave me full credit on everything. I was happy with that (since my coupons were lost). β˜€οΈ

      • S

        I didn’t know that I had to return everything! I was puzzled to why I only got $10 back and kept on asking the lady and all she said was “some items are like that you get less back” I would have returned everything if I has known as I has everything with me… Smh

  50. love2deal

    What zip code is everyone using to get this coupon? I can’t find it on the link. Please help!

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