Target: FREE $10 Target Gift Card w/ Purchase of 3 Participating Laundry Items Starting 7/13 (Get Your Coupons Printed/Clipped Now)

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Wow! Starting July 13th, Target is going to be offering up another hot promo: Buy 3 participating Laundry Items and you’ll get a FREE $10 Target Gift Card! Participating items include…

* Tide Pods 57 ct or Gain Flings $15
* Gain 150 oz, 72 or 96 load liquid or 120 load powder $14
* Downy 150 load Softener or 19.5 oz Unstopables $10
* Bounce 240 ct Dryer Sheets $10
* Tide Oxi 7.12 lb powder & select others $10

Here are some coupons that you’ll want to print/clip for this upcoming promo…

$2/1 Tide Pods 31 ct or larger
$2/1 Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover
* Buy 1 Tide Oxi and Get 1 Tide Oxi Free (up to $12.99) coupon found in 7/6 PG
* $2/1 and $3/2 Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Bursts or Gain Fireworks coupons found in 7/6 PG
* $0.50/1, $1/2 and $2/3 Tide Detergent, Tide Boost, Tide To Go, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, Downy or Bounce coupons found in 7/6 PG

And the following Target Mobile coupons will sweeten up the deals even further…

* $2/1 Gain Flings or Tide Pods Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
* $0.50/1 Gain Fabric Enhancer or Detergent Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
* $1/1 Gain Fireworks or Unstopables Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
* $0.50/1 Bounce or Downy Fabric Enhancer Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
* $1/1 Tide Laundry item or Oxi Stain Remover 7.12 lb Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)

Here’s a few deal scenarios to get you thinking…

Deal Scenario #1:
Buy 4 Tide Oxi 7.12 lb powder $10 each
Use 2 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tide Oxi coupons found in 7/6 PG
Plus, use $1/1 Tide Laundry item or Oxi Stain Remover 7.12 lb Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
Pay $19
Get a $10 Target Gift Card
Final Cost $9 – just $2.25 each!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 2 Tide Pods 57 ct $15 each
Buy 1 Downy Unstopables 19.5 oz. $10
Use two $2/1 Tide Pods 31 ct or larger coupons found here
Use the $2/1 Downy Unstopables coupon found in 7/6 PG
Plus, use $1/1 Tide Laundry item or Oxi Stain Remover 7.12 lb Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
Plus, use $2/1 Gain Flings or Tide Pods Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
Plus, use $1/1 Gain Fireworks or Unstopables Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
Pay $30
Get a $10 Target Gift Card
Final Cost $20 for all – just $7 each!


And don’t forget! Through September 30th, whenever you spend $30 or more on Tide, Gain, Downy, or Bounce products (excludes Tide Simply Clean and Fresh, Gain Flings, Gain Fireworks and trial/travel-size products), you can snag a FREE $10 Visa Pre-Paid Card via the mail-in rebate form found here. Note that the rebate form does state “Rebate applied to the price paid after any coupon(s) or discounts are applied”.[/h2s_box]

(Thanks, Gayle and Photo Credit, Free Stuff Finder!)

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Comments 115

  1. kiran

    I need one tide bogo coupon. Anyone can spare? Pm me on sheikhkiran at hotmail dot com

  2. Paula

    I was planning on picking up some of that Tide Oxi today, but I will definitely wait until next week! What would I do w/o hip2save!?
    Thank you so much for the heads up 🙂

    • nicolegammeter

      You’re so welcome! 🙂

      • sole

        Collin…which size of Tide Pods is considered as trial size? Is the 5 ct trial size?

  3. Jovandi

    Is the mail in rebate from P&G still going on? Buy $30 get $10 back

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the reminder! I just added the rebate to the post. 🙂

  4. mel

    I went Monday morning to get the Oxi, and they only had 1 on the shelf. I sure hope they restock for next week!

    Ohh, don’t forget about the P&G cleaning rebate!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Fingers crossed that they restock!! I just added the rebate to the post – thanks!

    • Happymama

      I got really excited then read the fine print “Rebate applies to price paid after any coupon or discount has been applied.”. I wonder how they can tell we receive a gift card from Target?

      • cbeths

        The giftcard you receive is usually detailed on your receipt. It usually shows as a “bundle.” But, I doubt that will count against your rebate. Your coupons (target, manufacture and cartwheel) will count negatively toward your $30 total.

    • Cathy

      My store was wiped clean today! I was scouting the location for next week. They are not the best at keeping it stocked so I’m not hopeful. Kinda frustrating they advertise a deal and only keep a handful available. No rain checks and no restock. Grr!

  5. cara

    If you do the bogo coupons on the oxi, say you use 3 bogo’s would that be considered purchase of 6 = 20$ back in gift cards, are the free ones seen as “purchases” for a 10$ card back, is what I’m wondering?

    • Pamela

      You can try depending on the cashier you get some are snotty and some well let you do it. That’s at my target and Mrs.Hip don’t forget your cartwheel there’s 5% off Gain flings, 5% off Tide pods and 5% Tide oxy.

      • Casey

        Be careful using will take u below amount will not get gift card will need to add another item

    • Heather M

      Yes – it’s like you bought 6 and you will get 2 gift cards. The cashier has to ring up the items, and each 3rd item will prompt a gift card. This all occurs BEFORE you hand over your coupons, so the cashier doesn’t have a say in if you get both gift cards or not.

  6. karen

    If you use a target gift card can you still submit for the PG rebate?

    • Heather C

      Yes- doesn’t matter how you pay!

  7. karen

    There’s also a tide oxi cartwheel offer 5% off

  8. Tiffany Mahan Boyd

    the tide oxi cartwheel expires 7/12 but the tide pods cartwheel is good until 7/14, the gain flings cartwheel is good until 7/21

    • Vanessa

      So I’m new to couponing at Target. If I have the 5% tide pod on my cartwheel does it apply a 5% savings to each tide pods in Deal #2 or to just one? Also if I do deal #2 and I let them scan my laundry mobile coupon barcode do they scan my phone just once at the end of the transaction and then any coupons that fit what I bought in that transaction come off?

  9. Keri

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you should be able to buy 6 Tide Oxi for an even better deal:

    Buy 6 Tide Oxi 7.12 lb powder $10 each
    Use 3 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tide Oxi coupons found in 7/6 PG
    Plus, use $1/1 Tide Laundry item or Oxi Stain Remover 7.12 lb Target Mobile coupon (text CLEAN to 827438)
    Pay $29
    Get 2 $10 Target Gift Cards
    Final Cost $9 – just $1.50 each!

    • EG

      Buy 6 Tide OXI. Use 3 B1G1 Free Coupons. Get back (2) $10 from Target and (1) $10 from P&G Rebate. *If Target gives you two giftcards in the same transaction.

    • Daniel

      submit for rebate = Free $1 Moneymaker

      • Crescent City Couponer

        The $1 coupon would make the total after coupons $29. It needs to be at least $30 after coupons for the P&G rebate.

        • Daniel

          Don’t use the coupon lol

          • tarynstowe

            @Daniel- THANKS for the chuckle, I needed that 🙂

  10. Elizabeth

    does anyone have any extra Tide Oxi B1G1 coupons they are willing to part with? Thank you!!

    • jill simmons

      order on

    • sheena

      I found mine on eBay!!

  11. Whit

    So if we buy 6 of the Oxi and use 3 BOGO coupons (and don’t use the mobile coupon) so the total doesn’t get under $30 could you use that for the tide rebate? Pay $30 get back $20 in gift cards and a $10 Visa gift card making it just the cost of tax?

    • Kelly

      All the coupon websites are saying this is the way to do it.

      • Whit


        • mel

          I’d plan on an alternate scenario!! Many stores are already OOS b/c of the sale this wk + bogo coupon. If you don’t get there right at opening on Sunday, you’re probably going to be SOL!

          • Gina

            Just came back from my Target. They are limiting the tide oxiclean at this store to just 2 per customer 🙁 PS. I am in Phoenix Az.

            • Gina

              Also, They said I could not pre-order any.

  12. Karla

    I have $1 gift card from Dominos from that Quikly offer a while back. It’s not much, but if you pair it with other gift cards and/or coupons, it might be worthwhile. First one to list their email, I will forward the gift card info!

      • Karla

        I forwarded the email. Enjoy.

        • amanda

          Thank you so much Karla!

  13. Happymama

    Stupid question, but is the Tide Oxi a detergent or just a stain remover? Or both?

    • Montanna

      It’s an add in for tide. It’s their version of oxyclean.

  14. Coupon er

    I got rain checks on the tide oxi, if I used these rain check for the deal on 7/13, will I still get the gift cards?

    • Casey

      Good question Collin do you know or would you check PLEASe 🙂

  15. Christine

    Has anyone ever used the Tide powder? I find powder’s tend to fade the color of some fabrics.

    • mel

      This isn’t detergent you use alone. You add it with your detergent in the machine (or as a pre-soak) It actually whitens And brightens both whites & color clothes/towels etc. I like it a lot, esp since my husband has to wear a white uniform shirt for work every day. Using it keeps the neck & underarms from yellowing.

      • Christine


  16. Sid

    Off topic.
    But i was able to score 2 skylander swap force starter packs for just $40. Regularly 74.99 each. It was on sale for $29.99 and i found 2 $10 off coupons on an ebay making each just $19.99

  17. amanda

    OT but has anyone still been able to purchase amazon gift cards with the $6 mastercard from the instant win?

    • Kimberly

      I did yesterday!

      • amanda

        I guess it must be my account. When I try to order one, it cancels my order. Thanks for your reply!

        • Tori

          This happened to me too on one of my cards. I called the 800 number and they re issues me a new one

      • mel

        Yes. I just did a $6 Amazon last night. I’ve also gotten a $6 CVS GC, $6 Panara Bread GC and 2 $5 Target GC’s (then applied the $1 leftover towards amazon)

        • Tami

          How did you get the Target, Panera, etc gift cards? I just used mine for a amazon gift card but am still confused…please help!!

          • mel

            I went to each site and ordered myself eGC’s. However, that was before they had that one day shutdown when people were figuring out the card sequence (what lame azzes!) and I think they added the security code measure. Anyway, I won last night and just went ahead and got Amazon credit b/c my husband had been eyeing something.

    • Bri

      I was having problems with mine too, so i called. She told me it had cash and to try again. Still didn’t work but then I changed the exp to 9/14 (instead of 8/14) and now they all work perfectly fine.

      • Gina

        Same here. None of the stores I had been able to use them at before are taking them anymore. tells me to check the expiration date and cvc number match and they do.. I have 2 that I can not use

      • Gina

        Thank You! Just put through the orders and they took. Hope they don’t get cancelled

    • Holly

      Tried everything, and Amazon keeps cancelling my gift card orders. Tried using the billing address they provide, plus the 9/14 expiration…no luck. Bummer! I’ve saved $24 worth of these mastercards and they’re worthless? Are folks having luck using them elsewhere? I tried Target and, no luck.

      • Mary

        I also called after they didn’t work on,, and they said they’ve restricted them to a movie streaming service. She said you could buy an amazon gift card with them so I tried it and it worked.

    • amanda

      Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will try changing the expiration date, if not I will call the number to see what I can do

  18. Laura

    If anyone was able to print the crayola ultra clean marker coupon and the 64+ crayon coupon yesterday and doesn’t need them, I would be happy to trade a $5 domino gift card!

  19. Lea Ann

    Does anyone know for sure if the gift cards count against the P&G offer? I am thinking of getting 6 of the Tide Pods which would allow me to receive 2 of the $10 gift cards (which with the other coupons would put my total less than $30)…Thanks!

  20. Jennifer

    Does the $30 p&g purchase for the rebate have to be on one receipt? Or can you combine receipts to total $30?

    • Jennifer B.

      From the rebate form itself, so does not have to be on one receipt:

      • Original dated sales receipt(s) with store name(s) and product purchase price(s) circled

  21. Casey

    FYI I spoke w corporate and here in my state based on sale already in place out of 50 stores only 4 total left system wide. Trucks come in on Saturday so I doubt very seriously any will be left for Sunday am, Will NOT be restocked till mid week. Also, stores cannot increase orders based on anticipated sales SOLEY based on last years sales and predetermined by distribution.:(. So u might plan alternate deal.

    • Heather Richards

      casey, what state is that?

  22. Darcy Lundt

    Thanks Collin!!! So excited about this deal! I will have giftcards from swagbucks to use which means this will be a fantastic deal!

  23. Hailey

    It’s a better deal if u get 6 because then u pay 30 OOP get $20 giftcard then get the 10 rebate and it makes them free

  24. Liz

    Any one need bogo tide q I’m looking for Rubbermaid beverage qs

    • Judy

      you mean the BOGO Tide Oxi for a $1.50 Rubbermaid beverage item? I’d love to trade!
      hanksmommy47 at

  25. Yadira Anguiano

    So I will be doing my FIRST couponing trip ever tonight. Was wondering …can I use the (1) Buy one get one free Tide OXI and the (1) $2 off Tide OXI? ….I noticed they have it this week for only $8.99 on the weekly ad. Please help!

    • Judy

      probably not – but you should be able to use the $1 tide oxi Target Coupon

    • Valerie

      You can! Yesterday I bought 4 Tide OXI, used 2 BOGO coupons, 2 $2/1 manufacturer’s coupons and 1 $1/2 Tide or Gain Target coupon. It was awesome and none of them beeped. 🙂

  26. Valerie

    Yup! I did it yesterday. 🙂

  27. Mar

    After hearing about the Zyrtec rebate, I’m a bit skeptical in submitting for rebates…are P&G great with keeping up with their rebate promise? Thanks in advance.

    • Jennifer B.

      I’ve personally received rebates from them in the past, but you MUST follow their instructions completely (and I’d keep a copy of everything you send in and follow up if you don’t hear back after the time frame they suggest).

  28. Megan

    I make my own laundry detergent (recipe on How Does She site), and it calls for Oxi Clean. Is the Tide Oxi just as good?

  29. cara

    I’m sorry if this has been asked already. Is there a limit on getting back gift cards per each purchase?
    Example: If you purchase 9 products do you get 3 of the 10$ gift cards back for the purchase?

    • Valerie

      I don’t think so. I’ve gotten multiple gift cards back many times.

  30. Mamahaney

    Not really the place but…anyone who doesn’t use there pampers codes if would be more than greatful for them email is TIA

  31. Cristy

    Quick question.. I just printed the 10$ rebate when you spend 30$. However, the paper shows a barcode with the letter void written across it.. This is my first rebate and I’m not sure what to do. If anyone could spare advise I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

    • Jennifer B.

      That “void” is just so nobody can use that UPC for anything. It is there to show what the UPC looks like, so people will know what numbers to enter on the form. I hope that’s what you were wondering about!

      • Cristy

        Thanks Jennifer! That’s exactly what I was wondering about 🙂

  32. Kayla

    Has anyone been successful in pre-ordering the TideOXI? What about asking them to hold them for you… I plan on purchasing 6 but I highly doubt that they will all be there if I just go in.

    • Tef

      This is one that cannot be preordered

  33. Vanessa

    So I’m new to couponing at Target. If I have the 5% tide pod on my cartwheel does it apply a 5% savings to each tide pods in Deal #2 or to just one? Also if I do deal #2 and I let them scan my laundry mobile coupon barcode do they scan my phone just once at the end of the transaction and then any coupons that fit what I bought in that transaction come off?

    • Tef

      I believe cartwheel goes up to four times and the mobile coupon only works one time

  34. Stephanie

    Since the Tide OXI is low inventory, I was thinking of a scenario that uses less items. Would this work?
    Buy 4 Tide OXI at $10 each
    Subtotal: $40
    Use (2) BOGO coupons (deduct $20)
    Use (2) $2/1 printable MFR coupons from (deduct $4)
    Use (1) $1/1 Target Mobile coupon (deduct $1)
    Pay $15, Get (1) $10 Target Gift Card
    Like paying $5 for all 4 items

    I have gotten so spoiled with Collin’s great match ups and scenarios because they are always easy to follow and take all the thinking out of the equation. So now I always doubt myself when I try to come up with my own scenarios and worry that they won’t work when I go to checkout. Please help!

  35. Emily

    I don’t believe you can use both the BOGO and $2/1 coupon because they are both manufacture coupons and you can only use 1 manufacture coupon.

  36. Brittany

    If you were planning on doing the tide oxy deal, I would recommend calling your store to see when the next shipment will come in if your store is out. I called mine in college station, texas and they said it will be at least 2 more weeks until they get another shipment in.

  37. Amanda C

    I agree w/all of my fellow hipsters on the difficulty of finding Tide Oxi in any Target store–I was going to do this deal, however after looking all over/in a 30 mile radius around my area, the ONLY store to even have this in stock was Menards! Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens–ALL of them were out of stock and/or did not carry it. Anyhow, I went to Menards simply because I’ve been wanting to try this product and used my BOGO Q. They did not let me use the $2.00 off Q’s, sigh–said that their system wouldn’t allow it. Oh well! I really have been wanting to try this out, so I got them–just disappointed that I couldn’t get it at Target and save more money.

  38. Sonia Underwood

    Does anyone know if clearance items will count towards buying three to get $10 giftcards?

    • Judy

      usually has to be the signed items … but if you found a Tide Oxi that is part of the deal (same size, etc) on clearance it would should work

      • Judy

        just as an example I meant – any of the products that are the same should work – I have bought diapers/wipes on clearance and still received the gift card offer

  39. Lisa

    I was in SuperTarget today and noticed they were out of the Tide Oxi powder. With this sale coming up Sunday can we get rainchecks with giftcard promos?

    • Lisa

      I just looked at the Target ad at top of page here and look like you can’t get rainchecks. Seriously, how can you run a g.c. promo if items been out of stock a week ago?

  40. daisy

    What if I do 2 transactions and its over $30??? Can I get the $10 rebate then? Or does it have to be on 1 receipt (1 transaction)?????

    • Jennifer B.

      The P&G rebate form states it does not have to all be on one receipt.

  41. MORIUM

    Ladies I need help. I have read plenty of posts and comments about this deal but i think I’m missing the answer to the question I am about to ask….As per the PG rebate states, the total must be $30 after coupons, but what happens if I pay with my Target Red Card? I know that’s another 5% and it takes a little off but does that still count as the $30? or no?

  42. Misty

    Just called the Target store here in Bellevue,Nebraska. And there all sold out of Tide Oxi (UGH)!!!!

  43. Morium

    Also, my add states the the tide oxi will be on sale for $9.99 how do I get the PG rebate if my total is $29.97? Would the pods from Walmart count? The ones that cost $.24 after the 2 off coupon? Please help!

  44. Laura K

    All the targets in my local area are sold out!! How is it that Target has not prepared for this in ad deal??? I was in the process of doing a in store pick up via online ordering for a store some distance from my location and their web site must started to act weird. This is so annoying! I ordered coupons for the deal too.

  45. tracy

    I drove 20 miles to target and was there at 8 am. No oxi tide in stock. None in the area either. (westminster Maryland) what a waste of time. There were a few other shoppers there too not happy. Should offer rainchecks.

  46. daisy

    Does anyone know wen the pg rebate expires?? I need to print the form but I need to get a printer asap.

    • Jennifer B.

      The PG form states purchases must be made 7/1/14 – 9/30/14, with the request postmarked by 10/31/14.

      • daisy

        Thanks!! Now I just have to print out the form. If I did two $30 transactions should I turn them in separately so I get $20 back instead of $10

        • Jennifer B.

          Nope, no can do. The PG rebate is limited to one refund per name, household, or address. (That’s also on the form, as you’ll see when you print it, but is also fairly standard for rebate offers.)

  47. daisy


  48. yesenia cisneros

    Where can i get the rebate form?

    • daisy

      At the bottom of this blog post. It should be highlighted blue, its a link.

  49. daisy

    Does anyone know if I can use (2) $2.50 off (2) tide pods? So my transaction would be (2) tide pods or gain flings and (1) downy unstoppables. Becus it says a limit of (4)

  50. Sherry

    Help! I bought 3 Tide free and gentle pods at Target BUT when I tried to fill out the rebate form, it asks for a 12 digit UPC. My pods only have 6 digits-has anyone else run into this problem?

    • Deisy

      Yes, I was wondering the same question… Did you figure it out? I would appreciate it if you would let me know. I bought tide pods as well.

      • Sherry

        I havent! I considered writing an explanation on the form or even attaching a pic of the UPC. Any thoughts?

    • Kim

      I am also needing help with the UPC issue! I know how one mistake on a rebate form can result in NO REBATE…! I went to the Facebook page for P&G and it looks like there was one response (not from P&G directly) which said that a rep with P&G stated that we just fill out the 8 digit # and leave the rest blank. I’m still wondering if this is correct? Did any of you find an answer?

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