Grace Adele: Blowout Sale – 80% OFF Everything

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Calling all you Grace Adele fans! Grace Adele (a sister site of Scentsy) is being discontinued and they are having a Blowout Sale in which everything is up to 80% off! This includes handbags, clutches, journals, scarves, jewelry and more!

To get in on this deal, contact your local Grace Adele representative or click on any Grace Adele rep’s links in the comments below. Note that shipping costs appear to start at $8.

*If you’re a Grace Adele representative, please feel free to leave your link in the Comments section below. And a BIG thanks to all the Grace Adele reps who emailed me about this sale – hope you generate lots of sales!

(Thanks, Erica, Misti, Ashley, Heather, & Caryn!)

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    • Shirley

      I”m in San Diego does that matter if I go through your link.

      • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

        I am also in San Diego, you can feel free to shop through any link or here is my site

        • Melissa

          Just placed my order through your site. Here’s hoping my choice is still in stock at time of shipping and trusting your site is legit and secure. If so, I thank you!

          • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

            Thanks Melissa, I will let you know when your order ships! And you should have received an email from me about where the proceeds from your order will go!


    • ChiChi

      Please do you have Roxie Bag in Stone and Scarlet?

      • ChiChi

        And are these final sales or returnable?

        • Marybeth Rademacher

          All sale are final, you will not be able to return anything you buy.

        • Christa

          Marybeth I sent you an email too.

          • Marybeth Rademacher

            I didn’t see an email from you in my inbox. Could you please send it again? I will gladly help you in any way I can! 🙂

            • Marybeth Rademacher

              I did actually receive your email & replied already. If you have anymore questions just let me know! 🙂

      • Vilma bonilla

        Yes we do hace the Roxie in Scarlet & Stone color available right now, special price of $24 regular price $120 find them at

    • Emily

      Is there an order amount that will get you free shipping?

      • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

        Yes, orders that are over $150 in the US qualify for free shipping as long as you do not click a party link

  1. Nicole

    I placed an order for a bag & clutch already, but have been eyeing the Quilted Envelope wallet in Coral. It’s sold out online, but if anyone here has it in their own personal stock, I will gladly take it off their hands!! Thanks 🙂

    • Vilma bonilla

      Friday we had lots of sold out items but they are back in stock please check out my website and you will be able to see all the purses from $80 to only $16. & clutches from $40 now only $8. This is what I call X-mas in July.

  2. Heather

    Any representatives? I need a link to view the sale 🙂

      • Beth

        Went through yours Marybeth! 🙂

        • Marybeth Rademacher

          Thank you so much for your order! If you ever need any other Scentsy Family products I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can! 🙂

      • angela

        Used yours 🙂

        • Marybeth Rademacher

          Thank you for your order!! If you ever need any other Scentsy family products please let me know! 🙂

          • BETH

            Hello Marybeth! Do you know when these orders will ship at all? Thank you!

            • Marybeth Rademacher

              Beth, I sent an email to the email you provided with a tracking number for your order. If it didn’t come through feel free to email me & I will will reply with the number.

      • Anne L.

        I ordered from you as well. Will I get a confirmation? When should i expect it to arrive?

  3. Vishnu

    How do these compare in quality to coach? What price do they sell regularly? Can I pick these locally than pay for shipping. Plz help.

    • Emily

      I’m wondering this too…any info? Any way to get free shipping with a certain amount order or local rep?

      • Marybeth Rademacher

        The quality is great, I was really impressed when I got my first bag, I’ve never owned a coach bag so I can’t compare the two. The cheapest full size bags are normally $80 & clutches $40. The real leather bags which I would say are closest to coach are retail of $200. Unfortunately you won’t get free shipping unless you order from someone who is placing an order locally & will deliver or allow to pick up from them. Starting tomorrow you can shop from the fall items that haven’t been released yet. Hope that helps please let me know if you have anymore questions.

        • Emily

          Thanks for your reply! are any of the real leather bags included on the 80% off sale? Will the bags that are available be on sale as well or will they be regular price?

          • Brittany Y

            All the leather bags have sadly sold out all ready. The sale will end on July 31rst, there will be no more Grace Adele after that :/ Everything will continue to be 80% off until then!

          • Marybeth Rademacher

            As of right now the 80% off leather bags are sold out but starting tomorrow the new stock will be available for purchase at 50% off. I know of 2 different styles of leather bags each in 2 colors that will be offered. Feel free to email me if you’d like pics of the leather bags.

            • Emily

              Thanks so much. I’ll definitely use your link. Can you tell me your preference of the 80% off bags 🙂

            • Marybeth Rademacher

              Out of the bags still in stock I like the Roxie, Sadie & Heather bags the best. I like a purse that has plenty of pockets without being too big.

  4. ChiChi

    Any reps who have the ROXIE in Stone and Scarlet, please comment. Thanks!!!

    • Terri Harrison

      I ordered through your link and added it to my website. Hope you do well.

  5. Maggie Hensley

    All NEW Fall/Winter products are being released Wednesday July 23rd at 8am MST! They’re only available until July 31st or while supplies last. Go to the site on the morning of the 23rd for more info! Please be sure to join a party when you purchase! 🙂

  6. Duduwa

    Anyone know if the quality is good?

    • Marybeth Rademacher

      I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the bags & linings. 🙂

    • Debbie Owen Burgos

      Grace Adele guarantees the workmanship of their products. Although the brand is being discontinued, the parent company, Scentsy Family, will still stand behind their products.

  7. Duduwa

    Any representative in RI?

  8. tarynstowe

    Sorry to ask, but does anyone have a FREE Kohl’s shipping code? thank you (I don’t know where to post this question)! 🙂

    • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

      The only current active Kohls Codes are:

      Non Kohl’s Charge
      YES20 20% off valid now through 7/23
      THANKS1141 15% off valid now through 8/3
      URSPECIAL $10 off $30+ purchase valid now through 8/2 (DOES NOT STACK WITH LUCKYU)
      LUCKYU $15 off $50+ purchase valid now through 8/2 (DOES NOT STACK WITH URSPECIAL)

      Kohl’s Charge Only
      POOLSIDE 25% off valid now through 7/28
      PYD15 15% off valid now through 8/7

      Department Specific (no Kohl’s Charge required) – stacks with any total % off code
      KIDS15 15% off Kids Apparel, Shoes, and Character Backpacks (select styles []) valid now through 8/2
      HOMESALE10 $10 off $50+ Home purchase (excluding luggage) valid now through 8/2 (in-store pass [])
      LUGGAGE50 $50 off $200+ Luggage purchase valid now through 8/2 (in-store pass [])
      BRITAX30 $30 off $30+ Britax Carseat purchase (select styles only []) valid now through 7/31
      CANDIES15 15% off Candies Juniors Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry & Shoes (select styles) valid now through 8/9
      SUMMERFUN20 20% off Women’s and juniors’ summer tops, bottoms, dresses and swimwear. Select styles. Valid now through 7/26

      Free Shipping Over $75 after all discounts


      • tarynstowe

        @Meredith Eckard— Thank you SO very very much for your reply! I APPRECIATE the time you took to relay ALL of the codes to me! Thank you!

    • Shirley

      I”m in Santee where in San Diego are you? I’m interested in the Roxie in stone.

      • Caryn

        I emailed you back Shirley!

        • Shirley

          Thanks I emailed you.

  9. Wendy

    Wanting grace Adele deals

    • Kristina Johnson

      The best deals are currently online! More product will be added tomorrow. These will be the few fall:winter products that were in the warehouse when they decided to discontinue the brand. They will be a higher price point but still 50% off.

  10. Kim Boutiette

    Any one have a large stock in clutches and wanna give me an extra discount if I buy 20 or 25?

  11. Crystal Englot

    This is truly an amazing sale feel free to come on over and check it out at (US and Canada) Shop online for your favorite items and they will be direct shipped right to your front door! New items which have never before been released are also being added tomorrow and you can save 50% off these items, but only until the end of July! If you need any help feel free to send me an email at cenglot(at)

  12. ChiChi

    Any Representative in NW Indiana, close to Merrillville?

    • Bethany Auth

      I am in Kokomo 🙂

      • ChiChi

        Thanks Bethany. I think you may be a bit far. I wanted to do a local pick up. Just called one of my local reps who was so rude on the phone. Not quite sure I even want to spend my money now. But thanks again.

        • Bethany Auth

          I am very sorry to hear that! I am happy to help you! If you would like you could email me at Once again.. I am very sorry for the terrible response from your local consultant.

  13. heather stokes

    These are some amazing deals and i would love to help you get your Christmas shopping done.Wensday morning they will be adding the fall collection for 50 % off the retail values.If you have any questions please let me know and you can also contact me via my

    • heather stokes

      You can also split shipping with friends if that helps too 🙂

  14. Kristina Johnson

    I would love to assist you with your Grace Adele order! I love this brand and am so sad it’s being discontinued. I can’t wait to be able to order the new stuff tomorrow at half price!! I appreciate your business – thank you :).

  15. Melony

    Anyone in atl area?

    • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

      All orders ship from central warehouses, you can order online

      My husband is from Georgia (Cumming), but we are stationed in CA!

  16. Vanessa_733

    Anyone in the Chicagoland area?

  17. Bree

    Where is the bag located in the picture with the bow and the studs?

  18. Amanda

    I would love to help you with your Grace Adele needs. Just click the link: and then after you order the goodies you need from this sale…come back tomorrow!

    • Kim Boutiette

      Just placed a $150 order through your link! Can you tell me the regular price of the Britt clutches? Thanks

      • Julie Lindell

        Hi, Thank you so much. Wonderful to wake up too. 🙂 And yes, their regular price was $40.

  19. Amanda

    I would love to help you with your Grace Adele needs. Just click the link: and then after you order the goodies you need from this sale…come back tomorrow for the NEW Fall Winter styles for 50% off! Once it is gone…it is GONE!

  20. Julie Lindell

    That’s the Roxie Bag in Black with the Britt Metalliac Clutch and the Echo Bag Scarf

  21. Heather Millet

    Another sale and new bags will be available as of 8am MST on Wednesday, July 23! These bags will sell out! Happy shopping!!!!

  22. Carrie O.

    Thanks for posting this! The zipper just broke on my purse. I went to TJ Maxx today, but didn’t see anything I liked. I ordered the Roxie Coral bag from Grace Adele. I’ve never heard of them before, but the bag looks really cute!

    • heather stokes

      You will love it ,Glad you got some great deals !!!

  23. Karli

    Representing the Pacific Northwest… Washington state girl right here!
    I’d love to take care of you! And don’t forget to check my site tomorrow for another amazing sale on the unreleased fall/winter line!

  24. Marissa

    Are all the journals out?

    • Bethany Auth

      They are sold out <3

    • heather stokes

      yes the sold out awhile ago ,But there is lot’s of other great items !

  25. Cheryl

    I’m assuming that tomorrow’s sale will be 80% off the new line too??

  26. Ashley

    I love some of the bags that are pictured on “host exclusives”….striped blue and white, royal blue, and the lime green bag/wallet. Are these bags sold out or being listed tomorrow?

    • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

      The Blue/White striped one is sold out, the others are available only by the consultant entering the order on the back office. Message me if you would like more info

    • Sarah Smitley

      Those are all sold out but we have new bright blue ones coming available tomorrow called Allie and Morgan that will be on our 50% off sale. There are different styles available. If I can help you at all please let me know.

    • Caryn

      I just tried searching several of the host exclusives on my workstation and couldn’t get them to pull up. Tomorrow at 8am MST the fall line will be up for 50% off. Lots of blue items in this collection! Check it out in the morning or email me and I can send you some images! /

  27. Sarah

    I’m looking for a fairly roomy clutch that will hold my smartphone, keys, money/ cards, lipgloss, etc. Do any of these clutches fit the bill?

    • Marybeth Rademacher

      Most of the clutches should easily hold the items you listed! If you click on the pic it will give you the measurements of the clutches & bags. If you have any more questions I’m happy to help. 🙂

    • Caryn

      Sarah if your keys are not overly bulky then any clutch will do! I have a few that I use and put all of your mentioned items in! The Claire clutch can double as a small purse as well! Check it out!

    • Caryn

      I have several clutches and as long as your keys aren’t overly bulky any could work for you. I use all your mentioned items in mine with no problem! The Claire clutch can also double as a small purse! Love my Ocelot Claire! Check it out!

  28. Vickie

    Any reps in Georgia?

    • Meredith Eckard (@FireFreeScents)

      All orders ship from central warehouses, you can order online

      My husband is from Georgia, but we are stationed in CA!

  29. yups

    Does anyone still have any of the leather bags in stock? Thanks! I live in Brooklyn

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