*HOT* $10 Off $40 Online Order with Free In-Store Pick Up = Pampers Diapers Only 11¢ Each, Nice Bedding Deals & MORE

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WooHoo! Through 8/2, is offering up $10 off your online order of $40 or more when you opt for FREE in-store pick up! Even sweeter, there is a limit of 4 for this offer. Here are a couple of ideas to make use of this discount offer…

Purchase 2 Huggies or Pampers Giant Packs of Diapers = FREE $20 Target gift card (thru 8/2)

Deal Scenario
Buy 2 Pampers Baby Dry Giant Packs size 2- 160 ct $31.99 each
Total = $63.98
Choose FREE In-Store pick up = Save $10 off $40 order
Pay $53.98
Get back $20 Target Gift Card (when you purchase 2 Huggies or Pampers Giant pack of Diapers)
Final Cost $33.98 for all – just $0.11 per diaper!

And, check out the email I received from reader, Kari…

Target is running a great deal on bedding, especially kids bedding. I found the matching quilt for my son’s set for $20 off plus an additional $10 off if you pick-up in store! We’re getting him bunk beds so it’s the perfect time to get the extra blanket for the top bunk! Regularly $69, I got it for $39 plus the additional 5% off with my Target debit! I can tell you from experience also that these are really nice quality, durable sets!

Kid’s Twin Circo Bedding Sets $49 (reg. $69!)
Choose Free In-Store pick up and save $10 off $40 order
Final Cost ONLY $39![/h2s_box]

(Thanks, Tracy, Kari, Mary!)

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Comments 98

  1. Abby

    Collin! My coupon for a free secret clinical deodorant came in the mail yesterday, and I just used it at Rite Aid and received $2 in up rewards! My husband was so impressed 🙂 Thanks again for all you and your team do! x

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are sure welcome!! 🙂

  2. Lynn

    Used this deal with 4 packs of the Bounty that are on sale, plus a 3-pack of Lysol wipes. Paid $31 out of pocket plus recd a $10 gift card back! So $21 for the wipes and 36 rolls of paper towel!

    • Suzanwoo

      What was the gift card?? From the bounty or wipes?


      • Lynn

        From the Bounty. I used the wipes as my filler to reach the. $40. Need them for school anyways! 🙂

    • Kidsallgone

      I think there is a rebate for Lysol that ends soon. That’s all I know. Sorry.

    • Lori S

      It keeps spinning and spinning when I add 4 bounty to my cart…..hmmm

  3. Teri

    Did 2 boxes of up n up diapers with 10$ gc offer.

  4. Michelle

    Does your store need to have the item in stock? Or does it ship the item to your store?

    • Monica

      The Store needs to have the item in stock, at the time of purchase

  5. Liz

    Don’t forget to sign up to receive alerts from target baby online! Text Baby to 827438. You will receive a 10% off code to use online!

    • momma2.2

      How did you get the target coupon what word do you text?

    • Gina

      Just tried this.. Fine print.. 10% offer is limited to new subscribers only. Offer excludes clearance and baby care (Diapers, wipes, training pants, and instant formula) 🙁

    • aj

      Excludes diapers =/

  6. Rachael

    When you pick up the order can you then apply coupons that you have?

    • Anne

      I wanna know this also

    • Sara

      I wanna know also!!

      • Gina

        Last time I tried this, they had to void the order and start from scratch, They dont have an option to add any other discounts. They simply click on “Complete” the charge goes to your card and thats that.. However my store is great and they have in the past refunded me the money as a “missed coupon”

    • Stefanie

      Good question, because if so, you could use two $3/1 for the Pampers and bring it down to $27.xx for both boxes!

      • Gina

        Will be going to target in the next hour or so. Will come back and post.. Gonna see if they will honor the $10.00 discount instore since I cant place an online order for store pick up. gives me an error.

        • Gina

          Just got back.. no luck they wouldnt honor the online discoint and they wont accept coupons on it either

          • Christina

            Thanks for letting us know Gina!

    • Jennifer

      Rachel, my store store me I could bring back the receipt (since it gets emailed to me) and my coupons and then they would do it as a “missed coupon”, so I could still get the benefits of the coupons! 🙂

  7. Maureen


    • chrissy1925

      Me too. Can you purchase online and still get the gift card when you pick up?

  8. Lori

    Excellent question Rachael, can we use coupons with this offer?

  9. Rachael

    Is it 4 separate transactions or just a limit of 4 items in one transaction?

  10. Gina

    Its not finding anything instore! says to try back later

  11. Babzko

    I still didn’t get my $25 gift card from the last deal on Pampers diapers ;-(

    • Gina

      Did you do shipping? or email. I always get mine within 2 hours in an email or text

      • Suzy

        If you get it in an e-mail can you still redeem in store? Thanks!

        • Gina

          Yes you can

        • Judy

          you have to sign up for a special Target Gift Card account to redeem it and MUST have a smart phone to do so

      • Babzko

        I believe I checked that I want to get it via e-mail. Already got the diapers but no gc ;-(

        • Maggie

          I didn’t get it either…had to call and they emailed it to me. I have a feeling if you don’t see it at all on your order, there was a glitch and you won’t get it without calling, or maybe emailing. I decided to get it emailed since it had already had been a few days and didn’t want to wait for the mail. Good luck.

  12. Ashley

    Having trouble purchasing online to pick up in store. Anyone else having difficulty with the website?

    • Laura

      Yes, Strangely enough – all the items I want are out of stock. I can’t imagine their back room is totally empty of all bounty.
      Target offers a deal – but not really.

    • Linda R

      I bought something else to pick up in store and it went through fine, but the diapers are giving me trouble. Says to try again in a few minutes. I wonder if everyone is trying to buy diapers after seeing this deal and the site is having issues because of it!

      • Linda R

        I changed to Explorer and it worked fine!

    • Joanna

      yes! it won’t find anything.

    • Ashley

      I can add items to my cart, but when I go to check out the page shows nothing in my cart and no option to check out

    • Vanessa

      Getting an error, cart won’t show up all of a sudden 🙁

    • Denise

      I also received a note that the item I wanted was not at the store ->clicked on nearby stores, the initial store came up again that indicated AVAILABILITY-> selected w/o a problem. Bought the Lego Friends for $39.99 ($49.99 @Walmart) and Suave shampoo for $1.50, to push me over the $40, total $34! Thank you Collin and Hip Team!

  13. Suzanwoo

    Me too, online order are not working right now…. 🙁

  14. Kim

    I was having a problem getting my store to show up for the In-store pickup at checkout. I switched to internet explorer (instead of google chrome) and it came up without a problem. Hth.

  15. Suzanwoo

    Finally my order went through!!! My order was 4 bounty paper towels and 1 Johnson & Johnson first aide 70 piece kit. My total was $30.90 with my Target Red card and I will be receiving a gift card for $10!!! So it’s like paying $20!!

  16. Kim

    Don’t forget to use Ebates for 2x cashback today. It’s a lil’ confusing what the percentage is on diapers but I’m pretty sure it is 2% so 4% cashback. I have been forgetting all about Ebates and Shopathome lately!

    • cbeths

      Ebates Excludes any cash back on diapers …
      Exclusions: Cash back is not available on Baby Care (diapering, feeding, toiletries), Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards. Also, Cash back is not available for reseller orders.Special Terms: Free Gift Cards: Orders which receive a free gift card will have the Cash Back eligible amount of order reduced by the amount of the free gift card.

  17. Marissa

    Used 2 previous 10$ gift cards to roll onto this deal! Paid 34.65! Awesome deal for my 2 week old! 🙂 Thanks collin!!!

  18. Babzko

    Thank you ladies! 🙂

  19. lily

    got my diapers! thanks! so many pampers deals lately at target. love it! it says you will get your gc after you pick up in store. i chose snail mail bc i often times delete my texts and emails.

  20. Brooke

    Ok…so I am doing the Cruisers deal with the $20 gift card. Do you think I could get back online tomorrow and do the deal again using the $20 gift card that is being emailed to me? Anyone done it? Thank you for helping!! Gotta get the diaps as cheap as possible!! 🙂

    • Linda R

      I’m sure that would work!

  21. Annadm

    I’m going to the deal for honest company diapers!! Cheapest price for those!

  22. Vanessa

    I agree – for some reason using Internet Explorer, it works!

  23. taya

    One box of pampers is available in stores but the o th wasn’t I then switched that box to ship to home and my total still seemed the same $51….has anyone else done this? Does the $10 deal still work then since they were out of stock? The box that is being shipped only totaled $15.76 for pampers so I think the deal went through..?? Going to go pick up the one box and hopefully my $20gc will still ship!!

  24. Kviganas

    Any good deals on decorative pillow throws?

  25. Robin

    I just did the pampers. Got $10 off my order, got $20 gift card (suppose to get sent straight to my phone), plus I used my target debit card and saved an additional $3.00. 2 boxes of pampers cruisers=$59.29-$20 gift card=$39.29 for 2 giant packs normally $34.99each for $19.64 each! Score!

  26. Carol_R

    Thanks Collin. I did a deal for some items that I was going to purchase there anyways and it was great to get the $10 discount.

    • Carol_R

      This morning I got the pick-up email but they had dropped 1 of my items from it. I guess it was out-of-stock – I still got the discount deal.

  27. Megan

    I was able to purchase a $40 target gift card for $30 with this promo ($28.50 after red card discount!!) so excited! 🙂

    • Jennifer

      How did u process the transaction online to get the $10 off Megan?

    • Judy

      how did you do it? I don’t see how to get a gift card that has a “pick up in store” option

      • Judy

        oops – you answered the question before my post posted! thanks

        • Judy

          I can’t get it to work – bummer

      • Megan

        The deal has apparently ended/maxed out…sorry 🙁

    • Kristin

      How did you do this? I am trying, but there is no option for store pickup. Help!

  28. Jennifer

    I added to card and selected the mobile option but did not take off the $10. Any suggestions? Thanks Megan!!

    • Megan

      Deal has apparently ended…sorry 🙁

      • Theresa

        You can still get it but for $38 with Redcard

  29. Anu

    Hi. Did anyone get their $20 gift card emailed with the pampers deal? I ordered two boxes last night and got email that my order is ready for pickup. But no email with the $20 gift card. Thanks in advance.

    • Corinne

      You have to pickup your order before the gift card is emailed. I picked my diapers up last night at 730 and had the email by 745.

    • cbeths

      You get the email with the giftcard, about 4 hours after you pick up your order.

  30. Tara

    I might be remembering wrong but I thought it said the gc would go thru after you pick up your order?

    • Judy

      yes – should be emailed to you after you pay and pick up your order

  31. Diana

    The Find a Store function isn’t working for me, is anyone else having the same issue?

    • Dana Cochran

      Same for me Diana…

      • Jennifer

        Yes, having issues with here. I actually got it to work and when I submitted my order it came up to a screen that told me my cart is empty and I am pretty sure the order never went through…. frustrating!

  32. Theresa

    Finally got it to work this morning on my iPod I had to choose “full site” on bottom

    • Theresa

      And I chose for the gift card to be mailed since I’ve seen people not getting the emailed version

  33. Theresa

    So, I ordered the 2 packs of size 5 pampers today. They are mailing me my $20 gift card. I just got back from picking them up and they have me a coupon for $5 off my next $50 purchase (which I used off formula today) plus When I got home to review my receipt they only charged me $32 for both cases


    • Dep

      You’ll be charged another 20.00 for the gift card once it’s shipped. That’s how it shows up on our accounts as we’ve done this deal twice. HTH

  34. Kim

    Does anyone know if once you receive the gift card if you can purchase more diapers on the site the next day?

  35. Judy

    I’ve been trying to get this to work with honest diapers. Curr target is offering $10 gc with purchase of 2 value packs, plus the $10 off $40 for in store pick up. Total was $51 minus $10 in cart but when I checked out, final adjusted price was $51 tax (reflecting only the $10 diaper gc and not the $10 in store pick up)… Curious how others are getting them to combine discounts?

    • Mary

      Judy, the $10 you are seeing should be the $10 off $40. The $10 gift card isn’t taken off your total. It is emailed to you after you pick up your order in store. You can also choose to have the gift card mailed to you. You should see the place to enter your email address for the gift card and confirm at checkout.

  36. Mary

    I’ve done this pampers deal 4 times and 2 have gone through on my credit card, but they charged me separate $20 charges for the free gift cards!! Tried to call CS but says they are having heavy call volumes and call back. Anyone else have this problem???

    • Mary

      Nvm. They just charged it as 2 separate charges for some reason but they added up right. Weird. 🙂

  37. Lacey

    Thanks to the $10 off $40 in store pick up and the $25 gift card from the diaper deal last week, I was able to get baby #2 (due in November) 304 Pampers Baby Dry diapers (one box size 2-160ct, the other size 3-144ct) for $0.09 per diaper! 🙂
    The diapers are $3 cheaper per box online than in the store ($31.99 vs $34.99)
    $31.99 x 2
    -$10 off $40
    -$25 gift card
    -5% RedCard
    $28.16 for both boxes of diapers picked up in store!
    That isn’t even including the $20 gift card I received via email on this purchase!!! (Since I don’t count GC’s earned on a purchase, since it will get used on another transaction.) 🙂
    VERY thankful for all of these awesome diaper deals lately!!!

  38. Kris

    How many times can you use the $10 off $40 store pickup promo?

    • Shauna

      I believe 4 times by August 2.

  39. em

    I went to pick up the diapers today that I ordered online 2 days ago and they told me that now only 1 box is available for pick up instead of the 2 that I ordered. I asked if I could just switch the sizes and the employee told me I had to cancel the order and do the whole thing over again. She was very rude about it too. How annoying. They could’ve at least emailed me about the change so I didn’t have to waste my time going there just to cancel the order.

    • Lily

      I just went to pick up my 2 boxes of diapers as well. The customer service people had such an attitude with me. I complained to management and the manager said they were not prepared for this online promo and basically overwhelmed. Well I came on Thursday and cannot imagine what attitude was given to people on Sunday through Tuesday. Well, apparently there were A LOT of glitches. Seems like corporate wants to try these promos but the execution down at the store level is just not happening well.

      • Lacey

        I picked up my two boxes on Tuesday and the customer service guy, Kenny, was awesome about it. He was very helpful, patient and personable. The guy that brought the diapers up from the back room, however, looked like he wanted to burn the store down if he had to look at another diaper box. Apparently their back room was full of diaper orders from people taking advantage of the $10 off $40. I broke my order down for Kenny and he said he would order too for a deal like mine. 🙂 I was glad to find at least one person still working in customer service who was happy to do their job!

  40. Marisa

    I had to call to get my $20 gift card from the Pampers deal and they gave me $25 for the inconvenience of not receiving the card to begin with. 🙂

  41. Nicole

    Anyone else have a problem with this deal going through? I put in the order no problem, but then got an email my items are no longer at my store and to update my delivery method or change the store, which I tried to do and it will not let me. I called customer service and they said it wasn’t letting them do it either and they will have to cancel my order and put in a whole new order. 🙁 I don’t want to do that b/c I used a gift card for part of the order and my red card for the other part and I’ve had that happen before and it was a huge process to get the gift card back.

  42. MD31014

    I had major issues with this diaper deal today! I could not get the online deal because Targets website was all jacked up. So I called and spoke to someone who spoke no English and the supervisor was not any more help. They kept telling me I could not get the $20 gift card in the store only if I ordered online they also told me I could not use my coupons upon pick up. After 45 mins on the phone I gave up and just went to the store. The customer service lady priced matched the online price for the Pampers baby dry 31.99 which was nice and gave me a $5 coupon for trying to order online. I was the 5th person that afternoon that complained that I lost out on the $10 discount. I’m pretty disappointed with all of this and I’m not sure I even got that good of a deal. After my $4.00 in coupons I still paid almost sixty bucks for 2 boxes of diapers and now I’ve got a $20 gift card sitting in my wallet. I really wish they would let you put the gift card towards your current purchase. I would buy a ton more stuff there if that was the case. Maybe I’m just really new to all this couponing and don’t see that I really got a good deal!

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