Shop Your Way Rewards Members: Earn 20,000 Points (= $20 Reward) with $20 Purchase – Facebook Offer

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Calling all Shop Your Way Rewards members! In addition to the 10,000 offer I posted here yesterday (still available!), you can also head over here to claim a new Facebook offer valid for 20,000 (= $20) Shop Your Way points on your next purchase of $20 or more at Sears or Kmart! Simply click on “Get Offer” and you will be emailed the coupon, valid through September 30th.

* Note that there is a limit of one coupon per member and excludes clearance and closeouts, along with several different brands, so make sure to read the fine print.

(Thanks, Margret & Freebies for a Cause!)

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  1. brandice

    Awesome thanks!!

  2. Jodi

    so I take it you have to use this in store only? no online deal? thanks.

    • Melissa

      I did the $10.00 one yesterday online and my points showed up this morning 🙂 HTH

      • Melissa

        You have to enter the number under the bar code in the promo code box at checkout.

        • may

          cant see promo code option????????????

          • Coupon Addict for Life

            Its while viewing your cart at the right hand side- says “Have a coupon code?” you enter it there…

    • Chelsey

      You can use it online, just type the number below the barcode in the coupon area.

      • may

        can you please send me link

      • Mandy B

        That isn’t working for me. It’s telling me the code isn’t valid? I tried on and on the Shop Your Way Rewards website.

  3. colleen

    Is the points on the next purchase or when I spend $20 which would make it free?

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      on the next purchase

  4. Mandy B

    So for the $10 and $20 coupons… Do the points show up in your account to be able to use on the $10 or $20 purchase? Or do they show up AFTER you make a $10 or $20 purchase (to be used at next transaction)?

    • mel

      Its AFTER you make the purchase.

  5. Allison

    I just used the $10 one today. The points show up immediately after you pay. I bought the food saver paper for regular price around $12. So, it cost $2 after points!!! I am going to to do it again. I wonder if I can roll the points for this offer? Thanks for posting.

  6. Teresa

    I bought some shorts for my son. Ordered online and haven’t arrived yet can I still get the deal? I spent over 47.00

    • harlow

      I bet so! i suggest calling the SYW customer service area to have the points added to your account. HTH! Good luck 🙂

    • Teresa

      Great idea!

  7. Mandy B

    Also, can you use the $10 and $20 coupons together?

    • Teresa

      I bought some shorts for my son. Ordered online and haven’t arrived yet can I still get the deal? I spent over 47.00

      Great idea!

    • Teresa

      Good Idea

  8. Tobey

    Did the email show up right away? Mine had not showed up yet?

    • Teresa


  9. Teresa

    ok I got the e-mail for the $10.00 and I an having trouble getting the $20

  10. OhioGirl

    Anyone that has redeemed the $10 point offer from the other day, could you please share the expiration date on the points. TIA

    • Jean

      Sept 2015

      • OhioGirl

        Thanks Jean! I was hoping they would be good for a year. I’d like to rack up some points for Christmas gift shopping and beyond.

    • Sjack

      I have same question ?

    • Amber


    • Tracy

      Mine said September 30, 2014

  11. Coupon Addict for Life

    Free SYW Max for 90 days for anyone who’s interested…

  12. Jean

    Does anyone know if these $10 or $20 coupons will work on grocery food items at Super Kmart?

    • Layla

      I used the $10 coupon at Kmart yesterday with in store pickup

  13. Michele

    I did this today buying a baby gate, they scanned the coupon it showed right up I was able to use the $10 off right away.

  14. maureen

    Thanks so much. I “bought” my daughter two hello kitty t-shirts. Pick up in store. Spent $19.00 in points plus $1.05 on credit card. Earned $20.10 in points. Yeah!! Still need to use the $10 coupon.

    • Elaine

      I did the 10 dollar offer but points don’t show up I emailed them and told that they have to be out of pocket but user some people here worked for them if u spend just points :(don’t know wat to do

      • Carol_R

        I believe that you cannot spend all points to get the points & that you must spend at least 10 cents in order to receive them.

      • April

        You have to pay something out of pocket to get points so if an item is $10.00 you can use $9.95 worth of shop your way points. Pay $0.05 then you would have gotten your $10.00 of points. If you paid for your entire order with points then you are not eligible to receive the bonus points. Hopes that helps you.

  15. Carolin

    I’m new to the shop your way rewards. I would greatly appreciate some help. I have $12 in points. If my total is $20 and then I use my $12 in points to lower my total to $8 am I still able to use the $20 coupon to get $20 in points?

    • Kaylene

      Yes you can – as long as you apply the coupon first and spend at least something oop

      • Carolin

        Thank you so much for the help.

      • susan

        to clarify, are you saying if online or instore use the $20 coupon code first then apply your $12 in points…. i am a newbie, just want to make sure that I understand


        and if this is how it is done, it is easy to see where to put the points that you one to use

        • Coupon Addict for Life

          Yes –

          If checking out online apply the coupon to your cart and make sure it says you will earn $20.xx back in points at the top of your screen. Then checkout and on the payment page apply your points. You should still get the $20 back in points and only pay $8 oop

          If using it at the store make sure the cashier scans the coupon before applying your points. If they try to scan it after applying your points you won’t get the $20 because your total will be too low.

  16. Krystle Anne

    Am I able to use both coupons in the same transaction? I was probably going to buy at least $30 in groceries. Also, what if I have manufacture coupons to use? Is it $10/$20 before or after coupons? Sorry, I’m still a little new to shopping at KMart… 🙂

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      No you can not use them both on the same transaction. You can, however, buy $10 worth of participating products, use the first coupon and get $10 in points back, and then do a second transaction and have them scan the $20 coupon, apply your $10 in points and only pay $10 but still get $20 worth of points back. That way you get $30 worth of product, only pay $20 oop and get $20 back in points!

      • CJ

        So 1st transaction if I buy a clock for $10 apply coupon and get back $10 in points. 2nd transaction I would need to buy a $20 mirror and scan my $20 in points and then apply $10. oop would be $10
        Then 3rd transaction buy something for $20 and $20 in points? is this right?

        • Coupon Addict for Life

          yes, that is correct. But your third transaction does not *have* to be $20, you can use points like cash. So you can spend any amount at any time before they expire. (example, you can do the first 2 transactions like stated, then a third transaction can be $5. Spend $5 of your points and your purchase will be completely free, and you will still have $15 to spend later!) Just make sure to spend all your points before they expire

          • Cj

            Thank you!

  17. Carol_R

    Is it over? Every time I click on it, it comes back saying “Sorry, there was an error and we were not able to send you the offer. Please try again later.”

  18. Jennifer

    I can’t seem to find anywhere online to enter this code at check out with

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      email me at couponaddictforlife at gmail . com and I will send you a picture of where to put the code

  19. Amy

    Say there’s a problem, couldn’t be sent…same thing yesterday 🙁 what am I doing wrong?

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      I have an extra – I can e-mail it to you if you want…

      • helen

        Hi CouponAddictForLife,

        If you do have an extra “$20 in points after spend $20”, may I have it please? My email is Thank you 😀

    • v

      Happened for me too, a couple tries.
      I closed out the facebook page…reopened the page…then clicked on “get offer”.
      It came thru to the email associated with my facebook acct.

  20. mona

    I don’t have a facebook so i used my moms to ‘get offer’ while being logged in to my sywr account. Where is the coupon code being sent? My mom’s email?


    • Coupon Addict for Life

      yes whatever email address is associated with your moms email

  21. Coupon Addict for Life

    Whoever follows me on SYW will get $5 in free points (no minimum purchase required) to use on 9/5 – 9/7. You will also still get the 90 days of free Max shipping. details on my FB page – look up coupon addict for life

    • Dawn

      How does this work? Is there a down side to this? I don’t understsnd

      • Kaylene

        Nope completely free and confidential – they are just trying to promote more shopping at sears and Kmart

    • monica

      hi how can i follow u on facebook, can u plz provide more detail

      • Kaylene

        Just do a search for “coupon addict for life” on facebook and all the details are there

  22. Dawn

    Ah! I spent over 10 yesterday, used 8,000 points, but just saw this! 🙁 Can I take my receipt in and they give me the 10,000 points???

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      you can contact SYW and try… no harm in trying even if they say no!

  23. Susan

    Are all the coupon codes the same? I don’t have facebook, but my husband does. Wondering if we can both use his coupon for our separate SYW accounts.

    • Cannielle

      No, all unique barcodes.

    • Kaylene

      They are all different

  24. cyndi

    Can you use it on food purchase in store?

    • Kaylene

      Limit one coupon per member. Excludes clearance/closeouts; Levi’s; Two Hearts Maternity; Scrubology; Sears Fan Shop; Insane Deals; Shaw rug gallery; recliners; Colormate 2.5 oz mini jar candles; generators; Weber; Mattresses; Jenn-Air; Dacor; appliance & floorcare accessories; humidifiers; dehumidifiers; water heaters & softeners; air conditioners; air cleaners; fans; everyday great price items; propane tanks; automotive; video game hardware; Bose; Onkyo; prepaid calling cards; iTunes; computers; tablets; eReaders; Canon DSLR; Sony camcorders, DSLR & lenses; Nikon DSLR & lenses, Samsung, Sharp & Sony UPP merchandise; Panasonic VT series TVs; installed Home Improvements; Home Services; PartsDirect; catalog orders; Gift Cards; money orders; wire transfers; protection agreements; licensed businesses; Nicki Minaj & Adam Levine collections; BOGO; non-merchandise; concessions; federal/state regulated items; alcohol; tobacco; fuel; items behind the pharmacy counter; prescriptions; prior purchases; partial-paid special order items; Lands’ End. Add’l online exclusions: Custom, family, and Moissanite jewelry; ShoeBuy items; compact refrigerators; range hoods; compactors; Fisher & Paykel; fragrances; Smart Buys; laptops; snow throwers; Hot Buys; Fruit of the Loom & Hanes. Cash value 1/20¢. On return, points deducted. Limited to one-time use only; applies online to merchandise marked sold by Sears or Kmart. Not valid at Sears HomeTown, Outlet, Appliance Showroom, Hardware stores.

    • Jessica

      Yes, I did

  25. cyndi

    Is that a yes! Lol

    • Kaylene

      My guess would be yes – i see no exclusion of food items

  26. Jane

    I bought oj, coffee, silk. Toilet paper too. Free toilet paper at my house for over a year now!

  27. Crystal

    Has anyone used these coupons in store today and got the points on the 1st transaction like it took the money off instead of giving you points for the next transaction? ?

  28. Angeline

    I am new with syw too. So I can use this coupon for toys such as Lego and Leapfrog as long as they are not clearance items right?

    • Angeline

      Oh, one more question: can the $20 reward be used on anything including items on clearance and sale?

      Take for example, I buy regular price items to get the $20 reward. Then use the $20 deposited into my syw for clearance items?

      • B

        It says it excludes clearance.

      • Ash

        You can’t use this coupon on clearance but you can use your points on clearance.
        1. Buy sale/ regular price item 2. Get back $20 in points 3. Now you can spend your points on anything clearance/ sale/ hot buy and more.
        Note** if you return the item you will not get back your points. (When use coupon)

        • Angeline

          Awesome! Thanks Ash, that’s what I need to know.

  29. crystal case

    Can I use my points and get the points back? Thank you

    • Kaylene

      Yes as long as you spend something oop – meaning if you have $20 worth of product apply your coupon and then you can use $19 of points, spend $1 oop and still get back $20 in points. If you don’t spend Something oop you will not earn the points back

  30. Caitlin

    Just scored three pairs of kids’ shoes FREE after points!!! Yippee!! Bought each of my sons a pair of the Route 66 Ronnie sneakers and my 4yo a pair of the red Arcade rain boots. Ronnie shoes rang up BOGO, rain boots were $12.19, total came to $21.xx, used $2.15 in points, paid just under $20, and getting $20 in points back! So excited and hope I can roll these points to use the $10 reward!

    • Caitlin

      Forgot to also add that my $5 off $25 shoes Kmart coupon did stack with this with no issues.

  31. DANA

    WOW Dual USB Car Charger – Black
    Sold by Sears
    Qty: 1
    Craftsman 100-PC Accessory Kit
    Sold by Sears
    Qty: 1
    Merchandise Subtotal
    Pre-Tax Total
    Sales Tax
    $1.77 Total Savings $1.50
    Earn For Next Order
    $27.12 in points
    That’s 27,125 points

    ^^I spent total of $22.25 and got back $27.12 whoohoo money maker. Everything on this page you get 100% back in points: On Sears website click on Shop yourway Exclusives, and click on the item that says “Wow, charges,cases…” and all items on that page you get 100% back in points.

    • Paola

      Thank you so much for this tip! I always wondered where everybody found these awesome deals, and now I know! Was finally able to get my husband a sound bar with subwoofer. OOP $150 and I’m getting $110 back in points. Thanks again!

      • Michelle

        Where did you find these deals? When I go on the exclusives, I am not seeing any of these deals?

        • Sara

          same here can’t see any of these deals

    • Sara

      Where did u find this deal I can’t seem to find where u can see such deals

  32. Colleen

    I used my coupon yesterday in store and got a bunch of clearance items, and the 20000 bonus points still showed on the bottom of my receipt.

  33. Shonna

    Do you know if you can roll the points by doing separate transactions?

  34. Katie

    Can I pay with a Sears gift card and still get the points back? Thanks.

    • Paola

      Yes you can. I do this all the time. I purchase gift cards at grocery stores for 4x gas rewards, or at Kmart when they have the bonus gift card offer (buy $25 gift card, get $5 gift card free) and then use them for offers like these 🙂

  35. jhnicole

    I think I got mine thanks.

  36. Diana

    Placed the order, haven’t got my points yet

  37. J

    This coupon worked for me on clearance items. My points have posted to my account.

  38. Pamela Townsend


  39. Marie

    Any Ideas on when we may see more awesome Shop your way Rewards coupons like this?

  40. John

    anybody not going to use a $20 SYWR coupon, please email it to me @ thank you!!!!

  41. sandy

    anybody not using 20$ off 20$sywr coupon,please send me .
    Thank you!

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