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Target: Possible 90% Off School Supply Clearance

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Have you made it to Target to check out the school supply clearance yet? If not, you may want to head on over there soon as it appears select Target locations have marked down the school supply clearance to as much as 90% off! There have been finds on the Mead 70 sheet college ruled notebooks with poly covers reduced to only $0.09 and the Mead College Ruled 70-sheet notebooks reduced to $0.06, plus you may spot $4 worth of coupons inside! Be sure to price check as these items will likely not be marked.

(Thanks and Photo Credit, Totally Target!)

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  1. Julie

    My target is still at 30-50% off and already almost completely wiped out. Oh well! 😉

    • Margaret Anderson

      Mine is at 30% and almost wiped out too. I was bummed. I got a lot of stuff there last year that I was able to roll over to this school year.

  2. Tanya

    I found 2 pks. of glue sticks for $0.02, liquid glue for $0.02, wide-ruled notebooks for $0.02 and pencil sharpeners for $0.46 🙂

    • Stacy

      What did the pencil sharpeners look like?

    • Julie

      The glue sticks rang up at $.02 at my target too. The cashier didn’t want to give them to me for that price. I told her it was on clearance. She checked the price of the glue sticks in the system twice. Made me feel like I was trying to scam them or that I was doing something shady!!!

      • Eileen

        Wow that was really rude of her. I had a Target employee digging through clearance with me. She told me that composition notebooks were coming up $.07 but of course I already knew that. Ended up helping her look for Wide Ruled composition notebooks so she can donate them. I avoid the ones that are rude, sadly there is a list of cashiers I know will do the same thing.

    • Sandy

      Thank you! I found bottles of glue at .05 each. I bought all they had…328 bottles for next year’s back to school supply drive.

  3. Kristi

    A lot of the school supplies at my target aren’t even marked down yet 🙁

  4. Carrie

    Ours in South Florida is still at 70%, but we still stocked up on 6 cent notebooks today and 9 cent folders. We somehow managed to spend $25 to get the $5 gift card. Woot! 🙂

    • Stacy

      Which folders?

  5. Ger


    I just received my free book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” from the Sun Maid promotion and I wanted to thank you for posting it!!!

    • kc

      Still waiting for mine. 🙁 That book was one of my favorites when I was little.

      • Ger

        I’m sure yours will come soon too 🙂

        It’s one of my faves too!

    • Katie

      I just got my Pete the Cat book. I had totally forgotten about it! Also super impressed it was a hardcover. What a great freebie!

    • Brittany

      Did you guys receive it through the post office?

    • Courtney

      I got If You Give a Mouse a Cookie too! It was very exciting since I had forgotten about it!

  6. J

    What coupons are in the notebooks

    • Pam

      Not as good as last year’s IMO… Swing line, crest, Hanes, Elmer’s Glue and secret…

  7. Jessica

    Our local Target has a ton of school left and on clearance; however, the Crayola and Fiskar brands aren’t marked down any. Employee told me bc they normally stock those items….looks like they will have tons of overstock for a while 🙁

  8. kelle

    Went to my target today and i got the tablets for 2 cents

    • Rosana

      I did not get the catalina 🙁

      • Rosana

        Sorry I meant to reply below for the mucinex product.

  9. kelle

    Hi collin just wanted to tell u about this awsome deals i got at target on MUCINEX ALLERGY TABLETS 30 CT …. TRANSACTION #1 BUY 1 30CT MUCINEX ALLERGY TABLETS USE THE $2 TARGET COUPON AND USE THE 25% CARTWHEEL ($2.87), AND USE THE $7.00 MANUFACTOR COUPON AND UR TOTAL WILL BE $1.62


    • Daisy

      She made a post about that earlier in the week.. good to know it still works tho!

  10. Lindak

    I snagged the post-its for 10 cents each. My 10% off a post-it wouldn’t scan, but I wasn’t going to argue about 1 cent!

    • Stacy

      Which postit packs were they?

      • Lindak

        Single packs of 3 x 3 inch. Orange, blue, green. Orange says Super Sticky, 654-SSPK. upc 021200507878.. There’s also a Shopmium rebate for $0.50 on one pack.

        • Stacy

          Thanks for the description!

    • Kate

      We grabbed 20 of the 10 cent post it’s … They were mostly orange, purple and neon green. Stacking a couple and then typing Halloween ribbon around it for my kids to give their teachers.

    • Katie

      I got the same deal in Wisconsin. It was funny because a 5 pack was $6.59 and buying the single packs was .50cents. Also got notebooks for .07 cents. I had to go to the back of the store for the deals.

  11. CW

    Ha! As of today my Targets are only 30%, and there is very little left…

    • Pam

      My store was crazy. Stuff at 30%, 50% and 70%…

  12. Kim

    The only good deals at my Target were backpacks. I bought some for later in the year when the others start falling apart.

    • Rae

      If you be the trans brand by jansport they have warranties just as a jansport would have! They cost a little more but I’ve gotten one for under 10 on clearance! I have sent backpacks in for zipper repair/replacement, stitching repair, and one backpack the water resistant lining was peeling out of so they replaced the backpack with a brand new one! All the repairs ever cost is shipping to them so I will often send multiple bags. They have more info on their site about how to send items in.

    • Vee

      I bought my kids backpacks from LL Bean 2 years ago as recommended by a friend. If there is any damage, they will replace the back pack for free. They also have sales and you can get a backpack for $25-$30 shipped. Amazing price considering they’ve lasted us 2 years and are still going strong. I made sure to have the kids pick out a pattern they will be okay with for the next couple of years.
      I used to buy 2 – 3 back packs a year. Highly recommend them.

  13. Sri

    Did any one from Charlotte nc check.. If yes please me know

    • Carmen

      University was still at 30%… Some 50%.

    • Alicia

      Uptown target has mead 70ct notebook 9 cent and folders for 1 cent. I checked last night

  14. Beverly

    Kansas city target had 0.3cent up and up brand glue bottles and 11 cent glue sticks(2 pack)

  15. jenn

    What cicies are people finding 90% off?

    • Pam

      I’d like to know as well… My store is slow with their clearance…

  16. Stacy

    I also found the decorative kid scissors, decorative pencil cases, and decorative calculators that had been $3.00 for $.30. They have the white and grey chevron packaging.

  17. Melissa

    My Target in Buffalo, N.Y was 70% off …got free folders because they were marked down to a penny and I used the 10% off cartwheel offer, 9 cent paper mate pen packs , sharpies packs of 2 were marked down to $1.64 so I bought 2 and used the $1.00 off 2 target coupon making them $1.14 each .

    • michelle

      im in Niagara falls and im going to target whats the cartwheel offer

  18. JaCoby

    2 pocket folders are $.01
    Paper mate 10pk pens $0.09
    Mead notebooks w/ coupons $.09
    @ Layton Utah Target
    There is no more $0.06 mead notebooks or bottles of glue, I cleared them out.

  19. Cammie

    Anyone visit any S.E. WI stores???

    • Beth

      I went to northeast WI target store yesterday and everything was only 30-50%off

    • Dillinger

      I went to Oshkosh, Wi some of the backpacks/lunch totes were 50% and one aisle of supplies was 30% off but the rest was full price.

      • Sandy

        I’m in Oak Creek and most everything is gone. I did get bottles of glue for .05, and composition books were .25

    • Lynn

      Racine…not much marked down, and what is, is only 30%

      • April

        Im in Racine thanks I wont bother going now! I did get the $0.25 cell phone covers available at Bestbuy in Racine n Kenosha for store pick up!

  20. Allison

    So excited I got 5 notebooks and 8 bottles of glue for 33 cents today!!

  21. Holly

    I went to two local targets today (Los Angeles area). One had items 90%, including water color paints, glue, paper and markers. The other was only 30%, even after double checking with scanner.

    • Linna

      Los Angeles area as well – and they only had marked down spiral notebooks and a few other misc items for 70%… 🙁

    • mich

      Hi, do you mind saying where in the la area is the 90% off? The only target near me is the one near usc.

  22. paige

    not much at my local target, im planning on checking monday am, to see what i can get, i hope some good stuff

  23. Rosana

    I been to my target in AZ almost everyday. I went at noon today and scanned some items but still 30-50% off unless they did it later in the day I hope not. But all the school stuff is at end caps of regular school supplies. Will go tomorrow to see if I get lucky my store has so many stuff left.

  24. jennifer

    They are not officially marked 90% yet, but I purchased folders (pronged) for .01 and up and up glue (both sticks and liquid) .03 and notebooks from .03 to .06 notebooks and the fat notebooks .30… have to scan each thing because most stuff is not clearance that much

  25. Carol_R

    Thanks for the heads up Collin. I’ll check at my Target.

  26. Jennifer

    Frankfort, IL had composition books for .05; graphing paper for .24 and the basic binder 1-1/2″ for $1.24. I stocked up on binders because I hate spending all that money on binders – still a ton of school supplies left – I must go back tomorrow 😉

  27. Lauren

    Some glue at 90% off at algonquin, IL target. Everything else was marked down pretty minimally. There were tubs of 100 colored pencils (up and up) for $4.19. I thought that was decent. Good luck to others!

    • Mandi

      Has anyone been to the crystal lake, IL or mchenry, IL targets?

      • Sarah

        Crystal lake was still only 30% and 50%. I was at the Lake Zurich Target this evening and got some nice pencil pouches marked down to .30 each.

  28. Shannon

    The target here in jacksonville, fl had 30%, 50% and 90%. I got .06 & .09 cent folders, .09 cent paper mate pens that they let me use a .50 cent off coupon for. .50 BIC pens and I used $1 off 2 coupons for those (I got 12 packs of red) Now I still had to pay tax on them is that normal? I also got a 5 star notebook for $1.88. And I used the $5 GC from the children’s vitamins deal to purchase all of these things. I’m going to donate the pens to my children’s schools.

    • Stacy

      Depends on the state. Some charge tax pre-coupon and some do it post-coupon. It depends on how they define a coupon. Here in Kansas, the tax is post-store coupon because they deem that a sale, and pre-manufacturer coupon because those are legally defined as tender. Hope that helps!

  29. Guest

    Hattiesburg Mississippi target has Lots of notebooks left for .02! I got 280 of them

    • Geena O Joseph

      280….wow…Do u donate…?

      • Jessica

        I would certainly hope so! That would be a lot of notebooks for one person even if they had 10 kids or something!! Haha

      • Guest

        Yes, our church does operation Christmas child shoeboxes. These roll up and fit good. As I stated, plenty left, I didn’t make a dent in their stock

  30. Jenny

    Kissimmee, FL— notebooks were 90% off (no signs) but everything else was 50 or 30%. I picked up 20 notebooks 🙂

  31. dino

    I found some goodies at my local target last night Bakersfield CA I am so excited this items are going to be donated for children that are less fortunate and can’t afford to go to school 😆

  32. Stephanie

    Edgewood location in Atlanta had tons of the 2 cent notebooks and 9 cent red pens, but everything else was still at 30 or 50% off

    • Stephanie

      Also- Midtown Atlantic Station Atlanta had notebooks, but were only at 70% off. The great find there were pronged folders, regularly 15 cents, down to a penny each! Grabbed a bunch to donate, but there were a lot of other folders and supplies still left.

  33. My3Suns

    Snellville, Ga had notebooks and folders for 90% off and they have plenty of the left. The book bags were still $15.99 and the lunch bags were 50% off. School supplies (pencils, pens, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, post it notes, tape, markers, etc) are long gone.

  34. kim27520

    Garner, NC Target has the notebooks ringing up for 2cents and folders for 1cent. Cashier was awesome, had no problems (and i bought 200 items total)

  35. lily

    Still 30 percents off Alhambra, CA

  36. M.

    Was able to pick up a few folders for a penny and a lady walked around the corner and took the whole box as I was looking at them! Oh well, still got some glue sticks and bottles of glue for really cheap. Most other school supplies are still only 30% off and I scanned everything!

  37. Sue

    The mead binders have coupons in them. I used (2) $1/2 Elmers Adhesive products. Elmers glue sticks were $.50 makes the four I purchased free with two coupons.

  38. Jamie

    At the SE Denver (Tamarac) Target there are still several $0.02 and $0.06 notebooks left. The signage isn’t very helpful, so use the price checker near the sporting goods.

  39. mel

    Do the backpacks and lunch boxes get marked down on Mondays with the stationary department? Or is it a different day of the week (maybe the day for luggage or sporting goods)? I want to get another backpack and lunchbox to have on hand for my daughter but am not sure if I should be checking back on Monday or a different day. TIA!!

  40. Amy

    Thanks I went into my closest target (Yakima Wa) and got the mead notebooks with the coupons in them for .09 each and some .05 and .01 folders!

  41. Keosha

    Just came from Target in Fayetteville GA. They still had school supplies left. They were set to go to salvage and rang up item not found. I was able to get somethings 90 off only because I had my receipt from Saturday stating what I paid. If I didn’t my .09 notebook would have been .99.

  42. angela

    My target in san lorenzo,ca just had back packs, lunch bags, Thermos and some random supplies marked down 30%. The rest was full price. Bummer! What i realized is around here they don’t clearance things for long. I just picked up 10 boxes of school supplies from Walmart for my son’s school they were donating free. So Walmart is skipping the clearance because they are bringing Christmas out so early.

  43. Lisa

    Sadly here in Palm Beach County, fl things are not marked down like you folks are finding them 🙁

  44. Stacey

    Totally missed out in the Millville,NJ Target. Nothing left, missed the boat on this one 🙁

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