Truvia Natural Sweetener Settlement: Request up to $45 Check or $90 Worth of Free Truvia Products

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Did you purchase at least one Truvia Natural Sweetener product in the United States between July 1, 2008 and July 24, 2014? If so, you qualify for up to a $45 check or $90 worth of FREE Truvia Natural Sweetener Products via the Truvia Natural Sweetener Settlement.

To submit your claim, head here and complete the form no later than December 5, 2014. You can also request that a copy of the claim form be mailed to you by calling 1-888-512-0492 or request the form by e-mail at You may choose to receive either a cash refund or a voucher for free products. Click here for more information.

** No proof of purchase is necessary to obtain settlement benefits. However, the Claim Form must be signed by you under penalty of perjury (either by hand or, if you submit it online, electronically), affirming that you are a qualified member of the Settlement Class and that the information provided therein is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. **

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Are you wondering what these lawsuits are about? The two lawsuits challenge the labeling and marketing of Cargill’s Truvia Natural Sweetener products. Plaintiffs allege that they purchased Truvia Natural Sweetener products and were misled by statements on the labels describing the Truvia Consumer Products and their ingredients—including stevia leaf extract and erythritol—as “natural.” Plaintiffs allege that the Truvia Natural Sweetener products they purchased were not “natural” because they contained ingredients that were “highly processed” and/or derived from genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”) and that the descriptions of the products, and of the ingredients of which these products were made, were inaccurate or misleading. [/h2s_box]

(Thanks, Growing up on Coupons!)

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  1. Ben

    My friend buys this all the time!! Just sent him this info. THANKS COLIN!!!!

  2. Oharra

    This is very upsetting actually. I’m just going to stick to real sugar from now on! Anyone have a good alternative?

    • Lana

      We use raw sugar and it tastes great and is much better for us. No artificial sweeteners in this house!

      • J

        I started using the same.

      • Liz

        Sweetleaf brand Stevia is amazing and the REAL deal. I’ve avoided Truvia since I found out it wasn’t healthy. I was VERY disappointed, but that’s how those big corporations tend to be – sneaky and really only thinking about $$$. I buy my Sweetleaf off Amazon (I get prime 2 day shipping) I pay just over $6 a box for 70 packets. You can also find it cheaper at your local health food store and Walmart . Com sells it in bulk (12 boxes of 70 packets?) For around $70!
        Their liquid Stevia is amazing too. They are truly “the best tasting stevia” as they claim. We LOVE it!

    • Mrs. Waller

      I like raw sugar, raw honey, and maple sugar for baking and I use honey to sweeten my drinks. We choose not to consume artificial sweeteners in our home, also! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kim

        That’s the thing. Truvia wasn’t suppose to be an artificial sweetner. It is from the stevia plant. It is the only sweetener I know of that doesn’t raise blood sugar levels which is why I used it.

          • Kim

            Lisa, does it taste anything like NuNaturals? I can’t stand the taste of that.

            • Lisa

              I never tasted NuNaturals…. Sorry…

              Trader Joes also stevia… Gmo free, I think

    • Nikki

      I mix 1 cup of erythritol (I look for a non-GMO version, NOW brand makes one) and 1 1/2 t. water-extracted pure Stevia extract (NuNaturals makes one)

  3. Shelby

    There is also a Red Bull settlement. If you purchased one between a certain time frame you can either receive $10 cash or $15 worth of coupons.

  4. v

    Wow. This is one of only two substitutes that don’t irritate my stomach. Can’t use the blue packet stuff at all. Nor products that have the blue packet stuff within.
    I will still use Truvia.

    • bmbosse

      It’s still fine to use. The lawsuit has something to do with the wording on the package making claims to be “all natural” when the erithrytol was actually made from GMO corn.

      • Carol_R

        The thing is that I didn’t realize that a huge part of it was erithrytol, which is processed and whether it’s made of GMO corn or not, it’s not good for you.

  5. Mary

    I don’t understand why they handle these lawsuit payouts this way. I’ve seen a number of people comment on Facebook that they signed up for the Red Bull $10 cash settlement and they admit they never drank Red Bull ever. I’m sure they’ll sign up for this $45 Truvia check too. There has to be a better way to compensate those who truly used the product and were misled.

    • Anne

      I agree, people need to be honest. But there no way people keep receipts that go years and years back… So I guess there’s no real way to prove it? It sucks people take advantage when they don’t even use the product!!! Karma for them…

      • Carol_R

        I agree that people need to be honest. I never drank or bought Red Bull so I’m not putting in for that but I have purchase a lot of TruVia and I was led to believe that it was a totally natural product.

        • Mia

          Same as you Carol_R. I was thinking is natural thing

        • katie

          I bought red bull. But I knew it wasn’t going to “give me wings”. I bought it to stay awake! People will sue for anything! They people who started that lawsuit should be put in a mental institution for beleiving that it would…..

      • Jennifer

        Yeah no ones gonna get anything out of this or red bull. I read online today that so many people have applied for red bull that’s it’s down to less than $3/person, and people still have until March to file. It’s genius by the company, if everyone excludes themselves hoping to get a piece of the pie then they deal with it all in one lawsuit and for far less in the end.

        • Carol_R

          $3 is $3 and it’s better in my pocket than someone else’s.

          • Jennifer

            That’s $3 as of today, people still have until March to file and as of this second the claim form is offline bc of the massive surge of applicants. So we’ll enjoy 3 cents in our pocket lol

    • s.ann

      Maybe redbull and Truvia attorneys should check out these pages.

    • Allison

      The funny thing, I those people signed the waiver stating they were telling the truth about purchasing Red Bull and then they are blasting it on FB that they really didn’t! Not the brightest crayons in the box if you ask me!!

      • J

        LOL..Allison that is the best description for their types!

  6. Anne

    Ya this is disheartening…used to use in my coffee!

    We use coconut sugar here! Or turbinado raw sugar.

  7. Angela

    Wow, I buy this and have some in my cabinet now! Thanks for this!

  8. jessica

    Thanks for posting! I am so upset, I literally use this all the time and buy this several boxes at a time. ๐Ÿ™

    • shradz

      Same here. I have been a crazy Truvia user since the last few years. Used boxes and boxes of it .

  9. Agata

    I use coconut sugar, stevia, and xylitol as an alternative to white sugar.

    • tanyam

      I thought Truvia is made out of stevia

  10. Angela

    If my spouse and I both have bought it should we both file claims?

  11. Yoli

    Thanks Collin! I purchase Truvia often for my baked goods and I will still purchase Truvia.

  12. M

    I used to buy this all the time before switching to liquid stevia. I’m going to put in a claim but request the product since I’m not terribly bothered by the natural/gmo issue. Hope this doesn’t take the products off the shelves!

    • M

      I have to say that I feel kind of guilty though even though I’m entitled to it…same with redbull. I used to buy cans all the time for a family member but I still feel icky taking their money.

      • Jo

        Don’t feel too guilty. They made false claims about their product that in fct used to deceive me. I did quit using it about 6 mo. Ago but don’t any to have to file exes for this. A hassle

  13. Kris

    I purchase this stuff all the time. SavingStar used to have a $1 offer for a long time….so that’s a way to have documentation if you it was ever needed. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for posting this. I love Stevia and will continue to use it!

  14. Carol_R

    I bought a lot or Truvia at CVS and then at a much better discount Costco. Not too long ago I went there to get some more because we were out and they weren’t selling it anymore but another product Pure Via which I bought a lot of since it had an instant rebate on it. Looking it up it appears that neither is a natural product and that these days most Stevia is coming from China. We’ll use up the Pure Via that I bought but after that I’ll try and buy just some Stevia that is sourced from South America.

    I do believe that I was led to believe that they products were safe and natural so personally I have no problem applying for the settlement.

    • CrescentCityCurly

      I also couldnt find Truvia at Costco’s this week so i bought 2 boxes of PureVia at Walmart. I’m gonna use them up then I dont know what to use.

  15. CrescentCityCurly

    I’m getting tired of buying and using products because I’m led to believe they’re good/better for us. I used/use Truvia every morning in my coffee. Guess l’ll switch to good ole sugar.

  16. Val

    It’s amazing how many class action suits I have legitimately been a part of in the past five years, this one included. Why so many? Is it that the internet makes it easier to spread the information? Are the mfr’s just being too aggressive with their advertising and getting caught?

    • Carol_R

      Lawyers like these suits because they take a huge cut and get paid a lot of money.

  17. Isabel

    That really upsets me. Im borderline diabetic and i have uses that sweetener several times throughout the years thinking it was a better choice than other sweeteners. ๐Ÿ™

    • J

      My fiance’ and father are both diabetic so I have purchased tons of this for them both. It is shameful that they would claim to be offering a product that it really isn’t!

  18. Carol_R

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this Collin. I should have read up more on TruVia when we switched from Splenda after finding out how dangerous it is.

  19. linda brewer

    Use nothing but Truvia. Closests thing to sugar I have tasted. Been using it for over a year.

  20. Ashley

    This is awful!! I was a splenda user for the longest time, and when I found something “natural” I was so happy. I used this and PureVia on and off… so what do I use now? ugh!

  21. karla h

    question: do you need to file taxes on this? I think the hassle is not worth it if so … curious?

  22. Taylor

    Thanks for letting me know as I read this i’m eating greek yogurt with Truvia.

  23. Kris H.

    I switched from Splenda to Truvia thinking this was better for us (hubby is a diabetic). Now not sure what I should be using. Guess I will be doing some research ….

  24. Liz L

    Just dumped a packet of this stuff in my tea! Thanks so much for the heads up. I guess I should just go back to sugar!

  25. Rachael

    I love this stuff. I buy one pack of the packets a month. I am so sad!

  26. Lisa

    I have an alternative! Trim Healthy Mama has a stevia that is GMO free, and SO yummy!

    Regarding truvia- I lost most of my 20 pound weight loss on truvia prior to buying the ” Trim Healthy Mama” brand…. After reading that it is highly processed, I decided that the THM brand would be better…although I’d still be willing to use truvia if there was nothing else.

    For anyone looking to lose weight and feel better overall: I LOVE Trim Healthy Mama!

  27. Laurie

    Pyure is the only organic (and not processed with hexane or acetane?) stevia I’ve found.

  28. Lisa

    Although I recently switched over to the ” trim healthy mama” brand of stevia ( to avoid GMO’s) I am not excited at the thought that truvia could go bankrupt. I lost the majority of my 20 lb. weight loss on truvia. I feel that the GMO thing is not really a secret, nor is the ” highly processed” part of it. I knew it was highly processed and probably gmo before this law suit. ( Read it online somewhere) I’ve used a lot of truvia, and could apply for the money, but it makes me sad to see that this good alternative could disappear. I’ve been told that things that are ” gmo free” will say it…. Most people are aware that ” natural” labeling can be misleading. I will continue to buy the Trim Healthy Mama brand, but in a pinch, I’d love to drive to the store and buy Truvia…. For this reason, I probably won’t be applying for the money….

    Also- I have read that the FDA has been trying to get rid of natural sweeteners for some time now. I don’t trust the FDA, and I don’t want them to win the battle and leave us with nothing but white sugar and honey as alternatives.

  29. Cassandra

    I just purchased Trivia a month ago!!!

  30. SoxGirl1029

    I was buying Truvia instead of sugar to use in my tea for about 6 months and everything was fine. Then out of the blue I became sick every morning within 1/2 hour or so of drinking the tea…I was running to the bathroom doubled over with stomach pain, which was horrible to have to deal with at work. (I know….sorry for the TMI ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I stopped using the Truvia and then I went back to normal…then a few months later I accidentally drank a protein shake with protein powder that had stevia in it and the same thing happened. Never again!! I drink my tea with no sugar and stick to plain old sugar if I want to sweeten something else.

    With that being said, I think it’s ridiculous that all of these class action suits are coming up. People need to petition the government to make GMOs illegal just like they are in much of Europe. Mostly everything in this country that is not organic is GMO…sugar, corn, wheat, not to mention the feed that the animals that provide our milk and meat are given. Go after Monsanto if you want to sue somebody…they’re the real culprits.

  31. dab

    This is disappointing to read. I’ve been using trivia, solely, for over a year now, even in baking. Those who use coconut sugar, what is the advantage over regular sugar?

  32. Jayne F

    So many things are Mis labeled.

  33. Christine

    I have been using Truvia for a few years since my nutrionist put me on it and I buy it by the big box from Sams, I will put in for the lawsuit but will still use it regardless, thanks for the info.

  34. Ckopp

    I used to drink red bull every day and have trivia in my cabinet now. Awesome.

  35. daltonjsmom

    FYI: Your “plain ole sugar,” unless labeled “organic pure cane sugar,” is probably made from beets, which in the US are 100% genetically modified. Even honey can be cut with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup and still be label “pure honey.” Our best bet is to get our taste buds less used to the over-sweetened taste the American diet has adapted us to–HARD, I know; and to read every ingredient on every label. Also, filling our cabinets with the best products we can, rather than the cheapest is important. If we do the best we can for our bodies every day, at some point, we have to just stop worrying. . . and LIVE.

    • Jpoly

      I totally agree with you. Maybe ween ourselves off of sugar instead of look for ways to substitute it. No matter the form it’s not good for our bodies.

  36. Lisa

    I now use the Sweet Leaf liquid Stevia. They make it with all types of flavors too.

  37. Cindy

    Thanks, Collin!

  38. Heather

    Did anyone ever receive this?

    • Desiree

      I just did for $32.00

    • I Luv InO (@anml_styl)

      Settlement check for 47.xx arrived today…

      • Guacho Nieto

        My check was only for $7.89

        • Shari

          I got that same amount, too.

  39. Daniela

    I received coupons today worth $200. Each one has a value up to $10 for free product. Used one at Walmart self checkout for the spoonable and it took off the full $10 so each coupon is going to be a moneymaker for me. They expire November 2016 so I am saving these for good sales!

  40. Mary Wilson

    I’m sure that some people would think that I am nuts, BUT, here goes…..the BEST advice I can give when looking at artificial sweetners, is to try to locate the ACTUAL Material Safety Data Sheet on it. I DID regarding Splenda – oh, yea, it’s made from real sugar – BUT, did you KNOW that it is “processed” using a type of CHLORINE???? Look it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Sam

    I got a check yesterday for $32!

  42. amanda

    I just got my check. I totally forgot about it. It was for 47.27. OMG sweet!!!

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