*HOT* Possibly FREE Burt’s Bees Lip Balms (After Gift Card) + Free Store Pickup

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WOW! HURRY on over to where they are offering up a FREE $5 Target Gift Card when you purchase two select Burt’s Bees items (to view all items type Burt’s Bees in the search bar). Even sweeter, the Burt’s Bees Lip Balms are priced at just $2.99 and qualify for this promo (BUT are selling out super fast!). Choose from Ultra Lip Conditioning, Vanilla, Honey, Mango, Grapefruit, Beeswax, Wild Cherry etc. Even sweeter, you can use the promo code FALLBEAUTY to save $3 off a $15 beauty purchase – which can be used on these Burt’s Bees products!

IMPORTANT NOTE – Most of these items are no longer available for shipping to home 🙁 … However, you may have the option to pick up at your local Target free of charge (if they are in-stock at a store near you).

Check out this scenario…

Buy 6 Burt’s Bees Lip Balms $2.99 each (listed above) – if available for store pickup near you
Total = $17.94
Use the code FALLBEAUTY to save $3
Pay $14.94
Get three $5  Target Gift Cards
Final Cost FREE lip balms!!

To find these items in your local store, simply click on the find in a store button, enter in your zip code, choose your store and add the lip balms to your cart. Complete the checkout process and when notified, just head to the store to pick up your purchase.

UPDATE – If you’re not able to score the lip balms, keep in mind that you may instead be able to snag the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers. They are priced from $4.29-$4.79 and qualify for the gift card, plus still seem to be in-stock for shipping to home. You could purchase 4 at $4.29 each and after the promo code FALLBEAUTY, you’ll pay just $14.16 AND earn two $5 Target gift cards! So it’s like you’re paying a little over $1 per Lip Shimmer (after gift card).

(Thanks, Beth, Val, Margret and Morgan!)

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  1. Leah

    Whew that took awhile but my order finally went through! I love getting these deals!

    • shay

      I placed the same order Sunday…….Target canceled the order after sending me via email “Thank you for your order, your order acknowledgment number is —————-. Target does not honor their sales promotions…….They need to be held accountable for their actions….I wonder what the Federal Trade Commission would think of how they conduct themselves

      • Kathryn Cazares

        Target sucks! But i still shop there!

      • amanda

        Did they email saying ur order was cancelled? I never got an email saying to pick up so i finally checked it tonight says cancelled but they didnt send me an email gsayin that and i used gift cards to pay and the money is gone i tried calling and a guy name micheal hung up on me after saying my order number couldnt be found ugh so annoying

  2. mdcam1011

    Same thing here, no gift cards showing up?

  3. Michelle

    Deal is dead at my store =( Side note, has anyone noticed when there is a great deal going on the shelves empty until the deal is gone at their Target? A few of my friends and I were wondering if Target is flagging the deals and clearing their shelves on purpose. Because there are times when I checked 7-9 days in a row (Target is 2 blocks away from my house so I go on a walk with the baby =D) and the item is gone but once the deal is over the item is magically restocked when it was out of stock for 2 weeks.

    • Cassandane

      Yes…funny how that happens, right? :/

    • Jaime

      I know that for a fact they do that at Wal-Mart, as employees have confirmed

    • Anna

      I can’t speak for all stores however I know for a fact my store (I’m a Target employee) puts out all the stock we can to sell and in my store we get couponers first thing Sunday morning and they buy out everything! In fact as soon as something is posted on Hip2save or they are there! I know because I check the websites myself and try to do the scenarios but most of the time others get there before me. I’m not saying all the couponers are the same however the ones who frequest my store in my eyes abuse the system. They buy things then go straight to guest services to return some of them as “money makers”. They don’t leave anything for anyone else. They try to abuse the system with the amounts of coupons. They make big scenes if things don’t go their way. As a couponer it makes me upset to see how they are portraying us couponers. It’s not fair, but since there are no limits we can’t really do much about it. We are also not able to order more- we can but it’s up to the warehouse to send it to us- which they sometimes do and sometimes don’t depending on their own imidiate stock- so by the time they get it from who knows where then distribute it to the stores, the sale for those items are usually over…No one in the Target stores knows what the warehouse is going to sent which is beyond idiotic but there it is… So I understand your frustrations but as someone who observes the environment I work in I can tell you that some of your suspicions are inaccurate. It doesn’t hurt to find a team member and ask them to scan the barcode or give them the DPCI of the item(s) to check what the stock is and if there is any more in the back- trust me we are there to make money. It makes no sense to have the item(s) and NOT sell them. The stores get reimbursed by the company and manufacturers.
      Hope this helps in your frustrations. Trust me there are a TON of couponers out there and they mean business.

      • Michelle

        Hi Anna, thanks for your detailed explanation! I am sorry to hear about those bad couponers! Shouldn’t the laws in preventions team be monitoring people like that? If these repeat bad couponers are buying products and returning them right away don’t they go on the ban list or black list for abusing the system?

        The Target I go to know me, my baby, and husband all by first name! LOL We are actually very friendly with each other; I even give the team members, team leads, and lane managers coupons and the coupon deal/scenarios for them. Just because I want to spread the joy, they work so hard (I’m sure you do too Anna!) and I want to show some appreciation. I can rave on and on about my Target because they are great with my coupons and never give me a hard time but then again I’m an easy going person. When items are out of stock I personally check with the store price scanner with the DPCI because everyone gives me the same response “what we have out there is what we have in stock” and I do even ask a team member to check in the back but I get the same response again “what we have out there is what we have in stock.” So I just stroll around until items are back on the shelves.

        But some of the Target team members mentioned to me that the manager of the store is the one that gives the green or red light to the warehouse when to reship items because they do flag some items it all depends on the store manager and if they get a call from the DM or higher ups about certain things.

    • Janna

      You can have a team member scan the barcode on the shelf to see how many are in store. They will be able to look in the back for you if there are. I have gotten Tressemme shampoo when the shelf was empty during a gift card promotion just because I asked. 🙂 HTH.

  4. diane

    dead deal. keeps removing items from my cart. grrrrrr…….. Wonder if you can buy instore and receive gcs???

  5. Lisa

    Most are on clearance in store

  6. Sofia

    I purchased 4 lip shimmers and got the email saying my order is ready for pick up after 20 mins. Let’s see about the e-giftcards after I pick them up.

  7. Crystal

    I was just in the middle of the transaction online. They have now removed them from the site and removed the any 2 for a 5.00 gift card. 🙁 I will have to check out my local store tomorrow.

  8. Kristen

    I just got out of church and saw this deal!! I did find the 2.99 lip balms in stock but they don’t show the gift card, it does however show it on the more expensive items. It says “on select products” maybe this was a glitch?

    • Jaime

      That’s what I was thinking. They seem to have removed the offer from the $2.99 balms

  9. Jamie

    I couldn’t buy any singles, but the 2-pack of beeswax lip balm was available for store pickup (SE Denver – to be ready tomorrow). The site would only let me buy 3, so I purchased those for $5.49 each and got one $5 gift card plus the $3 off. This worked out to $1.41 per stick, which is still a great price for my favorite lip balm to be waiting for me at Customer Service.

  10. Michelle

    Purchased 6 like Colin in the post in Columbus, OH (Olentangy store) and they are available for pick up. We’ll see what happens. Also used my red card for an additional discount.

    • Michelle

      This transaction has been an epic FAIL since I hit the submit button. Was able to order 6 for instore pick up in Columbus, OH at 11 AM and received a confirmation email thanking me for my order and telling me it is being processed. I didn’t receive an email 2 hours later like the email stated so I called at 10 PM …11 hours later.. for status update. The order# provided in the target email did not register and no one could tell me what happened to my order. No order, no cancellation email… just nothing.

      After 1 hour I was transferred to a supervisor line…no one answered and the call disconnected after another 5 minutes. Found out later when I called back that the supervisor left two hours previously. By this time I’ve resigned myself to the fact that i was not going to get this product but since I had some time on my hands and a speaker phone I called back because I wanted an explanation…or maybe retribution. I got neither yesterday evening but I called back again this morning with my case # provided by the target rep last night and got transferred after talking to 2 agents and another 45 minutes. They agreed to provide a similar item, at the same price, but would not let me use my red card because of some issue with privacy?! I can’t use my Target Red card to purchase items at! Whatever. I used my bank card and was told I would have to pay teh full price of the item they are replacing it with but they would credit me the difference on the other end once the transaction processed. So instead of paying $14.13 like my original email from target stated…they wanted to charge me $64.44 and then credit me back the difference. I said yes, out of curiosity, even though I knew there was going to be a problem because what they were replacing it with stated it was out of stock online. I was thinking “This story is going to be great once I put it all down in writing for the Target Executive office!” So as she was collecting my credit card information for the $64.44 purchase..drum roll please…..I got disconnected.

      At this point we are talking about lip balm not something earth shattering and I have spent waaaaay too much time on this. But it’s really the principal of the thing at this point. Did they let me order an item that wasn’t available? Did they cancel the order and not tell me? Was someone going to call me if teh item was out of stock? As someone who has had their credit card compromised by target twice in two years this is really the last straw for me. But before I say my goodbye to target I WILL get my items or a similer item at the same price, with the same promotions, without shipping charges, and with my red card discount. Will keep you posted.

      • Brandeeabbott

        I just sat on hold for 30 minutes with someone who said they didn’t even see my order in the system. I finally asked for a supervisor and kin and behold, she couldn’t not hear me and hung up. Mind you, this was the second time I was disconnected. Target used $15 of my gift card and will not refund it! Help!

  11. Beth

    All the 2.99 lip balms are gone from the website! I had some in my cart and they all disappeared!

  12. Helen

    Pretty much everything was gone or the gc offer removed; however, I was able to grab a 4 pk lip balm and an acne treatment that would still ship to my house for about $12, so after gift card $7 for 4 balms and the acne spot treatment = $1.40 per item shipped. Shipping might have been free bc of my RedCard, but all in all not bad!

  13. Jaimee

    Order went through completely. 15 minutes later I get an email saying that the products are no longer available at my store for pickup. I attempt to switch to another store for pickup through the website, but it won’t save the changes. I call in. Target says it won’t allow them to change it either, but I can just cancel the order and start over with the different store. I do that…products are no longer available on the website at all. What a let down after all that!

    • Wren

      Yeah that is frustrating!! 🙁

  14. Joe

    I placed 3 orders very early this morning. 6 lip balms per order. All 3 processed and were shipped already

    • Ashley

      Are your giftcards showing as shipped? Mine say not yet shipped but my Burt’s Bees are shipped. I’m afraid they might not send the giftcards… :\

  15. Lory

    Have in my store but not ringing up with GC deal.–and FALLBEAUTY mobile code not working ???

  16. kandi

    I just picked up my in store purchase and there had to be at least 50 individual ones on the shelf and my store said sold out online… they clearly limit the deal…

  17. NHgirl1

    Got mine. Was able to snag 6 for free! Great stocking suffers for the kids. Thank you!

    • mich

      Did you buy it online right now? Or in store?

  18. Jodie Voight

    Just spoke with and if anyone would be willing to share their order number for an order that went through with the gift card on the individual Burts Bees Lip Balms, they would be able to honor it for me. Thanks in advance.

  19. Chrissy

    For FALLBEAUTY, can it only be used once per target account? I won’t let me use it for a different deal.

  20. tina

    i was able to get 6 of them but when it says review i don’t see 5 dollar gift card promotions like in the picture above ^

  21. Dana

    My order was cancelled.

  22. VB

    no pick up email or e-gift cards yet. if they are going to cancel it I just wish they would just do it already and credit back my giftcard I used.

  23. paige

    i dont see any for $2.99 bummer

  24. Jennifer Mireles

    I never got my pickup email or a cancellation either. So I went to the store for other things & they had no record of my order. I showed them my confirmation email & after 3 employees & supervisor & 45 minutes, they still didn’t know what to do cuz they were sold out.

    • Jen

      Sounds IDENTICAL to what happened to me. They couldn’t find anything and spent close to an hour for them to eventually tell me they don’t carry those items. I had an antsy toddler and an irritated husband…

  25. Saversistar

    I was able to order 6 of them in Kentucky and I received my email with the 3 gift cards minutes after picking them up in the store. Then I went online and added the gift cards to my account and I can use them in store or online.

  26. Shelley

    I did not get my pickup e-mail or a cancellation either. I have not wasted time at the store yet…. am hoping maybe they’ll send me an e-mail tomorrow. We’ll see!

  27. VB

    No email but when I checked the status it showed cancelled but my gift card still shows the charge. Hope long should it take for them to put it back on my target gift card?

  28. Gina

    My order is showing cancelled when I check my account. However I haven’t received an e-mail yet stating the same.

    • Chrissy

      Yes, mine shows cancelled also 🙁

  29. Siri

    I placed an order pretty early this morning and it still cancelled. Congrats to whom got in on it though.

  30. Nancy

    I ordered them but don’t see giftcard.

  31. VB

    Update: I still do not have the amount credited back on to the gift card I used. I called and the rep was very confused and kept telling me i had to return my items to get a refund. I tried explaining I never recieved the items so there is nothing to return. He said then when the items I recieve them i can return them. I explained that there is nothing being shipped since they cancelled my order. Took some time but he finally understood after explaining 3 times what happened. 20 minutes later my gift card was credited. so just a heads up keep an eye to make sure you get credited your money.

  32. v

    just checked my email before heading out the door. The items are not available at my “chosen” store. Tried to change to another store…and that went no where.
    Oh well…says my credit card hasn’t been charged yet…..on gets charged upon pick-up of items if store pickup option was my original method of delivery.
    Well…more money for the thrift store.

  33. Misty

    I went to pick mine up today and they tried to tell me the kiosk was down and they would have to cancel my order and re-ring it. I declined, they pulled the completely wrong product and when I now go into look at my order my gift cards are gone and I know they were there.

  34. MissLJ

    I am in columbus, Ohio and I ordered 6. Chose to have them shipped to me. The $3 coupon worked but I never got the giftcards. I called today and they are stating they have no knowledge of that promotion. When you go to the website hte individual lip balms are totally removed from the website. sneaky ….. So, when they arrive in the mail I am taking them back 🙁

  35. catapult

    I’ve picked up the lip balms on 10th, but they keep delaying the delivery of the Gift cards! Ridiculous!

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