Shop Your Way Members: Possible $20 in FREE Surprise Points (Check Your Inbox)

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Calling all Shop Your Way Rewards members! Check your Inbox for an email with the Subject Line “☺ You’re in! You’ve got to see this: Check out your Kmart savings” from the email address If you did indeed receive this email, scroll down to see if you received $20 in surprise points – the points will be valid to use through 11/17/14. Awesome!

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You can also head over here to snag an online coupon valid for 10,000 Shop Your Way rewards points (= a $10 reward) on your next purchase of $30 or more at or! Simply click on the “Get Coupon” button and then click “Load to My Account” and you will snag a unique promo code that you will need to enter in your cart to receive the $10 in points – valid through November 15th.[/h2s_box]

(Thanks, Jennifer and Hope!)

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  1. Shea

    I just randomly checked my account this morning and noticed I receive another 20,000 free points! Woo hoo! This is great since we are expecting our first child!

    Last week I got a baby humidifier on rollback for free with my points. I wonder what I can score this week?!

  2. Delanda Jo

    Got the e-mail. Thank you

  3. Ella

    Nothing here 🙁

    • Ella

      But I did get in the mail yesterday $10 off $10 at Office Depot 🙂

  4. Lorissa

    I got that email but no surprise points. 🙁

  5. Dawn

    Got the exact email but no mention of points 🙁

    • Delanda Jo

      I found mine all the way at the bottom in very small print. Then I checked my account.

  6. dilek

    none of our accounts has it:(((((

  7. Marjorie

    I received this email but it did not contain any surprise points.
    However, I also received another Kmart email that had a free $5 e gift card in it and a $10 back in points on $20 purchase offer.
    This was because my local Kmart is closing.

  8. mom2six

    no email for me……..again. 🙁

  9. dwilson19

    I got another 20,000 points today!! Yay! And I just used up my last 20000 yesterday guess im going back in today.

    • krishna

      I got 20000 points in my both account plus $5 mystery awrad card…loving sywr program…my store has many hasbro games at 9.99 plus 2000 points back…will be a nice deal wih hasbro coupons

  10. Rebecca

    I had a different email with the 20,000 points in it. The subject line was: ☺ You’ve scored! We warmly invite you to check out your Kmart savings. Last chance

    Thanks so much. Got a the 20,000 the other day and now an additional 20,000. Making christmas shopping easy this year 🙂

  11. jiya

    I never get these surprise points. ):

  12. Sue

    hmmm, no email. I wonder why I never get the emails? I know I’m signed up to receive emails.

    • Free

      Check to see if your Bonus Member

      • Sue

        Thanks, yep, just checked and I am a bonus member.

      • Michelle

        How do you check to see if you are a bonus member?

        • Sue

          After you sign in, go to your account and make sure the box is checked. Mine was, but I still don’t get the emails.

  13. Jana

    My email’s subject line was: You’ve scored! We warmly invite you to check out your Kmart savings. Last chance and it also had $20 in points at the end of the email.

  14. Lori Vann (@kjnsmom)

    I got $10 in points, but never got an email. =) Got some new drinking glasses for my new house!

  15. K

    I got the email but no points. Checked my account to be sure and there’s none there. Is there a trick to getting the surprise points? They never give them to me and I shop there frequently.

    • wishinitwas

      Same here. Got nothing.

      • Free123

        Log in your account and make sure your signup for emails .

    • Melanie

      Same here – checked just to be sure & nothing : (

  16. Eileen

    Bummer! I just spent $100 a couple days ago and I didn’t get any surprise points in my e-mail. Would like to see a reward now and again, but I never seem to get them from kmart.

  17. Urvi

    no email, but when I logged in, 10k surprise points

    • Urvi

      whoops .. “deails: “Spend $50 or more on qualifying purchase. Items sold by Sears or Kmart. Excludes Lands’ End, Food, Household Cleaning, Beauty, Stationery, Health, Pharmacy Items, all coupons and other surprise points.”

  18. Jana

    Anyone know if you spend $20 or more you get $20 taken off your total or if you make a purchase you’ll earn $20 in points? The way the points work confuse me sometimes.

    • Gail

      Its $20 off your total!

    • Catie

      Last weeks points came off my total

  19. Catie

    Last time Collin posted about the points my email came much later–there may still be hope for some of us that haven’t gotten anything yet!

  20. Gail

    I got $5 off! Still happy!

  21. Rachel Rae

    My surprise points were in an email “Ten-hut! Veterans Day deals on the march” all the way at the bottom! Used these with the BOGO 50% off on shoes, plus a $5 coupon I had and am getting two pairs of boots for just under $5 shipped!

  22. April

    I have a lot of shopyourway reward points so I never get the hot free point offers. I did get $10 with a $35 purchase. Also yesterday from Kmart I got a suprise e-award email and it is a $5 giftcard with no expiration date, did anyone else get this email? The email is titled, “You’ve earned a Kmart eAward Card!”

    • Marjorie

      I got that one too

  23. Momma

    I got the $20 in surprise points last week & this week got $10 off $30 :/

  24. molly

    Too many hidden restrictions and too difficult to apply these surprise points in my opinion.

  25. Sharon

    I am loving Shop Your Way this week! So far in the past few days I’ve ordered 2 sets of headphones, two pairs of shoes, and socks all for free after the rewards. Of course I’ve probably just jinxed myself and won’t be able to score more good desls.

  26. Ami

    I got email but points didn’t show up until i put stuff to check out!!!

  27. ✨KriziaLee✨

    Not for me 😢

  28. Laura

    I got the $20 worth of free points last week. I placed an order for in store pickup of a snow shovel and 3 garden hand scoops which brought my total over $25 so I was also able to apply a $5 off $25 coupon and my total came to 17cents!!! BUT, then comes the aggravation of picking it up. The shovel had a damaged handle, they gave me a big hassle about swapping it for an undamaged one, and although I had quickly peaked in the bag to make sure there were 3 scoops, when I got home and took them out of the packaging I discovered that they weren’t actually scoops but 3 transplanters instead – totally wrong product. Great job Kmart. It will be a real test of my patience to go back there today.

    • v

      When I run into issues like this, I usually make return visits when there is another “shift” of workers on duty. Keeps my stress level down a notch. Cause sometimes…they just want to “make my day”, lol.

    • kelsey

      I always have problems picking up at Kmart. 90percent of the time the cashier doesn’t know how to do a pick up order so they have to call over a manager, but if I try going to the customer service desk first they say I have to go through a regular cashier line. Its frustrating when that same customer service person is the one who ultimately has to walk over and help. This summer I bought a pink tutu swimsuit for my daughter but they gave me a pair of boys ninja turtles swim trunks. Then I spent over an hour with the manager trying to sort it out. Broken products, wrong items, lost orders… I’ve seen it all.

    • T

      Picked up my order last week brought it home and it was the right item but wrong color. Should have checked before leaving, learned my lesson. Not sure if they will even swap it out if I try or if it’s even worth the headache.

      • Heather

        Did a ship to home order about a month ago. All items finally arrived, but the last one arrived in a 5T when we ordered 2T. Called to exchange since it isn’t carried locally. Was told it was sold out. Was advised to keep item and receive refund. Never dd get the refund (nor the promotional download I should have received. 5 calls and get told “we have website error we fix 24-48 hours.” This has been going on for 3+ weeks). Was able to immediately order the right size online and actually got the right size this time but had to pay for the replacement as well.

  29. Melissa L.

    Does anyone know if we get a surprise points for $X off a certain amount if it is before or after manufacturer coupons when used in store? Thanks!

  30. Ashley

    When you pay in store does surprise points automatically apply to order first before other points? I usually order online and would like to go in store. TIA

    • Tami

      I always say I want to use surprise points and have came off leaving any other points in account!

  31. T

    No email and no points for my account or my husbands 🙁

  32. GINA K

    I got $20 surprise points last week that expired 11/15 then today the email with $20 surprise points that expire 11/17. When I log into my account, only the $20 that expires 11/17 shows up. Does the new one negate the old one?

    • Free123

      No if u don’t use them u lose them

  33. Jamie

    I only had $5, but heck, that’s better than nothing. Moved recently and have a lot of things to replace!

  34. Deanne

    This week I redeemed $20 surprise points for a pair of boots at Kmart….free pick up
    $10 that were surprise points I had trouble with online so I called rep…she put the $10 in my account….free Docker’s casual pants for my son…free pick up. Got my husband a nice Craftsmen’s tool set for $21.00 after using surprise points….SO I’m loving all these rewards!!! My fear is, how do they stay in business with giving away soooo much! I honestly can’t complain about the wonderful rewards SYW has given 🙂 One happy girl….and Colin aways makes the deals sweeter with Hip 2 Save!!! I am on these sites daily….sometimes several times a day 🙂

  35. 3gmom

    I got $20 again! I can’t believe it. My jaw just dropped when I saw it. My email came from Sears with “You’re seriously missing out. It’s happening!” and was at the bottom of the email. These points have been so nice to help get my kids’ Christmas presents!

  36. rebecca

    Is anyone else having problems using surprise points in Store? Last 2 times i tried to use my surprise the register only took off my regular points and not the surprise points. First time they said there was nothing they could do and second time they did a refund for the amount. The exclusiones didn’t include what I bought and the cashier hit to use all available points. Noone knew why it didn’t take the points off and calling customer service has been a joke.

    • Amy

      It took my cashier a while to get mine to work and I had to give her the pin number from the account too. It worked in the end, but after a lot of trial and error on the part of the cashier.

  37. hanah

    It shows like I can’t combine the $5 off coupon with $10 points for $30 in one transaction!

  38. Jane

    THEY WANT TAXPAYER ID FROM ME, I got and email “Feel free to provide W-9 info by clicking the box below to allow us to better facilitate processing of your next prize award. We hope to congratulate you again soon! ” ???????

    • Amy

      Don’t do it…sounds like a phising scam.

      • Jane

        Hmm….maybe but I have been searching the internet and I don’t think I can be taxed on store loyalty program but maybe on sweeps. Yes. Maybe I am winning the leaf.

  39. ToriSC

    Score! another $20. Spent the last $20 in surprise points yesterday during their sale & got a $60 dress for my daughter for $5 at Sears.

  40. Lori

    Try adding something to your shopping cart becasue i never recieve emails from them and i even checked my account this morning to see if i had anything, well all i had was $7 off a $50 purchase. Later today my husband told me he needed new work boots so i ordered them from sears and as soon as i added it to the cart it said i had 20,000 in suprise points!!! So for people like me that never get any emails and it doesnt even show up in your account try adding something to your cart!!

  41. Chrissy

    So I’ve been doing a lot of the deals that have been posted on here and I now have about 90,000 in points. I’m pretty sure that’s why I don’t get any of the deals anymore. Can anybody share if I can go and purchase something with my points to get them off my account and at a later point in time if I want to return the item will I have an issue or will I lose my points? Do the points go back on your account? Store credit? Any help us appreciated. Thanks.

  42. pharmchick

    i didn’t get any bonus points on either my or my hubbys accounts, but the ones from last week were expiring today and i managed to find very useful ways to redeem them and get 2 things i really needed for free!!

  43. LB

    Thanks for the heads up! My husband got the $10 in surprise points on the Veteran’s email.

  44. Allison M

    I’ve gotten $20 both times! Yay!!!! Our son just started potty training so this $20 went towards underwear! Can’t beat 14 pairs of toddler undies for free!

  45. Blanca G Cazares

    I got these rewards last week and scored a free lego set for my son for christmas.

  46. Bianca

    Ugh. Super frustrated. My surprise points were not showing up at checkout so I got on line chat- they told me to call because they couldn’t figure out what was going on. I called the number and got a sweet lady, who added $1 in points to my account and told me to redeem my own points and it would activate the surprise points. It didn’t work and my card got charged. Mind you I was very careful to choose an item that fit the requirements of the deal. I got back on live chat and they were very unhelpful- saying that it couldn’t be fixed once the order has been placed and I probably chose something that wasn’t included. After arguing with them for a good 5 minutes they just gave me the number to call again. I called and they were closed :(.

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