Bath & Body Works: ALL Signature Collection Body Lotions $3 (11/15 ONLY – In-Store & Online)

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Bath & Body Works recently posted this on Facebook:

[h2s_box]We couldn’t wait so we’re telling you tonight …

ALL Signature Collection Body Lotions are $3 TOMORROW ONLY!

This sale will be available in-store AND online (tomorrow, 11/15 only). These lotions are the perfect size to throw in gift baskets and stockings! Also, if you shop online, you can use the promo code F144001 to score $10 off a $30 or more purchase (expires 11/30). Or you can use the promo code WILDVANILLA to score 20% off your entire order (expires 12/31).

Oh and if you received the $5 off $10 exclusive promo code, this deal will be that much sweeter! 😀

Stay tuned tomorrow for a reminder post on this sale…

(Thanks for the heads up, Brandice!)

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Comments 129

  1. Rusty

    What size are these?

    • Jennifer M

      I read on the facebook page that this is full sized.

  2. Angela

    So with the 10 coupon you could order 10 lotions for 20.00. Wonder if the shipping costs would be a deal breaker for this?

    • LeAnna

      The web site says free shipping for orders over $35.00

      • Ashley

        Yes but you can only use 1 code so the $10 off $30 is a better deal.

  3. lindsey

    So would the $5/10 email coupon work?

    • Marcheta


  4. Marcheta

    I will be using my $5 off of $10 coupon tomorrow to get a few of these. I will probably also use my buy $10 worth of product and get a free sized body care coupon and get more goodies!

    • Reyna

      Marcheta could you tell me where you got the coupons?

      • Marcheta

        $5 off $10 was emailed to me. The other I got after making a purchase in early-mid October. I can forward the $5/10 if would like…

          • Marcheta

            Sent! 😊

            • Hannah

              Can you please forward the $10 off $30 coupon to me? My email is Thank you!

        • Reyna

          If it expires today than I cant use it for tomorrows deal but thanks for the offer.

          • Marcheta

            The $5 off $10 does not expire until 12/24……

            • amanda

              Could you please forward me That EMAIL too ?
              Thank you

          • Marcheta

            Done! 😄

        • marvelous mary

          can you please share forward to me as well? thanks a million

          • Marcheta

            Done! 😄

            • janu

              Can u send it to me that BBw 5 off 10 coupon code

        • Angela

          I would love it if you would forward me the email too! Thanks!

        • Rebecca

          Marcheta, if you check this again, can you forward it to me please? Poutyforyou @ yahoo .com. Thanks!

        • Marcheta


          • Manuela

            The $5/10 is one time use only. 🙁

            • Marcheta

              Just used it twice. Two separate transactions…6 lotions and two hand sanitizers for a total of $12.75

    • michelle

      The free body cream with a $10 purchase expires today.

      • Marcheta

        Booooo….oh well!

      • amanda

        I have one that came in the mail that is free body cream with 10 purchase

    • Melissa

      Marcheta, I don’t know why you forwarded your email to everyone. It’s a ONE TIME USE coupon. One it’s redeemed it won’t scan. It’s not a generic coupon that can be shared or it would have been shared already. Sorry.. hopefully you use it before others do or you just lost your coupon.

      • Marcheta

        I forwarded it because I chose to do so. If I “lost” my coupon, it is not that big of a deal nor the end of the world. So long as someone gets use out of it, the purpose was served. Shame on me for trying to share and help someone else out. 😒. “Single use only” may only apply to a one-time (single) purchase in the store considering my friend and I have the same coupon with the same barcode….that went to different email addresses. I will fill you all in after I make my purchases today.

        • Allison

          Marcheta can you please forward the $5/$10 coupon to me too… It looks like if you and your friend have the same barcode, then it might be able to be used by more than 1 person. My email is along1111 with


        • April

          Can you please send me the coupon if you dont mind id appreciate it axhilli(at) Thanks

        • meg

          Wow. I think all Melissa was trying to say was she hoped u didn’t lose your coupon. Have a good day…

      • Micah

        NO, it’s generic, that’s why she forwarded it.

  5. jen

    I’m guessing I can use the $5 off $10 email I received the other day

  6. emily

    any coupons to use in store?

  7. Emilee Douglas

    I got coupons in the mail for 10 off 30 and free signature idem with any purchase. You can use both together in store! WooHoo!

  8. kristi

    Where did you get this the $5 off $10 coupon? I would like one:)

    • michelle

      It was for BBW email subscribers that came in an email this week.

      • kristi

        Thank you:)

  9. tipaye

    Do the $5 off $10 coupons have unique codes? If anyone has one they aren’t using, I’d love to use it. 🙂

  10. Karen

    I just got this email from BBW and it says in the fine print at bottom “*$3 Signature Body Lotion – One Day Only on November 15, 2014
    Save $9.50. Limit 15. Offer excludes Forever Red. Cannot be combined with any other offer.”
    Looks like none of our coupons will be allowed. Still an awesome deal though.

    • Marcheta

      Coupons will work! 😁

      • Kathleen

        Can you email me the coupon to ? Thank you so much for sharing and your kindness!!

  11. Shawnte

    I received a $10 off $30 Paypal offer. Can I buy $40, use the online code for $10 off and then use my Paypal offer to get $40 for $20?

  12. Stevmon2

    I just received an email saying that the fine mist sprays will be $4.00 tomorrow!

  13. Darla

    Check PayPal accounts…I have $10 off $30 purchase for BBW!!

    • Nikita

      Where are these coupons on PayPal?

      • soldiersgirl531

        HI NIkita-The coupon has come up for me when I go to checkout using PP automatically(make sure you see the coupon show before totally checking out).BBW will not show it on your final total but PP does & in their email.

  14. Katherine

    I wonder if other deals will follow on other days? Would love a 3 wick candle sale!

    • JulianFaux

      One of the employees at my local store hinted to me that the three wicks will be cheaper than ever in the next couple weeks! Let’s see! 🙂

      • MiisNoel

        Oooh!!! That would be SO awesome!!! I’m in LOVE with two of their holiday candles. :] BTW … If anyone is curious, I was talking to the girl at my store about missing the Body Butters and she said to definitely keep an eye out for their return! YEAH!!!

        • Kelly

          3 wicks will be $8 on Dec. 12th!! 😊

          • Ashley

            Soooooo excited! Thanks!

          • Alma


      • shannon

        This same weekend that the sales clerk has hinted that the 3 wicks will be on sale is the same week they were on sale last year. It was the cheapest I have ever been able to find them. I came out getting each candle at 5.60 each. Crossing my fingers for this deal again!

        • Katherine

          Awesome! Thank you everyone for the heads up on the candles.. will hold on to my $10/$30 coupons to use towards the candle sale 🙂

  15. fluffyzam

    So can we use coupons on this deal? If the fine print says no other offers, I am confused

  16. Cathrine

    When will this price start? As of right now they are still regular price

  17. Karen

    Sale not up yet

  18. Nam

    $3 sale is on AND surprisingly when I checked out they were still honoring the buy 5 get 2 free (or buy 2 get 1) sale on signature items. Bought 20 lotions online for about $26 using the $10 off $30 code! Even adding in the $5.99 shipping it still came out to like $1.60 per lotion. Total score!!!

    • Leslie

      You are lucky, it won’t allow me to use code and the buy 5 get 2 isn’t working either. You got a great deal! 🙂

    • angelina

      Wow mama good deal

    • Tori

      I was able to do that too, only on my cell phone did that work. I got 10 lotions for under $20…super excited!! 🙂

    • Nam

      Discount Codes:

      $10 off $30: F144001
      20% off: WILDVANILLA
      20% off with free shipping over $50: FA143269

  19. shannon

    and these are full size

    • Amanda

      I put 20 lotions in my cart and it is coming to $50.xx with the $10 off. How did you get the buy 5 get 2 free??

  20. Connie

    Many of the promo codes would not work with the sale. I tried several this morning. The $10/30 PayPal worked alone, but came off if you used another code. The only code that would work for free shipping was one that gave a free item and free shipping, but the lowest price item came up as free, so depending on what all you buy it wasn’t a great deal. I ended up using the 20% off code and got 17 lotions for about $47 shipped.

  21. Jess

    What is the online code for the 10/30 coupon? Thanks!

  22. Melanie

    Can someone please email me the $5/10 email. I didnt get it. Thank u

  23. Cheryl

    I used code FA143271 and got $10 off $30 with free shipping on $50. I added 20 to the cart it came to $50 so it is $2.50 per lotion. Great for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts. Thanks!

  24. H

    I got 10 shipped for $27.55 after shipping and taxes. THANKS!!!! With dry season upon us this is the perfect time to stock up!

  25. Kristin

    This code works for $10 off $30, and gives you a signature item up to $12.50 free: F143979

    • Connie

      It only takes off the lowest priced item, so $3. And shipping was $5.99. So, the $10 off 30 or 20% are probably better deals.

      • Jenny

        I just tried adding a $12.50 item to my bag with the F143979 code and it took that item off for free.

      • Megan

        Mine took of the 12.50 too. So got 15 lotions and a free shower gel for 45.

    • Leslie

      Yay! Thank you so much! 🙂

      • Sherri

        Thank you so much Kristin! Code F143979 worked for $10 off of $30 AND a free signature collection item! 11 Lotions for $27.74 shipped!= $2.52 each! I’m happy!!! 😀

        • Kristin

          Yay!! You’re welcome! 🙂

      • Kristin

        You’re welcome!! 🙂

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much for posting this code!! The lotions will make inexpensive gifts for the ladies in the office + a men’s lotion and body wash are perfect stocking stuffers for my 13 year old son! 11 lotions and a body wash for $31.xx shipped!!

    • Princess

      @Kristen thank you. I was only going to use a $10.00 off $30.00 promo code since my paypal $10.00 off couldn’t be used in conjunction with a gc. Now I was able to get a free shower gel and 10 bottles of lotion with $10.00 off for $2.55 after a $25.00 gc I received from my job.

  26. Megan

    Got 15! And the free signature collection item too! Came to about 2.50 a lotion!

  27. Donna

    Can someone please forward me the $5/10 email to
    Thanks sooo much!!

  28. Robin

    I got 20 lotions! I did the great sale after Christmas last year when all the Christmas scented hand soaps were $1.50 each so these will go great and make awesome gifts! Used code FA143271 and got $10 off $30 and free shipping with $50 order! Yay!

  29. Jennifer M

    Just got 10 lotions and 1 shower gel for $25.99 total! F143271 took off the $12.50 shower gel and $10!

    • Allison

      How did you get this deal – can you post your exact transaction… I tried doing the same thing with this code and it says the total is $42.50 – $10 + $5.99 = $38.49

  30. Hannah

    I do not have the $10 off $30 coupon, can someone please forward that email to me? Thank you!

  31. Liz

    Thank-you for such a great deal Hip2save and Kristin from the comments! 10 lotions and 1 free shower gel for $28.xx, plus cb from e_bates. 🙂

  32. Kristen

    If anyone has the $10/30 in store could you PLEASE forward it to me???! Thank you!!!!!

  33. Monica L. Matthews (@AidScholarship)

    I got $10 off with FA143271, but no free shipping.

  34. Allison

    If anyone has the $5/$10 or the $10/$30 in store coupons – I would SOO Appreciate anyone sending them to my email.. THANKS SO MUCH!!

    • Marcheta

      Thanks for posting! I was just about to send a mass email with this attachment. So much for the “one time use” only…your barcode is the exact same as mine! Have a good day!

      • Kristen

        Good to know! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Kristen

      Thank you!!!!

  35. angelina

    Has anybody tried going to the store and using the 10 off coupon? it says we cannot combine any other deals

    • Marcheta

      Just watched half the entire store use it….so I’m pretty certain that you can use it!

    • Kristen

      Where’d you get the $10 coupon? If it’s an email would you mine forwarding it to me? I know those are the same for everyone! Thanks in advance

      • Marcheta

        Same as Angelina. I got several of them from purchases made in store last month. I believe it’s on retailmenot for online purchases though….

        • Kristen

          I have like 5 sitting at home that came in the mail but they don’t start until Monday

    • angelina

      I got it wen I purchased some items in October they were handing out coupons 4 in total

  36. Nam

    The buy 5/get 2 free deal was still valid when the sale first went live. I did it on the mobile site. But when my sister tried to get the same deal 30 minutes after I did mine, they were only showing as $3 each. But the discount codes are all working. And if you check out with PayPal you get an additional $10 off $30!

    • jean

      None of the codes are now working with the Paypal offer.

  37. crystal

    spent 30 minutes looking at lotion got to the register they told me I could not combined with $10 off $30 purchase coupon left my lotions on the counter 🙁

    • Dallas

      Sorry to hear this! My BBW gave me the 10 off of 30 coupon she had at the store since I couldnt find mine! I can’t believe they would not let you use it!

    • MiisNoel

      See link posted above^.

  38. Anna

    can you use the 5 off 10 and the 10 off of 30 online?

  39. Allison

    Shop at Home has 3% Cash Back

  40. Sara

    I got an additional $10 off from PayPal! 20 lotions for $43.13! boom!

  41. Dorothy

    Is the shower gels $3.00 too?

    • Marcheta


  42. jean

    Now the shipping has just jumped from $5.99 for 10 items to $11.98. It seems the longer you wait the worse the deal gets.I’m going to have skip this deal.

  43. Kristie

    Got 10 lotions at the store for $2 each. Used the $10 off $30 coupon. Total was $21.43.

  44. Dallas

    Probably repeating but wanted to mention it. The girls at my store were really encouraging a few older ladies to “keep checking emails for door busting deals like this through Christmas”. She said “you may see some unbelievable prices each week…like follow up with the shower gels next week or even our candles, just keeping your eyes open.” I was super excited. And for those who were not able to use their coupon that is crap! I was GIVEN the coupon by the employee at checkout. 10 lotions for 20 and some change.

    • MiisNoel

      Dallas … Someone posted this on Facebook, but definitely proceed with caution, as it is not a given! :]

      Black Friday: The ENTIRE store is B3G3 Free.
      12.6: $3 Body Creams
      12.9: 50% Off Aromatherapy
      12.12: $8 3Wick Candles
      12.13: $4 Fine Fragrance Mists, $8 Soap, & $8 Mason Jar Candles
      12.18: $2.50 Soaps, B3G3, & 2for$22 3Wick Candles
      12.26: Semi-Annual Sale

      Like I said, I have no idea if their is any truth to this. And I am not sure what $8 Soaps are on 12.13?

    • Marcheta

      Agreed. Several people didn’t have the coupon yesterday when I was in BBW, and the cashiers gave it to them.

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