My Coke Rewards: $25 Best Buy Gift Card Only 625 Points (Twitter or Instagram Required)

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Calling all My Coke Rewards members! Head over here to find out how to snatch up a $25 Best Buy Gift Card for only 625 My Coke Rewards points. To grab this offer, share a photo of you telling someone how they make you happy on Twitter or Instagram and be sure to include #SantasWishList and #Happy and you’ll unlock access to the $25 Best Buy gift card while supplies last. If you choose to share on Twitter, be sure you include a photo with your Tweet.

You should then be able to claim the offer by heading over to the Rewards Tab and you should find the offer under the “Unclaimed” section.

If you prefer, you can head here to snag a voucher for an AMC movie ticket AND large drink for 245 points – just share a photo of your holiday tradition on Twitter or Instagram with #SantasWishList and #Tradition to unlock access to the AMC voucher while supplies last. Click here for more information.

(Thanks, Christi!)

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  1. Halle

    So I just posted on Instagram, how does the GC get sent to me? Thanks

    • Neecie

      just go to your rewards on beta and it should be under “unclaimed” JUST CLAIMED MINE!! whoopie!

      • Sab

        So I am guessing you have to sign up with the Beta site first – I can’t get the confirmation email. If you already have a MyRewards account why make us sign up twice? *sigh* It’s been 5 minutes by the time I get the email if I do they’ll be gone. :0(

        • Neecie

          Your Beta log in is the same as the normal site. Good luck

        • Jill

          I did it a few days ago and it took almost 8 hours to get the Beta email! Seemed strange.

      • debra

        Neeci where is unclaimed? I did the twitter thing but not seeing the gc?

        • Christi

          Look under “Profile” and on the left side there is “Rewards” and it should be under there

  2. brandice

    Dang I have over 1000 pts but no Twitter or IG account

    • Jane

      You can set up a Twitter account easily. You don’t even need to do it on your phone, you can do it all from your laptop/desktop if you wish. I don’t use Twitter at all, except to get coupon deals or deals like this. 🙂

  3. Cheri P.

    I’m kind of wondering if Coke Rewards is not doing the 12 Days of Christmas or Instant Win Game this year. It’s difficult to spend my points on these offers when I would prefer the other deals they run.

    • Leslie

      I’m right there with you! I don’t need a Best Buy gift card but would get it for a gift if I know they aren’t having the 12 days of Christmas.

      • Leslie

        Here’s what I found on the My Coke Rewards Facebook page:
        The holidays are just around the corner, and this year we’ll be bringing the party exclusively to MCR Beta!

        Join Beta today to start earning Status so you don’t miss out on any of this year’s fun and rewards!

        -It doesn’t say yet, what exactly will be offered 🙁

    • Alicia Johnson

      They said they aren’t doing 12 Days of Christmas. This is the new Christmas promo.

    • Kerry

      Ditto… I’m trying to be cautious to save my points but it doesn’t seem fair they don’t give us a heads up what they plan on doing for holiday/program. I think the Coke Rewards has been going down hill the past few years. The past two years, they would send me an email to wish me a Happy Birthday and not even a code for 5 points was attached. It’s so hard to accumulated the points for the high point stuff.

      • mel

        It was shortly after last years 12 days, that they said they weren’t doing it this year. There was such nastiness all over their FB page the past 2 years b/c the site was crashing, people complaining about the times they released the offers and whatnot. I can see why they wanted to get away from that.

    • puredcp

      I just did some research and sadly for us Coke Rewards members they are switching to Beta and offering special rewards throughout the Holiday Season on their Beta sight. There is no exact schedule and idea of what these rewards are. I guess I will stay tuned and alert so I can use up my points for something I’m needing.

    • Kim

      They said no this is it

  4. eyez

    NOOOO FAIR!!!!! Twitter or Instagram ONLY???

    • A

      100% agreed. I hate Twitter, Instagram, etc type stuff & I’m not a fan of this switching stuff to beta either:( Guess I’ll just try to redeem my points on the regular site, use them up & most likely be done with them if they switch everything.

  5. tori

    i keep getting a error message when i submit the tweet

    • alicia

      So did I and I think it was because my twitter account was under another email address. I created one with the same one I use for Coke and it worked fine. HTH.

  6. eyez

    man….i have my eye on a stereo system @ best buy. could really use this card. oh well

  7. debra

    I don’t see it. Mine says unlock a $10 Nike card.

    • Christi

      Keep doing all of the activities/challenges under the Christmas tab and you’ll unlock all of the promos

  8. JC

    Yay! I got it!!

    • Deann Ambrose

      What did you do, I tried but clearly it didn’t work

  9. debra

    Ok, I finally found it. That was difficult. I hope it comes before Christmas. I need another XBOX One controller.

  10. Deann Ambrose

    Wth…I can’t get this to work….grrrrrr

  11. mel

    It took a few mins for it to show up. You will see 1 in the quote box (top right corner), click that and it will show your unclaimed reward. I got the AMC certificate since I didn’t have enough for the Best Buy one.

  12. Molly

    I’m new to Instagram… But I think I posted a picture right with the
    #SantasWishList and #Happy

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to redeem it? I’m lost!

    • Christi

      Look under “Profile” and on the left side there is a “Rewards” section you click on and they show up there!

      • Kate Hedges

        Christi and Molly, I’m new to Instagram too. I signed up for instagram, posted a pic, and said this “You make me happy with all your silly ways! #SantasWishList #Happy.” I still don’t see anything on my Beta account (even going under Profile, then Rewards). Did I post correctly?

        • Christi S

          Is your instagram private? Check your setting to be sure and then you might have to re-submit. Give it a little bit to show up in your Beta account, it will let you know when you have “received” it. HTH

  13. Siri

    Bummed over the possible chance of no good promos this year. I went ahead and ordered this gc, since the points expire at the end of the year anyhow, right?

    • debra

      Your points do not expire as long as you stay active. hth

  14. Deann Ambrose

    This sucks! I have points on mycokerewards and not Mycokerewardsbeta. All this for nothing

    • Neecie

      your points are on beta, you just sign into beta with the same log in info!

    • michelle

      The points are the same on both sites. When I log into the beta site the MCR points are there.

    • Shannon

      If your points are not showing up under Beta, it’s a simple fix: just log into the regular MCR site, then click on the Beta holiday promo link and it should automatically log you into the Beta site and hopefully your points will have followed.

  15. Lenore

    I absolutely despise being forced to sign up for even more crap in order to make use of points or get deals. I HAD to sign up for facebook for certain promos when I didn’t want to….now they want me to sign up for mcr beta and twitter? Ask me how often I log into my facebook account…..why do they require all of these extra steps?

    • eyez

      for BETA i used the same log in as mycokerewards.

  16. Bree

    Do you have to have a public profile for this to work?

    • Bree

      I just found it: “Please note that if you participate in a social Challenge, My Coke Rewards Beta will not be able to detect your content unless the social media account used to participate is public.”

  17. sara

    Looking at the bottom of the Beta page on rules I am seeing it ends at the end of 2014. My coke points don’t show up in Beta so what is their point?

    • eyez

      Sara, your mycoke points do show up in Beta. mine did. i just looked

    • Shannon

      Log into the regular site first and then from there click the link to the Beta holiday promo and your points should transfer.

  18. jayme

    ok just did on instagram but don’t see the reward?? help??! 🙂

    • Jmadren

      In beta….Top right you should get a notification (kind a like an email )that you’ve submitted an Instagram click on that red writing and then takes you to the prize.

  19. couponingmama

    If anyone is interested, i have mcr codes and huggies codes i would like to exchange for amazon gc

    • Kim

      I dont have any amazon what else do u need? Or want?

  20. eyez1998

    Help. I don’t know how to do this on instagram

  21. Jmadren

    Got it!!!!!! Super happy

  22. tori

    what a hassle! after trying on several devices i kept getting error messages. i ended up disconnecting all 3 of my social media account and re connecting them. worked like a charm! HTH

  23. Jen

    I went to claim mine and got a funky webpage. My point were deducted though. Did anyone get this? I want to make sure I get my GC! The AMC is a physical GC to be mailed, right?

  24. Kate Hedges

    I signed up for instagram, posted a pic, and said this “You make me happy with all your silly ways! #SantasWishList #Happy.” I still don’t see anything on my Beta account (even going under Profile, then Rewards). What am I doing wrong? I’ve never done instagram before…

    • Kate Hedges

      I JUST got it! I don’t know if it just took a while to get to me via Instagram or if it’s because I gave in and posted to Twitter. When I posted to Twitter, I did post @MyCokeRewards. Not sure if that made the difference.

  25. LNickel

    WOW – after two hours I finally got it! Also, did call Coke…they will call me within 5-7 business days to assist me with my error messages…REALLY?

    • spongemonkey

      No. They will e-mail you in about 10 days telling you that nothings wrong since you were able to claim the offer.

  26. Andrea

    This is off subject but I just want to help someone out if I can. I am selling the rest of my babys unopened neocate formula. She had a milk protein allergy that she outgrew. I have 14 cans that retail for more than $40 each. I am asking $350 for all 14 cans.

  27. Kathy

    Oh well…looks like I will be keeping my points and just using them on coke reward specials throughout the year…I do not do twitter or instagram.

  28. rosana

    I will wait to claim to for something else.

  29. Morna

    Got it Collin! Thanks!

  30. annalizav (@ladyalisto)

    Says it can’t connect to my twitter. boo

  31. Tina

    I’m so sad. No idea how to tweet or instagram.. And I don’t need or want to learn. Why are they doing this to us to get rewards? I have a to. I have a ton of points i was saving for the 12 Days. :'(

    • Kim

      Go make a twitter acct its easy! Link ur coke acct to twitter and fb! Just follow the steps! U have time! We can help u!

    • Jeanine

      I agree, I don’t twitter or instagram either. I have no clue how hashtags and all that works. I’m lucky I can figure out how to tag on Facebook.

    • Bad Beta

      I sure hope MCR learns that this is more bad than helpful! MCR is a great deal and I have MANY people that have got into it. Now this beta. bad.

  32. Samantha

    Anyone have any insight into what other rewards will be available through this later on??

  33. juli

    do you have to be at a certain beta level cause I a only at bronze and its not showing up in my rewards?? help from anyone would be appreciated!

    • Kim

      Go do more challenges i hit gold today and collect ur rewards!

  34. mary

    best buy unlocked but not the amc are they sold out?

  35. campanita

    Finally after waiting a few hours for the confirmation email from MCR Beta, my husband submitted a photo. Hope we get it!

  36. campanita

    It worked! Got my gift card! 🙂

  37. Kimberly Denise Kelly

    The only holiday game giveaway this year, no 12 days of giving! I got my bb card, nike card, 2 25$ and a 10.00 just for making status.

  38. debra

    I really hope they still offer Bass Pro Shop this year. I save every year for that card for hubby. He loves going and buying $50 worth of plastic worms. lol

  39. shandelle

    Struggled to get to Gold status and all it offered me was a bunch of lame stuff. $25 voucher that it gave me free when I got silver! Or Shutterfly prints or $2 donation to a couple charities. I feel very cheated here. I wasted so much time doing the social media stuff and challenges and they gave me terrible offers.

  40. Jeanine

    Well that stinks for me, I don’t know how to use Twitter or Instagram. Hashtag and all that confuses me. Maybe Collin can do a tutorial on how to enter for freebies and sweepstakes using these methods? Just a suggestion.

  41. Toni

    I tweeted and posted to Instagram last night and have yet to find where I unlocked the code. I appreciate companies offering incentives like this but it does get frustrating when you follow the guidelines and still no results…

    • Stephanie

      Log in to MCR Beta, click on the profile icon top-right, and then “full profile” from the drop down. You should be able to see an “offers” tab on the left side of your page, and you will find the reward offers you earned there.

    • shandelle

      Same. I went and did challenges and achieved Gold status. I’ve done the tweets with photos for every prize on the Santa’s Wishlist page and it never unlocked anything. Nothing in the dialog notification bubble at top. Nothing under full profile. Nothing under rewards. I don’t understand. I can see the tweets on the account but it never unlocks anything.

  42. angel

    I keep getting an error saying my tweet seems automated

  43. Mimi

    anyone know if you get a e card or a card in the mail?

    • shandelle

      It’s a physical gift card and it says 8 to 10 weeks! Meaning it won’t show up at the earliest until mid to late January. Kinda stinks because I was hoping to use it toward Christmas shopping. Oh well.

  44. Christy

    Have they had any others besides AMC and Best Buy Gift cards?

  45. Dani

    Is this all of the holiday specials there will be on MCR? The ones that are currently posted? Or are they going to release more?

    I, too, HATE that I had to sign up for Twitter just to be able to use my coke rewards. That’s weak. I already bought, drank, and entered the codes from HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of coke products…come on.

  46. Bill

    2000 points and no 12 days xmas! Bummer, beta suks and I hate T and IG, not worth my effort. Actually seems like MCR is hardly worth the effort.

  47. mkpassey

    Does anyone know how many points the walmart gift and TJ Maxx gift cards are going to be? I’ve been doing the challenges just to find out how any points I’ll have to use to claim the rewards but I’d like to know before I waste my time doing the challenge.

  48. Sarah

    I still cannot figure out this Beta and how to get the AMC ticket/drink deal for 240 points. I did Twitter and nothing. Can someone give a step by step tutorial. I really do not do a lot of social media.

  49. robin

    Every time I try to link my twitter account it says that account is in use and it will not let me link it…anyone have any suggestions?

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