Top TEN Baby Shower Games

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baby shower games

Check out our top TEN Baby Shower Games!

Price is Right Baby Shower Game - Hip2Save

1. Baby-Themed Price is Right

Pick ten baby-related items, ranging from diaper cream to infant formula to diapers, and have guests guess the current retail prices of each item (if you want to make it harder, you could add that they have to guess the price of that item at a certain national store, like Walmart or Target). The guest who gets the closest to the right price wins a prize!

2. Find the Safety Pins

To play, you’ll just need to place twenty safety pins in a bowl of dry rice. Blindfold the person and have them try to find them using their hands (it’s much hard than it looks or sounds!).

How to play Baby Shower Bingo - Hip2Save

3. Baby Shower Gift Bingo

This is the perfect game to play when the mom-to-be is opening gifts! Give each guest a bingo card that features items commonly found as gifts at a baby shower, such as bottles, pacifiers, diaper bag, gift cards, etc.

As the mommy-of-honor opens her gifts, guests mark off those items on their bingo cards until someone gets five in a row. Print your own Baby Shower Bingo Cards with this printable.

4. Don’t Say “Baby” Game

This game lasts the entire time! Start by giving every guest a safety pin or fun baby sticker. If the guest is caught saying the word “baby” any time during the shower, the pin/sticker is taken by the person who calls them on it. At the end of the shower, the person with the most pins/stickers wins a small gift.

Guess the Baby Shower Game - Hip2Save

5. Guess the Bab​y Game

When mailing out shower invites, ask each guest to bring their own baby photo to the event. When the guests arrive, have them place their baby photo up on a designated wall (they’ll also want to wear a name tag). Place numbered sticky notes/flags on each baby photo, making sure not to cover up the photos.

Then, have each guest correctly match the baby photos to the right guest. You can give each person a piece of paper and pencil so they can go around trying to correctly match the photo with the name and give a small prize to the person with the most wins.

6. Create the Baby Game

Will baby get Mommy’s blue eyes? Or Daddy’s blonde hair? To play, divide guests into equal groups and give each group a photocopied picture of mom and dad’s faces and a blank outline of a baby’s face. Give guests scissors, glue sticks and construction paper to cut out traits from each photo — the dad’s nose, mom’s chin — to piece together a single image on the baby face outline.

Display each team’s masterpieces and vote on the favorite!

Guess the Melted Candy Bar Baby Shower Game - Hip2Save

7. ​What’s in the Diaper Game?

So funny! To play, you’ll need to purchase different chocolate candies (Snickers, Hershey’s, Reese’s, etc) and melt each variety inside a different diaper. Then, pass the diapers around and have the guests guess which “candy” is in which diaper. This game is so funny and gets lots of laughs!

8. Mom-to-Be Memory Game

Want to trick your guests? Place a bunch of different baby items on a tray and have the mom-to-be walk around the room asking each of the guests to look closely at the tray. Then have the mom-to-be to be leave the room and ask all the guests questions about the mom-to-be and nothing about the items on the tray. Suggested questions are “Was she wearing earrings?” or “Were her nails painted?”

Diaper Messages Baby Shower Activity - Hip2Save

9. Write a Diaper Message

Have each guest write a cute, funny, and/or encouraging message to the parents-to-be on the outer fold of a disposable diaper so that when the parents change the baby in the months to come, they get to read a nice message. Plus, they’ll get to take home a nice supply of diapers!

10. Baby Names Through the Years

Test your guests baby name knowledge by checking out the Social Security Administration lists of the most popular baby names by decade. Then hand each guest a sheet of paper with four columns: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s (or any decades you choose).

In each column, the guests will guess the top 5-10 names from each decade. You can include girl and boy names, or make it gender-specific (for example, 1990s girl names). The person who gets the most names right is the winner!

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Comments 35

  1. Em

    These are great!!!

  2. Erin

    I have heard of and participated in most of these except the create a baby which would be funny. I love bingo for wedding and baby showers but I have the guests fill out the blank card and the first 2 or 3 bingos win a prize. It makes it interactive through the whole shower and anyone can play. I would have loved the diapers at my baby shower however my friend told everyone to bring a book in place of a card. I got so many nice books and was able to start a nice collection!

  3. Samantha

    WARING- Sharpies from diapers will get on (and stain!) onesies! We did that game at my baby shower and we now have marker stains! Thankfully its hidden but just a heads up! 🙂

  4. ish

    Thanks hosting a baby shower for my sister, in 2 months

  5. Liz

    These are great but we’ve played totally different games at our baby showers. There’s the “don’t say baby” game but the version we play uses clothes pins instead of safety pins and whoever crosses their legs or arms gets the clothespin taken by the person who caught them crossing. The guest with the most pins at the end wins a prize. (& the prizes are usually little cute things from the dollar store.)

  6. Liz

    There’s also the game where you pin a bunch of clothespins on a hanger and ask each guest to take as many pins from the hanger in their hand, using just one hand to pull of the clothespins and the same hand to hold them. The one that can hold the most before one slips off wins.

  7. Liz

    Another fun one is having teams of 2 guests. Blindfold them and sit them on chairs facing each other. Have one feed the other yogurt with a spoon and time them. Whatever team finishes first wins. You could also put a baby bible on them here 🙂

  8. FuzzyPeach73

    Another fun one is to guess baby food flavors. 🙂

  9. Shea

    My sisters-in-law threw my baby shower. They knew I was a huge couponer so we played “the price is right” with several items off my registry. My guests had to guess whether the item was higher or lower than the card she held up. I got to play too and it was fun. I bet you’ll never guess who got 100% 🙂

  10. Liz

    Last one I promise 😉 Put about 2 bags of cotton balls in a pile on the carpet and have the guest sit right next to the cotton balls. Blindfold her and give her a plastic container (we’ve used a large plastic mixing bowl) to hold over her head with one hand. With the other hand she’ll hold a spatula and the guest that can get the most cotton balls in their bowl on 3 tries wins. (You’ll have to count the cotton balls after each guest so you might wanna get the larger size cotton balls.) Hope these help! 🙂

    • me

      are you from mexico for a chance? im asking because those are the games most hispanic people play at baby showers

      • Kat

        I’m Mexican and we play those games at our baby showers lol! Also the one where you pass a doll around a circle and whoever has the doll when the music stops playing is out of the game!

  11. carrie8

    I did a shower for a friend with a zoo theme. We had a copy of Dr. Suess’s “If I ran the Zoo” for all the guests to write in–a hope or wish for baby. We did a game that lists animals and guests had to write down what each animal’s baby is called (ex: Pig=piglet; Eagle=eaglet). The favors were bags of animal crackers. We also did baby gift bingo and the prizes were B&BW pocket bacs with a tag that said “Thank you for touching [Mom’s] life. Now you’ll be allowed to touch her baby! :)” That way, we could give prizes for everyone who got “bingo.”

    • Just Me

      The animal match mom to baby name is my favorite game!

  12. Nikole

    These are cool I had my baby shower in January we played spit the binkey, chug the bottle and a couple other ones that you write down stuff but we had the whole place participating it was hilarious watching everybody trying so hard to get the water out of the bottle

  13. Lola

    I played at my shower, Famous TV Parents,Tiny toes….Tiny socks Guess how many socks are in the container, and what do you carry in your purse. All were very different and tons of fun!

  14. Renee

    I made up a game at the last shower I did where I asked the mommy-to-be’s mother and mother in law to share facts and stories about what the mommy & daddy were like as babies and then guests had to guess which fact/story belonged to either mommy or daddy. I used a Popsicle stick with baby photo of mommy on one side and baby photo of daddy on the other side so everyone could vote and mommy can see who everyone voted for! Some of the stories were really funny!

  15. B

    I hate the guess the chocolate in the diaper one. It just seems so tacky to me. For my shower my hostess asked what games I’d like to play & I just said any but that one! Fortunately she agreed that it’s not a game anyone we know would want to play:)

    • Wehaf

      I agree with you – I think it’s gross. And also a waste of chocolate!

    • meg

      It’s a game. And its fun. To each their own.

  16. Lucy

    I think melting chocolate in the diapers is a hilarious game! Wish it could’ve been at my baby shower but I don’t think my hosts thought it was a funny game, lol.

  17. Meg

    I did the diaper raffle and I highly recommend it! We gave away a mani/pedi at the local spa and it was worth it!! I got a ton of diapers and I’ve exchanged the packages I didn’t need for brands/sizes that I did! My son is 3 months old and I haven’t even come close to needing to buy diapers yet!!

  18. Betsy

    We never played games at any baby shower I had or attended. Simply enjoying good food and conversation with good friends and family was engaging enough.

  19. Dee

    My SIL threw us a baby shower recently & when she asked me about the games, I said – anything but the chocolate diaper game! I feel like it was always played in every baby shower I went to, and thankfully she agreed. She ended up doing The Price is Right, the clothespin game, but the highlight of the night was.. Pictionary! It was just like a regular Pictionary, except with baby-related terminology. We had no idea how hard it is to draw “ultrasound”, lol.

  20. Krystal D

    My husband’s friend and his wife had a Huggies and chuggies party. It was a BBQ where everyone was asked to bring diapers and/or wipes. They provided food and beer, and invited all their family and friends including all his male friends. They made out like crazy with diapers! And then she had a traditional baby shower, great way to get diapers and include his friends in baby celebration without taking away from the baby shower. We had a great time and I will be doing this with our next baby!

  21. m

    I seem to host alot of showers, and a great one is everyone puts their address on an envelope and mom to be draws one, and they win a prize. Its a great game for those who hate games and for the new mom who already has the correct addresses and thankyou envelopes addressed. Win win

  22. kendra higgins

    Loved my message diapers, but soon found out that sharpie written on pampers rubbed off onto lots of clothing. At least it stained only the inside of my baby clothes! Maybe other brands or marker combos will work better.

  23. Tiffany

    I threw a baby shower for my friend last month and I did “Daddy knows Best”. I asked my friend’s husbands some questions about her pregnancy (What have been her cravings, how has she been acting)what he looks forward to becoming a dad etc. The place that I had the shower at had a projector and computer so I was able to show the video to everyone. I would pause the video after each question, and the mom-to-be has to guess what her husband said. Theb I would play his answer. She and the guests loved it! If you are hosting at a home, you can play the video on a laptop. I just recorded him on my phone and uploaded it to the computer.

  24. Valerie

    Great thing that gives for years to come. Get a box of generic birthday cards for as many as the guests you have at the shower. Put a card in each envelope and with a marker mark them each with 1 and 2 all the way to 18. You may have to repeat depending on the amount of guests. Then give one to each guest and tell them to make the card out to the baby at what ever age is presented on the card and then seal them up. Some people have even put cash in them. Then the mother will open the 1’s on the first birthday of the child and then each year after. I have found we are opening cards from people that have passed away but are still here in spirit. As I said it keeps giving every birthday. We are always looking forward to the opening of those cards at the birthday parties. I must recommend no checks as they may not be good in the future depending on banks/status of giver. Sorry so long but great idea I wanted to pass on!

  25. Cheryl

    Don’t write on diapers with Sharpies!!!! Once baby goes in the diaper the sharpie rubs off and stains babys clothes! We literally had whole words that transferred onto my daughters brand new clothes and would not come out! It sounds cute, but it’s really a disaster! We ended up covering the sayings with a strip of clear tape because I had so many diapers that had been written on and I didn’t want to waste them!

  26. Kristen

    I like the one where you pass around a roll of toilet paper and each person tears off the amount they think would wrap around the mommy’s waist once. I thought it was fun but we played it at my sister in laws shower and she about had a nervous breakdown people had torn off more than they really needed. Lol

  27. Amy Stotts

    I have done most of those, but that create a baby looks like it would have been nice to have had at my shower. I thought I’d share what was done for my shower, because it was quite unique of the ladies to come up with it. It was held in an old train depot with a nice cozy feel to it. They had a friend of the family, who was a consultant for a scrapbook party company, bring blank pages and all of the supplies to make a scrapbook. Each lady/girl there was given a 5×7 scrapbook page and had been instructed to bring a favorite quote about something related to having a baby. Then, they spent the first bit of the party decorating their pages, leaving the middle of one side blank. The had each lady/girl then come up and get their picture done with my big pregnant self and later put the pictures on the blank spot of the page.

    It’s such an AMAZING and fabulous scrapbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone enjoyed participating, it seems.

  28. pinkrblu

    The favorite activity at my daughter’s baby shower? I brought a canvas and paint/brushes. Each guest added something to the canvas, creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind painting that hangs above my grandson’s crib!

  29. Cor

    Helping to plan my first ever shower this month and we are doing the create a baby and guess the baby games, and also one called “pin the tail on the sperm” – ha! Cannot get over that guess the poop game though, eek! Too much for me.

  30. Heather B.

    I threw a baby shower a few years back and had all the guests decorate onesies for the new baby with fabric markers and fabric paint. I had stencils, and sponge brushes, baby theme sponges and stampers and paint all set up in my dining room away from the food part of the party. This was a big hit!

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