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30 Things to Hide in Easter Eggs Besides Candy

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Do you get tired of filling all those Easter Eggs with candy? I know I do so here are some other items you can use to fill those Easter Eggs.

30 Things to Hide in Easter Eggs Besides Candy

  • Chuck E. Cheese coins
  • Hair Bands/Hair Bows
  • Play-doh Eggs (purchase at stores like Target and Walmart)
  • Crayons
  • Seeds to grow flowers in the Spring

mini nail polish for easter egg filler Hip2Save

  • Erasers
  • Stickers
  • Chapstick
  • Mini Nail Polish
  • Earrings/Rings/Bracelets
  • Coupons for “fun” things to do together
  • Little plastic dinosaurs and/or chicks

healthy snacks for easter eggs Hip2Save

  • Goldfish
  • Fruit snacks and yogurt covered raisins
  • Tattoos/Stickers
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Balloons
  • Mini Glow Sticks
  • Small container of Bubbles

Small toys, cars, and glow sticks for Easter Eggs Hip2Save

  • Money/Lottery Tickets
  • Plastic Army Men
  • Hot Wheels/Matchbox Cars
  • Squinkies
  • Silly Putty

Bubbles, Earings, and bows as Easter Egg Filler Hip2Save

  • Mini Carrots
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Fun shoelaces
  • Rainbow Loom loops
  • Directions to the prize egg

Do you have any additional ideas to add?

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Comments 75

  1. Erica

    Super neat ideas! Ty

  2. Tracy

    Movies, there have been really good deals on kids movies, and games!!!

    • Annju

      How do you hide movie in the eggs? Or you write a note in the egg? Thanks

  3. ann

    Love these ideas.
    I always include sidewalk chalk. They need more each spring and it takes up lots of space to make the basket look super full.
    This year I bought eggs in 6 packs and saved the cartons and each kid will get 6 plastic eggs filled with little treats and a pack of donuts decorated into a bunny.

    • jody

      Love the little egg carton idea!! Never thought of that!

  4. jody

    I love to secretly get bubble gum machine toys throughout the year to put in them too! Can’t beat some of the different cute things for 25-50cents!! πŸ™‚

    • Jules

      Nice idea Jody! Like that

    • Heather C.

      Very nice idea!

  5. Jill F

    Mini gel pens and mini colored pencils. Ear buds would be good too!

  6. Brittany

    Cute ideas! We like to do a book, a 5.00 DVD, a stuffed animal, a small amount of candy, and a pair of flip flops 😊 They always need new flip flops before the weather warms up and I thought it would be fun to add this year.

  7. CrescentCityCurly

    My nine year old nephew doesnt eat candy or chips so it’s always hard to find stuff for him when candy is the normal treat. (No he’s not overweight or ill). He loves to read and eat “real” food so I’m thinking of getting him a restaurant gift card and a book. Does anyone else have suggestions on what to get for kid his age?

    • 1luv

      Word search book
      Science experiment (check $1 store or 5 below)
      Mini basketball
      Other sport items
      Swim trunks
      Swim goggle

    • Colleen

      Legos, silly putty, small slinky, fake stick on mustaches,cute or funny mini post-it’s, book marker, book light, whoopie cushion, small magic tricks, phase 10 or other card games, travel size games, iTunes card, grow things( animals, zombies, other fun things, that you put in water and watch them grow), test tube simple science kits, flavored Chapstick, fun pens or markers, excavation kits( chisel out dinosaur bones to put together etc) small speakers, headphones. Themed items: sports teams, book or movie character. Collector card packs- Pokemon etc. Hexabugs( small computer bugs) gift card for local book store, game store or even pizza shop. My boys right around this age loved getting “Axe” travel size items. And at 9 even still liked color tablets for the tub. What treats does he like? Slim jims , beef jerky, gum, $5 Tim Horton’s card, $10 gift card for the Cheesecake Factory for a piece of cheesecake, cookies,, specialty tea, hot chocolate, dip mix, bbq sauce, any fast food gift card, flavored milk straws, granola or protein or other snack bars. pomegranates, kiwi, rice cakes, Gatorade or special water additive packets or small squeeze bottles.

    • Emily

      Wasn’t it so much easier when they were little? I have trouble with my 12 yr old nephew too. At 9, legos were a big hit! Now, I get him stuff for sports, gift certificates, itunes cards and clothes. He likes the clothes that I pick out for him, which makes me happy!

    • vicky

      If he enjoys reading and has a kindle or tablet, what about a google gift card for online books. My 9 year old finds plenty of books there via kindle. He also LOVES: xbox and Nintendo 3ds gift cards as he can play with his friends (they are at home, he ia at home and their systems connect them, great socialism if cant be together) so long as they each have the same games, so my son loves gaming gc so he can stay connected with the latest games. Hth.

    • Grandma Silly

      Inexpensive stop watch. My son loved it at that age. How long does it take you to… Take a shower? Eat lunch? Count all the door handles in the house? Read a chapter?

      • Pam K.

        I love this idea!

    • christa

      there is a science kit offered at toy stores. it is an add on clip to a cell phone or ipod. it turns either device into a microscope. you can use it as a microscope or for taking macro pics. my 10yr old loves it and has taken some great pics of sand, salt, water, etc.

  8. jw

    I used to write the kids’ names on the outside of a few eggs when I was teaching kindergarten. That way the hunt lasted longer and we worked on name recognition! Children were to only pick up those eggs if their name was on it. I’d get little erase boards or pencils, stickers, etc. and label with their names (written in large letters). Usually I had only 2 -3 items like that and would show them samples before we began. The other candy that was hidden was fair game! Some kids would get so excited that they could read a friend’s name they would stop hunting to go get their friend! πŸ™‚ At the end of the hunt, I would mention if I noticed a child only had a few other items. I was proud of my children that would share with those with less without being asked to! They always did and no one counted to make sure everyone had the same amount! (Some counted to compare number though.) Egg hunts were always fun!

  9. Erica

    Another idea for the older kiddos is each egg has a special message or “hint” leading them to a specific egg in a more difficult location with a neat surprise. Like movie passes or a gift card! Those $5 free target gift cards with purchase are perfect for this…

    • Pam K.

      Love the Target $5 gift card idea!

  10. Brenda

    What age is too old for a easter basket?

    • Chandra

      Your never to old! I got one well into college from my mom (I also had to hunt eggs too). Fun memories.

      • MCkahl


    • Jessica W.

      I am 25 years old and every year my mom still gets me an Easter basket :). So in my opinion, there isn’t an age that’s to old for an Easter basket!! She even sneaks it in while I’m sleeping since its from the Easter Bunny.

    • Patty

      Never too old I’m 53 and my Mom still makes me one!! And she’s 81 and my Dads 83 and I still make them baskets!!

      • Heather C.

        So sweet!

      • Kris

        That is SO heartwarming. My oldest is 27 and I will continue to make baskets for all of my 5 children until they have their own kiddos or until they ask me to stop (which I don’t think they will because they look forward to them). And then ill be making them for grand babies.

    • Carla

      I agree on not putting an age limit on it! But I stopped receiving an Easter basket when I was 12.

    • Steph

      I agree! Never too old for a Easter basket:) I get me teen boys baskets every year. The baskets are more age appropriate though and not as childish as they used to be. They get a new hoodie or iTunes gift card or movie tickets, or some other gift card. But I still throw in a chocolate bunny or maybe some Peeps:)

      • Brenda

        Thanks everyone!

  11. Jennifer

    No age is too old for easter basket, lol. However, I usually give my 19 yr old daughter some type of easter basket filled with candy, lint roller, nail polish, pens etc.

    • terri

      ahhhh lint roller…good idea for my 19 yr old..thanks!

  12. Mytwocents

    Ideas for a 13 year old boy for Easter eggs and a 9 year old girl for basket?

    • Guest

      For the boy earbuds, movie pass to go with a friend, lose change for a snack at school if available. You could also do a 10$ iTunes card if that is an interest. For the girl maybe nail polish, earbuds a small craft if she likes that type of thing.

    • terri

      Actually, everything Guest put for the boy can also go for the girl.

  13. Adrianne

    For my office employees, I am putting the ready serve coffee into eggs. =)

    • Pam K.

      Yum! Lucky employees!

  14. Brandy

    I’m 34 and my mom still does Easter baskets for me, my hubby(35),my brother(29), and My SIL(34). And the 6 year old and 4 year olds too πŸ˜‰ she loves doing it and always comes up with neat things to put in the baskets! We look forward to it πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  15. LKT

    For the older children, we put a $2.00 bill, .50 piece, or gold dollar in the eggs to hunt. Also, if you can find the large plastic eggs some ideas are no show socks, a pack or pieces of wrapped sugar-free gum, small bottles of nail polish or elastic headbands (one package will do 3-6 eggs), mini tins of altoids and small rolls of the crafting tape. When we have several children hunting we count all the eggs before the hunt and then divide by the number of children, then tell each child how many eggs they get to find. This way everyone gets the same amount, no arguing.

    • Pam K.

      Our sons were much younger than their cousins, so we used to color code the hunt…our niece would find the purple eggs, my nephew would find all the blue eggs, my two boys would find their own colors. I always would put a couple quarters in their eggs then candy and fun things. This way our youngest could keep up and find just as many eggs as his cousins and older brother. They loved it!

  16. Sarah C

    My girls love the eos lip balm (perfect bc they’re egg shape), $5 movie or a movie I catch when it’s just released, chalk, pool stuff, whatever they might be “in to”…another thing for girls instead of the tradition Easter basket is a make up container like a caboodle (or the cheaper one from five below) filled w little girl stuff like nail polish hair accessories foldable brush and mirror ect and “big girl” make up for the older ones…this year it think I’m doing a caboodle since both of mine dance filling w their own stage make up and dance necessities (bobby pins, tights ect) as well as gems lettering etc for them to personalize themselves

  17. Silva

    This past after Valentine’s day sales I picked up some little bonce balls, and other items on clearance for $.50 or $1 that I plan to put in the eggs. I also picked up some peanut M&M’s that works just as good for Easter as it does for Valentine. With older kids write down a special treat or big item and than cutting the letters up, than placing then in the eggs. The kids have to work together spell out the prize once they find the eggs.

    • Kim

      I LOVE this idea!!! We have 6 kids (ages 15-11) btwn the two of us, and whew, its a tough one at any gift giving holiday. I love having them find letters in the eggs (we still fill eggs w/candy and put them around the yard. last year they had to only grab ONE and bring it back to the ‘community pile’. Those kids were EXHAUSTED by the time they got done finding 200 eggs! Well worth the entertainment, lol). Definitely putting this letter egg game on the list this year! Thanks for the grand idea!

  18. Becky

    Quarters and dollars! That’s a favorite at our house. It’s good for money counting for smaller kids too.

  19. Nkmcannon

    I have 6 grandchildren and every child is assigned a different color of egg. Annabelle is only allowed to find the pink eggs, Hadley the yellow eggs etc. I hide hundreds of eggs. So much fun😊

    • Dawn

      We do this too. Easter bunny leaves a note/card telling each child which color(s) to find. I love it because it’s fair and no running crazy to get more.

  20. Corey m

    REDBOX MOVIE COUPONS. ONE THE RED BOX SITE, YOU CAN BUY CODES IN fives. THEY SEND THEM TO YOU EMAIL, MAKE A CUTE LABEL AND PUT THE CODE ON IT. IT CAN THEN BE REDEEMED AT ANY RED BOX FOR A FREE MOVIE. THEY ARE 1.25 each and would make a great gift for inside an egg for a hunt! They also have codes for video game rentals also. We did this at Christmas for gifts to my children’s friends.

  21. Verline

    numbered paper in each egg to assign a prize. Notebook with number that has the prize on it that goes with each egg. I like to use the gold dollar coins if I put money in the eggs as the paper dollars will get cut up if the egg is not found and is hidden in the grass when you will cut your lawn. If you do an adult egg hunt the paper idea is good because you can do crafts, sample products and so on as adult prizes. fun for everyone. Great for even reunions doing the egg hunts.

  22. susanna

    I know this may sound strange but we have so many little junk toys laying around and in the bottom of the toy box so i just went around the house,car,garage,and basement and filled 40 eggs with those little lost treasures and filled 10 more with loose change. A free egg hunt. Since we had the plastic eggs from last year.

    • laurie

      I think it’s brilliant, Susanna! No one needs *more* junky dollar store toys in their house- or, worse, thrown away 2 weeks later, filling our landfills! I like edibles and reusables. And cash! πŸ˜‰

    • e

      Plus, those toys are really fun when rediscovered! Brilliant

  23. Lori

    Great ideas!! I always use a plastic pail and shovel from dollar tree instead of a basket and also fill eggs with money my 7 year old is not a candy eater I’ve thrown away Halloween Xmas and vday candy so it’s not worth it. I include a book, bubble bath, colored pencils and fun stuff he likes

  24. Renee'

    If you have little ones (toddlers) I could roll a pair of panties and get it in the eggs. Socks also. If you have boys that like to fish: small bobbers, a small net for putting their catch in, different size weights for the line, fishing lures in their small plastic packages. If they like golf: tees, or a golf ball. Shoe laces for shoes work well. Key chains (especially the ones with mini flashlights). You could also put coupons for chores, IE: “This coupon is good for one night of no dish duty, taking the trash out or cleaning the cat box.”

  25. Cat

    Our family hides coins and “tickets” in eggs. The uncles hide them outside…some places more challenging than others! Then the aunts put together a prize table of all the stuff we collect coupon and clearance shopping through the year. Someone always picks up itunes or xbox cards for the teen boys, a $5 gift card costs 10 tickets. It’s a hoot to watch the 16-18 yr old boys hunt eggs to get enough tickets for the gift cards! And there are always plenty of toys for the little ones at 2-5 tickets each, with candy 1 ticket per piece. Good way to teach the little ones to shop! Of course, to make it fair, we stagger start times, the youngest goes first, and then by age. Last year we had close to 300 eggs–tons of fun!

    • Me

      That is a great and unique idea!

  26. Angie

    The kids always get eggs filled with “fun” band aids ( Star Wars, Frozen, Minions) etc. We have also put individual drink mix packets, perfume samples, pencil top erasers and little rolls of decorative tape like ” tapefitti”

    • Lindsey

      I LOVE the band-aid idea! not junk, not candy and always needed! Thanks!

  27. toni

    if some gave my an easter egg with raisins i would be mad! lol unless dipped in chocolate. lol

    • toni


  28. betty

    A Bible

    • Katie

      Love it!

  29. Michelle

    My kids are 17 and almost 20 and still get an Easter basket. No more egg hunts but I plan to make them a basket until they either get married and/or leave home or ask me to stop. Lol. This year they’re each getting a couple of t-shirts, ear buds, favorite snacks and gum. My son is getting a personal grooming kit and my daughter a sketch book. They are also each getting $20 in a plastic egg. I like getting hard to find goodies for them that I wouldn’t buy “just because” like different flavored soda found at Cracker Barrel or World Market. When they were younger I put fruit snacks in plastic eggs. My son doesn’t have a big sweet tooth so snacks like jerky, nuts or popcorn are great. Also, high school or college kids who drive always appreciate gas cards or gift cards to a car wash. I think I have as much fun putting their baskets together as they have receiving them!

    • terri

      Michelle, mine are 16-19-21 and we still have an egg hunt and I give them Easter baskets as well. Thanks for your ideas!

  30. Tracy

    Any ideas on things to hide in eggs for 1 year olds? I don’t wanna add a bunch of candy but still hide eggs for him. My son will be 21 months and loves to pick up the plastic eggs. Any ideas would be great. He still has a habit of putting small objects in his mouth still. Thanks

    • susanna

      Alphabet magnets to put on the fridge afterwards.

    • Michelle

      Fruit snacks, Goldfish, underwear with his favorite character on them (might encourage potty training) Little People, Matchbox or Hot Wheels, stickers….

    • MommySpendsLess

      When my daughter was about that age, I think I did some of those yogurt melts and puffs as well as some of the colorful cereal that she wouldn’t normally get (like Fruit Loops)

  31. Vicki Piper

    The refrigerator magnets are a great idea! we have several infants in our family this year. I am going to buy infant socks and roll up one sock in an egg, so each baby will get a couple of pairs of socks. We have a lot of elementary school age kids. My son is 18 and never got rid of anything. It is all in boxes out in the storage shed. I am going through his stuff and picking out the little things to recycle this year, after going over them with Clorox wipes. My kids always got too much stuff, so a lot of it has never been used. For the kids last year, I stocked up on school supplies in September and stashed them away, then for Easter I stuffed baskets with “art supplies”, which were actually new
    school supplies I had saved. Also, no one is ever too old for an Easter basket. I give one to my mother, and stuff it with bedding plants like marigolds and pansies. Old ladies love this!

  32. Lucy

    Love the lego idea! I want to try that

  33. Ginny

    I like to put 5.00 t shirts from old navy, 1 toy, a gift cards, candies in the baskets. For the egg hunt I put a coupon for a special day and a dollar for the golden egg. The rest I filled with erasers. Fruit stick (rollups) from Trader joes, tootsie rolls, glow in the dark lizards, erasers, stickers, quarters, coupons for prizes like fruit snacks and ring pops. Have about 300 eggs for 7 nieces and nephews. Should be fun. I like the idea of assigning egg colors….thx. Happy Easter πŸ™‚

  34. Hannah oli


  35. Heather

    Does the Easter Bunny hide the eggs you dye with your kids? Or only plastic eggs with goodies?

    • Lara

      We just hide the plastic eggs and trinkets…I have found the dye from the eggs rubs off on the kids hands/clothes bc the eggs perspire or there is dew in the grass. Makes for a much cleaner Easter morning with no dye mess. Plus the kids don’t ask why the bunny is hiding the eggs that they worked hard to color. πŸ™‚

      • Heather

        Thanks! That’s what I was afraid of. πŸ™‚

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