*HOT* Buy 1 Get 1 Free Horizon Snack Crackers or Grahams Coupon = 2 FREE Boxes at Target

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I am just bumping up this post from this morning. It’s such a *HOT* Target deal that I don’t want any of you to miss seeing it… πŸ™‚

This super popular coupon is back so be sure to print 2 copies while you can! Just hop over to Coupons.com where you can print this Buy any Horizon Snack Crackers, Sandwich Crackers, or Snack Grahams and Get 1 Free coupon (up to $4.29) – including the organic variety! THEN – check out how you can snag TWO FREE boxes at Target…

Buy 2 Horizon Sandwich Crackers $3.49 each
Total = $6.98
Use the 50% off Horizon Snacks Target Cartwheel offer (will deduct $3.49)
Plus, use the Buy 1 get 1 Free Horizon Crackers coupon found here
Final cost 2 boxes for FREE!

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  1. Andrea

    Does anyone know where these are located at Target? I can never find them!

    • mel

      At mine, they were on the very bottom shelf, around the Ritz, Triscuit crackers.

      • Sweet

        Thank you!!

      • Patti

        same here, but last time they were all expired!!

        • Bryant

          that was my problem too… all were expired πŸ™

    • Mary K

      I can’t find them either. Looked at 3 different stores. Maybe not available in all areas?

      • Nicole

        My target was out of stock for a very long time, but they have started stocking them again where Mel said, bottom shelf by crackers. I hope that helps!

        • Brandy

          I was told they were on recall (because they were out). Now they are on the bottle shelf of all the Targets I’ve seen.

          • Judy

            They did a recall because the cheese snack crackers had a peanut ingredient that wasn’t disclosed properly

  2. Denise G.

    I still have some BOGO Qs from last time, but honestly I don’t care for either of the sandwich flavors. They taste odd to me, with no real flavor of cheese or PB. Wish Target carried the graham variety to try those.

    • mel

      We like the Cheese crackers. Thought they tasted better than Ritz, which to me has a chemically aftertaste. The kids didn’t care for the graham crackers, but my husband thought they were OK and satisfies his munchies.

    • CW

      I agree- no real cheese flavor. I got these the last time the coupon was out and won’t be getting them again, even if they are free. Quality lacking IMO

    • Lindsay

      My kids LOVE the cheese variety. Last time they were on sale I bought 8 boxes not knowing if the kids would like them or not. The kids ate all the crackers within a few days! They literally cheered with excitement when they came home from school yesterday and saw more πŸ˜‹

    • B

      The graham ones are so good!

    • Erin

      I would say that if you like Ritz cheese sandwich crackers (or expect these to be similar), you will be disappointed. These are much less salty. That might be why they seem flavorless.

    • MommyspendsLess

      We haven’t tried the sandwich crackers yet but my daughter won’t eat the cheddar variety. I asked her how they’re different than the Goldfish she likes and she said they’re not very cheesy and tasted “burnt” – I tried a few and had to agree with her. They’re bland and not as light and crispy. I gave up after a few tries of sending them for her afternoon school snack. We have half a box left and have gone through at least one bag of Goldfish while those sat un-eaten and lonely in the cupboard (poor cows!). She also didn’t care for the cheese flavored Gerber owls but I think these are even worse than those.

  3. Andrew

    How do you get 2 FREE boxes?
    Wouldn’t it be $1.75 total for 2 boxes instead? Because on the 50% coupon, they are taking off 50% on each box, meaning $1.75 per box and then minus another 1.75 with the BOGO,

    • Amy

      The 50% off cartwheel calculates before the BOGO coupon. Cartwheel calculates after Target coupons but before MQ. If the BOGO would have been a Target Q, then your total would have been $1.75. HTH

      • Donna

        The BOGO is a target coupon.

        • Donna

          Oops never mind….was looking at another coupon.

        • Donna H.

          Mine printed as a Manufacturer’s coupon

  4. liz

    so do you give the coupon first or do cartwheel first?

    • rae

      For cartwheel it doesn’t matter because it automatically deducts from the price after target coupons.

  5. Tg

    I am not able to see the coupon if I search on my coupons.com app.. Can some one pls share the zip so that I can print with my mobile device . The link only work on desktop or laptop

    • Jessics

      Can you share how you use your mobile device to print online coupons? TIA

      • Kris

        you need the coupons app on your mobile. then go to grocery and search for the coupon you want, clip then print. you would need to be connected to a wifi printer though.

  6. JJ

    Pardon my ignorance, but will this work for four boxes in one transaction – by using two coupons? Thanks!

    • Lindsay


  7. Tiffany

    so I bought 2 boxes yesterday just using the cartwheel but am planning to go back today and get some more. does anyone know can you use the cartwheel a total of 4 times or is it just 4 times per purchase? the language is confusing to me when I click on the detail on the cartwheel.

    • Angela

      4 per cartwheel scan. 6 cartwheel scans per day.

  8. J

    My daughters like the cheese cracker sandwiches. I dont like pb but like pb crackers ever once in a while. I think the pb cracker sandwiches are better than Ritz

    • terri

      These are better than Ritz…they are organic, and Ritz has high fructose corn syrup…I’m glad your kids like these better because they are a better snack!

  9. Mike F

    I dont think that they’re free though! If I did the math right, after the cartwheel, you would pay would be $3.49 for both packages ($1.75 each) then with the BOGO, wouldn’t it just deduct the $1.75 for the one package? So it would be $1.75 for both after cartwheel and coupons which is still a good deal!

    • Laura

      Mike – that’s what I’m coming up with as well

    • Kim

      Cartwheel is calculated regardless of manufacturer coupons. So it takes 50% off before the bogo coupon. Cartwheel is only affected by target coupons. So it takes 50% off the original total not the total after the manufacturer coupon.

  10. nl

    my family loves these. so excited. thanks!

    • nicolegammeter

      YW! πŸ™‚

  11. Sis

    So does this mean you can do 4 per transaction 6 times a day?

    • Lindsay

      Yes, if you have enough coupons

  12. Stefanie

    In my experience, when they scan the coupon it generally takes off the max value automatically unless the cashier manually adjusts it down. So it would be free in that case πŸ™‚

    • shopper

      According to a manager, the system can’t be fixed, hence the full price automatically coming off.

      2 Targets in 2 different cities, for me, are now typing in any coupon that is free. They can only manually input amounts $5 and under (so if free value is $10, receipt would show $5 coupon twice), according to the last cashier that manually inputed a high amount. Rules must be changing.

  13. The Centsible Family

    Has anyone tried this at their Target? Every time I use the BOGO coupon for the Horizon products it automatically reduces to the price of the product. So last week when they were on sale for $3 the coupon automatically reduced to $3.00. Wondering if it will truly take off the $3.49.

    • JenniferS

      Register should take off the max amount allowed by the coupon. That’s been my experience at Target. HTH:)

    • Jane

      Everyone who is confused the MQ takes off $3.49 as it’s not affected by the cartwheel, I’ve done it multiple times. You will get two boxes free

    • Erin

      It depends on the store’s computer system for some reason. Yesterday, at one store, the Horizon coupon beeped. The cashier verified the product, and max amount allowed by coupon came off (I’m pretty sure she did not enter the price manually). Today, at a different store, the coupon did not beep, and only the price of the product came off ($3.49). I got the exact same crackers at both stores, so not sure what the issue is.

  14. Corrine

    I did this deal this am and the coupon took off $3.49 and the cartwheel deducted $1.74 for each box. They were totally free πŸ™‚

  15. Tg

    Can someone pls share the zip for the coupon

    • jim beam


  16. Ben

    Here is a thought for everyone to ponder. Even if you don’t eat these crackers or don’t like taste of them, still get them for two reasons. 1) They are FREE! 2) They make a great donation for a food pantry. Hope everyone has a great day and please take care.

    • Claudia

      Thank you!!!

    • lydia

      Thank you. Any time there’s a free non perishable snack item I stock up and keep it in my car for when we see a homeless person (this happens several times a week living in a big city).
      Even if you think it’s gross and/or wouldn’t feed it to your family, please remember that there are a lot of people in need who would love anything to eat.

    • Angela

      Yes! If my kids won’t eat them I will give the unopened boxes to our school backpack program. I always try to do freebies even if we won’t use them to give to food pantries or the backpack program.

  17. Keri B

    Just home from Target. I bought 2 boxes for $3.49 (after Cartwheel). The coupon then took off the max amount of $4.29, so seems in my case they were a money maker πŸ™‚ Wishing I had printed 2 coupons!!! I just tried the cheese ones for the first time and dang, I think they are good πŸ˜‰ Seems like another trip to Target is in my future!

    • nicolegammeter


  18. vanessa

    Ok I am new never used Cartwheel so not sure how to use really. Cartwheel says may be used for up to a max of 4 qualifying items. So I can only buy for BOXES right? and in one transaction? Thanks

    • Denise


  19. rljohnston1974

    Went to my Target and they are wiped out of just about everything I went there for. A bit disappointed but what can you do?

  20. Laurie

    Just went to my target and they don’t carry this. I wonder why something is on cartwheel if not all targets carry the item? Bummer!

  21. Sarah

    I can’t figure out how to print the coupons- can someone help??

    • nicolegammeter

      Hi Sarah!

      If you use the link in the post, the coupon should already be clipped for you. Select the red “Print Coupons” button to print the coupon. πŸ™‚

  22. Helen

    I printed out 2 coupons. Bought 2 Cheddar and 2 Peanut Butter (I LOVE THESE!), and it actually ended up being a money maker. They scanned Cartwheel first, then the first coupon, which made 2 boxes free. The second coupon gave an error, and it was overriden, since I have the boxes. It then took off $4.29, so it was an $0.80 money maker.. although, I did end up buying a whole bunch of other stuff, so that’s debatable. Thanks again.

  23. Jenny

    I can never find the chocolate ones! Only found the reg graham ones at Ralph’s.

  24. nancy

    colin, there is also a $1 off coupon for Hormel Bacon on Coupons.com that pairs nicely with a 20% cartwheel.. makes for some cheap bacon! I tried it today and it works.

  25. Sam

    Is the coupon gone already or has a special zip code? Tia

    • nicolegammeter

      A specific zip code is not required and it still appears to be available via the link in the post above. πŸ™‚

  26. paula

    My store is wiped out. Had a clerk scan them and said the system does not show any coming in either. Bummer!

  27. Jude

    Coupons are gone 😏😏

  28. susan

    anyone have the dcpi numbers for any of the crackers? Hate to make a special trip with the kids if none are in stock. TIA

    • Kristi

      071-10-0138 Cheddar cheese crackers
      071-10-0137 Peanut butter crackers

      • genie

        thanks. Was able to see my store is out of stock.

        • Erin

          Most are at this point. The day after the Cartwheel expires, they’ll have full shelves, though. πŸ˜‰

  29. kit

    Q is still available

  30. Sarah

    Collin– I tried that and it didn’t print!

    • Bre

      What is your email? I will print 2 and scan them in mom computer and email them to you.

      • Bre

        *my computer (sorry typing too fast)

      • Haseena

        I am pretty sure that’s a no no in the coupon world, and also if you scan or leave printed coupons to others they might copy them and use them many time and the coupon can be tracked back to your IP address. And I am not saying that Sarah above would do such thing, but there are some shady people out there who would, so just be careful.

        • Tarri

          Going along with what Haseena said, I once had a lady at Target give me coupons for a glade deal, they were printed from the computer, they were in black and white and she had a stack of them. So I took them, said thanks and looked at them and they were all same unique number. I threw them away when I got home. Now every time I see them laying on shelf that are printed I leave them knowing they could be copies. Since then I have heard at Guest Services that they had lost lots of money on coupons, I am thinking this might be why. So please be careful.

  31. Zoey

    Can someone send me this coupon if they have any extra 😞 no computer or printer… Will get one soon but don’t have enough $$ right now… Good deal happen when you don’t have a printer 😞

  32. Shayla

    I stalked over five targets in my area when they had a $1 Target coupon and BOGO MQ last time and they never had any =( I seriously hate how Target doesn’t restock things and guess my area is just too heavily saturated with either couponers or just lack of inventory. Either way, gave up on Target for groceries, will stick to Meijer, where they have the honey graham crackers and my church kids love them! Good luck to all who try Target!

  33. Vicki

    How can you find out if your Target store is out of stock of something from home without calling the store?

    • Lisha

      Search for product
      Put in your zip code to check for availability

      • Carla

        Unfortunately their website is not updated. I always check their site for items and the site would say “available” but when I go to the store, the products were out of stock.

        • shopper

          Items could be in the back.

          Recently, I thought an item was not sold (no shelf spot), online said in stock. Turns out they had two areas of various sizes in the same aisle, one at either end.

    • mel

      Collin posted this link – http://brickseek.com/target-inventory-checker

      If you don’t have the DCPI #, you can just search the product name (the search box underneath the Zip Code/DCPI boxes) The Cheese crackers is 071-10-0138. Enter your zip code. It’ll give you a “near real-time” quantity.

  34. Amber

    Unfortunately, they aren’t available at every Target as I’ve looked at a couple. I finally found this deal on Monday at another Target. Keep looking πŸ™‚

  35. N

    I had a terrible experience with shopping at target. I was able to locate the product but the person at checkout said he was going to deny my coupons because I was getting it for free. He was really rude and asked me to leave it if I was not paying for it.
    I then told him I was taking to guest services and the coupons just worked fine.. I don’t know why they have to make it look as if we are stealing items and embarrass us when we are just shopping smart…πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    • Carla

      some cashiers are not just rude and plain dumb, they also think that they own the company they work at LOL

      • N

        Glad to know its not just me who thinks that way.. 😊Thanks Carla!

  36. justme

    Oh man you guys! I just had my rudest experience ever! I normally love Target and go a few times a week and today this happened. The cashier at the Douglas County Colorado Target took my 8 coupons and dumped/spread them out on the counter to humiliate me in front of everyone behind me and then said I couldn’t use them. I said oh yes I can I know your coupon policy and then he went and put them thru and of course they all worked and were all legit! He was throwing them all around and angry about it. I feel for all of you that have had this happen to them. I apologized to the other customers who were behind me in line as I had to explain to him that yes they are good coupons and I know the policy and I wasn’t over the limit. I’m putting this on twitter and facebook. Target is usually so nice and I never have problems. It’s always been my favorite place to coupon. I can’t believe how rude some cashiers can be. Thank goodness for the survey on my receipt as you’d better believe I’m filling it out today. Best of luck to all of you and I hope your transactions go smoothly.

    • karen

      I wonder if something has been said to the cashiers about accepting coupons. It used to love to shop there and get the deals but almost every trip now is a hassel:-(

  37. Jackie

    Got the 2 boxes free – thanks!! This is a great snack for my daughter πŸ™‚

  38. vchavez132

    Does the coupon take the whole amount of $4.29 off?

    • shopper

      Depends on store. My stores are manually entering in any free coupon, for the price item is ringing up.

    • Erin

      Yes, it depends. Yesterday I got overage at one store; today I got them free at another. The coupon beeped yesterday; today it went through and adjusted to the price of the item automatically.

  39. dantim123

    My store didn’t have any on the shelf but I put the DCPI number into the price scanners (if your Target still has the old ones) and it said there were some in the stockroom. So I asked someone an he brought me 4 of each.

  40. sherri

    i had to pay $0.09….the taxπŸ˜”

    • shopper

      Coupons always state customer pays tax where required..even on a free coupon.

  41. an

    Can anyone find the grahams in the madison area? Thx

    • kit

      Use dcpi & brickseeker

      • an

        unfortunately not accurate πŸ™

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