My Coke Rewards: Free Personalized Coke Bottle w/ Free Shipping (Just Enter 3 Coca-Cola 12-Pack Codes)

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Through June 30th, head on over here and to snag a Free Personalized 8 oz. Coca-Cola bottle w/ Free Shipping while supplies last – you’ll just need to enter 3 codes found on participating Coca-Cola 12-pack products. Click HERE for more information.

In fact, Hip2Save reader, Justina, has ordered some of these personalized bottles in the past (that’s her picture above!) and says they are “super cute!” so she is very excited about this promo!

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  1. Rebecca

    I just need one more if anyone would be so kind!! Both of my boys have “different” names lol. I got my youngest one, would love to get my oldest one as well! My email is poutyforyou @ Just remove the spaces. I would so appreciate it!!!

    • Kathryn

      I just sent you one! 🙂

      • Rebecca

        Thank you!!!!

  2. Lore

    It lasts for another month. Still time to purchase (3) 12 packs 🙂

  3. Micky

    Willing to trade shutterfly photo book code.
    Offer expires June 7, 2015 for 3 codes.

    • Micky

      For 8×11 Hard cover photo book*

  4. Jarrett

    Maybe a long-shot, but are there any codes still available from anyone? Can’t ever even find my child’s name on personalized ornaments, so Coke bottles will be impossible! Thank you sooo much in advance for sharing the Hip2Save and Coke love! jarrettdwallace@gmail (dot) com

  5. Shania W

    Hello, I don’t have any codes. So if anyone is generous enough to give me three it would be appreciated! Thank you guys my email is:

  6. We Made This

    Still trying to do this deal…would like to make 3 of these for a brother and 2 sisters that we are taking care of for the next two months (would make a great going a way present, I think)…does anyone have 9 codes they can share? I have 2 free 8×8 Shutterfly photobooks and one $40 “HelloFresh” voucher that I can trade. Thank you!

  7. Amy

    Maybe we should send Ana a case of coke, or a few 12 packs! ; ) I do not need codes, just think this is awesome!

  8. S

    I have a photobook code and a mug code I would like to trade for three coke rewards codes,

    • Micky

      Just sent you an email

  9. ocfrugalfinder

    does anyone have just one extra code I would appreciate it 🙂 im one code short. thanks

  10. J

    I just entered the 3 codes but can’t find my code. It’s not under the “unclaimed rewards” tab like the message says.

  11. Susan S.

    Do we know if it can be a name that they didn’t print? My MIL is obsessed with coke, but they didn’t use her name. She would freak if I could get her a personalized one! Anyone have two extra codes to help me get daughter-in-law points? Pretty please and oh my gosh thank you!!

    • Bee

      No you can personalize the name, I’m trying to do the same for my sister

  12. Angel S

    I entered mine I don’t have a code in the unclaimed rewards area. anyone know what is up? I saw someone earlier. I received the messages but no code.

    • Patty

      I’m having the same problem…nothing under unclaimed rewards. I created one yesterday with no issues. I’ll check the site again tomorrow…maybe a delay.

  13. Quin

    I would like the name Quin in a coke bottle.

  14. Gia

    Does anyone have two codes to share? Would love to get one for my daughters graduation day!
    I have one code and would greatly appreciate your generosity. This bottle would put a big smile on her face!

  15. Micky

    I have a code for a free 8×11 Hard Cover Photobook on Shutterfly that expires June 7th. I confirmed this morning the code still is active. I would really like to do these coke bottles for each person in my family of 4. I have 6 codes already and need 6 more. Anyone willing to trade 6 codes for the free photobook? Photobook is a $39.99 value.

  16. Katie

    So only 12-pack codes? I only have the bottle lids. Bummer. If anyone knows what can be used please email me – Thanks!

  17. Jessk

    I’m short 1 code from 12 pack I am willing to trade a code from 24 pack.

  18. Kerrie

    I tried entering 3 codes and it said all three codes wouldn’t work. I then entered them in the normal section and it gave me the 10 points. Do the codes have to come from a special box. I checked my brand it was on the list. Help?

  19. Dee

    I created an account yesterday after buying 3 12 packs of coke and entered 3 codes not realizing that the offer wasn’t on there:/ I now as able to get 2 new codes from my sister but need 1 more to try and get a bottle in time for my sons graduation. Does anyone have 1 code to spare? It would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  20. Bee

    I need 3 codes I entered mine then the personalized thing popped up I tried to do it again and it said codes already entered. It would be so I somebody would be able to give me a couple of codes. I’m am doing this for my sister as a surprise! We can’t find her name anywhere

  21. Ivone

    Anyone would have ONE code I could use? I entered mine in the wrong area and can’t use it towards this promo.


  22. Bee

    I am trying to get three codes for my sister as a surprise and I can trade at Lear 3 or more cap codes please just email me my email is: thanks in advance

    • Bee

      At least I meant lol

  23. Jennifer

    Just like many here. ..If anyone has an extra code I need just one more. We buy 24 packs. I finally found a 12 pack code from a coke cherry box and it won’t take it! So I can even said it back as a trade.
    The hubby is difficult to buy for but he happens to love coca cola. I’d love to give him this! Thanks either way!

  24. sarah

    ah! does anyone know how to do this right? i entered in 3 codes, but i think i entered them in the wrong place! i just says i have 30 points now. now i have no more points and no free coke 🙁

  25. Lisa

    Wow. This was a total scam on MCR’s end. SO not cool. I sent them an email after I had entered all 3 codes successfully and had nothing come up under my “Unclaimed Rewards” tab back on the same day Collin posted this. Now I have an email from MCR stating:

    “We regret any inconvenience or frustration. Members who are eligible for this offer received an e-mail from My Coke Rewards with the subject line “Share a selfie & you could go to the Essence Festival in New Orleans.” If you received that e-mail, please forward it to us so that we can verify the link in the e-mail.

    Otherwise, I guess everyone that didn’t get a code is just SOL. I also wasn’t credited for the points either. Ridiculous!

    • Kerrie

      Well that’s awesome. I have been checking my unclaimed rewards 3 times a day. Still hasn’t showed up. I will email them as well. Maybe if they get enough complaint emails they will do this deal for everyone. If I’m not getting it I want my 30 points back.

    • Sandy

      Mine was cancelled too and I got the same lame email.

    • 3bettins

      I entered the codes and the reward even shows up in my unclaimed rewards but I never got the email with the redemption code. I got the same reply you got when I inquired about my missing email. Funny thing, though, I got the bottle I ordered from my account yesterday, the missing one is from my daughters account. I’ll call them on Monday.

  26. Windy LaShea

    I can never find my name on anything because of how it is spelled..Would anyone be so kind as to give me 3 codes.My name is Windy and as we all know its always WE… drives me crazy lol..please and thank you .my email is

  27. Joanna

    I had the same result as Lisa above. Entered the codes, got congrats messages, never got a code. Called Coke, got a SUPER RUDE rep on the phone who just basically said I was out of luck, for no reason she could provide. She wouldn’t accept any screenshots (to prove I qualified) or anything, but finally took down “a report,” whatever that is. I have never heard back from anyone as a result of her “report.” However, I’d emailed about 2 days before calling, and I finally got a response to that email today that said the same thing Lisa’s email said.

    “We regret any inconvenience or frustration. Members who are eligible for this offer received an e-mail from My Coke Rewards with the subject line “Share a selfie & you could go to the Essence Festival in New Orleans.” If you received that e-mail, please forward it to us so that we can verify the link in the e-mail.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.”

    I had actually gotten the email in question, but I deleted it without reading because I don’t do selfies on public forums like that. I called Coke back and got helpful rep this time, who went to a manager to get a little more info. Turns out that the selfie email was advertising a different promo, but it was the sole place that the link for this promo was contained, and although they’re normally able to resend emails if they can document all your account info, for this one, they’re not, so yeah, I’m just out of luck.

    He did take lots of notes & said he’s providing feedback because he agreed with me that this promo wasn’t really fair in all respects, and he said the more people who comment, the more likely Coke is to actually DO something to fix the problem, but for now, they can’t do anything from MCR Customer Service. Even the nice guy couldn’t fix it 🙁

    • Justina

      yeah, I didn’t expect this horrible customer service from Coke—-It irritates me so much when a rep tells us something that isn’t true——because this promo was advertised for all to see on the My Coke Rewards FACEBOOK page –their Facebook photo on 5/19 🙁 —sorry ladies and guys (my redemption worked well except I had to cancel my order and split it into two orders, took Forever to get a replacement code but everything seemed ok—then my grandmother redeemed her three codes after we went out and purchased 2 more 12pks (we had one code), got that same page where everything looked okay and then she Never received her code, I gave her my replacement code—but we’re irritated too–it’s been back and forth with either untrustworthy reps or reps who don’t know the different Cola promos or reps who don’t know how their entry pages work (I mean who saves their codes after entering them and having them accepted?) we spent $45 on other bottles and only also got 1 of the 2 free bottles so far)—on the verge of sticking with only Pepsi because it is not fair what they are saying and doing—-sorry about their bad customer service—I had used the promo almost flawlessly before I shared it plus it was public on Facebook for all to see and enter and now they are changing their tune—makes Coca Cola look horrible—sorry Collin

  28. Joanna

    One additional comment, to supplement my previous one . . . sorry it’s so long. The HELPFUL MCR rep (as opposed to the rude one) did say the promo authorized him to give 50 points as a “consolation prize” (since he can’t just send out a bottle, or resend the email with the link so I can get one). He also said I can go enter the codes into the regular code entry screen and get the points I would have gotten if I’d entered them there in the first place, so assuming he’s correct (I haven’t tried yet), at least I’m not just “out” those points.

    • 3bettins

      goodness, I sure didn’t save the codes, that’s ridiculous.

    • Susan

      I had the same issue arrise, Joanna. The Coke rep that I have been dealing with has been less than pleasant. When I asked where my points went and why did this offer let me log in and give me the “award” message, I was brushed off. Glad you got the 50 points, wish I had your rep.

    • katie

      Thank you for your post.
      I was going to enter this promo, but I will skip it for this time. I don’t need any headaches.

    • Joanna

      My personal experience was that I wasn’t able to re-use the 3 codes. So even though the helpful MCR rep said I would be able to do that, I wasn’t able to do that. They all said they’d already been used when I tried to re-enter them.

  29. Crystal

    I need codes, if anyone is willing to share. Can it be codes from any 12 pack?

  30. Kristen

    Did anyone have an issue receiving the digital code to redeem for the personalized bottle in your email? I put in my codes and have not received it yet, did it take some time for it to come through?

    • Kristen

      I just read all of the comments above and I guess I am also out 6 codes, I can’t even enter them into the regular code box and redeem them. It says they have already been used.

    • Joanna

      Odds are if you didn’t receive the code right away, you won’t ever get one, and Coke won’t be at all sympathetic. Turns out the only people who actually get codes are those who got a very specific email, and to get the free bottle, you had to use the link in that email. Coke can’t resend the email (the subject line referenced taking a selfie, so I deleted mine without ever reading it, because I don’t do selfies in online forums), because I asked, and they couldn’t do it. But the whole process is quite deceptive because when you enter the codes, it doesn’t tell you that you’re not going to qualify. Instead, it congratulates you and makes you think you DO qualify when you don’t. Not the best promo they’ve ever done, if you ask me.

      • Susan

        Not so–I didn’t receive any email and have been able to create several bottles for free (different Coke accounts–mom’s, husband’s, etc.) I already had my Coke account, but the others were created just this week.

  31. Gelynn

    Does anyone have extra codes? Trying to get them for my sisters they both have unique names I already got one coke ordered just need codes for my other sister. Thank you! gelynn8 @

  32. Joanna

    OK, I did go create a whole new account, and Susan is correct that I was able to redeem codes for a bottle on the NEW account. But never on the old. So I guess MCR customer service just doesn’t know how this promo is working, since they’re telling so many current members they’re just out of luck. Anyway, if anyone has any spare codes, I’d like to order one more bottle for my son. You could email me at mail4jmw @ Thanks!

  33. Dee

    Just received my bottle today and it is so cute! Perfect balloon weight for my sons graduation:)

  34. Micky

    I also lost 3 codes towards a bottle for my daughter with a unique name. I need 2 more codes to try and order one with her under a new account as suggested by Joanna and Susan. If anyone has spare codes you could email me at thanks!

  35. PK

    I am looking for three codes too if anyone has any extras to share! email me at thanks!

  36. erica

    Where is the code that i put in? I dont understand how this works but would like to find out before it ends!

  37. Edythe

    Did the Share A Coke. I entered all the codes that were necessary to get free coke, but i never received a code redemption code. Called coke they said if i had called them before 6/30/2015 they could help. But according to rules you has until 9/4/2015 to redeem. Reading other emails found out there was a problem with that contest. So sad.

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