*NEW* $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Pet Food or Cat Litter Coupon = HOT Buys at Petco (Print Coupon NOW)

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UPDATE: I am so sorry that so many of you had issues redeeming this coupon. It was a legit coupon but I think that there was some miscommunication between Petco corporate and Petco stores. You can see more from Coupons.com here.

*HOT* coupon alert for all you cat or dog owners! Coupons.com just released a new coupon valid for $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Pet Food OR Purina Pro Plan Perform Litter – this coupon is redeemable at Petco only and expires this Sunday, July 12th. Print this coupon now and then run on over to Petco with your Petco Pals Card and stock up on cat food and cat litter at an awesome price…

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Cat Food 3.2 lb $12.59
Use the $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Cat food found here
Final Cost $2.59!

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food 6 lb $12.59
Use the $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Cat food found here
Final Cost $2.59!

Purina Pro Plan Perform Clumping Cat Litter 15 lb $13.49
Use the $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Perform Clumping Cat Litter found here
Final Cost $3.49!*

* And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Full Mail-In rebate offer found on select containers of the Purina Pro Plan Perform Clumping Cat Litter (limit one per household). If you do find this rebate offer, your final cost after the rebate will be FREE or possibly a $10 moneymaker if you are reimbursed for the full purchase price.

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Comments 55

  1. Happymama

    Thank you! It includes dog food this time, woohoo!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woo Hoo! πŸ˜€

  2. Jane

    woo! don’t have a pet but this is great for donation πŸ™‚ oh, and petsmart’s coupon policy allows competitors coupons so im getting that you can score free purina pro plan perform cat litter since it’s on sale for $9.99?

  3. Jerri

    Where is it on sale?

    • Jane

      petsmart πŸ™‚

    • Steph

      Coupon redeemable at Petco only!

      • Jane

        petsmart’s coupon policy states that it accepts competitors coupons πŸ™‚

        • Yasmin

          Thank you Jane. We usually buy our dog food at Petsmart so I was bummed to read that the coupon was only redeemable at Petco, but now that I know I can use a competitors coupon at Petsmart this is an awesome deal for me to stock up on dog food for my Yorkie.

      • CssReb

        Just used it at Petsmart no problem and while you’re there Nutro 3.5lb bag of Nutro cat food is on sale for $5.47, use the $5.00 off Nutro. I bought 2 Nutro and 2 Pro Plan Litter and my total after coupons was $1.85

        • JenniferS

          Where did you find the $5.00 off coupon for Nutro? Is this a Petsmart store coupon? Would love to pick up along with the litter to contribute to my local animal shelter. TIA

          • JenniferS

            Nevermind I found the coupon on coupons.com.

  4. buella

    if you go on the petco website all the way at the bottom there is petco coupon. if you click on it more coupons come up and one is a store coupon for purina pro plan $5 off any bag…free catfood if you can pair the coupons together.

    • ashley

      You should be able to. The $10 one says manufacturer coupon and the petco one specifically says petco.

  5. Renee

    Can you do this deal if you do not have a petco pals card?

    • michelle

      You would probably have to pay regular retail price without a card. You wouldn’t get the extra 10% discount that is being offered to Petco Pals cardholders. It only takes a few minutes to get a card at the register and it’s free.

  6. Jenny S

    Don’t see the cat litter coupon?

    • Jenny S

      HAHAHA. Just saw that it is the same coupon! It’s Monday!

  7. pittieperson

    Im not getting the coupons. What zip codes are you all using?

    • Donna Steve Estrada

      I am using CA, 90210 and finding it

  8. sondra

    I cannot find the cat food or dog food coupons, are they gone now? What zip code? Thanks!

  9. sondra

    oh goodness nevermind….just realized it is the same coupon lmbo

    • pittieperson

      Oh thank you for posting this – I didnt look that closely either and thought it was a different coupon.

  10. Shelley J.

    Worked like a charm at Petsmart!! I bought 3 cat litters and 1 bag of food. My total was $5.76…HUGE!!! My total savings we $55.00. I did take a pic, wish I could share. Thanks again Collin. Love Hip2Save!!!

  11. Stephanie

    Used two coupons at Petco on the catfood, plus bought some clearance cat toys. There were actually mislabeled toys (tag said discounted, but rang up full price) that the cashier had a manager mark down to the clearance price even though it ends up they were just in the wrong spot. Total out of pocket was 9.06 with tax for 2 bags of food and 8 toys, so I was pretty excited.

  12. Amber

    I just left petco. The cat food was $12.59 and the dog food $13.49. Tax here in NY is 8.75%. It’s still a good deal but for some reason petco is the only one who charges tax on the retail of the item regardless of a store sale. I know I still have to pay tax when I use a coupon, but say an item is $15 but on sale for $10 (no coupons at all) they still charge me $15 worth of tax. Does anyone else notice this or anywhere else that does this? So I ended up paying $2.54 alone in tax, $0.25 of which should have been taken off because of the sale. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up.

    • julie

      Yes, I have had the EXACT same problem with Petco. I bought a large aquarium that was on sale for $59.99, but they charged me tax on the regular price of $119.00….it my area that was almost $12.00. I even contacted Petco’s main office and they told me that was their policy. I have not been back, Petsmart gets my business now. πŸ™‚

      • Amber

        Well at least you’ve received a response. I got a big fat nothing. I’m definitely done with Petco, I just wish I would have realized sooner. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    • Mo

      Check your states law regarding paying tax on the value of the coupon. The law in MA states they can’t charge you tax on the deducted amount of the coupon only on the remaining balance.

      Nice to see they worked at PetSmart I have one expiring tonight I’m going to swing by and see if it’ll work there. Petco customer service was useless the person sounded as if they were reading a script for the issue and we never received the email for the egift card either.

  13. Mandi

    Not finding this coupon! Tried a couple different zips around my area.. not used to this whole coupon thing. Can anyone help? This would be great since I have 4 dogs!

  14. Atzire

    Can’t find the coupon someone help plz!

  15. lorie

    this won’t let me print.. goes to another page.. how can I get this coupon..

  16. feellikeblogging

    I think they might have run out right while I was attempting to print. I rec’d some error52 I think..I tried twice no luck.. went to another computer.. nothing shows up at all for it. ;(

  17. Amanda

    Same problem here! Can’t find the coupon on the listed zip codes. πŸ™ must be gone.

  18. vinessa nola

    I can’t find the coupon either in NYS. Although I guess someone else did.

  19. Jenn

    I think the Coupon is gone- can’t find it- Bummer! Thanks for posting though πŸ™‚

  20. Shari

    Woah that was FAST! I just printed one last night and now this morning they are GONE! Why didnt I print more! Booohooo! lol

  21. Lisa

    Anyone have this problem, went to Petco and the associate said she could NOT accept the coupon because even though it had “Petco” right on the coupon AND it said manufacturer coupon that it was printed from Coupons.com so she could NOT take it.. Would not even ATTEMPT to scan it. Walked out purchasing nothing and went over to PetSmart where they took the coupon no problems. Already wrote Petco. I probably could have called a manager but I was just too miffed over the associates total ignorance of NOT even scanning the coupon because presumably if it scanned, it would have meant it was a valid coupon. Petco just lost my business.

    • Patti

      I had the exact same thing happen to me last night at Petco. Earlier in the day I went to a different location and had no problems. I had a 2nd coupon but the litter was out of stock. The cashier showed me a memo that contained the picture of my coupon and to reject all of them. I called for the manager and told me it was a memo from that day. He said that Petco doesn’t accept Internet coupons. He said Petco does not get paid the $$ from coupons.com. Huh?? The only printable coupons accepted will be those solely from Petco.

      I had the same thing told to me by PetSmart manager about 5 months ago when they rejected a coupon.com coupon. Since then I haven’t experienced any rejections.

      I searched Petco website for their coupon policy and couldn’t find one. I called the customer service phone number, and didn’t get any of my coupon policy questions answered. I was put on hold several times and the rep said she put a $10 Petco coupon to my loyalty card. She said I would find it in an email and I would need to print it out to take to the store. I’m still waiting for that email.

      • Lisa

        Thanks, Patti, and sorry you had a similar experience. You certainly went above what I did — I was just frustrated by the whole situation, not my usual to just back down but read previous posts about PetSmart honoring their coupons and just ran over there.

        • Patti

          Lisa, I ended going to PetSmart and had NO problem with them accepting it as a competitor’s coupon. I know that their coupon policy states they take competitors coupons, but the location closest to my house, always seems that the cashier calls the manager over to check over my coupons.

          Meanwhile, I did get an email from the Petco customer service rep, 24 hours later. Instead of one coupon for $10 off, it contained 3 – $5 coupons. Reading the fine print, I have to use each coupon on different visits.

          I definitely have a love hate relationship with Petco. They draw me back into the store with some great coupon deals, and then wham, I get the coupon snafu even with regular newspaper coupon circulars.

          I will post an update if I call Petco toll free number and see if I can get someone to explain their non-existent coupon policy on the website.

    • nancy

      I went to petco & was told it was a scam based on an email that was received this morning. Coupons.com is reputable so I don’t understand why there was a problem.

    • Tonia

      I had this same problem today, I went to Petco to redeem my coupon because it expires 7/12 and the clerk told me that it was a fraud, mind you I just used the same coupon two days ago. I called the 1-800 # and they told me they was not accepting this coupon from coupons.com because it was not authorized, Petco stated they mail coupons for there store to your home.

  22. ashly

    Just tried this at Petco. They had a picture of this coupon at the register that said “do not take”. The manager said petco is not accepting these as they are fraudulent?!?!

    • Kristen

      Same thing happened to me. Bummer.

    • Jill

      Yes this just happened to me. Cashier made me feel like I was doing something illegal. She said they will not accept those anymore because it was from a .com source and not a manufacturers coupon. I argued for a bit and then just gave up. Petco is wrong with this though

  23. Monica Van Kleef

    Same thing with me. I went to Petco and they had a picuture of the coupon and said it was a fake and not their coupon.

  24. Ana

    Same here! Not a fan of PETCO but went there specifically to use these coupons. Was told they wouldn’t take them. They were so rude, wouldn’t tell me why, just that they got a memo. I was sooooo mad, I just walked out. Now I remember why I stopped shopping at that horrible store. I’ve always had problems with using coupons there. I was so angry that I forgot to get my coupons back. I would have gone to Petsmart. For me it was all a big waste of time and gas, and a reminder to never go to PETCO again!

    • Melissa

      I know just how you feel Ana I drove 100 miles round trip to use my coupons before they expired and hoped to vet some Hormel pepperoni today too. Found 6 packs of pepperoni so I’ll get 2 movie tickets but was told the same an others about the memo. Sad part was they were closing and PETsMART in my area was closed. I’m so peeved right now I had 3 kids under 9 with me talk about crazy day had so mow my coupons are no good and probly nothing will come of it. πŸ˜’

  25. Carolyn

    Took advantage of this deal yesterday…went to Petsmart and per their coupon policy, they gladly accepted the coupon. I had 2 and was able to get the Proplan cat litter for 9.99 and cat food on clearance for 8.67. Only out of pocket was the tax!!!c

  26. Colleen

    Was told by manager that it was a fraudulent coupon and that corporate told them not to accept it. I asked for the email that was sent to them by corporate as to why they would say it was fraudulent. She said the email was already archived and wouldn’t be able to do that for me. I went home called Petco Corporate and they were very polite. Sent me a $15 gift card via my email. Also said they would give my complaint to upper management and further investigate. I received my e-gift card but not an answer to my question. I also called Purina they said coupon is valid and they should have accepted it. They are sending me out coupons. I wasn’t happy how they were freely throwing out the word “fraudulent” without providing any proof. This was a valid coupon and Purina customer service said that they “trust” coupons.com and any coupon on that site from Purina is valid.

  27. SJ

    Wow I must’ve caught the sale before all this crazy drama…I didn’t have any issues using the litter coupon… My “downside” I wasn’t reimbursed the full retail price of the rebate from Purina…just my cost after coupon or $3.94 in my case…so it wasn’t a money maker…no biggie to me though…kitties awaiting adoption there were still grateful!!!

  28. Pat

    Petco really blew it on this one! They threw some generic customer service rep on the fire to call back after I voiced a complaint higher up. Would not answer any questions about the issue…just said “it was a misunderstanding”. They offered a $10 gift certificate. Seriously? Do you think I will ever set foot in Petco again?

  29. JG

    I felt like I was treated like a criminal when I tried to use them yesterday. I also left without my coupons because they confiscated them. Very angry.

  30. Diane

    I had no problem redeeming the cat food coupons but the cat litter coupon rang up as expired in 1992. (At Petco) They couldn’t take it but the they offered me $5 off the cat litter which was fine with me since I’m getting my money back after the rebate peelie. The cashier said there was a coupon they they weren’t supposed to take but couldn’t remember which one it was.

    • Pat

      No Petco I went to would accept the coupons.

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