PetSmart: *HOT* FREE Purina Pro Plan Perform Clumping Cat Litter (Regularly $14.99)

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As I mentioned just a bit ago, released a new coupon valid for $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Pet Food OR Purina Pro Plan Perform Litter (expires 7/12/15). Although this coupon does print with the text “redeemable at Petco only”, it can actually be used at PetSmart as well! PetSmart’s Coupon Policy states “we gladly accept valid competitor’s coupons” so you can use this new coupon to score completely *FREE* cat litter at PetSmart…

Purina Pro Plan Perform Clumping Cat Litter 15 lb $9.99 (regularly $14.99)
Use the $10/1 Purina Pro Plan Perform Clumping Cat Litter found here
Final Cost FREE!

(Thanks, Jane!)

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  1. Sally

    Thanks Collin!!! Hope you had a Happy 4th!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so welcome! I had a great weekend – hope you did too! 😀

  2. Dana

    Is this sale nationwide? Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yes, I believe so! However, I encourage you to call your local store before you make a trip just to double check!

  3. Kidsallgone

    I believe Petco will price match the litter at Pet Smart. TMMV

    • Kidsallgone


      • candy

        whats ymmv?

        • Just Me

          Your mileage may vary. I had to ask last week lol

          • dw

            lol thanks

  4. Amber

    Petsmart online says the price is on sale for $9.99 down from $14.99, so it should nationwide. If not they’ll match their website 🙂
    I just called and put 10 a side, we don’t have a kitty but I know the local ASPCA will appreciate it!

    • michelle

      This is what is says on their website about price matching:

      “The Petco Price Match – Retail Stores
      We’re committed to providing all the best for your pets, at the best prices. If you find a lower price for an identical item at any local competitor’s store, we’ll gladly match it. However, Petco stores do not match the prices of or other online sellers and/or websites. More Info Price Match Policy
      Regular and sale prices, offers and selection on may vary from those of Petco stores and your Local Ad. does not price match Petco stores or other retailers, including other online sellers and/or websites. “

    • irene

      Amber, while your charitable spirit is commendable, please keep in mind that there are coupon-using cat owners who may need a couple of containers as well.

      • Pat

        That is why she called and had them put it aside I think.

    • me

      Fun fact. 80% of the money ASPCA collects. Goes to stop legal hunting. It doesn’t go to help the poor abused animals. FYI

      • candy

        ok thats not true and its not for the ASPCA its your local SPCA. THERE’S A DIFFERENCE

    • an

      Wow how do u print 10 coupons especially since it says one per individual? Thx

  5. michelle

    Petco is showing $9.99 online for the 15 lb bag so no idea if it is the same price in store or not. Apparently, their online prices can vary from local stores and they won’t price match to their own website. According to the price match policy, they will match to a local competitor’s B&M store, however, they will not match prices to any competitor’s website prices.

    • Pat

      I bought some on Thursday and they were 1393 or something with 10% off

  6. cheapcheapgoesthemommy

    I asked our local animal shelter what was the ONE item they can’t keep in stock and they told me Kitty litter. While they do receive broken bags from stores. If you live close to a Petco, please consider printing these coupons and donating to your local pet shelter. They would so happy to receive this item. I’m forwarding this post to my relatives who live close to Petco! Thanks Collin!

    • Emily

      That’s exactly why I printed the coupons. I always get the free cat stuff and then drop it in the donation box at the door. I have dogs but always like to help out a local shelter.

  7. Meghann

    This cat litter is horrible by the way. I bought it when there was a try me free rebate. It does not mask odor at all. I am a two cat household and this didn’t do justice for me kitties. Maybe it works good for one cat.

  8. holly

    Wow! Cool deal, thanks!

    • nicolegammeter

      You’re welcome, Holly! 🙂

  9. Lindsey

    Since the price is 9.99 at petsmart, will petco pricematch?

  10. Sadie

    Will the coupon beep since it’s 1 cent more than Petsmart’s price? TIA!

    • KW

      It did beep for me. Cashier adjusted coupon to 9.99 manually. 🙂

      • paula

        Did not beep at my Petsmart. I just got back. Bought 4 litters and 4 bags of cat food. Paid $14.39 with tax. I saved $100! The cashier scanned my coupons with no problem. The ladies behind me were in shock,lol.

        • paula

          Forgot to mention, there were bags of cat food on clearance for $8.07 and $10.99 but of course they were all gone but the regular price of the 3.5 pound bag cat food goes as low as $12.99, so $2.99 after coupon. Not bad for high quality but if other stores have the same clearance someone can get litter and cat food for free because the coupon is for either:)

        • Jennifer Gibson

          Can someone help me find the coupon?

          • Wendy

            i cant get it either 🙁

  11. Angel

    I am new at couponing and I have a question, a couple questions. 1) How do I print this coupon more than twice? I have tried going back and hitting the link again but it must track how many you print? Also, it says limit one per individual, household or email. Is that just for printing or for in store as well? Should I just trim the coupon out so that is not available for the store?
    Thank you!!

    • Barbie

      You can only print the coupon twice per computer. It depends on your store as to if they will let you use more than one coupon a day – mine will not. This is only sold at Petco and Petsmart. Some Petsmart stores will take Petco coupons (they ring it in as a competitor coupon), but again it depends on your store. Do not “trim” the coupon to remove any part of it.

    • Sadie

      You will need more than one computer to print more coupons. Each computer allows 2 prints. And second question… i don’t see where it says one per customer, transaction, etc. It just says one per purchase, and each tub of litter counts as 1 purchase. Even if it did say one per customer, you shouldn’t cut off that part because it is considered coupon fraud. Hope that helps!

    • Melissa

      Angel is correct the coupon prints and below is another section where it mentions Limit one per individual, household, or email address. So yes once the coupon is clipped from the sheet of paper all of those words are no longer there so I guess it is a conscious decisions on how many one person should use. KWIM

      • Atlanta

        That portion only prints if this is the only coupon you print.. select this coupon and another coupon and it doesn’t print that part. So I don’t think her cutting it off is an issue.

    • Patty

      You can usually only print 2 coupons from each computer so you’ll need another computer (or more) to print others. If a coupon says one per individual, you can only use one a time unless the store lets you use more than one, but then you are misusing the intent of the manufacturer putting out the coupon. Good catch though! Maybe bring a friend along to use the other coupon…..just an idea.

  12. Joy

    As the mother of 27 fur babies this will help immensely! I started couponing because of these poor abandoned cats. *******Note: If anyone out there would like to donate their litter/cat coupons to a good cause be sure to check with your local rescue inside Petsmart or Petco. They are usually just a few people trying to help cats and do not get any major funding like the larger humane societies. 😉 ******

    • me

      27?! wow way to go!;)

    • llc

      Joy – Want me to mail you my coupons?

      • llc

        Never mind – it seems this coupons is no longer available. 🙁

  13. D.

    I just tried to use this coupon at Petsmart and they wouldn’t let me use it because the coupon is 1cent more than the price of the item. They also said they couldnt adjust the coupon because they can only adjust the price for coupons that’s for a free item. I’m in Orlando, Fl. Hope others can use it at other Petsmart stores!

    • KW

      Aww, im sorry it didnt work for you. 😔My petsmart did the transaction. It took him a few moments to figure out, but he finally adjusted the coupon to 9.99.

    • Happymama

      Sorry to hear that. I used it on dog food that was on clearance ($8.xx). They didn’t give me overage, but just took the purchase price off. It did beep so they had to manually put it in.

  14. Heather

    My son just cleaned out the cat box & noticed we are out of cat litter. Money is very tight right now so this helps us out. I only have internet on my phone so I like that I can clip the coupons, have them emailed to me, and print them out when I go to the library. Thanks Collin!!

    • Heather

      It wouldn’t let me print this coupon at the library (said “can’t print from a virtual printer”) Guess I will miss out on this one 🙁 Darn it

      • Sara

        If you email me your address, I will mail to you. I was going to buy and give to a local animal shelter, but they are yours if you want.

        • Heather

          Done. Thank you so much!

        • Jennifer Gibson

          Can someone help me find the coupon????

  15. tara

    For me they rang both up together, one became free. The second they just manually put $10 off and I had to pay .70 cents tax for just the manually entered one.

  16. KW

    Thank you for posting this!
    My petco was out. Stopped at petsmart. Cashier manually entered.
    There were several containers of each variety on the shelf 🙂

  17. Amanda

    In Michigan, they said they would price matched to $9.99, but then when they saw the $10 off coupon, they said the coupon could not be used since the coupon was worth more than the item itself. oh well.

  18. Jill

    Is it cheaper to buy the dog food at Petco or pet smart?

  19. Michelle

    I understand that Petsmart will accept the coupon, but curious if they will get reimbursed since it says redeemable only at Petco.

  20. Jen

    Could this be used at Target since it is a manufacturer’s coupon and they accept coupons with other stores logos??

    • Barbie

      Target does not sell this litter or cat food – it’s only available at Petsmart and Petco

  21. annie

    i just came back from petmart, and did this deal. i got 4 of them, and they were on sale for $9.99 each. with this purchase i had also had a coupon for $2.00 off any purina cat treat.
    so i bought a pouch of friskies party mix at $1.75
    in the end i ended up paying only .12 cents for al of this. it says on my receipt petperks and promo $59.96
    total savings value (100%) $61.70
    i personally have no pets. i donate this to a non-profit shelter in my area.
    thanks for posting collin 🙂

    • Emily

      Thanks for taking the time to help your local shelters and going out of your way to a store you didn’t need to go to! I know they’ll appreciate it. Our shelter put out an e-mail this week that they are overrun with kittens this time of year so I’m sure that yours will be thrilled by this donation!

  22. Tammypottorff

    My petco in Prescott az had them from $16.99 only down to $15.29 😞so I bought 1, then one bag of dog food for $12.59 org 13.99 and 2 bags of cat food $12.59 org $13.99 which after all 4 coupons and tax I spent $17.xx and my cat litter had the rebate on it but mostly I was excited about the cat food I have a bangle cat so they can’t have wheat and that brand had food for him usually I pay over $8 for 3.5lb bag so I’m excited 😊

    • Jennifer Gibson

      I cant find the coupon. Can you help?

  23. Leticia Gaytan

    I went to work then to school and now the coupon is gone 🙁

  24. Jennifer Gibson

    I need help! I have gone to every site and cannot find the coupon! They all take me to a coupons page and I don’t see it. Can someone help?

  25. victorianlady1969Shelly

    I can’t get the coupon. HELP PLEASE !

  26. Barbie

    Coupon is gone

  27. Jamie

    Is there a certain zip that I need to use? I know a lot of coupons don’t show up for my zip. I work for Animal Control and would love to get some of these free litters for work!!!

  28. cely

    What zip code is working for this coupon?

  29. monica

    what zip code should I put in?

  30. Sara

    I was really looking forward to this. By the time I got home from work to print off the coupon it was gone. Can anyone afford to snail mail me the coupon to use? I would really appreciate it.

  31. debbielynne

    Thank you once again for another amazing deal! I got 4 containers today at Petco. I price-matched the Petsmart price for $9.99 and when I used my Petco card, another $1.50 each came off my order. I ended up with $6.04 in overage that I applied to some dog shampoo so my pooch wouldn’t feel left out. I’m going to try to do the mail-in rebate off one of the packages as well. You rock, Collin!

  32. Jessica

    Looks like the coupon is gone 🙁

    • Sara

      I realize I can’t print them off anymore. In that case can anyone mail me a coupon that’s already previously been printed?

  33. gerritfunckc4

    That’s exactly why I printed the coupons. I always get the free cat stuff and then drop it in the donation box at the door. I have dogs but always …

  34. mary Harding

    I’m in need of free cat litter and cat food can you help me

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