15 Items TO BUY at Dollar Tree and 10 items NOT TO BUY at Dollar Tree

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Dollar Tree Deals

If you have a Dollar Tree nearby and are looking to get the most bang for your buck, you may be wondering what deals are really great buys and what things you should avoid wasting your money on.

To become a savvy Dollar Tree shopper, be sure to check out this list of things to buy or NOT to buy at your local Dollar Tree – where everything is priced at just $1 each (keep in mind that product inventory can vary greatly from store to store).

15 Items TO BUY at Dollar Tree:

Greeting Cards

1. Greeting Cards

Why pay $3 or $4 for a single greeting card when you can purchase an American Greetings card for just $1 each at the Dollar Tree (or possibly less if a coupon is available!)?! Consider stocking up on cards for upcoming events while you’re there.

Party Supplies

2. Party Supplies

Shop for parties and special occasions at the Dollar Tree! You can snag a huge selection of various party supplies, wrapping paper, gift bags, tableware, and more for just $1 each, which is a huge discount compared to other retail stores that sell items for 4-5x the cost.

Dollar Tree Helium Balloons

If you’re needing to decorate for a party, head to Dollar Tree where you can snag various Helium Balloons for just $1 each. Plus, you can select the empty balloons that you’d like and they’ll even fill them with FREE Helium after checkout so they’re full of air and ready to go!

3. Bread

Select stores offer name-brand packages of bread, bagels, and more for just $1 per loaf that normally sell for $2.50-$3 each at the grocery store. Keep in mind that these items may be nearing their expiration date within a few days or a week, so consider freezing or storing in the refrigerator.


4. Best-Selling Books & Movies

You may be able to find best-selling books (by authors such as Nicholas Sparks or Janet Evanovich) and even Blu-ray movies priced at just $1 each! These books retail sell for over $10-$12 at your local bookstore, so this is a great deal to snag if you’re needing new reading material.

dollar tree movies

You may even be able to find Blu-ray and DVD movies for just a buck each! Such a crazy price!

dollar tree coloring books

Also, a great deal to snag for the kiddos is on coloring books. They have a large selection of coloring books and various activity books – all for just $1! These would make great stocking stuffers and additions to birthday gifts…and a great way to keep the kids entertained in the car, at doctor’s visits, or on-the-go!

Eye Glasses

5. Reading Glasses

Keep your eyes peeled for prescription strength fashion reading glasses for just $1 per pair, which normally sell for several dollars at other stores. Glasses for a buck?! Seems like a bargain to me!

Dollar Tree Spices

6. Spices

Planning to cook or bake or just want to refresh your spice collection? You may be able to find select spices or pepper grinders for just $1 each, which is a great deal compared to the expensive prices at the local grocery store. With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be able to head on over to your local Dollar Tree and snag baking spices on the cheap.


Hair Accessories

7. Hair Accessories

Shopping for a little girl or looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers? You can often find packs of hair clips, hair ties, and hair bows priced at just $1 each!

Brand Name Cosmetics

8. Cosmetics

Keep an eye out for name-brand cosmetics from brands like Maybelline, Milani, Soft Lips, Wet ‘n Wild, and more priced at just a buck! Pair these low prices with manufacturer’s coupons and you may even be able to score Free makeup!

Dollar Tree Sunscreen

9. Sunscreen

If you’re headed to the beach or pool, stock up on sunscreen for just $1 each at Dollar Tree. You may even be able find smaller bottles of the normally expensive sunscreen brands like Bullfrog (most likely only during seasonal months) for just $1 that sell for much more at the grocery store. And, rumor has it that these bottles work just the same as the normally expensive brands.

Pregnancy Tests

10. Pregnancy Tests

Why pay $8-$10 for a pregnancy test when you can find Pregnancy Tests for just $1 each at Dollar Tree!? And, rumor has it that these tests work just the same as other name-brand tests.

Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies

11. Cleaning Supplies

Select cleaning supplies found at Dollar Tree appear to work just the same as name-brand products. One product I’ve found that works great is a 2-pack of Quick Erasers pictured above (similar to the more expensive Magic Erasers)… and they’re just $1 per 2-count box!

Dollar Tree Frames

12. Picture Frames

Decorate your house with picture frames from Dollar Tree! Similar picture frames may cost $5 or more at other stores and look just the same. Before purchasing, be sure to check that the hanging bracket or hook is securely attached.

Seed Packets Dollar Tree

13. Gardening Items

If you’re planning to do some yardwork, keep an eye out for packets of seeds for just 25¢ each (4 for $1). They also offer bags of mulch, seed starters, gardening tools and more – just $1 each!

Dollar Tree Mugs

14. Drinking Glasses/Mugs

I’ve spotted super cute drinking glasses, travel mugs, and coffee mugs for just $1 each that would also make great gift ideas for teachers or family members. Or, stock up a college dorm room with glassware or dishes for just $1 each.

Seasonal Baskets

15. Decorative Baskets

Browse around for decorative or storage baskets for just $1 each that may sell for several dollars at other stores. Also, look for seasonal baskets that would be perfect for making gift baskets or using for home decor!

To see the items NOT to buy at the Dollar Tree, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”

10 Things NOT to Buy at Dollar Tree:

What not to buy at Dollar Tree

1. Toys

Steer clear of dollar toys as they are often cheap quality and may not meet safety standards.

Dollar Tree Gum

2. Gum

Gum is often repackaged into smaller packs so you’re not getting as good of a deal as you could get at a grocery store or drugstore during a sale when paired with a coupon.

dollar tree toilet paper

3. Paper Products

Cheaper is not always the best deal, especially when it comes to household items like toilet paper or paper towels. A four-pack of 1-ply toilet paper for $1 may seem good, but you can often get more for your money at other stores or even when shopping online.

dollar tree finds — batteries

4. Batteries

The battery life may not last as long as name-brand batteries, so you’re better off buying batteries elsewhere or waiting for a sale and using coupons.

Dollar Tree School Supplies

5. School supplies

Although you can get smaller packs of pencils or pens for just $1 each, you can get better deals at Office Supplies, Target, or even drugstores during Back to School sales or when paired with coupons.

Dollar General Tools

6. Tools

Don’t buy your tools at the Dollar Tree unless you’re only planning to use them a couple times as the quality is not that great. Consider investing in a more expensive tool set during a sale or around the holiday season.

Dollar Tree Food Containers

7. Plastic Food containers

According to a recent study, the quality of these containers are very poor and may not be safe for using with food. Unless you’re planning to use these containers to store cleaning supplies or other non-food items, consider purchasing food containers elsewhere.

Dollar Tree Soda

8. Soda

If you drink soda, skip past the Soda aisle as you can often get name-brand bottles of soda for much less when paired with a sale at grocery and big-box stores.

dollar tree must buys — pet food

9. Pet food

Shop for your furry friends at a pet or grocery store as experts warn about the lack of quality standards with dollar-store pet food.

Dollar Tree Kitchen Utensils

10. Kitchen Utensils

Although they may offer a variety of miscellaneous kitchen utensils for just $1 each, the quality of these items may not stand up to what you’d find in other retail stores for a few dollars more.

A few money-saving tips:

Dollar Tree Deceiving Deals

  • Looks can be deceiving! Be sure to compare sizes and prices to what you’d normally pay at your local grocery store after coupons before deciding on purchasing. As you can see above, a 3-count package of size 4 Huggies diapers or a 6-load bottle of Tide Simply Clean & Fresh for $1 each may not end up being the best price per item/ounce.


  • At Dollar Tree, you can use manufacturer’s coupons or occasional store coupons for increased savings! Plus, they accept coupons for over a dollar on multiple items as long as the coupon amount does not exceed the combined retail price of the items indicated. Be sure to print the store’s coupon policy and bring it with you while shopping.


  • If you have issues using coupons at Dollar Tree, be sure to contact the Dollar Tree customer service by phone at 1-877-530-TREE or via the contact form here to share your positive and negative feedback.
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Comments 289

  1. Betty Hall

    My thoughts are I’m thankful for Dollar Tree stores. I often see families who do a large quantity of their household shopping there. I’m not judging anyone, but it’s nice to know people who have low incomes or large families have a place to go. Thanks Dollar Tree!

  2. Sheila

    I agree with most of the kitchen utensils, however, my local stores carry Betty Crocker brand ones as well. I have purchased a few of these and have been happy with them.

    • Donna

      I agree. The Betty Crocker brands items are pretty good quality. The kitchen scissors ate great.

      • dre222

        I love the Betty Crocker Brand utensils from Dollar Tree. Especially the spatulas and the scissors. The spatulas do come apart, but it’s actually to make them easier to clean.

      • John

        I wouldn’t recommend eating scissors. Dollar Tree sells food too.

        • Andrea U

          LOL! 🙂

        • Kim

          OMG! Are you serious or you were just joking around? LOL

        • Patsy


    • Aysha

      I love the Betty Crocker items as well! They are of good quality and some utensils have lasted me a long time!

  3. Roselyn Robertson

    Always check the Pie Fillings at the Dollar Tree because some come from China, but occasionally they will have the “Lucky Leaf” Brand from the “USA” & of course you can get the Graham pie shells!

    • K

      They have some good deals on baking items. You just have to know what’s a good deal. I’ve seen jars of molasses at my DT

  4. peepslob

    The Dollar Tree has some interesting items sometimes. I buy their sunglasses, because when I go on my trips, I take them. Also, I saw Starkist Tuna Selections (my favorite). They are regular priced at $1.27 at my Target, so I save a little bit of money.

  5. K

    A few other things I buy there- children’s ibuprofen, cold medicine, band aids, minced garlic, cake mix, elastic disposable bowl covers, party favors. Lots of times they have name brand crackers and snacks, makeup, craft items. I just picked up a large poster board for 59¢ today. Also whenever we have a family movie day at the local theater, we stop at DT and let each kid pick a box of candy to have in the theater.

    • Katie

      I found that their brand of bandaids do NOT stick.

  6. Leah Famular

    Don’t forget to put the Sunday paper on the ‘To Buy’ List which only costs a buck vs $2.75 or $3 from the paper company itself!!!

    • Sara

      It was the perfect place to buy the paper! My Dollar Tree stopped selling it they said they had too many “incidents” and no longer carried it. Not sure what that means exactly but super sad they don’t sell it anymore.

      • Jennine

        It means people were stealing the inserts 🙁

        • Rebecca Williams

          There are ways to get around that. At my Dollar Tree the cashiers hand out the papers at checkout.

  7. Suzy

    Frozen berries…BLUBERRIES!! My favorite find at my DT. I love smoothies and usually go thru 3-4 packages a week. I am so thankful for such healthy deal.

  8. Lillie Carter

    I am very careful about any products that I purchase from anywhere, but I must say that some of the items on this list surprise me. I buy some of the items on occasion and are very happy with them. To each their own I suppose

  9. Donna Steve Estrada

    I have to disagree with the batteries being a bad choice. I have had great luck with them. Granted we aren’t putting them into kids toys that will get extensive use. They work great for our flashlights, our remote controls, and other household items. $1 for 8 AA batteries is an amazing price!

    • Ellen Fowler Davis


      • April

        I love dt batteries….a day this is why…bought the candle from there with a a set of batteries….on December 5 2015 have it in my windows now still burning!!!! I will keep there until battery goes out…when it does in will update this post!!!

    • amy

      I have had great luck with the batteries as well

    • Becca

      Yes–the batteries are great! I purchased some duracell in a bind once when I ran out of Dollar Tree batteries. Guess what? They didn’t last any longer than my Dollar Tree batteries! I found the gold ones for high drain items are really good. We use those in things that tend to drain the batteries fast, like my camera and the Wii remotes!

    • Jenny

      I agree, too. I’ve never seen a deal that beats the price at DT and they work just as well!

    • Patsy

      Well I am a little disappointed that I’ve not been as lucky with their batteries Ive bought each of the brands they carry from different locations on different dates and about 2/4 were duds, had absolutely no life, but at $1 they were also not worth the drive back for a return or replacement. Five times was my last straw! I do however love,love,love the colorful plastic bins and baskets , super buy. Because I am only paying $1, Im able to change the accent color in my sons bedroom regularly( waste basket, desk trays, pencil holder, dresser trays for cologne, etc)!

  10. carlen

    In reading the study Colin references in the container section as well as other reports, it is important to note that it is a lot more than just food containers that present these harmful chemicals. Read the study, it is alarming.

    • diversification

      Yeah, I found this with a bit of searching: http://ej4all.org/news-and-media/news-releases/story?pid=132 and it has a link to the study PDF. If you scroll through, there are some examples of products that you’d never think might be of concern.

      After reading this, I’m fairly wary of continuing to shop at the dollar tree near me. It appears that even the most [seemingly] innocuous items sold there potentially have elevated levels of toxicity that would be harmful, even if they aren’t involved in food prep, storage, or make frequent contact with skin.

  11. Jessie

    I Have to disagree with SOME of the toys. Bought a $3 echo microphone at Fred Meyers. Total piece of junk. DT echo microphone works awesome. Also saw some nice costume pieces that would be great for both halloween and dress up. That said, I also bought a plastic recorder there that basically broke into pieces right out of the package.

  12. Brenda

    I once saw a mother give each of her 3 children $10.00 and told them to buy their Christmas gifts for family and friends. She gave each one a list and told them all to be sure and get grandpa a book. I thought what a great idea.

    • Amanda

      We do this every year my kids look forward to it they love getting to pick out there mamaw some presents!

  13. Jackie

    Totally agree with these, especially the pregnancy tests. I was unsure at first but they work just as well, if not better, than regular tests. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter using one :).

  14. Carrie

    Just a heads up – be careful with sunscreen! There were many stories this summer about moms that used dollar store sunscreen and then had to take their kids to the hospital for burns!

    • Elaine

      The Dollar tree sunscreen is literally the only sunscreen I’ve found that works with my fair skin. The $12 Neutrogena stuff let me fry.
      The main things people should be concerned about it the expiration date, level of SPF, and whether it is water proof. Most parents don’t actually read the bottles and then the kids pay the price. Most of the sunscreen from Dollar Tree is not waterproof so kids will burn if they wear it to the pool.

  15. cw

    I buy the small round batteries when they have them work great. Also I travel, so the small Tide container was great size for a three week trip and they had small packs of Lysol wipes (Lemon) that I could not find anywhere else.

  16. Americhick

    I go camping and on little adventures as often as possible. I buy their plastic “lidded” containers for portable “potties”…well worth the dollar! I also buy their white tall garbage can liner bags to dispose of the used containers every morning.
    This might not be a bad idea for Moms with little ones too! You could even put the liner IN the container…and just throw away the liner:)

  17. Laura Mayo

    I buy the frozen pt stickers, OMG they are so good and for $1. you get 12, and thats a meal for me and husband, add some rice and its even better. Then the strawberries and blue berries are great for smoothies, I even buy the steaks and chicken fried steak. oh so good.

  18. Pat

    One Dollar Tree has my favorite mint I grew up with in Germany. I found it here one time. It is called Velamints and the chocolate is awesome. Spearmint is good too if you can find then. I bought up almost all of them (8) but haven’t found them again. If you see them you gotta try them.

    • anita

      So miss Velamints! We used to have them, can’t remember which store, but then they disappeared.

  19. Maya

    Another great find at Dollar Tree is light bulbs from philips and sunbeam in two and three packs that last for up to a year and longer, much better deal, and ADA accepted toothbrushes 🙂

  20. Brandon

    I want to say the batteries are actually a great deal!. At my dollar tree they sell the heavy duty, and the Alkaline. I stock up on them all the time. People just need to realize you have to use alkaline in high drain things, such as RC cars, video game remotes, etc. You only use the heavy duty in low drain item such as the tv remote and such. Maybe they still don’t last as long as Duracell.. but it sure as hell beats $5 for a 4 pack. Also I think the kitchen utensils are very fair. I bought a pair of scissors there 2 years ago… I think the little red caps fell off but the scissors are great. They sell Betty Crocker food containers and they seem ok.

  21. Brittany

    I buy lots of document frames at the dollar tree to frame my first-graders award certificates. That way, I get to poster his room with his mini achievements instead of putting them away in a box somewhere. Can’t beat a dollar a frame!

  22. Karen

    I buy the DT brand of wheat thins (or at Dollar General), just as good and half the price or less… Also salsa and chips. I also buy the DT slinky’s to use as “fidgets” for my trying classes, earphones in bulk – again for training, Lances peanuts – 6 individual packs in a box, cartons of soy milk (although I’ve switched to almond milk), Chai tea packets, and their pain relievers as well (provide to our employees who seem to eat the ibuprofen like candy!)

  23. Briana

    I can confirm that the pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree work, and work JUST as well as the expensive ones you find at Walgreens. With my first pregnancy, I spent at LEAST $50 (probably more) on 7 pregnancy tests. With my second I wised-up and went to Dollar Tree so I could take as many tests as I wanted without breaking the bank. I got very clear results 4 days before I was supposed to take the test. I’ll never buy them anywhere else again. 🙂

  24. Michelle

    My daughter loves to play school and so we buy school supplies there. I learned the hard way NOT to buy the batteries. The batteries leak while in the item and it is a terrible mess. Then you have to toss the batteries and the item you used them in.

  25. Chrissy

    The pregnancy tests work! I hv 2 kids all i bought was a test from the dollar tree both times.they were accurate!

  26. Connie

    I have found that the pony tail bands are bad quality–not very stretchy and break easily–so I stick with the name brand. And I usually only buy sunglasses at DT because I lose them so easily!

  27. Carol

    The Awesome brand products work well. The batteries are fine. The Betty Crocker containers and kitchen utensils are good. My only concern is you can not be refunded, but must exchanged. No exchanges can be made if the original packaging is torn. A few items don’t work. You learn quickly.

  28. Mochi

    I went to Dollar Tree with my niece to buy a glass vase for flowers. My niece picked a blue thin long neck glass vase; while waiting in the checkout line for our turn the vase completely shattered into *million* pieces in her hand… ive never seen anything like this before and the employee was frantic but luckily no cuts at all (glass seemed dull)… beware of these cheap glass products! Definitely a do not buy item.

  29. Mommiejackie

    I love going to dollar tree each time i go there i found good stuff like last time we found lots of exedrin pain reliever and mucinex medice for kids.. It feels like i always found treasures! Lol

  30. loralee

    Our store has large bottles of liquid hand soap says “spa soap” 32 oz size other stores sell this size for 3 or 4 dollars.

  31. lcook500

    The frozen soft pretzels are my favorite DT item. They carry 2 brands, 1 is the SoftPrezel brand, which frequently offers coupons in the Sunday inserts, usually. 0.50¢ or 0.75¢ off a package, but at least 2x last year I found $1 off coupons… Making them free!!! Even 0.50¢ is great price considering they cost around $3 at Walmart. They make a great quick snack.

    The Moisture Eliminator Containers, comparable to DampRid, for basements or closets are another favorite. Since finding them at my DT, I placed one in every closet and under every bed…. they are affordable and last 6-9 months.

  32. Susie

    Thanks for all the comments Everyone, this is my first time in our town’s Dollar Tree, Kinda curious, now I am not.

  33. Amanda

    Do NOT buy that cheap EAD dollar tree sunscreen!!!! It has given me and my kids and lots of other families from my church a chemical burn, sometimes in the 2nd degree!! I would’ve thought these would’ve been pulled from shelves by now as many complaints as there were even online! That product should be on the do not buy list!!

  34. rachel

    Cotton rounds…the same size package is $2 @ Target. Great for removing makeup!

  35. Jenny

    I disagree with the comment on the batteries. Ultimately, rechargables are the best investment, but I never noticed a significant difference between the life of DT batteries vs. big brand ones.

    The best buy at DT, IMO, is decongestant nasal spray. $1 vs. $5+ at drug stores and it works just as well. (Not to mention all the money saved on useless cold medications, now that all the effective ingredients have been taken out by the FDA!)

  36. pinkfreud62

    Basically, don’t buy any food items (people or pet) made in China here and only buy stuff you know you need in a pinch or that you know isn’t gonna last. Keep in mind sunscreen also has an expiration date and sometimes these are even hard to find in regular stores. I won’t buy any sunscreen without seeing a ex date on it.

  37. Kigafi

    I love to buy anything for crafting and almost all of our school/office supplies at DT! I also lose sunglasses a lot- or little ones get ahold of them- so I try to only buy them from DT. Certain Frozen food products (like Popsicles) are a great deal compared to the grocery store.

  38. I like the dollar tree store because it has stuff that other stores dont.

    I’m like dollar tree because it has stuff other stores don’t.

  39. Suzanne

    Great place (DT) go there at least once a month to stock up on supplies from cleaning, paper products (plates, cups napkins), beauty supplies.
    Always love walking around store to check what is new! I would recommend everyone give the store a try. You will definitely be surprised.
    I use batteries, and they work just fine!

  40. Linda

    Dollar Tree has so many great buys I go to every one I come across because each store may have a slightly different inventory. The store Mgr makes up the order list. But sometimes they get brand new products, like cereal bars, medicines, snacks, makeup all high quality brand names. They may only get an item once, so buy as many as you can use. They even had the original small size pillow pets! They sold out in a day. I buy watch batteries 4 in a package. Most fashion watches take a 377/626 battery. If the back of your watch can pop off with a thin pocket knife blade, you just carefully pop out the old battery and put in the new one. They usually carry about 5 different sizes. But they are the same as any jeweler charges $5 -$15 to replace. Better watches need tools to take the backs off, so just shop around and don’t pay more than $5 for someone to open the back. Walmart does this service for the battery cost only. Or a small honest local jeweler. Also I buy scissors, so I always have a pair available, cleaners, especially the oxygen clean powder and blue bottle spray. Does not harm the fabric and takes out 90% off stains. Bread is a great buy, they usually have whole wheat, italian, hot dog and hamburger rolls and bagels. Frozen veggies and fruit are great, eggs too. I just always look for the country where they are from and don’t buy things made in Mexico or the middle east. Books are a great bargain, they get different titles all the time, sometimes with a retail of $25 – $35. Whale cheddar crackers are better than goldfish, less salty. Also the 6 packs of cookies and crackers. A new item is Pop chips and I buy then by the dozen! The kettle flavor is wonderful, as is the white cheddar. I usually spend $25 – $40 everytime I go in a Dollar Tree. Their mylar balloons and cards, paper party goods, gift bags, holiday decor can’t be beat. Just remember, if you see it, BUY IT, because sometimes they only get things once. Like the Campbells Organic soup in a bag that you just microwave. I bought 3 cases and my son ate them all. That was a new product and they never got it back. I will go to different Dollar Trees to see if they happen to have any items that my 3 local ones don’t have. And yes, their regular batteries are fine for clocks, and other low drain items. Buy the better 4 pack, not the 8 pack for other things. Just ask the store Mgr and they will advise you. You can also pick up cardboard mailing or packing boxes when they are unpacking inventory, just ask. In England they now have a similar store called Poundland. Last time I was in London I couldn’t believe what great stuff they had, no need to spend extra money on souvenirs, they had great items that would cost 5£ or more! I had to buy another large carry on just to fit all the goodies I bought!

  41. Linda

    I forgot to mention sunscreen. I buy baby sunscreen that is titanium dioxide, which is the stuff life guards put on their noses. Neutrogena makes a baby formula with it. Also some Drug stores have their own baby brand with it. This is the best, it just comes out white so you have to rub it in. Always look at the ingredients. And no one needs any SPF higher than 50. Cosmetic companies are just taking your money. How do you think they pay for the top models and their advertising!

  42. Tracy

    I like getting holiday decor at Dollar Tree and definitely the greeting cards.

  43. chantelrebecca1

    I love their school supplies. I don’t get pens and pencils but I do get dry erase markers and things from the teacher section. The calendars and posters are 2 packs for $1. You can pay as much as $10 a poster at a place like Lakeshore!

  44. Laura

    I’ve used Dollar Tree pregnancy tests and they do work, but also Walmart sells them for around the same price and they work well too.

  45. De

    I disagree with some of what you say to buy/ not buy at DT! I’ve bought good quality kitchen utensils that I’ve been using for YEARS! Unless brand name make-up from here, I wouldn’t buy. Cheap isn’t always better! Cheap can irritate your skin & doesn’t last ass long on you as leading brands! Toys can be fine from here, if you aren’t expecting much out of them! I would avoid the picture frames, unless fine with crappy looking ones & them falling apart! I’ve bought a few times for vendor events & they fall apart SO easily! I would NEVER buy for decoration use in my home!

  46. Shizue Hicks

    There’s also the in-between-pay-days-and nearly-flat-broke-periods-in-my-life when I can got into the local Dollar Tree and buy bar soap (3 for a $1 of Dial Basic) and a pack of Angel Soft toilet paper that get me through. I’ve also been very satisfied with their look-alike Listerine.

  47. Elizabeth

    They have 20 pack of glue for hot glue guns, and big packs of tissue paper for gifts.

  48. Richard

    Dollar tree is a life saver on certain items soaps shampoo conditioner boxed and canned foods. With any discounted store or big bulk store you find out quickly whats quality and whats not and for 1 or less i suggest taking the chance u will most likely use it even if the quality isnt quite up to par at least till u finish it and buy what you know works well next time.

  49. pamela ann troublefield

    well dollar tree make them ten items bigger stronger and more for a dollar for people can still shop there and myself do something about them 10 items please

  50. Donna Welch

    Hi im Donna Welch. I have shopped at the dollar tree just down the street fromme many times. I have found some really good buys on a lot of items i have purchased there. Im on a. limited income each month so i have to budget my money. It saves me alot on cost to. I buy my reading glasses sun glasses cards writting paper different foods an a lot ofgood items there. I have also purchased the plastic rubber maidbowls there an had no problem with them. I also buy my hairdye there an it works great.for adollar. I also buy body wash shampoo makeups nail polish batterys an so much more there. Imnot ashamed to shop dollar tree. So far im happy with what i have bought there. Cant beat them. Good jobguys..😃

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