Staples Multi-Purpose Paper 10-Ream Case ONLY 89¢ After Easy Rebate (Must Use Staples App)

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Staples Paper

Staples is offering up a TEN-Ream Case of Staples 8.5″x11″ Multi-Purpose Paper for just $8.99 after Easy Rebate! This deal gets even sweeter when you use the Staples iTunes App to make your purchase as you can save an additional 15% off your in app purchase when you use the code 21832 at checkout.

Here’s what you need to do…

* Sign in or download the Staples iTunes App
* Search for Item 513096 and add it to your cart
* Head to checkout and use the coupon code 21832 (15% off your in-app purchase)
* Your total will be $45.89
* Choose free in-store pick up if available near you; or Staples Rewards Members will snag Free shipping
* Head here and submit for $45 Staples Easy Rebate (Rebate Offer Number 16-57004)
* Final Cost ONLY 89¢ after rebate! AWESOME!

(Thanks, Sarah!)

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  1. Sandy

    Did this deal last night. Worth mentioning that it seems to working off only IOS App and not Android and many people had issues with coupon applying even from iPad. Limit is 2.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for your helpful feedback Sandy!

    • laura

      Why isn’t it working for the ipad!?

      • Sandy

        No idea. Another site reported its not working for some reason.

    • Lori

      I called Staples and they said that the paper has a disclaimer that you can only use one offer, so you can’t use the coupon and the rebate.

  2. Sharon

    On a side note, does anyone have any tips on how to use a Staples rebate sent to me in the form of a Visa Debit card that you are supposed to be able to use anywhere Visa is accepted? I’ve tried using it as a debit, but you have to have a pin number and there isn’t one. I’ve tried using it as a credit and it gets rejected. I wish they would have just sent a check! Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Sandy

      Use as a credit and don’t use online (too many issues). I hand to cashier – she scans – never a problem.

      • Megan

        So it comes as a credit to be used at Staples, not just money back? Thanks!!

        • MJ

          Megan, It doesn’t not come as a credit to be used at Staples. you can use it anywhere VISA is accepted.

          • Megan

            Thank you! 🙂

      • Sharon

        Thanks for the help. I tried as credit at Kroger and Target last night. Cashier at Target said she’s had several people try it and it never works. Maybe they’re nervous what with their prior security breach 🙂 I’ll try Hy-Vee…

    • pandoraaddict

      Make sure it’s activated first, check the paper that came with it. Usually when calling to activate, it gives a pin or you can make one. Easiest to use in any store as credit, after its activated. If using online, you need to follow the paper to register a name/address online first.

    • Dee

      I’ve been having the same issue…super frustrating!! I have tried Walmart, gas stations, etc. It finally worked on a Staples online order. What a coincidence, huh?

      • Terra

        use as a credit, if the right walmart associate does it, it will go through

    • Wren

      I have paid our cell phone bill online with them. I enter the exact amount that I know is on the card. Has worked in the past at least!

    • Barb C

      I use mine online all the time and have never had a problem. The real problem is if you try to use it for any place that places a “hold” on the amount. For example, most restaurants where you leave a tip will reject, hotels, gas stations. Otherwise, just use it at credit where ever you want. Be sure that you activate the card as well. Sometimes I’ve forgotten to activate and it rejects the purchase. You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted.

    • Lisa

      Hi Sharon. First make sure it’s activated. Second make sure you know the EXACT balance that is on the card. Choose credit and have the cashier run it for the EXACT amount (or less) that’s on the card (e.g. if you total is $52 and your card has $40, it will decline if they don’t put it through for $40). I always try to use mine up in one transaction so I don’t have to keep track of a small amount that may be left on the card if I don’t use it up. HTH

      • Barb C

        If by chance I don’t use it all at once I check the balance on the card and write it right on the front of the card with a sharpie. That way, I always know the exact balance to have them enter.

    • sarah

      I use prepaid cards to buy a gift card to the place Im going to shop, that way it scans for the exact amount ($10 prepaid, I buy a $10 walmart giftcard, etc). No problems!

    • Joyce

      as soon as you receive your card, register it online or call the number located at the back of the card.. If you choose to register it online, you can manage your account from there like check account balance, history purchase, pin number, and you can even purchase online after you register it. No issues for me. Hope that helps.

    • benandanne

      Those cards can be tricky! I’ve found that the easiest way to use them is to buy an e-giftcard from Amazon. You can do it for any exact amount & then it just sits in your account as a credit. The next time you buy something (provided you shop at Amazon), you get to see the savings. 😊 So easy & no fears about the card not working.

  3. Kay

    This is great! I’m going to save this for when my kids go back to school and need copy paper from the supply list.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  4. Jessica

    I am a staples rewards member but I am not getting free shipping on this.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer 🙁 That is odd.

    • Chelsea

      Make sure to sign in to your account first– that should work

  5. Sushma John

    Hi. Will I get staples gift card or Visa card so that I can use any where other than staples

    • Barb C

      Visa or it will be a staples check. When you submit the rebate it will tell you the method of rebate.

  6. robin roberts

    silly question.. downloand the staples i tune app to where ? my computer or phone.. and if on my computer. how do i sign in.. the app on my computer is asking for a company id number

  7. meg

    Yeah I have android so there is no way to make this work. Correct? Bummer.

    • Aegina

      Yeah…no fair!!! 🙂

  8. frances

    Meg, you can always borrow a phone from family or friend who has an iphone

  9. Nancy

    I was charged $49.56 after taxes but still a good deal, thanks!
    Now we’ll see how long it takes for the refund to process, I submitted it online

    • Barb C

      Rebates take 4-6 weeks. I’m still waiting on a $72 paper rebate that I submitted on 1/8. When I check the rebate it now says “Validation Complete” so it will probably be another few weeks.

  10. sara

    what is the limit on this deal? I just followed your steps and got it! (tax was $3.19…grrrrr) Now I’d like to get another. The free shipping didn’t come up at first, but then i backed out and checked my address under my profile and then went back to the check out and it said “free” for shipping instead of the $9.99! yay! thanks! I always send these deals to my tax accountant too! He uses tons of paper printing out long tax reports for people who aren’t digital!

    • My

      I think the offer is for in-store only – better double check the online coupon at Staples. Happened to me once and I was told the rebate was invalid because I purchased online and not in the store.

      • sara

        I already submitted my easy rebate and received an email with a order number and tracking number for my rebate! 🙂

        • My

          Glad to be wrong!

        • KM

          Sara, how did you sumbit it online. Mine is taking me to a print form to mail in! I would like to just do it onling. What am I missing. Can anyone help?

  11. Joanne

    I’m a senior – and bad with technology – I do not have a smart phone – so can I get this “app” on my laptop? do you have to have a smart phone to get the offer? TIA

    • MJ

      Joanne, you can still do this deal but online. However, you won’t be able to use the coupon code for 15% off your purchase. The promotion is: “Get a $45 Visa (R) Prepaid Card on Staples 8.5 x 11 Inch Multipurpose Paper 10 Ream Case (SKU 513096) at”

      After the Rebate you’d pay only $8.99 for the 10 Ream Case. Still a good deall.

      Hope that’s helpful.

  12. Carol

    Since this is a rebate, do you know if I can use my staple rewards? If I do, should I still get the rebate? Tk u 🙂

    • Barb C

      You can absolutely use your rewards card. In fact, it’s easier to enter the rebate because all my information is store with my rewards card so I just log in and it prefills everything.

  13. Janf8

    Thanks for this great deal information! The instructions were easy to follow. You really help us save $$$. 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So glad to help! You are very welcome!

  14. rn30032

    Is this worth doing..seems many are having a hard time…and I have Android..also I have to use the card as credit and purchase can’t be for more than wjats on the card. Also she. Getting gas..u have to pay with the attendants not at pump

  15. Mommy

    I tried to order another box and it says that I don’t have any redeemable points 😕
    As it says limit 2

    • Mommy

      Just figured it out! 😀

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Oh good!

  16. Darcy

    I am still waiting for my rebate for the paper shredder deal before Christmas.. Anyone know how long they take? Or if someone that did the deal received theirs already? Thanks!

  17. Marly

    I’ve never done a staples rebate.. How long does it take to come through?
    I guess it’s like setting some money aside anyway hehe.

  18. wsg2000

    Thank you so much! With my kids now in middle school they are going through a ton of paper!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  19. Barb C

    I know there are a lot of pros and con comments on this feed but I have to say – I love staples rebates. They are so easy to process, you never have to mail anything in and they work. Sometimes the rebate comes in the form of a check and sometimes a Visa card. It will tell you the type either on the paper rebate form you get at the store or you do have to search on line and it will tell you if it’s a check or Visa card. I have not paid for printer paper for home in five years and we use a lot of paper. Since I ONLY have five reams left, I just bought the case too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s great Barb! Thanks for such great feedback!

  20. Ashley

    My rebate is showing as $41 not $45. Did that happen to anyone else?

    • Alison

      You may be seeing the “in-store” rebate…the online rebate is #16-57004 (the second one listed via the link Collin posted above).

  21. katttro

    the app says the discount code is not valid on iPads :$

  22. katttro

    and, can you pay with a gift card in this scenario? how would you do that? I cant find where a gift card can be entered…

  23. Judy Trac

    How can we pay with gift card

  24. Carol

    I couldn’t believe when I saw this offer this am since I just had put the last of my paper in the printer and added to my shopping list to buy paper. It come right on time 🙂 Awesome!!! Thank u very much Collin!!!! Worked perfectly 🙂 I love your blog 😉

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      So glad you could grab this deal Carol! You are very welcome!

  25. lancy

    can’t you submit the rebate online?

  26. KerriF

    Can anybody help? I only see an option to print the rebate off and mail it when I go thru the rebate link Collin posted. Is there a way to do it completely online?

    • Sandy

      Wait for your confirmation email from them as there will be a link for rebate.

      • KerriF

        Thank you, Sandy. It says they are having technical difficulties, so I’ll try to click thru again later. I appreciate your help.

  27. KM

    Same here. I tried to submit it online and it’s only giving me a print out and mail option. I get an error when I click the link in the email they sent…

  28. Kristi

    I just submitted mine for the 2 I bought. Seems to have worked from my iPhone.

  29. katttro

    I’ve called customer service, and they placed the order for me, because the promo code was not working on the iPad app, and because there was no place to input the gift card info in the app. First I was told that I have to order through the app to get the discount, but once it turned out that I could not, they helped me. However, initially, I was told that the discount would only work on the 8.99 final price after rebate, but I politely insisted that I am a member of an online savings community 😉 and other members have reported success with 15% off the total. After being briefly placed on hold, my request was granted. The representative also nicely helped me make a payment via a gift card.

  30. Rose

    I just did this deal for my sister. She about flipped when I told her it was 89 cents a box. She thought it was per ream.

    Thank you so much!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Rose!

  31. Julia

    How many can rebates can be submitted? I am wanting to purchase two; so can I submit a rebate for 2 $45?

  32. rn30032

    So this deal can’t be done on Android phone..
    .that stinks…correct me if I am wrong ladies
    Also on their website I am seeing the exact same product for $19.99

    Please help me out here

    • Dany

      Right. Iphone only. Anything else will cost you 8.99 a case which is still better than the 19.99 you are seeing online. Maybe the paper quality is better? Not sure. I have an ipod touch and it worked through that.

  33. Craig

    Booooo! no Android deal. Only for the Apple fanboys/girls. 🙁

  34. Julie

    How many rebates can we submit?

  35. rn30032

    Can this be done on IPad or just iPhone only

  36. lancy

    i ordered one for my sister. can i file the rebate under her name even though she isn’t a staples member?

  37. Nalani

    I just tried to order it, it says out of stock.

  38. Jenna

    Just ordered with app on my iPhone. No problems and rebate form submitted online. Easy peasy! Thanks!!

  39. Joe Shirts

    The coupon code in app is not working anymore, boo!

  40. Tammy

    Just ordered 2 and already submitted the rebate! Thank you for posting this all the other awesome deals!!

  41. Melissa

    I’m so confused because I’m putting in the 21832 and it keeps saying the promo code doesn’t exist. Any one else have this issue?

    • Nicole

      I can get the coupon code to work either 🙁

  42. Jamie

    For those who can’t get the deal (we are all Android people here), and have a Staples store nearby, here is the link to print out the rebate for $0.01 reams I do this one every 2 months or so, it works! Would be nice to have 10 reams delivered to my home, but if you use this deal in store, it’s actually cheaper!

    • Kylie collins

      JAMIE–can you please explain exactly how I do this in store? thanks

  43. Kaonu

    Could not use coupon code on iPhone app. Chatted with live rep, and she refunded the discount. Don’t forget the tax. So for me in NC, with tax n after rebate, it will be $3.99! I had to add $3.10 tax to the $0.89.

  44. Lisa

    Any tips on what to do next? The coupon wouldn’t work so I emailed customer service:
    The coupon you provided could not be added to your order.
    • Coupon code – 21832 – 15% off your purchase when you purchase in the Staples app.
    • Reason – All copy is paper is excluded from the promotion.
    • Coupon expiration date – 2/5/16

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