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Huggies Rewards: New Program Launching – Enter Your Codes & Save Your Receipts

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Huggies RewardsCalling all Huggies Rewards Members! Huggies Rewards is making a change to their program soon, making earning points even easier! Soon, you’ll be able to earn points simply by submitting a photo of your receipt – no codes to enter! With that said, make sure you start saving your receipts from your Huggies brand purchases!

Huggies Rewards This change won’t cause you to lose any of the points you already have in your account. BUT, you will need to submit whatever codes you have by June 26th, so that you don’t lose those points.

Head over here for more details

(Thanks, Chelsey and Kari!)

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Comments 62

  1. Jayden's mommy

    Kinda bummed. It felt easier to just type them in vs remembering to keep receipts. And now you only get credit if you buy the diapers vs are gifted the diaper.😢

    • jenn

      I agree. Its like the kelloggs rewards now with no codes in packages.

      • Bethany

        At least with Kellogg’s they tracked via reward cards. I only have to enter codes when I purchase at big lots (their packages still have codes).

    • Mommy2

      I agree hate this change

  2. Alli

    What happens when you buy the diapers off of Amazon then? I don’t like this at all…I have so many diapers with codes stashed away and I’m just suppose to open them all? This isn’t an easier way for me.

    • jenn

      I know right?!? I have stashes of future sizes. Ugh. You think they would have given 6 months or something at least.

    • Sarah

      You still get an invoice. With the diaper genie rewards, they definitely accepted a picture of that.

  3. Elle

    Ugh. Such a short notice. I mean, I get it, they are not obligated to do anything at all for you as far as rewards programs and we should be grateful for what we get, blah, blah, blah. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Kelloggs too, hate it!

    • April

      I agree. I try not to complain & sweat the small stuff because you’re right, they don’t have an obligation, really. But for the record, it is pretty short notice. I’ve been building a diaper stash for my little one due in September and I don’t really feel like ripping out the codes. Plus, doing everything on reciepts isn’t all that easier for me. I don’t like making several trips or doing multiple transactions if I can help it. So everytime I get groceries I have to write little reminders at the top of the reciept “savings catcher, kelloggs, ibotta, savingstar, checkout51, find&save, pampers”.

      I’m grateful that these reward programs exist at all because I am all about stretching my dollars as far as they can possibly go. The hustle can just get a little overwhelming. Being able to cut out/rip out codes, put them in a special envelope, and then dig them out & enter them at my leisure was what I was used to, I guess. It’s such a bummer when you accidentally throw out a reciept though 😕

  4. jenn

    Its not like their program was that great to begin with. Now this makes it worse.

  5. Shop624

    All I have to say is – ughh !! Have to get all my codes in now !

  6. Heather C.

    Darn it! First Kelloggs, now Huggies… I stopped participating in the KFR program when they switched over, now I guess I’ll be quitting with the Huggies rewards as well. Bummer! Its so much less convenient when you have to deal with reciepts and remember to keep them/take a picture of them. Ugh… Wonder why they think this method is so much better than the codes inside the packaging?

    • jenn

      Better for them… More than likely less people are going to do this so less points means less rewards they have to dish out.

      • Heather C.

        This makes perfect sense, Jenn… Never looked at it like that.

    • Darcie

      Am I the only one who HATES entering codes? Taking a pic of a receipt and texting it is so much easier to me. It is disappointing that you won’t get credit for boxes you don’t have a receipt for, but I guess that makes a lot more sense for the company.

  7. Melissa

    Frankly, the only thing I appreciated about the Huggies reward program was the occasional free Shutterfly offer.

  8. debi

    I hope Pampers doesn’t change as well. Most all my points are gifted to me, as well as Huggies points.
    Now one less program for me to participate in.

    • Nikole

      Pampers already has the receipts as an option but you can still manually enter them that’s why i love pampers rewards better

      • ILuvH2S

        Pampers rewards is a MUCH better program IMO.

  9. Mom To 3 Boys

    I’m feeling pretty disappointed, too. I didn’t love when Kellogg’s made this change, but I sure don’t love Huggies doing it! My diapers come from Amazon or via a hospital. And I prefer entering codes be having to send in a receipt. Honestly, I prefer Pampers rewards. I love that they send bonus codes frequently. I have a 2 & 5 year old and another due in September, I had save points not cashing them in between babies, & lost ALL of my Huggies points. (I only cashed out a portion for two small toys with my first son.) They wouldn’t reinstate them. The least Hggies could do is allow points to continue to be entered for those stock piles of diapers (as Kellogg’s has done).

  10. Rose

    I am thinking that the preschool teachers who collects codes from all the diapers they change won’t be able to do that now. Not all parents care to enter the points so the teachers do so to earn a little reward here and there.

    • Michelle

      This would be the only drawback is I worked in a daycare and we were able to get nice baby items for free…

  11. Elizabeth

    Curious to know if anything changes if you purchase huggies using a lot of coupons? I have a huge stockpile up to size 6 and my son is only in size 2:( what will they do about the diapers with the codes in the store now?

    • Marissa Brown

      I would assume they will take the receipt instead. The codes inside the box wouldn’t matter. They are just taking a receipt now. The code inside would probably be invalid.

  12. Melloddie

    I welcome the change. Its a hassle to save the sticker and sometimes having to make out the code is bit of a nuance. With receipt, just take a pic of it. I think it’s so much more convenient 😊

  13. mama

    The Huggies rewards program was so bad anyway. I tried to purchase a $5 starbucks gift card using my points and it said that I couldn’t get it because it was a limit of 1. I told them that it had been 2 years since I last purchased a $5 starbucks gift card and they said that it was a LIFETIME limit of 1! Give me a break HUGGIES! I can only purchase one $5 starbucks gift card in my entire life! Ha! What a joke! Their program is the worst!

    • Jill

      lol! A lifetime of 1!?! Yeah it really seems like huggies isn’t doing well, so they have to limit you to one starbucks reward haha how ridiculous

    • Lala

      That sucks because I was saving my points to eventually get a Starbucks gift card when available. Limit 1 I’m a lifetime, really is ridiculous.

  14. Marissa Brown

    This is SO frustrating. I have over 500 in points I would like to redeem plus It’s worth it to me to open all my stocked boxes and enter codes and redeem before June. BUT I keep getting a error message when logging in saying it’s the wrong password which it’s not because it’s saved to my iPhone passwords. Then when I ask to reset it says failed to send email! 🤔😡

  15. Laura

    Maybe I’m a little paranoid, but I don’t like the idea of submitting receipts. No company needs to know my spending/purchasing habits like that! Am I the only one worried that “someone” is out there creating some massive data bank to figure out what we buy and how we buy it? Sorry if that’s a little too apocalyptic 🙂

    • Mackenzie

      If you use store cards, they already do anyways.

    • mel

      If you’re using a store savings card, even a cc , that info is already out there! If you don’t want your shopping habits out there, “get off the grid” so to speak, by paying in cash only and foregoing the savings cards.

    • jhlmom

      I agree. Why do they need all that info! I personally don’t like to let others see what method I use to pay. They don’t need to see any of my debit/credit card numbers, not even the last 4. Any suggestions on keeping this private? Can I just take a picture of the receipt above this? Thanks!

      • mel

        You could buy the Huggies by themselves, pay cash if possible. Or just black out the payment info. If you use a chip card, that info changes with each read, the numbers on the receipt do not match your physical cc number.

  16. Mackenzie

    Goodness that is short notice. Im not going to rip open all my packs just to get the codes now though. Wish they just went the kfr route, allowing them to switch over.

  17. michele

    Not a fan of the change. I am not due until November and have started stocking up already. I have picked up 8 cases of huggies wipes from costco in the last week because they were a great price. I don’t want to have to open every case and grab the 5 codes for each one and then close them back up for storage! As far as receipts go Costco had a 2 per family limit on the wipes, I had to coordinate three other households to stock up!! I didn’t get receipts from all of them.

    • Nikole

      I got them yesterday is it 2 per membership? My mom and i share 1 and she was coming into town this weekend so this means she wouldn’t be able to get them to?

  18. Michelle

    Change is something I always seem to hate… But when my oldest now 14 was a baby u had to mail in codes… So I’m sure when they switched to online submitting people got upset then too😀 I don’t care if companies track what I do… Cvs gives me coupons based on what I buy…. The only company that I have been repeatedly hacked on is Walmart… My info has been stollen 3 times and they were able to make a purchase of $400 once… No more Walmart ever!

  19. Tricia Inglett

    This is very disappointing. I am due in September and have a huge stockpile of diapers. Of course I didn’t save the receipts either. What am I to do, open all the soft packs and get the codes out? I loved the rewards program with my daughter, we were able to get free packs of diapers, a book, and other cool stuff. Looks like I’m gonna be out about 50 codes with this one. 🙁

  20. Ashley

    Definitely not easier. Sounds like now we won’t be able to get points for diapers given to us. And I was just gifted a ton of diapers at my baby shower. Not wanting to open them all, in case I need to trade in the sizes eventually. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

  21. Pat

    Maybe if everybody complains on their facebook and twitter account they will leave it open until all the codes are exhausted like Kelloggs. Can’t hurt in my opinion. I agree they didn’t give us enough notice. I have lost my huggies points several times too. I have a smart phone but I hate having to download apps to send them receipts especailly when I have to delete something to add a new app.

  22. Brittany

    Oh well, I’m not ripping open all my diapers in my stash! It’s not worth it! I can’t exchange them for a different size if my son out grows them if I rip them open!

  23. Sara

    I’m currently pregnant, due next month and I’ve been stocking up on Huggies at CVS and Walgreens. Luckily I’ve saved some of my receipts, but I wonder if you can use old receipts? Like within the last couple of months? I don’t want to go rip open all my diapers to get the code, because what if I won’t need them all or my son outgrows them?

  24. Suz A.

    For anyone with a bagged diapers stockpile: It is very easy to get the codes from the packs without opening them (unless its a pack that comes with coupons), all you have to do is feel around the front of the package until you find the little paper rectangle with the code on it, then pinch the edge to slightly pull away from the diapers and shine a bright light(I use my phone flashlight) in that gap. It is very easy to read the code backwards! I’ve done this with diapers I have gifted to people that don’t care about rewards.

    • Nikole

      Thanks i always had to cut them out so there would be a little square missing lol

  25. Seani

    I have a ton of codes For huggies and pampers if anyone wants them?

    • jenn

      I could use some pampers jlynne427 at gmail.

    • Nikole

      I can use either im trying to get a potty seat for my daughter 50 points away for huggies! 🙂

    • JT

      Hi Seani, I would gladly take any/all codes off your hands. Pls email me at jtcl08 at yahoo with what you are asking in return. TIA

    • DS

      if you can spare some, I would love some Pamper points. THX!

  26. Anne

    Uggh and im like one package away from a free jumbo too! Great idea Huggies…

  27. MK

    Huggies now has a team of Rewards Specialists solely dedicated to serving Rewards members.They’ll be happy to help all of you get points for all of your codes!

    More information on the Official Huggies Page –

  28. Eneetra Lopez

    I recently saved up the coupons on the side of the diapers and wipe packaging for 3 months and went to enter them into website and says program cancelled. We are switching to people uploading receipts instead.

    In addition, I have purchased Huggies exclusively since My son was born and entered all of the other coupons.

    These reward points are now worth nothing and they basically changed the loyalist program without grandfathering anyone in. And yet their are other new moms out there that will sign up because you still have packaging out there with the program details on it.

    Totally not a good move to build loyalty.

  29. V

    I just had a baby shower and have a ton of codes that are now useless!! Its frustrating on how many points I could have got. I think the receipt thing should be an option not a requirement. Guess I will have to check out other diapers and see what they have to offer.

    • visitor3

      Call customer service and ask. They want a new parent to be a happy loyal customer.

  30. Jennifer

    They let me send in photos of my codes and gave me 500 points per code I sent!!! This was 8/16/16. Just email and ask them if you can submit the last of the codes you have nicely and I’m positive they will do it for all of you like they did for me and I submitted 10 photos myself!!! Good luck everyone 🙂

  31. MamaMomo

    What about the ones that came as a gift? I don’t like at all!! I have boxes of diapers and wipes from baby showers that the codes mean nothing and my showers were after June. I’m still getting them as gifts from ever excited grandparents and they don’t save the receipts.

  32. Jamie

    What an awful change. I don’t keep up with my receipts and I order most of my baby products on Amazon and never get a receipt. I already buy pampers diapers. Looks like I’ll be switching back to their wipes.

  33. kristen

    I think it was unfair to get rid of the codes, I normally wait 6 months plus to type them all in at once. I never got an email about them getting rid of the codes, Now I have a bunch of codes and can’t use them. I have three kids and don’t have time to sit every week to type in codes that’s why I waited so long.. The last time I was on Huggies site was Oct 2016 just before I had my last child.

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