Walmart Clearance: Cedar Swing Set Possibly Only $99 (Regularly $499) & More Finds

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Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing SetIf you’re heading into Walmart, keep your eyes peeled for possible clearance deals on outdoor playsets, kids’ apparel and more! Check out the deals you may be able to score….

*Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set (Item # 34227498)
Possibly Only $99 (regularly $499)

Radio Flyer Trike

*Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike (Item # 21188108)
Possibly Only $21 (regularly $99.97)

walmart clearance

*Baby & toddler Swim Suits, Scarfs and Sunglasses
Possibly Only $1
*Note that I do not have item #s for these, but definitely worth looking for if you’re heading in-store!

Before you make a special trip to your local store, you can check to see if these items are in-stock at your local store and find out the current price. Just go here, then enter your zip code and the Item ID# listed above.

(Thanks, Jennifer, Joyce and Brie!) 

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Comments 128

  1. Kelsey

    I checked the site in the swing set and it shows in stock but for $249.xx.

    Would it be cheaper in store??


    • Shannon

      You can call your local store and ask for a price check on the item.

      • Nick

        Do. Not. Call…… *Face Palm*

        • Jo

          Lmbo.. right??

        • Shannon

          Why would you not call? I’m confused. I just saved myself trips to 3 walmart stores.

          • Heather

            I don’t get it either to not call! I called last night about the wooden playhouse and a store near me had 2 in stock for $49!!!! They held them for me and I just picked them up!!!

            • Tom Jebb

              No need to call. If you order on line at and do pick up at store, they will get it for you and hold it, the only thing is you have to pay first.

          • ashley

            *OR* you gave the employee a heads up on a deal they could buy for themselves and tell you they are “out of stock”

        • b

          Agree! do not call!! The employees will be on that faster than you can get off the phone

  2. Pat

    Does anyone know how to get Walmart to price match the $21 for Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike. My Walmart has them instock but not on sale.

    • Erin

      It’s clearance, which varies by store. Beyond that, many Walmarts no longer price match.

  3. Sarah

    $175 at my store, but still a good deal.

  4. Cheryl

    My store says $125. I’m seriously considering it. What a great deal!

  5. 3babiesmommie

    Do they allow layaway on these clearance items?

    • Schuwoman

      I was told yes recently by a woman in the toy department. But I thought it did not start until sometime in dec.

      • Schuwoman

        Sorry sometime in Sept

  6. Kelly

    Will they p.m. other stores???

  7. M

    Mine says $125 at our store. I’m cautiously optimistic to go see.

  8. Heather

    The walmart near me also had minion scootes for $5, cozy coupes for $25, and one of those little tikes bouncy houses for $89!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! Great finds Heather!

  9. Sara

    None in stock around me darn it!! That’s a great price

  10. eryka

    My store says it has 2 or more in stock of the radio flyer but not sure if I should go and for them not to have any.

    • Kmc1021

      I just went to mine that said that and they had none

      • eryka

        Ok thanks for the heads up

  11. valerie092

    According to brickseek my radio flyer was for 21.00 at my local walmart I called and they said it was normal price am i missing something.

    • Elaine

      There is a red one and a pink/red one. Only the pink is clearance.

  12. Christy

    According to brick seek my store was out of stock. Then I checked the Walmart web site and noticed it said “pick up today” at the same store. Took a risk and 2 were there, plus the wooden playhouse that was in another post. Brick seek said that was all out of stock too. Got swing set and house for a total of $154- $15.xx was just tax so $89 for swing set and $49 for house.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad you could score them Christy!

  13. Ashley

    I went to my local Walmart today for the plays set they have it for $249 which is still a great price but in torn if I should buy now or wait for another mark down!?? Ahhh πŸ™‚

  14. 🎈Ellen🎈

    My Walmart said two radio Flyer trike’s in stock I went in there was three for $21

  15. Lacey

    My sister and I just went to Walmart and I got the 4 in 1 tricycle for $21, I got a Girl Scout easy baked oven for $11, I got nerf guns for $1, a radio flyer cyclone for $11 and a radio flyer ziggle for $9

  16. kassidy

    Ughhh my walmart showed as in stock of 2 or more at $21 …I went got 1, waited in long line told it was full price then took it up to customer service as cashier advised…after 20 mins at customer service, I was told that they won’t pricematch it to brickseek …so annoyed as I’ve watched for a year for these to be a decent price…now they are a steal and I couldn’t grab one, darn:/. Congrats to those who scored one and the other awesome deals!

    • Kmc1021

      I’ve been waiting too. Mine showed they had 2 or more and after driving 40 mins to get there they told me they don’t have any. Ugh

      • kassidy

        πŸ™ darn

    • Luna

      Mine also showed up as $21. After driving to the store, I check the price and they showed up as full price.

      • kassidy

        Definitely stinks…I don’t understand the brickseek thing I guess…how can the prices be so different…I’d of gladly paid $50 for it lol

  17. Pat

    My walmart won’t price match any item πŸ™

  18. AK

    $125 at my stores and all out of stock

  19. Becky

    I talked to the associate working in the garden department who checked on this for me and he said it took him and another worker 8 hours to assemble this set for display. Just a heads up πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh wow, thanks for sharing Becky! Good to know!

  20. Lorissa

    Walmart had Worx electric grass trimmer/edger clearance for $9 and the also had Worx 400cfm electric blower also for $9 (reg. $39). There was no clearance tag for the blower but it rang up as $9. The cashier was like “Wow, That’s a great price.” Yes, yes it is! lol

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great price for sure! Thanks for sharing your score!

    • april

      Nice i scanned the blower at my store and it was still 39.

  21. Gina

    Off topic, I had purchased diapers for my Nephew during the target gift card promotion in July,, He has since moved 2 sizes and they have 2 boxes sealed that do not fit (I purchased 6 boxes, 3 diferent sizes).. I had given my Brother the reciept in case he needed to get them exchanged since you just never now.. Well today was that day, they went into the store, and were told they could only apply the promotional price paid “$11.xx” towards the $24.99 regular price??? Has anyone heard of this? If this is the case I will not be gifiting diapers anymore!! TIA

    • Emulvey2001

      Yes, because the sale is no longer on, it’s not an even exchange…

    • Queenjen87

      If the boxes are the same one Walmart carries, I’d just exchange without a receipt there. I don’t go in Walmart much, but they’re return policy can’t be beat.

      • erin

        That’s return fraud, it’s illegal, and you could go to jail.

    • Laura

      This has happened to me. Target is the worse for even exchanges.

  22. Jess

    My store inventory (Lafayette, In) said they had two in stock at $124, I ran over there and spoke to several different associates that they have been out of swing sets for months! Oh well. Win some loose some. Thanks for the heads up!

  23. Shaniqua

    If he is getting the same brand of diapers , he should be able to do an even exchange
    Just tell him to go grab a box of size 3 and since they are both 24.99 they should do the even exchange

    • Gina

      Yes, same brand, same “Price” techinically, I called customer service they are pretty much telling me I should be able to exchange without an issue, if I were to do a return then it would be different. Plus they have the same promo going on right now as when I purchased them.. Never had this many issues.. I know i probably shouldnt mention as many get mad. But will most likly return without reciept.. Guess diaper deals at Target are a thing of the past for me.. Thanks all

  24. Alli

    I just went and our swimsuits in Indiana are $2, but unfortunately not in my children’s sizes. I did purchase an Ultimate Spider-Man activity scooter that’s priced $58.82 at I got mine for $15!!

  25. Shaniqua

    Telling you because I have done it before , at first she tried to return the diapers and then I would have to repurchase the size I wanted
    But then the manager said if they are the same price then they do the even exchange
    Just don’t take the receipt

    • Gina

      Thank you, I plan to try this at a different one Tomorrow.

  26. Chelsey L

    Thank you so much! I saved up for YEARS for one of these on Pampers points only to have it disappear from the rewards days before I had enough. At this price point I couldn’t pass it up!!!

    • Elaine

      Me too!!! I still haven’t figured out what do with all my Pampers points.

  27. Aim

    Got one cedar swing set thanks so much☺️

  28. Aim

    Got cedar swing set for $124😊 thankssss

    • Ashley

      Hi! What state are you located in if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Schuwoman

        Ashley, I was able to get the swing set for $120, which was located in Goshen, In. Brickseek said none were available but when I left there was one left.

        • Michelle

          Omg thank u for posting because we were able to get one!!!!!! We live 71 miles away but worth it! Also got there and they had the pink trike for $21 too! Said none available only but it was there next to the red one and had a sign marked $89.99 but rang up $21!!! Double score… Now the almost 2 hour drive home… Happy kids!!!

  29. 3babiesmommie

    Showed up with 2 at $21.00 but Walmart would not honor it. $89 regular price. 😩

  30. Kristine

    Is the Radio Flyer only the pink one?

    • Elaine

      Yes, red is full price. I checked it.

      • Kristine

        Thank you!!

  31. Rebekkah

    Clarksville IN showed only 1 radio flyer in stock but when I got there they had about 8 of them. The sign said 69.00 but they rang up 21.

    • 3babiesmommie

      What color?

      • Rebekkah

        The pink and red one.

  32. Elaine

    Thank you! Got the trike. Swing set and playhouse are still regular price here.

  33. Cheryl

    My hubby is on his way to try to get the swing set right now. Fingers crossed.

  34. Lauren

    Got my husband to stop on his way home cause brick seek said our Walmart had the tricycle for $21 but when he got there both the red and pink ones rang up $89. So sad πŸ™

  35. Pat

    Went to 2 stores that had the Trike for $21. And they were ringing up full price. πŸ™

  36. Gorillamomma

    Got the pink trike. Also I got a $9 pink plastic balance bike. I was actually like ten minutes late to scoring $50 swing set. Yes $50. But this guy in front of me bought the last two.

  37. Kathy

    Swimsuits $3 here in Grand Rapids, MI. still not a bad deal!

  38. Kat

    Ran to a store about 40 mins away and picked up the swing set for $124 – THANK YOU, COLLIN! We have been saving for one of these and were set on getting one next year, but thanks to this we got one cheap and had extra money to take our kids out for a wonderful dinner and movie πŸ™‚

  39. sla1981

    Scored the swimg set for $124.00 in Wisconsin. πŸ™‚ Thanks, we wanted to buy one for our daughter next sunmer.

  40. sla1981

    Score! Got the swing set for $124 in Wisconsin. Thanks, we wanted to get one next summer for her Birthday!

  41. Johnna

    Would love to score this swingset. Not available anywhere in our STATE or surrounding for around that price. So sad! πŸ™

  42. Amy

    Thanks so much! I bought 4 in for my little guy and 3 xmas gifts!!!

  43. Cindy

    Question, if u purchase the swing set online regularand store is showing clearance, will they price match?

    • Angi

      I want to know, too! Our store had a few for $249 so I went ahead and bought one but it would be nice if anothet Wal-Mart would price match πŸ™‚

    • Rhc091

      they will not. I was sent to corporate and argued but they were able to help me find a store that had it.

  44. Sarah

    Got the swing set in central Illinois!

  45. Brittney

    Soooo happy I got the swing for $124!!! I’m so happy to give to my sons for Christmas!!!

  46. Sarah

    It had a $250.00 clearance price tag on it but wrong up $100!

  47. Cheryl

    We got one for $124!! Now to find the time to put it together…it’s huge!!

  48. Kelbie

    If you can get this playset for under $200 I’d say it’s totally worth it. My daughter loves her “fort.”

    The caveat to this item – It. Is. A nightmare to set up! It took the better part of two days to build this puppy from start to finish. My hubby is good with building and tools and I’m good with reading directions so we made a great team but even the best team might pee their pants a bit when they get a glimpse of the bazillion parts for this structure.

    All joking aside it’s a great structure. Had to do a bit more reinforcement to some wooden parts but other than that it is sturdy. If a bazillion pieces don’t scare you then I say, no for it!

    I’m glad we got it for our little three year old.

  49. riss

    One store about 30 miles from had it on brickseek for $25! But it’s out of stock πŸ˜•

  50. Vanessa

    Thank you And thanks to the psrson who initially posted about this style swing set. I was going to buy the $89 at a store nearby who was showing 2 in stock then read some of the comments. Someone said they purchased this set so I went online and looked for it to make sure it was available. A Walmart in the town next door had 2. My sister and brother in law went to pay for it for me while I drove over. The store associate and my BIL loaded it, which was awesome because the box is 200lbs! It’s also 9 or 10 feet long so be prepared when you go in. I had to unload it by myself in my garage which sucked but I’m so excited to have my husband assemble this when he has a day off. After a year of convincing him to get one this deal came up!! Thank you!! You have one very happy mom and I know my 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old will enjoy this!!!!

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