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Black Friday 2018

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These Stores Offer FREE Smash Cakes for Your Baby’s First Birthday (Additional Purchase Required)

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

stores-that-These stores offer free smash cakes for your baby's first birthday (additional purchase required).

Planning a 1st Birthday? 🎂

If you have a little one who will be celebrating their first birthday, you may be interested to know that there are plenty of stores that offer FREE smash cakes for your baby’s first birthday! Please note that most stores require the purchase of a regular first birthday cake in order to snag the FREE smash cake.

*Offers may vary. Contact your local store to verify that they offer free smash cakes before ordering.

And Barnes and Noble offers a free birthday cupcake in store for Kid’s Club members!

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Comments 35

  1. kate

    Shaw’s too.

    • Jessica

      I love Shaws! We’ve had free smash cakes from Shaws for each of my kids (4, 3 and 1)

  2. Jennifer

    Jay C’s also just have to show birth certificate

  3. kassandra

    Savemart and rayles

  4. r

    Awesome! Never thought of this and his first is coming up

  5. Lisa

    I have to ask…where are you from if you’ve never heard of a smash cake or a little cake just for the birthday boy/girl?

    I’m from the south, but my hubby is from the north and never heard of this. I did a smash cake for my oldest 15 years ago…it’s tradition! 😉

    • Lindak

      Minnesota. Never heard if it

      • Erin

        Also from Minnesota – Have heard of it. Don’t think I got one for myself, but my hubby and his siblings all got smash cakes.

    • Samantha

      From MN, worked in a SD Walmart as a cake decorator. Thats where i learned about them and they were free for 1st birthdaya. 😄

    • Karen

      I’m from NH and never heard of doing a separate cake. You just do one birthday cake and then give them a slice of it like everyone else. I guess we’re just boring and practical lol

    • r

      From illinois.

    • Happymama

      Ohio. My friend kept talking about it for her 3rd baby and I’d never heard of it. Thought it must be a new fad or something. Then again, we make the cakes for the kids’ birthdays to save some money. I bet my kids hate how cheap I am lol!

    • neverheardofit

      I’ve lived in five states in the south and two in the north and have never heard of it.
      I agree with Happymama that it’s a fad. I hope it dies fast when the parents realize three years later that they made a mistake.
      First, it ruins the tradition of birthday cakes as a togetherness thing, everyone getting a piece of the same cake and the kids who can’t feed themselves yet make a mess. Unless there’s an allergy issue, there’s no reason to ruin the unity tradition.
      I also hate the name. Makes it sound like the mess is intentional when it’s only because the baby can’t feed him/herself yet. The whole point of allowing the baby to feed him/herself the cake is to see how the kid learns to eat better every year. I hate when parents shove their kid’s hands into their slice of cake to encourage them to make a mess, defeats the purpose. Plus the name makes me think of Nintendo or wrestling, not birthdays.
      What these stores SHOULD be doing is offering a free or discounted allergy-free cake with the purchase of a regular cake. Allergy-free cakes are usually more expensive than regular ones, and some allergies result in a higher price than other allergies. If a family can’t afford a huge allergy-free cake, then it makes sense to have a big regular cake and a small allergy-free one for the few guests who need it, or even for the birthday kid if he/she has allergies. (I doubt that will happen. It makes too much sense. What will most likely happen is that they’ll start making a gourmet add-on cake for your dog. Ugh.)
      But hey, it’s your own kid’s birthday. If you want to ruin it by turning it into a Super Sloppy Double Dare physical challenge, go ahead. You won’t have the memories or photos of the kid’s natural self-feeding progression or the inclusion of the kid with the communal cake. No one at the party will probably be paying attention anyway, since the people who do these “smash cakes” sound like they’re probably fad-following sheep who bury their eyeballs (and their bank account) into an iphone and wear their pants around their knees to display their Dale Earnhardt butt-crack tattoo.

      • iresent your statements

        smash cakes started as sugar free cakes so you didn’t load a 1 year old kid up with a ton of sugar. been doing smash cakes in my family for over 20 years. i dont where my pants around my knees and i for damn sure dont have a Dale Earnhardt tattoo. i also hate how much time people spend on there phones. so before you go insulting people check yourself

        • tish

          👏👏👏👏👏well said thank you!!

        • Kirstie L Carroll

          Tell him…lol

      • haha

        I bet you’re the life of the party ;P

      • Kirstie L Carroll

        Did you have a bad childhood? Strict parents? You sound like one those serial killers that still lives with his mom.

  6. megan

    I just ordered a 1st burthdat cake from Walmart today and was super excited that the smash cake was included.

    • megan

      Obviously that’s supposed to say Birthday. Autocorrect never works when you need it to!

  7. Jen

    Price Chopper does as well if you sign up for the baby club!! 😊

  8. B.

    I’m from all over and only recently heard them called “smash cakes.” I just refer to them as “cakes!” Haha. I don’t understand why “smash” is necessary except someone thought they could make a business out of it.

    • Melloddie

      I agree. Way I cut cake is carve out inner circle anyways, so parents could just cut that way(which will seem like a cake itself) and give to baby. I prefer to feed and keep everything clean lol. I couldn’t imagine having to stop and give baby a bath and wipe everything down while guests are still there.

    • neverheardofit

      Right on, guys. 🙂

  9. Shabnam

    Did one for my baby’s first and she hated it, she did not want her hands dirty but hubby and I loved it, pix was made into calendar thanks to shutterfly 🙂

  10. Linda

    Stop and shop does this .

  11. Mella

    Thank you!

  12. Jill

    Shoprite does this, you can custom make it so order ahead of time, think it was an 8inch cake, so enough for guests too…well, if you dont smash it haaa!

  13. monica

    Safeway does, too. Or at least mine does

  14. Erika

    In the Albany, NY area, Price Chopper also offers a free smash cake for the first birthday and a giant cupcake cake for the next 2 birthdays when you sign up for their baby club! They send a sheet of coupons before the child’s birthday and usually don’t expire for a few months! Besides the free cake, they also usually include a coupon for free store brand wipes, a free store brand baby wash/shampoo item, and a free balloon, along with $ off other party goods!

  15. Jamie

    I got one from Walmart in August and it was absolutely perfect and tasted great too! They were soooo kind about it and even did a little customization because I wanted a Hulk cake for my son and wanted the ‘smash cake’ to actually say “smash” across it. I wish I could add a picture because it really was incredible looking and I was beyond impressed.

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s great! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Nicole B

    Farm fresh in VA/NC does too!

  17. MOMof4

    We have a huge age difference in the 1st and 4th so 6/18 one turned 18 and 7/3 the 4th turned 1. Our walmart made the large cake for the 18th birthday and the free small one for the 1st birthday.

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