Yankee Candle: $10 Off $10 Purchase Coupon (Possibly Score 2 FREE Small Jar Candles!)

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Yankee Candle Fans!

Be sure to print this awesome $10 off a $10 Yankee Candle purchase coupon (valid through 10/16) and then run to your local Yankee Candle store where you can snag some *HOT* deals! Note that this coupon excludes personalized candles, gift cards, and sale and clearance items.


As an idea, the Concentrated Room Sprays, Fragrance Spheres AND Small Jar Candles are currently marked at just $5 each (regularly up to $10.99 each), which means you may (see note below) be able to snag TWO of these items completely FREE after this $10 off a $10 Yankee Candle purchase coupon – you may not even have to pay tax! SWEET!

NOTE: Some stores may not allow you to use the coupon on the $5 items mentioned above since they are considered sale items. According to the corporate office, it is up to the individual store to decide which items are excluded from the coupon. As you can see from the receipt above, I had NO issues. And many readers have left comments that they were able to score this same deal as well!


Here’s another deal idea…

Buy 2 Car Vent Sticks $5.99 each
Total = $11.98
Use the $10 off $10 purchase coupon
Final cost just $1.98 for both!

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Comments 85

  1. Kristen

    I’m confused, I thought we couldn’t use this on sale items?

    • Sarah

      Just left Yankee and was able to use it on sale items. Got 3 melt cups for $2! It’s on sale for 3/$12. Will come back again tomorrow. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€

    • Jessica

      It depends on the store. I tried to buy 3 melt cups for $2 (the deal is 3/$12), but my local store wouldn’t let me use on it sale items. I called customer service and they said it is up to the discretion of each store.

      • af

        The melt cups were 50% off at my store so $2.49 each and you can get 4 for free

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Collin was able use the coupon on the $5 candles without any issues – and so were many readers earlier today! Hopefully, you can as well!

  2. lg

    Are the $5 candles not coaodered a sale item? I bet this coupon doesnt work on them

    • Stefanie

      The picture of the receipt shows the person did use it on them

      • April

        Yes but just because it works at one store doesn’t mean it will for all and people should be aware of that so they can have enough money to purchase something different if needed.

        • Stefanie

          Well, the post does say “possibly” so I imagine that’s with the intent to show that not everyone may be able to get this same deal

          • April

            Well just because you know it all doesn’t mean everyone does so someone asking a question is okay.

            • Erin

              Why the hostility? Yes, readers can ask questions, and Stephanie answered kindly and helpfully, as did you, until that last comment.

            • Stefanie

              I was certainly not implying that I “know it all”. I was just pointing at what I had noticed in the post and trying to answer the question. I’m sorry if you took it differently. This is not a place to be rude to one another, and I was not intending to.

    • Jennifer

      Worked for me with no issue.

  3. Desirae

    Do you have to print it or can you just show them on your phone

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You can usually show it on your phone, however you can always call ahead to be sure πŸ™‚

  4. elizabeth

    I bought their crackling woodwick candles when they were on sale about a week ago. They are so soothing. I bought the stargaze and ginger pumpkin, both are great scents!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How cool! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!

  5. April

    The candles are on sale so just don’t be upset if your store doesn’t let you use the coupon for them. Luckily the store I went to they did but some may not.

  6. Daniela

    I’m also confused.I tried it online and it says that you can’t use it πŸ™

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, code BIGTEN does have the following exclusions “excludes personalized candles, gift cards, and sale and clearance items” Hope this helps!

  7. hellfire gainz

    Does the Barcode not change? So if I wanted to do this with my husband, do I just print two or is it limit one per household?

  8. Jessica

    My store said they had to mark the small jar candel as 10.99 and not on sale in order to use coupon. Was 1.06 with NJ tax.

  9. Amy

    Do you have to print it? Or can you just show it on your phone?

  10. Aileen G

    Did this deal today! Can’t beat it.

  11. Robin Proctor

    The last time this came out. My local store would not allow me to use with sale items. πŸ™ It does say on coupon cannot combine with other offers,discounts, sales.
    Just go in aware πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback Robin!

  12. Robin Proctor

    I am sure we can all find something for $10 πŸ™‚

  13. af

    I got 2 small jar candles for free 2 hours ago yay!

  14. Kelly Recore

    I am going tomorrow with a friend and want to know if anyone knows if I can print 2 one for each of us?

    • Jennifer


  15. Gwen

    I don’t have s Yankee Candle store in my area 😳

  16. ethel ethridge

    does bedbathand beyond take yankee candle coupons

    • Erin

      They vary; my store accepts Yankee coupon mailer coupons. This one is only valid at Yankee candle company stores.

  17. Julie

    Yeah! I scored 2 small jar candles for FREE! Amazing! 😊 Thanks for posting! You have done saved me so much money! My favorite blog of all time!!πŸ‘β€β˜Ί

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      SO glad to hear that Julie! πŸ˜‰ You’re very welcome!

  18. Erin

    My store would not allow me to use it on the $5 candles but I was able to get 2 car fresheners for .96! Thank you!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great score Erin! YW!

  19. T

    Can this be shown on my phone? Or do I have to actually print it out?

    • Jennifer

      I showed my phone.

  20. Amanda

    Will they let you just use your phone? Do you have to print it out?

    • J

      I just showed my phone

  21. karen

    this is good timing cause we have a super typhoon hitting our area in a few days ….I can get another candle or some smaller candles to stock up. thank you….

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Karen!

  22. Amanda

    Thoughts…. can we use at bed bath and beyond?

    • Bethany


    • JenniferS

      Always call before making the drive to your local store. Talk to the store manager so you are assured they will accept when you walk in store. My local Bed, Bath, and Beyond will accept as a competitor’s coupon. Good luck everyone, I will have to make multiple trips by Sunday. Can’t wait to get some fall scents, to fill my home with smells of apples and pumpkin.

  23. Moriah

    Thanks! Worked for me. We’re on vacation and stopped at a mall and grabbed our 2 free candles!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! You’re so welcome!

  24. amy

    Can I use this coupon more then once? Maybe once a day until the 16th?

    • April

      I would only use it once I do not like to abuse

  25. Tina9222

    Yes you can use daily! My store did NOT allow to use it on sale items, but who is complaining? Cheap items are ALWAYS appreciated 😜

  26. Christy

    Does this work at an outlet store?

    • Tarri

      Only at regular Yankee Candle Store.

  27. Rachel

    No issues- printed off and got two air deodorizers for free! I figured teachers would appreciate something to battle stinky pre-teen smelling classrooms. πŸ™‚

  28. Mal

    Thank you so much! I am excited to get my son and daughter’s teachers and daycare workers Christmas gifts for practically free. We went tonight and bought 2 small jar candles and 2 room sprays. Did not pay anything. The manager said to come back each day. One per person per day. Lol, I am dragging my 1 year old son with me tomorrow… he will be getting some candles too.

    • kim

      They said it to me too… I shop in there weekly though so they are happy when I get good deals from them.

    • J

      Why wouldn’t they?

    • Mal

      Why would you make this comment? Are you lookong for a debate? I would not lie… how would I benefit from that. BELIEVE it girlfriend because the manager did say it. Guess I am really lucky to have awesome manager’s where I live πŸ™‚ Also, why the negativity? Nobody has time for snide comments. I hope you fine hope, peace and some kind of joy in your life. I am so sorry many people have let you down where you only find negativity.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome! Happy shopping! πŸ˜‰

  29. Kate

    Went today to a Yankee candle store. Asked the person working if I could use the coupon on the $5 sale candles, she said yes. Got 2 candles for free, didn’t even pay tax.

    Called the hallmark store nearby to see if I could use the coupon. The person on the phone said yes. Went to the store, and the candles were not on sale. Took 1 $10.99 candle to the checkout, the person who was at the cash register was a trainee, so he asked another person who worked there if I could use the coupon, she said to ask the manager. Manager came out and said yes, ended up getting 1 small jar candle for 1.95 (the .99 difference, plus tax on the total amount).

    While it was nice to get a deal at the hallmark store, I felt like I was trying to get one over on them (even though I did call ahead), and it still cost me almost $2, which is only $3 less than the sale ones at the Yankee candle store.

    To answer previous questions:
    Yankee candle store will take the coupon on your phone.
    Hallmark stores make you have a physical coupon.
    You can print the coupon multiple times. I print some for me, and some for my husband. We go once a day while the coupon is valid.

  30. DeanOC

    My store didn’t allow it to be used on sale items, however I did get 2 car airfreshners for only .95! Works for me lol

  31. Karen229

    I got 2 of the $5 small jars and paid $0. In Dedham, MA. Thanks Colin!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  32. Jen

    I got 2 small jars and didn’t pay anything! Thanks so much. Showed the coupon on my phone, did not have to print it out.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Jen!

  33. Nicole

    My store would not accept the coupon on the $5 dollar jarsπŸ™ So I got 6 “sample” candles for 2 dollars. I just showed them the coupon on my phoneπŸ–’

  34. Jessica

    I was not able to make it to the store yesterday. I called my local store and I was told by an employee that the $5.00 candles only ran through yesterday. Any suggestions on what I can buy today for free or very cheap??? Thank you

    • Erin

      I figured they would pull the sale or tell employees not to honor the coupon on it so I am glad I went yesterday! However, there are lots of things that are inexpensive, but it depends what you need. The small candles are regularly $10.99, so just a dollar plus tax today.

  35. shannon

    Barboursville wv. Used coupon on 2 $5 small jars…. no tax….Happy to have hubby so we ended up w 4 free!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  36. Blueyes05

    We don’t have a Yankee Candle store anywhere near us… πŸ™
    Does anyone know if Kohl’s will take the coupon since they sell Yankee Candles?
    We do have a Bed Bath & Beyond, I’m going to see if they will take it the coupon since I’ve seen others post that they did accept it there.

    • Renee

      At the Kohl’s were I work the management will not let us accept these coupons since Yankee Candles started printing “excluding Yankee Candle Outlets stores, discount retailers, Kohl’s, Target, etc” in the fine print. I believe it’s up to the individual stores manager though, so you may want to call ahead and ask if they would accept the coupon at your local Kohls.

  37. Michele

    I just went and got two small candles for free!! Thank you

  38. amy

    I just used my coupons got 2 of the sale $5.00 small candles and a $1.99 tart. My total after tax was $2.12. My mom got an air freshener and 3 scents buy 3 get 1 free. Total after tax was $11.71. The clerk said the total had to be above $10.00 to use the coupon on sale items.

  39. Sam

    I have $25 off $50 yankee mailer coupon it says it excludes bed bath and beyond and yankee outlet stores does that mean I can use the coupon at Kohls any suggestions what to buy

  40. Laurie

    Bought 2 small jar candles. Completely free with coupon, yay,ty:)

  41. Faith

    I just left, I was able to get the 3 melting cups for 2.12 with tax. Thank you so much Collin for all the great deal.

  42. Erica

    My store let me use it 3 times with NO money oop!!! I got two small Jar Candles, 2 room sprays and 2 of the room refreshers! Tysm Collin wouldn’t have even looked twice at the email had you not posted it here. Tytyty

  43. seana modoski

    I got the 2 small jar candles free w/ no tax and my mom in law got 2 air sprays (on sale 2/$10) for free as well. Thanks for the post!

  44. ev

    My store in Warham, MA would not accept the coupon for sale items. Still a good deal regardless. Thank you Hip2Save!

  45. ev

    Wareham,MA. Spell check. Oy.

    • Jenna

      Hi fellow MA couponer! I went to the Dartmouth, MA store and they wouldn’t let me use it on sale items, but they did let me use it on two of the $5 candles and something else not on sale (2.99 car freshener) so paid $3.18 oop! Just in case you wanted to go to the Dartmouth store! πŸ™‚

  46. SandyB

    Thanks Collin…I scored 2 $5 candles but they told me that once you use the coupon it is linked to your email and cancels the coupon out. Has anyone else been told this?

  47. olivia

    sandyb they had me give my email as well. was wondering why they took it….so cancels the coupon out?? what if you refuse to give email address? or than you can’t use coupon??

    • Joni

      They’ve always asked for my email. It’s only to stay on their email list (like Bath and Body Works). I used one and hobby used one and we gave same email. I don’t think it cancels the validity of the coupon. Thanks Collin for the deal alert!

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