Shop Your Way Rewards Program: Everything You Need to Know (& Why It ROCKS!)

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Shop Your Way Rewards Program

Shop at Kmart, Sears or Lands’ End or just enjoy shopping from home?

If so, you’ll definitely want to get familiar with how their Shop Your Way Rewards program works. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to score FREE products in no time! 💃

What is Shop Your Way Rewards?

Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) is a FREE program that rewards members just for shopping from Kmart, Sears, Lands’ End, Sears Auto Centers, and mygofer. The SYWR program is designed to reward members with special offers and exclusive deals based on the purchases you make (may get offers sent via email, text message, postal mail, and online).

As a member, a few SYWR benefits include being able to return merchandise without a receipt, the ability to redeem points immediately or save them for up to a year, earning Points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases and more. You can even get more exclusive Shop Your Way deals just by heading over HERE and adding Hip2Save as your personal shopper!

If you do not have a SYW account, go here and create an account so you can earn rewards for purchases. Also, make sure to add your phone number so you can simply tell in-store cashiers your phone number at checkout to keep track of your purchases and points.

Earn LOADS of Points!

kmartAs a SYWR Member, you’ll earn 10 Points for every $1 you spend, and for every 1,000 points you earn from qualifying purchases, you’ll get $1 to spend in-store or online. Even sweeter, if you provide a valid email address, you are eligible for Bonus Point offers and the opportunity to earn even more! And they often offer Bonus Point deals which makes it super easy to quickly rack up the points!

Shop Your Way RewardsEarn Points In-Store:
Whenever you shop at participating stores (such as Sears, Sears Hometown, Sears Auto, Kmart, Lands’ End, and more) and make qualifying purchases, you can simply provide your Member number (you can find it here), email address, or phone number at checkout. Your Points will be automatically added to your account for future purchases.

Earn Points Online:
Whenever you shop online at,, or other participating online retailers, just provide your Member number (find this by going here) at checkout or add it to your online profile.

Ways to Earn Points:

Purchasing special deals in-store or online:


Many times Sears or Kmart will have promotions where you can earn 100% back in points for purchasing select items (other times, you can get 50% back or other values).

One Bonus Points example (NO longer valid), Sears previously offered up a *HOT* Bonus Points deal on shoes! Whenever you bought $25 or more in shoes in-store only, you got back $25 in points! Yes, really – which essentially made for free/cheap shoes after taking into account the points!

Pair these points promos with possible coupons to save even more!

Using Coupons:

SYWAs a member, you’ll often receive exclusive coupons in your Deal Center! These coupons can be loaded to your account and should automatically apply at checkout.

Even better, when shopping online, you can often apply multiple coupons towards your qualifying purchase (you may want to play around with them to see what works and what doesn’t)! When shopping in-store, you can only use one coupon per transaction.

Surprise Points:

SearsSurprise Points are FREE points that are loaded to your SYWR account and are usually loaded to your account on a weekly basis (rumor has it that this happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays). These points will vary by member, so you’ll want to check your individual accounts.

Also, all surprise points will have different stipulations and restrictions so be sure to read the terms and conditions. Plus, be sure to check your inbox as you may receive notifications of your Surprise Points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most Surprise Point offers exclude using coupons, so if you plan to use your SYWR points, be sure to not use ANY store coupons or the points will not apply properly! Also note that you must meet the minimum requirements for coupons to work properly.

Entering Sweepstakes:

sweepsOne of the easiest ways to earn points is by entering select sweepstakes found here! Many of the instant win games will give you $0.25-$3 back in free points if you win. These points are loaded to your account like regular points and will be valid in-store or online on qualifying items.

SYWIN ADDITION, be sure to enter the Doorbuster Sweeps as they are usually limited to the first 1,000 entries and tend to expire very fast. These Sweeps usually have a pink Doorbuster banner and/or an Instant Win circle (as pictured above). If you are one of the first 1,000 entrants, you will get FREE points ranging from $1 up to $7 to use on a qualifying purchase at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End and more!

Do ALL Purchases Earn Points?

Keep in mind that most items count towards earning Points, but not all.

Items that do NOT earn Points include: lottery tickets, food from the eatery, licenses, concessions, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, gift cards, postage, bill payments, credit card payments, gasoline, Western Union, prior layaway purchases, purchases for which Points were redeemed, ServiceLive and Sears Hearing Aids, Portrait Studios or any other licensed business, charges for installation, delivery charges, shipping charges, extended warranties, protection agreements, Sears or Kmart auctions on eBay, and taxes and fees.

How do I Redeem Points?


To apply your SYWR points online, head to checkout and look for a box that will tell you how many points you currently have that will apply towards your order. You can choose to apply them all or a specified amount by entering in the amount of points that you wish to use. After applying your points, keep in mind that it will also change the amount of points you will get back.

In most cases, Points earned from your purchases will be added to your account whenever your order ships or is ready for pickup. On occasion, you may need to allow 24-48 hours for the points to show up, but may take as long as 7-10 days to appear online or at the register.


To use your points in-store, just tell your cashier at checkout that you would like to use your points and give them your member ID or phone number. If you are using more than $10 in points (10,000 points), you will need to know your SYW Pin (find this by going here).

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you pay completely with your SYWR points, you will not earn any base points back. However, you will also not have to pay any sales tax! Regular points can be used on anything sold directly by Kmart or Sears, excluding gift cards, alcohol, and prescriptions.

Are you excited to start racking up the points?! If you’re already a Shop Your Way Rewards member, we’d love to hear your experience with the program and if you’ve scored lots of freebies by making use of your points!

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Comments 61

  1. tam

    I haven’t gotten any surprise points for 10 months.

    • Sharon

      I’m right there with you because I was getting emails almost daily with deals but in January it just stopped. Not a single Kmart or shop your way email has come since then. I’ve tried to get customer service to correct the lack of emails but I have had no success. My account is set to receive all emails but still nothing. Not in a spam folder and not anywhere on my account. I really miss those emails too.

      • PMD

        Just open a new account with a different email address. Sears’ systema are notoriously buggy and since their IT unit is in Israel, forget about correcting things. You can change your phone number to 000-0000 on your existing account and use your original number on your new account. Promotions are very lucrative on new accounts after 3-6 months.

  2. sherry915

    I’ve always wondered how you find the deals that offer 50% or 100% points back. I use the program quite often, but have never received an email or text telling me about a high value deal like that.

  3. Becky G

    Check sweeps there was just a Doorbuster for me

    • Sarah

      Thanks, got it

    • Abigail

      Name of it please? Thanks

      • ohiogirl

        1,000,000 Points. Thanks for the headsup!

    • Kristen R

      How do you find the doorbuster? Ive never seen that before. I play the instant sweeps everyday.

  4. Heidi

    I love having Shop Your Way Points. We get the 5 gallon primo water from Kmart so whenever it’s almost time to get refills, I look for 100% back in points deals and then use those to buy the water. So I get a bunch of ‘free stuff’ and my water that I was going to buy anyways. A lot of times I donate the ‘free’ stuff. This past month I had to call their customer service twice and was very pleased with how helpful and courteous they were (better customer service then the store by far).

    • Just Me

      How do you “search” for the 100% back?

      • James Wallen

        You can go to click on coupons. Then click member deals. This will give you various deals. These change every Sunday, so check back often 🙂

    • arty

      what is fitstudio?

  5. Penny

    I use SYW as much as I can when it comes to getting free stuff! I play the instant win games every day and win a little bit here and there. Usually when I get up to $10, I end up buying something for my son, like a shirt, jammies, pants, etc., or I use those points for household items like toilet paper and tp. Also every now and then I will get some good surprise points like $20 off of $20, so in turn, that means more free stuff! We have a Kmart and Sears in our town so it makes it a little more convenient. And if I do end up having to order something, I just pick it up in store so I don’t have to pay any shipping charges. I have gotten so many free things from SYW! Love it!

  6. Denise

    I LOVE Shop Your Way! I have gotten so many things for free just by playing sweeps and accumulating points. A shower curtain liner, a kitchen garbage can, a vinyl mattress protector, a laundry basket, Christmas ornaments, plus much more. I’m happy that now you can use your points for groceries and beauty items. I’ve gotten boxes of hair color, makeup, a Wahl hair trimmer, Dixie cups and plates, food and drinks – all free! It has saved me so much money on things I need 🙂

  7. thethinker

    I have gotten so much free and really cheap items from Sears and Kmart. My son asked me to make him a stockpile box of underwear, shirts, socks and shoes. I paid $1 total for six pairs of shoes from Sears. The various sizes of socks, underwear and shirts were all free after Fitstudio and sweeps points. I’ve picked up $.15 shorts and skirts and a $65 pea coat for $6 after Fitstudio points for myself.

    My son wanted to get his father a birthday gift a few weeks ago.. We found jeans (which he needed) and a spring coat in his size for $1.99 each. My son picked up $80 worth of gifts for $0 after sweeps points. I have also helped him pick up a years worth of Axe body spray to gift to his dad for $0.

    I have rolled the $3.05 back in points all month long from the Voit sports ball deal. I play sweeps, use $4.90 in free points and pay $.10. I’ve received the points after each transaction and rolled it into 15 basketballs and 15 footballs. These balls will be donated to local kids in need holiday gift trees. I am currently scoring other free toys to donate to said trees.

  8. Hami

    I got all my Garden tools with shop your way points and very good quality tools+ I believe the item we search most freequently will lower the price and email notification will send to us.

  9. thehenrydthoreau

    I have gotten so much free and really cheap items from Sears and Kmart. My son asked me to make him a stockpile box of underwear, shirts, socks and shoes. I paid $1 total for six pairs of shoes from Sears. The various sizes of socks, underwear and shirts were all free after Fitstudio and sweeps points. I’ve picked up $.15 shorts and skirts and a $65 pea coat for $6 after Fitstudio points for myself.

    My son wanted to get his father a birthday gift a few weeks ago.. We found jeans (which he needed) and a spring coat in his size for $1.99 each. My son picked up $80 worth of gifts for $0 after sweeps points. I have also helped him pick up a years worth of Axe body spray to gift to his dad for $0.

    I have rolled the $3.05 back in points all month long from the Voit sports ball deal. I play sweeps, use $4.90 in free points and pay $.10. I’ve received the points after each transaction and rolled it into 15 basketballs and 15 footballs. These balls will be donated to local kids in need holiday gift trees. I am currently scoring other free toys to donate to said trees.

  10. Jennifer

    I love shop your way rewards! How do I find doorbuster sweeps?

  11. candace

    I only ever hear about the 100% point deals on here but I do like the program. I used to get better bonus points but I’m wondering if they send better deals during the holidays. I would multiply my savings by buying one of the ebay discounted sears gift cards $85 for $100 and only use it when I stacked it with a good purchase with points. You can use that for Sears and Kmart. Or buy a Raise gift card when that isn’t going on.

  12. Kris Snyder

    I love using this program. I just wish the offers were clearer. Example a month ago: They were offering Adam Levine & Nikki Minja (sp) clearance 100% back – up to $50. They were also offering Women’s summer, Kids summer, Mens summer, womens pajamas and intimates summer clearance 100% back in points up to $50. The signs in each department had different exclusions which lead me to believe they were all separate offers. Not a single employee or customer service could tell me definitively and agreed that they appeared to be separate offers as well. What was NEVER stated on any of the signs in store or anywhere I could find on-line if there was a limit. I shopped in each section choosing $50 worth of clothing only to find out that there was a $100 combined max. I wasted a lot of time shopping and then deciding what was going back. Lesson learned and I will be more cautious with these types of deals!

    • Sara

      I agree some of their coupons and deals could be WAY clearer. Two weeks ago I got a coupon for $10 back in points when you use your points and spend $15. So I added items to my cart, but nothing would give me the $10 back. So I ended up emailing their customer service and they said I had to spend at least a penny of my points, but then at least $15 out of pocket. It was very unclear on that coupon. Anyway I checked out and was super careful that I used a $1 of my points, and it took them out anyway. Totally changed my total and took out the $1 in points. I emailed customer service immediately and she said they could fix it if I still didn’t get my points when I picked up my item. I picked up my item, and no points, so I emailed again and she said I didn’t pay with points. I explained that it changed my total and took out the $1 in points, and pasted my transaction from the order. She then gave me the points; but only because I had proof it changed the total. I have to email a lot to get points added, but their customer service is usually very nice and efficient. I only wish that you could use points and earn bonus point offers at the same time. Most of the time you can’t roll them. I loved the clearance items, and spend $10 get $10 back in points. That was my favorite offer! Got so many clothes for my bf and son lol.

  13. Dawn

    Last year I got many free Star Wars t-shirts and Legos. The year before I did tons of free legos. Have t gotten any free points for while now, it I’m not complaining. So many Kmart have closed, but the one by me is still open for now.

  14. Karen

    Also, make sure you never miss to spin from the Win It app.. I have won 2 Nikon cameras just from playing the app – Nikon D7100 and Nikon 3300. It was a sweet surprise gift for hubby and myself for our anniversary 🙂

    • arty

      what time of day do you play?

  15. Sherrie

    Right now, as we speak, I have been in line at customer service in Kmart in NJ trying to resolve an issue with points. It is a good deal when it works but I am done with KMart. Worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Tried to use my points which are expiring on Saturday, had 43 dollars worth. The cash register froze and was unable to print a receipt. The cashier, after talking with a manager told me to just go. I wanted my receipt so went to customer service. Waited there for a half hour while they searched and found the transaction. It had been voided so my merchandise had to be rerung. This time, no coupons would come off so again with the manager who did it manually. Was told I still owed 8 dollars. Paid but then realized they HAD taken my points the first time so the transaction wasn’t voided out. Again at customer service because my points were taken twice. I was literally here for over an hour. During this time, I attempted to call the cooperate office and the call just rang and rang. Finally, the customer service girl said the manager put the points back on and I could go. I will have to try and resolve this from home but never did a manager talk with me and apologize. I stayed calm the whole time despite wanting to punch someone!

    • Alex

      When there’s a problem with points you are supposed to contact Shop Your Way- NOT Kmart or Sears they are separate places

      • rebecca

        but who wants to leave the store to go home and contact SYW when your items have rung up wrong? i don’t like to overpay when i followed the terms of the offer exactly, and then hope i can get it fixed later.

        • Ashley

          I had a similar issue dealt with it from home and it took multiple calls over 2 months of waiting before they gave me my points.

    • rebecca

      i just want to say i gave up on Kmart as well. there were too many times i had similar experience as you. i almost always had trouble using points, or using coupons for offers i was supposed to have. i have had the experience of checkout taking over half an hour, and that happened several times. i have had the experience of needing to be re-rung 3 times.
      even shopping online instead, i needed to wait forever doing live chat while i tried to get the deal i was supposed to get, or having to call later and get transaction adjusted due to point problems. too many employees also didn’t know how program worked, giving false information, needing manager to do everything for them or approve offers that were not ringing up…
      SYW customer service was usually nice and helpful, but i got sick of having to call them to fix my pricing or fix my point total for every purchase i had made.

    • joyfulseason

      Hi sherrie im so sorry u having issues at sears or kmart in store. If i were u id just leave msybe then tke a deep breath maybe call kmart phone # ask them for syw dept # explain to them. These situations can be very frustrate u are much more with it than me to try to shop there lol. I dont even leave the house because its too peopley out there lolol shirt for me. I hope this gets worked out for u soon. The phone # for syw customer service has been great for me. Kudos to u for patience🌟

    • joyfulseason

      Leave n go to lil Caesar s lol j/p 😉

  16. SJ

    Kmart don’t even exist anymore in my state. Good riddance. Hot bed for crime, drugs, robberies…they WERE in the worst neighborhoods

  17. James Wallen

    I use this program ALL of the time. I happen to do the Shop Your Way MAX which gives you free two day shipping from Sears or Kmart AND you get double points! Often times I can use the 100% back promos and actually get more back in points than the item costs. EX. 100% back in points item costs 9.99 I get 10.52 back in points! Basically I “earn” .53 on a 9.99 purchase. You also get to choose a quarterly reward I have gotten things like buy a 180.00 pressure washer and get 189.00 back in points. Additionally you get 4.99 oil changes at Sears Auto up to 4 per year depending on your status. There are various other benefits you can see for yourself. The MAX membership costs 39.00 per year but I think it is WELL worth it if you shop at Sears or Kmart often.

  18. Jenn

    I just play a few games a day, and today I redeemed points for a Lego set for my 4 year old for Christmas. $3 shipped to my door! I love Kmart! Thanks, Collin! I’m hooked on the sweeps!

  19. Bethany

    I use to love Sears an the customer service was great, but recently policies changed! I bought an outfit. It was 31 days before an I just wanted to exchange for a bigger size! They say no exchanges or refunds after 30 days! I was so upset I asked for mgr told the same thing. I called customer service was told the same thing! For me that was it! I know Sears use to be a good named Store, but over the years has become trashy an don’t treat customer with respect! I guess this was the payoff of them not going under!

  20. boo

    Always have issues with kmart and sears im done with them ans syw

  21. L

    SYW used to be great, but it has gone WAYYYY downhill over the past year or so. I used to be able to get $5 in free SYW points every week from FitStudio for exercising, but they shut that program down. I also haven’t gotten any surprise points in months. Their stores in my area are completely run down with absolutely terrible customer service, so I haven’t visited in a long time since they stopped giving me points.

  22. brenda wilson

    i shopped yesterday i had a 15.00 off 25.00 computer would not let it go through so i lost 15.00

  23. GG

    Can I buy food in Kmart with the points I earn?

    • Denise

      Yes. I buy food and drinks with the points I win in the sweepstakes.

    • arty

      with points you win in sweeps yes. with surprise points, no.

  24. Amber Howard

    I use them! I just got done using the one above where if you buy $10 you get 10,000 in points which is you getting your money back. So I bought up a hundred dollars worth of $1.99 and $1.00 clearance and now I’ve got $100 that I’ve got to spend. The only thing I don’t like about it is you only have 14 days to use your surprise points, but if I ever have an issue with them I just call the SYW headquarters and they are real nice to work with me. I even use q’s with my SYW points because every time I used a $5 off $25 apparel and the first time I used $11 of points with it!

  25. Gia

    My mother-in-law is moving in with us so her address will change on her SYW account. I also have a SYW account. Wondering if there can be more than one account per address?

    • ohiogirl

      Yes you can. The email and phone number must be different. My husband and I both have our own accounts.

  26. nldaadminjunocom

    This is the most user unfriendly program I have ever participated in. My particular beef is that it’s impossible for me to keep track of when points expire. I really like to save up points to apply to a large purchase. But, in the course of building up points, I might get an email from SYW telling me that $20 worth of points are due to expire in a few days. So I will make a point to purchase something I need by the expiration time. But then I get another email soon afterwards, saying I have $12 in points expiring in 2 days. A running record of your points and their expiration dates is just not available in your account information online. It’s very frustrating to have to play a guessing game about when your points will expire. I have had multiple conversations with SYW Customer Service, and although they are helpful when I call, they don’t do anything about the underlying problem of never knowing exactly where you stand with points expiring. Have decided to cut way back on my Sears and Kmart shopping because of this problem.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! That does sound frustrating. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  27. Mamaof4

    Love the idea of the program but so many problems with the apps crashing and also points not applying to account. I recently purchased two items from sears which the app stated 100% back in points, points showed at checkout even though I used points to pay (my total was $0.01) but the confirmation email showed no points coming back. I contacted customer service and they said points weren’t due to me because I paid with points. I knew I should’ve taken a screenshot. I told them to cancel my order and refund my points.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer 🙁 Sorry to hear that!

  28. Joanna

    I gave up on SYW a long time ago. The free points deals were decent enough, and I did get some good free stuff. I even signed up for the membership (with the annual fee – although they have yet to charge me for that). They send me monthly points-back offers for making purchases at “partner” retailers (basically, their version of what ebates does). Most of those offers were $10 back in points wyb $25 at a partner, or something similar – you know, a pretty decent deal if you’re shopping at a retailer where you can’t usually get coupons! So I’d click to the retailer site through SYW, and I’d get the little tracking message saying my visit had been registered, and I’d make my purchase. Sometimes I’d get a confirmation email from SYW, thanking me for my purchase, and sometimes I wouldn’t. Of course, just like anywhere else with this type of program, there’s a waiting period for the points to credit. SYW’s is generally 45 days. So I’d wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. All in all, I’ve made at least 6 different purchases through those emails, following all the instructions and fine print to the letter. NEVER ONCE have the points ever credited. I have had to call about EVERY SINGLE ONE to get the points the emails offers promised. After the first one didn’t work, I’d keep pages and pages of documentation for each transaction, so customer service never gave me any hassle. But having to call them every time was a pain in the butt. There are so many other programs out there that actually function correctly. So I just gave up. I don’t even do the 100% cash back offers any more because even that isn’t worth the hassle of trying to wade through the checkout process and figure out whether the deal is going to actually work. Basically, to me, it was a program with a good idea but poor execution!

  29. Jenn

    I earned 55K points on a mattress purchase – not surprise points, just straight points on the cost of the item – and they expired 10 days later. Then I earned 3K points on another purchase and they expired about a month later. Nothing is clear about these special circumstances for points expiring before a year is up. Glad others are enjoying the program but it definitely doesn’t work for me.

  30. Kathy

    I think there is one sears and one Kmart left in 100 miles of me. The program is not clear and all customer service is horrible. It is a good concept and glad some can us but I have had one bad experience after another. For a while I didn’t even want to hear about them.

  31. heather

    Why can’t I buy stuff online do in-store pickup and use my points

  32. Val

    I’m about to cry. My last Kmart is closing. Having been completely spoiled by this program. I don’t know what I will do without Kmart. Absolutely love shopping there. Even without SYWR I can’t believe the store will no longer be around in my state have shopped there since I was a kid.

    • Amanda

      What state?

  33. Olivia

    you can’t for get about win it the app through sears and Kmart were you can pick up ten items you would like to win you can change those ten times daily you have change to win the item or shop your way reward points

  34. Ellen Wa

    I am trying to get into Shop Your Way Rewards can anybody help me because what I’m on this Hip2Save is not getting me over to the shop your way Page and how do you put and where do you put the in for the $20 for code for Kmart’s can someone please help thank you

    • Kimberly (Stylish Sidekick)

      Hi Ellen! So sorry about that! I just updated all of the links in the post, so they should all be taking you to the correct page now.

  35. Matthew

    Ok what’s up with that little mini-game within the app where it shows like “fake/non-existent” stores all around your location??? Then when you click on them you can write messages and upload pics??

    It’s reallt quite strange because it doesn’t seem to serve any kind of purpose whatsoever and it doesn’t even give you any rewards points, as far as I can tell. Can anyone provide any kind of insight on this “featue”?? It’s probably the most CONFUSING app that I’ve ever used!!

  36. Celina Blesh

    wow just wow

  37. Jessica Lodge

    I have a question. If you use your SYW cash back points on a purchase that also has bonus cash back points do you still receive the bonus cash back points on the second purchase? I understand that base points aren’t earned when using points but it’s unclear if that applies to bonus points.

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