Target Shoppers! Score $40 Worth of Purina Dog Treats for FREE & More

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waggin-trainTarget Shoppers! Score awesome deals on Waggin’ Train Dog Treats…

Waggin’ Train Lamb Jerky Recipe Dog Treats 11oz $9.99
Use the 50% off Purina Waggin’ Train Lamb Jerky Recipe Dog Treats Cartwheel Offer – will deduct $5
Plus, use the $4/1 Waggin’ Train Treats for Dogs coupon found here
Final Cost $0.99!

Target Purina CouponIn addition, we have a $10 off $40 Purina pet care purchase coupon available this week! Find this coupon on the Cartwheel app OR by texting PETS10 to 827438. This coupon includes pet food, cat litter and treats!

Get $40 worth of Purina items for FREE with This Deal:

Buy 4 Waggin’ Train Lamb Jerky Recipe Dog Treats 11oz $9.99 each
Buy 2 cans of Purina One SmartBlend True Instinct wet dog food $1.25 each
Total = $42.46
Scan the $10 off $40 Purina pet care purchase coupon found on the Cartwheel app or by texting PETS10 to 827438
Use the 50% off Purina Waggin’ Train Lamb Jerky Recipe Dog Treats Cartwheel Offer – will deduct $20
Plus, use four $4/1 Waggin’ Train Treats for Dogs coupons found here
Plus, use the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Wet Dog Food coupon found here
Final Cost FREE!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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Comments 80

  1. thanks!

    I was so going to do this! I hope my store isn’t sold out now that it’s posted to coupon blogs. Lol.

  2. Deb

    The DCPI is 083-17-0584. My store has a good qty!

    • Brittany

      Thanks for posting the item number!

  3. Alex

    Thank you I will be going as soon as I drop my foster dog off to rescue

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

    • Michelle

      I tried these one time for my dog and she got horrible sick….

      • Alex

        Thanks- I think I’ll skip this deal

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer ๐Ÿ™ Sorry to hear that! Thanks for the honest feedback!

    • Mb9826

      Thanks Agata, I had them in my hand and read your response. Oh my these should be recalled. So bad!!

  4. Pam

    Throwing my coupons away after reading the report. Thanks, Agata!

    • Lynn

      Donate it! Many homeless animals will go hungry and unfed if we don’t continue to donate. If you don’t want to feed your dogs these products, fine, but I urge you to do the deal and donate. Help out the shelters – they will take the food/treats and USE it regardless of reviews. Just my thought…

      • Mom of 5 boys

        Why would we give food to a shelter that has been known to sicken and/or kill animals? Yikes!

      • CourtneyAmanda Smythe

        The bad reviews all see to be for the chicken ones. So consider getting the lamb ones, and donate.

        • jeffy

          All Purina products are of low quality and have the possibility of harming your dog. And before someone says “well my dog at it and is fine” Im just going to through out there that it is essentially the McDonalds of dog food. just because your dog is so used to it and doesn’t get immediately sick doesn’t mean that its not just eating away at your pets health.

          • Nikki

            you can get off your high horse my dog ate purina and pedigree and lived to be nearly 18 years old, never was sickly until the last few years of her life due to old age and by then she was super spoiled and mostly got homemade food by then. btw i eat mcdonalds quite often and am in great health. its called balance!

            • sann

              umm, if you eat mcdonalds “often” your not in great health

      • Melissa

        Why would I want to make a poor little dog in the shelter sick or even die by donating these treats? I won’t give them to my own dog so I wouldn’t give them to any dog. They’re terrible! I’ll donate better options.

    • sophia

      It has good reviews on Amazon. I think all people who have bad experiences report it but people who have no problems won’t you know? But better safe than sorry for some people ^^;

  5. lykinskc

    Why would you donate to a shelter if you know the product makes animals sick? I realize it’s free, but I’d rather pay and donate quality food.

    • Alex

      Yeah- I agree- I foster dogs and help with shelter and stuff and even though it’s free I’m
      Not even gonna do that- I don’t want to risk making any sick- some already have enough issues trying to work through and this could make it worse

    • Kristen

      Because everyone says the same thing about beneful. And Purina. And every other brand. I’ve used both and never had an issue. I don’t believe everything I read online.

      • kayla

        I agree Kristen. Everyone says that about beniful and that is all my dog is fed since she could eat dog food and she is 11years old and never got sick.

        • deb

          I used to feed my labs beneful then i started seeing horrible reactions, ear infections, sores, etc. once i switched foods they went away. I only feed high quality grain free now. I learned, i had 1 lab die from cancer had a 8lb tumor and another who had countless lumps. i’m not saying they are related but the beneful did not help my chocolate at all. i wont give it to my new lab, sorry not chancing it. Wish i could feed raw but i can’t afford to.

    • jeffy

      I would never donate anything that i wouldn’t feed my dog.

  6. Heather C.

    Excellent, thanks! Im going to go tomorrow… Hopefully they still have some!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Heather!

  7. Linda

    Uhhhh…yeah…why would you want to make any dogs sick??

    • ripleys

      Uhhh…you believe everything you read online? If I did I would be in a tizzy 24-7

    • Kristen

      Uhhhh…it doesn’t make all dogs sick FYI. I’ve used this brand and never had an issue, and no I’m not *risking* it. But if I believed everything I read online, there would never be a good brand to feed my dog.

  8. Lauren

    I am so glad someone posted the link for the reviews! I had printed out my coupons, but not buying them after reading those. I am usually one to give the benefit of the doubt, but that is a large number of bad reviews.

  9. sherry Sobansky

    these treats have the worst reviews might want to read up on them first

  10. Nanci

    my dog only gets sick with food that she is not accustomed to. If your dog is use to a specific brand dont change that brand often. That’s what makes the dog get sick. It takes a couple days or weeks for the dog to get use to.

  11. Melanie

    I did my own research and it doesn’t seem like “” is a legit site. Even the reviews sound the same, and keep mentioning “the product is made in China,” so it sounds like there is a hidden agenda. The site itself has poor reviews and is being sued by NordicTrack. I checked Amazon and the product has great reviews. I would believe, but never heard of the first one.

    • Erin

      Well, pet food products manufactured in China have been tainted in the past, resulting the largest pet food recall in history and a $24 million dollar class-action lawsuit. China has notoriously lax health and safety standards. I won’t buy food products made in China for those reasons. I’m thinking it is less about a hidden agenda than about informed consumers getting the word out.

      • Erin

        Well, pet food products manufactured in China have been tainted in the past, resulting the largest pet food recall in history and a $24 million dollar class-action lawsuit. China has notoriously lax health and safety standards. I won’t buy food products made in China for those reasons. I’m thinking it is less about a hidden agenda than about informed consumers getting the word out.

        • Melanie

          The site is not a reputable site. If it was Consumer Reports, that is one thing, but it’s not. And the product has great reviews on Amazon and Walmart. I trust reviews on reputable sites more than ones that only give positives if you pay to be a sponsor of their site. Even on the site in question there are good reviews. I don’t think informed consumers are posting on that site – probably employees and their friends.

  12. Leslie

    Does anyone happen to know how you find the $10 off coupon in the cartwheel app?

    • Kelly Harr

      click on “check out” and then there are a couple tabs, one of them is coupons and it is there, you can swipe back and forth and see the coupons that week.

      • dogwatch101

        My sister feeds both her dogs these treats and they are both healthy, have clean bills of health according to the vet.
        I think if it was harmful to any pet, it would more than likely be harmful to all pets, otherwise it wouldn’t make alot of sense. My sisters dogs eat these treats daily and are fabulous. However use your own judgement. The internet is full of lies and fraud, you can’t always trust it. If the product was so harmful yet it continues to be purchased daily and still on market shelves.

      • Leslie

        Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to help ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Toby

    I’ve also heard abt fur babies getting very sick from this brand. My breeder urged me NOT to buy this.

  14. couponer

    Give your dogs boiled chicken and white rice. They will love and at least you know what’s in it.

    • HC

      You can find debates about giving a dog chicken or rice online too.

  15. Grey

    Can you use the text coupon more that once?

    • thanks!

      Yes. As many times as you want.

      • Grey

        THX! I ended up buying 3 lamb jerky and 1 grain free bag of dog food priced $11.89. I had a $2 q for food from SS, but there is also a $1.50 q on coupons. Paid $2.86 OOP. Also the big bags of Purina Smart blend are $19.99 buy 2 get a $5 GC – so you could get 2, use 2 $1.50 qs and add the bogo $1.25 items and end up paying about $11 per bag plus free items.

  16. Grace

    I just bought 4 bags and the coupon didn’t go through. She had to call a manager over and they did put them through. But target is starting to get pretty bad about putting through coupons that don’t scan.

  17. amy mayer

    how do you get 4 prints for the Waggin Train treats at

    • Grey

      2 computers

    • Grace

      Yep 2 computers.

  18. Tiffany

    They didn’t let me use the $4/1 coupon stacked on top of the &10 off ๐Ÿ™

  19. Rocky

    Has anyone else had any problems using coupons at Target? Lately I’ve been having problems using coupons that I print there. I tried to do this deal today and the coupon didn’t go through it said ” return to coupon to customer” so I just ended up skipping it. A couple of months I ago I tried to do use a coupon for a hair color and it didn’t go through as well. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    • K

      I had the same issue but manager was very nice and persistent in efforts to push through the coupon. It took a few tries but it finally worked.

    • Patrice

      I just had an issue. Would only take 1 of 4 coupons and the cashier went from being polite to rude.

    • sophia

      Yep, I did self checkout and when I scanned the first coupon it asked for assistance. I think you only can use 3 of the $4 coupons (or they have to manually adjust the coupons down). I used 3 $4 and the bogo, also bought 2 $.65 cesar trays and my total was $1.75.

  20. chris clark

    I just went, it would not accept any of the $4 off coupons. I tried to use a buy one get one coupon and she said they no longer take those. And since I was trying to use the 10 off 40 when the other coupons wouldn’t work it through off the whole deal. The manager lady came over and said they don’t override the computer if it says no. So I am curious if anyone actually got this deal to work. I kinda hope deals don’t get put on here just because someone was lucky and got a cashier to do it. That won’t work for the rest of us. Please know I use this website everyday and have gotten so many deals because of it and am very thankful for it, so I am not bashing the website at all. Just bummed, I left all my items there and walked out because it had already used a bunch of my time making sure I was doing everything right.

    • Grace

      Our Target is getting more strict on coupons but it really does depend on the cashier or manager. The manager today put them through but there is another manager that wouldn’t. You get to know the ones that will and the ones that won’t.

      • Grace

        Oh and when I bought them I didnt think to use the 10.00 mobile. I was just thrilled to get them for .99 cents. So I’m not sure if they would have taken the 10.00 off or not. I’m thinking not. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Grey

      I was able to use them. They did beep, but the cashier just had to verify it and type in the amount, and I was able to use the $10/$40 no problem. Yes, they are cracking down on couponers. I have certainly had cashiers deny me without even trying to scan them, and I have been told they can’t override. But obviously thats just up to the manager on duty. I have learned, over time, which cashiers are nice and which ones to avoid. And right now there are a lot of temp seasonal workers, who are either too timid to attempt to push coupons, or just push thru everything because they don’t care. I usually always go to the same cashier – cause she will take the time to read them and make sure they are valid before telling me no. Otherwise, and I know its super time consuming, I always read each coupon to them, and tell them I will call corporate right than, because I am abiding every rule in the policy and I usually win.

      • Cherri

        I was able to get the $10 off $40 coupon, the 50% off cartwheel, and I had four $4 off coupons. When I got home one of the $4 coupons did show, but I was happy to get the deal and have it work.

    • Sweet

      I did this scenario in self checkout. Everything worked perfectly! The $10 coupon came off and all of the $4 coupons went through without any beeps. At first it appeared that the cartwheel wasn’t working after I scanned it (it said 0.00). The cashier said I needed to press the “finish and pay button”. Sure enough, it worked!! Thank you for posting this deal!!

  21. Rebecca

    Thanks for the heads up on coupon not going through. Was gonna go get some but not worth the hassle of being treated like a criminal when trying to use legit coupons. I get there is a lot of coupon fraud but it’s just not worth it to be to be treated rudely over coupons.

  22. Sarah

    Wouldn’t this work with less coupons?? 10 off 40….32.46 minus 20 cartwheel minus 12 coupons(3 of $4 coupons)… 46cents plus tax might help some of the coupon nazis on the register?

    • Amy

      The total needs to be $40. Your way is only $39.96.

      • Sarah

        ?? You still buy the canned food and actually you’d only need one can if u are not using the boho coupon as well

      • Laura

        Pretty sure she used the total give above by Collin which was $42.46

  23. Lindsay

    I tried this deal at my local target and it DID NOT work!!! Would only take off three coupons and then it wouldn’t take the cartwheel discount off. Guest services said it was an update to their system and will not let the item being purchased same price drop lower than the stores purchase price be during any transaction

  24. Anna

    Wow the reviews are terrifying. BTW if anyone things the amazon reviews are fair, take a closer look at some of the one liners. They are completely fake. Someone got paid to post a ton of positive reviews.

    We just got a lab puppy and boy am I learning quickly that getting dog food is not as easy as it used to be when I had a dog as a child. So many awful products out there.

    • Terri

      It’s not just reviews…these products have been recalled often. Stop buying these products!

  25. Kathie

    I was able to do this deal last night at my Target and the coupons were rejected too. But the manager came over and took all four of them off for me. The BOGO coupon worked just fine. But the cartwheel app only took off 50% on two of the treats. So, my total was $5.21 for 4 treats and 2 cans of food. Still a great deal!

  26. michelle

    just tried this deal- all coupons scanned but cartwheel did not come off. I asked why and she said they won’t allow you to use manufacturer coupons with cartwheel anymore. went to guest services and they confirmed. target used to be my favorite

    • Grace

      I wonder if they know what their talking about. Target seems to be all about the stacking. I hope they don’t stop letting people stack coupons and cartwheel. That’s one of the main reasons I shop there.

  27. Lisa

    I just did this at two locations. All my coupons went through. No beeps. But I did put in an additional $10 for a filler. Thank you hip2save. My daughters class is doing a donation for the local animal shelter. Now she’s able to donate $80 worth of goodies.

  28. Denise A Petruzella would only let me clip 2 coupons. Now it is gone from their site.

  29. Grey

    I don’t know why people are hating on this product so much. The reviews for what you are reading may not be the product for sale. I am holding a bag in my hand right now. The ONLY ingredients are Lamb (#1) chicken, rice flour, glycerin, salt, natural flavor and tocopherols (vitamin E derived preservative) It has NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. These things are all safe for my dog – who has an allergy to certain grains and fillers. I am very careful about what I feed her and she loves these. Also this product IS made in the USA (not China). Which, I personally am a big fan of supporting USA companies. If you don’ believe me PLEASE go to the store and LOOK at the bag before you start tarnishing the company and other people! Also alot of the reviews that are being that I read, were very old – the FDA’s stance was that illness was due to over consumption.

  30. CourtneyAmanda

    If you are buying the lamb flavor, and it states made in USA, then it’s fine to donate.

    I printed the Qs, but they’ve removed it from the Cartwheel. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  31. roz

    i cant add it to my list. anybody having this problem?

  32. Judy

    I did the deal at the self checkout. I bought a $.45 cat treat to get over $40. ($9.99 x 4)+ $.45 = $40.41 – 4x$4 -$10-$19 96 cw = Added some clearance leggings and got overage that went towards them. ~$3.60 overage and no beeps.

  33. kate

    Im at target and previously added the dog treat q, upon checkout it didnt come off, went and looked at cartwheel and sneaku target removed it!!! It doesn’t expire until 12/14

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