ABCmouse: ONLY $2.50 Per Month → Best Offer EVER (+ What do Hip2Save Readers Think?)

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Don’t Miss Their Best Offer EVER!

For a limited time only, is offering up a whopping 69% off a two month subscription – you’ll pay just $5 for two months (regularly $7.95 per month)…that’s ONLY $2.50 per month! After the 2-month subscription, future months will be billed at $7.95 per month.

abc-mouse-classIf you’re not familiar with this site, offers over 7,000 award-winning individual learning activities AND more than 450 lesson plans in six levels. Wow!

The curriculum includes important academic basics that young children need to know to be successful in preschool, pre-K & kindergarten classes. AND the curriculum includes six different types of fun activities: Children’s Books, Children’s Songs, Games, Puzzles, Art Activities and Printables! Kiddos are motivated to continue learning with’s Tickets and Rewards System.


ABC Mouse

What do other Hip2Save readers think?

I purchased the last deal you posted for $45 for the whole year for my sons (ages 5 and 2) and I must say I absolutely love it! My 5yr old son wakes up every day and asks to go on it and my 2yr old son sits right next to him watching him play until it’s his turn, then I sit with him and supervise. I will also add that that my 5yr old has ADHD type 1&2 so this really helps him out a lot! I think my 2yr old does as well so this helps out tremendously with early intervention.

My son did ABCmouse when he was 5. He loved ABCmouse and would beg to play. He actually chooses it at the library often, even at 7. At first I had to help him a lot but it didn’t take long for it to be something he could do on his own. As for learning value, I’m not certain he learned anything but I would say it doesn’t hurt. There were times the site was glitchy and my son would get irritated. His favorite part was earning coins to buy things for his pets. I had no problems canceling after our year, I then renewed for 3 months (over the summer) and again no problem’s canceling. At this price I think I may do it again for my 4yr old.

I signed up for a free trial last month along with the assessment (feature within ABC Mouse). Me and my son absolutely loved this site. I cancelled the assessment feature yesterday but thought to keep the access to ABCmouse as my son got so used to this. $7.95 is pricey (with several options available for free), but ABCmouse is complete package with all types of activities, games and books.

ABC Mouse

Want to try before you sign up?

If you’d rather, you can also head over here to score a FREE 30-day trial to – you can even register up to 3 children per account! After the 30-day trial ends, future months will be billed at $7.95 per month. If you opt to cancel, you can do so on the My Account page in the Parents Section.

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  1. Brooke

    I’ve posted this before, but thought it was worth repeating. ABCmouse is a great program, but requires wifi at all times to use. If you’re like me and don’t have unlimited data, it’s not practical. With all of the games, videos, and songs that are constantly loading, it takes a lot of data! I discontinued my free trial program because of this issue. But, if you have unlimited data, I could definitely see how it would be an awesome program to have!

  2. Michelle

    Make sure they’re old enough to use it. I used it for my son when he was 3 and he had a hard time using it by himself so it was basically me doing it. When he could just it himself he really just wanted to play with his pet and listen to songs. Wasn’t for my kiddo, but it seemed longer a good program. Now that he’s in prek I see a lot of his homework come home with abcmouse on the footer so it’s being used in his school.

    • laura

      Thanks for sharing. My son is 3 so I wasn’t sure. Guess we will give it a little longer.

  3. Holly

    My son was similar to Michelle’s. It wasn’t worth paying for the little bit he was interested in. It would be really great if you have a child that will sit and pay attention. Not mine!

  4. CO Mama

    Starfall is another really great site/membership for PreK-1/2grade. I think $35 for the year (less than $3 per month) & is a non-profit, so tax deductible!

  5. Lisa

    I have a delayed 4.5 year old and a 6 year old …neither were interested after 5 min. Not user/kid friendly to navigate the whole site 😕

  6. Adriaddiemom

    My kids are 5 and 6 and LOVE ABC mouse. They didn’t play much at all last year but now they each play for about 1/2 hour a day.

  7. Ger

    I have a 3 year old and he doesn’t really like it that much. It’s a bit overwhelming and a tad difficult for him to understand. He likes Starfall more. It’s also a lot cheaper and more simple. It was $35 a year.

  8. Sandra

    My kids are 4 and 6, both were more interested in their avatars than the actual program. I was surprised and we tried it a few different times but they were never engaged.

  9. Silvia

    I have a 3, 4 and 9 year old… I tried ABC mouse for 2 months and they only went on it maybe 2 times? Then someone told me about starfall and all of my kids love it, even the 9 year old sometimes practices division on it 😊

  10. Libriar

    My 5 year old loves it and it keeps her occupied when we let her play it (once or twice a week.) We get it free through our library though – I don’t think I’d pay for it.

  11. nk

    My kids are 5 n 8 n both love it.altough 3 yr has an account too.but she dont like it

  12. FireWife82

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!! I have a 3 year old son and I was interested but think I’ll wait another year or two.

  13. Sam

    I just downloaded this for my 3.5 year old amd he likes it. I had to sit and show him how to navigate it, but now he does it all on his own and loves it.

  14. Amelia

    If your child is in Head Start the can get a membership for free.

    • stacey

      My daughter is in head start. How do we get it for free?

  15. Danny

    Be careful when canceling your subscription/trial. They charged me 2 months full price after I cancelled the service. It was a joke trying to get them to refund me. My 4 year old didn’t care for it. I didn’t see much learning in the program.

  16. Cathy

    My son was around 4 when I tried it. He had little interest with it.. I had to help navigate the site so I gave up. I’ll check out the other site mentioned. Thanks!

  17. aj

    It’s free for anyone with a public school email address. Got mine

    • kristineprater


  18. Katie

    We started because of one of these cheap monthly deals and were VERY disappointed. My children are not interested and as I understand why after reviewing the site myself. I would not waste your money on this website.

  19. mel

    My son liked this site, but I didn’t see much improvement. But is a great site and he made more progress because their program is more guided you have to finish one lesson before you can go to the next. Reading Eggs also offers a free trial, might be worth trying both and seeing which your child responds to.

  20. lily

    I used Groupon deal for two months free, my 6 year old was not interested in because it is too easy for her. I however forgot to cancel and was charged for $7.95/month. Once you cancel it, it will give you an option to keep it for $2.50/month. I cancelled anyway.

  21. lily

    Raz-Kids would be a better choice if you want your kids to practice reading.

  22. Swathi

    Oh! Ho! Thanks to all those who had commented on this post. Thank you Collin for asking readers views am bit confused what to do for my 4 yr old she’s into pre k but not playing with other kids because she cannot talk in English. Am thinking her to join in kumon but this is a nice opportunity for me now to decide on which site she likes most and will engage her got three options now, and will try with my 4 yr old and decide. Thanks!!!!!! Love your site so informative and deals and fun with you and your team. Love Lina’s recipes too thanks that you all do…………

    • Queenjen87

      My daughter does reading eggs in school and loves them

  23. Julie

    A free option we have been using for my almost four year old on the computer has been They have games for numbers, math,letters and more. I love that he is learning but it’s a bonus that it’s free. My mom whose a teacher uses it in her classroom.

    • katie

      It looks like it’s $6.99 per month for me for abcya. What am I doing wrong?

  24. Amy

    I downloaded it when my girl was almost 2.5 years old. She loves it! She’s completed the two first levels multiple times each. I had to show her how to navigate at first, but now she plays with it completely on her own. We have a lot of educational apps and it is by far her favorite.

  25. Darla

    Starfall is FREE and it is FULL of activities, for both reading and math and my kiddos would play on there for hours if I let them. It is also for multi-levels of learners.

  26. Tiff

    My three year old and I love this app!

  27. Rebecca S.

    We started a trial when my kids were 3, 2 and 0. My kids were entranced! I loved it! It saved me that year cause the older 2 would play while I fed baby and it greatly reduced the squabble for toys. They each had their own path which helped me keep track where they were (up to 3 individual paths). It also reduced ‘Mom guilt’ because I wanted to read and sing to them and with 3 so little I was so occupied with the daily necessary happenings that I was glad they got books and songs from ABC mouse.
    My baby now 4 learned to read simple words all on his own during his 2 yr old year. I attribute it to his intellect and exposure to ABC mouse. Cause let’s face it I tried real hard to teach 1 and 2, but by the time it came to 3 I didn’t even teach him his abc’s. Now my 4 year old reads almost any children’s book on his own. He would play (way to much, but I was grateful) while I was horribly sick with #4.
    The cost was totally worth it to me. We chose the subscription instead of subscribing to tv and going to movies and found we could fit it in on our 0 budget. That was the poorest year of our entire marriage and i would have done it a thousand times over because of the harmony and help it brought to my home.
    I say try it and see if it works for you. I know my kids got a great education from it.

  28. Swathi

    Have a ? Abcmouse/readingeggs/razkids/starfall/ any other any of these is free for teachers? Just wondering?

  29. Laressa Nordgren

    my kids absolutely love this product all four of them have grown up with it. The cool thing is they now have programs for kids all the way up to second grade! it’s great because my son hates to read but he will spend an hour learning and reading on abcmouse.

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