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The Ultimate Purge Checklist ~ Are You Ready to De-Clutter Your Home?

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Last week I watched a documentary entitled, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (currently available on Netflix).

Minimalism the DocumentaryYou guys… it ruined my life. HA! Okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but seriously, I finally realized that I own so much stuff. Not things I need and use. I mean stuff, junk, CLUTTER. It is just clutter.

Maybe it was a gift, or maybe it was free, or possibly on clearance last year, or a hand-me-down from my sister, or I bought a new one of this one thing, but hung onto this old thing in case the new one breaks… it’s insanity!

Where do you start? Honestly.

The life changing magic of tidying up

Before watching the documentary, I downloaded The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on (currently FREE ~ HERE), and I’ve been listening to it.

I really feel like the book and the documentary could not have come at a better time, as January is when I (and most people, I believe) tend to crave a serious purge anyway. The post-Christmas clutter paired with the fact that it’s winter and we’ve been cooped up in the house for far too long, makes me want to de-clutter and completely rearrange basically everything.

Enter: The Purge…

If you haven’t yet read the book, I highly recommend it. Understanding the method will help you immensely in making purging decisions. Real talk: I can’t say I’m totally on board with all of her thoughts on belongings (I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to talk to my clothes and books), but regardless, the fundamental message here is…

You must organize your home, in order to organize your life.

When you have kids, you acquire kid stuff – clothes, toys, shoes, books, toys, games, TOYS, etc. Everyone you have ever known starts to buy your kids stuff. Then you spend so much time trying to organize and reorganize their stuff, that your own stuff starts to pile up and become disheveled. Paired with day-to-day parental responsibilities and exhaustion, clutter can get out of hand really fast.

So this is where I’m starting…


Please, pleeeease tell me I’m not the only one with a counter in my house that looks like this?! This poor catch-all counter in my mud room gets covered in clutter within days of clearing it off. Sigh…

And these are some of the tools I’m using…

Konmari Style Folding Technique Hip2Save.comOne of the best tips in the book is how to fold your clothes. Lina wrote THIS great post about how to fold your clothes using the KonMari method. I’m so excited to clean out our dressers and get everything folded in this space-saving method that allows you to see ALL of your clothes.

Printable Cleaning SchedulesLina also created these fantastic FREE Printable Cleaning Schedules to help track and manage your daily and weekly cleaning! Love them!

Written by Danielle for Hip2Save. Danielle is a proud mom to 5 amazing kids in Utah, who lives for coffee and baking. She’s dedicated to balancing her own interests and passions, while encouraging her children to follow their own paths in life.

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Comments 95

  1. Sara

    Oh my gosh, I just read that book, too! Life altering! I should be embarrassed to say it’s taken me a week to get through my master bedroom closet. I’ve always considered myself a minimalist and yet … I’m pretty sure I only need about 20% of the things in this house. God help me. What a job.

    • Tina is an amazing resource. She talks about doing all cleaning in babysteps to the point it becomes a habit, and she has a system for declutting. It has worked wonders for my family of 4, and I’m a much happier/calmer person overall!

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yep! That’s where am at! Hehe!

  2. Denise

    Thanks so much for all this helpful information! I usually try to clean out my stuff every few months, our neighborhood also does 2 garage sales a year, so that’s an added reason to clean out and really see if you are still using it or not. I also did my drawers in the KonMari method about a year ago and I absolutely love it! It’s easy to find something if you can see it!

  3. Sara

    This is funny because I just listened to this book (amazon audible) and LOVED IT! I thought about this website and how I love to shop good deals but I need to really minimalism and donate, donate, donate. So far I have donated 20 bags! I dont know why this method worked but I was finally able to get rid of things I have held on to for YEARS. I still love good deals through hip2save and I love having a tote for b day presents for when my kids friends, etc.

  4. Momof3

    I will definitely check out the doc on netflix…TFS!!!

  5. Sandy! Us hoarders need to unite and purge

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)


  6. T

    Consider posting your items you no longer need on a local Facebook garage sale site. I have been doing this and not only are you getting rid of useless stuff, you are making some extra cash.

    • Candace

      I know I want to move in a few months and have already started. Honestly selling and donating anything that needs to be. Started with clothes and you’d be surprised if you keep prices affordable. I even had partial bottles of perfumes and lotions that I sold because they’re name brand. Also, listing anything I could for free that needs to get out of this house. You would also be surprised how well a lot of things can do on ebay.

  7. melloddie

    I did the KonMari folding for all mine, kids, and hubby’s clothing last year after reading about it. My kids and hubby all hated it. By mid week, after a few shirts have been pulled out, the rest of the clothes would fall flat and then voila back to old way. I found myself having to straighten out the drawers much more frequently then our old way. It does save lots of space but just not worth the hassle in this household lol 🙂

    • Erin

      I have the same thoughts about this method of putting clothes in drawers although I have not tried it. I know people love it but it seems like your drawers have to be totally full all the time for this to work successfully. I don’t envision anyone in my family putting clothes away to keep up the method either.

      • Gina

        I will tell you I am not a folder by any means I love hanging up all my clothes. So this was the part of the method that I didn’t follow all the way. I hung up everything in my closet (after letting go of about half of it) except my shorts, casual skirts, pj’s, workout clothes, and underoos. I also do not own a dresser. I have a shelving system in my closet. So I made dividers (out of foam board from dollar tree) and wrapped them in pretty contact paper (also from dollar tree) I placed the shorts, skirts workout clothes, and pj’s on shelves and have not had any issues. I use fabric bins for socks and underoos

        • Emily

          Thanks for sharing the foam board dividers idea! I have shelving in my closet but it is so tall that space gets wasted and this will help!

    • Rachel

      I have to agree with you!

    • Happymama

      Agreed! I did this and it was a disaster every time a kid pulled a shirt out. I spent more time re- folding. I gave up and now just fold shirts the old way. It’s much less work.

  8. Momof3

    Anyone have any suggestions on vertical toy storage. Getting rid of a little kid toy system to update for my 9 year old daughter’s room. We will be purging, but she does have bigger items now, i.e. Journey Girls dolls and accessories.

    • Heather C

      Go to & look at Origami shelving

    • Kristin

      I recently bought a few bookshelves from Target for $15. The shelves are adjustable and we were able to fit quite a few of her dolls accessories on it. Way better than having them spread all over the room!

    • Mouy

      We have a storage unit from Costco that comes with bins.

    • Lynn

      Ironically, I got an itch this past Sunday to tackle this exact problem. I have spent the last four days adding shelves to the dead space in my kids’ closets. I bought two sheets of plywood at Home Depot and they cut it for free, then I made support frames in the corners of the closets and set a shelf on top. Worked great for me and I only spent around $50 (plus my time). I’m definitely not a handy person, but with some careful measuring, this was a pretty simple task.

    • Momof3

      Thanks so much, ladies!!

    • AJ

      I bought the .97 curtain rod from Wal-Mart and used it to hang my daughter’s doll clothes!

    • A.Lee

      Not sure of your particular situation but I have used the modular Ikea Pax wardrobes in our last few homes for this purpose. They come in two heights and two depths and many widths. Its amazing storage when you don’t have the closet space. We have sliding doors on ours so all the toys can be hidden when we have guests. We have shelves and wide pull out baskets inside and all the interior pieces are modular to fit your needs (needs to be wall anchored with little kids for safety).

  9. Em

    Old Blankets, Old Towels, etc = Animal Shelter…… I had NO idea till I picked up the phone to verify it was true. Now those random old towels, blankets, etc that I’ve been holding on to for no reason, will have a good home.

    • Karen

      Great idea! Thanks! I have a huge linen closet full of old blankets, etc that I need to get rid of.

    • Happymama

      We use old towels and blankets at our animal hospital too. We have 1 client who buys them at garage sales for us. We get so excited when he comes. Ours get worn out so quickly from all the washings. We use them in all the animals cages.

    • Katie

      Thank you for sharing! Very useful information.

    • jaksmom8

      Don’t forget sheets! All my older/worn sheets, towels, blankets go to my local vet, they love them. I also save all prescription bottles and donate them to the vet. I remove labels, they wash them and use them for animal meds. Plus they don’t end up in the landfill! (I live in a small rural town with no recycling facility)

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great tips! Thanks!

  10. Luna

    I get overwhelmed whenever I try to declutter and give up which only adds to the frustration. Thanks for the tips and book recommendation will try to read or listen to it. Hopefully it’ll work for me!

    • Erin

      Luna- I have not read this book but I find that focusing on one room at a time or even one thing in that room really helps declutter and not get overwhelmed. For instance, start with the office, but start with just the desk or just a shelf/bookcase. Doing little bits at a time and work your way through the house.

    • Whitney

      Same. Sigh. For me, it’s that clearing out one area leaves me with things that need to go to another area that I’d need to clear out first for it to go there. Does that make sense?

      • Gina

        Following the Konmari method will change that because you don’t go room by room you go by category and you don’t place anything back until you completed that category. I spent weeks doing room by room, draw by draw and couldn’t turn a corner. Believe me try it and you will see. Then a rush will come over you and you will want to tackle the next category. The results will have you tackling category after category.

        • Whitney

          I have the book but so far it’s just adding to my book clutter! Lol. Seriously though, thanks!

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I was feeling the same way, until I listened to this book! 🙂

    • Dee

      I can’t just drop everything to declutter, so I do one drawer. Or one shelf. Or one small area. Or just work for 15 minutes. I can handle 15 minutes of doing almost anything, including cleaning. It may not have the wow factor, but that one clean drawer gave me some momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

  11. DJ

    I read this book for the first time last year as I was preparing to move. It really is life changing! I refer back to the book often. I’ll have to check out the documentary.

  12. Jennine

    I’m listening to the audible as well. I told my hubby I wanted to go to
    The mall last weekend. He said OK, but first I want you to go through all your clothes to see what you already have, so you don’t buy clothes that look like ones you have. I excitingly went upstairs to quickly go through them, ready for those KILler deals Collin was posting about!
    Guys, I went through my closet, and kids(because I Love buying for them) I ended up never going to the mall 😉 and with a big box full of clothes I didn’t love anymore leaving plenty behind. Now.. to get rid of the box, sigh* I’m giving myself one week to post items/cosign. Then they are to be donated 🙂 I marked the donate date on my calendar so it’s actually going to happen 😉

    • Sara

      I love your idea of marking the donation date on your calendar, thanks for the tip! So many times I have a stash of things to sell but don’t get around to it and this will help me hurry up and sell or donate. Great idea!

    • Brittany

      I had a hard time thinking about donating all of my previously loved clothes and accessories to Good Will. I found out that my church accepts clothing for all ages for refuges and my whole mindset flipped and I was glad to send off 10 bags of clothing to people who arrived with not much at all. After I dropped them off, I never missed any of them…

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s a great idea to make a deadline for yourself!

  13. Norma

    Good luck to all those decluttering! I plan to complete my mission SOON!

  14. Gina

    I have seen the documentary, read both of Marie Kondo’s books and it has literally changed my life. Last year I recently moved from a 2 bdrm 1200 sqft apartment to a 1 bdrm 600 sqft in the hopes of saving myself a few coins but everything that was in the first apartment followed me and let me tell u the first 4 months was miserable and I stumbled upon a YouTuber “A Young Mum” and she talked about this Konmari method. I read the book and applied the methods and no lie I have a completely different home from room to room. I enjoy my space so much cause I am surrounded by the things I love and now when people come over no mad dash to clean up, when I know maintenance is coming no mad dash the night before. I follow a simple weekly cleaning routine and that’s it. Honest to truth, everything stays so neat I can’t believe it even though it’s been 5 months I am still in awe Everytime I enter my home. Please try it, u will never be the same and to note it me a whole month to tidy my home.

    • Jessica

      I just discovered A Young Mum! She is so honest and engaging to watch. Very relatable and sweet.

    • Mama6

      YES! THIS! I completely agree. I have never read the book. However, I was drawn into the Netflix short series and loved it from the very first episode. It has been a very positive change for myself, my husband and six kids 🙂

  15. MrsFelix1004

    We just sold beginning last December and had lived in a camper for the last six weeks and I realized we have way too much stuff! We will be donating to a local charity that has been around for 32’years called the Unicorn Fund of Morgan and Scott county TN and I’m just amazed at this small little place that hands out so much to those in need. She never gives cash to people but if they need gas to go to the doctor she calls the gas station and ask them to bill her. She has been very cautious of people wanting hand outs that are doing illegal things with their own money and I have been so impressed with he simple ways of making sure things go into the right hands for the right reason! So I encourage everyone to actually call local charities not just a Goodwill and see what the actual needs are of people or call a few churches. Plus you never know who is next door to you that really might need a few things because money is tight. Remember five with a good heart and remember it is for a good cause and you can not control what the person does with it. I’ve been hurt by giving things to people to turn around and sell it for beer or drug money but I did the right thing and they will have to live with the poor choice.

    • Kiwi

      Thanks for posting this! I live in Anderson County and love to see other places local to me. I’m huge on Mission of Hope but like others.

  16. Barbara

    Old coats and shoes with a lot of life left are wonderful to give to people working with the homeless. I also donated a ton of household goods like curtains, mixing bowls, extra bakeware, towels, etc. to an agency that outfits apartments for refugees. Donating items that you know will be used immediately is so life giving!

  17. thehenrydthoreau

    “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

    “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”

    – Henry David Thoreau

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      So true. <3

  18. Vivian

    My husband and I just discovered decluttering last week when we decided to have a kids play date at our house= we need to clean up because our house is embarrassing! So I think the trick for me is to invite others to come over frequently, always try to put things away or throw things out immediately (since I do a lot of online ordering- thanks h2s lol) or the clutter will build up, and also invested in the roomba! You instantly have to pick things up from the floor so it can vacuum and it frees up time to clean other things.

    • Gina

      By tidying your home using the Konmari method or a variation I promise you won’t have to worry about that!

  19. Laura

    I have lived like this my entire adult life. I have raised my children to do the same. If you don’t NEED it – don’t buy it. Americans have issues with this. They buy shoes, sweaters etc because of a sale or it’s cute- STOP! Ask yourself- do I NEED it? If the answer is no – well there you go.

    One grandmother lived by these words- keep your house in dying order.

    The other sadly was a hoarder- pure hell cleaning out a tiny post war home- I giant sale and 2 huge roll off dumpsters later that house was empty!!! It took many hours and every family member we could hold hostage-

    • angeld001

      I admit that I have way too much stuff..mostly clothes and bath stuff/moisturizers. Most of my clothes won’t fit into a dresser due to it being full. However, today at Meijer, they were having a “take an extra 50% off of clearance clothing” special. I have had my eye on three clothing items for weeks now plus found some cozy socks that I just had to have. I have a ton of clothes already but ended up buying said items despite not really needing them.

    • Heather C

      Thank you for your candid message–I needed. I pride myself on being debt-free but I am certainly not clutter free.

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Good advice!

    • Jackie

      Was your Grandmother a Depression era survivor or a child of a Depression era parent? If so I can relate. My parents lived frugally but never let go of anything because you might need it when the next Great Depression hits. I struggle with that mindset.

  20. JAY

    I’m embarrassed by how much we own. I followed the KonMari method about a year and a half ago and went through most of our home. I need to do it again asap as things have multiplied back!

  21. Amy

    I love the idea, but found it funny these two guys made a documentary you would need a tv to watch, a steaming system or cable to use 😂 It was also nice they had millions to to buy stuff back if they want it.

    That said, since watching, I have definitely taken a step back and looked at if I need something or not.

    • Gina

      I thought the same! and they were selling a book to clutter up your home! lol

  22. Amy

    This post and all these great comments couldn’t have come at a better time for us. I’m in dire need of de-cluttering and we need our house back. Thank you so much…. I’m watching Netflix tonight and starting a book. Having my house disorganized really does harm your overall well being….. I feel stressed and never relaxed…..not knowing where to start always makes me procrastinate. Thank you! Hip 2 Save rocks!

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! I’m in the same boat. 😉

  23. Rae

    Please also consider what you are putting in the donation piles… I read an article by someone who does charity work overseas and I believe the title was “Stop donating your crap” or something like that. It really changed how I sort what should be donated and what is trash. Sometimes I will upcycle something that shouldnt be donated or things like stained baby blankets and faded towels pet shelters will take. Our pet shelter has even asked for area rugs that would have otherwise been trashed. They provide a disposible barrier between the dogs and the cold concrete floors, a used or worn out rug is better than nothing for those fur babies!

    • Rebecca

      Yes I read something similar, and I’m more mindful of what I get together to donate now. That’s interesting about the rugs though, I’ll have to see if our shelters are the same, I have some that were headed for trash soon. Thanks!

    • Stephanie

      One of my local shelters I love actually gives the clothing to families in need and the rougher clothing they get money when they recycle them… So I would do research and see if you have a local shelter that could still benefit even from your “trash” clothing!

      • Rae

        Our area doesn’t have facilities for recycling clothing. Maybe in the future but we *just* got designated recycling bins from the city so they are not yet expanding.
        They DO take partial cans of house paint and other various household “hazardous” items and have a type of storefront where you can get the paint that is still usable.

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great tips!

  24. Rebecca

    Great timing! I have that audio book though I’ve yet to start it….Off to watch that documentary tonight & start book tomorrow! Feels like I’m constantly cleaning things out but still, chaos! I feel like I come from a family of “collectors”, and after going through some of my grandmother’s things after she passed (and it was only a drop in the bucket), I need to break the cycle!

  25. Katie

    I too listened to this book on audible. While I didn’t do a massive all at once purge like she suggests, I have used a lot of her methods and have learned to think differently about my possessions. Slowly but surely my space is starting to feel less cluttered. Great organizational finds at costco and aldi have helped too 😀

  26. ResseCup

    Haven’t read the book but will download tonight. I’m a organized clutter’er if that makes any sense. But I’m moving so I’ve been trying to tackle one small project each week. Donating all my teenage daughter’s clothes and teddy bears to our local foster home. One space at a time will help you focus, not become frustrated and give up.

    • Heather C

      I thought I was an organized clutterer too. She told me that was part of hoarding. It feels like a punch in the gut. 😫

  27. Heather

    We are moving soon and this comes in handy. Thanks!

    • Danielle (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  28. Adriaddiemom

    I completed the Konmari method and it has seriously changed my life. It’s amazing. Just follow the steps. Can’t wait to watch the documentary you mentioned.

  29. Nina

    I think the thing is that most people, myself included, are emotional buyers. We buy things when we’re sad, if the weathers bad, for a pick me up, etc. etc. and that’s the main struggle. At the end of the day they’re just “things” but at the moment it fills a purpose, a void and that’s the issue. I haven’t read this book yet but def look forward to it.

    • Rebecca

      That’s exactly the issue.

  30. Kayla

    I have yet to do the KonMari method, but I my boyfriend helped me do a big purge over the summer when we moved from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom studio. He helped me go through all my memorabilia and keep all the things that actually make me happy. For example, I am a sucker for keeping cards; Birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s, if it was addressed to me I felt like I had to keep it. After a while, I noticed a lot of them were simply signed by the sender and not much more. I ended up keeping just 3 cards: 1 from my older brother before he passed away, 1 from my grandma before she passed away, and 1 from my dad who is not in the best of health, all of which have personal and loving messages. While pulling out my Christmas wrapping supplies I stumbled upon the tub that the cards were in and teared up when I read them. This past month has been tough with all the after-Christmas sales and my desire to get back into shape and thus needing to purchase workout gear but I think I’m finally ready to go back to my ways of buying one thing for me just once a month (or even less).

  31. Mommaof6(7thOnTheWay)

    I have saved most of the stuff my eldest son used as a baby(not all his clothes). All of my boys(5 after eldest) have used his hand me down baby stuff. It has saved me a pretty penny and with number 7 on the way I will not be getting rid of that stuff any time soon. While some may call these things clutter, I prefer to call it saving myself some money. I do have stuff in my house but everything has a designated spot, including a bedroom converted into a gift closet. Sorry but with 6 kids I’m always Christmas shopping or birthday shopping, so the gift bedroom is a necessity.

    • Heather C

      Great use of your resources. I completely agree on the need for a gift room & congrats on your next baby!

  32. Sara

    I am a single working busy mom of three. I have been trying to declutter for seven months. It takes time! I donate 100% of my items to our community in one way or another. I’ve also hired on a weekly cleaning service. This has made such a difference. I’ve learned to give myself a bit of a break. One person cannot do the job of two. 😉

  33. Liz

    I’ve been slowly decluttering this month but have run into a lot of “I really like/want/need this”. Then I would think I spent money on this though or it’s too nice to just give away/donate. My FB yard sale groups aren’t the best so I signed up for the app, Mercari which is a buying and selling app (sort of like Craigslist meets a FB yard sale group meets ebay). I’ve made around $200 so far selling my stuff! It feels great to not only declutter but make money from it also.

    People will buy everything, even the stuff you don’t think they will – I sold a Victoria’s Secret PINK pj set that I wore and washed a few times for $15; I sold a bundle of 5 USED fragrance spray (VS, Pink, BBW) for $15; and I’ve sold a bunch of stuff from my gift closet that I’ve had for years; on and on. I highly recommend trying to sell your stuff first if you have the same feelings toward it that I do. While I may like an item, I love it more when I can make money off of it. It certainly softens the blow of parting with items =)

    • Kayla

      What is your referral code for Mercari? I’ve been wanting to join but I want to sign up with someone’s code so we both can get something out of it!

  34. Abby H.

    This book has been enlightening to me, I read it, love it and have started decluttering. My basement is my project now, thanks to your encouraging words, I might be selling some of my things on FB to make extra cash. Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences 🙂

  35. Rally

    This whole minimalism movement is ruining my life too. Haha. It’s following me everywhere. I swear clutter and things weren’t bothering me as much before all this. Now I’m supposed to ask myself if each object brings me joy? What if it does? Maybe for hoarders each object means joy, does that mean anything? I don’t consider myself a hoarder (who does though…). I live in a small space, so I really can’t have that much stuff. But this whole minimalism… not having things that you don’t actually use? Have you been to Target lately? Have you seen those decor items? How can they not bring you joy? Yes, I have items I keep on shelves just because they are cute and I enjoy looking at them. It’s a pain to remove each and clean regularly. I hate dust. It’s a price I’m willing to pay though. I do try not to spend money on things… I get free stuff from Kmart with points and free clothes from Sears, JCP, free shoes from DSW or wherever I can get coupons. So at least I’m not a big spender. But I love clothes and shoes and I don’t want to get rid of them. Lol. In 5 yrs of marriage we already got rid of everything we had. Sold some, gave away most of it, so we could leave in another country for a while. It felt right and eliberating at that point, but I’m not ready to do it again. Oh and how funny is it that I watch haul videos on YouTube and underneath I have recommendations of minimalism videos? haha. Also, someone said that she didn’t become a “hoarder” until she started organizing everything and buying baskets and organizers. Lol. Anyone relating? I just love baskets. Check your Michaels for 90% off certain baskets. Happy organizing 😊

  36. april

    When I read the book, there were so many great tips but I wish she would’ve went a little more in depth on controlling clutter when you have kids. I’ve been clearing out & purging like crazy lately, and it’s been going great. I haven’t accumulated any new stuff! I couldn’t ever talk to my belongings either! Haha. But I do like the idea of just being mindful of all the things your belongings do for you (i.e. socks are just boring ol’ socks until you take the time to realize that they help protect your feet & keep them warm & that you’re lucky to have socks at all). Gratitude is the name of the game.

    I’ve actually been saving up our old things. I box them up and take them to my parents when I visit. I keep them in my old bedroom. In another year or so, I’ll bust it all out & have a big garage sale. I’ll donate everything that’s left behind.

    People always compliment me on being organized and I say that I’m really just an organized hoarder, but they don’t believe me. The thing is though, I keep the things I keep for a reason. I try very, very hard to recycle or reuse everything I can. I like to make crafts with my kids so having lots of things on hand is great; it saves us money and helps me avoid trips to the store. Everything is in its place and is put back when we’re finished, so it works good for us.

    Tip: A Bowl Full of Lemons is hosting a big cleanup challenge & you can print a free kit with all the things to clean and purge, room by room. I’m not able to participate now, but I printed out the kit and saved it in my “home management” binder to do later. Maybe Spring Cleaning.

  37. jen

    Omg….i’m so glad to know someone else has a counter that looks like mine!! It’s so overwhelming. Thanks for the tips!!

  38. justme

    my counter like yours gets cleaned up and then momentarily I’m so proud……but the cycle starts all over again. It’s tough to minimize in a consumer driven society but freeing.

  39. Laura

    Also, with all stuff that people own, you buy totes, baskets and shelving units to store the stuff. It’s just crazy!

  40. Mama6

    I have not read this book. However, I was fully drawn into the Netflix series from the very first episode,which I LOVED. My husband and I both watched it and honestly, it has made a difference for us.

  41. Jade

    Can we get a updated post on this???

  42. Summer

    I’ve been donating weekly to the vietnam vets– they pick up at your house! So easy to schedule a pickup online- I schedule a date a week in advance so I have a deadline to get rid of stuff……they’ve come 4 x so far! Very friendly and they lave a bright yellow bag for future donations plus tax write-off slip

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Become a Hip2Save Insider

Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your cookbook! What are ya waiting for?!

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