Target: 90% Off Valentine’s Day Clearance (Lina Snagged $55 Worth of Items for Under $9)

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target-valentines-clearanceTarget shoppers! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Valentine’s Day clearance as it is now up to as much as 90% off! Even if items are not marked on clearance, be sure to price check!


Hip2Save’s DIY guru, Lina, just stopped by her Target in Arizona and snagged ALL the items pictured above for under $9 – a total value of over $55! WOW!


Lina Got ALL THIS for Under $9 ($55+ Value):

Disney Frozen Valentine Milk Chocolate $1.49 – regularly $4.99
Star Wars Sticker Boxes 40¢ – regularly $4
Carter’s Mommy’s Heart Breaker Bodysuit 59¢ – regularly $5.99
Text Me or I’ll Call Mug w/ Gummies $1.49 each – regularly $4.99
Vintage Lace Candle $1.29 – regularly $12.99
Apple Chalkboard Easel 30¢ – regularly $3
Ceramic Apple 30¢ – regularly $3
Love Struck Sugar Cookie Mix 99¢ -regularly $9.99
Simple Pleasures Lotion & Shower Gel Pack 49¢ – regularly $4.99

More Deals To Look For:


Skittles Fun Size 40 Pack $1.49 – regularly $4.99
Ferrero Assorted Collection $4.34 – regularly $14.49

target-scarfLadies Infinity Scarf 50¢ – regularly $5

And check the Dollar Spot!

And don’t forget to check out the Target Dollar Spot! Hip2ave reader, Rachel, was just at her Target and the Dollar Spot clearance was marked down to 90% off!

(Thanks, Rachel & Kathryn!)

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Comments 62

  1. jmcee

    Is the Dollar Spot really the Dollar Spot anymore? I ask because items at my local Target’s Dollar Spot for the most part are marked $3 or $5 so I don’t bother to look anymore 🙁

    • Brittany

      That seems pretty true of mine as well

    • Brittany

      Although I usually just get the items there when it’s on clearance for under a dollar regardless of the starting price 😉

    • Melissa

      True, but there are still so many good deals to be had in the “dollar” spot. Some of the decor items are $3 or $5, but as a business owner I find tons of cute $1 office supplies that are an absolute life saver for me! And the $3 or $5 are still usually a great deal!

    • Erin

      I’m not a fan of dollar spot items even at deep discounts. I’ve gotten a few things in which the quality isn’t too bad, but I’d rather (gasp!) pay more for better stuff. The Mod Podge and acrylic paint is a great deal at 90 percent off.

      • LindaS

        Erin where did you find the discounted Modge Podge? Thank you

        • kelly

          LindaS – I happened to see clearance Mod Podge today in the regular craft aisle. hth!

          • LindaS

            Thank you Kelly

        • Erin

          Target’s postholiday clearance.

          • LindaS

            Thank you Erin

    • Dana

      No. They call it Bullseye’s Playground now

  2. Chelwood

    Does anyone know what percentage Walgreen’s is at right now?

    • pris

      70% started today

    • Tracy

      The 4 Walgreens I have in town are all at 70% now.

      • Chelwood

        Thank you pris and Tracy!!

    • Krissy

      Does that 70% off include candy?

  3. Luna

    It was 90% at my store too and very surprisingly I found decent stuff as it’s mostly wiped out at 30%. $35 worth stuff for $3.57 something with red card! Proud of myself 😬. Thanks for posting

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow! Happy you could score such awesome savings Luna! You’re very welcome!

  4. Melissa

    Target has tons of clearance items right now, not just Valentine’s Day stuff… but unfortunately it was a total debacle when I went this morning. They’re clearly trying to put out new stock and trying to clearance end of season stuff… but the employees there were just so darn rude! I was trying to shop, and they just kept treating me like I was a hassle in their way! I almost got run over at least 3x. I found a couple of cool clearance deals (non-V-Day) before I started feeling flustered and had to get the heck out of there. Maybe they’ll be done and I’ll check back tomorrow. As I was leaving, I also saw a lady trying to get the Target dog food deal, and they were giving her a hard time over her coupons. 🙁

    • Cat

      That’s how I feel every time I go to my target now there’s a full stocking crew until the early afternoon at least and I have to go in the mornings Sometimes there’s three or four stockers in one I’ll and for the most part a lot of them were just talking and gossiping and sometimes cursing and then they have all of those carts full of things that they’re stocking that are in the way it’s really annoying especially since I’m in an electric scooter I have to go around a different isle many times just to get to something that’s 2 feet away Don’t get me started on the route employees and the hassle it is doing coupons at target are used to be easy and also the now none of them want to work and if you go to self check you got to have somebody come and check each one and then come back at the end and check again before you pay it’s getting ridiculous

    • Grey

      My target cleared out all the VD stuff out back on the 12th! I couldn’t believe it. I asked the guy stocking Easter candy if it was possible to get anything from the VD candy that was on cartwheel, he just ignored me and walked off! So mad!

  5. ResseCup

    Stopping in between jobs today to check out clearance. We always do a raffle or two at Easter dinner and maybe I’ll find something good💙

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! Happy shopping! Hoping you score some sweet items! 😉

    • ResseCup

      Didn’t find much on the clearance rack. However I did find some valentines dresses and skirts for my nieces for $1.49 each💙

  6. lucy

    Which store in AZ was this at??

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Deer Valley Towne Center, 2727 Agua Fria Fwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027

      Clearance sign Said 70% but most scanned at 90% off!

  7. Amy

    At my Target they were clearing all the Valentine stuff out to make room for the Easter stuff and the Valentine stuff was piled into 5 carts. I scanned a few things, but it was still 70%. There is another Target a bit farther from me that is 90%. If they have just tossed it into carts, they might as well just mark it down to get rid of it!

  8. Katherine

    Our Valentines area is cleaned out completely. Taken over by Easter now. Not a Valentine one in the store.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn! Sorry to hear it is already cleared out!

  9. C

    There’s never this much stuff at either of the targets by me! It’s VERY picked over and usually by this time they start putting out the Easter stuff. Hopefully some can score some good deals still!

  10. Bea

    Got lots of Valentine clothes in the girls section at 90% then cartwheel for 25%.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  11. Erin

    I went today and got a few things…some 2017-2018 planners, blank note card packs and a vday card for .10, some race track wall stickers for my sons room at .30. Some captain America Valentines stuff for .40 each, candy heart box 8 pack for .80. And a ball jar with cookie mix for .99. They had lots of other things but just got what was useful to me.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great finds Erin! Thanks for sharing your score!

  12. M.

    Many things I picked up came up “item not found”. They were clearly seasonal and should have been 90% off but the manager told me they can only sell the items at full price if they have been cleared from the system????

    • Brittany

      Really??? I wonder if it depends on the person… I had someone once look up the last sale price and said I cold but it for that or it would not be available after that if I didn’t take it (assuming it would be sent back or whatever they do with unsold merchandise).

  13. susan

    I was just at target today and it was still 70%, but there was a ton of stuff.

  14. Melissa Rice

    Just a heads up, I found Valentine theme Nutella (26.6 oz?) only for $1.99. They were in the Nutella isle. I also found hand made soaps, gourmet chocolates. Lots of soft toys, cat and jack clothes all 90% off.

  15. Elizabeth

    I wonder how accurate brickseek is. It is still showing 70% off for the DPCI that people posted in my area.

    • Elaine

      It showed the same for me, but it was actually 90.

  16. Misty

    This one lady grabbed two of the Nutella before I could even think about it! LOL
    I got two of the scarves for .50 and two workout tote bags for .70 (normally $7). Two cute key chains for .30 and two extra large table note pads for work for .30. I almost grabbed the heart black pillow .79, but didn’t need it/wouldn’t use it. I then got two food Valentine’s Day dessert items for 70% off.

    I was happy with what I found as I couldn’t find anything at the Christmas one.

    • terri

      You’re better off without that Nutella:
      Is Nutella Bad for You?

      Yes, Nutella is bad for your health. Considering the fact that people buy a Nutella every 2.5 seconds it is definitely among the bestselling spreads in the world. However, that does not mean it is good for your health. In fact, you may have to deal with several issues when you eat Nutella too often.

      Is Nutella bad for you? A look at the things it contains will help to make it clear. In addition to cocoa, hazelnuts, and skimmed milk powder, it also contains modified palm oil, sugar, lecithin and vanillin.

      Sugar: Consuming just a couple of tablespoons of Nutella provides you with 21g of refined sugar. Excessive consumption of refined sugar is the leading cause of diabetes and obesity in the world today. Not only do you get refined sugar from Nutella, you also get about 11g of fat with 3.5g of it being saturated fat. The combination of saturated fat and sugar also puts you at a greater risk of developing heart disease.
      Soy Lecithin and Vanillin: These are probably the most dangerous ingredients found in Nutella. Soy lecithin in particular is bad for your health because it is a GMO product and leads to issues such as obesity, thyroid dysfunction, constipation, and breast cancer. Vanillin is used to create a flavor of true vanilla, but it is a cheaply produced chemical that contains MSG as well as small amounts of neurotoxins that can kill brain cells.
      Modified Palm Oil: It is a highly processed oil and is not nearly as nutritious a natural palm oil. Manufacturers make use of refined and modified palm oil because it has a longer shelf life and tastes better. Some companies also use modified palm oil in place of hydrogenated oils, which leads to several health issues, especially when you consume it regularly.
      Is Nutella bad for you? Yes, it is, and that is mainly due to the presence of fats, chemicals, and refined sugar in it. However, Nutella also contains hazelnuts, which are a great source of flavonoids such as proanthocyandins that improve blood circulation and brain function. Even though hazelnuts are good, they are also high in calories and cannot reverse the negative effects of soy lecithin, fats, sugar, or vanillin.

      • Hannah

        I am super confused about why you took the time to write all that out.

        • paula


          • Ann

            Hysterical :-()

        • Lynn

          I agree with Hannah…why not just say “People do you research” if you are on the fence as to whether Nutella is healthy or not. We all know that many things in our diets are not good for us but we only need a reminder not a speech! Just my opinion but thanks anyways.

        • anna

          haha, me too

  17. Shay

    Only 30% where I live blah!

    • Shay

      I did find valentine buckets for .70 cents. Originally $7… I saved 48.79 this trip. All Valentines!

  18. Indhu

    My store went 90% yesterday, spent around 13 saved $100+ bought some valentine cards ,kids room decor , Star Wars tins , ceramic canisters , red apple decor , mason jars , art books

  19. Alex

    I got a lot of the $3 coloring books (adult style but for my daughter) for .30…. large sticker books for .30… they had a TON of character beanies for .30 and some keychains for .10…. tons of the .50 scarves…. also found a really cool handmade valentine soap for .50… and I grabbed a couple of valentine kids/baby shirts for .51 each with cartwheel and some of the dresses for like 1.11 😍 I bought way more than I should’ve by also got valentine crafts for my daughter for next year at 90% off as well- sure do LOVE all that y’all do here!

  20. Erin

    My stores didn’t really have much of anything a few days ago, so I was surprised to stumble on a giant $2 plush, a .99 mini heart bake pan, and a *ton* of 90 percent off clothing that didn’t appear as “Valentine-y” to me as a lot of the non-Valentine heart-themed clothes (plus 25 percent off with Cartwheel).

  21. Carissa

    I hunted through the regular clothes clearance section for girls and found three Valentine’s shirts (one Peanuts, and two Hello Kitty) for 89 cents each! Also picked up a Valetine’s wall hanging for 30 cents, and 4 Valetine’s tins (for giving cookies in) for 40 cents each. Score!!! Got quite a few pairs of fleece lined leggings on clearance too (girl’s section).

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sounds like a great shopping trip Carissa! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Em

    I went to two local targets and my sister went to one near her to stock up on goodies for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! We got baseball caps, winter hats, balls, socks, washcloths, pencils, and a whole bunch of girls shirts and dresses! I was so excited to score girls shirts for 51 cents! It’s been a long time since I have gotten shirts for shoeboxes for this cheap! Thanks to hip2save, I knew what styles to look for! And I got Barbie Chelsea dolls for 69 cents! And a tiny lego batman set for 39 cents for my lego obsessed son! I am so blessed to be able to get these deals and pass it on to others.

  23. mel

    All my hip2saver, anyone obe of you have a gap cash to share? I am interested at a jacket…if you are not using your gapcash. Would you mind to share with me, thank so much in advance.

  24. Trinity

    My kids and I found some great huge 2017 calendars for .30 and cute floating shelves for .30 for their rooms plus road decals, growth charts, metal baskets, and cute felt banners all for .30. Even grabbed several packages of cute gift tags that weren’t too valentines at all for .10 per 8pk. It was awesome!

  25. Ming

    Got the character tote bag for 0.10. I bought 25 of them and my target still has lots of them. I’m thingking rather than paying 0.10 for plastic bag, i can reuse this tote bag. Got couples of the scarves for 0.50, pencils for 0.10, boxes of blank cards for 0.30, minion socks for 0.10, bouncy balls bulk for party favor for 0.30, mason jars for 0.30, valentine cards for 0.40, etc. I got mixed valentine items and others from bull’s eyes spots. Saved $118, spent $26 😊 Thanks H2S!

    Oot, i went to walmart too. Still at 75%, but i bought 2 of the flip a zoo toy for $3.22 only. I can use it as present for my son’s classmates bday party. Luv the toy myself as it’s very soft.

  26. Sherry

    My store salvaged the Valentines stuff but in the girls clothing dept I managed to get 2 dresses and 1 sweatshirt cat & jack for 90% off. Total was $4.40 for all 3 including tax.

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