Wow! This Spot Cleaner is Awesome – And the Regular Cost is ONLY $1

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Have you ever tried LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner that can be found at Dollar Tree?

After hearing the buzz and positive reviews surrounding the all-purpose cleaner from fellow Hip2Save readers, I had to test it out further…

Awesome Cleaner

I actually have used it in the past on carpet, as a spot and pet stain remover when our puppy was younger. It did a great job for that purpose!

Common Uses for LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner:

  • Removes Grease Stains, Gum, Oil, Glue, Wine, Coffee, Grass Stains, Blood Stains, & More
  • Cleans Walls, Floors, Carpets, Upholstery, Clothing Stains, & Bathrooms

Awesome Cleaner

Just keep in mind that this bottle is a concentrated cleaner and should be diluted with water. There is a handy guide on the back of the bottle with a suggested dilution scale.

My latest favorite way to use Awesome cleaner is on tough stains like the dirt and grass left on my son’s baseball pants. It easily gets rid of most of the stains before washing.

I usually just scrub the stains with a toothbrush before washing, but you can also pre-soak your clothing in water and Awesome cleaner overnight to get rid of tougher stains.

You know the caked-on hard to remove grease that collects under the microwave and above the stove-top? Awesome cleaner does well in that area, too!

Overall, I found this to be a great all-purpose cleaner that does what it says. Can’t beat the price either at just a BUCK!

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  1. Anthony Talton

    This works wonders! Just like its name Awesome! I have been getting this from Dollar Tree for 10 years plus! My Grandmother turned me on to this, and havent stopped using it!

    • Mel

      Will this take baby food out of clothes? I’ve tried what seems like everything!

      • RZ

        Try soaking it in Oxy Clean for a day, and then washing it w/ Oxy Clean added to the wash.

        • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

          Yes and this brand has an “oxy” powder too that’s good 👍

      • Kristina Gregory

        Have you tried 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part blue dawn dish soap? It takes out the baby food stains for me. I do have to spray it on and scrub with a toothbrush but it works. I also use this solution when scrubbing my shower and various other cleaning jobs. I hate breathing in strong chemicals and I especially don’t want my little one breathing them in.

        • JA

          Dish soap works really well on, ahem, diaper explosions. Takes it right out of clothes!

          • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

            I like dish soap as a stain remover too!

      • Melly

        Try Dawn with Bleach as a stain treater. It is a bleach alternative so it won’t ruin colors, and it is the best food stain remover I’ve used. An Italian friend clued me in to the trick for removing tomato sauce stains, and it worked like a charm. Good luck!

      • Lee Ann

        Mel, I swear by a laundry stain remover called WASH AWAY bu Whink brand. When my daughter was a baby that’s all I used. Most times I didn’t even rinse of spray with stain remover until the day I was washing them! Her onesies always looked clean!! Sometimes tuff to find at the stores tho. Usually off with fabric dyes! Not with laundry stuff.

      • Laura

        Sunlight also does a wonderful job of removing baby stains! Just lay em out for a couple hours and voila!

    • Laura

      OxiClean Baby spray is wonderful for baby stains, if you can find it. Its available at BRU, but i dont have one in an hour and a half radius of my house. I have my dad bring several bottles at a time for me when he comes to visit 😁

  2. Anne

    My 99 cent only store sells a gallon of this stuff for 2.99 . I love this stuff

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Anne!

    • Prime girlie

      mine used to sell it but not now.. :((

  3. Nicole

    I use a power washer for baseball pants. Lol!

    • Stephanie

      That’s too funny! I may need to try that! Thankfully, all 3 boys are in grey pants this year! The last 2 years of white pants killed me 😉

    • Shannon

      Whose idea was it to make baseball pants white?!? Seriously 😬

    • TJ

      Yes! We don’t have a power washer so I take my son’s to the car wash!! Smh…the things we do…

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      I wish we had one! Great idea 👍

  4. Lolie

    Great product at a great price. I would definitely recommend!

  5. nancy

    I use it to remove stickers, labels and other gummy substances from products. Just spray on, let sit a minute then peel off the label or price sticker etc from your new purchase. This is the easiest and fastest method I have found.
    If you craft or reuse a Starbucks cold coffee bottle this product works to get that label off with ease!

    • emmy

      If you want another way to remove labels with no mess, heat them up with you hair dryer for around 30 seconds and they will come right off and leave no sticky residue. 🙂

      • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

        Thanks for the tip Emmy!

      • nancy

        Thanks for the reminder, I keep wanting to try this!

  6. Yolie

    Yes! This for carpet and Fels-Naptha soap bars for clothes are my go-to’s! Both get out any stain. And Fels-Naptha actually works so great on old stains in clothes too! 99cents at Walmart.

    • Yolie

      My dad also used this Awesome cleaner restoring his Alfa Romeo – I forget the year, but definitely old :). Took all of the old stains out in the interior!

    • Shannon

      Fels naptha is the best cleaner for clothes stains ever! I saw some elderly people getting it at Walmart, didn’t know what it was but grabbed it to try and it is awesome!

  7. Jenn

    Been using this for some years. It definitely is “awesome” !! I Also, for a buck!! Yesssssssssss

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Jenn! I agree

  8. Marie

    Can this be used on pit stains on dark shirts?? Without discoloring? I need a miracle here 😛

  9. Carol

    I’ve used it to clean the leather seats in my SUV.

  10. Melanie

    It also takes fingernail polish off of light carpet as well as freshly spilled paint.

    • Sarah

      Oh my goodness I am going to go try that right now!! I spent forever getting bright pink nail polish out of our carpet and there is still a light stain. Thanks!

      • Nancy

        Won’t the sun set the stain into the outfit?

  11. Luna

    Wow just in time for cleaning up the grease from the exhaust vent in our new one year old home! Thanks for sharing

  12. amy

    Our carpet installer recommended this stuff for carpet stains to us over 15 years ago & we still use it! I’ve never used it for anything other than carpet, however.

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Amy! Yes our carpet cleaner said that as well 👍

  13. nin

    I agree with everyone above-stuff is a great cleaner. FYI though, it smells noxious! A couple sprays make me cough, might not want to use around people with asthma or little children. Definitely ventilate

    • v

      Spraying it bothers me too. I wear one of those disposable masks when cleaning the tub and shower walls. Small enclosed area working in the bathroom. I also use it by pouring it onto a sponge first. Something about the “mist” that bothers me. I turn on the bathroom’s vent fan when I finish cleaning and it clears up the air in the bathroom a lot faster. I like to buy the 32 ounce refill also. It runs $1 at Dollar Tree stores in my area right along with the $1 spray variety.

    • Paula

      Thank you for the info. Was going to try, but have trouble with my breathing, especially with some smell.

  14. Laura

    I use it on my own counters, window tracks, hard floors, bath tub film…its great. I first heard of it when i cleaned nasty moved out apartments and the company used it pretty much every where! Works awesome!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks for your feedback Laura!

  15. maflies1

    Interesting reading all the reviews of use and I’m happy to see it’s worked so well for them. But just a word of caution, if you have asthma or allergy problems be very careful. I learned very quickly years ago that I could not use this product at whatever cost.

    • Nena

      Wow! Thank you for that feedback! I was thinking about trying but I’ve had to try and go much more toxin free for the amount of allergies my son’s developed. I’d hate to have relapsed all my work so far 😳

    • Frankie

      Agreed, every time I use it I usually end up commenting about how it cleans great but burns your lungs a little!

  16. Kris

    My husband used to buy this all the time until he used it on our 2 year old stove once. It started to take the paint off! And I’m not talking about a cheap stove :0 I don’t think he’s bought it since

  17. m

    Is there and ingredient list anywhere? I don’t see one on the link at Dollar Tree’s website. Is it petroleum based?

    • Shannon

      It’s probably not good. Dollar store stuff is sketchy health wise. It usually comes from China and doesn’t pass US regulations but somehow gets through. I read an article about it.

      • syeo2013

        Dollar Tree reviews and read how someone got really sick using it.
        please inform yourself of what is in

    • Ty

      Here are the ingredients, every manufacturer has to have a safety data sheet:
      Weight % Ingredient & Exposure Limit
      0.01 to 2.5 Orange Oil Blend(CAS# 8008-57-9) & (CAS#111-76-2))
      0.5 to 4.0 Ethoxylated Alcohol (CAS# 9036 19 5)
      0.5 to 1.5 Disodium Salt (CAS# 6834-92-0)
      0.5 to 1.5 Tetra Sodium EDTA (CAS# 64-02-8)
      0.5 to 0.8 Hydroxy Sodium (CAS# 1310-73-2)
      QS Water (CAS# 7732-18-5)

  18. Mel

    I’ve never seen this before, but never really looked either. Will keep an eye out next time I go. The vents above my stove are yucky and I’ve tried some different brands with no luck.

    For my microwave, I fill a microwave safe glass container with water, the drop the rind of either lemons or oranges in. Zap for 6-8 minutes. Very carefully remove the container. Use a damp rag to wipe the inside. All that gook just slides right off. And the citrus makes the kitchen smell fresh!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Great microwave tip Mel!

    • Luna

      That somehow didn’t work for me 🙁

    • rob

      I found something on Pinterest that worked wonders on my stove vents, if I remember correctly all I did was boil them, maybe check it out, minimal work, no chemicals & they came out looking brand new.

    • Erika

      Because people don’t dilute it, is why.

  19. Holly

    Will try it on baseball pants, thanks!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)


  20. Stephanie

    Spray nine works to get the grease off the stove vents.

  21. dede

    It works but it is very strong. I cough and get a little short of breath when I use it. Be careful around little ones.

  22. Jill

    Has anyone tried it on black sharpie stains? TIA

    • Swathi

      Sharpie stains go with toothpaste on wood

  23. Bonnie

    Oxy clean + shout left on for a couple of days works wonders, some fabrics (like polyester or synthetic cotton is usually ok) will fade, but it’ll take out almost any organic stain!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Thanks Bonnie! I’m also a fan of this brand’s Oxy also found at Dollar Tree 👍

      • Lori

        Me too Lina. Love the Oxy from Dollar Tree.

    • Bonnie

      I meant to say polyester and other synthetics may fade, but cotton is usually ok

  24. Bonnie

    We used this to remove water spots from my husband’s NEW (like 2 weeks old) truck, we didn’t realize well water would spot. We tried EVERYTHING, including a buffer, but with Awesome and elbow grease we got them off!

  25. Stefanie

    I’d love to hear suggestions for dryer-set stains!!!

    • Connie

      I had a old stain on a good white shirt almost gave up. Poured on liquid Clorox ll after cupping it up around the stain & put white plastic bag underneath it so the liquid would stay on the stain as long as possible. Check on it a week later. It was almost gone. So repeated again and it was gone.
      Good luck trying it

    • Jessica

      I have had luck with Shout Advanced. Comes in the blue bottle.

      • Bologna

        They have a Clorox pen that works on whites great too

    • AG

      I’m a huge fan of Zout for dryer-set stains. I dropped a lip gloss wand on the front of my shirt once. It was clear gloss, but left a greasy mark. I washed it with Shout and regular detergent once. It didn’t get any better. A friend recommended Zout, and I tried some. It took the stain completely out. I use it for laundry stains all the time now. Kroger sells it, and I believe Walmart does too.

  26. Connie

    I use straight the way it come’s. It is my favorite.
    Sprayer is not real good and sometimes stops working. But can get a good sprayer and refill it if it does.

  27. Norma

    Yup, we use it too

  28. Melissa

    I have to chime in as well. I discovered “Awesome” via a Youtube video when trying to find out how to remove the red koolaide stains from my carpet. It involved spraying the spot, covering with a white towel, and then ironing over the towel. It was totally AWESOME to see the stain gone that I had been working on without success with other so called solutions!

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      That’s a great story and tip with the towel! Thanks Melissa 👍

    • AP

      A professional cleaner gave me the iron tip too. He got bright red koolaid completely out of our light-tan carpet. I don’t know what chemical he may have used in addition to the iron, but wanted to “second” your iron comment. 🙂

  29. maflies1

    Goo Gone Spray Gel was recomended to me as they saw me trying to take a sticky label off. It is fantastic and works on many other things as well. I now buy the larger size! Haven’t tried it on many of the things it lists, but I trust that if they are on the container that they will work. I am just that sold on it. It is an American made company. On my label it list masking tape, crayon, stickers/labels, makeup, candle wax, gum, glue, tar/bugs/sap, carpet stains, grease/soot. Hey, I’m so glad I typed this list for you cause I never thought to use it for some of these. LOL And this does not smell bad! Sorry this is so long. Hope it helps some of you.

  30. Jade

    I need to pick-up a bottle. I recently spilled a blueberry and kale smoothie on my carpet. Although I scrubbed it right away with soap, it still has a dark color to the carpet. Hope it helps

  31. Lori

    We use it in our residential cleaning business. It is amazing. It has gotten rid of crayon on walls, wooden furniture and stains on carpets with very little scrubbing. It works in the kitchen on greasy floors and counter tops. I also use it on clothing stains. can’t beat it especially for the price .

    • Lina (Hip's Modern Martha)

      Good to know! Thanks Lori 👍

  32. Ekta

    Free shopping bag code for Shutterfly

  33. Terri

    As a mom of former baseball players, Tilex spray (the kind for cleaning bathrooms) works wonders for taking stains out of white baseball pants. Just make sure you don’t wash them with anything but white clothes. Also, don’t leave them sit with the Tilex on them for more than 30 seconds or so before throwing them in the washing machine as it may damage the material. Used correctly, it will make your baseball pants bright white. Used it for years and still do for white clothes with stains like white t-shirts with mustard, etc.

  34. Temitope

    Can this help take out turmeric stain?

  35. Nicole

    I am OBSESSED with this stuff! I use it everywhere lol. It seriously gets everything clean….you can’t beat that for $1!

  36. Jacklyn

    This also cleans crayons and markers off tables and walls

  37. Teresa J Kittleson

    We own a trailer and Awesome is great on black streaks!

  38. Kristi

    This cleaner is Awesome! We use it in the kitchen & bathrooms to clean walls, floors and everything in between. Also use it outside in the spring to clean up flower pots, patio furniture and patio pavers.

  39. Nicole S.

    I have lots of luck getting out stains and clothes with grease or other stains with Spot Shot which is a carpet cleaner but I get pure axle grease out with this stuff. Peroxide will take blood out of clothes and I pour and rub and keep this up until the stain is almost gone then throw in the wash. If you ever burn a pot that is stainless you can put pure sudsy ammonia in the pot and take it outside and pour some in a garbage bag and tie the bag up and leave for a couple of days and the burnt will easily come out after that. My mother was great at getting out stains and taught me this.

  40. Lee Ann

    I’ve notice many comments about the smell, which I completely agree is horrible! BUT IT IS RECOMMENDED TO BE DILUTED. So if the smell is bothersome to u, I would recommend trying it diluted.

  41. Janet Pfizenmaier

    We use Awesome cleaner for everything around the house and outside the house too. It takes stains off our camper awning. Spray, scrub, and bug and leaf stains come right out.

  42. Roxy

    The orange degreaser spray at Dollar Tree is pretty good too. Not just for super greasy pans, but for cleaning stains on carpets, cleaning your car etc

  43. dealhousewife

    Anyone try using it on Sharpie permanent marker? my little one got some on a green shirt and I can’t get it out. 🙁 I’ve heard to try rubbing alcohol, but that just made it bleed onto the back of the shirt. then a friend suggested oxygen bleach (powder), but that only made the color fade to a bluish green shirt. sigh…

  44. Dalo

    Can we use this on mattress stains?

  45. Hope

    Do you think it would get dried rubber cement glue out of carpet?

  46. Kristine Whiteley

    Best cleaner EVER! I live in dread fear that the Dollar Store will stop selling it!!!

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks Kristine! Yep, it’s great stuff!

  47. mary long

    is the dilution scale gallon to ounce

  48. Dawn

    Has anyone tried this on tent trailer canvas??

  49. Dale Dolloff

    I cant read my lable any more, it got distorted from the over spray hitting the bottle
    …. What is the diloution ratio for laundry use?

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It doesn’t specifically say laundry but it does show blanket wash as 5 parts water to 1 part cleaner.

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