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15 Hobby Lobby Savings Secrets You Must Know to Save BIG

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Hobby Lobby clearance tag

Updated July 22, 2019

When it comes to Hobby Lobby, I have a slight obsession… I love that store and can spend hours perusing their beautifully decorated aisles! In fact, I rarely walk out of the store without making a purchase, especially during a clearance event or when I have a 40% off coupon in tow!

If you also love shopping at Hobby Lobby and are looking for ways to get the most bang for your buck, be sure to check out these money-saving secrets before stepping foot inside their door.

1. Don’t shop without a 40% off coupon.

Hobby Lobby coupon signageNever, never, never pay full price! Hobby Lobby always offers coupons for 40% off ONE regular priced item, valid in-store (or you can apply the code online). To easily find the coupon, you can print it from their website or pull it up on the Hobby Lobby Mobile App and show it to the cashier at checkout.

Hobby Lobby couponPlus, if you’re planning to purchase multiple regular-priced items, consider printing off a couple of coupons and bringing your spouse or a family member along with you. The coupon is limited to one per customer per day. That means you can shop there every day with a 40% off coupon if you want!

Keep in mind that the 40% off coupon always excludes CRICUT products, candy & snack products, gum & mints,  gift cards, custom orders, labor, rentals, class fees, or items labeled “Your Price.”

2. Check out the 50% off weekly sales.

Hobby Lobby flyerEvery week there are new sales throughout the store, anywhere from 30-50% off. To see what’s on sale for 50% off that week, look for the ads at the front of the store, in newspaper circulars, on the website and/or on the Hobby Lobby Mobile App.

If you miss a sale, don’t worry – it will happen again soon! While the Cards & Party and Hobbies departments rarely go on sale, most other departments generally rotate every 2-4 weeks. Sign up for Hobby Lobby’s weekly email to learn about their sales as early as possible!

Route 66 clock at Hobby Lobby

3. Apply a coupon instead of a sale.

fabric bolts at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupons are not good on sale items. However, in the past, they’ve allowed customers to use their coupon instead of a sale price. According to our recent conversation with a customer service representative, Hobby Lobby will still allow you to do this across every category except furniture.

If an item in the weekly ad is on sale for 30% off, you can ask a cashier to void the sale price and ring it up at the full price. Then hand over a 40% off coupon and you’ll have saved yourself an additional 10%!

Hip Tip: Be sure to check with your local Hobby Lobby to make sure they’re honoring this practice, as we hear that not every store is doing so.

4. Save BIG on fabric purchases.

Hobby Lobby associate rolling fabric bolt

Certain fabrics are always 30% off at Hobby Lobby, and the best part about buying fabric is that you can follow tip #3 above to get 40% off your purchase – AND the coupon is actually valid for a single cut of fabric, up to 10 yards!

That means if you order 10 yards of a single fabric, the entire amount will be discounted at 40% off. If you order over 10 yards, only the first 10 yards will be discounted, and the remainder will be full price.

Remember – since you can use one 40% off coupon per person per day, consider making multiple trips or taking a few people with you until you have all the fabric you need for your project.

5. Head to the clearance aisle FIRST.

Hobby Lobby clearance section

The first place you should head to when stepping foot inside the store is the famous clearance aisle. You’ll find many discontinued and/or possibly damaged items with discounts up to 90% off or more! Items that are discontinued usually start at 40% off, whereas damaged items can be 50-90% off.

Depending on your store, they will go through the clearance aisle every 6-8 weeks and mark everything currently on the wall an additional 40% off whatever the current price is. Big savings!

Hobby Lobby clearance price tagsOne of the easiest ways to see if you’re getting a good discount and/or how many times the item has been marked down is to check and see how many clearance stickers are stacked on top of each other.

6. Know when to shop for seasonal items.

90% off clearance at Hobby Lobby

When the seasonal items hit the shelves at Hobby Lobby, it isn’t long before they go on sale. The major seasonal items (i.e. Spring, Summer, Easter, Fall, & Christmas) start at 40% off and usually stay there until it gets very close to the holiday, with the exception of candy items (which don’t go on sale).

50% off Easter clearance at Hobby LobbyBUT, as the holiday draws closer, the discount will reach up to 50% off. The exception is the Christmas department, where select items will usually reach 66% off several days before Christmas. After the holiday is over, these seasonal items go on clearance from 66% to 80%, and then eventually a whopping 90% off. Note that candy items only go on sale whenever they hit these clearance aisles.

Valentine clearance at Hobby LobbyFor other minor holidays (including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween), these items start on sale at 30% off and sometimes don’t go any cheaper until after the holiday. If you’re planning to purchase these items before the holiday, it’s best to use a 40% off coupon instead of the 30% off sale.

To get the most bang for your buck, plan to purchase holiday items for the next holiday season AFTER they’ve gone on clearance (yep, that means possibly buying Easter items in June!).

7. Shop during 90% off Home Accents events.

90% off home accent sale at Hobby LobbyTwice a year, Hobby Lobby marks down their home accents items, starting at 50-66% off and eventually reaching 90% off. Usually, the first sale starts after Christmas and reaches 90% off around February. The second sale starts around Mother’s Day and reaches 80-90% off in late June or July.

8. Ask for discounts on damaged items.

Hobby Lobby furniture sale itemsIf you find an item that is slightly damaged, you may be able to ask for an additional 10-15% off discount. Keep in mind that damaged items on the clearance wall are usually priced low because of the damage, but if you find an item that’s not properly marked, you can politely ask for a discount.

9. Keep your receipts for price adjustments.

Hobby Lobby return policyHobby Lobby does have a 14-day price adjustment policy, so if you purchase an item and then it goes on sale within two weeks after your purchase, you can get an adjustment. BUT, you will need to return to the store WITH the item and the receipt within 14 days of the purchase to receive the adjustment.

Not satisfied with your purchase? With a receipt, Hobby Lobby will gladly exchange the merchandise, give a store credit, or issue a refund within 90 days of purchase, based on the original method of payment. Even without a receipt, you’ll get a store credit on the lowest selling price in the last 60 days.

10. Don’t shop on truck delivery day.

Hobby Lobby carts filled with seasonal summer items

Each store gets one truck per week, so be sure to contact your local store to confirm which day they receive their truck deliveries. You may be tempted to shop on this day to see what new goodies hit the shelves, but keep in mind that the store will be crowded with boxes and loaded carts, and the employees will be in a rush trying to get the inventory on the shelves in a timely manner.

Hobby Lobby associate at work

Although this will vary by location, rumor has it that Saturdays are generally the busiest day to shop, then Fridays, then Monday mornings. Tuesday is calling my name!

11. Browse the competitor’s ads first.

Michael's flyer

Hobby Lobby does honor competitors’ ads in-store, but only if a specific price is listed in the ad and if they stock the exact same item (excluding Holiday doorbuster ads, Cricut, Silhouette, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, Simplicity & McCall’s patterns, clearance, and closeout items).

However, they don’t honor competitors’ percent off ads/coupons, and you cannot use a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon with a price match. Be sure to do the math to make sure you’re getting the best price.

12. Create a FREE account & wish list.

coffee sign at Hobby Lobby

If you find items that you’d love to receive as a gift for Christmas, wedding, birthday, or special occasion, create a FREE Hobby Lobby account and add items to your wish list. You can then easily share your list with family and friends via email. Plus, by signing up for an account, you’ll be the first to receive a Weekly Ad, special promotions, coupons, fun project ideas, and store news.

Springfield collection doll

Hip Tip: If you know an American Girl fan who wants an authentic American Girl doll but it’s not in the budget, no worries! Hobby Lobby sells these similar Springfield Collection dolls for $21.99 (just $13.19 after using a 40% off in-store coupon)! Add these dolls to your Hobby Lobby wishlist!

13. Get an extra 10% off if you’re a charitable organization.

Wooden apple for teacher and Cricut machine

If you work for a school, church, or national charitable organization and are interested in purchasing items in bulk (T-shirts, crafts, etc), Hobby Lobby gives a 10% in-store discount for your entire purchase made with an organizational check or credit card – including sale items! Be sure to contact your local store manager in regard to obtaining this discount.

14. Earn points with the Rewards Credit Card.

Hobby Lobby Visa Rewards signageIf you shop at Hobby Lobby regularly, you may want to consider opening up a Hobby Lobby Rewards VISA Credit Card. With their VISA Credit Card, you’ll earn five points for every $1 spent in-store or online (that’s essentially 5%!) and one point for every $1 spent on groceries, gas, and anything else where VISA is accepted.

Hobby Lobby gift cardsEven better, after activating your new account, you’ll earn a one-time 1,000 point bonus when you make a purchase with your VISA card within 90 days of opening your account. Every 2,500 points earns you a $25 Hobby Lobby Rewards Card! Although there is no annual fee associated with this credit card, be sure to pay off your statement in full to avoid the 15.24% to 26.24% APR.

15. Consider working where you love to shop.

Hobby Lobby employment applicationIf you’re looking to earn a little spending money to shop at Hobby Lobby, you may consider applying for a full or part-time job doing what you love! In addition to not having to work on Sundays and stores closing at 8 PM, employees get an extra 15% discount on top of all sales, clearance, and coupons!

Hobby Lobby sign with employee benefitsAnd, did you know that Hobby Lobby pays their full-time employees more than double the national minimum wage rate of $7.25/hour? Currently, the minimum wage for hourly and full-time employees is at least $15.70 per hour and $10.45 per hour for part-time employees. Not too shabby!

See all the latest Hobby Lobby deals right here!

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Comments 46

  1. Vicki

    ‘Stepping food inside the door’? I didn’t know you could eat food in there. Lol.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      LOL – whoops! Thanks for catching that 😉

    • Deanna

      Lol. Saw that too

  2. Amy

    I love love love Hobby Lobby. These are great tips!

  3. Jen

    Mardel is also a wonderful religious based store owned by the son Mart that started Hobby Lobby. They are a great family that really seems to care about their customers and employees.

  4. Shannon

    I love hobby lobby but I don’t know about working there. My friend just quit her job there because they treated her really badly.

  5. Tammie W

    Does any one know if Girl Scout troops would receive the extra 10 percent off discount?

    • kara

      They do! We buy things for our troop. Bring your tax exempt card and it will take a few minutes to fill out the paperwork. (I did it at the register while checking out)

  6. Nikki

    All of their Paper Studio items were all 50% off last week. I was able to get really cute stickers for the kids’ table for Easter!

  7. Chels

    Allow a ton of time to check out, their system is keying each code in by hand! No scanners! Yes, every single craft page or flower for that person ahead of you. Drives me insane!!!!

    • Dee

      They scan everything at my store. Maybe there’s a different one near you that you could try?

    • Lexi

      My store puts the codes in manually as well. I bought quite a few things over the last few weeks for a party. After the party I had some items to return and it was a pain going through all the receipts trying to figure out what was what since a lot of items share the same general codes

  8. Kathryn K

    thanks for info on the app. now i don’t have to print a coupon on take paper coupon always.

  9. adk

    It’s just a bummer 95% of their stuff is made in China. So yeah it’s “affordable” but it certainly won’t last long. Plus you’re still paying a ton for something made with cheap labor. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. I love their stuff. Just not where it comes from.

    • Whitney

      I don’t shop there for political/moral reasons as I disagree with their stance on things, but I was in there once years ago and it’s a fun store. My sister loves it but I just resist temptation by not going in lol.

      • Bonnie Avery

        I stay away for same reasons. I suspect they don’t value women much.., so they won’t get this woman’s $$

        • Jo jo

          You SUSPECT they don’t value women? On what basis?

          • Donna

            First and foremost they deny women birth control health insurance.

            • VW

              Nope, not true. My birth control was covered when I worked there. And I never heard or experienced anything less than respect and positivity toward all of us – women, men, people of varying religion, age, race, beliefs, etc. They have core beliefs, which are fine even if I don’t agree with them, but are accepting of everyone.

      • Kristen

        Same here. I opt for Michael’s and the Christmas Tree shop/and That! since they carry most of the same things — a plus being that Christmas Tree Shop can have the exact same item, but at a great price. Though I am glad they pay their folks better than minimum.

  10. Anne

    I think this store is AMAZING and I shop there because I do agree with their stance of valuing ALL lives and I appreciate that!! I will intentionally shop there for those reasons, but they make it SO EASY because they have awesome items and prices!!

  11. Christina

    I’ve asked about voiding the 30% off fabric, being charged full price and using the coupon and they refused. The cashier asked the manager and she told me absolutely not, and her words were “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard, why the H*LL would we do that?”……That was the last time I shopped there. Not because they wouldn’t do it, but because of the manager’s attitude, and the way I was talked to.

    • Phe

      That’s terrible that they treated you that way! Thank you for the heads up

  12. Jae

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up! Hobby Lobby has changed the policy on using a coupon on furniture and plants that are always 30% off. You are NO longer able to use a coupon instead. The 30% off is the only discount allowed unless an item is damaged which is given by manager discretion.

    • Phe

      That’s terrible that they treated you that way! Thank you for the heads up.

    • Phe

      Sorry, posted to wrong comment …

  13. Katie

    I tried to do the 40% off coupon with the furniture by asking them to sell it full price and then allow the coupon, and I was told that they recently changed the coupon policy so doing that wasn’t allowed anymore:[

  14. Melanie

    Question: When buying more than 1 item, do you get to choose which item you want to use the 40% off coupon when you check out or does it pick the cheapest item you have?

    • Phe

      They choose the highest priced item.

  15. Helen Castro

    thank you for a wonderful experience every time I am in your stores, starting with the music. God bless you and your entire organization. Have a blessed Christmas.

  16. Beverly

    Husband just shared a paragraph from a book today about how the founder and owner is so generous with charities. God bless him. I love the fact that Hobby Lobby and Chick fil A still allow their employees the opportunity to observe Sunday as they choose.

  17. Kathy

    I enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby. They usually have everything I need to complete my project plus I Always find so many things I didn’t know I needed or wanted!

  18. Jo jo

    Praise God for a company that still believes in having morals, saving unborn babies, that ALL people matter, and aren’t afraid to honor God.

    • Mandy

      These are the same people who spend millions every year buying full page newspaper ads telling us that America is a Christian nation. Nothing about the benefits of religion or even touting Christianity as the best religion. More like “Christians rule, the rest of you drool.” That would be ALL people who happen to belong to their club.

    • Donna

      This company has made its fortune by exploiting workers in third world countries. I will respect their morals when they pay an honest wage for quality merchandise and display “American made” on the merchandise sold in their stores. I must have missed all of the articles published on “saving unborn babies”. All I’ve heard about is their policy of denying female employees birth control health insurance. I can only guess the amount of money this policy has saved them. Based on that policy I’m not really buying your “ALL lives matter” statement. I do agree they aren’t afraid to honor God…as long as it benefits them. I support your right to have and express your opinion. I pray you do the same for me and all others who express an opinion differing from yours.

      • Cathy Miller

        “All I’ve heard about is their policy of denying female employees birth control health insurance” Really??? I’m guessing you watch the wonderful, truth telling CNN and/or MSNBC. Bless your heart…

  19. Kathleen S. Rigsby

    FYI. just had to do! Jo-Ann’s had a REAL BOGO on Cricut recently. The ad didn’t specifically say only certain particular items. So I got $400 of Cricut for under $200 and I don’t even have a new style Cricut yet. Mine is from 2010. The manager was so nice, i baked some Mrs. Fields cookies for him. Waiting for you to find me a an Explorer II in sky/turquoise blue for $150??? Thank you for being such a great help.

  20. Carol Hoskins

    I put in application left it with young lady at the register,I have not heard back from anyone. The HobbyLobby here In Elizabeth City

  21. Nerdy Mommy

    Great tips. Thanks. Gotta love Hobby Lobby’s coupon and clearence aisle!

  22. Mari

    I think this is a fabulous store i can always count on them having exactly what i am looking for! If you have to be so political on where you won’t shop then stay out of hobby lobby they dont need your business anyway!!!

    • Donna

      Hmm. Just wondering if HB agrees with your statement.

  23. Amanda

    They have a clearance store in the Oklahoma City area named basket market. It’s awesome

  24. Christine Trebendis

    I recently special ordered 60 yards of fabric (6…10 yard bolts) for a wedding. I was able to use the 40% coupon on the entire order. In the end, we only used 4 bolts. I was able to return the 2 unused bolts with no problem at all. Thank you Hobby Lobby!

  25. HML

    Things that have changed in store since this was originally posted, some have already been pointed out:
    2) The 50% Home Decor Sale is different
    3) You can only replace a 30% off sale with a 40% coupon if it isn’t an exclusion on either the 30% tag, the coupon, or a yellow “Your Price” ticket.
    3) Only certain fabric is always on sale, but about once a month all fabric does go on sale.
    11) Hobby Lobby does not honor competitor’s ads and/or coupons.

  26. HobLob

    You can no longer use the 40% coupon in lieu of another sale.

    Also I don’t think the Hobby Lobby Card still exists. I may be wrong, but I haven’t see any lately.

    Other than that your spot on. 😀

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the helpful comment! We’ll be sure to look into it and make any necessary updates!

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