WOW! One Year Sam’s Club Membership, $20 Gift Card, Rotisserie Chicken, Rolls & Pie ONLY $45

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If you’ve been considering a Sam’s Club Membership, now is the time!

Through June, 11th, head here, sign up for a new One Year Sam’s Club Membership and score a FREE $20 gift card, FREE Rotisserie Chicken, FREE Rolls, and FREE Apple Pie!

You will receive your $20 gift card at the time your membership card is issued (limit one gift card per primary member) and the free food offers mentioned above will be automatically loaded to your membership account within 24 hours after joining and the offers will be valid for 30 days thereafter.

Buy One Year Sam’s Club Membership $45 
Get a Free $20 Sam’s Club Gift Card
Get a Free Rotisserie Chicken ($4.98 value)
Get a Free package of rolls ($5.98 value)
Get a Free Apple Pie ($8.98 value)
Final Cost JUST $45 for annual membership, $20 gift card and $20 in free food!

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Comments 106

  1. Jer

    I have a Costco membership is it a waste of money to have a Sam’s Club membership as well? I have never shopped at Sams club.

    • Andrea

      Just my opinion but I prefer Costco. Sams just seems like Walmart to me with nothing really special. Costco seems to have things that you can’t find at any other store. The sales seem better to me too. My sams club membership just ended and I chose not to renew.

    • KP

      I have both and get my money’s worth of membership by knowing which products to buy at each location and taking advantage of instant savings. If you know what items you are interested in, you can look up almost all items online for Sams Club because of their click n pull option and see if it would be a good fit for you. I find I prefer Costco food items and Sams for paper/cleaning products.

      Slightly off topic though- has anyone seen one of these deals for Costco recently? I have been fortunate to get one the past few years but haven’t seen one recently and my membership is about to expire.

    • Suzanne

      My favorite by far is Costco, but you can get some good deals at Sams. I got a Sams membership during a past similar promo because Discover offered then, as they do now, 5% off off Sam’s Club purchases for April through June 2018. Great for stocking up on gift cards that Sam’s sells.

    • carol

      I have costco is closer to me about 10 min away. But I prefer to go to Sams club it’s 50 minutes away but I love to stock up with their items. I find better deals and not everything is in bulk. I compared prices and find costco a little more pricier per unit on some of the items.

    • Johnathon Perkins

      I have had both desperately and up to a couple years ago had both of those cards plus a BJ’s card. There are great sales from all of them. I like Sam’s ground round chicken breasts are about 10 to 20 cents cheaper; however Costco has great things too. I have bought my GPS from Costco cheaper, they have a fantastic candy selection at Christmas plus other things. I use to spend a bout 600.00 a month for a family of six. I would usually get fresh vegetables cheaper a Costco. B’s usually cheaper on gallons of milk can vegetables. All have there good points especially at holidays

  2. Ihearthip

    Some items are cheaper at Sams but there seems like fewer in the pack. I love both but I think my fave is Sams

  3. Cindy

    Does Costco ever offer deals like this? Seems like I only see Sams offers. Sam’s is so far out of the way for me, it’s not worth it for me.

    • Katie

      I believe a similar deal is offered for costco through livingsocial but not very often.

  4. Jess

    Is this also for existing members who need to renew their membership?

    • Arianne

      I’m wondering the same? Mine expired a week ago. :/

    • hellfire gainz

      I rotate years. First year I sign up, next year my husband signs up, and so on and so forth this way you are a new membership each time to take advantage of this great offer.

      • nicole

        Are you the secondary member on the year after you were the primary? (I’d like to do the deal, but my husband would never actually do the shopping)

        • charliesandwallysmommy

          I’m primary one year
          Then secondary next
          Alternate w husband

        • hellfire gainz

          He just needs to go to be primary the year you arent. He never has to shop because you will hold the second card holder. He just has to go in and get his picture taken.

          • Dawn Hoffer

            If we alternate every other year do we will need to go in and get cards every year?

    • Vanessa

      I’d like to know too, cause my membership expires this month.

      • Nisha

        Yes, my mom and I rotate and I was primary last year and secondary this year! HTH:)

  5. Lee

    My husbands membership doesn’t expire until August. Should i register for membership under my name since it’s a good deal or do you think there will be another deal like this when August comes?

    • Ashley

      They do these deals about every other month it seems.

  6. Kristy

    How long must my membership be expired before I can qualify for this deal? My membership expired at the end of January and I’ve been waiting for a renewal deal but haven’t found one.

    • Kelly H

      I just switch back and forth each year between my name and my husband’s name and email address. There has never been an issue and we do the “additional cards” in our name.

      If it is just you, I would think if you have a separate email address, just use that and you would be fine.

    • Karen

      Mine expired in January & was able to do this in March.

  7. Shey

    I did this deal awhile back and memberships has always been in my name so I just put the deal membership in my hubby name with me as the free add on,worked out great. I will reverse next year if they do the deal again lol

  8. Clare

    To get this deal, do you use the $45 deal on the far right at the bottom or the renewal at the top?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! Are you clicking through the link above to grab the offer? You will enter you email address, receive an offer code and then take that into your local Sam’s to grab the offer. Hope this helps!

  9. Cyndu

    Has anyone tried to do ibotta and checkout 51 deal with this? Did it work? Ty

  10. Proud mama

    Do they really check if you own a business for business membership? I tried to fill out the application and they seems to just asking the business name. Anyone know?

    • Cristine

      I think you need a tax ID number but I’m not 100% sure.

      • Mamarenie

        You can buy a business membership without a business in central Indiana. I’m sure other sams would let you.

  11. gatormomx2

    Both Sams Club and BJs offer military discounts on your regular membership.
    You have to ask for it and probably does not apply to these special deals.
    I am not a fan of Sams Club although we keep the membership for some reason.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback!

  12. gatormomx2

    I have a business membership and Sams has never asked for proof. I do own a business and would be glad to show them but – no questions. The only advantage I see with Business is you can shop earlier than regular Club members.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Good to know!

    • Mindy

      you can get discount using business membership to fill prescription if you don’t have insurance or drug is not covered by insurance, but plus membership gives much better discount on prescription.

  13. alyssaborgrud

    Just signed up. Thanks, Collin!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome!

  14. Trisha

    Is this for a regular membership or a plus?

    • Chris

      The fine print says for Sams Savings membership…which is the regular one. I would be interested to know if anyone was able to renew at the Plus level for this price though!

  15. Diane

    Thanks Collin. I signed up and was given a $25 gift card rather than the $20. Score!

    • Lou

      I got a $25 gift card too! Thanks!

      • llc

        So I noticed it will set you up for auto renew. You have to go into account later to change it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh awesome! YW!

    • Cyndu

      Did you sign up online or walk in to store?.

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You sign up online through the link above, receive the email with the offer code and bring that in to your local Sam’s. Hope this helps!

    • Natalya

      I signed up online and there was a message on top “Join online now and get a free Sam’s Plus™ Membership upgrade, $25 eGift card, $20 in free fresh food items and $100 in new member Instant Savings*. I got $25.00 card too! Thank you so much, Collin!!! I was waiting for this deal for a long time 😉

      • mamasweetpea08

        wow. i didn’t do the last deal because I was holding out on the sams plus upgrade. my membership expires in a couple weeks. it would be great to get the upgraded offer with $25 egift. The link above doesn’t show it right off the page, but I navigated away to main sams page and went back to membership sign up page, and the message appeared on the very top. Just what I was waiting for! Thank you so much h2s and everyone for the heads up!

  16. llc

    It wont give me the deal (membership expired 5 months ago. I assume it has to be expired 6 months to work.

  17. Jill

    I got this deal last year with the plus membership and would like a deal for that again for deals with prescriptions

    • Natalya

      if you click on the link it will take you to Sam’s membership page. When you click on “join now” it will show a “free Sam’s Plus upgrade” message on the very top. Yes, it’s that kind of deal!

      • Suzya

        So you can get plus membership with this deal? I just payed $100 to renew my membership last week 😞

        • Natalya

          I don’t think it works with renewal though…

  18. Jer

    Can you get this deal in stores?

  19. jaci

    There’s a $10.00 back for Sam’s club on checkout 51 looks like new memberships on mine.

    • Natalya

      It’s only available in-store membership purchase.

  20. Kat

    I do not find anything in Ibotta for a rebate for buying a Sam’s club membership? Help please.

    • lisa

      Its for The app called Checkout 51

  21. Jer

    Kat- when you going to iBot in the search bar at the top just type in Sam’s Club and it should pop up ☺

  22. Shanshan

    Can you do a business membership with this offer?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! You could always call customer service to see if they might be able to help you grab that option. 888-746-7726
      Hope this helps!

  23. Char

    There aren’t any Sam’s Club near to me but I prefer Costco. However, one has to be careful about renewal for Costco because even if one renews later it retroactively applies the expiration date as the renewal date. A couple of years in a row I didn’t shop at Costco for a few months so I didn’t realize my membership had expired until I shopped but renewed at that time. My renewal seemed to arrive sooner than I expected. Then I read this:

    Memberships renewed within 2 months after expiration of the current membership year will be extended for 12 months from the expiration date. Memberships renewed more than 2 months after such expiration will be extended for 12 months from the renewal date. All renewals will be at the membership fee in effect on the date the membership fee is paid.

    It was more than 2 months but Costco only had extended it from the expiration date.

  24. Julie

    I love Walmart for most of my shopping… do I need Sams Club in my life? If it means more money in my pocket, I’m in… is it worth it? Or is Walmart just as good?

    • jslandi75

      They’re owned by the same company but if you buy in bulk you’ll get better deals than at Walmart

  25. ruch

    i don’t see the rotiseerie, and food stuff in my account. I got the egift card to my mail though. where do I check for the free food stuff

    • charliesandwallysmommy

      It sometime takes a day or 2 to show up

  26. Amy

    We have had both Sam’s and Costco till my husband recently cancelled Costco due to going round and round with a manager about a price change in a seasonal item, only $15. He insisted we had to return the item to get lower price. The item was still in the box but the box was very large and bulky, it could have been done but it was more the point and how manager responded. My husband had been a member since it was originally Price Club, not sure exactly how long but I’m guessing more than 20 yrs, he and I had been members since 2001. I will have to say, I like Costco because they do have different items than Sam’s, especially jewelry and seasonal items but Sam’s Club has a great customer service and their online shipped to your door is wonderful! Another plus is that they do offer Military discount on membership and that is a great perk, Costco does not. Seems to me here in NC that gas prices at Sam’s also are better. Just my opinion on the two. I believe you can do guest passes for both to compare.

    • Suzya

      Hi, do you know the military discount amount? I’m so bummed I just renewed plus membership for full price.

    • Jes

      Seasonal item price change? Most places won’t do price changes on seasonal items. I used to work retail- people would bring in their stuff at the end of the season to either return and buy back at a lower price or try to get a price adjustment. I often had people made because we instilled a policy saying you couldn’t buy back an item you just returned – I’m sure this wasn’t the case in your situation.

  27. charliesandwallysmommy

    Is this plus or regular

  28. Allison

    Sams also offers free flat repairs if you are a member!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the heads up Allison! Good to know!

  29. klb1989

    does the egift come right away?? I accidentally put down a wrong email address (I typed in an extra letter) Hope I didn’t botch my chance at the $20 gift card….

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! I received it within just a few minutes. Be sure to check your spam, junk or promotions folders of your email to see if it might have landed there. Hope this helps!

  30. Amanda

    Is there a way to know when our free gifts are added to our card?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      The free food offers will be automatically loaded to your membership account within 24 hours after joining and the offers will be valid for 30 days. 🙂 Hope this helps!

    • Julie

      I received the gift card, but still have not seen the other rewards. Where should I be looking?

      • Ashley

        I just looked under my instant savings tab on my acct. (When you sign in on-line) theu are automatically added to your acct

  31. Bec

    I can’t find the link for the free upgrade to the plus membership. Any tips on where to find it?

      • Bec

        Does it show up after you checkout? It’s not working for me.

        • Julie M

          It was showing at the top of the page when I was on Internet explorer earlier today but it is still showing at the top page when I go thru Firefox as of a moment ago

      • Bec

        It worked, thanks so much!

        • Julie M

          Take a screenshot of the Plus upgrade promo to show customer service if your account doesn’t upgrade automatically in 24hrs. I received the $25 gift card within a few minutes but I believe the upgrade happens within 24rs or needs to be done manually and instant savings should be added within 24 hrs as well

        • Julie M

          Your welcome. Glad I could help

  32. Alli

    Awesome, I received a $25 gift card and the offers for free food. It’s like paying for food and getting the membership for free since I would buy those things anyways. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! You’re so welcome Alli!

  33. karen

    does sam’s club take manufacturing coupons?

    • Chris

      No, Sam’s does not accept coupons 🙁

    • Natalya

      I brought some coupons one time to Sam’s 13 years ago 🙂 and was told that “it’s a warehouse (wholesale) store and they don’t accept coupons”. 🙁

  34. Christin

    So, I think I bought this a few days ago? But I don’t see a charge on my credit card and didn’t get anything in my email (I may have mispelled it?). How long did it take for everyones $45 charge to show up and get the email? TIA

  35. Jean

    I wish I would have held out to purchase a membership. I purchased Groupon’s deal a couple months ago. $35 and a free $10 gift card. Oh well.

  36. Ashley

    I got a $25 gift card instead of $20, did not get the chicken or rolls added to my acct. but did get the Apple pie added. BUT, I got a giant pack of paper towels (a $20 deal) for free! So I’ll take it! It ended up being a better deal for me, it’s just weird how that happens!

  37. Karen Martin

    Does anyone know for sure if the free chicken, pie and dinner roll offers are good for 30 days from the date of membership purchase? I’m just asking because someone at Sam’s had told me they were only good for 14 days, but I would like to wait a little longer to redeem them if I can.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I still find the details to list: “Instant Savings offers are valid for 30 days”. You can find that stated when clicking through the link above and reading through the fine print on the bottom of the page. Maybe print that out and take it in store with you. Hope this helps!

  38. karleemar

    Perfect, thank you for your help!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome!

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