Lowe’s: 10% Off Military Discount Now Valid Both Online AND In Store

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Calling all current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces!

Head over here, sign up for a free MyLowe’s account and enroll for a 10% off military discount valid both in store AND online. Keep in mind that this military discount applies to active duty military, veterans of the US armed forces and/or immediate family members.

After registering, qualifying military members will score a 10% discount everyday on eligible purchases ONLINE at Lowes.com or in store when using your MyLowe’s account – excludes gift cards and installation fees. AND all MyLowes card members can take advantage of free parcel shipping for online orders.

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  1. Katharine

    I know The Home Depot offers 10% off on purchases by showing your military id, year round. I thought Lowe’s does as well?

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Hi there! I believe that the exciting part is that you can now score the 10% off military discount when making online purchases! In the past, the discount has only been available for in store purchases.

      • Jesse Sexton

        I shop Lowe’s almost weekly and have Military discount. However I am looking at the website of the store I shop and it clearly says “Military discount is for instore purchases only”.

        • Brian W

          You are right Lowe’s no longer offers a 10 per cent discount for online orders. In store purchases only. Not very friendly to us veterans.

          • Ryan Robinson

            I just ordered a gun safe that was online. Entered my Lowe’s card ID and got the 10% off. That was two weeks ago in February 2021.

        • Steve

          Just logged in to my account (1/19/2020), added an item and it shows Mil discount in cart. My account is verified Mil status. So yes, Lowes does give mil discount for “eligible” items online. HD does not, yet…?

          • Stephen

            Yep…verified service and my discount is showing online today.

    • Denise

      They do. My fiancee just shows his military id

      • Rob

        not anymore you have to have registered and carry the card/member number. I was just there two days ago. They couldn’t even look up my phone number on the system….new program. I am registered but didn’t have my number on me. Love Corporate ideas that make it more difficult for users.

        • Ed Brown

          Just bring in proof ONE time, they make it part of your phone number in the system. Never be asked to show your ID again. Just say, I’ve got a phone number for my military discount. Never be questioned again. It’s the best. I prefer it to the feeling I get when I go to Home Depot and have to ask and prove my ID like I’m begging for something. This system is more secure from theft for Lowes and more dignified for veterans.

          • c

            NO they do not. There is NO link to your phone number for military discount, not in Everett Washington. I was told we had to apply AND provide proof of discharge papers. I have a current valid military ID and could NOT get a discount for a $3000 online purchase. I am DONE with lowes.

          • Brian W

            Lowes started asking for a driver’s license as proof of identity. They will no longer accept just your phone number. I guess too many people abused the system. This is just further harassment for us war veterans.

            • Kristin

              We use our phone number all the time for military discount.

    • Molly

      Last two times I was there, only certain items were discounted for me after showing my ID. I asked and they confirmed. I spent $80 but only saved 80 cents….? Think I’ll shop at Lowes if they discount the whole order.

      • Kcmiami

        We’ve had the same experience. Home Depot seemed very particular about what they would offer the discount on, but lowes has never told us no on an item yet. Thank you lowes for now offering online too!!

      • Tamara

        Yes home depot only gives the military discount ONLY on regular price items.

        • D. Scott

          And they don’t give it to all veterans, only those who retired or have a military disability

        • Arnold

          My store honors 10% disc on regular, sale AND clearance merchandise
          Frederick, MD
          West Patrick Store
          No online discount though

      • Edward Guerrero

        HD only offers military discount to active, retired, and disabled vets. Lowes offers a military discount to ANY and ALL veterans who were honorably discharged, just need proof, like your DD-214. I know some ‘normal’ veterans who get a discount at Home Depot by showing a military I.D. like a V.A. ID card, but that’s because the cashier doesn’t know the store policy. I ‘think’ I saw also, where it’s up to the store manager.

    • Mark

      Yeah they used to but when I bought a 1200 dollar hot water heater all of a sudden I needed to do an online verification and still haven’t seen my discount returned.

  2. Katrina

    We have saved so much on our home improvements using the discount for veterans! Love Lowe’s!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear you have been able to snag the savings Katrina!

  3. Jer

    This is absolutely wonderful! Such a big help! Thank you so much for posting!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome!

  4. Jennifer Budinger

    Yay! We live 45 minutes from Lowes and often make the trip for the discount, but now we can order online too! Thanks for all you do!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  5. Mom

    Sure wish they would do something like this for law enforcement officers!

  6. AT

    Not sure how to enroll for discount when already logged into my MyLowes account… Im only seeing option to sign up as a NEW MyLowes member.
    Anyone figure it out?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi there! After signing in to your account it should then bring up the registration form. If you don’t see that, click through the first link listed in the bottom paragraph of the post and scroll down to the bottom left blue box where it lists the Military discount. Click there and you should be able to enter in your information. The discount will then automatically apply at checkout. Hope this helps!

      • Robin Mains

        We were just told that that does not apply to appliances. Do you mean to sell appliances or all appliances? Is there an item limit like up to $500? I am so confused now

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re right. I do see that exclusion listed in the details as I read through them now. I’m wondering if that might be a newer change as my dad had previously been able to use his discount on a washer and dryer not too long ago. Hope this helps!

        • George Cunningham

          If I buy a1800 refrigerator do l get the military discount on the first $500?

    • Don Shirer

      I have been registered at a store for several years and have made recent purchases at the store and received the military discount. Tried to order on line and told that I had to reregister via this other company. Lowe’s needs to get its act together.

  7. Kim

    According to my store, you do not have to have a myLowes account, just show a valid military ID. My state has a military ID you can obtain at the driver’s license office when you take in your DD214 discharge papers as proof of service. You can also use your ID from the V.A.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Kim! You would need to register in order to receive the discount online. Hope this helps!

    • Lala

      By July all military at all Lowes stores will be required to have their military ID linked to their Mylowes card.
      If you are having difficulty in doing this, feel free to go to the service desk and they can do the process for you.
      I work the service desk at Lowes and we have been assisting quite a few customers in getting this requirement accomplished.

      • Suzy

        Hi Kim, can you verify how you accomplish this task?

        Are you entering the info into the third party website to make verification, or are you just using the military identification to verify and provide the card to your customers? I was told by corporate that if I went into the store they would process without the third party website and I am looking for clarification of the process in store. Thanks in advance.

        • Suzy

          OOPS! That question above was for Lala, not Kim.

      • DougW

        I tried getting verified online and I have a MyLowes account. Verification will not work for me even though I entered my info correctly.

      • Arnold

        No need to cart along my DD214 to get my 10% discount at HD OR apply for the credit card. I just present my Army ID.
        No fuss NO hassle. I don’t even bother with Lowe’s

        • Arnold

          What field?

  8. Mike

    I just wanted to let you know anyone can purchase a 10% off Lowes coupon on eBay for about $1 each, with instant delivery to your inbox. You can do it right in the store and have the emailed coupon immediately for use at checkout. I do it all the time, and last weekend we spent $300 and saved $30 (or $29 since we had to spend $1 for the coupon).

    • Holly

      Can the coupon be used online?

      • Mike

        Absolutely! They are single use coupons that can be used online or in store.

    • jamie

      Yes, we do this too! I had a $15 off $50 in store purchase that I got off of eBay. That’s like a 30% savings off of $50… 🙂

  9. Imsofrugal

    I have (2) $10 off $50 to Lowes. Expires May 11th. I’ll take $2 PayPal. Email me: imsofrugal at hotmail dot com

  10. John

    I wish stores would offer something for people in law enforcement too..

    • Art

      And every other career. They have to draw the line somewhere.

    • Kelly

      Something to consider: folks in the military are forced to move every 2-3 years and frequently have to re-buy the right size or number of window coverings to match whatever temporary home they’re in; new trash cans because the under the sink one that worked at the last place now has a disposal in the way; a totally different style of baby gate because the stairs are different, wider, or any number of configurations; new cleaning supplies because the movers can’t move liquids…
      I’m grateful for anyone who serves this country, but sometimes military families endure a lot of extra little costs that the average homeowner doesn’t have to deal with and it’s awesome that Lowe’s and Home Depot help.

      • Suzy

        Thanks, not to mention the new furniture we had to buy because what we had didn’t work in the new space. I finally decided it wasn’t worth moving much furniture because I would have to find new furniture anyway.

  11. Suzy

    The only problem I have with this new way of getting the discount is they are using a third party to supposedly verify who you are. I don’t need to be on a third party list online showing I am military. I already talked to corporate about this, I find it to be to demanding of us to require us to relinquish control of our information.

    • DougW

      Yeah and the verification didn’t work for me and you only get so many tries at it.

  12. riss

    Our Lowe’s always give us discount even on sale items. We don’t need to sign up for a new account. Just show the cashier our military ID. Home Depot doesn’t offer 10% on sale item, and not all vets are qualified for the discount all year round. Some only get the discount on Memorial day and veteran’s day (at home depot)

    • Suzy

      Our Lowe’s has always been that way, just show your ID at the register. However, I was there last Sunday and the gal at the register asked me if I had a mylowe’s card. I told her no and did not want one. She told me she was giving me a sign up form anyway because starting tomorrow you have to have a mylowe’s card and be verified military online if you want the discount. This is why I called Lowe’s corporate regarding it. I made it clear that I wasn’t giving my info to some third party to verify our military. I said we have all the paperwork necessary to show it if needed, but I was not putting my information online to be on a list of military people. Especially to a third party. I’m going to talk to the manager of my local store next time I go in and see if I can get verified without them putting my info online. If they tell me no, I’ll start shopping at Home Depot instead. Now that is 28 miles away so I will need to do that when I head to what I call big town where they are. It will be inconvenient, but I won’t be giving away my privacy to them.

  13. Kris

    we have found pretty much everywhere has a military ID discount, all you have to do is ask? like my husband says .. it never hurts to ask. We saved 80.00 and free delivery on a mattress locally by just asking .. do you have a military discount? and they said oh, you should have told us that , we always forget !

  14. Mike

    People, just buy the dumb coupon for $1 on eBay and don’t worry about what career you’re working or giving your military status online or anything. Anyone can have this discount if you just buy the coupon for $1.

    • Suzy

      There are no guarantees those coupons are real. Why doesn’t Lowe’s offer the coupons? Why do you have to buy a coupon?

  15. Suzy

    I have now confirmed with the manager at my local store this morning if I want to get the 10% discount using the MyLowe’s card, and sign up in my local store, they will in fact go online and do the same steps I would be required at home on my computer. Which means to be on a third party website list that we are military. It isn’t going to happen for me, no way am I giving away that information to anyone.

    • Chip Welte

      It is a simple pre-verification process that makes sense…it provides one standard card for the cashier so that he she doesn’t have to discern what is valid or not. Also, most stores are going to self-serve check out, and it will be simple to interface this type of card with this self-serve process. I suspect there will be no way for me to jam my DD-14 into a self-service machine. I just signed up for the AAFES shopping experience (it will be open for veterans in Sept), and they required the same type of verification, as did Cabela’s.

  16. Seth

    I cant stand this new concept. Why is it that when I go to the counter I cant just get the discount there. I lost my lowes card awhile back and now everytime I go I have to use my phone number. Which means anyone within ear shot can use the discount and now has my phone number which only assists them with stolen identity cases.

  17. Pat

    I went to Lowes and showed my military ID and was denied. They told me that they only did it for Vetrens day only

  18. Frank Moynihan

    Yeah, I would rather shop somewhere that doesn’t use a “Gimmick” Like making you sign up for their card… I mean is this for the Veterans or for Lowes? Just sayin…

  19. Ray Ingram

    To receive the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must:

    Be currently serving in, or a veteran2 of the US armed forces or be the immediate family member3


    Enroll in the program online. Lowe’s uses a trusted third party to verify eligibility status for online enrollment and may require additional documentation or proof of eligibility.

    The Military Discount is established for personal purchases and cannot be used for previous sales or the purchase of gift cards or services4 including product installations. It cannot be used with any other offer, coupon, promotion, discount, Lowe’s Low Price Guarantee, special price programs such as Lowe’s volume or special discount programs or on LowesForPros.com purchases. Extended Protection Plans, fees or taxes are also excluded from the Military discount. Offer is not redeemable for cash, is nontransferable, cannot be combined with manager discretion price adjustments or Lowe’s credit discount offers, such as but not limited to, Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card 5% Off Every Day discount.

    We reserve the right to cancel or modify this program at any time at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to revoke enrollment status based on evidence of misuse.

    The above is copied directly from Lowes web site. Back in the middle of June I began receiving emails about signing up for Veterans 10% discount benefit that would automatically come up when I used my Lowes card at checkout without having to prove OVER and OVER that I was a “real” vet even though I have no Veterans ID card. The general public does NOT understand that you can be a “real” vet without having retired from the service —which are the ones with an ID Card. But I digress. I am fortunate enough that my state offers drivers licences that indicate that you are a “real” vet, and I had received the discount when I showed it at the checkout. NOW, since I completed all the red tape with Lowes big campaign about registering online and not have to show anything else in the future at checkout—-I have been unable 3 times to receive my veterans discount. Yep, had to dig out my DD-214 and enter specific date etc. off of it and was accepted and advised that anytime I used my Lowes card at checkout I would automatically receive the vets. discount of 10%. Well I promise you it has NOT worked yet in 3 different trips. The cashiers have NO clue when I ask about why I did not receive it or oh you did receive it. NO I DID NOT. I did receive a 5% on the items for using their credit card which ANYONE gets!!! I had some items that were discounted in the first 2 purchases so decided that was why I did not receive the veterans discount. Well, the 3rd trip and purchase I had nothing but regular priced items and still did NOT receive any 10% discount. I have tried to contact via email customer service for the last 4 days off of the Lowes website———guess what it is BROKE and could not contact them!!!!

    That is how I ended up here. I read most of your comments above and have had pretty much similar experiences. Also with the Home Depot deal I went through the checkout inline right behind a Retired Vet with and ID card who had NO problem getting his discount. When I asked for mine the cashier advised I had to have a military ID card and my drivers license was not acceptable to prove I am a VETERAN. NOT retired military, but a VETERAN of NAM.

    Seems like instead of making it easier to get our veterans discount, Lowes made it easier for them NOT to have to give the discount. I believed the regular VETS are getting shafted yet again. Lifers are ok but not someone that just served and got out.

  20. Charles Hudson

    I have been a loyal Lowes member since 2005. I have had 2 strokes since then and have a difficult time the new system for vets. I do not a new card. I spend quite a lot of cash every year and now I will spend it at Home Depot. It;s a little longer drive for me but I guess it won’t be as much hassle.

  21. raymond

    this is ridiculous my veteran id my veteran of foreign wars card and my american legion card is not enough for them. how do they think i got those if i wasn’t a vet now they are making us jump through hoops. to get the discount. nice way to thank me for my service lowes.

  22. Michael Beatty

    I tried to sign up for a lowes account and put in a password and it wouldn’t except it. I did it several times and wouldn’t except. Thank you

  23. Vincent Distefano

    A couple days ago went to the garden shop. and presented ,My Lowes card she said it didn’t take, she also said did you register for your military discount. If I didn’t how come I got the card. sorry try again on line. what a mess. if thats what it takes to get something done. buy following instruction as per Lowes. get Real. I will show my military I.D. card from now on. and stop pushing My Lowes card. if it don’t work right. read all others comments above from other Vets. I think Lowes is pushing Vets to Home Depot. no fuss just Military I.D. A REAL VET..3 wars. thank you.

  24. james coy

    At lowes you can no longer get the vets discount if you don’t join their mylows club, I have never wanted to join mylows, and don’t now.
    But they are trying to force us to do so, or we will lose our Vet’s discount; No one else has to, but Vets do.
    So I don’t think they are really trying to do anything for vets, this is for them not us.
    I have never liked someone trying to force me to do anything, so I will decline the offer and shop somewhere else.

  25. SGT E5

    MORE SNOOPING, FORMS, Etc……………………Proof of Military Service in on our State Drivers License…..
    Why more SNOOPING ??

  26. Doug Spencer

    I am Vietnam vet and appreciated the 10% discount that Lowe gave me. Purchased thousands of dollars at Lowes because of it. Asked my friends and family to give me Lowes Giftcards for Christmas and Birthdays. I have three or four hundred dollars in gift cards. Lowes changed their policy of you showing your Military Discharge papers and instead I registered with thier customer service desk. Their computer record shows I my military ID was verified, then activated and on the same day deactivated. What a hassle over an hour spent with customer service trying to buy something from them. I was told it takes time and the next time I came back it would be approved. 2 weeks later I came back for a small purchase. Again spent over an hour with customer service. They phoned Customer Service and were on hold for over 29 minutes and even they gave up. I asked for my Lowes gift cards to be cashed out so I could go to home depot and get a vet discount there. Customer service says they can only cash out cards if there is less than $10.00 on it. I pointed out I would not have asked for Lowes Gift Cards if I had known they were not going to honor their 10% discount to vets. A lady in customer service said she would take care of it and call me back. That was 3 days ago and I have not heard back. I do intend to go back and cash in those cards if Lowes continues to not honor their commitment to vets

  27. Doug Spencer

    Today I got corporate customer service on the phone and got the local Lowes on another phone both on speaker so they could work together to create a new account where my Military service was verified and this new account was activated. Hopefully I will be able to receive my military discount in the future. The corporate lady was very helpful.

  28. grover rollyson

    shopped at lowes yesterday (4/12/2018) cashier would not accept my military retired id card.
    was told i had to be registered. this was the first time i had been refused the discount.
    i refused to buy the products in the cart and left the store. if lowes don’t want my business, there are other stores that do.

  29. Susan Lopes

    Can I use my Lowe’s credit card and get 5% and also get the 10% veteran’s discount?

    • Dave

      Can’t use both and I think if you use your card it takes military discount out. It’s in their explanation of the new military discount under exceptions.

  30. Paul M

    As of June 1, 2019, the Lowe’s changed their policy on the military discount again. It’s available in store only and no longer available online.

  31. Ken Moore

    I was told at my local store on July 9, 2019 that when I come to pick up my online purchase made today on July 9, 2019 they will credit me with my military discount. I guess I will see then if that policy change mentioned above starting June 1, 2019 is accurate or the store employee at the main desk is. And I’m not sure how that discount would work if I had the item shipped to my home.

    It seems an odd and awkward way to handle the Lowes military discount that is quite good both in marketing and developing a loyal customer base. There should simply be a way during online checkouts that you can have the military discount from your MyLowes account added. In fact when I just purchased a combination electric hedge trimmer and pole chain saw package which was not available in the store I did it with through my MyLowes account on the computer on line. It was the only way to get the item.

    So I save 10% on each purchase I make, at least I am purchasing there very regularly and am a proponent and fan of Lowes. I can’t believe they are losing money on Military Discounts in the long run! And then there is always the Amazon Store!!

    I always have to remind myself however after my seven decades of life, that even in big, successful companies such as Lowes all of the executives are not the brightest and the best. Let’s see… how many companies have been run into the ground by faulty execs…remember Circuit City or Pennys anyone?

    I non longer shop at Home Depot, in large part to their lack of a simple, straightforward military discount (for example it applies locally only during special holidays only such as July 4…how ridiculous is that??). It would be a mistake if Lowes stated following suit with all kinds of caveats on their military discount. And where else do I regularly get thanked for my US Army service during the Vietnam War except at Lowes!

  32. Dave

    With the military discount in place, I could order, my wife, son, or daughter in law could pickup for me. I was denied the military discount on line today. Home Depot has had that policy for some time now. I am disabled and that will end any military discount without a lot of effort (Power chair). It was great while it lasted and I appreciated it.

  33. Gregory Blackman

    I have bought several items recently and have not been able to get the discount online. Just today I tried to buy a lawn mower and the discount did not show! Why?? Last month I bought a washer and dryer online and did not get the discount. I guess I need to start shopping around for the best price since I am not getting the discount.

    • Leslie

      It’s been changed to in store only.

  34. Lamisha

    Lowes no longer does military discounts online

    • Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Lamisha! I’m still finding that they offer the discount online!

  35. Paul M

    It looks Like Lowe’s has changed their policy again.

    As of today, the 10% military discount is available online.

    • Sargent USMC

      It looks like you don’t get a discount of it if it’s already a sale item. Prior to this ALL items were granted a military discount regardless of sale. Thanks, new lowes Upper management, for taking away our 10% discount. LOWES, Change your website information to reflect the change.

  36. Sargent USMC

    You don’t get a discount of it if it’s already a sale item. Prior to this ALL items were granted a military discount regardless of sale. Thanks, new lowes Upper management, for taking away our 10% discount. LOWES, Change your website information to reflect the change.


    I have signed up and recieved the discount But it seams to cap out at $500. It doesn’t go very far on big ticket Items or as I rebuild my home. I wish it was not caped out

  38. George Vass

    Today I tried to sign up for a Military discount but the message was that “there is no website available”.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! I still find the Military Discount, sign up available through the link above. Maybe check again in a different browser OR switch to desktop view if using a mobile device. Hoping you can get through soon!

  39. Peter J.

    Thank You. We Love Lowes.

  40. Clifford Smith

    Went to Lowe’s, cashier said they no longer take my phone number for my veteran’s discount. What do I do to get it? If it’s still available.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m not sure because the terms say to give them your phone number. You may need to check at the customer service desk.

    • Jason

      The cashier is supposed to ask for your lowes account phone number at checkout. If you have registered as a veteran as part of that account, your discount should be applied at that time. That is how it has happened for me except for appliance purchases (the discount appears online but the stores won’t give them to you).

  41. Jason

    Looked online and found a washer and dryer I wanted with ~$150 military discount. I wanted to pick it up in store instead of waiting for delivery. When I arrived to the store I was informed that they didn’t give that discount in the store. What is going on with this?

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