Planning a Disney Vacation or Party? We’re Sharing 40+ Disney Items You May Find at Dollar Tree

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If you’re planning a Disney vacation OR birthday party, you may want to head to your local Dollar Tree as there are surprisingly a lot of Disney items throughout the store. Note that stock varies from store to store, so consider visiting a couple stores if one location doesn’t have the items that you want.

Whether you’re planning a Disney birthday party, looking for things to keep the kids entertained on the car/plane trip to & from Disney OR just want to avoid paying the crazy expensive prices for Disney souvenirs, here are things you’ll want to be on the lookout for the next time you’re a Dollar Tree…

1.) Disney Crayons

These are great for keeping the kids busy on the way to Disney and are great for traveling on the plane with too! Also, they would make great party favors if you’re having a Disney party!

2.) Disney Coloring & Activity Books

These activity books are great to pack in the kiddos backpacks to keep them entertained.

3.) Disney Stationery Sets

How cute are these stationery sets? If your kiddos like to get autographs from the Disney characters in the park, pick up a few of these sets and take them with you.

4.) Disney Dry Erase Activity Boards

How fun are these?! Great for keeping the kids busy.

5.) Disney Books & Board Books

Keep an eye out for various Disney books and board book sets…great to throw in a diaper bag or backpack and pull out while you’re waiting in line.

6.) Disney Sticker Sets
7.) Disney Jumbo Pens

Who doesn’t love stickers? And the jumbo pen would be great to have the Disney Characters use to sign your kid’s autograph journal in the park (stationery set – see #3 above).

8.) Disney Magic Towels

These Magic Towels are so fun for the kids – just soak them in water and watch them grow! And the kids can even sing “Let it Grow” for a little more Disney entertainment! 😉

9.) Disney Learning Game Cards

What kid doesn’t love playing games (and what parent doesn’t love them playing educational games?)?

10.) More Disney Games

There were also a variety of other Disney games at my local store!

11.) Disney Puzzles

Nice selection of puzzles!

12.) Disney Glow Sticks and Wands

Dollar Tree has some really cool glow sticks and wands for just $1 each – perfect for when the sun starts to set at the theme park! The kids love these too and it makes them easy to find by parents!

13.) Disney Pocket Tissues

These pocket tissues are great to throw in the diaper bag for when you need them most.

14.) Disney Cotton Swabs in Reusable Tin

How fun are these cotton swabs in reusable tins? Great to throw in the travel bag or would even make a fun stocking stuffer or party favor.

15.) Disney Conditioning Shampoo

Wouldn’t it be just a bit more magical to wash your hair with Disney shampoo while at Disney? 😍

16.) Disney Hair Brushes

These hair brushes are just too cute!

17.) Disney Hand Cleansing Gels

This is a must when traveling with kids… the germs are everywhere at Disney! 😱

18.) Disney Press-on Nail Sets

So fun… and a great party favor too!

19.) Disney Bubbles & Wand Set

Bubbles are a big hit at Disney so these will make a fun outdoor activity (perfect for the Summer)!

20.) Disney Jump Rope
21.) Disney Spinning Tops

A jump rope or spinning tops would make fun souvenirs!

22.) Disney Whistles

Want to know where your kids are at all times at Disney? Give them a whistle (preferably put it on a string or shoelace – see #41), place around their neck and you won’t have to worry about that! 😃

23.) Disney Placemats

Make eating a little more fun with these Disney placemats!

24.) Disney Snack Boxes

These Disney snack boxes would be great for filling with snacks and treats!

25.) Disney Straws

These straws are fun too!

26.) Disney Figurines

These Disney figurines would make great souvenirs!

27.) Disney Flash Lights

These flashlights are handy to leave on the nightstand if your child wakes up and needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Often unfamiliar surroundings can lead to falls & stubbed toes!

28.) Disney Night Lights

If your kiddos are afraid of the dark, grab a few night lights to put in your room.

29.) Huggies Mickey Simply Clean Wipes

These Huggies wipes are great for changing diapers but also wiping hands and faces too!

30.) Disney Baby Orthodontic Pacifiers

Going to Disney with a little one? How fun are these pacifiers?

31.) Disney Candy & Cotton Candy

Look for Disney candy, cotton candy, lollipops and more…

32.) Disney Bottles & Containers

Be sure to bring your own reusable water bottles and snack containers with you to Disney! Snacks can cost a lot of money in the park, so if you can pack your own, you’ll save a lot!

33.) Disney Jewelry
34.) Princess Mirror

These rings would make great cupcake toppers if you’re planning a Disney princess birthday party. Plus, how fun is this mirror!? Mirror, mirror on the wall…

35.) Disney Socks

Look for cute Disney socks to sport around in!

36.) Disney Reusable Tote Bags

These reusable Disney Tote Bags would be great for storing your kiddos items or toys while you’re there! Plus, they make great gift bags if you’re wanting to give a gift.

37.) Disney Plastic Cups
38.) Disney Orange & Apple Juice

How about drinking some Donald Duck juice in a fun Disney cup?

39.) Disney Key Chains

These large key chains are so cute and would be great to clip onto your kiddos pant or shorts belt loops to spot them easily or in case you need to grab them quickly. Great souvenir too!

40.) Disney Magnetic Picture Frames

Want to remember your vacation? Grab a magnetic picture frame, insert a fun Disney photo and put it on your fridge of your memorable trip.

Although the following 5 items are not Disney-themed, they are great for snagging while you’re there to take with you on your trip!
41.) Glow in the Dark Shoelaces

These glow in the dark or brightly colored shoelaces are great to use to make it easy to spot your kiddos around the park after dark. You can also use them to tie extra bags to strollers.

42.) Rain Ponchos & Umbrellas

These ponchos are perfect for those water rides where you get drenched on and for occasional downpours as they normally sell for around $10 in the park. And at only $1 each, these umbrellas are a great size and you won’t care if your umbrella gets lost or if it happens to get broken. Great savings!

43.) Pop Up Hampers

These pop-up hampers are handy because they fold flat in your suitcase but pop up quickly! They are a great way to collect dirty clothes and keep your small room organized.

44.) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must for those hot, sunny days… and you can’t beat a BUCK!

45.) Hats

…and lots of cute $1 hats too!

What ways do YOU save at Disney?

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Comments 23

  1. Jennifer

    Love this!! I always stock up before my family vacations!

    If anyone needs a Disney travel agent, feel free to email me for a FREE quote and services at I’d be happy to help plan a magical vacation for you!

  2. MrsFelix1004

    Don’t forget if you do a Disney Cruise to sign up for the fish extender groups!! You hang up an organizer on your door and you get to exchange gifts with other families on the ship and it is totally awesome! Plus it saves on the cost of gift shop items!

  3. Karri

    If you are a AAA member they used to have discount tickets for the parks, it has been about 5 years it is worth checking out

  4. Kristen E.

    We have passes for the Disneyland parks, and at Disney California Adventure if you go over to Fishermans Wharf you can buy a sliced loaf of bread with butter for 4.95$. Its a good filling snack for our family of 5 and it’s super CHEAP! Also they give out free bread samples and free chocolate samples at Ghiradelli right next door! We just purchased the Annual Passholder popcorn bucket for $15 and for every refill its only $1! If you plan on sit down meals, try the hotel restaurants, lots of times they are so much less packed than the park ones and can get you in & out faster and back to the FUN ! On HOT days with long lines we like to buy the Mickey Ice Creams, keeps the kids cool & they don’t complain (as much LOL) by the time they’re done with it, we are almost to the front of the line!
    Love these ideas for Dollar Tree, there are a few I’m going to go purchase ! Thank you !

  5. Grandma

    If you have little kids or kids with food allergies pack a soft sided lunch bag cooler with food then feed them lunch or dinner at the child care center in either park. They have high chairs and a microwave, changing tables and a kid sized toilet and sink. Once the kids are happy you can wait as long as the older kids and adults want before stopping for dinner.
    You mentioned glow sticks, but it’s worth another mention because the dollar stores sell unbranded glow sticks, bracelets, etc too and EVERY kid and adult we have gone with wants one or two. The bracelets are perfect for putting on the stroller handle so you can see where it is during and after fireworks shows.
    I have taken youth groups to the parks before and the #1 problem is how to feed them all cheaply. We pack sack lunches at breakfast, put them in a cooler and leave cooler in the car. Everyone meets at the parking lot at lunch time to hand out sacks and kids eat in picnic area or downtown Disney. Works with families too (and if you stay in a motel with a continental breakfast get fruit for your lunch then)
    A baggie full of any kind of nuts is a great thing for everyone to have in their pocket for an instant protein break.
    Most counter service restaurants will give you a cup of ice water for free, and there are many water fountains to stay hydrated without carrying a water bottle.
    A zipper bag is the single most important item to carry in your pocket if going on a water ride(like splash mountain)- to protect your phone and park pass. No need to spend more on a specially designed water pouch.
    To keep kids from asking for everything in the stores get them a lanyard, or make a felt roll up book, and let them do pin trading. They only need one pin to start and you can buy official pins on ebay. Some cast members don’t trade but many have a kid only lanyard.

    • a. rich

      This is great advice and we love the pin trading.

  6. Shannon

    Definitely get the rain poncho! While we were there it downpoured and we forgot the rain gear in the hotel. I sent my husband to get it and it took him 1.5 hours to go there and back. With lines and trams etc. We stayed at a hotel just outside of the Disney property.

  7. Disney Magic Mommy

    Fantastic finds!! I wish I could have gotten those dry erase boards for my boys! I had to get plain ones from Hollar. This was so awesome, I had to share it on my facebook!

  8. Rachel

    I love to go to dollar tree before any vacation to stock up. For our disney vacation, I buy so many of the small toys so that my daughter won’t want the expensive little toys in the parks so much. She can save her money for something bigger instead. I also buy the dry erase boards to leave messages for mousekeeping like Thanks For Cleaning Our Dirty Room or Have a Magical Day along with a small tip, since they can’t take tip money from your room without a note saying so. They usually erase it and leave a return message or a drawing on the board, which is special.

    • Nell

      I love this idea! We use fun envelopes, cute money origami and a note. I think we’ll try a dry-erase board next time… 🙂

  9. Lauren

    I am a Disney Travel Agent and these will be perfect for client gifts!! Thank you!

  10. Amy

    Thanks Mary and hipsters! I love these ideas! We will be going to Disneyland with the family for the first time end of the month. Both my kids have food allergies so we will be packing everything ourselves.

  11. Sharonl

    Wow! There is a lot of variety at the Dollar Tree!!!! Although we don’t have a Disney trip coming up soon, all I could see was how perfect this would be for a Disney themed birthday party with all the goodies they sell there! Wow…super impressive!!!
    Thanks for posting, H2S! I will have to check out a store next time I pass by one because my toddler daughter LOVES anything Mickey & Minnie!!!!

  12. Katie

    We went to Disney last month, and I found Frozen & Disney Princess reusable sticker sets at the Dollar Tree that were perfect for the plane ride. Near the glow sticks were also light up batons with a button to flash 3 colors at different speeds

    • Katie

      And instead of buying long glow necklaces that aren’t practical for carrying around, I bought packs of 8 glow bracelets and connected 3 together to make necklaces.

  13. Casey

    I need that pop up hamper! 10 days in hotels this fall for an epic Disney trip!

  14. ASHLEY

    “I’ll give my kid a whistle” said no parent ever. 😂

    • M

      But I will give someone else’s kid a whistle. 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. MandyK

    These are perfect gifts for the fish extender gift swap while aboard a Disney Cruise!!!
    Thank you!

  16. Karen

    the year my sis-in-law was taking her family to Disney she said no gifts for her kids (age 7 and 9) just $ or Disney $ for them to spend in the park. With 4 other cousins that would be getting presents, I was worried they would be sad watching them get presents and wanted them to have presents to open ( even though my sis-in-law insisted they would be fine and understand, they were quite upset to see the other kids getting toys). So I used things from the Dollar Store to make Disney packs for the plane and create autograph books. I also went on ebay and purchased an inexpensive lot of collector pins for trading in the park. When my brother in law called us from Disney to ask “Where did you get these pins” I worried they were counterfeit and then he replied no – the kids are trying to trade and people are telling them these pins are worth too much and did not want to take some of the trades my niece was offering because it seemed what she wanted were often lesser value than hers. She really wanted this one pin and the man kept telling her to pick something else or pick two pins for her one but she did not like any of his other pins, so the man explained to my in-laws about how the value of the pins worked and they said he could not make the trade it would not be fair. they told we don’t care about the collectable value she likes what she likes you can trade it with her, so he asked them (the parents) if they could all go with him to the gift shop and let my niece pick out another more expensive pin or gift for him to trade her with. Turns out I was not scammed on ebay I had actually made a very very very good purchase and did not even know.

  17. EM

    We went on a Disney World trip last summer and some things we did for the first time that worked out really well: cooling towels, Brita bottles with filters (the water there can have a bit of a taste to it), and getting grocery delivery to our resort to save on breakfast and lunch $$ (

  18. 🌺Nolee🌺

    Went in today and got lots of goodies on this list. So happy! Thank you!!

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